Mating Flights - From the Other Side (Weyrling Lesson)

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern

It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

It's evening. Dinner is soon and it's officially free time for the Weyrlings. So why do each of them get a pearl grey card with finely-scripted gold writing inviting them to a lesson now of all times? Each one is delivered to the weyrlings by one of the cavern girls, handed to them as they attempt to enter the cavern for the meal. The card instructs them to go instead to the Wandering Wherry where they will dine and have their lesson. Maybe it's a drinking lesson? When they arrive, the tavern is empty of patrons. That's… odd. It's usually bustling at this time of the evening. There's a big sign on the door that reads: 'Reserved for Private Party'.

As invitations to lessons go, it's far more elegant than the usual draconic summons, but it seems equally inescapable. Not that Soriana tried, really. She gave the cavernsworker an inquisitive look in exchange for that card, but when no answer was forthcoming, she sighed and turned back around to cross the clearing again and head for… the tavern. Drinking 101. Basics of Boozing. Advanced Ale-Sipping. Who knows? She'll just… huh. Private Party. Soriana pauses outside the door, giving it an inquisitive look which proves no more enlightening than the one she gave the deliverer of her invitation. That card gets pulled out of her pocket and inspected once again. Yep. Tavern. So… she opens the door and heads on in!

A lesson within the Wandering Wherry? There's a certain trepidation as M'kal reads his card given to him. However he runs a brush through his short red hair and makes an effort to find something that's not dirty in the recesses of his clothing chest. Hm….this old grey tunic with a hint of green along the trim should do. It's tucked into simple brown trousers and black boots with orange laces cover his feet. That done he arrives on the heels of Soriana as most likely the same thoughts are perhaps going through his head of ideas of drinking lessons. How to get drunk and hit on a girl? No…perhaps not that. How to get drunk and not puke on a girl. That could be more like it. A glance is spared to the Reserved for Private Party sign and then he's inside also!

Ka'el isn't sure what's going on, but he's disappointed. Why? Because he knows that tonight, the caverns have his favorite cookies for dessert! You know. The kind with the sweetened cranberries inside? Baked to perfection. With just a sprinkle of sugar on top. There's rarely a time that Ka'el wouldn't like a free pass to the tavern, but he can't help but give a woe-be-gone look to the caverns as he turns his back on it, grey card in hand. With that initial disappointment behind him, he's left to wonder about…well. What's up? That sign on the tavern door is curious enough, and the emptiness of the place only heightens the curiousness of everything. "Was there a time on this thing? .. " He turns the card over, flipping it to the back. Nope. "Y'think the cavern and tavern have the same meals?" Who is he asking? Anyone who is already here, that's who.

Mur'dah took one look at that card and got a bad feeling. A /bad/ feeling. So he approaches the tavern skittishly, no doubt, slipping inside and stopping just within the entrance. Looking around, he frowns. "I don't like this. This feels like an ambush."

Idrissa should have known something was up when she was given that card, a lesson in the tavern? None the less here she is peering inside once she has caught the door before it fully closes. She ahs softly to herself a hand lifting to push a bit of hair back and she moves onwards slowly towards where the others are heading it seems. "Hey.." Is offered while she brushes her hands off a few times and then smirks as she hears Mur'dah. "Most likely is.." Not that she looks that worried about it.

Darsce could SO teach all of those classes they're wondering about. Another time maybe? Oh yes, the Iernian blonde is in here too, sitting at the bar as the Weyrlings trickle in, one elegant leg crossed over the other chatting with the barkeep while looking at a drink menu. Heads together over it, they're discussing business, it looks like, rather than flirting. They come to some sort of agreement and only then does she swivel around on her barstool and acknowledge the group with a bright smile. They'll see that her right shoulder bears an AWLM's knot, so this is a legit class, apparently. "Hello, your dinner has been ordered and if you'll take seats," a well-manicured hand makes a graceful flourish to the tables, "I'll bring you drink menus." Iceblue eyes are wide with innocence. What? They're senior Weyrlings right? They're allowed to drink a little. Besides it's a party to celebrate, right? It must be! Hah! And they thought it was a class. Psh!

If there's going to be lessons in hitting on girls, what's Soriana doing here? Hint: the answer is not Sample Girl. But, well. Mur'dah's suspicions make her lips twitch in a smile. "Still beats the swamp." But then, what doesn't? Darsce's presence at this oh-so-official lesson gets the inquiring look again. It's like Sori's theme for tonight, but this time, it's followed by a smile. "Hello," she says, and makes for a table. Like… this one, say. It seems table-like, and while this may not be a very… lesson-y seeming lesson, Soriana is paying attention to her posture as she sits. Because somebody's watching, and because this all is seeming just a tiny bit… suspicious.

M'kal's eyes widen somewhat as they flit to the knot adorning Darsce's shoulder. Huh. "Interesting…" he murmurs to himself. Peeking at the others there's a moment of indecision as he considers going to sit next to Mur'dah or not. In the end he bucks up and moves towards the other weyrlings side. "Hey there." he shoulder bumps Mur'dah lightly. When M'kal does sit it's doubtful he'll pay much attention to his posture.

Ka'el's eyes drift to the other Weyrlings present, flashing a grin. Well, friends are here. They're in a bar. This can't be terrible, right? The sign did say 'party'. "C'mon. I'll protect you," he smirks to Mur'dah, pushing his shoulder playfully. "Hey!" he greets verbally to the others, eyes zipping to M'kal. "Have you even had a drink before?" he asks the youngest of the bunch, though there's a grin on his face as he asks. If this isn't a drinking lesson (if not a lesson had whilst drinking), then…well, why tavern? Darsce is next to grab his attention, and his eyes narrow. "…Somebody do something on Fort that'd cause for Remedial Etiquette?" It's not a question directed to Darsce, even though he's looking at her when it's asked. He sits at Soriana's table.

Mur'dah glances at Idrissa with a little nod. And then…he notices his sister. "Wait. What…wait. What?" An AWLM knot? Is that even possible? "Wait." He's speechless, and stops himself from mumbling more question words by going to the table and flopping into a seat. "I've got a bad feeling about this." Looking at Soriana, the brownling laughs. "That's true enough. Hey, M'kal. I still don't know if it's okay for you to like my sister," he mutters under his breath. "Gee, thanks I knew you would," he drawls teasingly to Ka'el.

Idrissa pauses as she hears Darsce's voice, a curious glance is sent towards her and she lifts a hand to offer a slight wave back to the other. A smile seen and she nods to the bit on finding a seat. "Hello." Is said with a friendly tone. Drinks.. Drinks huh? Well then she may just have to take up a drink of everyone else is. She wanders onwards to find a seat at the table with the others and leans slightly against the table with her arms folding upon it. A glance is sent towards to Ka'el at the bit on Fort which makes her shrug.

Darsce is blithe in the face of suspicious looks. She's used to them, and quite immune. They all get her sunny smile. "Sori, 'Drissa, Ka'el," she greets each of the people she's hung with before they became riders and then her brother passes her and he gets his hair flipped with a flick of her forefinger so it falls in his eyes. "Hi Squirt!" she teases. M'kal she doesn't know, but hey - he's a bluerider like her father, so he gets a wink. She overheard that, Mur'dah! Let the blue weyrling pine after her because her interest lies with a nerdy fix-it Steward who is rumored to have nice legs. Now if she could only catch him wearing that kilt. She waits until they're taking seats, places a drink menu before each of them and says with saucy challenge, "Senior Weyrlings, tonight you get to have anything you'd like from the specialty drinks." They'll probably be glad for them before the night is out.

Soriana can smile while suspicious! And does, in fact. Just because she suspects Darsce of ulterior motives doesn't mean she can't also be glad to see her. She settles into her seat, and glances to Ka'el at the talk of Remedial Etiquette. She hehs. …then does a quick check of her conscience to see if she's done anything that'd put her in for a lesson like that. Just in case. But, well, the list comes up more or less blank. She was supposed to be herself. It's allowed. And the occasion wasn't fancy enough to require multiple forks, so she couldn't have messed them up! Besides… "What are we protecting each other from, anyhow?" Maybe sisters? She glances to M'kal briefly at Mur'dah's comment, then on to… Darsce! Speaking of. Also, drinks! "Fancy," she says, because those drinks are, and takes a look over the menu. Mmm. Options. Maybe something fruity? Or, ooh, there's the spiked lemonade…thing. With five kinds of booze plus lemons.

M'kal can't help but wrinkle his nose a bit and remarks under his breath back. "If I had a sister you could certainly be welcome to like her. So gimme a break about Marel!" he says this quickly right after Darsce passes by. The wink draws a confused blush from the lad before he remembers to answer Ka'el. "Had ale before." which translates to no, not really ever had a drink before but thanks for asking! Still he settles into a seat and gestures for Mur'dah to take the empty seat next to him. Surely the brown can decide on the whole moral issue of sister dating later. For now they have a um…class? Dinner party? Something! At any rate doesn't M'kal's hair look nice all spiked up? As drink menus are placed before him he takes one to read over. "Um…we're just here for drinks then?" he dares to call out a question.

Specialty drinks? "What's the occasion?" Ka'el asks, though he doesn't sound at all disappointed (anymore!) Drinks trump cookies! "And it's free, yes?" Free drinks double trump cookies! And even if the answer is no, Ka'el's eyes are already scanning that menu, after the briefest glances to Mur'dah at that "senior weyrlings" mention. Hmm. What's the most expensive thing that he'd probably never order for himself unless it was a super occasion and he had (ha!) marks to spare? That thing there? Nah. How about that fro-.. noo, this is what he wants! Ka'el's eyes stop on one particularly pricey rum drink. Sure, why not. He's never had that before, and may never again after this day. Rum it is! He'll order that, whenver ordering time is upon them. As for possible wrongdoings on Fort? he seems not worried that the culprit might have been him. He did awesomely on Fort! "Things that lurk in the depths of taverns," he answers Soriana. "That's what I'm protecting him from. … I reckon." He grins.

Mur'dah ignores the hair flip and just sighs, sinking lower into his chair and ordering the first thing he sees. "I'm not going to give you a break about Marel," he hisses. Totally a snippy side conversation when they should be paying attention to the lesson. "I like you and all, I just don't know…she's my /sister/, man." Pause. "You don't have a sister?" That sucks. Not a Senior Weyrling at the moment? He ignores that too. He looks like he's waiting to be beaten.

Idrissa ponders switching seats while a half glance is sent towards M'kal and Mur'dah. A soft sigh escapes her and she peers at the drink menu that is put before her. The conversations are half picked up on but she is busy reading over the different drinks that could be ordered. As if she knows, not like she often drinks. She finally settles on a tea, well sort of a tea just has tea in the name but it is made up of different sweet drinks. Works for her.

Oh thaaaaat sister! Darsce, y'know, assumed SHE was the one Mur'dah spoke of to M'kal. Oh well. No harm done, except maybe to her pride. Sigh. The 'barkeep is there, ready to take orders and fill them, his pad and pen at the ready, his manner all polite deference. He'll even answer questions about those specialty drinks as some of them are quite fancy. Perhaps he's coached to be at his best behavior for this… event? Maybe. Because he's professional, smooth, helpful. Darsce doesn't bat a mascara'd eyelash at what Mur'dah orders, but inside she might be wondering if he even knows what Mezcal is. After Darsce murmurs something to him, the 'tender heads for the bar to make those drinks, the pleasant rattle-clink of bottles, whir of blender, musical tinkle of ice in glass permeates the place and they can smell dinner cooking in the back room. "Drinks and dinner are on the Weyr tonight," she chirps. Are they hungry? Stomachs empty? Those drinks will be ready before their meal arrives though. Perfect! Darsce wanders over to an unoccupied table and hops up to sit on the edge, her slim legs clad in light cotton trous, high-heeled feet crossed at the ankles. Then she'll answer M'kal's question and drop a bombshell, "Tonight we'll be talking about mating flights."

Lurking tavern beasts. Got it. Soriana glances about to check for them, but she gets distracted by the urgent little whispers going back and forth between Mur'dah and M'kal. Not that she's trying to eavesdrop, she's just… failing to not. Still, she orders herself that spiked lemonade (but with the splash of cherry! Because that sounds tasty) when the bartender comes by, nodding about this being on the Weyr's tab. Which might mean Soriana gets to see the paperwork for it… but only after the fact, because otherwise she'd have known what was coming, and that's no fun. Apparently. Soriana's willing to give it a try sometime, though! Imagine, being warned of something doomful ahead of time. Like, say… mating fligh- wait. Uh. Is it too late to change her mind? She stares at Darsce.

More than content to keep the snippy side conversation going until he thinks he's closer to winning Mur'dah's approval, M'kal hisses. "Have you even talked to…." his words stop short though as something else sinks in. Oh yes, did she just say mating flights? M'kal flushes then pales then flushes again. Oh. /This/ talk. *gulp* Now he doesn't dare even /look/ at Idrissa or Mur'dah and his gaze returns to the menu. Something to drink…ned something to drink. In a hasty choice he simply orders whatever it is that Mur'dah gets. Comoderary and all that. Or however you spell that word. Indeed after that bombshell he'll be willing to drink. And eat compliments of the weyr.

Wait … they'll be talking about what? Ka'el pauses, brows furrowing slightly. "…With you?" Oh, the horror of the content will definitely sink in in a bit, but it's the presentation that's taking him aback now. His eyes flit to Darsce's knot again. Yup. AWLM. Buut.. "You don't have a lifemate. How would you know anything about what mating flights are like if you haven't…" Remember that 'horror will sink in in a bit' comment? Yeah. "A bit" has come and now it's sinking in. They're talking about … what? Mating…flights? He blinks once and gives his head a brisk little shake. Oh man. Are those drinks coming .. like now?

Mur'dah groans and sinks lower into his chair, covering his face with his hands. "This is worse than if Mom was giving the lesson," he murmurs. "See?" he says to Ka'el, "See? It's /not/ good to be related to half the sharding weyr."

Idrissa is off in lala land, and perhaps still looking over that menu that is before her. Though there is a pause in her reading and she looks up curiouisly to Darsce, watching and waiting to see if perhaps this is a joke.. Yes she is /waiting/ for someone to go HAHA, just kidding! She blinks once, then again and just to make sure there is a third one as she sinks down in her chair a bit and ehs softly. Check please..

Blithe in the face of the aghast expressions turned her way, Darsce just smiles. She smiles back at Soriana's stare, grins at Idrissa, then her blue gaze dances over the rest of them. Isn't this going to be fun? Her brother gets The Talk from his sister but hey - it beats hearing it from his mother, right? Talk about awkward! That'd be it, right there. "Mother a goldrider, father a bluerider," she says flippantly to answer Ka'el and then smirks at the bronze Weyrling. "You haven't either, yet," she points out practically. Those drinks are coming! The 'tender is just rounding the bar with a tray of them. He plunks two in front of Mur'dah and M'kal, the amber liquid in each bearing a segmented larve magnified nicely by the thick cut of the glass. Drink up? Ka'el's, short wide glass and Idrissa's, tall and tinkling with ice are is also amber, but theirs have no worm-like critters floating in the bottoms of them. Soriana's is pink and frosty with a wedge of lemon and a fresh cherry speared atop it gracing the rim. Darsce's is likewise pink, some sort of fru fru concoction. And so, with the group fortified, she begins. "Your babies are all grown up now, big boys and girls and they're going to do what dragons do: they'll want to mate. You can't stop them and so you'll need to be able to help them do it… safely." It's a Safe Sex lesson, that's what it is!

Soriana nods absent thanks to the bartender, and reaches for her drink. Time to… take a very small sip? Yeah. Some conversations she'd rather be drunk for. This one, she'd rather be sober for. It'll make it easier to know which parts she has to repress. The actual anatomy and physiology? Not so bad. She's already read the dragonhealer books on the subject. It's more… okay, really, it's more that she's got an intrigued gold behind her eyes, listening in on the conversation. « Why would someone stop us? It looked fun. » Aaaand there. Soriana's ears turn the same color as her drink.

M'kal eyes his drink. Just Eyes it. Huh. Is that…perhaps it's better not to think about it. He takes a tentative drink and really has not much to say on this and he waits for the subject of Doom to comense.

Ka'el glances to Mur'dah. Aw. Poor Mur'dah. "Maybe not," he answers to him, though still looks … unconvinced as his attention turns back to Darsce. "My ma's a grand cook and da's a farmer. Doesn't mean I know a sh- … much about the inner works've either," he answers, not as flippantly, yet still skeptical. His drink, now set before him, is noted yet not taken yet. Is he going to be That Guy? That guy during sex ed that won't shut up and let the teacher teach? Maybe it's his way of coping! Maybe he has legitimate wonderings that he needs soothed before he can pay attention and truly appreciate the knowledge that she has. What are your credentials!

"'th hell is this," is Mur'dah's muttered comment as he lifts the glass to stare at the larve in it. He's about to holler something to the bartender when he notices M'kal has the same thing. "'supposed to be like this??" He's not drinking it. He'll face this thing sober, staring almost defiantly at Darsce. C'mon. Teach me something.

Idrissa peers at her drink curious like a few moments, pondering it seem before a faint eh esacpes her. Might as well try it. So her fingers slip around the glass and she lifts it up, a slight sniffsniff caught before she takes a sip from it. Well, not to bad, rather sweet drink actually. Is there booze even in this? Her bright green gaze flicks back to Darsce at the explanation on the dragons and she merely takes in a soft breath. Oh well, talk then if you really must, not like they could avoid this, right?

Darsce shrugs nonchalantly at Ka'el. "It's different with riders. Not much is private when it comes to flights. You'll see." She waves it away with an airy handflip. "Greens may rise every few months. Golds anywhere from two to three turns. They'll come into heat and when they do they will begin to glow. The males… will want to chase." She sips from her glass, savors the taste and adds bluntly, for Darsce never beats around the bush, "Their lust will affect you too. Your link is the strongest when your dragon rises to mate. It will overpower you if you allow it to. You'll find the rider… irresistible. HOT. And you'll want to do… them." Short, simple and to the point? That's Darsce for you. No blushing here! "They will go to the feeding grounds and make their kill," her eyes flick first to Idrissa and the other riders of females, then to Soriana where they linger. "Do NOT allow them to eat meat. It makes them too heavy to fly high enough for a safe flight. Whichever male dragon is fast or agile enough and strong enough to last will catch her. And then they'll fall while they twine tails to mate. So they had better be waaay up there." Then her eyes drop to her brother. "Da drinks whiskey," she notes. Perhaps a suggestion?

In her quest to explain things to Luraoth, Soriana's gaze drifts away and settles on Mur'dah's glass of… bug. Okay, larva. Whatever it is. "…what, did you miss the swamp that much?" Because seriously. Yellowish liquid with a worm in it? Looks like a swampwater special to her! Then she gives her head a little shake, trying to get back on topic. Oh, topic. It's so… topic. Yeah. She glances to Ka'el, trying to catch his eye to give a tilt of her head toward Darsce (AWLM knot and all) and a shrug. Qualified or not can be discussed later. For now… she's going to listen. So she lifts her gaze to Darsce once again, and as she does so, she reaches for her drink to have another small sip. It is tasty. Another time, she'd savor it, but for now, it gets to languish on the table once again as she listens. It's the same basic story as from those anatomy textbooks, just being told from a different perspective, and Soriana nods a few times, her gaze steady now as she hears vaguely familiar facts given new (and more personal) context.

Ka'el's eyes find the ceiling briefly before he sits back in his chair, faintly slumped in a posture far too relaxed for a class. And a class of this subject matter, at that! But perhaps a class that encourages drinking isn't one that merits the utmost of poise, and thus his attention drifts, eyeing Mur'dah's bug drink. If what he needs to know can be gained from word of mouth of non-riders, he considers himself educated. Fingers touch the cold edge of his glass before lifting it, briefly catching Soriana's eyes. His return shrug is dismissal, nearly imperceptible, and (can it be???)…careless before he takes a slow drink from his glass. Say it ain't so! Could Ka'el be acting like a *gasp* arrogant bronze rider? Must be Kanekith's fault. Must be. At least he's not talking anymore.

Mur'dah is listening, promise, but he looks up when Darsce makes her comment about their father. "I don't want to drink what Da drinks," he says firmly. And then he pushes his drink away a bit more, frowning at it thoughtfully. He does look up at Soriana though, and he actually laughs at her little joke. He has no answer for her, but he does laugh.

Idrissa would rather rest this out of a textbook at the moment, books she can handle and no worry about blushing on top of that. She lets her gaze settle on Darsce, listening in on the bit about greens, check one.. Then there is talk of how they are to not allow them to eat, check two. Tarhyth is somewhere snorting at that idea, the green does enjoy a meal. Rissa does not comment a slight nod is about the only thing she can manage to offer up. It is now that she notices Mur'dah drink and she blinks whlie eyeing it a moment. "There's a bug in your drink.." Yes she is captain obvious..

Darsce doesn't blame Mur'dah. Whiskey tastes nasty but that's not why. Her da…. might as well be gone *Between* thanks to whiskey. Her veneer of flippant sophistication nearly cracks at his decision but she manages to keep it together. Her eyes narrow, bringing the lashes together to hide behind and she continues, appearing matter-of-fact. "So yeah, the two riders of the dragons mating in the sky will wind up doing the same. It might be rough. So you're encouraged not to leave your first flight for your first-ever… time." She is not a prude. But despite her best attempt to seem worldly-wise, she is not a slut. So her words are more carefully chosen than they'll know. "Guys might end up with another guy. Girls with another girl. You might end up with someone you can't stomach. You might be able to discourage your male dragon once in awhile, but you can't do that to him all the time. Females, well, they go up. Every time." And now is when dinner chooses to arrive, isn't THAT nice? Who feels like eating? It's some fancy type of puff pastry with succulent beef, mushrooms and sauce, tender-cooked greens and a fluffed, then crisped brown mound of whiteroot. "Any questions?" asks their instructor.

Well, whether Ka'el's paying attention or not, Soriana isn't going to pester him about it. She's got a lesson to listen to. …okay. Lesson-listening aside, she can't help but smile as she hears Idrissa's comment on Mur'dah's drink, because yes, yes there is. Still. She glances to him briefly, then back to Darsce. Lesson-time is now time. From the physiological aspects of dragons, to… the personal aspects. Her lips tug slightly to the side, an expression not really a smile but maybe vaguely related to one, and she nods. Her eyes leave Darsce, drifting to - no, past Ka'el, and settling on Idrissa for a moment before lowering to the table. That quirk of her lips is a frown, now. A thoughtful one, and then… food arrives! Yay food? "…thanks," she says the server, and looks at her plate before looking up to Darsce again and shaking her head. Nope. None from her.

Questions? Ka'el has tons! None of which go voiced, though that may be due to the fact that his mouth is busy with the rim of his short glass. Sipping. Nursing. Savoring. Whatever. Eyes have settled somewhere away from everyone else, watching the bottles and bottles of alcohol and ale as fire or glow or whatever light bounces from their glossy surfaces. He snorts a little at a point, a snicker that doesn't quite make it as one. Obviously he hasn't gone deaf. Whether or not he wants to, Darsce's words are heard even if they are not acknowledged. The same is done with the food, despite the fact that the last feeding his stomach had was lunch hours upon hours ago.

Mur'dah glances at Idrissa and nods. "It does. I won't order it again." He peers at Darsce, brown eyes flickering for a moment with emotion, and then he scoots back away from the table, rising and walking to the bar. Where he gets himself a glass of water and returns, sipping it almost defiantly as he continues to listen. And now he's blushing. "So, uh. If…say you've got a male dragon and you haven't ever…then you should…go find someone?" Volunteers?

Idrissa is eyeing that wormy drink a few moments pondering it seem, and oh she has something else to say before her gaze flicks to Darsce an she looks a fair bit pale. Wait.. what?.. That idea never crossed her mind before. She sinks down a bit more if able in her seat and frowns a moment while watching the table. Hey look someone scratched there name into it here. Pickpick.. now there is food and she just looks at it. Someone is not hungry, and she sips at her drink. Yeah drinks! Questions? Nope not coming at the moment, though she is blushing.

M'kal can't help but pale a bit as Darsce jumps right into the discussion. *gulp* Um…yeah. Oh look food. He forgoes his drink now for eating the puff pastry with the beef and mushrooms and sauce. There's actually a few questions that flicker in his mind as well but he's way too chicken to voice them just yet.

Darsce, flickers a look at her brother's back as he strides to the bar. Is that… the glitter of unshed tears or a speculative sparkle? Her face is an alabaster mask now, so it's hard to tell. Lashes lower and she goes on to clarify, "Or… if you've got a female dragon. You just… Should not wait. Find someone you trust and like." Is she thanking Faranth she's not a rider? Most likely. Given the green light there ought to be scraping of chairs and the sounds of feet running to find someone, right? The brash Iernian finds some spirit to help smooth over their awkwardness. She tosses her head, the movement throwing her blonde hair back over her shoulder, "I put cards beside your plates with some… pickup lines to help you. If… y'know, you need them." Her smirk is a slightly wicked one, "Not that they worked on me, but they're the best I've heard from back home." And they all know what a swingin' place Ierne can be, right? "So now I'll go over what happens when things go wrong in flights and what happens when your dragon loses." She takes a breath and peeks at them. The hard part is over now, right?

Soriana glances over to Mur'dah at the question - briefly - and then back to her plate by way of Idrissa. Food, yes. It's certainly food. She reaches for her fork and uses it to cut off a corner of the pastry-thing. The clink of metal against plate sounds remarkably loud when it's the only one, and she frowns slightly, letting it rest for a moment until M'kal starts eating. There. Now she's not the only one. Soriana takes a small bite, chewing it carefully. Her gaze lifts again, resting on Ka'el for a moment, then drifting to Darsce at the talk of pickup lines. She sets down her fork and picks up the card. What sort of… okay, that one's funny. Not that numbweed actually works that way, but it's still funny enough to make her smirk. And- oh. Lesson's not over. Sori sets the card down again as she leans back in her chair and looks to Darsce, her expression serious once again.

"I do have a question," Ka'el says abruptly, his glass thunking back down on the tabletop. "What does it feel like when a bronze notices a female dragon that's glowing? Or a brown, or a blue?" he says, including the others as well with a sweep of his eyes to his blushing male comrades. "I mean," he lifts his hand, making a pulsing gesture to his temples. "How do you know? It's got to be more than salivatin' at the mouth or feelin' a stir in your crotch, right? That happens… shards, that can happen when any good lookin' girl wearin' less than than what they need walks by. So. In my head, what'll be happening? How will I know it's him an' not me? What advice do you have for me to help me know what to do an' what part of him to pull on if I don't him to catch a random person's bronze?" Because, you know, he's going to have a heart to heart with Kanekith about greens. They're so beneath him! Why go for them when golds are so much more grand? .. Anything to keep him from catching a green with a male rider. Or … Faranth forbid.. Isobeth. O.o;; Eyes flit to those cards, and he snorts. "Right. Uh .. 'nother question," he lifts a hand unnecessarily. "How can you possibly tell us anything useful about anything goin' wrong in a flight? How many flights have you had?"

Mur'dah sips his water and then reaches out to lift the pick up line card - 'Are you an interior decorator? 'Cause when I saw you, the room became beautiful.' Really? He couldn't use that one in his weyr… He frowns a bit, but tucks the card into his breast pocket. Just in case. Then he starts to eat - or pick at his food, by the teen's standards, since he's not inhaling it. He does glance at his clutchmates though, eyes going to M'kal first, and then frowning deeply. Noooo. BAD mental image. He /has/ to talk to Marel. Then to Sori and Ka'el. No brainer, there. Then to Idrissa, where his gaze lingers thoughtfully for a brief moment before returning to Darsce. And then to Ka'el, and as the bronzeling begins to speak, Mur'dah starts to nod. Until the last bit, when he frowns. "No need to be insulting," he mutters. "Maybe after this you can go talk to some of the other bronzeriders, maybe? I'm sure lots of them can elaborate on stuff…I think this is just the basics…" Flights 101.

M'kal can't really tell if it's worse on him that he rides a male dragon or not. Would female be better? They do win all the time after all but…huh. He considers this in his head for several moments before pulling his attention out of his own thoughts and towards the others…oh hey look, Ka'el asked a question first! he dares not even look at the pickup lines yet. Nope. Instead he shoots a shy look to Idrissa and then away just as quickly as if to hide the fact he looked her way. He's not yet brave enough ( i.e. he's not finished his drink yet) to ask his own question yet.

Idrissa doesn't like this lesson, can we go back to the numbweed one? She's much rather deal with a drooling Tahryth then well this. Her for the rest, well she doesn't look at them, her mind off wandering on things that have been brought up. At the bit on the card she sends a glance towards it, for a few long moments she just looks at it before picking it up and eyes it. Because really she may need help in that area, just a bit. She's quiet still, listening in on the others while she eyes her card before sending a glance towards Ka'el and just watches him a moment. "She's trying Ka'el.. Being helpful and telling us stuff.." Stuff she would rather not hear, stuff she would rather not think about but she doesn't have a choice they all have to deal with it at some point.

"Sometimes the dragons will scrabble and bump each other in flight and so you'll need to check them over for scratches, bruises and wrenched wings after the flight. Things can get VERY rough, don't ever let anyone tell you that flights aren't dangerous. A wing injury high in the skies can be fatal. And though greens are not territorial, the golds are and may fight over the bronzes, so-" her eyes flash to Soriana, "you'll need to vacate the weyr when one of the others begins to glow." She gathers her thoughts and mentally ticks off in her head… oh! "Your dragon may take it hard if he loses-" Ka'el's first question - and his rambling afterthoughts interrupt her and for a moment she levels a long, cool look at him. She answers him in one word, "Obsession." Duh? "In any case, it'll take awhile for his unsatisfied lust to wane. You'll be feelin' it too, so if you've a willing partner, that helps. Or drink enough." Her hand gestures to the bar and then she points out the window towards the lake. "Or jump in and swim it off-" The rest of Ka'el's rather belligerent questions get thrown at her and she just stares at him. All of her brash flippancy drains along with the color from her face. "Eight on my mother's side and enough on my da's side to wreck their relationship," she whispers after a long silence. She'll pretend she didn't say that, chin lifting immediately she says curtly, "Class dismissed. Feel free to finish your dinner." And then she hops down, pulls the AWLM knot from her shoulder, drops it beside her unfinished drink and strides out without looking back.

Soriana nods to Darsce, and adds for the benefit of the class, "I've had to do stitches after flights. A little closer to the wings, and there'd have been keening." Her gaze sweeps the others, then returns to Darsce as she nods. Golds are territorial, yes. She knew that, but… now she's going to have to think about it. As an actual thing. Ka'el's protests draws her gaze, and she frowns. "And while you're at it, only go to healers who've had broken bones when you need one set." Her tone's a little sharp (it's like this conversation is awkward or something), and then she gives her head a shake. Nooo, that's not what she meant… well, yes it is, but. At least this way Ka'el won't have to picture his lesson-giver as someone whose dragon he might possibly catch some day? Or… nope. There's the frown back again as her gaze goes to Darsce briefly and then away, settling that frown on Ka'el. Yeah. She means it.

"Basics," echoes Ka'el, gesturing to Mur'dah with his drink, straightening a little. "Exactly right. The basics. Tellin' us stuff," he says, purposefully using Idrissa's words, "that isn't news to anyone. How much've this was anything that you already didn't know? That we haven't already heard or gathered just from livin' in the weyr proper? Is this what we're here for? The basics? We're at the tail end've our weyrling training, and you're content with basic?" A scoff, and he slouches back in his seat again, eyes again briefly glimpsing the ceiling. "It isn't insulting to demand what you deserve to have. I deserve to have someone whose actually gone through this prepare me. We all do. It's insulting" he flips over one of the pickup line cards, "to be given one've these as if this is all a joke." A fact-filled joke, in any case, as Darsce continues with her agenda of keeping them informed "of what they already know", per Ka'el. Ka'el, who goes back to looking disinterested and drinks his drink. Ka'el, whose gaze unfocuses momentarily as the inky shadow of Kanekith prowls through his thoughts. He's back again, drawn by Soriana's voice. "S'Different," he replies with a minor shrug, eyes shifting again to Darsce. Darsce, unknotted. Retreating. Uh oh, he knows what this means! Yup. Frowny faces, starting with a girlfriend. "What?"

Mur'dah listens closely while Darsce continues, but when she ends the lesson so abruptly the brownling frowns at Ka'el. FROWNY FACE. "Don't be such a jerk. You have an issue with this lesson, go talk to V'dim, don't take it out on Darsce. She's only doing what she was asked to do. Go talk to the bronzeriders." He then pushes quickly out of his seat, jogging after his sister. "Darsce, hold up!"

M'kal had a question that he was nearly ready to ask and and…Ka'el scared her off! M'kal shoots an unhappy look to the bronze riding weyrling. "Thanks a lot!" he hisses unhappily in his direction. Least they got free food and drinks out of this? Still though the frown continues to grace the expression of M'kal as he watches their teacher stride out. "Damn." he mutters as now Mur'dah is headed out. However he doesn't dare go after his friend. Not after how touchy he's been about a certain subject. No way! So instead he knocks back his drink in one gulp. WHOA! Burn baby burn. He splutters a cough with watering eyes.

Idrissa glances to Darsce and then over to Ka'el once more. "Not everyone is lucky as you Ka'el.. Maybe she thought some of this would be helpful?" You know to like her. The one that doesn't like to talk to people. "If it is insulting to you then deal with it, but don't bring it up like that." With the lesson over she eyes her food and shakes her head while standing to leave. "I'm going to go find Tahryth." Is murmured out to any who care and she'll slip off without a glance back.

Well, it's all in their textbooks too. In theory, they can speak with their mentors - or any dragonrider they're comfortable with. Everyone knows this. Just that discussions of Dating by Dragon, for lack of a better phrase, is awkward enough under the gimlet eye of V'dim and the AWLMs, so something a little more private and relaxed has been arranged for them because half of them are - or were - her friends and the others she's related to. By the time Mur'dah reaches the door, the darkness has swallowed Darsce. She isn't in her room either…

"Deserve?" Soriana keeps that frown as she looks at Ka'el. "Yes, let's talk about that. Let's talk about how weyrlings deserve to be informed about the basics instead of being left behind because they didn't happen to 'hear' something. Or maybe we should talk about how they deserve a chance to ask their questions?" Her brow arches, though she doesn't look away. "Or perhaps a talk about the respect people deserve? I don't remember, were you away the day we had our lessons on etiquette?" Hah. She totally remembers, but she puts the question on him regardless, because, uh, yeah. "So, please. Explain why what you deserve can't wait."

M'kal grimaces. He can't help it. Blergh. He may never drink again! his food eaten and the drink empty but for the thing in the bottom of the glass…he stands. "I thought the lesson was helpful too." he says meekly on the heels of Soriana's words. After all he's never really been exposed to the finer aspects of all of this. And he still had a question too darn it!

Ka'el just BARELY holds his tongue, keeping himself from saying an arrogant sounding "you're welcome" to M'kal. He too gets a minor shrug before he swirls the contents of his drink, watching the ice clink against one another and glass through the amber liquid. Mur'dah is ignored, as is Idrissa, as he fails to acknowledge either one of them other than a faint quirk of a single edge of his mouth at the mentioning of 'lucky'. Uuuh not at this moment, he isn't. Cuz Soriana is on his back (not literally, because he'd think that'd be amazing and this isn't). His eyes do lift to her though. "Respect? What has she done to earn respect? I'm baffled, really, about why she's even here. And that?" he gestures to the discarded knot. "Really? At best she's a guest lecturer for etiquette because and well-dressed priss can teach anyone how to hold a fork and look good. Grand. Awesome. She's credible at that, so I'll take it. Mating flights? That's for someone with a dragon with experience to teach us about. This is the only shot at weyrlinghood we're going to have. She may think it's fun an' games. She doesn't have a lifemate. She's not gonna be the one wakin' up to some stranger she just rolled around with." A glance to M'kal. "If she really serious, she wouldn't've run off. She would've shut me up and kept on, if it was so important."

"She's a person." There. Done. Simple. Soriana has just explained why Darsce deserves respect, and she did it in only three words. She sits up straight, gaze steady on Ka'el. Not glaring, just… watching him. Her lips flatten from a frown to a straight line. "It doesn't matter if every single word out of her mouth is wrong, she deserves respect. If you don't want to believe her, fine. If you don't trust what she says? Fine. You can ask someone else. You can read your textbook. You can walk out." She flicks a hand to the door. "What she said wasn't wrong - as, apparently, you know -" another arch of brow "- but that's not the point. If you're concerned, ask V'dim for another lesson. Don't act like you're being wronged just because you had to sit through a dinner conversation you don't agree with."

M'kal is still standing but seems unable (unwilling) to leave yet though certainly he can offer no better argument than Soriana so he doesn't even try!

"Really? That's it? Not every person deserves respect just because they're born. That's hardly an accomplishment. Life doesn't earn you anything but a guaranteed space in a grave." Ka'el's drink (oh, the expensive drink!) is beginning to be set down again, but on second thought, the half empty short glass is emptied in one smooth swing. Ah .. yeah. Worth every mark. "You're right," he says, rising now, leaving his plate of delicious food untouched. "I can just walk out." Take a walk. Which he does, or at least begins to after tipping an imaginary hat to the two of them and turning around to stride towards the coolness of a spring night. But he only gets some handful of yards before laughing, the sound lacking mirth, and turns, combing the fingers of a hand through his hair. A stressed move. "You know, you really have nothing to worry about. You're exactly how you hope to be seen. Thea'll be proud." Take a walk, Ka'el. He grimaces. Was that Kanekith? He turns now, for what'd better be a final time, and strides out.

M'kal boggles a bit after Ka'el's words. "Seriously…." he mutters in surprise. "If that's what Impressing a bronze turns you into then by the first egg I'm glad Xeosoth is blue!"

"Is. That. So." Soriana leans back in her chair. "Your opinion is noted. I'll be sure to give it all the respect it deserves." Her lips curve slightly, but it's not really a smile. "I'll even use my standards, not yours." So Ka'el's going to leave? Let him. She gives him a slight nod, and leans back in her chair. The not-a-smile is gone again. Well, that was… oh. He's not leaving. Her brow arches as he turns back. Yes? The brow settles down, and so do the lips, curving in a frown. Thea? "She can think whatever she wants. I don't claim to know." The frown deepens for a moment, and then she shakes it off. "Did you have something else to say?" There's an arch of her brow, waiting for that something else… or for him to leave. Her gaze remains on Ka'el even as M'kal speaks, though the bluerider's words make her lips twitch to the side. Not a smile, really. Not a frown, either. It's too tangled up to be either.

The door swings, and Ka'el is gone! But not off the face of Pern. Don't get your hopes up, people!

M'kal is snarly now. A rare side to him. "Fardles!" he hollers to the door as it swings closed.

As the door swings shut, Soriana's posture slumps a little. She lets out a breath, as if that was the only thing keeping her upright, and her face falls down into… wait. M'kal's voice makes her remember to breathe in again, and her lips pause at a sort of halfway point as she looks over to him. "…if… you had questions," since the bluerider did say the lesson was useful… "I did study dragonhealing." It's related.

M'kal turns bright green eyes that flash with anger, annoyance and…perhaps a trace of confusion. "The only question I have right now is why is your boyfriend such an ass." he is still standing and seems unsure if he should sit or storm out too.

Soriana shakes her head to M'kal. "Shards if I know." There's frustration in her voice, and she picks up her glass to drain it before rising to her feet and taking her fancy dinner over to the bar. No point wasting food, which is why she scrapes it into a box before turning back. "I'll see you later." And… she leaves. Hopefully that was enough time that she won't run into Ka'el, because… she doesn't want to, right now.

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