The Ride to Survival Camp

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow


A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

It's just shortly after mid-day, the time when most candidates have finished their morning chores and are awaiting their afternoon assignments. Instead, every single candidate was marked to report to the stables. Rogawani wasn't among those in the barracks at the time, mainly because he'd been dragged out early to help prep the runners along with Keziah and a few other runner-trained candidates. There is a line of runners tacked up and tied to one of the fences outside the stables, each with a bedroll and a small series of pre-packed bags slung behind the saddle. Standing next to Rider, his own personal runner, the boy waits, slinging an extra set of sacks up behind the saddle as he tries to keep ontop of his assignment, and out of the glaring eyes of the weyrlingmasters.

When it's sitting inside doing chores versus adventure, there's really no contest where Cenlia is concerned. And despite her aversion to anything with hooves, she seems glad enough to be going someplace. She's one of the first done with chores, and approaches the stable calmly enough, with goldeny-bronze Charmer and midnight-blue Rogue on their respective shoulders. Mizzle and Trouble aren't about at the moment, thankfully. The gardener girl eyes the line of runners warily, waving a, "Hey," in greeting to Rogawani and then waiting patiently for the other candidates to arrive. Cen's definitely in no hurry to get neara runner, not after the last one nearly drowned and dragged her to death.

Morlanol stumbles into the clearing, a bakers apprentice trailing behind him, "Give those back! We need 'em for th' dinner!" Morl is carrying a mid-sized sack over one shoulder. Ignoring the blathering backer, Morl walks up to Ro and holds out the bag, "I don' know how t' tie this on, bu' I'm gonna need it." As he gets closer, it becomes clear that the bag contains several bundles of cooked meat and why he needs it is also clear. In addition to Agate and bloodstone, both now a couple of months old, two tiny infant flits are curled up in his front pocket, one brown, one green. Sleeping for now, but clearly young enough to need a constant supply of food when awake.

Rei heads down to the meadow. She's in riding gear! But it's not the type usually warn by runnerriders, it's the type worn by dragon riders. But really she doesn't have much else to wear for this type of thing. She's got Geo the bronze on her shoulder, and Dalriath the lovely green following behind her. Dalri is eyeing up the runners, licking her lips. Rei is all smiles. "Runners! I haven't rode a runner in… turns! Lots of turns. No need, really. Oh, be quiet Dalri. I am not replacing you with a runner." She looks around. "Someone set one up for me, right?" The green is laden with Rei's things though. Clearly she won't be left behind, even if Rei will be on the ground.

Jessamin smiles in recognition as she approaches the meadow, waving to Rei and Dalriath. "Ho, there! What's going on?" She looks around at her fellow Candidates, and compared to them, is clearly ill-equipped for whatever venture they are going on. "Ummm… okay, do I even want to know?" Her four flits are flying along behind her, swirling in the air and chirruping merrily—only given momentary pause by their much larger green cousin.

Giving one pat to his own runner's flanks, Rogawani smiles softly as the other candidates start to arrive. "Hey guys. Looks like the weyrlingmasters are planning on sending us out into the wilds afterall." He motions towards the line of runners, eyeing Morlanol slightly as he comes up with the bag of meat and the two tiny firelizards. "Sure, I'll get you set." He slings the bag over one shoulder and motions Cenlia along as well. "Cen, this one is for you. He's really calm. You should be fine." He walks past that runner and on to another one, a big black stallion who he starts to tie Morlanol's bag to. "And this one's yours." He seems oblivious to Morlanol's bad luck with black runners. Either that or he's pretending not to remember. "Weyrlingmaster." The boy raises his voice slightly to be heard, "Yours is at the far end." A few of the runners get a bit antsy with a dragon nearby, pawing the ground.

Cenlia waves when she sees Morlanol and Jessamin, and adds another, "Hey," to Rei and Dalriath as she spots them. Charmer croooons at all the people, but before he can go harrass anyone, Cenlia reaches up to clamp a hand over his muzzle. He blinks and lets out a surprised squeaky-squawk, but the look the gardener girl gives him brooks no argument. Letting the flit go, Cen slowly approachs the runner that Rogawani indicates while Charmer settles down and looks almost sheepish. "The wilds?" Cenlia asks, eyebrow raised. She's heard the tales about terrible tree-climbing felines, not to mention all the rumors flying around about Kefai and /his/ lot. Cen looks a bit dubious, giving Ro a another glance, but then shrugs a bit and moves within arms' reach of the runner. "Uh," she says, eyeing the runner critically.

Morlanol's eyes get really big, he just sort of stops, staring at the over-sized stallion, mentally picturing it smashing his undersized body. Both Agate and Bloodstone try to trill a soothing tone, but it doesn't change the fact that, at the thought of even trying to get up on that giant runner, he's frozen in terror. He manages to quietly stutter out, "Th- th- th- tha' one? B- b- bu' h- he's h- huge!" At least for once he's not trying to not stare at Cen…

Rei chuckles and nods to Ro, heading off towards her designated runner. She runs her hand along it's snout affectionately. "Hello there! You and me, we're gonna have a ton of fun!" She gives a wave to all the other candidates with a grin. "And you guys, too. I spent my candidacy up in High Reaches. Which means my chores were in the snow. You guys have had it easy." Had? That's a scary word considering! She grins to Morlanol. "Size doesn't matter really. Just stick your foot in the stirrup and hop up. If you're taller you can see everything better." Then she looks to her dragon. "Shoo for now, Dalri. You're scaring the runners." Of course the green doesn't need to be told twice. She takes off into the skies. Geo for now attaches himself to Rei, even as she mounts up. "We raised mostly herdbeasts where I grew up. But there were some runners around we used to get around and help out."

Jessamin blanches slightly, stopping in her tracks as some of the words float over to her. "Wilds… cats climbing trees…? You can't be serious!" She starts backing up, looking for a way back, and hoping she won't be dragged along on this venture. But is it the path they are about to take which draws her gaze more—or some of the runners which paw and stomp impatiently, awaiting riders?

Rogawani offers a bit of a sympathetic look towards his two friends, not sure what to say to make the situation much better. "I tried to pick the best runners for new riders. You should be fine." Should - seems to be the key word here. "Anyone who hasn't ridden on a runner before, one of the weyrlingmasters will be taking the rear to help out." He's had this part practiced, as if he had rehearsed it. As he walks a bit closer to Rei, the boy nods to her slightly. "I was told you'd be leading the way?" It's a question, but it comes out more as a statement. "Everyone's loaded up, but we've got a few who… aren't as comfortable with runners." He keeps the last part quite quiet, not wanting to offend his friends. Tucking his hands into his riding jacket, the boy just looks apologietic to the others. "Let's just hope there's no felines, this time…" His voice trails off.

Cenlia watches Rei, and with a quick sympathetic look towards Morlanol and then Jessamin, Cenlia puts her foot in the stirrup and gets up on the runner. As she swings her leg over, she tells Jessamin, "Dun worry, brought m' shovel," and the confident, lopsided grin on her face is likely proof that Cen's never even seen a feline in her life. "Shards, my ma'd flay me if she knew I was up on a runner," Cenlia chuckles, though she still manages to look precariously unsure as she perches on the animal.

Morlanol gulps loudly, his hands shaking slightly as he takes a hesitant step towards the runner. He stops, glancing at his friends. His face is blank, yet also contorted with fear. He gulps again, giving Cen a 'say something nice when I die' look, then slowly reaches his hand out towards the runner, humming softly like Kez had once told him worked. The runner twitches when his hand first touches it, causing him to jump, but stays still. He strokes its shoulder softly and mutters quietly, "Yer a goo' runner, righ'. Y' won' throw me an' trample me t' dieath. Goo' runner…" The runner just blinks at him, whinnying softly. He does his best to follow Rei's instruction. He places his wrong foot in the stirrup first and has to pull it back out. Then he gets the right foot in, reaches up to the pommel and…. suddenly he's in the saddle, staring down at the ground. The runner, meanwhile, merely standing there. After a soft, "Woah…" Morl tries to sled his other foot into the other stirrup, but can't seem to get it and, after a few tries mumbles, "Ro, c'n I ge' some help here?"

Jessamin says "Ummmm… it's kind of embarassing, but I've ridden dragons more than I have runners." She mutters under her breath, "which is to say, never." She takes another few steps back, praying she can find some graceful way out of this, but seeing Rei and Dalriath, is not holding out much hope of a decent exit. Her flits, picking up on her rising distress, start creeling worriedly, their eyes whirling with flashes of red. "I'm not even dressed properly for this…."

Rei grins and nods to Ro. "Yeah. I will. But I don't really know the way that well. I've got eyes in the sky though, so we shouldn't get too lost." What a stroke of confidence there! "The most important part about riding is to stay relaxed. There are plenty of us around, so all you have to do is stay with the group. The runners will follow each other on their own generally." No comments on felines. They'd uh… cross that bridge when they came to it? Rei grins to Morl. "See, it's easy, right?" Then she blinks at Jessamin. "Er. You can ride side-saddle? Or maybe throw on something else really quick? And it doesn't seem like you're the only one that hasn't ridden before, so don't worry too much. We won't let anything happen to you."

Rogawani nods his head just once, affirming that Rei will be leading. With that much done, he's back to being just as flustered as the rest of the candidates. His head lifts as he looks towards Jessamin. "It's alright. That brown runner over there is yours. She's really good for newcomers." He tries to be supportive, but also isn't about to tell anyone what to do. That's the weyrlingmaster's job. He's on his way back towards his own runner, Ro' smirks a bit as he sees Morlanol struggling. "Sure thing." He bends near the runner and raises the stirrup a little bit. "There, try now." He offers, "At least we know Cen came armed, we should all be safe." He's trying to keep the mood light.

Jessamin grimaces, approaching the runner… unfortunately, she makes the newcomer's mistake of approaching from the right, causing the runner to stamp and whicker angrily. She backpedals quickly, her flits looking none too happy with this situation either. "There… now that is why I don't ride. Brush, yes. Ride, no." As she walks back, shoe meets poo. "Ewwwww!"

Cenlia chews the inside of her cheek as she listens to what Rei says. The gardener girl seems to be making an attempt at relaxing, but even so, the runner she's on fidgets a bit. She catches Morlanol's look and attempts to smile encouragingly, though his talking to the runner has Cenlia raising a bemused eyebrow at him. Jessamin's predicament gets a grin from Cenlia, "Yeah, me too. 'Least 'y can't fall off a dragon." Or at least, Cenlia has never fallen off a dragon. Yet. She does manage a chuckle at Rogawani, adding, "An' if any of the runners get troublesome, the dragon can eat 'em." Hey, it's worked before.

Morlanol smiles gratefully to Ro as he slides his foot into the stirrup. He leans forward, very cautiously, to stroke the runners neck. After a few beats, he regains himself and glances at the others a larger grin on his face, "Ev'rythin' looks diff'ren' from up here… I… I never knew. Hey Cen, Jess, you totally have to try this!" From abject terror to kid in a candy store in ten seconds flat… yup, he's a kid.

Rei pulls on her reigns a bit to move her runner over towards Jessamin's. She grab hold of the reigns on the other runner to get it calm enough. "Heh. It's alright. He's just a little fidigty. Go ahead and get on. I've got him. You can ride up by me if you want." She giggles a bit. "I hope you're good with that shovel, just in case. And you can fall off a dragon. Which is why we'll be spending so much time mending and tying straps once some of you impress." She grins to Cenlia. "And Dalri is hankering for a runner dinner. You know. Just in case." There's a giggle at Morl. At least someone was enjoying himself?

Jessamin grumbles a little bit, and approaches the runner—from the left side this time. "Dragons don't frighten me half as much as these beasties." She gets her foot into the stirrup, and takes a few moments to haul herself into the saddle. While her skirt does bunch up around her some, it is not to the point of indecency. In fact, boots and long stockings cover her legs, preserving modesty as well as warmth. She closes her eyes, taking a deep breath. "Think dragons… not riding a runner… dragons…."

Rogawani just gives a glance over towards Jessamin, glancing upward as she steps back into the dungpile. He mouths something ot himself but then walks towards his own runner, mounting with a casual ease. He pulls the reigns slightly, leading his beast away from the fence. "Think of it as just a really small green." He suggests to the girl, before offering a beaming smile at Morlanol. "See, you're doing just fine. He'll take good care of you." He pats his own runner's neck. "Just don't let your dragon eat Rider. I just got him paid off. I'd like to keep him a bit longer, dragon or no." The gray gelding seems perfectly relaxed, ears flicking now and again.

Cenlia grins at Rei, "Almost brought m' pitchfork, but S'tan thought it might be a bit much to haul around." She nods though, looking suddenly thoughtful when straps are mentioned. Or perhaps just hopeful. She snickers a bit then, saying, "When that runner almost drowned me on the beach, Seryth up and ate it practically whole. Shards, she almost ate /me/." And despite the awfulness of the experience, Cenlia grins broadly, trying not to chuckle at Morlanol and Jessamin, while saying wryly, "Think we'd all rather be on a dragon." Rogawani's talk about his has Cenlia tilting her head at him, "Paid off? Oh shards, means your turnday went by, didn't it? I got you something, but it ain't ready yet." She takes the reins of her own runner, trying to imitate the others… and her runner doesn't go anywhere. With a sigh, Cenlia flicks the reins harder and more awkwardly, and the animal swivels one ear back and turns its head slightly to eye her. Yeah, she has no idea what she's doing.

Morlanol's grin continues, his flits calming enough to trill happily at his success. He pulls on the reigns a tad too hard, trying to follow Rogawani's example and the runner whinneys in discontent and walks in a tight circle. Morl bounces up and down in the saddle a few times, as if that would magically make the runner do what he wants. His flits being disturbingly more intelligent than he himself seems to be at times, fly down towards the runner's face, trying to each grab one side of the halter. Not necessarily the best decision, as it makes the runner whinney loudly and take off at a brisk jog towards Ro's runner, Morl giving a scared yell as it does so, but it does get him moving, which is good, right?

Rei blinks, then grins. "No eating yours. Got it, cupcake. Maybe I'll have her eat the rider of Rider instead?" Then she giggles at Cenlia. "That might have been a bit much, yeah. Dalri is a bit smaller than Seryth. She can't get a runner down in one bite. So you should have time to run away while she nibbles. And I wanted a little change, though by the end of this I'll probably be glad to be back up on Dalri's neck." Then she points to Cenlia's feet. "Use them to get him going." As Rei demonstrates. "Alright, we're leaving before Morl kills someone!" And off she goes across the meadow and down the trail. Those who don't want to be left behind better get their runners in control!

Jessamin keeps tight hold of the reins, her mousy brown runner backstepping a little bit as she pulls a bit hard. "Whoah there… come on, how hard can this be… can't be any harder than riding a dragon, can it?" Her flits meep and cling to her shoulders, shawl, and saddle, clearly settling in for the ride and protecting their human. She glances over at Rei for her example, trying to mimic her stance in the saddle, and grip upon the reins. Mercifully, her runner stops prancing about. "Whew… okay, one hurdle down…."

With Morlanol's runner heading towards him, Rogawani chuckles a bit and clicks to get the beast's attention. "Here." He waves one hand out, catching the reigns lightly before the stallion can get much further. "Use your body, Morl. You're a miner, got the muscles for it." He chuckles. "Grip 'im with your legs, and use the reigns to help guide him where you want to go. Just remember, you're the boss." He hands the reigns back again, and then smirks towards Rei, offering her just a brief waggle of his eyebrows before he spurs his own runner to follow behind her own. "Alright, let's get moving." He calls out, and then smirks a little at some of those having trouble with their runners. "If you have trouble, there will be a weyrlingmaster at the end to help." He reminds them, and then spurs his runner forward.

Morlanol doesn't have much control, his runner merely following Ro's as if it's the most natural thing in the world. He's not objecting, though, since it's keeping him from having to figure out how to drive the sharding thing. Agate and Bloodstone decide to fly ahead with Dalriath, and the chastised baker has angrily stomped back to the caverns, grumbling about sharding candidates getting power hungry.

Cenlia blinks at Morlanol when the boy gives a yell, watching that big black runner warily. But Rei's instructions on hos to get going get some quick consideration before Cenlia gives a jerk ofher feet, and her runner gets going after Rei, the gardener girl making an odd, 'yeep' sound as the naimal moves much faster than she expected. Butr she's heading in the right direction, her flits hanging onto her shoulders and chittering.

Jessamin manages by some miracle to point her runner's nose in the right direction, following Ro's, Morlanol's, and Rei's. It's a good thing they gave her a trusty old plug of a mare, otherwise she would be in a heap of trouble. She does seem to calm a little bit as the beast does not either turn on her, trample her, try to throw her, or otherwise maim or maul her. "Huh… maybe this isn't so bad. Okay, you, let's get going." Her flits trill a merry little tune as their human calms down, though a stench of poo continues to follow her, from the matter clinging to her shoe….

Rei blinks, then grins back at Ro and Morl. "Yeah, use your body, miner! Show that runner who is boss!" She winks to Ro as he pulls up along side her for a second. Cupcake… he was trouble! Unfortunately a good kind of trouble. Once she's off she lets her runner settle into a nice, even trot so that it doesn't tire out too soon. She chuckles a bit to Cenlia. "There you go!" At least she's not downwind from Jessamin? Not that it matters. Runners were stinky no matter how much you mucked them. But at least they all seemed to be off in the right direction.

Survival Camp - Campfire Square

During the day this area is a small clearing that sits just big enough to land four dragons in it, though by night it becomes an inferno where a fire is built up that licks its stray bits of lights to the ground just before the barracks nearby. The two barracks sit across from each other in strong contrast, the leader barracks being a comfortable modern barracks that looks clean and kept in good eminence while the follower barracks has a sharp destitute about it, looking that the ivy and decay is a day away from making the whole thing collapse.

The ride out to the camp is quite a distance, especially for those not used to spending a lot of time on runnerback. For the most part, everyone keeps in a single file line, or pairs up to ride next to each other in twos. Only once does a runner get out of control, nearly taking a weyrbrat off the trail with it, but the trailing weyrlingmaster manages to get things back under control. Eventually, as the sun dips further on the horizon, the line of runners arrives at the camp, the faintest outlines of a big fire pit becoming visible. Rogawani, still near the front of the group, seems more than happy to have this particular trek over with. It isn't nearly as fun riding with a group than on his own out in the trails. "Almost there, guys." He motions with his arm, and glances over his shoulder. "Everyone still in one piece?" He asks, shooting a smile towards his friends, especially Morlanol and Cenlia.

Morlanol has turned a peculiar shade of grey, clinging tightly to the saddle-horn as if that would somehow make the motion stop. He makes a soft moaning sound as the trip finally begins to draw to an end, "I was be'ter th' time I ran inta a gas pocket in th' mines… m' bum feels like someone's beaten it within an inch o' my life…" He trails off, just waiting to be allowed to dismount.

Jessamin is a little bit pale, but otherwise seems more composed than when this trek began. While she is silent, her flits trill and chirp amongst themselves, as if commenting on scenery and riders alike. The brown mare plods along at a decent pace, not the fastest of the lot, but still keeping up with the tail end of the group. If Jessamin is in any discomfort, she gives no outward sign of it, the young woman seemingly determined to not embarrass herself any further with outbursts of fear or frustration.

Cenlia may not have a clue how to ride a runner, but the animal she's on seems to know what it's doing despite her inability, and soon falls in behind Rei's runner without much more fuss, leaving the gardener girl to cling to the reins and saddle and look somehwhere between nervous and sheepish. But hey, at least it's not an ovine! The trek seems to do Cen some good, as she apparently relaxes and enjoys the scenery, although the way she's eyeing the plants, it's likely she's rather be walking than riding. When the campsite comes into view, the gardener groans and nods in agreement with Morlanol, muttering, "Think my butt got left back at Xanadu." But she can't help the grin that makes its way onto her face, though she might never admit aloud that ridingis sort of fun.

Rei enjoys herself on the way. Giggling and telling some stories about when she was a candidate. And a weyrling. And even some about other weyrlings. But even the weyrlingmaster is thankful to see camp. And be able to get off her runner. Up above, there's a shadowy form of Dalriath circling them. Once they've arrived, Rei hops down, which is quickly followed by an "Uggggggggh," as she stumbles around rubbing her buttocks. "Who invented those things! They are not comfortable! Anyways, we'll tie the runners up over here I guess." She grabs some rope to do her own, then goes about helping others down.

Rogawani, on the other hand, has no complaints at all as he hops down from his runner. He doesn't even look stiff. Then again, he used to do this on a daily basis, so that isn't too surprising. He's quick to tie runner to one of the nearby posts, giving the runner an affectionate pat before walking the few steps it takes to get closer to get to his friends. "Okay, I'll keep the runners steady for you guys while you dismount." He offers, reaching out for the big black stallion's halter first, holding that in his hand while offering his other hand out to the two girls, whichever can give him the reigns first. "You'll feel better once you're off. Promise." He grins up at them, still all-too much in his element at the moment.

Morlanol nods stoically, then, taking advantage of Ro's help, swings his leg back over and to the ground. When he tries to remove his other foot, however, he discovers that the ridge in his work boots has caught on the stirrup. He begins bouncing around on one foot trying to get the other free. His response to the inevitable laughter is a scathing, "Stop laughing and help meeeeeeee…" He *is* stretched at a most uncomfortable angle, the knee attached to the foot in the stirrup nearly at his chest.

Jessamin looks all too willing to hand the reins to Rogawani, instead gripping the saddle hard enough to turn her knuckles white. She attemps to swing her right leg up and over the back of the runner, looking rather… undignified… for a moment before her skirts fall back down into place. She half-falls, half-stumbles from the runner, her stance that of one new to riding for any prolonged span of time. "That wasn't so bad… really." Her flits take to the air, whiring about her head and chewing her out for such a graceless dismount.

Cenlia doesn't have much trouble getting down from the runner, at least no more than she had getting up; it's the stopping part that takes some work, the animal probably utterly confused by all the tugging and alternating footwork she attempts to do. As she tries to get it to stop by Rogawani, the animal instead starts walking backwards. Moving her feet has it reversing direction, and trotting past the messenger boy altogether. Luckily, the animal is calm enough not to gallop off into the wilds, and eventually, after some random circling, comes to a stop all on its own. When she's down, Cenlia groans again and grumbles at the animal, "You're a pain in the behind." The runner snorts at her, as if in response, and then noses her sleeve. Cen quickly moves away before it can nibble on her, looking stiff and rubbing her butt. The girl has to stifle a laugh when she spots Morlanol and Jessamin trying to get off their runners. But it's not very successful stifling.

Rei blinks as Morl… half gets off his runner. She heads over to him, but can't help laughing either. "Alright alright, relax, and stop moving." Rei tugs at the stirrup to try and get it off his boot. "If we can't get this off you'll have to stay like this for the rest of camp. Well, I guess we could be nice and just let you drag the saddle about all day." She jabs a bit at him, but hopefully can get him free while Ro handles the runners of the two ladies. "Wow. It's already getting late. Good thing the fire is already going. Get these runners tied up, then grabs your stuff and head over that way before it gets too dark to see."

At first, with both of his hands full, Rogawani has no way at all to help the flailing miner. So, he's all too greatful when Rei takes over that particular job. "I'll get these two tied up." He motions to Jessamin's runner, which he still has the reigns of, and then walks over to claim Cenlia's as well, not seeming to mind when the sleeve of his shirt gets nibbled on. "But you'll have to unpack yourselves. I've got my own load to pull down." He motions a chin at Rider, who seems content to crop the grass and ignore everyone else, even with a load of supplies still on his back. He doesn't laugh at Morlanol's struggle, though, apparently having had his fill of watching his friends have trouble with runners for one day.

Jessamin 's lips are pressed together in a thin line, as she nods to Rogawani with an oddly terse, "Thank you." Apparently, there is more than meets the eye with the seamstress. As soon as her runner is tied upwith Jess observing just what knot is used and how tightly it is tiedshe begins unpacking her gear, taking on the load with no complaint. With her gear on her back instead of the runner's rump, she steps away, careful to keep her back to the group for a few moments; she takes several deep breaths before letting them see her face again. There is a smile when she turns back, though it does not reach her eyes. "Well, that was a nice ride."

After a few more grunting, jumping attemps, Morl's foot finally breaks free from the stirrup with Rei's help, causing him to literally hurl himself at the ground with a soft 'whumph'. He gets up slowly, now rubbing both his butt and his side, then sneezes loudly from the could of dust. He glances around and sees the pinpoints that are Bloodstone and Agate sitting by the fire and shoots them a dark glare, quelling, at least for the moment, the chittering giggles. After catching his breath, he grabs the reigns of his runner perhaps a tad harshly and pulls the runner over to where the others are being tied and releases its baggage, grumbling to himself all the way.

Cenlia manages get her stuff unloaded, although the runner /almost/ steps on her foot once or twice, causing the girl to eye the animal suspiciously. But the runner doesn't seem inclined to trample her to death, so she hauls the rest of her things down. The gardener girl takes a good look around when she's done, patting her trusty shovel while booze-brown Trouble and blue Mizzle pop out of *between* and chitter at her. Charmer and Rogue remain where they've been, on her shoulders, apparently behaving for now, though how long this lasts is uncertain. She makes a face and eyes Jessamin, "Nice? Shards, almost wish I could walk when we head back." She blinks as Morlanol hurls himself to the ground, the gardener girl asking, "You alright?"

Rei frowns at Morlanol. "You're welcome. And don't get mad at your runner because you got caught in the stirrup, candidate. Or you'll be spending your time mucking out here instead of off with the rest of everyone." Rei's stuff of course is off with her dragon, who seems to have landed as she's not circling anymore. But Rei doesn't head in the direction of her lifemate, instead she's already trekking off towards the campsite to help set up. "Alright all. Looks like our work is done here. Me and the other weyrlingmasters will be heading off back to Xanadu. You guys have fun and make sure to stay alive." She's serious, too, as it's not long before she's disappeared into the woods. Her trusty bronze though.. he wasn't with her when she left.

Rogawani only removes a few things from his runner, leaving the beast mostly geared for the time being. His bedroll and his assigned bag of supplies are placed in a neat little pile. He mumbles something to the gray runner, smiling at his beast before looking towrads the others. Jessamin's odd behavior catches his attention, "Everything alright?" He asks, concern showing in his voice, but it doesn't linger too long. Tucking an item or two from the bag into his pocket, he glances towards the fire, almost with a longing look on his face. Instead, though, the boy looks towards the growing darkness and the wooded area beyond. "I'm going to go scout the area, see if I can't find some fire wood." He's been in this area before, but getting to know the lay of the land would be a good idea. "Should be back before long." The trailing weyrlingmaster catches him before he can get far, assigning one other candidate to go along with him. So, the two head off into the woods, talking in hushed voices.

Cenlia watches Rei go, eyebrows raised, thoug she doesn't look particularly alarmed. After all, camping isn't new to the gardener girl, although from her expression, she probably hadn't expected them to be left unsupervised. She gets to work to setting up her tent, her flits wandering off to play at the edge of the campsite. Before long, Cenlia joins them, scouting the plants and occasionally picking something or other.

Morlanol trudges to the fire, rolls out his bedroll nearby, his flits all finding places in it with him, crawls in himself and grumbles a hasty, "G'night… leas' I'm used t' sleepin' on th' groun' 'gain…" and rolls over. It's not clear whether or not he's asleep, but he's not talking back, either.

Jessamin simply nods. "I should be alright. It was a long time ago, anyways." She seems reluctant to speak further. Come to think of it, she's given little hint of her past to anybody. Seeming to shake off the moment, she offers a tentative smile to the messenger. "Thanks for helping with my runner." She sets her gear down near the follower barracks, lowering herself to sit gingerly on top of the small pile. Her flits settle down on the ground around her, crooning a bit worriedly. She smiles a little at them, reaching down to scritch their necks and let them nuzzle her hand. "I'll be okay. Come on, you lot, stop worrying. I made it here fine, didn't I?"

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