Filing Flight Plans

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach
With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

It's common knowledge now that Mur'dah left the swamp and betweened back to Xanadu to tell his date he couldn't make it. It's also common knowledge he got in trouble for that, is grounded, and demoted. AND, said date is now dating someone else. So Mur'dah isn't all that happy these last few days. Right now though, he can't really complain. With a beautiful spring morning in full, glorious dawn, full of warmth and drifting clouds, he's washing Kalsuoth in the lapping waters of the sea, bits of blood and hide drifting past. Someone just had breakfast.

Girls can be such trouble amiright? Right! Xeosoth soars in nimbly with a light landing as M'kal slides down. The blue goes to the water though there's no plan of bathing as M'kal is carrying a sketchpad and a stick of charcoal. Spying Mur'dah among the waves he waves towards the brown weyrling as Xeosoth croons a greeting.

Idrissa won't coment on girls bring trouble, she is a girl after all. She and Tahryth are walking along the beach, heading on towards the weyrling part of it. Both rider and dragon glance upwards catching sight of Xeosoth flying over which spurs Tahryth to hop forward and pick up her pace until catching sight of the others. A greeting warble escaping the green as she makes her way into the water heading on towards the others. Rissa smirks a bit as she watches after her dragon, a slight shake of her head seen. Once closer she does wave towrads the two. "Hey."

Kalsuoth is happy at least, the brown extending a warm welcome to his clutchmates, his thoughts a musty old growth forest where all is calm and serene. Mur'dah turns his head, the brownling shirtless and in rolled up pants as he splashes through the shallows. "Hey," he says, first noticing M'kal. "You come to sketch me?" he asks, grin wry. "I knew I'd be a better model than Ka'el. Hey, Idrissa!"

M'kal approaches the water but stays a bit of a distance back to ensure no random splashes come his way. "Naw…you're too perfect to sketch Mur'dah!" he teases his friend. "I'm actually not sure what I am to sketch. I'm looking for inspirations." a glance is cast as Xeosoth bugles a greeting towards the green. "Heya Idrissa."

Idrissa chuckles softly as she hears Mur'dah talking about him being a better model then Ka'el. "How are you two doing?" This questioned once she's closer to where they are. She has a towel with her, a tshirt and pair of shorts on showing the thought of swiming has crossed her mind. Tarhyth settles down into the shallow waters near the brown and blue.

Mur'dah snorts a bit, shaking his head at M'kal. "You flatter me." But he needs it. Keep it up. "Lots of things to sketch around here," he says with a little smile, gazing about the beach. "I'm doing okay," he says to Idrissa with a little shrug. "Going swimming? The water's a little cool but it's not bad."

M'kal pauses a moment then gets a gleam in his eye. It's an idea! "Oh hey…Idrissa. If you were….to get a gift of a drawing what would /you/ like as a drawing? Like to hang in your weyr." back to Mur'dah he casts a bright smile towards his friend. "I could draw you next. You and Kalsuoth sometime." he promises.

Idrissa pauses at the question on swiming and glances towards the water. "Well, I thought about it. I don't mind it being a bit cold." She shrugs at the thought and glances to M'kal at the question on a drawing, she ponders this for a moment. "Well.. Maybe a drawing of Tahryth and RedFeathers I suppose." She's never really gave it much thought before.

Mur'dah looks at M'kal, and then he laughs. "Subtle," he murmurs, ducking beneath Kalsuoth's wing to resume his scrubbing of the dark brown's hide. "Us? I was only joking…but if you wanted to, sure…" Though he sounds a bit embarrassed at the idea.

M'kal hmms a bit at Idrissa a moment. "Well…that wouldn't work so much." clearly the drawing isn't for Idrissa despite Mur'dah's 'subtle' remark. "Perhaps just flowers will be good enough." he ponders. "Naw, if you don't want to be drawn Mur'dah!" laughter bubbles up. "So how's it going? Everyone all bathed and gotten plenty of food since our return?" he has!

Idrissa isn't too sure why M'kal would want to draw her something to start with.. So she doesn't think there is much of and connection it seems."Been alright, no complaints here. How have you been doing M'kal?"

Mur'dah moves around his brown to peer at M'kal curiously. "What're you up to?" he calls. "Who are you drawing things for? Do you have a girlfriend?" SPILL. Then he snorts with a shrug. "Yeah, bathed and eaten but…all these extra duties. Shards."

Is that a blush creeping up M'kal's neck and cheek? Maybe a little! Settling down on the sand he shakes his head in denial then groans. "Maybe. Not really a girlfriend but she's a girl. And a friend. And I thought she would like a picture for her weyr to decorate. She likes flowers." so far he's fairly hesitant to offer up a name. Speaking of food he digs through his pouch for a meat roll which he tosses up in the air for the bronze fire lizard that appears. "I'm glad to be sleeping back in my weyr." is said towards Idrissa's question.

Idrissa settles down upon the sands sitting and letting her towel rest next to her. She watches the two curiously a few moments; there is a slight roll of her eyes seen before she glances over to the water. "Yeah I have to admit I was rather happy to be back home. Though I didn't really mind being out there, was sort of nice and different."

Mur'dah blinks. "Is it my /sister/?!" Since…that's his very first thought when he hears the words 'girl' and 'flower' together. Then he snorts. "I'm back in the barracks…still. I need to talk with Marel though. She seemed a bit upset when I said I was staying in Sori's barn. I dunno, should I have asked her first?"

M'kal juts out his chin defensively. "So what if it is?" he dares to ask quite daringly. In a daring sort of way. "Do you think she'd like a drawing?" he asks worriedly. "And really? Well perhaps she thought you'd ask her first since you are family. You coulda stayed with me too." not that he's upset he wasn't asked he's just tossing that idea out there. Maybe they could all take turns. A signup sheet. This week Soriana takes him, next week M'kal. Week after Marel. It'll be like musical weyrs! A sleepover every week.

Idrissa glances over towards M'kal at the art where it might be Marel. a slight smirk seen at the talk between the boys. "Maybe?.. Though she may have thought you would have asked her first like what M'kal says." Their brother and sister after all. "Just give her some time. I bet she'll be alright."

Mur'dah blinks again. "You've got a crush on my sister?" He's clearly not sure how he feels about this. "I…uh. Well. She does love flowers." And, helpfully, he rattles off a few of her favorites. "I need to talk to her." Even /more/, now, as he eyes M'kal with some suspicion.

M'kal shifts uncomfortably under the suspicious eyes of Mur'dah. He gives Idrissa a fleeting sort of 'help me' look. As some of her favorites are rattled off though M'kal does sketch some of them along the border of the paper he's holding.

Idrissa sends a glance back to M'kal, she isn't very good at this.. Don't ask her to help. A slight shake of her head is seen while she peers down at her nails a few moments. "So.. Do you guys know what wing you want to try and get into?" How about a change of subject? Sure that'll work.

"Comet," Mur'dah answers without hesitation, before he's leaving Kalsuoth's side to slosh through the shallow waters towards M'kal. "For real?" he asks, quiet, almost hoping it's not true. "You've…you like my sister?"

Obviously the change of subject isn't going to work. M'kal can be seen stifling a sigh though a quick smile is cast to Idrissa for her attempt. Still though part of the reason he /did/ ask Mur'dah about flowers and such was that deep down he thought his friend should know that he liked his sister. "I uh…well yeah." he stumbles a bit over his words before finally confirming it with solid 'yeah'. "For reals. We get along great, she's pretty and I like her." there. He said it again!

Idrissa offers a faint smile back to M'kal and nods to him. Her bright gaze turns to Mur'dah as he moves over to M'kal well hopfully this won't get too silly. "Comet's good.. I thought about them too.." There is a pause as the talk goes back to M'kal liking Marel, which hey think she's is cute but she doesn't comment.

M'kal also replies belatedly to Idrissa. "I think the Search and Rescue wing is the best wing for me an Xeo to join." he can't recall the name at the moment though.

Mur'dah shakes his head a bit as he stands in front of M'kal dripping, and frowning. "I…don't know how I feel about that," he finally says, looking confused. At least he's honest! "I…uh." And he twitches. Not a good sign? Mental images, perhaps? Then he glances at Idrissa, pained. "What? I mean, uh, what wing?"

Drip drip…M'kal hastily draws back the pad of paper on his lap lest it gets dripped on. "Well…" he says slowly up at his friend. "She's grown. She can like me back if she wants too." he frowns a bit then tries to turn it into a smile. "Besides…we're friends right? I wouldn't do nuthin to hurt Marel!"

Idrissa watches Mur'dah and M'kal a few moments, bright green gaze looking a bit worried as she doesn't want some fight to start out. Hey it's happened before with boys over silly talks so anything is possible right? "Comet wing.." Is offered at the question.

Mur'dah steps back a bit, grimacing as he almost drips on M'kal's paper. Whoops. "Well…but. She's my sister. And she doesn't like it when /I/ look at girls, so why should I be okay with this?" Though he just looks more confused than angry, as he takes another step back. "Oh, Comet? Hey…we'll be wingmates. Maybe." Fidget.

M'kal tilts his head and ventures a smile. "Try looking at guys and see if it bothers her?" he's clearly joking. "C'mon….we…" he trails off in uncertainty. How /does/ one convince a brother that his sister can be liked. "Well um…" a weak shrug is cast. He really is clueless. "Comet wing sounds like a good wing." he finally says quietly.

Idrissa smirks as she hears M'kal and slight shake of her head seen. "Mur'dah.. It's not that bad.. I mean if they like one another nothing wrong with it." At least that is how she sees it. "Yeah, maybe.. If they'll take Tarhyth."

Talk about awkward. Mur'dah blinks at M'kal and then just snorts. "I need to talk to her about this," he says. The more he thinks about it the more his protective side is being riled. Plus…maybe he's a little jealous? Glancing at Idrissa, he shakes his head again. "I just don't know."

M'kal sketches a bit more on the pad which some would say it's an excuse not to look up to Mur'dah. Seashells now adorn within the flowers sketched. "Well fine then…I wouldn't stop you from talking to her." he murmurs. "Maybe you could join Search and rescue also." he suggests to Mur'dah in hopes that this time the topic sticks.

Idrissa doesn't have to worry about her brother being all protective of her, which she is a bit thankful for as she watches M'kal and Mur'dah. "Mur'dah.. Just talk to Marel." In other words don't do anything silly it seems. Subject change, isn't it fun? "I bet you all would have fun in that wing."

The spring morning is warm and full of promise. Or it was, until M'kal said he was interested in Mur'dah's sister. Now the brownling is standing near his clutchmates, shirtless and dripping, while Kalsuoth patiently waits in the shallows for his bath to resume. "Search and rescue? No, I don't think so. I mean it's fine, but I think Comet is better suited to us, really." The topic has to stick this time, because what else is there to say on the other topic? Mur'dah needs to talk to Marel. Period. "Yeah, I know," he mutters to Idrissa, frowning a bit as he turns to go back into the sea, picking up his scrubbing where he left off.

"Fun…" Ers'lan is there, just like he sometimes does, appearing out of thin air. Instead, he was walking down the beach, closing in on the ranks of weyrlings sitting around on the beach and came their way as soon as he heard some conversation in regards to his wing. The man's brows quirk with some disapproval at -that- word associated with Galaxy. "Reckon tha be hardly the word fer it," the Wingleader pauses as his eyes rest on Mur'dah, who already is speaking of joining Comet. Shame that. The man is actually wearing his formal leathers at the moment, with the knot of Galaxy firm on his shoulder. He did appear on his way to the weyrling barracks, stopping short now when his attention settled on the three. His hair is chopped short and his face is clean shaven, definitely a newer look than a few sevendays back. Presentable, that's the word.

Xeosoth warbles pleasantly from where he lounges in the shallows. No bathing for him though as he simply feels the need to be wet. So wet he is. His blue wings spread to either side of him as he floats. Despite the looming and dripping brown weyrling, M'kal has managed to keep his sketchpad free of water. As another bugle of welcome is cast from Xeosoth it causes M'kal to look around and become aware of the approaching Wingleader of the very wing he was mention he would like to join. Interesting timing that. A quick salute is snapped towards Ers'lan, the sketchpad going on the sand beside him. "Oh nothing wrong with Comet either." he quickly says to both Mur'dah and Idrissa. "What wing do you think….Ka'el will join?" at the last minute he evidently decides to ask about someone other than Marel.

Idrissa was trying to get the subject on anything but M'kal and Marel, as she really could do without some craziness from the two. Her bright gaze turns to Ers'lan watching him a few moments, a slight smile seen. "Just a word.." Sure she could have used any other word to talk about it but she didn't. She is also not surprised that Ers'lan is there appearing out of nowhere like that. "Hello Ers'lan, how are you?" She is sitting on the sand, a towel with her and wearing a t-shirt and shorts. At the question from M'kal on Ka'el there is a pause and she shrugs. "Not that sure. Haven't asked him in a while. I think he still wants to be in Search and Rescue though." Though things do change. Tahryth is there off in the shallows, and even the green offers a welcoming warble to the approaching wingleader, oh yes she remembers him.

Mur'dah peeks around Kalsuoth when the brown lifts his head and rumbles a soft greeting. "Sir," Mur'dah says, snapping off a smart salute. "Ka'el? Not Comet. I…think he was thinking about Galaxy, actually. It seems like a wing that would suit Kanekith, don't you think?" Heroics and all that. Being generally buff and awesome. "Can I help you with something, sir?" Mur'dah asks, being the most junior of the weyrlings at this point, and perhaps assuming Ers'lan is here to assign him some chore or another.

Ers'lan knits his brows at the conversation of which wing the weyrlings will be joining continues, "Reckon which wing ya be joining be based on your performances during weyrlinghood 'n the approval of the Wingleaders." There's no point in taking on an accident waiting to happen into Galaxy, for example. "I be on my way to speak with V'dim about jus that," he doesn't look to be in a hurry now, remaining near the three, "Reckon that be when I heard one of ya be talking about Galaxy." His gaze sweeps over all three faces, nodding to Idrissa and Mur'dah both, though his blue gaze settles on M'kal, "M'kal, iffin that be whar you want ta go, best ya spend a day with me." A day in the life of a Galaxy wingrider, that's
what they need to decide if they wanted to pursue it long term. His gaze flashes back over to Idrissa, nodding with a smile, indeed, she'd know about his appearing out of a no where routine, best trick he has, "I be well, 'n yerself?" And then there's the topic of Ka'el, which the brownrider nods, "Aye, reckon he could be, just like ya all could be, iffin ya be up to standards." Which, if anyone has been following the routines of Galaxy, means physically fit to start with. His eyes flicker up to the two dragons who offered him a welcome, "Yer 'mates be gracious." A look to Mur'dah, "Suitable depends on reliability." A hand lifts to deflect Mur'dah's assumption, "Nay, just scouting for recruits. Heard the lot of you were promoted to senior weyrlings."

M'kal certainly has no objections to spending a day as a Galaxy Wingrider. Indeed Xeosoth bugles agreement from the waters. "I would be honored to ride with Galaxy wing for a day." says M'kal cheerfully. Indeed the youth looks fairly fit at least from first glance as he is sitting there in the sand.

Idrissa is not one for Galaxy, at least that is how she thinks on it. She tends to be the one they need to rescue after all. Hearing M'kal makes her smile and she nods to him, agreeing that he should it seems. Tahryth is making her way out from the water, pausing to give herself a shake which sends water flying all ways, and yes even towards a certain wingleader it would seem. "I'm alright, no complaints." Nope none at all. Save for her dragon feeling the need to get everyone wet at the moment. "Sorry guys.." Is offered after a moment while wiping some water off from her.

Mur'dah shifts a bit at the mention of V'dim, and he ducks behind Kalsuoth's shoulder to hide his frown. "I think Comet would suit us the best to start," he admits. "Not that Galaxy is a bad wing." As for promotion…does promoted and then demoted count? The brownling doesn't mention his current status though, and is glad his knot is hidden in the pile of clothes on the beach. Peering at M'kal, Mur'dah opens his mouth to say something and then closes it. "I think you'd do well in Galaxy," he murmurs. Just don't get killed and break his sister's heart! That's what he /doesn't/ say. See? He's learning. When Tahryth shakes herself dry, Kalsuoth rumbles his amusement, lidding his eyes from the spray.

Ers'lan's gaze studies M'kal, nodding, "Be ready tomorrow at sunrise. I be puttin in a word with V'dim about your absence tomorrow," which has likely already passed from dragon to dragon and as they speak, being scheduled. His eyes float toward Xeosoth, "He be spirited enough, aye." A hint of approval for the bugle from M'kal's lifemate. Upon seeing Tahryth approach, Lan braces himself, his hand lifting up just at the right time to deflect some of the water from being sprayed his way. His hand falls back down to his side as he deems it safe once Tahryth stops her shaking, his eyes mirthful as he looks at Idrissa, "She hasn't changed much. Be she still likes ta make an impression." Long standing at that. Ers'lan gives a hearty laugh at Mur'dah's assessment of the wings, "Aye, aye, just narh for some it isn't."

Idrissa chuckles softly while she watches Tahryth a few moments and grins to Ers'lan. "Nope, I rather like her this way." Of course the green drives her crazy but really she doesn't want her to change in the least. Tahryth is making her way towards Ers'lan, head lowering to snuffle out at him while her swirling gaze rests on him, a soft warble escaping her before she is off to settle down next to her rider. Rissa watches tense for a few moments hoping that her dear green doesn't attempt to do anything foolish it seems. "I think she still likes you.. Well, she likes everyone really."

Mur'dah turns his focus back to scrubbing Kalsuoth's dark hide, paying particular attention to his sun baked wings. Smiling a bit, he loses himself (for the moment) to the task at hand, letting himself enjoy the quiet time with his lifemate while the others converse on the beach.

Ers'lan lifts his hands up to the snuffling green Tahryth, giving her a welcoming pat along the muzzle, rubbing where he believes it feels good because his own brown likes it there, on the sides of the nostrils and back along the jaw. As Tahryth goes to settle down near to Rissa, the man smiles, "Hah, I reckon she does." He doesn't seem to mind. The brownrider looks toward Mur'dah for a moment, "Iffin comet doesn't suit ya lad, I'm always looking for new recruits. Galaxy is a hard wing sometimes, takes a lot out of a person." Mentally, physically, emotionally. Especially on those bad days, which thankfully, are one in a thousand. Then toward Idrissa, he steps over, "And whar about you Rissa, you've an eye out on a particular wing yet?"

Tahryth tilts her head, eyes closing as she leans into those pets from Ers'lan, a soft croon escaping her to show she does indeed enjoy the attention. Once near her rider she settles there, a yawn escaping the green as she is content to listen in on the conversation. Idrissa smiles as she gives her dragon a pat nodding to Ers'lan while she listens to the bit on the Galaxy wing. When the question is turned to her a soft ah escapes her, a curious glance sent to Ers'lan. "I was looking at Comet wing. Tahryth is rather interested in going exploring." Which when on the transport wing one does get to travel a good amount.

Mur'dah peeks around his brown to nod and smile at the Wingleader. "Thank you, sir, I'll keep that in mind," he promises, before giving Kalsuoth a thump to his shoulder. "C'mon, we've got duties." With a salute to Ers'lan and a wave to Idrissa, brownling and dragon gather up their things and trudge back towards the training field to see what new duty V'dim has cooked up for them.

"Comet eh," Ers'lan seems to be disappointed, as that's two already out of the group that are making way towards Fl'ynn's wing. How unfortunate. Fresh blood in Galaxy could be helpful, though they've not taken any losses lately. His gaze flashes to Mur'dah though as the other weyrling beats a retreat, nodding, "Good day weyrling," and that's all he has time to say to the weyrling, as the pair is quickly off. Putting his hands in his pockets, Lan turns back to Idrissa, "How has the rest of your training been so far Idrissa?"

Idrissa glances after Mur'dah, a wave sent after him before she glances to Ers'lan curiously. "I don't think I'd be very good with Galaxy. You all are better with rescuing me when me helping." This said with an amused tone. Tahryth rumbles after the leaving pair before letting her gaze settle on the waves as the two talk. "It has been alright. Went camping there for a bit after we learned how to between." Which was an interesting time to say the least.

“Ye have to give it a try sometime," Lan teases Idrissa, "the rescuing bit gets better with practice. I wasn't very good at it myself for the first little while, until I learned not to dive right in." He doesn't go so far as to sit down on the beach yet with them, but his arms fold over his chest, suggesting he's rooting himself there for a bit longer. "Aye aye, I was supposed ta take a trip out thar, to see ye weyrlings while ye were camping. A little incident at a Hold kept me otherwise obligated." A beat, "Tell me about yer time camping?"

Idrissa smiles a moment and nods. "True.." She has other reason for not being eager to try joining Galaxy wing, not that she'll bring it up. "That's too bad. Was fun out there.. Well at least for me I guess. All the others just wanted to come home." A shrug seen as she looks off. "Tahryth and I went exploring around the place. I think she was more interested in searching for little trinkets to bringhome and new things she could chew." She makes a face at the thought. "She found a bunch of tunnelsnakes one day even."

There's a moment where Lan contemplates encouraging her to try out for it, though he senses something bigger is at foot here. He doesn't push it. So instead, he listens to her words about the camping trip, nodding, "That's too bad, that you're the only one that be liking it." He can't recall a trip like that for when he was a weyrling, but that's a long time ago now, years gone by since then. He does chuckle at imagining the green looking for new trinkets, "She be bringing home a bunch fer ye?" The last makes him smirk, "As long as he be not getting ya into too much trouble finding things."

Idrissa won't bring it up if no one pushes the matter. Soriana is about the only one that can drag anything out of her without pushing it, though even that hasn't happened in a while. "It's alright, figure they liked some things about it just not eager to talk about it." Or perhaps she just doesn't ask, more likely that than anything else. "Tahryth is trouble with everything she does. The tunnelsnakes didn't pose to much of a problem at least. Most got away while she was swinging around a few of them and then gave them to one of the other dragons."

Ers'lan shifts in his stance, eyes drifting out toward the horizon, "Reckon it be narh for everyone. Sometimes we be having ta do such things as Galaxy riders, campin fer hours 'n days on end… specially during 'n emergency with human life at risk." He takes a deep breath and exhales loudly, a sigh in one regard or another, "She be a sweetheart though, fer what I can see-" this about Tahryth.

Idrissa glances to Ers'lan curiously at that is brought up, she ponders before glancing back towards the water. "She has her moments.. Just ask Ka'el and his dragon." She lifts her hand to brush some sand off. "It's not that I don't think I could handle it Ers'lan, just Ka'el wants to be in Galaxy. Figure it's better off if I'm not." So much for the pushing, but she doesn't want him to think she was scared of the idea. Tahryth lets out a faint croon at being called a sweetheart, of course she is! Though it is soon followed be a warble as she tilts her head to eye her rider, something clearly being said between the pair.

Lost in the sketch as ideas flood his mind, M'kal is still here but simply letting the conversation flow around him as he draws.

Ers'lan didn't push it out of her, she gave it freely! So does that put him in the categories of Soriana? Or does that just make him a clever man for figuring out how to get her to talk to him? Maybe that's why he wears a Wingleader knot. Her admission to handling Galaxy has him regard her pointedly, "Dun let someone get in yer way Idrissa. And he has yet ta be accepted into the ranks of Galaxy." Wingleaders after all, should get the final say, as they head up the wings. Further consideration of Idrissa is made at that point in time, half wondering what is being said between the pair and cursing the skills of older weyrling dragons for being able to keep their conversations private. Sigh, "Iffin ya need to talk to someone about it…" wait, didn't he do that last time and he got in the middle of things and… the outcome wasn't very good? Shells.

M'kal arches a brow a bit, glancing up from his drawing ( which is coming along nicely) to peer towards Idrissa curiously for a moment. Other than that though he gives no indication of having even been listening though he still offers no comment towards all of it.

"It's over and done with. There's nothing to talk about.." Idrissa offers, which is mostly true. She's never been good at letting things go, never be able to move past things well. Which she can thank her mother for that, the linger thoughts that she never can deal with, or move past. She isn't sure what she told Ers'lan that, but it's done and out now. A glance is sent to Ers'lan. "I know.." Tahryth warbles out now, her tail smacking against the ground to try and get her point across it seems. "Can I come shadowing too then?" With this said the green dragon relaxes a moment, a soft croon escaping her as she seems a bit proud of herself.

The days and nights have come and gone, and come and gone again… much of it spent wandering by Xanadu's elusive Starcrafter, and today's inner-ramblings have Zahleizjah schlepping down Xanadu Beaches, skirting her way towards the Weyr in that shadow-walker way she tends to have. The sunlight smatters across the cove as she pads across the sand, no trees, or shadows, or night to hide in as long raven locks are illuminated. Dragons are seen in the distance, and a half panicked moment she stops, heart racing, knowing if she sees them, they've sensed her approach for quite some time now. A slowed pace is resumed, approaching with caution, and likely some awkwardness whether she means for it to be that way or not. The three firelizards on her shoulders look well-traveled and perch in some sort of ominous snuggled silence.

M'kal's head lifts up from the pad of paper as Xeosoth informs him of another presence upon the beach. A bright smile appears as he pops up to his feet and waves towards the Starcrafter. There's no hiding now! "Heya Zahl!" glancing over he grins at IDrissa. "Awesome…we can shadow the wing together." he says brightly. He seems more inclined to appreciate the possibility of Idrissa joining the wing than Ka'el.

Nothing to talk about. He's heard that before. Lan's blue eyes edge toward Idrissa with a suspicion that remains, despite her reassurance that there's nothing to deal with. At least, when Idrissa asks to shadow, the man seems welcoming to the idea, "Aye, ye can. Ye can come with M'kal, iffin ya two can get the same time off." There's always the chance that they can't, if V'dim has plans for them still. Ers'lan is the first to snap his gaze toward the new figure approaching, probably, because he is always on high alert, even in the safety confines of the Weyr proper. Seeing no immediate threats, he keeps his arms crossed, focusing between the weyrlings.

Well of course Lan has heard that before, they had this conversation before to some degree and Idrissa most likely gave the same answer. She doesn't do well with things like this, avoiding is her plan with it a good amount of the time. A smile is seen and she nods to this. "Alright.. Great. Thank you Lan." She looks over to M'kal, a faint grin seen. "Maybe we can, sure." Tahryth looks towards Zahleizjah, a soft warble escaping the green to greet this new person. Rissa soon look over as well, a smile seen along with a wave. "Hello Zahle, long time no see."

No hiding indeed, except behind the smile that she's gotten so good at forcing to make play of her expressions by tugging at the corners of her lips. The situation at hand looks.. like crossed arms and dragon talk, something the Starcrafter should be used to by now. Still, she's constantly reminding herself not to clam up during her half stiff-armed trot towards the group. A wave is sent towards M'kal, as he pushes to a stand and flashes that familiar yet distant smile. "M'kal.. long time.." she says when within earshot, bowing to the lovely Xeosoth and Tahryth as she greets "Idrissa! It has been.. so long." She's relieved her reintroduction to civilization is to be had with people she at least knows.. kind of. Don't panic.. keep your cool she thinks and expresses with a deep breath as she joins the group.

"Too long!" M'kal insists. Xeosoth bugles a greeting from the waters as he slowly makes his way to shore towards the group. He stops at a point alongside Tahyrth and rumbles another greeting for the green. "Awesome!" says M'kal of Idrissa possibly joining him in the shadowing of the wing. "So close to graduation now!" he says excitedly.

Ers'lan seems to have been struck by a conversation of some sort, involving his dragon as his eyes went distant. "Excuse me," he bobs his head, "I've a meeting with V'dim…" and the brownrider turns from the younger people, marching his way toward the weryling barracks, but not before he reminds, "I'll expect the two of you tomorrow morning."

Idrissa glances after Ers'lan, a wave seen and she nods. "I'll be there." She offers with a happy tone. This should prove interesting to say the least. Her attention is then back over onto Zahle and she smiles to her. "Where have you been hiding at?" She questions while standing up and brushing some more sand off as she goes. Tahryth lowers her head to sniffsniff out at the new person.. Which isn't /that/ new she remember her back a while ago actually.

Zahleizjah's eyes go wide "Wow.. you guys are all grown up.." is said softly of the dragons, nothing more than a brow raised at Ers'lan's quick departure. "Graduation.. that must be soon for you guys ya? That is so exciting!" The Starcrafter says in a truly genuine manner, her smile softening to a more comfortable demure. There's a shrug of bony shoulders and a wobble of the head as she responds "Oh y'know me.. sticking to the night and stars a lot these days.." There's a slight giggle as the green attempts to jog her memory, or lack thereof via scents. "And just how have you all been?" is asked of the group in general, a flat palm held out to both Tahryth and Xeosoth.

M'kal also gives a wave to Ers'lan's departing back though his mood is definitely lifted after the conversation with the Galaxy Wingleader. "That's gonna be so cool to shadow them." he says again with excitement towards Idrissa. Her question to Zahl does draw his attention back to his Starcrafting friend with a bright smile. "Well you should come around more often." says M'kal as Xeosoth sends a whoosh of air towards Zahl. "Oh hey! You need to come check out my weyr sometime too. It's right off the meadow and nearly underground too." he's proud!

Tahryth warbles out happily before trying to give Zahle's cheek a nice slobbering dragon lick. So what if she met her before? It's been a while! Idrissa oys softly while eyeing her dragon. "We know.. Just seem like it has been forever since we even had a chance to speak with you." A soft ah escapes her and she smiles to M'kal and nods. "We all have weyr's now and your more than welcome to visit me whenever you like as well. We're on the coastal road." This meaning Tahryth and herself.

Zahleizjah blushes, and if it weren't awkward before, the roses blooming across dappled cheeks are definitely tell-tale of her recent and semi long-standing seclusion. "Well, ya.." is about all she can say before adding soon after "Life as a Sr. Apprentice is busy.. ya know, but yes.. of course, your new Weyr.. that'd be lovely.. and underground even? Wow..eww.. umm I mean thanks.." she says as dragon tongue slobbers all over hand. "And yeah.. it sure has been.. umm thanks for being so welcoming. I do miss you guys and mean to be around more often these days.. and yes I'd really love to come visit you both.. and soon. I really should check back in at Xanadu, they're awaiting word from the at the Observatory.." Arms will slowly open to offer departing hugs if they will be received a smile and wave before she departs.

"I've not seen your weyr yet." M'kal says after a moment thought. Giving Xeosoth a warning eye as the blue starts to lay down in the sand which will surely cling to his wet hide. "I think we better go before I /do/ need to bathe him and then oil him all over again. Which was already done this morning. I'll see you around Idrissa!" he gives a wave and starts to jog off with Xeosoth leaping up to sail above.

Idrissa smiles and waves after Zahle and then looks over to M'kal. "Well, you’re welcome to come by whenever as well." She offers with a smile and nod before turning, towel in hand to go herself. "See you later guys." Tarhyth is slow to follow, wanting to take in as much sun as she can it seems. Thus they are off heading offwards.

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