Looking East

Eastern Weyr - The Lunar Shoal Pier
The Lunar Shoal Pier is built on exactly that, a long, heavily-shored pier built out into the ocean. The structure is long and narrow, with two stories - the bottom a bar in the far back and a social center towards the front, where the people of the Weyr can come and relax in comfort. The walls are all a richly dark redwood, from ceiling to floor, with multi-colored paper and silk lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Low-slung couches are set up around communal tables, and several gaming tables are surrounded only by cushions of rich, plush design. A closed off staircase leads to the upper floor, which is designed strictly for an adult audiences. Upstairs is another bar with particularly strong, homebrewed beverages, as well as a dance stage with various props and poles with which to dance upon. Sturdy furniture is set here, many carved drunkenly with folks names, and others yet slightly rude imagry. On the wall behind the bar, a pair of beat up old goggles sit, painted in awful, garish colors and decorated with all sorts of baubles. A bit of driftwood hangs above them, with the words 'Proddy Goggles' scratched with a bit of black charcoal.

It's evening at Eastern and that means the Lunar Shoal is packed to the brim with off-duty riders. Residents of all sorts crowd the couches and the bar area itself, which means there's all sorts of noise that could end in a headache. Miyan isn't normally one to join in with this crowd, but for some reason or another the greenie has claimed a couch for herself. Perhaps she's waiting for someone because the drink on the table has hardly been touched. There's a knot on her shoulder that marks her to be Phantasm's wingleader…but her outfit is casual. It might be a bit chilly outside, but it seems that Rhieyeth has managed to wrestle Miyan into a modest blue sundress.

In the skies above Eastern, an unfamiliar bronze flies an almost playful sort of pattern, scooping the air and molding it beneath his wings as he alternates between flying high and dipping low in slowly spiraling dives before arching upwards again. His rider lets him .. play, if that's what he's doing. And while Kanekith does that, Ka'el explores in a way that a person unfamiliar with Eastern shores might do. And so it's perhaps not too surprising that he's drawn towards the sights and sounds of activity and finds himself here. Everyone seems to be here! And there's drink and entertainment, which he eyes with a faint grin as he moves to secure himself a mug of something frothy before continuing the adventure of finding an unoccupied spot. Nope, not there. Not here. There's a firelizard on that seat. Oh, there's a table with a comfortable couch! He weaves his way towards it, only to find that it's occupied. Maybe. He eyes the woman in the dress, then the drink at the table. "Is this seat taken?" he asks, looking to her. He himself is dressed in a nicely casual way. Denim-looking trousers with a short sleeved dark gray shirt upon it. His Weyrleader's knot is present, yet possibly not the most important part of his attire (in his opinion!)

Rhieyeth is as much of a flirt as her rider isn't, so when the milky green dragon spies an unfamiliar form in the skies she sends out a croon in greeting. Though she isn't excited enough to jump straight into the air as of yet, the bronze certainly gets her attention. Just as Ka'el gets Miyan's, though that's for vastly different reasons. "Eastern's duties, Weyrleader." Immediately the greenie is on her feet and throwing the rider a salute. Apparently this one likes to actually go through with formalities, though she'll relax later on. The question about the seat earns a slight shake of the head before Miyan motions to it with one hand. "No, feel free to take it…might be the only open spot in the entire place to be perfectly honest." For now perhaps, she's given up on whoever she was waiting for.

Oh, who's that over there. A new Weyr means new dragons, and Kanekith, while not always the friendly sort, has found himself in a pleasant mood. Faranth only knows how long that will last! And thus, Rhieyeth's croon is answered with a rumble of his own. Smooth thunder, rolling in from a distance. Not the threatening crash and boom, but the subtle lull (before the storm?). That is his voice, his greeting, to the green below as he soars above, chasing moonlight. Ka'el smirks, more so at his lifemate than Miyan, who in fact earns a more genuine looking smile. "And Xanadu's to Eastern and her Queens," he offers in return. He knows the formalities too, even with a drink in his hand. He bobs his head to her, then takes the free seat once it's offered, giving her a grateful look. "You're telling me," he says, eyes gently widening as they turn from her to the overly-crowded place. "Is it always like this on any given night? Or is Eastern celebrating a Gather of sorts this evenin'?"

The soft jingle of bells brushes at the edge of Kanekith's mind, accompanied by the gentle beat of a low-pitched drum. The sound gradually crescendos, providing a soft accompaniment to the storm's lull. Her tail flicks down below as almost completely opaque eyes move skywards. Blind she is not, but it may look that way to those who don't know her. "This is one of the busier days…I'm not really sure /why/ everyone's decided to come here tonight." Though Miyan is reserved in her manner, she doesn't hold back a smile. The expression is offered freely to Ka'el before she drops back down onto her sofa. "The noise gets to me after a bit…but it's nice to see everyone having a bit of fun." A large brown rider in particular is pointed, "Take him for example. He's likely the most stoic in my wing…but even he's cracking a smile." And she sounds so proud that he is!

It's an intriguing sound, that drum. The tempo of a heart. The rhythm of a quickening song. It interests Kanekith enough for the bronze to swoop back around, returning his flight path in her direction, the sound of thunder growing louder with his approach. « Will you fly? » It's a sudden roll of sound, the thrumming of thunder after a distant lightning strike. Ka'el considers the crowded area again as the woman speaks of her theory, or lack thereof, on why it's so packed. He chuckles, nodding. "Clearly the masses of Eastern Weyr wanted to give a proper hello, in mass form of course, to a Xanadu visitor. I've heard that Eastern boasts of friendliness and welcome, but I hadn't any clue it went as far as this!" He sweeps his arm in grand gesture, then laughs in jest, following her gesture to the brownrider. He nods knowingly. "Just last season I considered hosting a winter festival for Xanadu. A small one, just for the fun've it. I think people underestimate the power of a smile and letting loose for a bit." And ..speaking of. "If I were still a Weyrling, V'dim would have my head! I'm Ka'el," he says in introduction. "Rider of bronze Kanekith, Weyrleader of Xanadu."

The curtains raise with the arrival of thunder and lightning, and Rhieyeth adds her own music to the mix. Her drum beats quicken, sounding in time with the crash of the bronze's mind. Now the shimmer of bells seems to have taken on a life and melody of it's own. But rather than a piece of music, it's almost like a dance of the mind. A swish to the right, soft steps growing louder with a leap. « Will you dance? » Her words sound almost like a laugh, but a moment later the milky green rises into the air. Elegance. "We're quite a welcome party, aren't we? A building filled with drunks and soon to be drunks." Miyan shakes her head, but the grin on her face betrays the fondness that might not be seen clearly in her words. "A winter festival sounds wonderful, maybe you could do something similar for summer?" Finally a name! Though…it seems like Miyan knows it already. "I'd thought as much, but I didn't want to be rude in case I had gotten it wrong. Well met." That sentiment sounds sincere and is even accompanied with another smile!

« As you have never before seen! » Is Kanekith's confident reply, her bells ringing in his mind, vibrating down to draconic toes. A dance indeed! Of wings and wind and dragon bodies that move so gracefully within. Hers, small. His own, large, yet his girth seems not to take from his grace. A lumbering bronze he is not, even if his size could make one assume so. Like his rider, he knows his way around a dancefloor, but unlike Ka'el, his motions are not restricted to wood paneling or tile. The sky's the limit! Literally. And now he has a partner to dance with through the skies of Eastern. "We've hosted a sand competition once, turns ago. People made all kinds of creations from sand! I…" he clears his throat, "had to admit that I was badly out've practice and didn't succeed in making much more than a sand…mound." A pause. "I very eloquent mound, mind you." Lips quirk before he pauses to take a swallow from his mug. "Whatever you might've called me in error probably would've been something I've been called before in the past. Ka'ek. Lake. Kai'el." He chuckles, and shrugs a shoulder lightly. "Granted, I get mistaken less often now but, I'm not so easily offended, no worries. But..what shall I call you? I don't have any guesses, unfortunately."

« For someone so large, you dance quite well! » Rhieyeth is certainly pleased, and it shows as the pace of her dance quickens. The drum beats seem to fall with only a second or two between them now, and the sweet sound of bells accentuates the thunder of his mind just so. Her paper-thin wings billow in the wind, allowing her to execute the finest of maneuvers just beside the bronze. She drops altitude suddenly, only to bring herself upwards to brush neck ridges against his talons and then speed away. Miyan herself can't help but laugh at Ka'el's description of a sand mound. "I can't say that I could do much better unless they were looking for a particularly sand-like vase. I'm sure it was the fairest sand mound in all the land!" There's a glimmer of amusement in her eyes, but she doesn't reach for her drink and instead just relaxes with the conversation. "Oh…I've forgotten to introduce myself, haven't I? Miyan, green Rhieyeth's." Quite a mouthful!

Compliments. They're fuel to Kanekith's fire, and he all but glows beneath the green's praise. « I rarely fly with one so small. The greens of my home are less elegant. » Less elegant perhaps, but no less fast. The beat of this tune is racing! Kanekith keeps up for a time, wings edged with corroded green keeping with the rhythm so far, his thunder now that of a storm flecked with flashes of lightning. It is a playful dance. Quick. Light. Flirtatious with the touch of claws to ridges which has him reaching out in return. But she is quick. Nimble! He follows, wings tucking to his side to dive after her, spreading again to row himself forward. This is tiring work! The rhythm is racing away from him as he begins to tire. (No wonder such real chases are left to the blues!) "A sand vase? Hmmm, now that's intriguing. That may be my next attempt if another competition is had this summer..and risk ending up with a sand cone instead, but what's life without a bit of risk?" Another light grin and at her introduction he dips his head. "Well met, Miyan. ..Rhy…Rheeyeth?" He makes a slight face, knowing that he's probably botched it. "Is she possibly the one that mine felt fit to race with?"

« Perhaps you should try it more often…we're no less fun for being small. » Rhieyeth's mind continues to race with the sounds of bells and the beat of drums. The faint scent of melon begins to mix its way into the fresh storm, and the green's dance with her partner continues. She darts two and fro with just the slightest flick of her wingtips, allowing for an occasional brush against the bronze's hide. She slows her pace to match his, but it seems that Rhieyeth's own destination is for the sands of the beach below. "Glasscrafter…it's where I get the ability to mold vases and such. Clay's much easier to work with than sound." Miyan laughs again and shakes her head, "I think I'll let you take any risks that go beyond sand cones." As for the dragons. "Just Rhie is fine…and if he's the bronze entertaining her in the skies today, then yes." Not that she seems in any hurry to leave. No, the greenie will be here for a while longer and talk with Ka'el until either one of them has to leave!

Kanekith's reply is a laugh of amused reply. A bow raked across the strings of a violin, a stark contrast to darker rumble that are his thoughts. And it's a fitting addition, the playful notes of a stringed instrument, to help balance the heaviness of the rumble and beating drums. Bells ring and violins sing, together creating a melody for the two of them. He appreciates the slowed tempo of her flight even if it isn't voiced, for he's able to keep up with her without straining himself, and hence the adventure continues to be enjoyable. Wings to hide. He'll keep up with her to the beach and the sands, to land and linger in her company. Ka'el continues to learn more about this greenrider. This glasscrafter. "Oh, you might like to visit Xanadu sometime. I can't claim to know much…of anything about glasscrafting, but our workshops have a glass area, which I hear is very modern. And," a chuckle interrupts, "your green must have a charm about her. Kanekith rarely pays them any attention at all. Even his own clutchmates he'll bypass with barely a hello." His head is given a little shake, find regardless of the topic. He's happy to stay her and chat with her amongst the crowd of people, until he and Kanekith must bid Eastern adieu and head for the shores of home.

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