Visualization Lesson

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks

A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

Having given the weyrlings a chance to get whatever sleep their dragons may have allowed, Keziah enters into the barracks during the late morning, almost early afternoon. She looks around making note on how things are looking. For one seeing who's not cleaning up after their dragon and who is. She also has in hand several strips of cloth. For the moment though, she's quiet as she surveys the situation. Lets see who's aware and who's not.

P'rel is twitching. Malphath is overseeing the shoveling of his excrement you see, and apparently the blond was not doing it correctly. Jaw clenched, hands white-knuckled, and growling hotly under his breath. The young bronze is unaffected by the hostility, half-narrowed red eyes whirl with speckles of carmine pink, sitting perfectly straight and his head held high. He was echoing his lifemate's occasional haughty expression as perfectly as one could being a dragon. « No, no. You are not doing it correctly, Master. More with your legs and less with your back. You'll simply pull something if you continue doing it that way. Then what use will you be? Hmmm? » "UGH!" P'rel finally lets out, tossing the shovel onto the cavern floor and storming off towards the couch where he and the bronze slept the night before. « Now, now. That is hardly the temperament of a true gentleman. Shall we go over it again? » "Shut up, shut up, shut up!" Poor Py was literally looking as if he was on the cusp of tearing his own hair out, not that it didn't need to be cut anyway given his new position. « Is that an order, Master? » "By the first shardin' egg! Yes, shut up! That's a frickin' order!" « Very well. » And with that, Malphath glides across the floor with a feline-grace a dragon of his size and age shouldn't have, and curls up on his couch. That entire area was pristinely neat and tidy. As for P'rel, he had dark circles under his eyes. Had he slept at all? The boy flops onto the cot provided to him beside the enormous dragon couch and stuffs his face into his pillow. A muffled scream can be heard.

Briana is sleeping and so is Sahazyth. The girl is still in her work clothes from the day before curled up next to the golden queen on the dragons couch. One could be excused for sleeping in when it was the middle of the night that the queen did rouse Briana for a meal that was so desperately needed and oh did she have some itches that needed tending to. The bucket of oil still there beside the couch. It is the dragon that does wake up first at the commotion of the bronze pair, one wing almost automatically extending protectively over her chosen as sleepy eyes whirl upon the male weyrling then to his dragon, «Mine is sleeping, can yours make less noise please» Oh so polite she is right now yet but the beginnings of command in her voice.

There is a look of amusement on Keziah's face as she watches the various riders. Some snoozing. Some…not. "P'rel." she says in a calm and yet authoritive voice. "Breathe." she says. Simply that. Nothing more. At least not to him at the moment. She's quiet and then a soft furry voice enters the minds of the young dragons, like silken hairs dancing across the skin. « Would you please ask your riders to attend to mine? » Yes, it's a gentle wake up call this time and not a piercing whistle. Keziah to those that are awake. "I want everyone front and center here, and quietly ask your dragons to stay at their couches. Quietly means to use your mind, not your voice." Yes, training has already begun.

Malphath actually blinks a few times, and peers over at the young queen and her chosen. Can dragons grin cockily? The bronze certainly looks as if he is trying, with his maw turned up at the corners ever just so. « Ah, Lady Sahazyth. How lovely you look, radiant and without compare. » P'rel is at least only shaking his head back and forth, face still shoved deeply into the fluffiness of his pillow. « You must forgive my young Master, he is having some trouble adjusting to his newly acquired position. Surely, one of such a generous and favorable nature as yourself would cut some leeway in a situation such as this? The boy was up most of the night, while yours rested comfortably. » His head tilts ever so slightly to one side, forepaws crossed gently one over the other. « Ah see, no harm done. He's quiet now. I do hope that you and yours enjoy what remains of your rest. » That said, the bronze slowly inclines his head towards Keziah, apparently keenly aware of the assistant weyrlingmaster's watchful eye. « I fear that it shall not be for very much longer. » All the while his voice never wavers from it's purring nobility, ever polite and even. At Keziah's request, P'rel lifts his head and turns a mournful expression upon the greenrider. "He won't leave me alone. Not even for two seconds." he whines, the dark circles painfully evident. « Yes of course. » Malphath answers Alosynth, and stretches, before easily slipping from his couch and trotting over with his slump shouldered lifemate in toe. « Stand up straight, Master. Slouching is unsightly for one of your impending stature. Yes, yes, that's right. Excellent. Head up. » P'rel does as he is told but at this juncure looks to be on the verge of tears. "Man, I'm frickin' tired. Lay off me Mal…" « It's Malphath, and if I abated, how would you learn how to conduct yourself in polite society. Honestly. » P'rel just whimpers.

Sahazyth looks up to the adult dragon as the command is given her eyes whirl with the given command as if she might disobey to allow her rider more rest but finally she lowers her head to gently nudge Briana. The girl raises her hand even half asleep still, her fingers instinctually reaching for the dragon's muzzle. It takes a few moments for the requests to sink in before Briana finally sits up and rubs at her face. Her gaze focuses first on Saha, her forehead touching upon the dragon's muzzle, a look of concentration upon her features as she tries to work on those mental commands. «Not so loud little one, I hear you well, I will stay.» There is a nuzzle of her chosen before she gives her a nudge to send her to the teacher. The little queen looks over to Malphath, then to her own hide, «I do, do I not? My chosen did oil me last night and I shine most beautifully. I will forgive yours of course.» She says with a bob of her head before lowering her head on her front feet and looking over to her chosen as she walks away to class. Briana looks to P'rel almost looking confused for a moment before looking back to Sahazyth, "Why would you want to be left alone?"

Keziah purses her lips a moment "P'rel. Please ask your dragon to return to his couch." she eyes the bronze a moment, but she does not yet say anything to him, mor does Alosynth. Not at this moment. However, to Briana as she smiles "Sorry to wake you, but it is also best to try and achieve a sembalnce of a schedule. It can be hard. And I'm sure it's a little odd to have you leaving your dragon at her couch, but it's necassary." She notes. She waits as some more weyrlings ocme closer, some having difficulties getting their other half to stay put and some not. "It is very important that the dragon stays at their couch. Very important. You can, however, reassure them that you are not going to be leaving and that you will be coming back to them." she notes "But it is not negotiable. If you feel that you cannot accomplish this, then you are dismissed from the lesson and you can go sit with your dragon."

Gallop. Hop. Scramble. Bobble. Hippity-pop. Kagenaith putters from some couch or another, his lavender-sailed wings fanning wide for the sake of balance -and not doing a bit of good at this moment. A pair of tan-dusky hands stretch out from that very same couch, as if trying to capture the dragonet before he gets away. Fail. "Just.. Just wait. Just wait a moment. Oh, for Faranth's sake- Stop!" The rest of Fl'ynn spills out in a tangled mess, momentum following the reach leaving him collapsed in Kagenaith's wake. Oh look, people. "Hi. We're up." Obviously.

P'rel blinks a few times at Keziah, though golden eyes fall on the darkly etched dragon bonded to him. There is a distant look to them, burnishing the color somewhat in a silent exchange, a frown pulling the corners downwards with brows twitched in a furrow. Malphath ceases in his steps, sitting proudly for a moment before his whirling red eyes close and he inclines his head as he relents. « As you wish, young Master. » The bronze then straightens, turns, and glides with fluid movements back towards his couch. Effortlessly climbing back up with a unfurling of glazed wingsails. Some ruffling of them before they settle again against his back, and forepaws are folded one over the other. P'rel's shoulders slump in relief, though a second later he's standing up rigidly tall again, eyes rolled towards the ceiling. Malphath seems satisfied as least, though gives Keziah his full attention from his position. The former harper glares briefly at Briana for her question, mouth opening to quip some snarky reply no doubt, but a simple rumble from Malphath quells that quick enough. A glance is spared to Fl'ynn and Kagenaith, but soon Keziah becomes the boy's focus.

Briana nods to the weyrlingmaster and gives little stretches as she moves over to the teaching area. "Reckoning it is like my firelizard, lots of oiling while she is growing…she woke me up in the night with an empty belly and a lot of itches. She is a lot bigger than a firelizard though…took me awhile." There is a yawn and another stretch as she runs fingers through now chin length hair, the long locks cut off within a few days of the hatching. Well they will grow back by time Saha is hunting for herself and mucking between. The girl looks to Fl'ynn as he joins them and gives a little wave to him and glances back to his dragon with an amused look. Sahazyth though has crept a little off her couch, curiousity now overcoming the command and Briana looks back to her, her face knit with concentration as she speaks to her dragon. Finally the little queen settles and lays her head back down though watching ever intently.

Keziah looks pleased as dragons are settling and weyrlings are approaching. "It's very important that you learn to communicate well with your dragon. It's also important that they learn to listen. A dragons memory is very short term where many things are concerned. Some are worse than others. Others are better. You will learn to work with this. But this puts the responsibility on you to remember things as well as to be the one ultimately in charge." She pauses and looks them over "This doesn't mean that you are to disregard what your dragon tells you. Many times, we will communicate with you through your dragon with our dragons as Alosynth did earlier to wake some of you. This will be something that will be practiced and worked on. You can also practice this amongst yourselves. Communication is key. Now that you all have asked your dragons to stay at their couches and complied, you will be going back to them," she pauses dramatically as she starts handing out the strips of cloth she'd been holding. Scarves. "Blindfolded." She pauses again as she looks at the faces. "You will relie upon your dragon to guide you back to your couch. I want this done as quietly as possible so everyone can concentrate. Take some time to get a feel for things. Some of you may even be able to start to receive a visual from your dragon, but if you don't there is no worries. Let your dragon guide your steps. It is up to you to explain what needs to be done. IF there is confusion, than you may ask for help and Alosynth will convey what is needed. Any questions?"

Fl'ynn crawls up onto all fours, his head lifting to look after where the blue has scrambled off too. Dark hair falls over his eyes, overshadowing them 'til with a flick of his head he clears his vision once more. He manages a cheeky wink at Briana before pushing back to rest upon his knees. Hands rub along his thighs, the teen sighing, "Had a firelizard once. It was blue too. Disappeared after a fortnight. Any chance that dragons do that?" Meanwhile, Kagenaith gallomps his way, getting a little up close and personal to some of his clutchmates before coming about and eventually bobbling back couch-wards. Oh lesson. Fl'ynn shuts his yap, glancing to the others to try to catch up. But the moment Kagenaith perches at his couch, he is off wandering again. Brow-furrow. Command to stay. Yep, back the blue goes. Sits. And then a breath later, wanders off again. Attention span of a fingertail.

P'rel's hair was still shoulder length, but had at least tied it back with an elastic into a short fat runnertail that spikes out from the back of his head. It keeps the silky blond locks from falling into his eyes, which according to Keziah he wouldn't require in a moment or two. As the woman lays down the instructions, the fifteen turn old frowns deeply, arms crossing over his chest and overall getting an air of displeasure about him. "That's so stu…" he starts to say, but a warning rumble from Malphath, and any further protest is thwarted. It appeared as if it wasn't the dragon that was getting trained, but the rider instead. "No…" P'rel growls, wincing at the tapping of talon coming from somewhere behind him. Malphath of course. "…ma'am." The bronzeling was twitching again, so very close to lashing out once again, fist and teeth as clenched as his eyes. Mere effort at this point to retain some semblance of self control.

Sahazyth is perhaps more thwarted by her focus then her lack of it. Her curiosity over what is happening with her lifemate and so she rises again from the couch to take a step forward. As if sensing the movements Briana looks back to the queen, "You got to stay Sahazyth. I will come back to you in a minute, that is what is going on, its a lesson." She explains outloud before sighing as she closes her eyes and relays the same with her mind. As she takes the blindfold and passes it around her head she takes a deep breath, her forehead wrinkled in intense concentration. The queen lifts her head to watch her lifemate which actually causes Briana to suddenly reach out, "Down down…look down…" She says with a gasp of breath and the gold suddenly lowers her head.

Keziah watches and grins. She seems overly amused by P'rel. "Well then, for those who haven't blindfold yourselves. Ask your dragons to keep you form walking into things and people and carefully make your way back towards your dragons." she says as she eyes a couple of weyrlings who aren't paying attention. "Anyone who walks into something will have to chop up all the meat for the morning."

Kagenaith listens and responds well, literally, to what is asked of him. It is just that moment after he follows what is asked of him where things start getting a little sketchy. Interpretation and focus are all in the eye of the blue. Two footfalls away, and there is the urging note to go back and sit, to which he does. Kagenaith plops down on his hind end, periwinkle promise across his hide charming the light. He starts to lift a paw, all eyes for Sahazyth, and wanting most to muzzle-greet her. "Hoi, just wait, you…. you. *sigh* Kagenaith," Fl'ynn instructs the dragonet, getting a blindfold handed to him. He wraps it about his head, tying it off. « What are we doing? » Mental-command, direct me. « How do I do that? » This tends to be the gist of things.

P'rel grabs a blindfold in a less than genteel manner and secures it over his eyes. "Put yer money where yer mouth is dragon!" he challenges Malphath, striking a rather silly defiant pose that has the bronze connected to him expelling only what might be considered a sigh. « How unsightly, young Master. » Growling, P'rel takes a step forward, and then another, and another. « Ahh, careful now. Unless you want your footwear smelling of excrement. » There is a most amused rumbling sound then from the bronze, head lifting higher even as eyes lower, whirling a rosy pink color. P'rel stands there with his foot poised up over a pile of dragon fecal matter, though who's it might be is left to anyone's guess. "Which way?" the blond twitches, and Malphath rests his head upon his forepaws. « Who is to say. » Twitch. The former harper was never so close to losing it right then as he had ever before, without actually doing so. Unsteadily, "Please." comes through gritted teeth. « Now that wasn't so difficult now was it? Here, Master. Allow me to show you. » And that that, Malphath's eyes open widely, bespeckled glowing hues of carmine, rose, and magenta upon his multi-faceted eyes. The boy's stance shifts, and awkwardly the foot plants down not in the mess on the floor, but beyond it. « Yes, that's right. Just a bit further now. You are doing quite well. » Another step, and another. P'rel actually loses most of the tension about him, his expression shifting from irritation to concentration.

Alosynth herself has been listening in, and from time to time peeking into the barracks from outside. To Kagenaith she rumbles softly « Tell yours which directions to take to get to you. You do not want your to hit anything.» Keziah on the other is watching P'rel. Probably too much to ask him to be quiet, but she blinks as he does start quieting done as he concentrates. She nods in approval. Definantely what she wants to see. She stays quiet though, no point in disturbing the concentration. She just makes sure to keep an eye on things.

"Where am I going?" « I don't know. Where are you going? » Fl'ynn stops with hands wide to either side of him, fingers reaching out to claw through the air. His hand encounters something solid, and he immediately grips it -much to the squealing startlement of a female candidate. "Sorry. I hope that was your elbow. If not, wow… eat a meatroll." Kagenaith drops to his belly upon the ground, flipping over a paw, gnawing at a blackened talon. "Kagenaith? … Kagenaith? Kagenaith!" « Who? What? » "Where am I going?" « Shouldn't you know? » But Alowynth makes it all clear, or something along those lines. Suddenly, the blue dragonet lifts his head. « Come to me. » "Kagenaith, I can't see you, so you have to direct me to you." « Well, that is silly. Look at me. » "I'm blindfolded." « Can't you just take it off? »

And so P'rel's fingers touch something, and he gropes along it. "Really?" he says aloud, tucking a thumb up under the blindfold and yanking it upwards. Sure enough he's touching Malphath's couch. « It is worth listening to me, Master. I assure you I will not steer you wrong. » There was a deep rumble from the bronze, even as a truly sinister grin can be felt behind his words. The blond shudders, and eyes the young dragon, pulling the blind fold completely off. "Yer scary. Seriously Malphath." he says, brows knit. « Perhaps. »

Keziah looks pleased that P'rel made it in one piece and is not actually yelling at the moment. She looks over towards Fl'ynn who doesn't seem to be doing as well. "Careful, no grabbing and no insulting the others." she notes. Alosynth is whuffling herself and her attention is on Karenaith « Yours can take it off when he is at your couch. You need to guide yours to your couch by giving him directions. » The greens voice is soft and soothing, guiding the young dragons minds seems to appeal to her. « Picture it for him, if he needs to turn right, tell him to turn right. If left then tell him to turn left.»

Maybe it is sheer luck, maybe it is subliminal messages, maybe there actually was some sort of direction involved care of Alosynth's guiding, but there is no mistaking the fact that Fl'ynn is slowly making his way Kagenaith-wards and that couch the obtained. « Can we go outside now? I want to go outside. » Lavender sails unfurl, the percursor to the blue wobbling to his feet, rising arse first. Just as Fl'ynn reaches the couch, is but a breath from planting hands to his new lifemate's head, the blue slinking just under his touch and headed towards the doorway. His knees crack into the edge of the couch, he topples forward slightly. Blindfold is plucked form his face, eyes blinking to relate to the light, and his missing lifemate. "Kagenaith!"

Golden eyes wander over towards Fl'ynn and and Kagenaith, watching their progression as fingers idly untie the knot of the blindfold and smooth out the fabric. Really just from a lack of something else to do. Malphath grabs the item with his maw, and noses at it vaguely before simply returning it again. A moment's distraction. « P'rel, I itch. » The former harper just sighs and automatically goes for the oil pot kept nearby, and crawls up onto the massive couch to start applying the stuff to itchy dragon hide. Rapidly whirling red eyes begin to slow little by little as the spots that are bothering the bronze are tended to, his head coming to rest on the boy's shoulder at one point before forelimbs extend and he hugs the blond to his darkly etched body. Flail. "Malphath yer all oily!" he protests, unable to see the possessiveness plain to see upon the dragon's youthful features. « You may continue. » "Continue what?" Flail. Flail. "I can't shardin' move, man!" « That is most unfortunate for you. » "Lemme GO!" « I'm afraid I have to decline. » "AAAAAHHHHHHH…" More flailing before Malphath winces and reluctantly releases his lifemate, pink whirling briefly across his red eyes.

Keziah watches as the last of the weyrlings make it to their partners "Good job people." she says as she gathers up extra blindfolds "You can keep your blindfolds. Practice when you can. It helps build trust as well as visualization techniques. One thing that can be fun to do is to massage and oil your dragon while blindfolded. This also helps you to get a feel for your dragon. This way you can just know if their is something wrong when you oil your dragon. Their hide easily craks as they grow quickly. As M'nol mentioned earlier. The slightest crack can mean death." Well the quietness of P'rel was short lived. "P'rel. Breathe." she again says simply to him while rolling her eyes and heading out to tend to her own dragon.

Fl'ynn's eyes locate Kagenaith as he wanders towards the exit to the outside world, only to have the blue become distracted by the scents of freshly-butchered meat. « I'm hungry. » Fl'ynn drapes the blindfold about the back of his neck, giving Keziah a rather helpless look, and a quick salute in acknowledgement to her, and her dragon's attempts to guide his new companion. "Excuse me, ma'am. I appreciate the lesson, ma'am. We'll work on it more." Mutter: If I can get him to sit still. His head ducks, and the teen zips after his blue, always just a few steps behind the fickle dragon.

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