New Secrets

Xanadu Weyr - Purgatory
While the cottage is not large, the rooms are spacious, the place constructed with an open floor plan and designed with the young at heart. Large windows allow for light to flood the area, while inside shutters may be closed for privacy. The dragon space is slightly concave, slate laid to protect the floors from sharp claws. The rest of the flooring is polished hardwood. A simple kitchenette has a dining area that juts out over the waters below, along with a breakfast nook sort of room. The living room is completed by a low, comfortable couch and a few large cushion-like pillows that when piled together make more of a nest-like seating around a small, equally low, dark wood table. Two other ground level rooms form a spacious and well furnished 'guest' room, while the other is suited more as an 'study'.

The draw for 'young ones' comes with the spiral staircase that leads to a loft bedroom, also flooded with light from the triangular window in the peak of the ceiling. Beneath that very window, rests a circular-shaped bed. Tiny pinpoints of light are imbedded in the ceiling to form 'stars' when the main lights are extinguished. Encircling the spiral staircase is a slide — a fast and fun way to get back downstairs. Affixed from the stout beam that runs the length of the peaked ceiling is a thick rope swing. For those… rainy days.

IT'S EVENING! It's evening and Risali is just stepping through the door, bundled up and lightly dusted with flecks of fallen winter snow, red-cheeked and red-nosed despite the protection the scarf she's slowly pulling free from her neck to hang up should have offered her. But the goldrider is quiet despite a hint of clumsiness; it's late, and she smells faintly of something alcoholic (which just might explain the not-quite-graceful quality to her movements). Regardless, the goldrider is home, aware that it's well past time for sleep when it comes to children and maybe even weyrmates, slipping out of boots, and jackets, and gloves before grabbing a couch-ward blanket to wrap around her shoulders and sneaking towards the kitchen. SHE WANTS A HOT DRINK, OKAY. IT IS FREEZING OUT THERE. And Leirith? For once, the queen is blessedly silent, leaving Risali to sneak about in peace.

She would've got away with it too! Maybe. Only Risali wasn't the only one out and about! K'vir had been gone most of the day too, as he's known to do from time to time. This time it was to briefly return 'home' to Fort for his much belated visit. Which started off as predictably as it could and then ended with one HELL of a bombshell that has left the bronzerider in a MOOD OF CONFLICT! He's not sure whether to be ANGRY or OVERJOYED or somewhere weirdly between (or all of the above). So his arrival is heralded by a rough opening of the door (he KICKED IT but good luck proving that!) and the resultant slamming of it. Luck would have it that either there are no sleeping children or their offspring sleep like rocks JUST THIS ONCE! K'vir has no idea Risali is skulking about and he'll be muttering under his breath as he sheds his winter gear. From the way a few of the words seem animated, along with punctuated gestures of his hands… he's probably arguing with Zekath or having a very heated debate over what has him so bent out of shape.

The babies might sleep like rocks, but Risali is definitely not sleeping (as we've established, SHOOSH. LET ME META OK OK OK); au contraire, the goldrider was right in the middle of pouring hot water when K'vir kicked the door open. The resulting commotion has Risali jumping, spilling just enough hot water on herself for there to be a hiss as she jerks the hand to her mouth and turns a scowl onto her weyrmate from over a shoulder. One beat, two, three, and the accusation dissipates as the Weyrwoman takes in K'vir's emotional state. It's… not normal. Still, she doesn't go to him right away, she finishes mixing up that hot drink (probably a tea judging on the smell and color) before she goes to join him in his undressing. The drink is set off to the side and, without a single word, the goldrider's using her own hands to help K'vir escape jackets and all other manner of winter-protective things. Then she's retrieving the drink and pushing it into his hands as she goes up on the tips of her toes, but delivers a kiss to his fingers instead of his face. MMM. THAT ALCOHOL SMELL, THO. "You look like you need this more than I do." A whisper. "Do you want to talk about it?" And now grey eyes are finding blue, fingers curling around K'vir's wrists as she waits.

APOLOGIES FOR THE SCALDING will come LATER! K'vir will be appropriately upset over the unintentional mishap, that much will be CERTAIN! He's so caught up in his inner debate that he's not even aware that Risali's joined him until she's pushed that hot drink into his hands. "I — wait, what? Risa? Shit, did I wake you…?" His rambling is cut off by the kisses to his fingers and his gaze settles on her, bright and warm but also heavily distracted. Wrong. Now freed from winter gear, he'll sidestep around her, but only so he can gather her close against his side (and hold the tea in the other hand). Said drink is sniffed at, then lightly sipped. "… is it just tea or…?" Is there rum in it? He can smell alcohol on HER! Yet before K'vir can tease or imply, she's pushing right to the core of the issue. That has much of his mood evaporating and he grimaces, brows furrowed as he snorts. "Yeah. Yeah I was gonna talk to you about it. Thought you'd be asleep and I'd wait till morning but…" THIS'LL DO! Slow, deep breath. "Elladyr," His younger brother. "Let it slip that I've a half sister. Th'ero—- my father, apparently got a greenrider… Syn?" Pause, as he checks his memory. Right! "Yeah, Syn… pregnant. Had a girl, named Elynthoria… almost TWO TURNS AGO! And he acted like it wasn't a BIG DEAL that I wasn't TOLD!" K'vir's voice has risen by the end, but only to give some venting to the frustration he's probably feeling. Or is it hurt? WHO KNOWS! But he feels weird. And suddenly embarrassed, as he hugs her close. "… sorry. This probably sounds stupid, huh? Getting all bent out of shape."

It was only a little scalding, Risali's totally fine! "No, I just got home," comes on softer tones, since there's still one other bronzerider asleep — probably piled with BABIES. The goldrider doesn't fight K'vir's side-stepping nor his pull, tucking in against his side willingly with both arms coming around his middle, fingers threading together near his opposite hip. She presses her chin against his side, tilting her head back so that she can see him proper (since he's got an incredible amount of height on her, RUDE) and — a flicker of confusion, grey eyes going to the tea as he inquires if there's more to it. "It's just tea, why? Does it —" A pause, one of those hands coming away to cup around her nose and mouth so that she can smell her own breath, and then a hiccup of laughter as she drops it back to rest at K'vir's side. Those grey eyes come alive, dancing with mirth, speaking to mischief, harboring something playful as she tilts her chin to press a kiss in against K'vir's side and curls her fingers into his tunic. "I went dancing, bronzerider," she whispers, dismissing the importance of that statement because it's not important and instead listening. That expression softens, affection lingering as she waits out the words and then drags one hand from K'vir's hip to the small of his back, rubbing upwards in slow, soothing motions. THAT HUG THOUGH. She melts into it, making a soft sound of contentment and nuzzling her face into him before — an exhale. "You're not stupid. I'm sorry he didn't tell you." And Risali draws back, goes up on the tips of her toes as hands reach out to cup K'vir's face as grey eyes jump between blue. "He should have told you." Stronger. "But Syn is a good mother." A beat, a half smile, more of that mischief before Risali parts with a breathy laugh. "I should know. She's the mother of my half sister too." THEIR HALF SISTERS ARE HALF SISTERS. AWWWWWW. "But what do you want to do, Kyzen? Send your father a firelizard armed with glitter?"

K'vir leans into her hand against his cheek, tilting his head a bit and taking so much comfort from her presence. Her admission of Syn also being the mother of her half-sister has him balking however. "Wait, what?" How does that EVEN WORK? OR HAPPEN? His expression had gone blank from that little shock, but now he frowns again. "I'm not saying she's unfit. Just… shocked! And now I don't even want to know how both my father and yours somehow got the same greenrider pregnant." Oh, what K'vir doesn't know! Clearly, he doesn't want ALL the details. He sighs, stepping back from her embrace but only so that they can both flop down on the couch. He'll bring the tea with him, though he hasn't really touched it. It'll probably end up back in her possession soon enough! Shoulders lift and fall in a dispassionate shrug. "Probably nothing. Like I always do? I mean, it's been over a Turn, Risa… I guess I just wasn't ready for the reminder that I'm not part of that life anymore; or as much as I was. I was so young when I impulsively left Fort to go to Igen… It isn't fair for me to think my parents lives wouldn't go on. Right?"

Risali maintains the humor in her smile, that hint of wickedness that never seems to truly leave her, that small piece of self that she built the rest of her personality around. And she absorbs K'vir's presence, leeches as much comfort from him as he draws from her and laughs at his shock. It's not cruel laughter, just deviance magnified by his surprise, and then softer, softer her expression goes as she shifts her attention to her hands, fingers curling in to draw along his jaw, up the bridge of his nose, across his brows and into his hairline with reverent persistence. "They're called flights, stupid bronzerider." The words might be harsh, but they're delivered with the utmost affection, gentle with patience, almost a whisper. "Sometimes I can't tell if the dragons have a sense of humor, or if the universe is laughing at us." But it doesn't matter, she follows K'vir to the couch, settles turned to face him, legs coming over his lap to rest on the opposite side in an arch as she watches him. There's a long silence as Risali listens, as she takes in the words and perhaps tries to formulate a response because we all know that words are not Risali's strong suit. Action is. But she tries. "Of course your parents lives go on. Look at how many children and weyrmates my father's acquired," said with humor, and a touch of I-HATE-YOU-RYN, "but it's perfectly reasonable for you to expect that your parents still treat you like their son. Growing up, leaving Fort, getting your own life — that doesn't mean you stop being theirs, or they stop being yours. It just means that you have your own life." A beat, and then a quiet smile, not quite sympathetic, but certainly empathetic. "He should have told you, Kyzen." AT LEAST SHE THINKS SO. And then she's shifting to straddle his lap instead, NOT QUITE SEXY as she leans in to hug him, arms coming around his shoulders as she leans into him and presses her lips into his temple in a bid to offer more comfort. One, two, three and: "Are you sure you don't want me to kick his ass?" A humorous whisper, preceding a squeeze because she's just kidding.

"I know what flights are," K'vir grumbles under his breath but there's a thread and note of laughter buried in there. He's laughing with her and laughing at himself but it's kept under wraps for now. He scoffs when she brings up how many offspring Ila'den's acquired over his lifetime and while that both has him reluctantly nodding, he's also grimacing at the idea that it'd happen to his father again! Or worse? HIM. THEM! Not that it's terrible. Just that K'vir's never put THOUGHT into these things! And now all the endless possibilities are whirling around in that head of his. His next lesson in growing up? Compartmentalizing. Seriously, he NEEDS IT! Right now though, Risa is acting as the perfect anchor of reasoning (Zekath will breath a sigh of relief and THANK HER later… somehow). "So it's not crazy that I'm upset over that, at least?" he mutters, smiling faintly as she straddles his lap and he finds himself instinctively reaching for her. If her goal was to lend comfort? SUCCESS! Much of the tension and earlier conflict in him is already ebbing away; he's calming down, grounding again and processing. Just from her presence alone and familiarity. Love plays a heavy part too. She'll even get a laugh out of him, even if it's a suppressed bark of one, as he half scoffs and then controls himself before SOMEONE wakes up. "Shards, no!" He's WELL aware that she'll probably do it anyways but knows BETTER than to stop her! "No, it's fine." Kind of. Better than it was, but still. He'll aim to distract with a slow burning kiss, drawn out for several moments before he breaks away and rests his forehead to hers. With it, comes a small smile. "… so you went dancing?" TOPIC CHANGE! Humour him, Risa~

"Are you sure?" Risali whispers regarding the flights. "I can give you a lesson if you've forgotten. It's, you know, when one dragon decides she needs to make sweet, sweet dragon love, and all the boy dragons suddenly have an interest in — " She stops there, smiling too big, delighting in that hint of laughter even as she drops off and quiets to hear his next question. There's a shake of her head to reiterate that he's not crazy, and then a soft, teasing, "But you are still crazy, Kyzenviro." Who else would weyrmate this hellcat, after all? TWO VERY UNSUSPECTING (OR VERY MUCH AWARE) BRONZERS, THAT'S WHO. RIP, BOYS. And then it doesn't matter because K'vir is kissing her and it sends Risali just as off-balance now as it did that first time he kissed her to shut her up. Only now the goldrider can press into it, cupping K'vir's face in hands as she uses her body and position to burn and ignite and lose herself, for just a moment, in the man that drives her crazy. She blinks her eyes open slow, rolls her forehead against his as a slow, wicked smile possesses her lips, and then she draws back just enough to press another kiss to his lips, to his nose, to his eyelids. "Yes," she breathes out. "With a very handsome bluerider." A hint of laughter, evidence that she's teasing him. "He told me that I was fascinating, and that I was a wild and crazy tempest, but that was what was amazing about me." And she's saying it with a hint of laughter, but there's an inkling of embarassment, that true-to-Risa part of herself that's unsure of how to accept compliments when they are given, regardless of who it is delivering them. "And so we danced, and we had some drinks, and now I'm home." 'Where she belongs,' goes unsaid. "Why, bronzerider? Did you want to dance?" a whisper, a challenge, an offer for something illicit to distract him if a distraction from his father's lapse is what he wants.

If Risali had continued with her teasing, it would have ended with K'vir swatting at her and still comes VERY close to being a THING! Instead they are both pushed on a different course, what with him initiating the kiss first and then she so brilliantly ramping it up a notch or two. He never grows tired of that wicked smile of hers, even if it makes him wary (and a little afraid) sometimes. This time his laughter isn't so restrained; only muted and low throated both for effect and because he IS being respectful to those sleeping elsewhere. She'll feel it though, rolling through him like a distant storm. Why doesn't he laugh like this more often? "If you're home this early, then I doubt that his dancing was that good." OOOH. Low shot, from K'vir! Though he's matching that mischievous wickedness now, his blue eyes bright with a different sort of heat. Yes, he wants a distraction! Or maybe just to forget his little hiccuped outburst over what he's convincing himself now is nothing. Everything fine. This is fine! "Mhm, I am tempted to bring you where we've danced before…" He's not talking of the office. He's talking of that one place, that time, with the music and atmosphere that led to something far more primal and charged between them. Only they are here and he nuzzles against her neck, breath warm against her skin as he whispers. "We could have a quiet, slow dance." Literally or figuratively, if she picks up on his subtleness there.

Risali stifles her own laughter, smacking K'vir's upper arm as she breathes out, "His dancing was perfectly adequate, thank you very much." But it doesn't dissipate the heat; that fire only flares for the reflection of it in K'vir's attention, for his words that make goosebumps invade on her arms and legs, that make her body feel suddenly impossibly tight as he nuzzles and speaks and — "I would like that," Risali whispers back, dragging her hands down along K'vir's shoulders, along his biceps, over his forearms to his hands so that she can lock her fingers with his and redirect them down, down, down. She pulls them in at her hips, pushes underneath the loose fabric of her shirt, up, up, up to her chest as she leans forward again to catch his bottom lip between her teeth, to roll her tongue against abused flesh before going in for the kill. And true to Risali, she burns hot; she's a wildfire, a tempest, a hellcat despite the agonizing slowness with which she makes them both burn — maintaining control unless K'vir seeks to overpower her, driving them both to the brink of madness with a slow, intense kind of unraveling. But after, after she'll make him stand up and slow dance with her too, protected by her stolen blanket-shawl, privy to quiet laughter shared between just the two of them before finally, eventually, like ALL GOOD THINGS, bed beckons and heralds night's end.

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