New Sleeping Arrangement

Xanadu Weyr - Forest

In sharp contrast to the treeless, carefully manicured look of the main clearing, the forest is full of trees, and maintains most of its natural look. Wild flowers grow in their seasons, bordering the road leading from the main clearing as weaves its way between the stands of trees - wide enough for traffic of all types, even draconic. Leading off are several smaller, less worn trails, which branch outwards, making their way to private residences and other attractions - the theater for example. The road, though, continues on eastward, to the feeding grounds and the mine, and beyond that, to the coastal road out of Xanadu's territory.

Amongst the normal weyrs scattered amongst the trees, there is one that is undergoing construction. A large, four-sided structure is protruding, supported by thick wood beams, bearing a ledge, and four large clock faces. It towers over the trees, creating quite a sight for arriving riders.

A late night, night after a hatching actually. A hatching, and a funny occurence in the candidate barracks. Funny, only because Senkyou and Dulacth have long, long, escaped the rigors of candidacy. The pair is actually soon to be wrecking into the rigors of old age, tonight, Senkyou, 13 turn old serenity, 7 turn old Leterou, 4 turn old Zalyu and the nearly 2 turn old Zoniya, the eldest resembling Senk, the second with darker hair, third almost an exact match of a certain overtly horny bronzerider, and the fourth and youngest very out of place with curly blonde hair and striking blue eyes. All four are outside on the clear, starless night, oiling on a freshly cleaned Dulacth. The brown holds still, head raised up, as the two older children work and the younger two toddle through the clearing.

Having snuck out from the barracks and wandered out into the darkness accompanies the night, Keziah finds herself walking down the path into the forest. She's got such a look on her face, that if she were a feline, her tail would be twitching. She's looking around, at bushes, up the trees, as if looking for something. From a distance, she looks as if she's bad shoulder, but as she draws nearer, one can tell it's a blanket tossed over it instead. As she approaches the clearing she stops at the sounds of people and looks a little unsure and ready to duck into hiding.

The looks on people faces matter little, when you have to crane your neck to see them. Zalyu spots Keziah, and runs up, "Hiii!" He says, waving to her, "Is it your bed time too?" Asking, just as Senk snaps up from her work "Zaly, come back here.. oh.." Looking over Keziah she tilts her head, "Well you gotta long face on yu, I guess yu've seen yur lack of bed." waving her over, even as the wingleader scrubs some oil on a patch on Dulacths chest, rubbing like she is polishing wood, running her finger, at this point she is a proffesional, her eyes taking in the hide and watching her two kids work on little spots. "Yu wanna help? It's therapuatic." She jokes, holding up a rag

Keziah just snorts a bit at the lack of bed bit, but she can't help but quirk just a little bit of a smile for the little girl, after all, she's not much older than Mirai. "Hello." she murmurs to Zalyu and then she's eyes Senkyou and Dulacth. She hehs a bit "Therapuatic? That's a new one." she remarks and then shrugs as she tosses the blanket off to one side and takes up the rag. Why worry about sleeping when you can stay up most the night. Sounds like a plan. "Yeah, no beds, not exactly what I was especting to come back to after helping birth some more lambs."

Senk turns around from her work, leaning against the brown and saying "Yes, therapuatic, yu get somethin' to take yur mind of anything, it ain't hard or complicated. Also doin' some good." Sighing at the kids she touches Serenity on the back, "Nitty, your and Rou can go to yur foster ma, takin' Zal with yu too." The eldest child gather Zalyu, and leterou, leaving Senk with Zoniya. "Well, serves some of um right, they'ze more trouble than there worth.. all excited. Not doin' there chores." Dulacth stands, stretching up, and Senkyou looks down at Zoniya, then at Keziah, "But, you'd been workin', ain't fair for yu at all." Hmming for a moment she offers, "If'n you'd like to, yu can sleep in my weyr, I got a bed free an' only got little Zoniya." Dulacth rumbles, snuffling at Keziah, "Oh, and Dulacth of course." Reaching up she doesn't even have to look to find his head, after so long the pair seem to work more as one.

Keziah gets a little shiver at the snuffling "That tickles." she murmurs, almost seeming as if she's trying not to smile, but then she just does. She looks up at the brown standing there and then starts working the oil into his hide, keeping an eye for really dry spots. "He wouldn't sharin your'alls space?" she asks after a moment, glancing over towars Senky and Zoniya "I'd not mind the little'un. Used to it with Mirai and all." She notes as she watches the pair. Dragon and rider "I'd really be grateful though, I's not fancying sleepin on the stone, better off on forest floor or even the pens."

Dulacth moves into the weyr, pushing the door open with his nose, a gentle tap moves the large door. Making sure the little girl is secure in her arms, running her hands through the blonde curls. "He doesn't mind sharing, it was his idea." Pointing to the brown, a moment after he's gone inside and a large 'thump' telling everyone he's made himself comfortable on his couch. "Well good yu don't mind Zoniya, cuz she doesn't make much noise at night." Peering inside, she grabs the bucket of oil and the few rags, the older wingleader moves quickly and with very little wasted movement, walking inside, "Well come on in, we've got space since.. well we've got space."

Keziah stands there but a moment and then she's following them on in. Or well she does after she pauses to snatch up her blanket from the ground. No sense in it getting filthy and forgotten. "My thanks to both you and Dulacth." she murmurs as she steps on into the weyr, her eyes glancing around curiously "Sleeps good does she?" she asks and smiles "You ever watch her sleepin?" she asks curiously "I still do with Mirai."

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