Predicting Pirates

Landing - AIVAS Lab
The Computercraft AIVAS Lab is the largest on Pern, housing nearly all of the terminals left from the original AIVAS system and several of the newer Craft-made machines. The computers line the outer walls of the rooms, while a circular desk takes up the center of the room. The desk, staffed by the Journeyman on duty, houses the precious printers and some of the rarer equipment. Interspersed between the computers are network stations, where Computercraft members can plug their laptops into the network. The back wall is mostly glass, looking into the room that stores the actual AIVAS system. Access to that room is limited, now that a lab provides sufficient access to AIVAS' information.

Zi'on is in need of something! Mainly, a computer! And no, it's not for the downloading. Or for porn. Thankfully the bronzer doesn't know what those things are. In fact, the computer isn't for him at all. Nope, it's for the weyr. Specifically the weyrwoman, who is self-admittedly bad at sums and can use one to keep track of her financial records for the weyr. And what better place to get one than at Landing? That's were all the computers were born, right? At least that's what Zi'on's heard. At any rate the bronzer seems to be snooping about.

Among the computers and hardware, the data and all the electronics of the lab is Kiley. The woman is not on one of the laptops that the other computer crafters have, instead settling on one of the available computers and looking through records. Though her search? It appears to be unproductive if the look on her face is any indication of this. More typing, clicking and then brows drawing into an even deeper frown. "Nothing. Nothing. Where is it?" A soft hiss slips out as computer is abandoned for a book and she begins to flip through that, searching and then considering the screen again. Lips press into a thin line, frustration visible before it all relaxes away as she focuses again on the book. "Oh.. Right." She sighs and shifts back to the computer, typing a few more things and smiling brightly once the screen changes to reveal more information. A nod is given and she leans in to read while her hands settle a journal over the book to take notes from the screen. The bronzerider that snoops about is unseen for the moment, all attention entirely on her task.

Maybe Zi'on will just… borrow one of these. They all look super powerful and awesome! Surely they must be able to help with sums. Hm, there were a lot of wires though. While the bronzer has a rudimentary knowledge about electronics, he's never reassembled a computer. He makes his way up behind Kiley quietly, peering over her shoulder at the screen. "You lookin' for treasure? If so you might want to find a map." It's a joke, sort of. Or he's just teasing her. It's a pretty bad joke. "If I find the treasure first can I trade it for a computer?"

Kiley squeaks loudly for the sound of a voice behind her, quickly whirling and staring at him with wide eyes. "Wait.. What?" It takes a moment for it all to register and she stares at him for another moment before she finally blinks. "I'm not looking for treasure.. That's just, silly.." Cheeks color a shade of red as she turns forward again, her bottom lip being taken between her teeth for a moment and she begins to chew on it as she searches for the place she left off. But he speaks again and draws her from that, her head tilting back to consider him once more with another look crossing her face. This one reads more confusion than shock, however. "Why do you need a computer? And there's no treasure.. I'm looking for how we can build a computer that is voice activated and can speak.. But, there's nothing that I've found yet. And even so, I'm not sure we can even make what it takes, despite that we've already made more computers.." She trails off, giving him another look as her cheeks color darker. "Not that you asked or anything. But if you /need/ a computer, you could ask the craft to make one for you. They'd need to commission the Smiths.. Unless you don't really care what goes into it and you can simply get one that is already made, I'm sure."

Zi'on peers at her. "Treasure. The pirate kind. I heard there are actually more pirates around than the weyrs like to admit. I heard of people getting kidnapped when I was just a kid. There's got to be some sort of pirate treasure hidden -someplace-. These things ought to know." He rubs his chin a bit and squints at the screen. "-I- don't. But my weyrwoman could use one. Something to help her with sums and finances and such. You got something like that floating around? Hm, voice activated? Instead of pressing buttons?" The bronzer looks over some of the wiring. "I just need it to work."

Kiley returns his peer with an open stare, her expression growing entirely blank as he goes on. Her mouth opens then shuts promptly and she /stares/ a moment longer before finally she speaks. "They only know what people tell them. I doubt pirates… Waltzed on in, put where they put their treasure then hid the records in the other ones. If you want.. Pirate's treasure, which I highly doubt they have, it'd be somewhere the pirates once were. Logic." She gives him a pointed look and carefully glances towards the screen and quickly closes her journal and sets it to the side as she also closes the book. This too, is removed from her lap. "You need something basic, then, if you just need it to do sums and to store records of the sums.." As he eyes the wires, she makes to poke gently at him. "You don't want the ones in here. And, you can't take the ones in here as they go to AIVAS. We can try and find if someone has one that your weyrwoman can use, okay. Just.. Don't touch the wires, please?"

Zi'on peers at her. "You mean they can't deduce where the treasure is? What good are they? I want some shardin' treasure! If I knew were the pirates were I'd already have my treasure and we could all go home." He looks back at her when pokes him. "Okay? What's basic and where do I purchase said computing machine?" He looks around. "There are so many of them though. I can't just have one? No one would even notice…" He snickers a bit. "But in all seriousness. I really do need a computer for Enka. Do the basic ones do anything more than sums? She might need it for other things, too. I'm not sure exactly."

"Why would they be able to deduce where treasure is? That's crazy. There is /no/ possible way that they could do that unless you were to track every movement of the pirates at all points in time and to calculate whenever they stop and the possibility if they even would place treasure there. Why do you want a treasure?" The look of confusion on Kiley's face grows more prominent in her features as brows begin to draw into a frown. "Basic is just.. Basic? Nothing beyond data storage." She pushes from her seat and gathers her book and journal, giving him a curious look as her brows are drawn from the frown to lift higher than their normal resting place. "Ah.. They'd notice, really. But, they can do sums and data storage, which is mainly what you need. And if you get a printer, they can also print those. And she could always get a computer crafter to come add more if she ever needs it. I'm not sure where they're selling any, if they do here at Landing.. But, we can look. Does she need it right away, though? We can always see if someone would be willing to make one and have it delivered later?"

Zi'on furrows a brow at her. "Why not? If I have to tell it all that I may as well just figure it out myself. I could just have Suldith sink a ship and take whatever I wanted afterwards." He points into his hand as if to emphasize whatever point he's failing at making. "Because I need money for a computer. One that does things that are helpful to a weyrwoman." He considers Kiley for a moment. "Hm. Well, not right away. I was going to get it for her turnday, so I got a couple of months. I wasn't sure if I would have to order it, though. I guess maybe we could find out what she needs. Do you make computers?"

"But why would you think it would know things it shouldn't know without being told? It's like… Expecting you to know my name though I haven't said a word to you," Kiley insists, frowning at him in response for that. "You would have better luck having your dragon sink a ship, yes. Not that doing that is logical, either.." Her shoulders drop into a shrug and a smile settles upon her lips. "Yes, you would need money to have a computer made. You came here with the intention of stealing?" The smile fades into a frown of disapproval for this fact, at least until the statement comes that states there's no need to rush. "Then you could save for it. Ordering it would be best, even if it is one that is already made." A shake of her head comes for the final question, "I don't. I can make something.. Basic, though. But, it isn't what I really focus on."

Zi'on peers. "But I thought it could figure stuff out. Like if I told it that my name rhymes with uh… lie-on and fry-on and die-on. Also if if had records of things that are usually kept. Like impression dates and such." The bronzer sighs. "Why? It would get rid of the pirates. And metals usually don't disintegrate in water. Anyways, no. I didn't plan on -stealing-. I planned on coming here and maybe buying something that isn't really being used. You know, sort of a second-hand kinda thing. I got some marks you know, sheesh." The bronzer peers at one of the blinky-lights for a while. "So what do you focus on, then?"

Kiley stares at Zi'on for a long moment, tilting her head before she finally shakes her head. "No. It doesn't work that way. Maybe if the talking computer came into being, yes. But otherwise, no.. You need to know what you're looking for and the information has to be known by the computer, which means someone who knows it must enter it at some point in time before you search for it." Her mouth opens and closes again, lips pressing together before she murmurs, "I don't think it is that simple to get rid of pirates, honestly.." A careful look is given to the man before she relents with a single nod. "I understand.. But, most of these are used, I'm told. We can search, though." The question earns a smile, "mostly programming. As much as I like taking computers apart, I do like making what makes them do more."

Zi'on looks pretty disappointed. And here the computer was going to make him rich enough to buy nice expensive things for the weyrwoman! "Bleh. Why not just use a book, then? Or ask the person that knows?" He raises a brow to her when she mentions pirates aren't that easy to off. "You don't? What else do you know about pirates?" He pokes at one of the cables hanging between the computers. "Hm. I guess I'll have to order one, then. I bet they're pretty expensive. I might have to get a stipend from the weyr or something. Programming? You mean like telling it what to do?"

Kiley chuckles softly at the disappointment the man shows, "exactly. The are like books or people that know things, but instead of having to find someone who does know or searching for a single book.. It is like having multiple people or multiple books." The woman grins easily and then blinks as he asks about the pirates. Cheeks color and she shakes her head, "nothing, really. But, I just imagine if they were so easy to get rid of then they would be gone already, wouldn't they?" Her brows lift and there's a soft squeak as he pokes at the cables. "Yes.. Just.. Order one. If one is already made you may be able to get it for less.. Or if you know someone who'll attempt to work on one for cheaper?" There's a slight nod, "I tell it what to do, or how to do various things.. Depending on what I want it to do. It's more complicated than that, but.."

Zi'on seems to consider this for a moment. "Hm. Good point." He shrugs a bit about the pirates. "Maybe. I heard they prey on holders though, and people without any kind of protection when they're out to sea. Which is why they're not at the weyrs too much." He shakes his head at her then. "Don't know anyone. Do you? I only know an electrician, and she doesn't build computers I don't think." The bronzer laughs a bit at her explanation. "I would think it's a little more complicated. Otherwise we'd all do it I guess." He extends a hand to her. "Zi'on. Suldith's rider."

"They likely do.. Which also adds to why they are harder to get rid of." Kiley muses, "and likely Sea Crafters who have no protection, that's right.. Shells." Her brows draw into a frown as she shakes her head a bit. "Dragons are something to be wary of, that's a good reason for them not to try and bother them." There's a pause as she considers for a moment, "I /could/ offer, but it wouldn't be anything amazing, mind you. But you said you wanted basic.. Ah, but it is probably best that you don't ask me.." Cheeks color a darker shade as he laughs and her bottom lip briefly takes refuge in her mouth before she shifts to settle her books to her side so that she may take his hand. "Well met, Zi'on. I'm Kiley, Journeyman Computer Crafter."

Zi'on nods to her. "Yeah. It's hard to take out a dragon with just a boat. No matter how big the boat is. Plus strength in numbers and all of that. It's easy for dragons to call each other. But if you're not causing problems then dragons won't bother you at all." He looks at her. "Or maybe you could just introduce me to someone who makes computers? I could maybe talk them into helping me out, and then you won't have to be a mediator or anything." The young bronzer smiles to her. "Well met, Kiley. Western's duties to ya. I thought about becoming a tech crafter once. I even learned a bit of electronics work from someone I knew, but… then I impressed and all of that, so."

Kiley nods, "especially if you have them with firestone.. They'll certainly stand no chance whatsoever." She chuckles softly, "that is true, as well. There's certainly nothing they could do against a Weyr.. They'd be quite foolish to try." Cheeks flush a darker shade for his question and the woman gives a very slow shake of her head, steadily avoiding his gaze. "Don't really know anyone who makes computers.. I don't have many friends.. And many less for those who are in my craft.." She fidgets and takes a step back, giving him a curious look and brightening considerably for the mention of tech crafting. "I thought about it once, too.. It's not too late, though. They say that riders can craft ride.. What is stopping you from doing that? Why not join the computer craft and then make the weyrwoman a computer yourself? That'd have more meaning behind it, wouldn't it?"

Zi'on laughs. "Firestone… Suldith hasn't even ever tasted the stuff. No more thread, not a lot of need for the firestone. Though they do use it sometimes during night rescue missions. If my pop would ever let me go on one…" There's a bit of sigh from the bronzer and he rubs his chin. "Hmm… guess I could ask around then. And you can make sure I'm not being swindled by a computer crafter." He laughs a bit. Though really he's serious, he could easily be swindled. There's a shrug from the bronzer. "Eh… I dunno. It's a lot of work. I'm trying to move up in the wing and all. Anyways I doubt I could learn to make a computer in a couple of months even if I wanted to."

Kiley grins slowly, "but, I'm sure the pirates don't know that! Or.. I'd hope they wouldn't know that.. Night rescue missions? What happens during those? Or do they just use the dragons to light things up" There's a curious tilt of her head and her brows lift in question to the man before she quiets again. "You do that and I'll make sure that you're not getting swindled. It isn't fair for them to take advantage of someone just because they don't know as much as they do." Her tone in this is firm before she gives him a very serious look. "Hard work is needed for everything, though… But, you have your focus in your wing." As for the computer, she murmurs, "you most certainly could. But they.. Likely wouldn't teach you that in a couple of months."

"Just usually to light things up. There aren't usually enough flashlights to go around, and you don't want to crash into another dragon or anything." He grins to her and nods. "It's a deal then. I'll let you come to Western and set it all up. Then maybe Enka will hire you to program it or something, I dunno. Or maybe she'll hire you to work it." He laughs. "How are your sums?" The bronzer nods and shrugs. "I dunno. There was always just a push for me to impress. Now I'm impressed, I feel like I'm done." He laughs. "My ma wanted me to be a harper, actually."

"Ah! Well, that certainly makes sense." Kiley smiles in response before cheeks flush a dark shade of red, "what? Me..? Well.. If you want. Ah.. I don't know, I don't see why she'd need to hire me.." The woman mumbles before cheeks color darker, "I can do those well enough. I'm good with numbers and calculations, you kind've need to be…" There's another shuffle from the computer crafter, readjusting the books at her side to hold them closer to her chest. "Impressing isn't the end all of your capabilities though, you can still always push to do something more. That's what everyone says, after you finish training there's always more that you can do.. Simply just… Existing.. Doesn't that feel like you're lacking something?" The woman gives him a look of confusion, brows furrowing again. "Then why not try being a harper? Or doing something that you like or that you want to do?"

Zi'on blinks at her. "You'll like Enka. She's a nice gal, and she takes care of her own and all. But she works a lot, so any kinda help you can give her… well it'll be helpful." He pokes down at the books she's cuddling, curious. "No… you're probably right. I guess I'm kind of a waste of space right now. It's probably why my da won't let me go on to do anything serious in the wing." He shrugs a bit in typical teenage fashion. "Anyways, I should go look for a computer maker. I got sweeps later and if I'm late I get chewed out. I'll be back later, when I get a quote or whatever. You usually hang out around here?"

"Oh.. Okay. Well, I suppose I'll have to meet her, then. Well, I guess I will if you're wanting me to work on the computer that you're getting for her." Kiley squeaks as he pokes at the books, holding them tighter as her cheeks darken in shade. "You're not a waste of space, you just need to find something you want to do. That's it.. And, your father is probably just worried about you and that's why he won't let you do anything else. That's all.." She leaves it at that and nods once, "of course. Ah.. And, no.. I am normally in Xanadu. But, I think I may be traveling if I get permission from the Craft to do so.. I need to do some research about Pern, but I don't know where I'll start, yet." And, out they go to explore some and ask some questions.

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