Adventures in Fashion

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Spring! Time of warmth and joy and fun times, well normally if there wasn't some evil dude running around that is. Idrissa is sitting at one of the tables near the fireplace, a normal spot for her, an even with it being hot out she has a mug of klah sitting before her and a book opened which she is reading. Asher is settled next to her on the floor chewing upon some toy Rissa managed to get for him it seems. An for once his owner doesn't look covered in dirt and grime! She is busy twirling a bit of hair about with the fingers of her right hand, her mind mostly on what she is reading but it is wandering somewhat to other things.

Ah yes, spring! It rained earlier, leaving everything looking fresh, clean, and new. It's a perfect season for a dance! Xanthius is already ready for it, and a little excited too. Like he said before, such things don't happen very often! And so…eh, perhaps this is why he's gone a little overboard on one thing. He arrives in the cavern without a jacket now, and without something worn over his clothes, one can truly appreciate just how nice his clothes are. Everything seems tailored to fit him just right, from his black slacks to the almost silken gray tunic that's just the right shade to make his brown eyes seem a little brighter. His blonde hair is swept back, and behind him trains…an army of men. Well, not an /army/ but about five of them with a no-nonsense look on their faces, each carefully carrying large bags. Xanthius looks around carefully, mindless of the five shadows that hang back a little now that they're inside. "Oh, /there/ you are," he says upon spying Idrissa near the fire, and he walks towards her.

Idrissa is just sipping at her mug when she catches the movement of a certain someone, an unsure look is offered to the ones that are following after Xanthius, a soft ah escaping her and she peers back to the boy once he speaks with her. "Um.. Ya I sometimes hang out here." Like when all her chores are done and she can't find Soriana or Kale to do stuff with, an of course its not like she can go wandering the forest with crazy people on the lose! "How…is your hand?" She sips at her mug once more before setting it down and soon lets her hand fold losely upon her lap.

"/Much/ better, thank you," replies Xan as he slides into a chair at the table, sitting across from her. He extends his hand so that she can see, his war wound wrapped by a simple off-white bandage. "Seems as if I'll keep my hand after all, which is grand considering I'll need the both of them tomorrow at the dance." He grins slyly as he pulls his hand back, setting it down on the table top. He eyes the fireplace now with a slight bit of a frown. "Are you not warm sitting here? The snow and ice have melted, you're aware. Spring is here."

"Well.. I didn't think you would actual lose your hand." Idrissa offered, which she tryed to tell him how many times that night? An he of course didn't listen to her. Heck she has been kicked by a runner in the shoulder before, and nearly stomped on a few times.. "Yes I know, but Asher wanted to be near the fire so I just figured that I would hang out here. An I'm not too hot so it works out." She did pick up the look he got when talking about the dance. "An…Yes I do recall the dance is tomorow.

It's springtime and that means Mikal is often out and about outside. Today he got an early start, headed down to the beach for a brisk swim. Now he saunters in, barechested with a towel draped over his shoulder and he seeks out substance.

"Oh yes. The…canine," says Xanthius with a look to Asher that clearly reads 'don't come near me with your fleas and ticks and things, dogbeast'. Meh. "Anyhow," he continues on, brown eyes back on her. "Words cannot express my relief that recent…eh….events haven't cancelled the thing. All of these extra precautions? The guards. The restrictions. Whatever's causing this surely is going to be a damper on the evening, but we'll enjoy ourselves still. Plus," he turns a little and gestures with his unbandaged hands to the five men who linger a little ways off. Close, but not too close, "I come bearing gifts!" he says lavishly, a wide grin spreading across his face. Mikal's entrance warrants a glance. Looks like someone's been swimming.

Idrissa glances over to Mikal and waves to him. "Hey Mikal, how's the water?" She calls out with a smile to the younger boy. Though she lets her attention quickly turn back to Xanthius. "Yes well.. Its cause of some crazy guy, or somethin' along those lines." Her bright gaze settles on Xanth and a faint ah escapes her. "Gifts?.." Is questioned softly looking confused, was she suppose to get him something for the dance? Its..just a dance right? She peers at the few men and then looks back to Xanthius once more looking utterly confused.

Mikal wrinkles his nose as he catches some of the conversation about dances. Blech. Silly things if you ask him which no one has! "Gifts?" he latches on to that word. "Oh the water's great!" he grins crookedly. "Swam all the way to the weyrling beach to help bath a couple."

Xanthius nods. "Yes, gifts. I did say that I was getting you a dress, yes? Tomorrow being the day, I'd best present your dress to you now, shouldn't I?" He turns in his chair and gestures for one of the guardlike men to come nearer, which he does, wearing the same expressionless face he had since their arrival. The bag which he holds apparently has a dress within, though he does not reveal it yet. Xanthius looks to Idrissa, brows slightly raised. "You have choices. They're all grand so it matters not which you choose. If you'd like, you can keep them all for /I/ have no use for four extra dresses," he says with an idle wave of his hand, though his attention is caught by Mikal. "Bathe a couple?" he echoes. "So little and you wander about on your own? Haven't your parents warned you against that? Apparently, there's a crazed man out there doing who knows what."

Idrissa grins as she hears Mikal. "Nice, maybe I'll take Asher down later." Though she looks back to Xanthius and his guard and she blinks once more at the talk of dresses?.. Like more then one sorta dress?.. She looks confused once more and lifts her hand to rub across her neck nervously. "Well, never know. You may want one for a costume party?" Well it is an idea! Though she doesn't think she could ever see Xanthius in a dress. "Um.. Well.. thank you?.. I mean.. What.. sorta dresses are they?" This questioned while she picks at the book she has open before her to try and get her attention elsewhere.

Mikal blinks, looking behind him in case someone younger walked up. "What? So little? Hey, I aint /that/ short!" he says sounding quite annoyed at the unknown male. "My parents are over at Ista Weyr also and I don't know about no crazed man out there. I didn't see him!" he walks closer, tilting his head to peer at Xanthius.

"Fair enough," says Xanthius airily to Mikal in response to his 'not short' comment. "Perhaps I should've said "someone so young". Yes…" the teen nods to himself, "that would've been better wording." Xanthius, a /near/ fifteen year old boy with rather proper upbringing (and likely, a family who is capable of living a fine life), nods to himself before lifting a brow at Mikal. "Now you're educated. There is a crazed man. I'm sure you've noticed the guards? So if you're taken by him after this day, I can live on with a guilt free conscience, since you've been warned." He sits back in his chair, eyes sliding back to Idrissa. What kind of dresses. "Exquisite ones, if I do say so myself," he says with a sort of smug expression. "Would you like to see them now? And no, I don't think even in the grandest of costume parties that I would wear any of these. As fine as they are."

Mikal shakes his head. "And I aint that young. NEarly 12 and that's old enough to apprentice." he argues. Why? He likes to argue. He did notice the guards though he didn't say anything about them. "There aint no crazed guy out there. I bet your just making that up." his arms cross over his chest. "Whatcha getting a dress from him for, Idrissa. Who is he anyway?"

Idrissa peers at Mikal. "No.. There is a crazy guy running Mikal, that's why there has been so many guards and day and night sweeps with the riders." HEY she learned something from a certain brown wingleader the other night it seems. She glances back to Xanthius a moment, a faint blush crosses her cheeks. "Well.. Um.. Yes?.." Rissa is a bit unuse to all this attention, especially from a boy, especially from a boy that bought her dresses, and expecially from a boy that sorta creeps her out.


Xanthius really has no idea of whether there is a crazed man in their midst or not. He just knows something is up…and Idrissa claims its a crazed man. And it's so much better to sound as if you know something about something, even if you don't. "I've no use for stories," he answers to Mikal. "Nearly twelve? I'm nearly fifteen, so it would be a fact to say that, in comparison, you are younger, yes?" He blinks once, words spoken with deliberate slowness, as if speaking to someone who needs such time to process such complex notions. His expression brightens a little as Idrissa speaks, for if there's one thing Xanthius likes to do, it's show of. "Perfect. Tell me what you think of each. After you've see'm all, then tell me which you choose and it'll be sent to your weyr or dormitory, or wherever it is you stay." A nod is given to his guard (or servant, or whateveri it is he may be!) and the dress is carefully revealed from its packaging. Cinderella much? Like discussed, the main color is green, a paler hue, trimmed with silver with an intricately designed form, fitting bodice with studded sparkle.

Mikal scoffs. "Younger yes but i'm still old enough not to be needing mommy and daddy to watch me." he hmphs once and moves away to find food, therefore leaving the conversation of dresses.

The world's turned topsy-turvy, for today, Soriana's the one who's late to lunch and Idrissa's already here! Shocking. Sori trots down the tunnel, waving absently to Idrissa and getting most of the way to the food before pausing. Who was that boy with her? And why does he have a dress? She nods to Mikal as she converges with the younger boy, and points a thumb back toward the pair. "Who's he?"

Idrissa is quiet for a few moment as she looks between Xanthius and Mikal. "Um.. Well, Mikal you are a bit younger but that's about it." She offers with a soft tone and chews on her lip nervous like. She continues to fiddle with her book, cheeks still flushed pink at the talk of the dresses. Her bright gaze drifts to the man with Xanth and the dress that is revealed and her eyes widen slghtly at it. "Oh woah.. Its so pretty." This said whie she leans forward slightly to peer at the dress, most likely the first time she called a dress pretty in her life! "I do like the color.." Her tone is soft, nervous like and shen errs once hearing Soriana and glances to her friend. A unsure smile seen and she waves to her. "Um.. This is Xanthius, his Kale's friend.. The one he talked 'bout taken me to the dance.." She nods to Sori. "An this is Soriana, my best friend." A glance is sent to Sori that says /HELP ME/!!

Mikal fills his plate with plenty of food though most of it's all junk foodish. Nothing too healthy. He's still got his towel over his shoulder, his chest bared, since he'd been swimming. "I dunno but I think he's making stuff up to impress Idrissa." he comments with a roll of his eyes. "I /think/ she's buying a dress or something from him for that dance. Did you see any crazy guys running around? I doubt that's true tho Idrissa said it was."

Pretty? "It is, isn't it?" retorts Xanthius with a sort of proud smile, as if he were the maker of the dress himself. "They'll all have to be fitted, of course, but that won't take long. Go on. Have a closer looker. Touch and feel. As much fabric as it is, it isn't heavy at all." He rests his elbow on the tabletop and leans against it a little, though he sits up again as another joins their party. An unknown face! Soriana is eyed in the same manner in which he eyed Idrissa upon their first meeting, looking her up and down as if critiquing every inch of him., /her/. Goodness does she need a makeover! "What?" is said to Mikal. "Impress? Boy, please. I hardly need to go through such effort to impress anyone," is said with a minor roll of his eyes that soon return to the newest arrival. "So you are Soriana. I've heard much of you."

"It's true, and I did see him," says Soriana to Mikal. "His name's Laris, and he's a murderer from near Fort but he was hiding here. We found out, so their weyrleader and weyrwoman came here t'talk about it, and now everyone's lookin' out for him and you'd better not go into the woods alone 'til they catch him." Her tone is matter-of-fact, only edging to lecturing at the very end. After a moment, she adds, "That's for everyone, not just kids." Just in case Mikal thinks his being nearly apprentice-worthy exempts him! At the actual introduction from Idrissa, she nods. She snags a meatroll because she is hungry, then heads over to Rissa and Xanthius. The slightly older boy gets just as detailed an inspection in return, as she takes a bite of her meatroll. Definitely no picture of feminine charm, this one. Nor does she have anything like the demure looking away and fluttering fingers of a charming young lady. "And you're Xanthius, huh?" she says back to him. "Haven't heard much'f anything about you."

"Mikal.. I can't afford to buy a dress." Idrissa points out softly. Not like she has a steady income! The Weyr feeds her and gives her a job and clothing so anything she gets money wise is saved away. As for fluttering fingers, Rissa doesn't either! Heck half the time she can be found in the stables after all. A soft um escapes her while she peers over at the dress, a hand lifting to rub nervous like at her neck a few times before she soon stands up and moves around the table to look at the dress closer. She glances at her hands and rubs them off against her jeans to make sure they are clean, which they are before she goes about touching the material of the dress. "I don't think I've ever seen a dress like this before.."

Mikal is used to Soriana lecturing him. It wouldn't be a normal day if she didn't do /that/. He huffs a bit. "I only went swimming over at the Weyrling beach so I suppose i'm safe enough there." since /three/ people have now mentioned a crazed man he's now more apt to believe it. He too heads over to sit near the group since it's no fun having a conversation from across the room. However though he doesn't actually talk for several minutes as he's busy seeing how many of th dozen meatrolls he can shove in and chew at once.


A murderer…on Xanadu? Xanthius perks at that, the expression on his face changing from cocky to…almost worried. But it's a shadow of a change that soon morphs back to self confident. "No? Good. I like to keep an air of mystery surrounding me," says he, "while I gather information on others. Such as you, though…granted, you aren't at all how I imagined you in my mind," he says, sounding vaguely disappointed. "Though tomorrow I suppose I'll see you in another light, and perhaps the image will be vindicated. You are still Kale's date, are you not?" He can't /imagine/ her showing up as she is. Trousers and all. Shapeless tunic. Hasn't anyone heard of tailoring? He smirks over at Idrissa before gesturing for guard servant number two to step forth and reveal his dress. "Variety is the theme here," Xanthius explains. "I didn't want them to look too similiar. Choosing would be more difficult."

Soriana nods approvingly at Mikal's mention of the weyrling beach. If he's not safe there, he's not safe anywhere. Besides, surely Laris is gone for good, right? For him to stick around with the weyr on high alert would be, well, crazy. Ahem. Sori settles in to observe the dress for herself. Green certainly is a good color! At Xanthius' disappointment, Soriana grins. "I'm no Darsce." A fact she's coming to terms with, at least for the moment, because, after all, she does have a date. Better yet, he would have gone with her even if she didn't force him using an ill-advised wager! "Yeah, I am," she tells Xanthius. Another light, huh? Well… she still hasn't gone looking for a dress. Maybe she just won't wear one! Maybe she will show up like this. Well… maybe. She frowns for a half-second. "What's the matter with this light, anyway?"

Mikal continues eating and listening. Will he go to the dance? It's hard to say.

Idrissa likes the color green, well she has green eyes, and the only bit of jewerly she has is the green marble hanging from her neck. "I don't see anything wrong with the light now." She offers a moment after Soriana quesions it. Though she doesn't comment on the Darsce bit because she isn't anywhere close to being like the older girl either! Her gaze turns towards the second dress and she ohs a moment before peering at Soriana. "Course she's going with Kale." This is how she got pulled into this mess with Xanthius so she had /better/ be going with Kale..

Darsce? "You surely aren't," agrees Xanthius with a shake of his head, though it doesn't /seem/ as if his words are meant to be hurtful. They're just the truth! "Few are, though. She has a wicked sense of style and everything else. It'd be unfair of you to attempt to compare," he says in a matter of fact tone, eyes straying to the second dress's design. He watches Idrissa's face for reaction, slightly hming to himself. "What?" is said distractedly to Soriana, then lifts his brows. "Oh, nothing if you're into the girl gone boy look," he assures. "I'm sure there are plenty of boyish girls who have a grand time acting the part of a boy. Though I hadn't thought that that was his … thing." He shrugs a little. "Not /my/ taste personally, but you aren't my date, so it matters little."

Soriana leans back somewhat, regarding Xanthius with a gaze that narrows subtly. "I'm certainly not," she says slowly. "What I am is Idrissa's friend. Now, that does matter." Her arms fold across her chest, though she's still leaning back casually. "It matters, 'cause I don't want to see her dragged around by some boy who doesn't like her for what she is." After all, as tomboys go, Idrissa of the runners and dog is a pretty good example! Even if biology has been a bit more generous with femininity to the other girl. Still. "So. Why do you want to go with Idrissa, and not any of the many other girls? She doesn't seem your … thing."

Idrissa lets her gaze drift from the two dresses, there so pretty and she is utterly unsure what to say on them. Though she pauses and glances over to Xanthius blinking as she frowns while watching him. "Hey.. Soriana's my best friend." She points out towards the older boy, her green gaze narrows slightly. "An.. there isn't much different between Soriana and I." This said with a faint tone. Her gaze turns to Soriana, a smile seen to her friend and she nods. That's right, tell 'em Sori! An there is a pause while she looks back to Xanthius. "I know I an't your thing so.. Why arn't you able to pull someone like Darsce out with ye then?" There is a faint pause. "Which, personally.. I'm glad I'm not your thing if that is how you feel."

Mikal lets the chatter go over his head for really he doesn't have much to add to it that is useful anyway. So he concentrates on eating. Omnom

Xanthius begins to chuckle, and he watches Soriana with a bewildered look. "What makes you think that I don't like her? Would I have gotten all of these dresses for someone I don't like?" Mm. .. possibly, if there was anything in it for him, but why would he go and say that? Plus, it looks like Xan is going to have to do some damage control, for now /both/ girls are on his back! A soft exhale is made through through nose as he slowly orlls his head from shoulder to shoulder, getting rid of a crick. "Ladies, please. Tomorrow is the dance. Shouldn't we be getting along? Epecially you and I?" he says to Idrissa. "You're both right, though. I could go with any other girl who's shown interest, and there are plenty. Even if you dropped me now, I'd have a date within the hour. But Kale spoke highly of you. He asked this of me, and so I'm doing it. He's my friend. And to be honest, you aren't /horrible/." He drums his fingers against the wooden tabletop.

Oh, so what Xanthius is saying is that Idrissa's pretty and Soriana isn't? Well, that's totally better! …not. She continues to frown at him as he makes his claims of not using bribery to get what he wants, those arms staying folded. Not horrible, huh? Soriana raises an eyebrow at such faint praise of her friend. She turns to look at Idrissa. "Well, it's up to you. Do you want to go with him? If you don't…" Then what? It's not like people have been beating down the door to go with Idrissa, and she can't very well expect her friend to go on her own. …sigh. "…if you don't, y'can come with us."

Idrissa is quiet for a few moments while just peering at Xanthius. "Why did you get me the dresses?.." She clears her thoat. "You expecting something that I don't know about?" Perhaps she is added a few things together, or getting the idea that something is a bit strange, she truely doesn't get the reason why he would get her such things. At the talk of Xanthius having others to take to the dance without a problem, and that she isn't /horrible/ and better looking then Soriana.. She looks troubled. At the question from Sori, and then the offer for her to go with Kale and Soriana she slips quiet. "Truthfully? No I don't want to go with him. His behaved like a spoiled brat since I met him." Yes she does say this in a way as if Xanth wasn't even there listening in. An well he did sorta corner her in the stables that first night. She glances back to Xanthius. "You best go find one of them other girls to go with you, beause I an't." A half wave of her hand is sent towards the /so/ pretty dresses. "You can give them a dress to win them over." An when did Rissa get a backbone? "Its alright Soriana, if I go.. I'll just go on my own." She'd rather go on her own then with Xanthius it would seem, and she doesn't want to ruin Soriana and Kale's night.

"Expecting?" Xanthius's eyes gently widen at the very /notion/ that he may have ulterior motives! And they think /he's/ the creep? He lifts both of his hands up, palms out, and shakes his head. "Woah. When did I give any hints that I'm expecting anything other than a kiss?" Well, at least he's the type to lay everything out on the table! "And I did tell you that in the stables, did I not?" he says, looking at Idrissa with an expectant expression. A fraction of a frown tugs at his mouth as he glances between the two girls, and as Idrissa's claim of no longer wishing to go with him to the dance, he nonchalantly shrugs. "As you wish, though as I told the boy, these dresses weren't brought to impress you or "win you over", as you say. Again, I told you the first day that I would get one for you if you wished, and you agreed. I was only trying to.." Be nice? He trails off, not quite sure how to finish the statement as "be nice" apparently isn't in his voccabulary, and so he merely shrugs again before standing. "When you inevitably change your mind, you can send word to me. I'll wait until tomorrow to find someone else, and once I have my new date I won't abruptly drop her on a spur of the moment change of my mind if you suddenly change yours again. I keep my word." A faint frown is seen before he dips his head to them both. "Good day to the both of you," he offers before he turns to saunter off, his guards (and lovely dresses!) in tow.

Mikal also has slipped off at some point, perhaps to dress…perhaps to go play in the mud. Who knows!

Now, here's the real question: Would Xanthius be a better or worse date than Mikal? The question is unspoken, and also irrelevant, because Idrissa and Mikal would be utterly united in the 'No way!' of that proposal, and Soriana thinks it's a terrible idea anyway. Still. Sori nods at Idrissa's decision, and smiles as she's assured her own date remains intact. "You should still come, 'cause… you're supposed to change out partners at a dance." And Kale would certainly take a turn with Rissa, oh yes! As for Xan… well, somebody's a wee bit arrogant, isn't he? That frown brings a matching one from Soriana. She can't point to any particular wrongdoing, but… this guy's a jerk. Witb jerkiness. And quite the jerkitude. So nyah!

"An I told you that I wasn't planning on kissing you.." Idrissa is quiet while she just peers at Xanthius. "Was…you trying to be nice?" This questioned while he talks about the dresses. "An yes I did.. Becaue I figured that was what you'd want, your date in a dress." Its not like she has problems wearing a dress, she just doesn't wear them! She blinks slightly, wait she was the one that changed her mind? Well yes. "I only changed my mind because your the one that has a problem taking a /tomboy/ to a dance." She points out with a sudden huff. "I work with bloody runners what did you -expect-?" Though she does actually feel a wee bit bad, did she judge him to quickly, was he actually trying to be nice? She watches Xanthius and his man servents leaves dresses in tow, she can find SOMETHING else, yes! A faint unsure glance is offered to Soriana. "Are…you sure?"

Mikal will date…when he's older.

Soriana stares after Xanthius, then takes a look around. Oh, good, Mikal's gone too. So! She turns to Idrissa. "Sure you should come. It'll be fun." She grins a little. "Besides, if I don't manage to find a dress before then, Kale'll disavow any knowledge and then you'll /hafta/ be there." The grin lasts for a while, then she thinks back over the conversation and it turns into the scowl/astounded combo. "Did he really just… expect… that you'd kiss him? And, like, told you so?"

Idrissa moves back to where she was sitting and settles back down, a glance offered around to see a few people staring which makes her huddle down over her book more. Nothing to see here folkes! "Well.. Alrigh I'll still go." She peers over at Soriana and nods lightly. "Ya.. When he came to the stables the other day he asked if I ever kissed anyone and when I told him no he didn't believe me." There is a pause. "An…then he said we should practice it before the dance cause he didn't want me to mess up or somethin'." Yes since day one Xanthius has been a thorn in her hand so to speak. An while she actually feels sorry for hime she isn't sure why, maybe because he acts the way he does?

Soriana leans back, arms now uncrossed and the pose being one of actual relaxation. She shakes her head slowly at Idrissa's revelation about Xanthius. "So what if you haven't kissed anyone? You could if you wanted to." Might have done, even, if it weren't for those pesky wingleaders! "Can't be that hard, anyhow." Right? Presumably? Now she's wondering. Is it hard? Everyone always makes it look easy, but then… someone like Darsce makes a lot of girly things look easy. And this is Idrissa, so she might be worrying about it. Idrissa does that, as Sori most certainly would not, nope, not her. Hmm. After a bit of pondering, Soriana comes up with a practical answer. "If you're worried about it, we could always practice together."

Idrissa shrugs at this while she picks up her mug and takes a sip of the rather cold klah now. "I dono.. I mean I guess I could if I wanted to." The only person the thought /ever/ crossed her mind though was Kale, an NO not at the beach it was at the stables during the day before the beach thank you! An yes Rissa over thinks everything, and worries about everything under the sun and then some. There is a pause and she is sipping at her mug again before it is half snorted and she is left coughing and gagging another moment and then *thud* she falls backwards off the bench seat and just peers up at Soriana. Well at least she is still breathing. " practice kissing with me?" She isn't sure if she heard Sori right or not it would seem, maybe she wasn't paying attention too the whole conversation?

Well it wasn't THAT much of a shocker, Sori didn't think! It's just a practical thought. Idrissa hasn't kissed anyone. Okay, neither has she. So, well, they could kiss! "I just said we could. For practice." She shrugs. "It doesn't hafta /mean/ anything."

Idrissa wasn't expecting it! An really..this tends to be a normal reaction for stuff like this from Rissa! She slowly pulls herself back up and rubs across the back of her neck a moment, a mess of curls across her face before she gives her head a shake to shake them back into place. "Um.. well.. ya practice would be good." For a moment she is quiet and then the answer comes. ".. maybe we could sometime" Though she is quickly taking another drink from her mug.

Right, then. Soriana nods. "Okay," she says easily. Because, despite Idrissa's reaction, this totally isn't a big deal. They're just friends. Friends help each other! That's how it is. There are no other possible readings on this or any related situation, and nothing at all to be concerned about. Nope. Sori dusts her hands off on her trousers, adding a few grease smudges to their usual mess, and glances down. Hurm. What /is/ she going to do about having something to wear? Somehow, after Xanthius… Xanthiusing… she has this urge to show him. She can-so look good and girly and… whatever. Yeah! She'll make him rue the day. And… "Kale's probably not even worryin' about any of this." Dumb boys, all of them!

Idrissa nods at this a few times. Well of course they are friends, and she would do anything for Soriana, but she never thought about practice kissing with a friend. Darn teens and there complex emotions an so forth. She takes in a soft breath and soon looks over to Soriana. "So… As much as I don't mind wearing jeans and tunics an so forth we..should possible think of wearing something else to the dance?" There is a pause and she suddenly thinks and glances to Soriana. "If nothing else to show up Xanthius..perhaps?"

Bah. And the dance is tomorrow, too! How is it that she neglected to plan ahead? It's like… there was a crisis. Or she was avoiding the issue, but no, couldn't possibly be that. Must be the first of those. "Yeah, we should," says Soriana, and gets to her feet. "C'mon. We can check the storerooms to see if there's something good." It won't be a fancy Xanthius-type dress, that's for sure, but… well, she can hardly put it off anymore, can she? Maybe there'll be something amidst the heaps of practical wherhide and outgrown cast-offs.

Idrissa ers softly an dohs. "Sure.. I bet we can find somethin' just fine without a problem." She sucks down the rest of her drinks and tucks the book under one of Asher's paws as the dog is still asleep and he is good at guarding books! She then follows after Soriana. "I wonder what Kale is gona wear.."

Guarding books, drooling on books… Asher's good at something along those lines, surely. Soriana nods, and leads the way toward storerooms. "Well, if we're dressing up, he'd better dress up too. It's only fair." There's a woman with a basket of mending sitting by the entrance of the stores, keeping an eye on the comings and goings, but a pair of teenaged girls don't raise particularly much attention, at least not on the 'going in' part. All the good stuff is behind locked doors! Which is not where Soriana leads the way. Just to a medium-sized room packed with various clothing, outgrown or in need of mending or, for whatever other reason, abandoned by its former owner. The woman by the entrance watches where they go, then nods as they enter that room.

Xanadu Weyr - Store Room
This particular store room is where cast-off and damaged clothing goes. Nothing is ever wasted if it can be helped, but some things require work to be wearable again, and until someone has the chance to put in that work (or turn them into rags!) they languish here, along with outgrown things and last year's fashions.

Idrissa follows along after Soriana, a curious glance sent towards the woman and she offers a friendly smile an nod to her. Though onwards they go to the storeroom! "I'm sure he will.. Or we're figure out something to get back at him as we still both have a debt he owes us after all." Her gaze flicks over the room and she ponders while rolling up her sleeves. "Well.. Lets see what we can find, ya?" This questioned while she opens a box and starts to look through it.

"It's true," says Soriana, and grins. Though, didn't she say hers was going to expire if she didn't do it by the dance? Now, what'd she go and do a silly thing like that for? The more fool she was, for now the dance approaches! Nay, looms! And she still hasn't thought of something good. She nods at the suggestion to start looking, and picks a box of her own to investigate.

Idrissa didn't recall saying anything like that! Or she can't recall it at least. She hums softly while pulling out a few old wherhide stuff and she tilts her head while peering at an old riders vest and ruffles the inside fur a bit. "Have you ever been to once of these sorta dances before? Like.. Do we have to dress up really fancy?" She goes back to looking.

Hey, it all works out. Idrissa will have an extra bet to go with her extra shyness, and Sori will just have to step up and actually ask for things. That, or Soriana will think of something in the next day to qualify. One way or another. "Well…" says Sori. "I dunno." She lifts up an old shirt, then folds it up again and puts it down. "I haven't really been to anything that's just… a dance. I mean, I've danced at gathers some, and sometimes there's dancing after a hatching feast, but then it's just people wearin' what they were wearin' anyhow."

Idrissa does need all the help she can get after all. She moves on to another box and starts to look through it, at least this box has more girly things within it! "Well that's good.. I dono how to dance though." There is a pause. "Is it hard?" Not like she's ever danced before after all! She holds up a pale blue looking blouse and titls her head before holding it up to herself and turns slightly. Well it doesn't look that bad, a little bit of lace at the arm and around the neck that is a wee bit short cut for her taste.

Soriana pants. Finds pants, that is! Well, thats no good. She hmphs and gets up to move on to a different box, only to pause as Idrissa admits to not knowing how to dance. Really? "Nah, it's easy. When I was like… six, there was a hatching and this bronzerider swept me up and danced with me. So, if a six year old can do it, you can do it." Because, clearly, that's a testament to the ease of dancing and not the fact that six year olds attempting to dance is utterly adorable even if they're terrible at it. Just imagine the little tousle-headed, chubby-cheeked Soriana! Actually, don't, because then she'd probably roll her eyes at you and make exasperated comments. Regardless! She inspects the blouse in Idrissa's hands, and hmms. "Maaaaybe," is how decisive she is, before she reaches down to catch Idrissa's hand and try to pull the other girl to her feet.

Idrissa isn't finding any pants! Though she does sorta like the blouse and sets it aside. She pauses and peers at Sori while grinning slightly. "You got to dance with a bronzerider?" This questioned with a curious tone, well her mother does have a gold dragon so this shouldn't be that hard for her to add together. "I dono, I mean I've seen people dance an stuff." There is a pause as her hand is caught and she is pulled upwards until she is standing and she blinks. "What?" Clueless Rissa!

…when she was six! That part cannot be overstated. Nevertheless! Soriana grins, and doesn't answer Idrissa immediately, at least not with words. Instead, she starts moving the other girl's hands. One goes to a shoulder, while her matching one goes to the waist, and the other is held in hers. "Okay, so. You gotta listen for the music, and it sorta goes hum-da-dee-duh, hum-da-dee-duh-" and so she continues as she starts moving, dragging poor clueless Rissa along with her in a slow dance step.

An it takes poor clueless Idrissa a few moments for her to figure out just what Sori is up to! She soon ohs.. And lets one hand settle against Sori's shoulder and she turns following along, everr so slow like. At least she isn't stepping on Sori's feet yet! "Well.. This isn't so bad."

Soriana grins, continuing her hum-da-dee-duhs as she leads Idrissa around the room slowly. Once they've made a circuit, she drops her hand from Idrissa's middle, keeping the one in her hand as she steps back and bows over it. What? Yes, okay, she's doing the boy part, and it's only because a) somebody has to do it and b) Idrissa's the one who doesn't know what she's doing, so she should do the girl part so she doesn't get confused later. Simple. "See? Not so hard. That right there is dancing. It can be slow or fast or whatever… I like the fast stuff, though. There's other steps, but they're just fancy stuff. Like how you can ride a runner, or do trick riding." She grins. "There's other kinds of dancing, too, like line dances and circle dances, but so long's you can do what we just did… you can dance."

Idrissa continues along through the circling dance paying attention to where a foot goes, an a hand an so forth in the process. Then once Soriana stops and bows she ponders while peering at her friend and then ohs! She is smiles and takes a step back while bowing back. "Well.. I think I can remember that at least." An she grins for a moment at the talk of riding a runner, and the trick riding, which she has gotten rather good at. "In that case I think I can handle it, cause trick riding is so much harder."

Soriana laughs, and nods. "Exactly. There's probably gonna be people doing all sorts of fancy dance steps. Like…" She does a step-cross-back-hop thing with her feet. "But you don't hafta worry about any of that. Just do the dancin' like I showed you, and when it comes to line and circle dances… well, I'll point out how they work, and then maybe you can try some of the easy ones." Those take a rather larger group to demonstrate, after all. Sori doesn't have four extra people and a harper at her beck and call!

An why does she not have them at her beck and call?! It is Soriana after all, shouldn't she. Idrissa grins slightly and nods. "Alright.. I'll make sure to ask you for pointers through out the dance." Oh yes there will be many questions asked!

Soriana grins back! Questions shall indeed be asked. Soriana certainly hopes Kale's been to dances at Black Rock, or she's hardly going to get a chance to dance in between all the questions! Not that Kale would ask, exactly. He'd just… pretend he knew. Oh, boys. But, hey, at least Idrissa seems to have a general enthusiasm for the prospect now. "Yeah, you'll do good!"

Idrissa does seem to look a little more excited about the whole dance bit. "Course, I got a good teacher." She points out with a grin and points at the box she was in. "That was has some stuff you might like in it." Well they need to get back to searching for the clothing for the dance at some point.

Bah, clothes! Soriana goes all frowny-face. Why can't she just dance? That would be more fun. Whose dumb idea was it to make this a romantic date thing you have to dress up for, anyway? …don't answer that. "I guess," she says after a moment or three, and heads over to the box to take a look. Show yourselves, garments! What have you got for her? Not you, orange and blue dress. You're… kinda hideous. Show yourselves, more tasteful garments!

Idrissa grins at Soriana and nods while she looks back into the box. She eyes the orangey dress. "Well.. You would for sure stand out in that." This said with an amused tone to her friend, an a soft giggle. With a blouse found for Rissa she is in search of something to go with it! A few more pieces are pulled out and she pauses eyeing a awful puke green skirt. "Who.. would have worn that?" She may work with runners but that would have NEVER worked for her to any degree.

"Sometimes," notes Soriana, "Standing out is not a good thing." She continues looking through the box, looking over at Idrissa's next find and grinning. "A healer of stomach-sickness who's very bad at dodging?" she suggests, then pulls out a light, spring-y yellow and green gown. "Oh, hey, this-" And, as it unfolds, there's the reason it's in the boxes here; a giant, splotchy wine stain.

Idrissa grins to Soriana. "Yes this I know.." She is rather good at the non-standing out part after all. A laugh escapes her at the healer comment. "True." Is murmured as she goes about looking onwards into the box, an she finds a pale green kirt with faint gold trim. She glances over to the gown and grins before a soft oh escapes her at the wine stain. "Could just add more stains to hide make it look like a pattern?"

Soriana glances over to Idrissa, then back to the skirt. "I… don't really think it'd work. I'd just look even clumsier." Maybe someone more skilled than her can redye it entirely - probably, that's what it's waiting for. It shall continue to wait, for she folds it back up and puts it in the box again. Idrissa's skirt gets a hmm. "That's kinda nice."

Idrissa ahs softly. "Yes well there is that idea, I didn't think about that." She offers with an amused tone. A smile seen and nods while she looks back to the skirt and blouse she found and holds them up next to one another. "So.. do you think they work with one another?" This questioned curiously.
Uh, well, they're both colors? Soriana stares at the two with a look of perplexity. They're no blue and orange, but… Is subtle contrast a good thing or not? Uh. "It's… kinda like grass and a sky." Yeah, that's something to say, however Idrissa chooses to take it.

Idrissa ponders this a few moments and sets them aside. "Well.. Suppose looking more isn't a problem." She offers while moving over to another box humming to herself. "I've never seen a real point to get all dressed up." Oh sure she may look more girly then Soriana, from Xanth's thoughts, but she is still a tomboy to the core.

If you're going to take Xan's thoughts as an accurate judge of anything, well, you've got problems. "Yeah, might's well see what the options are." Soriana turns back to the search through the boxes with gratitude, sorting through various things and investigating. "Aww, it's like brushing out a runner's coat before a race. So's you look pretty and all." A ruffly-fronted shirt is examined, then set aside. "I suppose it can be fun, if you know what you're doing."

Idrissa ponders that a moment and hums before a slight nod is seen. "Well.. I didn't think about it like that. Good idea actually." She ofers while finding a few things in the box. A white elbow length blouse, the sleeves have ruffles and she pauses while looking over it a few moments an hums.

Everything makes more sense when you compare it to runners. Soriana grins, and finds a flowing black - pair of pants. Aww. She sets them aside. …they are pretty though, aren't they? She looks back at them, considering, then digs into the box again. Hmm, what else is there? How about… a pink blouse! It must be a blouse, though it's got rather more bare midriff and shoulder than blouse! Maybe it's a very large garter instead?

Of course everything makes more sense when compard to runners! Idrissa hums to herself while she looks over the blouse and brushes and picks a bit of lint and thread off of here and there. "What about a white blouse and the green skirt?" She peers over curiously to Soriana and tilts her head at the interesting blouse.

Soriana considers Idrissa's proposal, and nods. "That could work. I think I saw something like that once." Somewhere. On someone. They had something else, too.. oh yeah! "Maybe with like… a yellow shawl, to go with the trim on the skirt." The pink tiny thing is put away, because she's so not wearing it.

Idrissa looks over the shirt once more and nods with a smile. "Oh, there's an idea.. Suppose wearing somehing other then boots too huh?" She oys softly while she sets the shirt down with the skirt she found. An thus back into the box she goes looking!

Soriana laughs. "Well, you could wear boots. But you'd have to be very careful not to step on any toes." Because ow! Also it wouldn't match, or something. Whatever. Toe-stepping! Ow! Sori continues going through her box. Hmmm. She pulls out a skirt of dark blue wool to inspect.

Idrissa grins at this and nods. "Yes well I suppose you have a point there." She says with an amused tone and tilts her head while poking around through the box and hums to herself. "Maybe I can find some sandles or somethin'."

Or something, indeed. There's plenty to be found here, it's just… not terribly easy to find. Soriana sighs, and flops back onto the ground to stare up at the ceiling instead. Why do clothes have to be so hard? Can't she just… be herself? Xanthius was all jerk-y about that sort of thing, sure, but doesn't Kale like her for who she is? Oh wait. He's the one who insisted she wear a dress in the first place…

Idrissa finds a what she thinks is a shaw and it turns out to being just a knitted throw. She glances over curiously to Soriana and soon moves over to sit next to her friend. "Alright.. What are you thinking about?"

Soriana continues to stare upward. "So many clothes. So few good clothes." She closes her eyes for a minute, then opens them again. "C'mon. Let's go do something else for a bit." She sits up again. "You've got yours, right? Mostly, at least? So, we're halfway there." Soriana enters a flurry of activity, putting those clothes deemed unworthy back in their things. "Oh, and I can wear this," she says, collecting the two blue things. Because lacey blouses and winter-weight skirts totally go together. It's a law or something. When she gets to those black pants, she hesitates a moment, then… adds them to the middle of her stack instead of to the box. What? She likes them. She can use them another time. Another occasion.

Idrissa grins a moment and nods while she goes about picking up the few things she found that she liked. "Alright, sounds good to me. An ya I have." This offered while she goes about putting stuff back in boxes and so forth in the process. "Hey.. It'll all work out, just think postive like alright?" She offers with a smile to her friend.

Soriana grins, perhaps a trifle too wide. "Course it will. This'll all work out, and we'll all have fun." That's the goal, right? None of this having to prove herself attractive or that she's not Kale's taste or… what does it matter if she's not, anyhow? She doesn't need him. She'll be just fine without him! …which explains why she wants so very much to look good. At least, it does for a girl of thirteen turns. "We'll go put this stuff away, and…" Then what? There's a pause while she thinks. "I'll meet you at the-" Well, not the firelizard theatre, that's out in the woods. And she's certainly not going to the kiddie playground, 'cause that's where the kids are. "-I'll meet you outside. We can play a game or something."

Idrissa chuckles and nods with a smile while she folds the few things up and follows along after Soriana. She has little idea what is going through her dear friends mind a the moment. "Sure haven't been doing much since everything happened." There is a pause. "I guess the beach is too far even?" This questioned with an unsure tone at the thought. "Well.. We can figure something out, maybe we can find Kale even."

"Beach's okay," says Soriana. "As long as we stay near the docks or near the weyrling part." No wandering afield and exploring! Just staying where there's guards. Boooooring. But, sigh, there /is/ good reason for it. "We could go down there, if you want." Anywhere, anywhere but here! She leads the way out. The woman by the entrance looks up from her mending to ask, "What've you got there, girls?"

Idrissa nods and grins a moment. "Well, lets go doo the beach then." An why not?.. She hasn't been there since the night a certain brown rider found Kale and her. "Can let Asher stretch his legs." Her gaze turns to the woman and she ums, a soft smile seen while she holds up the two blouses, and skirt that is folded. "Um.. Well something to wear to the dance miss.." She murmurs out softly.

"Okay, then," says Soriana. "The beach it is." She nods agreement to Idrissa's answer, adding, "From the scrap room," as the things are shown. The woman looks them over, then gives a nod. "All right, be off with you," she says briskly, only afterwards adding, "Enjoy the dance," with a faint smile.

Idrissa offers a sheepish smile to the woman and nods once more while thanking her before turning to follow after Soriana. "Alright. I'll meet you down on the beach then." This said as she turns to head on towards her little bit of place in the Weyr to stash her clothing for the dance.

"Okay," says Soriana. "Seeya there!" And, with that, she's making her escape across the open field to her mother's Weyr and her own place here. Clothing quest: survived. Achieved? Well, maybe not so much, her claims aside. But survived, yes, she totally survived it.

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