Breakfast in the Barracks

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks

A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

It has been about two weeks since impression and routines are starting to form in the barracks. The hatchlings slowly settling into easier patterns so that their riders can get a little more sleep though no doubt there are the odd wakeups for 'that itch' or that 'little bit of meat'. Briana has settled into the life of the weyrling already up and working a carcass to cut off the smaller bites of meat for her dragon. Her long hair has been cut to chin length to keep out of the way. Sahazyth has been wondering around the Weyrling barracks looking under empty cots and couches with curious interest. «Where are the rest?» Briana looks up to her dragon then to those areas, "There were no rest with us, maybe some are bigger." She says with a shrug of her shoulders.

Yawning, P'rel and Malphath wander in from the direction of the weyrling beach, the dragon of the pair still wet from the bathing he'd recently underwent. A soft polite greeting is given from the bronze to Sahazyth, soon maneuvered off towards the oil vats. "Shells," the blond boy groans, his belly growling at him at the near same time that they pass Briana and her carving of meat. He doesn't linger there, however, golden eyes kept off the weyrling junior even if he bobs his head to her in a silent hello. At least he wasn't ignoring her this morning. « Oil first, young Master. Then food. » "Yeah, Yeah." the former harper waves with a dismissive hand, grabbing a bucket and dipping it inside the vat, before yanking a cloth off a pile nearby.

Sahazyth looks up to the bronze and dips her own head to him, «How is the water today?» She inquires of her brother before she continues her exploration of the empty area of the barracks. Briana glances up as she catches the mindvoice, looking first to the big bronze before she looks to his lifemate. There is a nod to P'rel before she continues with the carving of meat. "Has he eaten yet? I could carve off some more while you are oiling him…" She offers to P'rel, a peace offering perhaps. She has seem more…at ease since impression. No doubt some of the effect of her lifemate, or perhaps just too tired to be worried about other things.

« Far more cold than I was expecting, Lady Sahazyth. » Malphath returns, sitting up straight and proper back on his haunches as he is patted dry with a warm fluffy towel, and soon being oiled in all the right places. His eyes go from whirling red to happily pink and glittering. He makes a soft sighing sound before those pinked depths close completely, the faintest of approving rumbles heard reverberating from his chest. A blink for the female voice aimed in his direction, golden hued orbs coming to rest very briefly upon Briana before the boy returns to the task at hand. "Naw, I got it. He's stupid particular about size and shape." the former harper groans, squatting beside the rapidly growing bronze dragon and getting between where leg meets body. "Ya know, bud. Ya could just stand up on all four legs and make this easier for me." There is no response from Malphath, at all. "Stand up, that's an order." he grumbles, and with a soft expel of breath so very close to a sigh, the bronze complies. « As you wish, young Master. »

«I am told it will get warmer. I do like the feel of the sun on my skin despite the cold.» The gold replies before finding an abandoned cushion in one of the empty couches and lowers her head to take it with her teeth and carry it over to her own padded couch. She looks around the couch for a moment before setting it down in one corner and gives a little nod at her find before finally going to where Briana is cutting up the meat. There is a flicker of her tail as she gets the sent of the bloodied meat in her nostrils. "Almost ready Sahazyth…Just a few more bits should do you." She glances up to P'rel with a nod, "I understand that. Sahazyth seems most fond of the hindquarters." She explains, not taking insult this time.

Malphath's eyes slit to an barely opened as he peer over at Sahazyth, « I'm looking forward to these warmer days, P'rel does not like the cold. I'm hard pressed to agree, I prefer being warm. » He goes quiet after this, even as he watches the gold go about her chore, stagnate red gaze opening further as the female retrieves the pillow and adds it to the already cushy looking couch she had selected for herself. P'rel on the other hand, was focused on the task of oiling the bronze, and thanks to the male's still small size he is done in no time at all. Standing with a grimace, a hand is placed to the small of his back and he leans against it with a groan. "Startin' to wish that ya were bigger, pal. I ain't old enough to be hurtin' in the places ya make me hurt." he mutters to his lifemate, then grabbing the bucket, and pouring the unused portion into the vat before setting the thing down beside it. « I apologize, young Master. It is not my intention to cause you discomfort. » Malphath replies, his attention now on the blond weyrling. "Dun worry about it, man. Let's get ya fed." He pauses on the way however, nodding to what Briana has said. "Malphath likes the tenderloin, ya got any of that over there?" he asks, looking the shank of meat over appraisingly.

«Mine neither, her memories are mostly of warm places.» Sahazyth responds her mind though starting to cloud with hunger as she settles down to her chopped up morsels, giving some bits a little shake. Brian feeds her the first few bits, before settling the rest on the stone before her to feed herself. "Not too fast now, remember what the Weyrlingmaster said." Briana responds as she crouches nearby to take away any food if it is being snatched too quickly. Her elbows resting upon her knees, bloody hands and knife dangling over the edge. At the request from P'rel she glances back to the carcass and nods, "Yeah, Saya was the first to eat from this one." She responds and leans over to carve off a few sections of tenderloins, though she keeps an eye on her lifemate's feeding.

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