Walking Away

Xanadu Weyr - Forest
This broad path that leads from the main clearing into the forest has been designed in such a manner so as to be not only wide enough for wagons to travel through, but also providing ample space for dragons. The path appears only worn in the center though, as most of the traffic moving through this area is that of the two-legged kind. Flowers sprout up and speckle the lush grass with bright saffron and cheeky rose, creeping all the way up to the bases of the trees that rise upward in their aged magnificence, gargantuan limbs casting often welcome shade, the general atmosphere and scent of the path is one of freshness and wild abandon.
The path winds its way leisurely through the trees, deeper into the forest and a number of less traveled paths branch away from it. Southwest leads to the forest's edge near the base of the tumbled rocks that mark the wilder areas of the forest and the mountains that rise behind Xanadu. West leads to the Firelizard Theater, northeastward the path leads to the feeding grounds and beyond that the gravel road that bisects the paddocks leading to the bovine complex. East leads to the meadow where it joins both the road that crosses the bridge over the river leading to the clearing and the the coastal road that leads out of Xanadu bypassing the beach and the Caspian Lake. Here there are secluded spots where one might picnic.

(Warning: Crude Language)

Hungry. Ka'el doesn't care. His belly sure does. In fact, his stomach is PISSED OFF that he just left all that food there! But at least it has something in it. Rum. The good stuff, imported from who knows where, seeping its way into his subconscious, taking hold of brain cells. But angry Ka'el doesn't care about hunger or the what would be good feeling that'd come from a smooth drink. He's angry. ANGRY! At .. Soriana. At stupid Darsce for being a dimwit. At M'kal for also being a dimwit. At Idrissa for never being on his side (though why should she?) At Mur'dah for being a dumbface with a dimwit sister. And at himself for everything else that's twisting inside and causing him to fume. And so he walked. Away from the tavern. To the meadow. Lingering on the meadow. Almost, but not quite staying. moving on, back to the forest towards his weyr where he can shut everyone out and hole himself up and curse and bang and do things til he's feeling better. Or at least.. til he runs out of energy.

Mur'dah tried to chase down his older sister, and after not finding her, he starts to storm towards his weyr where he can look at holes and curse and tear at vegetation and do things until he's feeling better. Maybe. But he sees Ka'el instead. There's something he can bang on and feel better about. (Don't read too much into that.) "Hey, dipwad," he says as he strides after the bronzeling. And he's not even drunk. This might work in his favor. "What the hell was that?"

"Wonderful." Ka'el pauses and stares up at the patches of sky seen between brances of trees. "Can this night not get any shardin' better?" He turns, rounding on Mur'dah with a scowl. "Confused? You would be. That, arsewipe, was called showin' that you have a pair. Y'wouldn't know, would you? You've yet to grow any." Eyes narrow vaguely. "I did you a shardin' favor. Get over it."

Mur'dah snorts. "Really? That was showing you have a pair? Seemed to me that was waving your bronze dick around and smacking my sister in the face with it. You were a total asshole. What's the matter with you?"

Idrissa wasn't planning on wandering by this way, though hey here she is mostly because Tahryth was on her way towards the feeding grounds for a bit to eat. The green was already there and Rissa is following after. There is plenty on her mind at the moment, so much from the lesson, so much other things as well. Asher is following at her side, the large canine is keeping close, his head pressing and bumping into his owner's arm for attention which he is not getting. The raises voices catch Rissa's attention and there is a pause while she lifts her head, bright gaze flicking over the area and she turns slowly heading towards where the voices are coming from. Oh yes she knows those voices..

Ka'el smirks, a brow inclining vaguely. "M'sure wouldn't be the first time for her." Wait a second. He likes Darsce! Doesn't he? Aren't they friends? … Weren't they? He grimaces vaguely, not liking his own words, but .. well. Things cannot be unsaid, unfortunately. "S'not a damn thing wrong with me. If she can't take someone askin' her a question? Then she has no business wearin' that knot. She had no business bein in there in the first place! What's wrong with you that you can't see that? This isn't a shardin' joke to me, and I'm not going to be sorry for tellin' her what she needed to hear. She needs to stop playin' at things and shardin' do something. I'm aimin' to leave weyrlinghood half informed because she thought it'd be funny an' cute to do Mating Flights."

Mur'dah is visibly taken aback by Ka'el's words. "I…can't believe you just said that! I should kick your ass for insulting my sister like that. How dare you!" But he doesn't. Yet. He's holding himself back. Barely. "I don't think she was the right person to give that lecture!" Wait. They agree? "You were were still a total asshole to her. And you don't have to just be spoon fed every lesson. You have more questions, go talk to someone else! Maybe that's another stupid test we have to pass. If we can handle not being told everything and go seek out our own information. Ever think of that? It's not a joke to me either! But you didn't have to be such a dick about it."

Idrissa pauses once she finds the two and just blinks.. Once.. twice.. and yes a third time as shew atches them talk, or is it yell? She frowns as she watches, though really should she say anything? There just talking. Asher is the one that makes the first noise, a deep bark escapes the huge canine, his hackles raised just a bit until Rissa places a hand upon the canine. "You guys arn't going to start a fist fight right?.. If so I'd like to know now so I can bet on the one who I think would win.

"You wish you could," corrects Ka'el with an unimpressed scowl. "But you won't cuz you know you can't." He eggs him on. Why? Because overpowering that what would be mellowing drink in his system is the bite of testosterone that makes him feel like a bully. An urge for something more physical than tedious words. Words fix nothing! (neither does fighting, but it sure feels good) But words can be surprising, and it's surprise that makes its way across Ka'el's face as Mur'dah momentarily agrees with him about the lecture. Er…what? He blinks once, a bit of his scowl dissipating, but it finds its rightful place back on his face before long. "Fuck you. Ever think that of all lessons, the one where I could wake up Xanadu's next father wouldn't be the one to play Find the Information with?" He snorts, eyes narrowing as he takes a forward step. "I'd rather be a dick than a pussy. Call me that one more time, it'll be the last thing you say with a full set of teeth." Bark! That wasn't him. Or Mur'dah, but he doesn't take his glaring eyes off of him.. even when he hears Idrissa. Yes. The night keeps getting better and better!

Mur'dah snorts, "Maybe I just don't want to be demoted again." What's beneath weyrling? Candidate? Good luck trying to get Kalsuoth back in the egg. "I just /said/ I agreed with you!" When Ka'el steps forward, so does Mur'dah. He just…can't /not/ match Ka'el. "Did you just call me a pussy?" He hears Idrissa too, but he doesn't look at her, afraid Ka'el will sucker punch him if he glances away.

Idrissa lets her gaze linger on Ka'el for a few long moments, a frown clearly seen. "Ka'el.. What are you doing.. What is wrong with you?" Yup she just came right out and said it. He didn't act this was before getting hooked up with that bronze. She's met other bronze riders that didn't like this too so she isn't sure it all that, there is something else going on, hopefully. With the two stepping forward towards one another she is moving forward towards them eyeing them both. "If you two start fighting I'm going to have Asher bite both of you." Tempt her, please. Though Asher wouldn't bite them, so it really is an idle threat.

"Or maybe you're just a pussy." Seems as if neither one of these guys trusts the other to fight fairly. Probably … not an unwise choice when it comes to defensive fighting. Be ready for any and everything. Ka'el is, considering the way his eyes fail to leave Mur'dah and his expression does nothing but harden as his question. "Hard of hearing?" Hands are at his sides, but at least onf of them is beginning to clench, fingers curling inwards to ball. And then there's Idrissa, and her familiar question has him stiffening more. What's wrong with him? All he wants to do is bring his fist to Mur'dah's face. But isn't Mur'dah his friend? At this rate, he'll have none left! But as for swinging that fist that so wants to swing.. it's Idrissa that has him hesitating doing so more than the threat of Asher's bite.

Mur'dah frowns, but since he hasn't been drinking he lacks that fuel. So he's not going to throw the first punch, though he does shift his weight and raise his fists. Ready to block if need be. "You're turning into the worst bronzerider stereotype," the brownling says, quiet and firm. Insult? Or intervention?

The reason the question is familiar is because Idrissa never gets an answer from Ka'el for it. So it keeps getting asked. "Ka'el.." Her voice is softer this time while she watches him. "Stop, please?" She is clearly worried as she watches the two, and the reason she asks Ka'el to stop is because she knows he has the will to do it. "Mur'dah, that isn't helping." Here she is attempting to be the voice of reason between these two, not that it has ever worked in the past. "Your both friends, this is not the way to handle this."

Ka'el's expression twists, and his fist closes with new resolve as his anger flares once more. Stop? Why should he! One step forward is five steps back. He's never going to get anywhere at this rate. Why keep trying? It's far easier to keep everyone at arm's length than it is trying to figure himself out and intertwine them within the confusing threads of his life. His fingers itch, and it's with a curse that he turns his head, scowling at something unimportant to the right of him. "Whatever." He steps forward again, moving to push past him, shoulders likely knocking in the process.

Mur'dah is shouldered away, pushed past, and the brownling frowns sharply. "Hey," he says, reaching out to try and grab Ka'el's arm. "Stop. Don't walk away from this." He'd look at Idrissa, but…he's expecting to get punched.

Idrissa shifts back slightly to avoid any shouldering from the two, her green gaze following Ka'el and she isn't sure what else to say. The more she tries the harder it gets, especially during times like this. "Mur'dah, let him go. Talk to him about it later."

Ka'el is caught and immediately tenses beneath the brownling's grip. His eyes are on his an instant later, icily. But the chill of his gaze is not permanent, and there's a vague defrosting at the edges. But if that could be called warmth, it isn't enough for him not to try to shrug his arm away, attempting to pull out of his grip. "I need to know." Words are low, barely carrying past himself and the near Idrissa. "I need to know .. what happens to me." Elaborate he does not seem intent to do, for he tries to walk away again. But at least he's walking away and not fighting. With words or otherwise.

Mur'dah just looks concerned, now. Concerned and confused. "What?" he asks, though he does let Ka'el go, stopping beside Idrissa and making no effort other than verbal to stop Ka'el. "Ka'el…"

Idrissa is beyond confused as she hears Ka'el, a faint glance is sent to Mur'dah to see what he thinks. There is a pause before she turns following after Ka'el without a word to Mur'dah. Her hand lifts and reaches out to try and take hold of Ka'el arm and stop him. "Ka'el, we're your friends. You don't have to do this on your own." Whatever 'this' is. Which she doesn't know, and doesn't understand. She won't force him to stay, if he continues on she'll let him go.

Almost, but stopped again. Shard it! Ka'el wishes he could scream, and he can. Nothing's stopping him but himself .. and he does stop himself from yelling. Already a sign of control regained. Now his attention is snapped to Idrissa, eyes lowering to the hand on his arm, then to her face. Friends? Yes, they are. All of them that he was so mad at. Every single one of them, Darsce included, are his friends. How many still are and will be? To be determined. "Yeah, I do," he disagrees, pulling from her too, though gently. A lingering look to both, and then he turns and goes. Through the forest. To his home.

Mur'dah watches Idrissa go after Ka'el, and watches Ka'el and hears his melodramatic muttering. "Shards and shells," he mutters in frustration as Ka'el vanishes into the trees. Turning, Mur'dah kicks a stone and sends it skittering into the underbrush. "Why…what…UGH. He's one of my best friends and he drives me /crazy/ sometimes. Why won't he let us in?!" he says, loudly, in his frustration. "Is it the bronzerider thing? Is it…SHIT. Why is he isolating himself?" Scrubbing hands over his face, Mur'dah frowns in the direction Ka'el went. "Sooo tempted to just, like…go sleep on his doorstep until he stops being stupid. But that's no way to spend my twilight turns."

Idrissa watches Ka'el, hoping for something, anything.. But still nothing. She lets her hand lower, a worried look and frown following after Ka'el. "I don't know Mur'dah.." Is offered after a moment. Though this is something she's had to deal with before in a sense, the bit where Ka'el keeps things to himself. She looks to Mur'dah. "When his ready to talk he'll talk." Not to her though. Asher is moving on towards the feeding grounds, Tahryth has caught some poor wherry and Rissa is soon leaving following after the canine. "I don't think it's a bronzer trait, it's a Ka'el trait. Have a good night Mur'dah."

Mur'dah sighs, watching Idrissa and nodding. "Wish he'd talk…" he says quietly. Once she's left he stands in the middle of the path for a moment, gazing skyward. "Probably has the same thoughts I do about all this." With a sigh, he looks in the direction of his weyr, and with a muttered curse, turns away from the ruined building and trudges back towards the barracks. Woo.

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