Spring Greening

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Most people might not go swimming in the lake during spring, it is a bit cool out with the breezing kicking up at times to make someone think twice about such things. Everyone save Idrissa it would seem. At the moment she's sitting down next to the lake with a towel pulled around her shoulders, hair dripping wet to prove that yes she did go out for a quick swim in the cool waters. Though she firmly blames Tahryth whom can still be found in the lake enjoying the cool waves with her head half dunked under and jaws open to try and snag a fish that may swim too close. "Crazy dragon.." Rissa murmurs softly, tone fully amused as she watches while her thoughts wander.

It may not be too cool for some of the Xanaduians, but for Zi'on… well he's used to Western's weather. So it's quite cool out for him to be swimming. But at least it wasn't snowing, right? What is Zi'on doing in Xanadu? Who knows! Maybe he's looking for Kiena. Or maybe he's looking for a certain greenrider… Either way, Zi'on is taking a walk and heading towards the lake. Suldith is circling overhead, keeping an eye on things for the time being. The bronzer, too, seems to be letting this thoughts wander, and he just about wanders on by Idrissa. Yes, he is the rider with the grumpy bronze.

Tahryth snaps her jaws down and just misses another fish, so much for that snack. The green lifts her head and gives it a shake sending water flying around her before catching some movement from above and tilts her head. A bugle escapes the young dragon, a greeting to the bronze above. Idrissa is pulled from her thoughts at that greeting and tilts her head glancing one way and then another. It takes a moment before she catches sight of Zi'on and she curiously watches pondering if she should say anything. "Hello Zi'on.." Is soon heard as she calls out to him, though she already wonders if she should have just let him go and keep up with his thoughts.

Suldith responds with his own bugle. Then he goes into a spiral dive, ending up right in the water with a nice splash. And maybe stirring up some fish. "Hm?" Zi'on wasn't even paying attention to his dragon, since he seems surprised when he's addressed. "Oh! Idrissa, hello! How are you? It's cold to be swimming, isn't it?" At least to him it is. "You must like the cold." First he finds her in the snow, now this? The bronzer heads back to take a seat next to Rissa. "I was hoping I might bump into you. How have you been?" He smiles to the greenrider.

Idrissa looks over at the splash from the bronze entering the water, well she wasn't expecting that. Either was Tahryth not that the green minds as she has slipped down under the water and is swimswiming towards where the bronze entered into the water. Rissa's attention is back on Zi'on though, a smile seen. "Yeah it's a bit cold. I don't suggest it. Tahryth wanted company though. At least for a few moments." She pulls the towel around her a bit more. "I don't mind it for a few moments, much rather is be summer for dips in the lake." A glance is sent to Zi'on once he is sitting next to her. "You were? I've been alright, what about yourself?"

Suldith surface and swims around, having triumphantly surprised rider and dragon. And when Tahryth gets close? He swims away. Ha ha! Zi'on chuckles. "Yeah. I don't think I want to go swimming. At least not for another month here. It's warm out at Western though. You can swim year-round there mostly." The benefits of a tropical weyr. The downside was the heat and humidity during the summer. The bronzer peels out of his jacket and offers it to the greenrider. "I've been good. Still not graduated? Anyways, I was hoping I could ask you something."

Idrissa chuckles and nods to the bit on swimming. "Not a bad idea really." At the offered jacket there is a ponder before she reaches out to take hold of it, a soft smile seen. "Thanks.. Well, not yet. We learned to between a sevenday ago." She pulls the towel off so not to get his jacket too wet before pulling it on, and yes she is wearing a bikini top, though this also means her scars are seeable. There is what looks like a bite at her right elbow and left shoulder, while claw marks rest across her right shoulder, other claw marks across her back. The scars look few turns old at most. "Sure, ask away." Doesn't mean she will answer it. She pulls that jacket around her a bit which does help with getting her warm at least. Tahryth surfaces and warbles as she looks around and is then swimming after Suldith, hey!

Zi'on can't help but take a look-see at Rissa. Hey, she's a cute girl! Rissa has scars? Well, Zi'on probably spots them. But for right now he doesn't embarrass her by inquiring. He has his own set of scars, one of them Rissa is already familiar with. The bronzer catches himself staring and clears his throat. "Oh. Right, well, I was wondering if maybe you might let me take you out to dinner or something. After you graduate maybe. Or sooner, if you're allowed." It's a pretty direct question, so it would be hard not to answer it. Zi'on's been wearing the jacket, so at least it's warm inside. Suldith will let the green get close, then will swim away from her. Catch him if you can!

Idrissa does indeed have scars, physical ones, and most likely some mental ones too. In the past she would be trying to hide them more, now she seems use to them. She lifts a hand to push some hair behind an ear as she waits for that question. As for him staring she didn't actually catch it or she might be blushing. Once that question is asked she glances to Zi'on curiously a few moments, watching him a moment before speaking. "Are… you asking me out?" As for the jacket it does indeed feel nice and warm at the moment, especially after that dip in the lake. Tarhyth isn't one to give up easily it seems. Another a breath is grabbed she is off diving down a bit and swimming after that bronze, she'll get him just wait and see!

Clearly Zi'on is not put off by her scars, since he's asking her out anyway. Once he asks the question, he watches her, awaiting her response. He grins to her then. "Maybe. If you say yes, sure I am. If not, then this conversation never happened." Of course he can't just get up and leave, since she's got his jacket on and all. So hopefully it doesn't go too badly. Suldith eventually surfaces and lets the green catch him. Hello! Of course he's too tuckered out for a second round right now. Instead he just paddles out to the shallower water to lay out.

Idrissa watches him still, wondering, pondering, thinking.. Yes all that in a few moments time. Though she soon smiles, must be good, right? "Well.. When you put it like that.. Yes." There is a pause though and she tilts her head. "..But.. Why are you asking me out?" Of course she would ask why. Tahryth circles around Suldith, warbling out, looky here she caught him! To the point that she bumps her nose into his neck. Tag.. or something.. With Suldith heading towards the shallow waters she follows after him, a few soft warbles escaping her as she goes.

It must be good, or maybe Rissa has a perverse pleasure in turning down would-be suitors. When she agrees, Zi'on smiles. "Good! We can discuss details later. Once you've graduated. Or are you allowed to date right now?" He blinks at her question. "I don't understand the question. Because I like you and want to take you out? I think you're a sweet girl, and I'd like to get to know you better, I suppose. Maybe I don't have a really good reason." Suldith warbles back to the green as he settles down in the shallows. Ah… relaxation in the cool water.

Idrissa is not use to such things, Ka'el was the only one to ever ask her out so she isn't good at turning down things she doesn't get asked. "I don't see why I can't date.. Mur'dah had a date the other night with some girl from the kitchens." If Mur'dah can date she can, right? "Sorry.. Just you're the second guy to ever ask me out." She blushes at him calling her sweet and lowers her head a touch. "Thanks.." Tahryth settles there within the cool waters next to Suldith, see the cold waters are nice to the dragons.

Well, now Zi'on has asked her out, too! So… that's two. "Well, alright then! We can go to dinner maybe. How about at Western? There's a place on the beach called the Tiki Lounge. And then maybe afterwards we can go for a walk on the beach maybe." If Rissa wasn't sick of him by then. "Really? You must not know very many guys, then." He chuckles, and reaches over to poke at her side a bit. "Don't be shy. Last time we talked you weren't shy." The waters were nice for dragons. They have nice thick hide for such cool water.

"Western?" Idrissa pauses at that thought, well the last time she was there he was sort of bleeding.. All over.. A slight glance is sent his way watching him. "Well.. Alright. I don't think it'll be a problem. I'll ask and let you know how's that?" She shakes her head slightly. "Not really. Just a few guys around here that I speak with at times." Speak with only mind you. At the poking she acks softly and swats and pokes back at his arm. "Ya well.. You weren't asking me out then either." Tahryth lets her shoulder lean in against the bronze that is next to her and eyes the waters around her as there are a few fish moving around. Snacks!

Zi'on might not invite her back if he had to go back to the infirmary after bleeding out again. "That's good. Suldith can give her the image if she needs it." He chuckles. "You weren't? I dunno. Maybe you just want to go out to dinner. Or are afraid of me or something." He slides over closer to her. "Hm. Well, I like to repair electronics. Swim. I distill my own booze sometimes. Not too often though. Past that I have to run a weyr. Also I try to visit my kids as often as I can." Suldith too is laying in wait. Then suddenly he snaps out, grabbing up a wiggling, flopping fish.

Idrissa would most likely not want to go back if that happened again. Let's face it two times in a row would just be fate going, 'hey stupid stop coming here'. There is a slight shake of her head seen. "I wouldn't just do that. Be sort of silly now wouldn't it?" She pauses and glances to him. "Well, I was for a while there. Thought you would be mad and blame me for what happened at the party." As he slides closer she does smile and stays put, perhaps leaning a bit closer to him now. "You know how to repair that stuff? We didn't have much in the way of electronics back at the colthold, few things here and there so was a interesting time when I got here getting shown some stuff."

Zi'on would think Rissa is in cahoots with whoever is stabbing him, if she's around for the second one. He'd probably have her arrested. Which wouldn't make for a fun date. He shrugs to her and laughs. "I dunno. You might be assuming that because I'm weyrleader you'll get some nice fancy meal, and can suffer through one date with me for it." The bronzer grins to her. "You were? Sorry. I knew you weren't involved, or you would have been arrested." He laughs. "Not that that probably makes you feel any better about it." The bronzer shrugs a bit. "Yeah, I'm okay at it. I've got books and things. I've learned a bit from some of the crafters. But I'm not officially techcraft. Western's got some tech stuff, most of it fairly recently."

Idrissa is really hoping then that there is no more stabbing when she is around, though knowing her stupid lucky something else might happen instead. "I don't think that at all. Maybe because I don't see you as a weyrleader?" There is a pause. "I mean I know you are one, just you don't act like the few I've met." That makes sense right? "It's alright; I sort of already just assume the worst with everything to start with that happens when I'm around." Which is true. "Actually thought you or one of your riders would come arrest me for weeks after that." Which is also true. "Well the thought of getting arrested doesn't seem like fun I have to say." A nod is seen. "Do you like being weyrleader?" Well looking another question. Tahryth eyes that fish that the bronze has hold of, a soft crooning warble escaping her while she tilts her head to lean that bit closer to him.

Zi'on chuckles to her. "Should I be flattered or offended that you don't see me as a weyrleader? My guess is that you see me as some jokester that is hard to take serious. All the other weyrleaders are too serious." He grins to her and leans back on his hands. "Well maybe I can help to turn that luck around. And if I thought you had a hand in it you would have been arrested right off. I saw who stabbed me, even though it was in the back. So don't worry next time. Though hopefully there isn't a next time." He nods to her. "I do like being weyrleader. I'm good at it. I hope to have the job for a while." The bronzer leans over to nudge her and pokes her nose. "It can be stressful though sometimes." Suldith looks to the green, then turns his head to offer her the fish.

Idrissa pauses as she peers at him. "No, I think you can be serious when you want to be. The few weyrleader's I've met would never have wanted to talk to me, at least like this." She pauses. "At least I don't think so. The two I met are sort of stuffy, and grumpy." A slight shrug of her shoulders are seen. "I've been told not to worry about stuff plenty of times. Not that is works." Nope she still worries, worryworry at that. "Naw won't be a next time. I'm not bring any arrows anywhere again." For sure not to Western. She smiles and nods pauses at the poking to her nose which makes her smirk and lean back just a bit so she eye him a moment, though she still smiles. "I bet there is plenty of stress involved in it." She pokes at his hand that was poking at her. "So how many kids do you have?" His a weyrleader, possibility of him having a few, right?

Zi'on grins at Idrissa. Then he frowns and looks grumpy for a second. "I can be very serious. And look just as grumpy and scary as the rest of them. So don't worry. I can throw my weight around with the rest of them. And protect you. Or whatever you need." He chuckles at her then. "Well, don't worry about our date. I'll handle all the details. All you need to do is show up. What size dress do you wear? And yes. No arrows. Or anything sharp if you can manage." He smiles back to her. "Yeah. But there are people around to help. I've got six kids now. Two boys and four girls." More than a few! "I'm going to go ahead and guess you don't have any kids. Don't get nervous though. All my kids are fostered. Except the youngest girl since she's still a baby. But they don't live with me or anything. I won't just spring them on you suddenly."

Idrissa watches him a moment, and looks amused actually at that grumpy look he takes on. "I'm sure you can. So I'll never want to put that to the test." Nope, never! "Protect me huh? You think I need protecting?" She questions more curious then anything at this thought. Well maybe she does a bit especially around felines that seems to just love chewing on her. Dress, he said dress.. "You going to get me a dress then?" She ponders the thought really before coming up with a size she is rather sure that works. "Promise the only sharp will be Tahryth's teeth." At the question she peers at him a moment. "No kids here.. I'd like to think I'm not old enough for that possibility just yet." No springing children on her, well she won't complain. "I'm ok with that at the moment.. Don't take that the wrong way or anything." Pause."So.. Another question then.. Since you're asking me out does that mean stuff didn't work out with your weyrmate?" She'd sort of like to know if there is going to be some angry blue rider after her once she gets wind of this. Which yes with Rissa's luck it is possible.

Zi'on smiles at Rissa. "Good. I don't like playing grumpy. At least not while I'm supposed to be having fun." He chuckles. "Don't all girls want at least some level of protection? I mean, a dragon is great and all… but sometimes you want some protection that is a little smaller. Maybe I could have saved you from some of these." He traces along where he noticed some of the scars. "How old are you?" Hopefully old enough. Zi'on was starting to get up in years. Pretty soon it would be hard for him to go picking amongst the newly impressed ladies. He chuckles. "If you stick with me I guarantee you'll have children soon enough. Seems to be the way." He blinks at her then. "You mean my it's-complicated? I haven't had a weyrmate in a long while now. But I don't think anything is happening there. I haven't even seen her in months. She doesn't have the time, and I need to start moving on. You know? If something happens we can work it out."

Idrissa nods, a smile offered back. "Well, rather you not play grumpy then. Too many other people are serious all the time. Which doesn't seem like much fun." She may be a shy person but she does like to have fun. "I guess, not to use to the whole protecting bit. I've sort of had to deal with things on my own." At the touch to a scar she is quiet for a moment, a glance sent to her arm to look at it before she glances off. "I don't think so. A feline attacked me and my runner when I and another got lost in the swamp a few turns back." Reason why her runner has scars as well. "There was another one during a round up for herdbeasts then thought I looked interesting to chew on too." So in other words felines have a thing for her. At the question on her age there is a faint smirk. "Almost 18 turns. How old are you?" She can ask right back if he wants her age. At the bit on children she just blushes, something she hasn't done in how many moments? "Maybe." She won't go into detail on that, subject change. As he explains a nod is seen and she watches him a few moments. "I was just wondering if I would have to avoid someone trying beat me up is all." See, he can protect her from that. "If it hasn't worked out.. Well.. I think you should, you should have a chance to be happy like everyone else."

Zi'on grins. "Alright. No grumpy. I have to warn you though, I am not a morning person." The bronzer is all about having fun. And he is not shy in the slightest. "Well you have friends at least, right? They don't lend a hand?" He frowns at the feline stories. "Were you hurt bad? Either time? Or just scratched up good?" He peers at her then. "Almost eighteen? How almost? I'm old. I'm twenty-five. I'm robbing the cradle. You want kids? Or not really?" Or just not right now? He shakes his head to her. "Nah. She would only be mad at me. Kiena and I had our chance. I still love her, but there's nothing really between us anymore. So… it's time to look to greener pastures I guess. Get it. Greener…" He chuckles. "So maybe we ought to count this as our first date. What do you think?"

Idrissa shrugs at the thought. "That's alright.. I think I can get over someone not being a morning person." A nod is seen at the talk of friends. "There's Soriana and Ka'el, though with everything I've sort of just being staying away from them. Too awkward at times." At the bit on being hurt bad she tilts her head pointing to her left shoulder that is still mostly covered with his jacket. "It bit down on my shoulder, only thing that kept it from dragging me off my runner was my firelizard attacking its face. Another bite on my elbow, was in the infirmary for a while. I got lucky, it either would have killed me then or from the infection." So well, a bit bad it seems. At his age she looks amused and a soft smile seen. "Well, about three months I'll be 18 how's that? I'd want kids at some point, just wasn't thinking about it for a while." She smirks a bit at the robbing the cradle bit. "So your what, eight years older? So old. My parents was ten years apart." Perhaps why she doesn't think about it as such. At the Greener pasture bit she chuckles. "Green rider, greener pastures. Nice one." She watches him a moment, curious at the question on the date. "Impromptu to dating, nice move.." There is a grin soon seen and she shrugs. "Alright.." She's taking a risk there, and isn't sure what will happen but the answer was given and she can't take it back now.

Zi'on grins. "That's good. Because I can be a grump in the morning. Until I get some klah and pastry in me." He nods. "Yeah. I can bet it's a bit awkward now. Though if you get your own boyfriend… then not so awkward, right?" Eyebrow wraggle. "Well, I'm glad you're still around to talk about it. Your battle scars." The bronzer nods and then grins to her. "Well, I'm still a lot older than you. So don't let me pressure you into anything. We can go as fast or as slow as you like. Though you are a greenrider… so I don't want random riders getting more fun from you than I get." He grins slyly to her. "Excellent. I'm just really fishing for a kiss. Figure it would have to be a date in order for me to get one, though."

Idrissa chuckles softly at this, his amusing that is for sure. "Maybe not.. Since everything with Ka'el I sort of got the feeling that most guys didn't want to deal with me cause of how I handled it." Which was basically her being really mad, and really hurt. Well why wouldn't she have been that way? She shakes her head and grins a moment. "Just because I'm shy doesn't mean I let someone push me around and do things that I don't want to do." Though in the past it meant she avoided it somehow and ran off is possible. She'll maybe blame Tahryth some later if something goes wrong. Ah yes the whole greenrider bit, which has her blushing again. "How about slow at first?" She'll bring that up for sure. At the kiss bit she lifts a brow and eyes him curiously. "Still fishing for kisses?"

Zi'on tilts his head at her. "Because of how you handled things with Ka'el? Yo mean by avoiding him? I would think that's typical for a break up. No one wants to see the other person all the time right off. Personally I don't think he should have been even thinking about your relationship as a weyrling. Break up or not." He grins to her. "Quiet but feisty, hm?" Zi'on can be a bit overbearing at times. So she might be telling him to knock it off or get lost. He grins to her. "Well alright. Slow. You let me know when you want to go quicker. Or if you want to practice before your first flight." Wink wink. He grins to her. "Yes. Still thinking I'm gross?"

Idrissa shrugs at that. "He says I wasn't taking it well, that I wouldn't listen. Few others thought so as well. I think the fact that we was weyrling's made it worse as I had to see him all the time. Be reminded of it over and over." She would have rather dealt with the feline again. There is a pause at the feisty part and she laughs, still blushing mind you. "Maybe a bit." She won't comment on that first flight bit. "I'll let you know, promise." A slight shake of her head is seen while she watches him a moment. "I never thought you was gross.. Different sure but not gross."

Zi'on shrugs. "Well. I'm not sure, since I wasn't here. I mean.. I would think you were upset. It's easy for him or other people to say that, since they didn't get hurt." But enough of bad memories! Time to make some better memories. Zi'on is interested in that first flight, though! Especially with their dragons getting cozy. It always factored in. Suldith likes to get cuddly before he gets catchy. He nods to Rissa, then smiles at her. "Too different to kiss, eh? Well, I guess I ought to be heading back to Western anyways. What size dress did you say you were, again?" He needs to know!

Idrissa won't talk on Ka'el anymore, why? Well it's in the past no need to keep bring it up. "True." Tahryth is rather happy where she is, all cuddly with Suldith in the shallows of the lake. As for the bit on first flights she'll bring it up later, maybe. "Naw.. Not to different to kiss." Then it's back to the dress size. "Maybe a five.. I don't often wear dresses.. Not that easy to deal with a runner in a dress." Totally her reasoning behind it. She shifts and pulls off his jacket, offering it back to him after a moment. "Thanks for letting me use your jacket."

Maybe Idrissa's already had her first flight and Zi'on didn't even know? Hey, you never know. It wasn't like Zi spent a ton of his time around Xanadu. He nods to her. "Alright. I'm sure my weaver can figure something out." Zi'on takes his jacket back, sliding it on. "Maybe next time I can keep you warm.. instead of just my jacket." He gets up, and offers her a hand up. Assuming she takes it, he'll pull her in for a hug. He's allowed that much, right? If he can't get a kiss he at least wants a hug! "You should put some clothes on, before some other passer by tries to pick you up." He chuckles.

Idrissa did not so not worries there or perhaps that is something to worry about? Either or no she has not had her first flight yet. "You're going to have a dress made for me?" There's a pause and she peers at him curiously, there's a first. She takes hold of his hand and is pulled into the hug. "Next time.. Sure that'll be fine." She might enjoy it actually. As for a kiss she does place one on his cheek during the hug, ha she did kiss him. "Well I don't think you have to worry about that really." Hasn't happened yet, well actually until right now really in a sense.

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