Returning from the Wilderness

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks

A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

The barracks, empty of not only candidates but cots for the past seven-day or so, now seem furnished once more. Blankets if various hues have been set onto each newly made cot, each with a small note attached to the top. In small groups, the disheveled candidates are starting to make their way back into the barracks, returning from the trip out into the wilderness. Rogawani is among the first group to arrive back, haven ridden at the front of the line for a second time. His clothes are dirty, hair disheveled, and skin darkened by traildirt. "They better have the baths cleared out…" He says to himself, stripping off his riding jacket as he steps in, and then stopping in the doorway of the barracks, looking a bit surprised for the sight that awaits him there. "Guess they've been busy while we've been gone." His eyebrows raise slightly.

Cenlia is looking less than her usual gardener self as the candidates return from their wilderness camping trip. Having been rather subdued since the discovery in the cave, which she has neither mentioned nor seemed inclined to talk about, the girl enters the barracks with a preoccupied and sour look on her face. The sight of beds gives her pause, as do the blankets atop them, the girl breaking out into a grin as she examines hers more closely. "Guess so," the gardener girl chuckles, reading the card that accompanies it, though another letter on her cot, thos one placed on the pillow, apparently a sealed message, gets a more cautious look. Cenlia frowns briefly, and then sits down with a groan, "Oh shards."

Jessamin waddles into the Barracks, looking a bit worse for the wear. Her stance seems permanently 'hardened' into the shape of a runner's body, but this does little to dim her smile. She was out there with the rest, she survived, and she had a chance to tell off the Weyr's 'princess'. What could be better? Her four flits wing through the air in her wake, swirling and swooping in an aerial ballet of brown, blue, and green. Their trilling song fills the air as they seem to discuss the adventures amongst themselves. Jessamin stops in her tracks on seeing the cots, their colorful contents, and the letters. "Oh wow… who's the talented quilter this time?" Her look of puzzlement makes it plain this is not likely to be her doing.

Rogawani looks over towards Cenlia, raising one eyebrow before simply accepting her silence as some after effect of being out in the wilds. He steps cautiously towards his own bunk, hanging his jacket over one of the posts before looking down at the russet colored blanket laying there. His fingers trace over the fabric as he lets out a low whistle. "Wonder if Thea had a hand in these." He chuckles to himself, glancing over at Jessamin as if this was his answer to her question, remembering that the Weyrwoman had weaver roots. However, Cenlia's groan and curse is enough to drag his attention back, even over the babble of other candidates making their way in to see the cleaned barracks. "Something wrong?" He asks, stepping away from his cot and down the aisle towards her. "You've been pretty quiet." He mutters, not having noticed the letter yet.

Cenlia grimaces and tosses the letter to the foot of her cot, flopping over with something like a growl and muttering, "Yeah, shardin' fantastic." But snapping at her friends is really not something she usually does, and so with a sigh she waves a hand vaguely in the air and grumbles, "M' folks know I got searched. Shardin' /Eledri/." But the girl sighs again, sitting back up and fingering the blanket beside her, "Has to be Thea's doing, this." She runs a hand along the edge and adds, "Guess she ain't completely stuffy yet."

Keziah takes a bit longer to get back into the barracks, after all she was seeing to the runners and such especially as Yina doesn't have her own Yina to help out. She also had stopped somewhere to dunk her head in some water and thus it's dripping even as she's running her fingers through it and scratching. As she enters in, she's lookin' at everyone "Whats so interesting?" And then she sees it. Hmm. "Nice." she runs her hands over it "Nice blanket. Beats my last one for sure." she notes as she lifts it up "Be warm too." A grin "Thea ain't bad. None of 'em are half bad. It's just different as a Candi." she ponders "Likely different as a weyrling too. You'll have to tell me if ya Impress."

Jessamin eases herself down gingerly on the cot, biting her lip to stifle the groan that might otherwise escape her lips. Her eyes cross comically as rear end meets mattress, only a huff of breath she didn't realize she was holding escaping in a -whoosh-. Her flits settle in around her, meeping and chirruping at the softness and comfort of the cot beneath them. Just like little children, they start dancing about on the soft, springy mattress, bouncing about lightly and emitting sounds strangely akin to laughter. Jessamin can only smile at the lot of them, stretching her legs out as best she can. The blanket on her cot is a lovely shade of madder red—a fact she seems to appreciate with a smile.

Rogawani's arms cross slightly over his chest, letting his fingers tap irritatedly there for a moment. Ever since the computercrafter snapped at his friend at the beginning of candidacy, the boy hasn't had friendly feelings towards him. "Your parents?" He asks tentetively, canting his head to one side before leaning on one of the nearby cotposts. "They aren't going to try to get you kicked out, are they?" He asks quietly, but is then distracted slightly by Keziah's arrival. "You'll have to tell us if you impress and we get left behind." He smirks slightly, still not about to let the ex-stablemaster brood about her lack of impression thus-far.

"No, Thea ain't half bad," Cenlia smiles a little, nodding to Keziah and then chuckling and saying lightly, "I got marks on all of us impressing, so you all better end up with a dragon." She nods to Rogawani, "Yeah, and they ain't got any problem with me bein' searched, nah… 's just-" she chews her lip, making a face and continuing, "Prolly proud and all that. Just… they might show up here for the hatching. Shards, that's all I need." And she groans again, running a hand through her hair, "'Specially my Uncle Cern. Shards, if I impress, I'm gonna get an earful. Hope Eled gets 'et by a dragon off in Ista. Shardin' deserves it." There's no great fondness between Cenlia and her elder brother, it seems.

Keziah flops herself onto her cot even as Kioku comes sailing down, wanting some loving. After all. He's been busy keeping watch over her things and didn't get to go play. Caressing her blue she hmms a little at Cenlia "Isn't family wonderful?" she asks and smiles "I don't think mine will embarrass. Well not outside the normal mother type stuff of squeezing and making sure I'm doing everything I need to be doing and that I'm taking care of myself and all." She shakes her head "Course, I guess I can understand that. I keep checking in on Mirai while I can. It'll be good to have her underfoot again." she notes with a smile. She snerks a little at Ro "Well, in the unlikely case of that happening…" she notes and then there's a glance back at Cenlia, she's curious "Just what color did you bet on me for?"

Jessamin stiffens visibly at the talk of family; her smile fades, and she turns her attention almost completely on her flits, and re-organizing her cot space, now that there -is- a cot to begin with. She rubs the tops of her thighs gingerly, thumping them to try and get a little feeling back into leaden limbs, gone rather stiff from the protracted ride. Each flit in turn decides to make some part of her their perch; the two browns take their customary places on her shoulders, while her green and blue decide to share her lap, bickering amicably about who gets to sit on what side.

Rogawani lifts his eyebrows slightly, seeming a bit surprised at hearing that Cenlia placed bets for the candidates impressing. "Jeeze, Cenlia, don't waste your marks." The boy runs a hand through his hair with his usual sort of sheepish expression on his face. "What's worng with them being proud, though?" He seems a bit puzzled, scratching at his chin without too much understanding of exactly what her family situation is. "Why would them showing up be bad? I mean… shards, if my father showed up, I'd probably just end up with another black eye." He tries to lighten his tone a bit, lifting his brows to glance at Keziah, and then on towards Jessamin. "You think you'll have any family coming in?" He asks, still leaning casually on the bedpost, trying not to keep himself relaxed.

Cenlia makes a face, muttering, "Shardin' family," without any real vehemence. "If Eled shows up for the hatching, /I'm/ gonna deck him this time," and Cenlia smirks just slightly. Her own firelizards make a rather belated entrance into the barracks, having been caught up in some game or other outside. Charmer crooons as he swoops down to land on the blanket, snuggle down with a little chirple of pleasure. The other three flit about exploring, though Rogue soon returns to crawl into Cenlia's pillowcase. Cen doesn't answer Keziah's question about dragon color, instead giving the woman a grin, and saying to Rogawani, "Still got a whole bag of marks X'hil gave me for m' turnday. If I can't waste it on booze, might place some bets. 'Sides, 's not like I got anything /else/ to spend 'em on." She then just shakes her head, repeating, "Shardin' /family/. You ain't met my Uncle."

Keziah grins "Well, you could always buy the booze, ya just can't drink it. Invest it in a really good year on a supply of some wine or something she notes." Though she did roll her eyes at the smile. She turns to Jessa to ask her about her own and hmms a little as she watches her. She gets up and heads to her chest and opens it up and rummages inside. She pulls out a small container and then heads over to Jessa "Here, some liniment to use. Good for aching muscles or helping to prevent aching muscles."

Jessamin relaxes somewhat, something of a grateful smile returning at the gift of Keziah's liniment. "Thanks. I just might consider a dip in the hot springs after this, too. Won't do to waddle bowlegged across the Sands." The look she give Rogawani is disheartening, to say the least, the first real grief she's dared to show to anybody. "Mother and father are gone, and my younger brother has been missing for a long time. If he makes it, it'd be a miracle. I'm not sure he would even know I'm here." She draws in a deep breath, letting it out with a soft sigh and an attempt at a smile. "It's like I was telling Morlanol… you guys are the closest I have to family now."

Rogawani just shakes his head, chuckling slightly to himself as he pushes up off of the bedpost, a smirk on his lips as Cenlia mutters about her family. "Well, just don't get yourself in too much trouble. Sharding family or no…" As his eyes turn towards Jessamin, his face falls a little bit. "Oh, I didn't know." He explains, stepping a bit closer to her. "Sorry." He's quick to apologize, seeming a little sheepish. "My mom will just be coming to watch my brother, really." Giving up on finding a place to stand, he flops onto someone's random bunk, "You guys are closer to me than my blood family, really. But that's just fine with me. I like you guys better, too." His tone is still a bit light-hearted.

Cenlia grins at Keziah, "'S a good idea." She stretches a bit, kicking off her boots and then sitting cross-legged on her cot, giving Charmer some scritches. Cen tilts her head curiously at Jessamin, but is tactful enough not to ask. Instead she nods to Rogawani, "Will wait till after the hatching, anyways." She doesn't comment on closeness - Cen's not one for mushyness - though truth be told, she might look a little homesick. But it soon passes, as Charmer nuzzles her fingers, insisting more attention. Lifting the goldeny bronze firelizard, she rummages in her press for an oil bottle.

Keziah gives a nod to Jessa "A good soak and iffen you can get ahold of some ice.. that'd be good too." she notes "Even better if you've enough ice and water and a standing height hip deep barral or something. Fill it up with ice and water and get in. More water than ice, but ice cold." She tilts her head a little "Well, then your family is already here." she has no problem picking up new family members and laying a claim on then. Who needs mushy? She likes to collect. She eyes Ro "She could be watching you as well. You never know. But I do hope your father doesn't show." A pause and then an evil "Actually, I take that back. It might be fun if he did show." she remarks as she thinks about what some of the other people might do.

Jessamin's smile returns; stiff or not, she pushes herself to her feet, wincing. Keziah is caught up in a bear hug first, followed by Rogawani and Cenlia. Mushy… no problem! "That means a lot, Kez… all of you. It really does." Her flits take a dimmer view of her outburst of affection, though, dislodged from their human perch with little warning; they are vociferous in their displeasure, haranguing her to no end.

"Well, if I don't impress, I'd be glad to join you in having a few choice words with your brother." Rogawani adds in, leaning on the head of the bunkboard, smirking towards Cenlia before his eyes wander to the other girls. "I doubt my father would show. Thea wouldn't allow it. Not after last time." He reaches up, touching just below his own eye, remembering the seven-day or so when it was bruised due to the man's previous visit. He ends up a bit surprised at the sudden hug thrown his way, and gives a littke 'erk' of sound before laughing and embrassing the girl in return. "Hey, no worries. Just promise you'll stick around after all this is over, huh?" He asks, lifting his eyebrows as he releases her. "I'm worried enough over Tali, and Cen and some of the others. Need to make sure at least some of my friends are going to stay."

Cenlia blinks at Keziah, "Barrel full of icewater?" She raises an eyebrow, "That's almost as bad as bein' sore." Cenlia acks as she gets hugged by Jessamin. Hugging is another thing the gardener girl doesn't do, though she gives the other girl a chuckle, and then glances over at Rogawani, "Stay? Where the shards would we be going?" And she grins, "'Sides. we're all impressing. Then we'll be stuck together all over again." Despite the words, her voice doesn't have all that much confidence, though Cenlia tacks on, "Shards, I'll be glad when this's all over."

Keziah oofs a little as she's wrapped up in a hug. She can't help but smile, but she also looks a little embarrased. She's been caught being nice. "No problem JEssa." she then shakes her head a little at Cenlia "It's good for the muscles. Course you don't wanna do it too long. No more than ten minutes at a time." she notes as she settles back on her cot. "Thea is why I'd live to see him show back up, Ro." she notes and then hmms "Well, if Tali doesn't, I know she's always welcome back in the stables. Yina likes her and all. And Tarsin. Well I'm not sure there's anyone Tarsin really likes. Not even himself. But he generally lets you know when he doesn't like you and I've not heard any complaints from him." There's a gron towards Cenlia "As for Cen? I think she's fated to have a dragon. Just so she still can't drink." A ponder and then she elaborates. "Cenlia will Impress a lets see, a blue dragon that has a tendency towards acting intoxicated. Even better, he'll have a brownish red nose."

Jessamin tries not to laugh at Keziah's prediction for Cenlia; she shakes her head, and flops back down on her cot, making good use of the liniment. A sigh of relief escapes her. "Whatever's in that stuff, Kez, it works like a charm." She almost purrs as she rubs more of the stuff on her sore spots, as far as modesty will allow. "Mmmm… not going anywhere, Ro. I didn't make it last time and I'm still here. There'll always be need for a seamstress if I don't Impress. Mother made certain she taught me well." Her purring is soon taken up by the little kittens… err, flits… that settle back down on her cot, hopping and bouncing about on the mattress as if it were their own personal trampoline.

Rogawani opens his mouth, about to say something towards Keziah, but then pauses, hesitant. "Tali… well, I get the feeling that if she doesn't impress, she might have someone waiting for her back at the hold." He looks down at his feet, seeming just a little bit uncertain about this statement. His affection for the ex-stablehand is well known by now, so it's clear why this bothers him just a bit. Luckily, he's easily swayed from such thoughts, head lifting and a smile forming at Keziah's theory about Cenlia. "Yeah, you're right. Fate would doom her to a dragon just to keep her from drinking longer." He laughs to himself, and then seems to brighten back to his usual mood, pushing himself up and walking towards his bunk. "I need to wash, get some of this trail-gunk off of me." He mumbles, and starts to peel off his tunic, which leaves a lighter skintone under the dark, dirty skin of his neck and hands.

Cenlia grins a bit at Keziah and Rogwani, "Thea an' her crossbow, that's something I'd like to see." At the mention of not being able to drink if she impresses, Cenlia makes a face, "Shards, that'd be just my luck," though she doesn't sound too grumpy about that. And then she laughs, "Yeah, an' he'll probably be a good getaway dragon, too." This thought definitely does please her, as she chuckles to herself. "Still hard t' believe we might end up impressing." Shaking her head, she gets to oiling Charmer, who's all nuzzles and croons today.

Keziah eyes Ro a moment as she gets up off her own cot. "As I told Ruzel, don't dwell so much if things don't work out. My own mother didn't get a chance to be with the one she thought she'd love for all time. But she's so glad now that she didn't end up with him since she loves my father dearly. "You never know what can happen." she starts heading for the door "I've got a few things to check up on. Mirai for one. See you all later today."

Jessamin blushes quite profusely at all this talk of romance and love, squirming more than a little bit. Her flits chirrup teasingly at her, plucking at her hair and clothes as they bounce about her cot. "Oh, button up, you lot! And especially you, Madder… not a peep from you!" She can't help giggling a little bit, nudging flits aside as she moves to lay down on her cot, atop the soft madder red blanket now there.

Rogawani just lets out a bit of a sigh as he tosses his shirt down onto his cot, giving only a faint nod towards Keziah's words. Weyrbred or not, Rogawani is still quite like any normal holder or crafter when it comes to how he sees things. "Right, not something to dwell on." He repeats her own words, but doesn't sound as if he truly believes it. "I'll have my fingers crossed for your fateful getaway dragon, Cen." He laughs then, his spirits seeming slightly lifted. "I'm still not getting my hopes up too much about it, though. I know some of us have to impress but… we've already been left standing at least once, so…" He shrugs, noncomittaly.

Cenlia wrinkles her nose at the talk about love, the gardener girl definitely having nothing to add on /that/ subject. She glances up from oiling Charmer and watches Keziah go, saying with a crooked grin, "Bet she impresses gold." The gardener girl shrugs, though, adding, "Been left standing, yeah, but it ain't like any of us are gonna be badly off when it's all over. Me, if I don't impress, I get to go back to the garden." She shrugs off any possible dissapointment about that; easier to not get one's hopes up, after all.

Rogawani lifts his eyebrows towards Cenlia, "So that's what you bet for her?" He barks a single laugh over his shoulder towards the way Keziah had gone, hunting around in his press for a towel which he tosses over one shoulder. "I'll just go back to running around the weyr with packages. At least Rider is mine now." He grins and sits down on his cot, reaching down to remove one of his boots. "You still haven't told me what you got me for my turnday." He teases, even though the date was quite a while ago. "Not that I'm going to force gifts out of you or anything."

Liya wanders in with a towel in her hand, her head tilted as she seems to be using it to dry freshly washed hair. She gives a long sigh as she nears her cot, plopping down heavily before sprawling back onto it and covering her face with the towel. She kicks off her boots with a simple motion, leaving them where they come to rest beside her cot.

Cenlia grins at Rogawani, "Could see her on a gold, though. Almost reminds me of Thea," and then Cenlia snorts, "Think Morlanol's got it into his head I'm gonna impress gold." She rummages in her press and pulls out the littlegolden dragon plushie the boy had left for her, making a face, "At the dance class, he was comparin' me to Thea." Tossing the plushie over by her pillow she plops back down on her cot, letting the newly-oiled Charmer perch prettily on her knee. With a chuckle, she gives Rogawani a grin, "Guess you'll find out if ya don't impress. Weyrlingmaster might have my hide if I gave it to ya if ya did." She waves a geeting to Liya, "Hey," and closes up the oil bottle.

Prying the first of his boots off, Rogawani lifts his head as Liya enters, glancing at the girl speculatively. "Were the baths terribly crowded?" He asks, obviously about to head in that direction soon, with a towel laid over his shoulder. He glances quicly back at Cenlia, smirking a little bit. "I don't think Thea is anywhere near as stubborn. I'd see her more on a green really." He shrugs. "I'm no expert at betting on such things, though." He gives the ex-gardener a more searching look, and then shakes his head. "You always refer to your getaway dragon as a boy. So I guess I always figured blue or brown." Bending down to start unlacing the other boot, he speaks without looking up, tussled strands hanging down in dirty disarray. "Guess I'll just have to wait to find out. Although if I do impress… that's going to be one sharding long wait." He muses, and then shakes his head.

Liya shakes her head slowly as she lowers the towel from her face, "They weren't too bad." She lifts a hand in a wave to Cenlia, offering her a quick smile before she turns over onto her side. Firelizards soon present themselves, green crooning over Liya and nuzzling at her face, while brown grumbles, though curls about himself at Liya's neck. Liya exhales lightly, giving them each a good scratch before she looks up, glancing between Cenlia and Rogawani for a moment, "Ok, tell me someone else is as nervous as I am? Everyone seems so sharding calm."

Cenlia chuckles, "When I talk about getaway dragons, usually mean Sir Kinseth. He's already the best getaway dragon on Pern. The only one 's far as I know. Figure if impress…" she trails off, shaking her head. "Well, the gift ain't quite ready yet anyways. Longer it has, better it'll be," though she gives no hint of what 'it' is. But she shrugs, saying, "My turnday's in a couple months. If we don't impress, should throw a party or something. Make Flamin' Ovines an' see which one of us can stay upright longer. You, me, an' Satoris. Still gotta challenge him to a drinking contest." She then grins over at Liya, "Calm? Shards, I just try not to think about it. 'Specially with all them stories you hear about candidates that ain't fast enough and get clawed good an' proper by some hatchling or other. And that ain't even half as bad as Avaeth - shards I bet she's got some big teeth."

"Ahh, so no getaway dragon of your own?" Rogawani says, pulling the boot off before setting it next to its partner beside him. He chuckles as he looks up, running a hand through his hair and giving a tug on the small length of braid that hangs down his neck. "If we don't impress, we are so going to get ourselves sloshed on your turnday, that's a promise." His smile widens into a wolfish grin, and it's clear that he thinks that the party is a more likely outcome than a dragon. As he gets to his feet, the boy grabs up a loose pair of sleeping pants from his press and looks over at Liya. "No worries there, Liya. If nervous energy could be harnessed for electricity, we'd light the weyr for a turn or two." He jokes, pushing aside a few other things as he tries to find something. "Not so worried about the dragons, myself, though. Just hoping my sharding brother doesn't make an ass of himself… again."

Liya exhales again, peering upwards as she shifts onto her back on the cot. After a long moment she just closes her eyes, the firelizards snuggling close to her with obvious concern. "I just need to…take a nap or something. Not that it really matters if I don't impress. I didn't even expect to be here." She gives another slow sigh, not even bothering to pull a blanket over herself. "I don't doubt that you two will impress."

Jessamin emerges from her reverie, only to find her flits have arrayed themselves around her, and are snoring away like miniature dragons. She chuckles softly, not moving for the moment. Waving to Liya, she calls out, "Hello there! Sorry, my mind was somewhere else, didn't even see you come in!" She smiles as she listens to Impression talk, looking from one to the next with no comment of her own yet. Just watching, waiting, and listening as she usually does.

Cenlia shrugs at Rogawani, "Figure I dun need one, since X'hil's pretty good at booze-snatchin'," but she pauses, and then mutters, "'Least if X'hil ain't got all stuffy by now." But there's more worry than perhaps is warranted in her expression as she chews her lower lip a moment. But she quickly shakes it off with a snort, grinning at Ro and saying, "Gonna hold ya to that." Meaning the turnday boozing. She glances over at Liya, "Never even thought I could be searched. Dunno if any of us did, 'capt maybe Vivian and Donakan." Glancing back at Rogawani, Cenlia chuckles and suggests, "Maybe Avaeth will eat him?"

Rogawani's gaze settles on Liya for a moment, looking a bit concerned for the girl. "Maybe a nap would help. There's no way I could sleep right now, though." He runs a hand through his dirty hair with a scowl on his face. "But Cenlia's right, most of us didn't figure to get searched. Came as a real surprise to me. I thought D'had was joking with me." He finally shuts the press, not finding whatever it was he was looking for. He lingers for just a bit longer, leaning against the post of his own cot this time, lightly tapping his fingers against the wood. "Haven't really seen X'hil much, though. He's okay, right?" The boy asks of Cenlia, raising his eyebrows. "Same with 'Kav. Even though he's a candidate 'n all, just feel like I'm losing touch with folks."

Jessamin sits up, scooting over to the end of her bed where the press is… she draws out her Candidate's robe, running her fingers over the smooth, crisp linen. "Never thought I'd be wearing this again." With some work, she is able to change from her every day clothes to the robe, and not reveal anything that shouldn't be. She smooths the material down over her body, with a little smile. "Just wish Dom could be here… even if he wouldn't see." Her blush deepens, and she says little more. The hide sandals take the place of her usual shoes now, completing her preparations for the time being. "Call it crazy, but I just have a gut feeling somehow…."

"I thought that crazy rider who searched me was playing some prank on me," Cenlia nods to Rogawani, but doesn't answer about X'hil. Instead she gets up, leaving Charmer to pose on the bedpost while she grabs her shovel, glancing at Jessamin's robe and saying, "I gotta go grab one of those from the storage cavern eventually." But she's already putting on her garden toolbelt as she says, "I better go check to see if the greenhouse is still in one piece." And she heads out with a sigh, apparently still a gardener despite the candidate knot. Her flits flutter after her, chirping happily.

"Well, I hope your gut feeling can wait an hour or two." Rogawani smiles towards Jessamin, eyeing her robe with a raised eyebrow. Just to be on the safe side, he grabs his own and tosses it over the back of the cot, letting it linger there just incase it's needed. "Because there is no way I'm going out on those sands covered in three days of wilderness grime and trail dust." With a bark of laughter, he scrubs at the darker skin on his hands, where the dirt has worn itself in. "I need a bath." As if that much wasn't obvious from the towel on his shoulder. He scoops up the loose pants, and then gives a bit of a half-wave towards both the seemingly napping Liya, and Jessamin as he goes by.

Jessamin waves to Ro; she is quite clean, likely having taken a bath as soon as she got back to the Weyr, well before coming into the Barracks. "Take care… I'll stay put here for a while. My faire will let me know if something happens. They're as good as hatching alarms." She laughs softly, affectionately scritching each flit in turn, nuzzling them and giving them all the attention she couldn't during the trek.

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