Stan and the Pan

Survival Camp - Tent Circle

Set among the trees, a small clearing has been devoted solely to the setup of tents. The trees grow thickly, providing some amount of protection from wandering beasties, but the ground is woefully uneven, as if even the earth conspired to make this place unpleasant.

It's a LOVELY day out in the wilderness. The avians are singing, the trundlebugs are trundling, and one particularly adventuresome crawler is making its way up the side of Iessrien's tent, the holder boy utterly unaware of the enormous legged /thing/ approaching his head. The holder is seated just inside the entry flap, one knee drawn up, the other leg partly-bent with arms crossed lazily as he peers out at the sunny clearing, lids half-lowered while he considers the nearest fire. Someone's got something in a pot, bubbling away as it hangs from a makeshift spit. Some other candidates are milling about, enjoying the afternoon sun or possibly being miserable at the lack of luxuries and soapsand. A lot of them are stinky. Iessrien is not stinky. His hair is even still neat and soft, though as he shifts slightly to follow the path of a breeze-blown leaf, something prickles at the back of his neck, and a hand is raised absently to brush back through the dark strands, only to freeze. The look on his face for an instant is unmistakably startled, and then he lets out a rather audible, "AUGH!" and dive-rolls forward out of the tent completely, flinging something back into the interior.

Pyriel was taking a nap, sprawled out inside his tent all limbs bent this way and that as he'd passed out on his stomach at some point during the day. Though at the sound of someone screaming, he's up and out of his tent in the time that it takes to scramble to his feet, both hands wrapped around the handle of a frying pan with which he wield arms straight out in an attack stance. Wide eyed, he looks this way and that, hair and clothing disheveled. "Wha? Wha is… wha?" he stammers, not appearing to handle the transition of asleep to awake in three seconds very well. Golden eyes shift this way and that, perhaps getting a few stares for his choice of weapon, but that doesn't stop him from rushing over without a second thought to Iessrien and putting himself between the tent and the boy. "What?? What is it?! A tunnelsnake?"

Kiley is returning to the tent area with a few other candidates, but each branch off to their own tent upon arrival into the area. Her gaze is drawn to the other tents, searching for a few people before she shrugs and turns attention to her own tent. Iessrien's outcry is what draws her attention over towards him, eyes widening and she gives him a look of confusion. She doesn't exactly rush over despite the concern that crosses her features. And then Pyriel is rushing over, saving her from needing to do so herself. Now she doesn't linger where she stands, easily shifting her course to drift over towards where the two are. "Are you okay? Did it bite you? Do I need to get one of the weyrlingmasters?" Concern pulls deeper at her brows as she looks over Iessrien with just her eyes, not leaning in any closer than she needs to.

Iessrien scrambles to his feet after diving out of the tent, hands immediately clapping over the back of his neck, brushing frantically at the fine hairs and in his collar, making sure that thing wasn;t still on him. Within the dim interior of the tend, right in the middle of his blanket, something … wriggles. Iess ughs and straightens, scowling briefly at the sight of Py and a.. frying pan? Blink. The expression falters, one eyebrow arching up despite the vague embarrassment in his face. "Shit, man, it's nothing," false bravado in the face of the wiggly menace, "Took me by surrpise, is all." Riight. And he /totally/ wasn't screaming. Really. Kiley's question, though, has Iess' face pinkening, and the holder boy tugs the bottom of his shirt a little roughly in the attempt to neaten it, muttering, "Yeah, fine. Fucking bugs.." he didn't actually see the thing, admittedly. Head shaking, he adds on a slightly sheepish, "Nah, don't worry, I got this." And he's totally going to shove past Py, pausing a second only to make a grab for that frying pan, "Need to borrow this."

Pyriel leans over and forward, trying to peak inside the tent and when something wriggles in there, the harper startles. "There is totally something in there, man." he says, squinting, but from his expression probably can't make out what is. "Can't…tell…what it is…though." He looks over his shoulder then, and blinks at the look he was getting from the older boy. He glances to his frying pan, holding it up with an elbow against his hip, and shrugs. "Ya ever gotten smacked with one of these? Frickin' hurts." It was a black cast iron type. It was Pyriel's turn to arch a brow when Iessrien tries to explain away the 'non-scream" that had awoken the blond from his sleepy time. A glance is spared to Kiley though, "He's fine." he says flatly to the computer crafter, all panic and alarm having washed from his features. Now he just looked unimpressed and perhaps a smidgen irritated. "I dun think that we need to be botherin' the weyrlingmasters with this." As he says this, Iessrien is trying to shove him and take his frying pan. Py jerks his hand away as he stumbles a step and a half in the direction the holder had pushed him and his chin lifts, countenance yielding a haughty tone. "Uh uh. Make fun of the pan, yer on yer own man."

Aqueepoli opens the tent door with a flourish and flamboyant movement. "Awaken, my fellow survivors!" Somebody is getting way too into this whole thing. "We got animals to kill, plants to eat, fires to start, other candidates to cannibalize, cuz' seriously, if'n I dun get some real food in my stomach tha' ain't leaves soon, it's goin' to end badly for one of us." He's bigger. He'll end up winning. "So let's get to it, lads. Ladies," Kiley gets a pointed look. "Ya get to cook for the men. As is your place." Since Pol will not cook. Not ever again. So there he stands, at the entrance of the tent, holding open the door and making faces at his fellow male candidates. "I heard if'n we rub ourselves with dung, it enhances the experience." Super excited happy face over here!

At the sound of the noisome creature bellowing into the safe confines of their tent, Briana oh so effectively…pulls her blankets over her head. Surely that will make the world go away and she can get more sleep! But the creature keeps up its verbal attack…then there is the comment to Kiley and she pulls the sheets from her head to look over to him blearily, "It ain't our place to cook, it is just for the safety of all that we don't let you cook." She mutters sleepily before rolling back over, "No dung…" She murmurs as she sheet is pulled back over her head.

Kiley gives Iessrien a careful look as Iessrien's face pinkens, brows drawing into a futher frown. "Okay.." Though it is a wary acceptance, she casts a questioning look to confirm but then Iessrien is attempting to take the pan from the other boy. Brows lift from the furrow, settling into a height that brings her expression to one of questioning at the two. Pyriel's insistence that the other is fine brings a nod and the tense form ready to run into one of more relaxation. And when the refusal to hand over the pan comes from Pyriel, she rolls her eyes and heaves a heavy sigh. As she makes her way into the tent, there's a pause as Aqueepoli comes from his tent and begins his announcement. Eyes roll again, but then when he gives her that pointed look and states they're cooking, she shoots him a look. And if looks could kill.. "Shut up. I'm no better at cooking than you are." No patience for the holder, she storms into Iessrien's tent to find the dangerous attacker. It takes a moment and some rustling before she returns, and in her hand is a crawler. "Aww. You're so cute." She coos at the little lizard-like creature that settles in her hand quiet easily. And then, she's holding it out for the boys to see and is quick to withdraw if they even attempt to take it from her.

Iess is /totally/ going to try to wrestle Py for that frying pan. Yup. "Just let me borrow it, man, for a second-" he gives Py an equally irritated look, grr. "Fucking thing tried to jump down my back," jerking his head at the wriggly thing in his tent, fingers curling around the frying pan handle and along one rim. Tug. Tugtug. At the accusation of making fun of the thing, brows descend with a slight snort, "I didn't /say/ anything, man," he might have been about to growl something else, but the sight of Pol and his manly demands gives the holder boy pause, one eyebrow arching, the other descending as he just /looks/ at his bro over there. "You start rubbing shit all over yourself," just EYING the other holder like the guy might have suddenly grown another head, "I don't know you, man." Turning his attention back to the problem at hand, there's a blink for Kiley, the holder about to say something else, but the girl returning with a little lizard-thing on her hand has Iess looking all /kinds/ of sheepish. "Uh," /shove/, Py can /have/ his frying pan, "Right. Guess it was nothing." Cough cough.

Both Aqueepoli's manly entrance and Briana's sleepy tossing gets no response from Pyriel, he's far more distracted with Iessrien trying to tug the frying pan out of his hand. "No frickin' way." he says, there was now a growly aspect to the harper's voice, bare lips drawn down into a frown. He applies his other hand to the side of the rim, yanking it hard back towards himself, attempting to dislodge the holder's hands. "Ya said all ya needed to when ya looked at me like that." he bristles, giving another couple of yanks on the cast iron cooking implement. And then the holder lets go and shoves him, again. "Okay seriously…" he starts, and shoves the frying pan at Kiley as she emerges from the tent with the crawly on her hand. She gets a simple once over, a blink for the 'mighty beast' that had caused all the trouble and then Iessrien has his complete attention again. He shoves the older boy back, "Stop freakin' pushin' me."

Kiley fixes Iessrien a stern look for that sheepish one he gives before shaking her head as he shoves Pyriel once again. Her mouth opens a second and then closes as Pyriel shoves the frying pan at her and cheeks color a shade of pink in frustration, a response for the behavior of the two. There's just another stern look as she takes the pan and the crawler away from the two, eyes rolling and she mutters something under her breath about the pair. The pan is placed at Pyriel's tent before she makes her way promptly out of the area, maybe even calling something out about finding food for her new little lizard friend, Stan.

Iessrien is trying /not/ to look at the adorable lizardy thing that had accosted his neck (and sent him tumbling out of his tend in surprise). In fact, he's trying to ignore Kiley completely. She did /not/ just out-manly him there by heading into the tend unarmed. Ahem. "The fuck?" irritation turns to a scowl as pondwater blues flick back to the harper, "Since when can you read my fucking /mind/?" Suddenly cranky much? The shove in return has him partially stumbling back, blinking as if startled, before eyebrows descend lower, and he totally shoves /back/, "The shards is your problem, man?" Yeah, he totally isn't noticing what the girls are doing over there.

Pyriel isn't paying any more attention to Kiley and her new pet either once he'd handed over the frying pan to her, or anyone for that matter other than the Breakwater holder. "That's what I was gunna say!" he growls, "Freakin' ignoring me and avoiding me and shit. Then frickin' shoving me aside like I dun matter. What the fuck is right." Then he gets shoved again, and the blond's head snaps down a snarl distorting his upper lip as his brows sink low. After of course, he regains his balance from stumbling backwards. He launches himself at Iessrien, elbows back and he shoves the other boy hard. Hard enough to send the lad onto his backside at least. "Screw you Iessrien." Py glares hard at his fallen foe, though there is the briefest flicker of something other than irritation and anger before the blond turns away and stomps off in the direction of the woods. "Stay the sharded away from me then if that's whatcha want. Asshole."

"I wasn't ignoring you!" Iessrien protests, scowl warring briefly with a frown, brows tightly knit together at the response he gets from the other boy, following with less cranky, "And I never said you didn't matter." Huff. But he's already getting shoved on his ass - oof! There's a /look/ at the other boy, lashes lowering with sudden descent calm, the holder pushing himself up from the ground and dusting his butt off with a distinct.. lack of scowl now, though his brows are still pulled close together. "The fuck..?" oh, he totally saw that, and as Py stomps off into the woods, Iess gives the campsite a decidedly disgusted look and storms right after. Grr.

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