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Xanadu Weyr – Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a stone wall and low rolling hills can be seen to the north. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests to the southwest or ore from the mountains to the southeast are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

M'kal doesn't walk out of Marel's cottage as much as he floats out.

Well, Soriana's not lying in the grass so much as- oh, wait. She is. In one of the quieter spots of the meadow, with an open book. Okay, so maybe she's studying instead of being lazy. Or allegedly studying, at least. Allege. Allege. Allege.

M'kal absently straightens the tunic he sports, pushing up the sleeves to past his elbows. He glances around and can see that Xeosoth has moved from his ledge to further in the weyr. Nodding a bit at that he starts to head that way but stops as he sees Soriana laying in the grass. "Heya Soriana." he calls over as he comes closer, a goofy grin plastered over his face.

Someone is in a good mood! Like… a really good mood. Like… okay. Smiles like that are infectious. Soriana smiles back, sitting herself up in the grass. "Heya, M'kal!" Her eyes sweep down over him, then back up. Yep. Still grinning. So she doesn't really have to ask, but! "How're you?"

M'kal is in a good mood indeed. "I'm great." totally great. If he could he'd be floating atop of the grass instead of walking on it. "Was just visiting Marel." he says with the same goofy tone to match the smile. "What're you up too?"

Yep. He certainly looks it. Soriana grins, and nods. Two plus two equals happy M'kal, and, she suspects, happy Marel too. "Oh, reading," she says with a shrug of one shoulder. "I've finally got a spare hour for one of my dragonhealing books."

M'kal wrinkles his nose a bit as he unconsciously looks over towards where his weyr is and presumably a stack of healing books sit within it. "A spare hour.." he murmurs. He had one but he decided against spending it with the books. Ah well. He folds himself down to the ground content to interrupt Sori's free hour with idle(?) chatter. "Excited for graduation soon? You got family from out of weyr to come watch? My mum and dad'll be here." a slight pause. "Did you know N'shen was Marel's brother?" and presumably Mur'dah's as well but he's more concerned over him being a sibling to Marel.

Yes, well. It's… not like Soriana's running off with Ka'el in these free hours, since the mating flights lecture. Not that they've had any further arguments. Or… much of a further anything, that anyone's seen. But, bright side! That means time for studying. Or at least, it would, except… chattertime! She doesn't seem to mind the interruption, though. "I know, it's so soon now. We'll all be real riders!" As opposed to weyrlings, which are totally fake riders. Or something. "Nah, I've just got my mom." A shrug. "But your parents are coming? That's cool! Have they been here before?" They must have been, right? Brain, racked, until, distraction! N'shen, uh… "Yeah." She knew that, right? She's pretty sure she did. Especially because there were all those rumors of favoritism back when N'shen became weyrleader.

"They were here after the hatching." M'kal says after a moments thought. "But then so many people were here and I was in a bit of a fog really." As she latches on to the distraction he can only off an 'oh' of some surprise. Perhaps he was the only one who didn't know. Still he shrugs. "I wasn't aware." a glance is spared back towards Marel's cottage then to Soriana. "Wing assignments soon too. I hope to get into Galaxy."

Soriana laughs, and nods. "I dunno about you, but the way I was after the hatching, you could tell me the Masterharper'd been dancing on the tables with a pair of Smiths and I'd just be, 'Oh. Okay!'" She grins, then follows the gaze to Marel's cottage briefly. "Well, I mean, you didn't have much reason to care, before." A shrug. "Tracing family trees is for aunties." And those actually involved. "V'dim's been in the weyrleader office a lot… but they always close the door." So inconvenient!

So hard to listen too really while hovering in the hallway! Not that M'kal does but really as Soriana's a junior gold rider she should be a wealth of goss..information! Tugging out some poor grass beneath his hand he lets it flutter away in the wind. Buhbye! "No more classes." a pause. "Well no more weyrling classes. I'll have plenty of healing training and hopefully S&R training. And what of you? What things you going to be learning in the Nova wing?"

Soriana even has a good excuse to walk past that door, but noooo, it's all shut and annoyingly well soundproofed! Besides, Soriana's still just a senior weyrling, official-like. A senior weyrling that happens to ride gold, yes, and one who's getting her Nova classes early instead of the more general wing shadowing, but still. Nobody tells her nothin'. "Hah. You'll be in classes until you're forty," she says with a shake of her head and a grin, then reaches to pluck a piece of grass and roll it in her fingers. "It'll be weird not being a wing together. Like… flying formations with other people. Y'know?" She tilts her head, then hehs. "Record-keeping, weyr management, diplomacy." She counts them off with the blade of grass on her fingers. "And visiting the infirmaries, both of 'em. I've still got to talk with D'ren about how to get classes in." Also with Thea to get them cleared, but one problem at a time.

"Till I'm 40? So long?" M'kal says with mock dismay. He's not even 16 yet…40 is like a lifetime away. "Yeah…it'll be really odd not to be in a wing together though I suppose we all knew it would happen." doesn't make them have to like it any less. "Still though…Idrissa is talking about shadowing Galaxy to see if she likes it. I'm not sure about Marel and Mur'dah will go for Comet I think." he pauses and then adds grudgingly. "And Ka'el wants Galaxy too." "Diplomacy…fun." not. "I do look forward to infirmary time. And working with the dragon healers. Xeosoth is excited for that."

A lifetime and a half! Soriana grins. "Probably." She nods, then. "I think Idrissa's just not sure. She's talked about going to every wing…" a pause. "Well. Almost every wing. She's not interested in Quasar." Diplomacy! Everyone's not-favorite, but what Sori will be doing until she's forty. (And beyond.) Her grin gets crooked as she gives her head a shake. "That's all the more reason for Galaxy, really. Having a healer dragon to respond is going to be really helpful with keeping hurt dragons from hurting themselves more." Not that Soriana gets any influence on those wing assignment decisions. Not this time around, anyhow.

M'kal mms thoughtfully at that. "yea…we'd he helpful if we can get accepted. I am sure I can pass any physical tests." he's certainly bulked up a bit since Impression. "Think we'll get tapped into the wings before or during graduation?"

Soriana considers. "I dunno. It might not be until at, so they can surprise us." Because soooome people like surprises, and what better way to give them than in front of a giant crowd of people from around the Weyr and beyond? … according to some people. "But, I mean, they're going to give us our rider knots then, so they might as well give out wing assignments while they're at it." She shrugs. "I wasn't really paying attention, last graduation I was at. Just watching for my friends so I could cheer." She grins crookedly.

M'kal has never really paid too much attention to graduations to be honest. Not enough to remember the details like that. "Guess we'll find out soon enough eh?" he reckons.

…yet another thing Soriana will probably have to remember for next time. "Yeah. Not long now." Not long at all. So are these last few sevens going to drag, or fly by in a blur? "Watch, they'll assign everyone to Galaxy and make the first wing function be a camping trip in the wilderness."

M'kal groans and doesn't even try to hide it as he flops back to his back on the grass. "Camping trip? Wilderness? Nooooo."

Soriana grins teasingly. "Maybe… oh, up on a mountain this time! We've done islands and swamps, after all. Gotta have experience with a wide variety of terrains." She's just joking. There's no actual plans to send the now-weyrlings camping again, before or after graduation. (Or are there?) "You'll be falling off cliffs and getting snowed on." So what if it'll be summer? High mountains mean snow!

M'kal gurgles a most displeased sound at snow and mountains. "Well…huh." is all he has to say about that. "I hope there is some good food at graduation." he always goes back to his stomach. "I think I'm the only one without a kitchen in his weyr." not that he objects cause he can't cook. It wouldn't be safe.

Okay, Soriana can't help it. She laughs at poor M'kal's gurgle. Also at his hunger. Maybe the gurgle was actually his stomach? "There will be." She gives the blade of grass another twirl, then blows it away from her fingers. "They're already starting to get supplies together." Finally! The promise of goldrider gossip is beginning to bear fruit.

M'kal perks up with interest. "They are? What kind of supplies." he is all for any kind of gold rider gossip he can learn. The better to know my pretty!

Secret supplies. So sekrit! "Some fancy cheeses, wine from Benden," secrets are for spilling, right? "They're getting fruit from down the river, it's gonna come in on boats because it's too fragile for between… and then just orders for more of the usual stuff, meat and bread and … stuff." Soriana is not a cook. Not a fancy one, anyhow.

M'kal used to be a cook's helper a lifetime ago but he let those skills quickly fall to the wayside. But he still knows good food when he hears it. "Mmm, Benden wine. Better than that stuff at the tavern the other night." he makes a face. He didn't like that at all.

Besides, fetching the flour and stirring the pot aren't exactly the same as actually cooking. Not when there's multiple ingredients that all need to be dealt with at the same time. Soriana grins, then the expression pauses as she tilts her head at M'kal curiously. "What… was that stuff? I mean, it looked… weird." Also it had something floating in it.

M'kal snorts. "I dunno…something strong I think and I don't want to think about what was in the bottom of it!

"Something to not order again." Soriana grins. "Got it." The grin pauses for a moment, shifting toward a more serious expression. The drinks were one part of that night, but… "You figured stuff out for… the quiz?" Yeah. Because everyone knows the most important part of lessons is passing the quiz afterward.

M'kal nods in complete agreement. "Indeed…don't order it." is his advice. As far as the quiz he nods. "Well..yeah. I mean I guess I knew a little of it since I grew up at Ista Weuyr and the rest I just…um, surmised from the little bit that she taught us. I still didn't get my question answered but…" he trails off uncertainly. "How'd you do on the quiz?"

All those weyr rumors and just-sorta-know-its. Soriana nods. "I did fine," she says for her own performance on the quiz, then tilts her head. A question! Unanswered, and evidently not appearing on the quiz. So. "What's that?" She half-smiles. "I mean, if you want to ask. I can probably find you a book on it, if that'd be easier." M'kal can read healerese, right? And skim through endless poorly indexed documents. It'll be fun.

M'kal can most likely read healerese but…he doubts this particular question is in the books. "WEll…if Xeosoth catches and..um..' he stammers a bit. "Do we have to get together with /that/ rider? Or like could we be with our weyrmate instead if they might like have a weyrmate too."

Soriana frowns a little, and she takes a moment to think over her words carefully. "It's… possible." The frown increases. "But it's not going to be easy. You're not going to be thinking straight. It's going to be like… remember how it was when they first hatched, and you felt hungry when they did like there was nothing else in the world? It's going to be like that, only the meat is going to be the other dragon's rider. You're not going to want to be with your weyrmate then, because your dragon's going to do the wanting for you. Sometimes… some people manage to do it. Sometimes. If their weyrmates are ready, and pull them away, but…" She shakes her head. "I wouldn't count on it."

M'kal frowns a bit at that but simple nods, accepting the answer. He gets to his feet. "I thought so but…well I wanted to ask someone. I should get going…books to study and all that. Thanks Sori!"

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