Slip Slidin' Away

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks

A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

It's getting later in the evening, the bright light of Rukbat sinking below the southern horizon. The cots have all been stacked up against the walls, the resident's bundles carefully labeled and piled atop, the floor sporting a shiny fresh coat of wax. Morlanol enters, not paying sufficient attention as he seems about to say something to Cenlia, then "Waugh!" he slides across the floor, turning some as he does and landing side-first against the far wall.

Rogawani appears at the entrance to the barracks, queueing up along with a few others who seem to have halted due to the sudden exclaimation from Morlanol. Looking a bit tired, he wipes his hands off on a towel before throwing it over his shoulder. "What's the hold up?" He asks, peeking over a fellow candidate before peering in to see the barracks in quite a state. He blinks, and then edges his way around, stepping on to the floor with a squeek of his boots. "You alright?" He asks, oblivious to the wax job and the after-effects, just standing there looking quite puzzled.

Cenlia has a rather sour expression on her face, and is about to say something to Morlanol, but halts as the miner makes a sound she wasn't expecting. The girl seemed about to say something else, but instead she just blinks, baffled, and asking, "Y'alri-" and as she takes a step towards him, her feet slip and the gardener girl goes down, Rogue and Charmer taking flight from her shoulders and fluttering overhead while squawking in alarm. Cen acks as she lands on her butt and slides a little ways, glancing back at Rogawani and looking both startled and embarrassed. Though admittedly, she probably looked embarrassed when she came in. There's an unusual blush on her cheeks, which isn't improved by the fact that she's now on the floor and still slowly sliding in Morl's direction.

Lerta, a candidate who transfered from Telgar for Kilaueth's clutch and who has remained in hopes of impressing when Avaeth's eggs hatch, is the next candidate to fall victim to the unusual slickness. The stocky, brown-haired and skinned seamstress bustles into the room, intent on repairing a tear in her dress for the dance, and promptly loses her footing. With a piercing yelp, she lands in an awkward mass near the entrance hall.

Agate and Bloodstone appear from /between/, settling atop the stacked bunks, trying to mostly avoid the… fun… yeah… that's it, fun. Tourmaline emits an unpleasant squawk from within his overalls, then appears near the boys, chittering at him angirly. How *dare* he slip and risk damaging her! Morl shifts slightly, rubbing his side, "I think I'm alri- Cen!" He hurriedly tries to stand to make sure Cen's okay, and ends up flipping himself backwards with another awkward yelp.

For a moment, Rogawani stands perfectly still, watching as others go flailing about on the slick floor. He looks down, "Oh." And then looks at his work boots for a moment, smirking slightly. "Good traction on these things, you know." He comments to himself, and then crouches himself down, undoing the laces before sliding his feet out. The moment his socks hit the floor, he nearly goes sprawling, one leg forward, one leg clinging behind until he flops over onto his rear end, laughing to himself. "Yep, that'd do it." He tosses the boots towards the wall, trying to get to his feet with only marginal success, but he seems to be enjoying the sliding around.

Cenlia winces in sympathy when Lerta falls, and then eyes the floor with some suspicion, muttering, "Shardit, ain't a decent prank. Somebody could get hurt on this." Cen's other two flits, booze-brown Trouble and bright blue Mizzle, appear from *between* as well, and join Rogue and Charmer in chittering at the floored Cenlia as she tries to stand as well, pausing when she sees Morlanol doing some kind of backflip over there. With another sympathetic wince, Cenlia tries to shimmy over to the door, but is having little success. Her firelizards, however, see what she's doing and decide to be 'helpful'. Charmer swoops down and grabs ahold of her shoulder, hooking his claws into the fabric and beating his wings. Cenlia tries to wave him off with an, "Oy!" but three more firelizards join him, grabbing onto Cen's sleeves and flapping away. And in just a few moments, the gardener is being tugged on her butt across the floor by four very enthusiastic flits. "Hey!" Cen yells, flailing as firelizards tug on her shir, causing her to slide further into the room, instead of out.

Lerta regains her composure quickly, tucking her skirts close to her legs and peering at the floor in confusion. "What happened?" she asks, her voice sharp with irritation as she glares around. Rogawani's apparent enthusiasm for the slippery situation only increases her irritation, and she favors him with an especially grouchy look. The firelizards are ignored as being beneath her notice, since they have done nothing to help or hinder her at this point.

Morlanol manages, by bracing himself against the wall to nearly get to his feet before they splay out beneath him. The distribution of his mass causes him to slide back towards the middle of the room. Right towards Cenlia. His flits trill loudly to hers, inviting them to join the bleachers instead of the floor show.

It takes a bit of effort for Rogawani to get to his feet again, although unlike the others, he brought it on himself. He braces himself on one of the nearby cots, and is surprised to meet the irritated look from Lerta. "Need a hand?" He offers, smile still ever-present as he offers his hand out towards her, feets shimmying a bit as he tries to keep his balance. "They probably just over-waxed it. It can be kind of fun, if you're expecting it and it doesn't catch you too off-guard." His foot slides forward again, as if about to send him into a very uncomfortable form of the splits, but he catches himself, holding his feet sitll for the moment. "Hey Morl, think you can keep Cenlia's lizards from running off with her?" He asks, voice carrying down to the middle of the barracks.

And the gardener goes sliding by. It seems as if her firelizards do indeed intend to make off with her. Cenlia is not having much luck, as the over-enthusiastic firelizards tug her sleeves and drag her across the floor. Her random flailing doesn't help, as she slides this way and that, tugged by the firelizards who are obviously having too much fun with this whole situation. Although the gardener girl can't help but laugh at the absurdity of this, and the slippery floor means she can't really do much besides enjoy the ride. She hasn't noticed Morlanol's proximity, though Rogawani gets a half-exasperated look which eventually works its way into a grin.

Lerta regards the offered hand with utter disdain, sniffing at Rogawani's explanation. "Somehow I doubt you could avoid falling yourself," she answers. Grumpy girl, isn't she? The lass draws her legs under herself and, bracing against a window ledge, pulls herself into a kneeling position, using her skirts to cushion her knees. "This really is not funny," she declares, raising her head and looking down her nose at the other candidates. "Has anyone reported this? I'm sure the floors should not be in such a state. It is hardly safe, as Cenlia said."

Morlanol continues sliding towards Cen, but he manages to call out to Roga, "I don' think I c'n stop much o' anythin' at th' momen, Ro… How 'bou' you?" He too is fairly oblivious to his proximity to Cenlia. His flits, on the other hand, trill again to hers, clearly saying 'stop pulling your person'

"Try grabbing hold of one of the cots." Rogawani suggests, calling out towards the back of the barracks. All he can manage to do is shrug, still seeming far too amused for the situation. After having been left standing for the first hatching, any excuse to just relax and be a kid is grasped to with two hands, just like the cot-post he's clinging to at the moment. His gaze shifts back to Lerta, and the boy just smiles. "Suit yourself. I can give you a shove towards the door if you want." He thumbs over his shoulder, releasing the cot and moving along the wall, carefully clinging to whatever he can. Still, he seems more than happy out on the slick floor. "It's kind of like skating out on ice, except without the cold and the frozen behinds."

Cenlia has too much of a faceful of firelizard wings to notice Morlanol sliding closer while the gardener is definitely picking up speed as her firelizards completely ignore the other flits and appear intent on stealing her. Wheeee! She lets out a laugh and calls over to Rogawani, "Ice, huh? Shards, I think my butt's gettin' polished."

Lerta snorts, clinging to the window frame as she scowls at the floor. "I'll get there myself, thank you," she says firmly, pulling herself to the edge of the window and reaching for the next nearest frame, working toward the hallway. "Since nobody else thinks it's important, /I/ will tell someone about this… mess," she says flatly, scowling at the others. "And with ice, at least you can wear skates," she adds absently.

Morlanol grumbles, "Never much liked ice sl-." He's cut off as he finally finishes his path, bumping softly into Cen. He blushes, "Uh… Hi?" He glances around, "Umm… c'n' I use you t' stan' up?" He blushes again, "If I coul' jus' use yer knee as a balance…" He trails off, not certain how to express his desire without seeming desirous. Bloodstone, in a blatant if ill-conceived attempt to be friendly, pops /between/ to Lerta with a curious chirp. Why was she angry?

Rogawani just gives another of his boyish shrugs, and then pushes himself off from the wall without giving the girl another backwards look. If she wanted to be a stick in the mud, so be it. He manages to remain standing for a bit, but then one leg slips out from under him and he ends up landing with a flurry of legs and a hard thump to his bottom, barking a laugh as the motion continues sliding him down towards Morlanol and Cenlia. He reaches a hand out, trying to catch his bunk as he goes by, pulling himself to a stop as he reaches for the sack of his belongings. "I wonder." A quick motion has him pulling out a small section of hide with little bells attached, an ornament for a runner obviously. He plucks one of the small bells off, and then gives it a spin along the floor, sending it jingling and whirling about. His green firelizard, the more curious of the two females, dives for it, but the slick floor causes her to miss, and sends the bell down towards Cenlia, Morlanol, and their faire of firelizards.

Having never been on ice, Cenlia gives Lerta a baffled look when skates are mentioned, but it's short-lived as Cen's bumping into Morlanol, and then having to wave off a disgruntled Charmer who wants to pull her the /other/ way now. "Yeah, lemme jus-" Cenlia waves an arm atthe firelizards, whi trill happily and hang onto her anyways, "-get these shardin' flits off-" she mutters almost absently to Morlanol, either not noticing the blush and the possibly-desirousness of what he's asking - or simply ignoring it. However, her firelizards chitter scoldingly at Morlanol and begin dragging Cenlia off in the opposite direction. The gardener girl making a strange throaty noise as she gets dragged off in the direction of Rogawani's bell. Apparently, the flits want it, but they're not willing to give up their gardener prize. So a-sliding she does go.

Lerta yelps, startled by the emergence of the young bronze firelizard in close proximity to her. Her startlement causes her to lose her balance all over again and crash back to the floor against the wall. "What?!" she asks in a combination of exasperation and anger, favoring the flit with one of her common scowls. "What do you want? Don't you already have someone to bother?" With an exasperated sigh, she gropes for the window ledge again. "Look, they are playing with a bell. Why don't you go do that instead of bothering me?" she asks, guesturing to the bell spinning across the floor and the firelizards in pursuit, including those laden by Cenlia.

Agate swoops down to scoop up the bell, then lobs it at Lerta, the wherry-wort.Then he chirps scoldingly at Cen's flits and digs his own claws into the front of her tunic, trying to pull her the other way. Tourmaline merely chirps, watching the strange ones from her lofty perch. Bloodstone chirps at Lerta again, cocking his head to one side, wanna play? he seems to ask. Morl lets out a startled "gah!" as his momentary rest is dragged away, leaving him stranded in the middle of the barracks with nothing to get his barings on.

Jessamin steps through the doorway to the barracks-and soon finds herself losing her footing. It's a comical sight, the usually composed, cheerful seamstress/Candidate all arms and legs flying about as she fights the laws of gravity. It's a losing battle, one which she loses with a loud THUMP, squarely on her backside. "Gaaah!" Her four flits-two brown, one blue, and one green-wing through the air in her wake, scattering chaotically and creeling with what almost seems a mix of worry and amusement. Silly humans and their antics… really!

Kialio, now scrambling to get purchase on the ground, watches as her bell gets swatted this way and that, eventually chirping piteously as she can't seem to get to it. Her wings flap, and eventually she gets to the air, hovering briefly before coming to land on a cot-post. Rogawani, on the other hand, seems a little sheepish. "Sorry Cen, I was hoping that would distract them. No luck." He shrugs, and tries something else. This time, it's a pair of trousers that he pulls down from the cot, eyes looking at the stranded Morlanol. "Morl, try to catch on to these." He tosses the loose slacks out, nearly sliding onto his side as he tries to get them to reach while still holding on to the cot with his other hand.

Oh noes! The bell is getting lobbed off towards Lerta, and Cen's flits alter course to follow - or at least they try! But now Cenlia has a fifth firelizard trying to drag her back. It's four against one, though, and only manages to slow her slidinga little, but Charmer changes course again, while Rogue and Trouble go sideways, causing Cenlia to spin in a circle - the gardener girl flailing briefly and yet laughing all the same when she spots Rogawani's pants-roping. Jessamin's entrance gets a, "Watch out-" but too late, as Cenlia grimaces and shoots Jessamin a sympathetic look before the gardener girl is being hauled off back towards Morlanol, still spinning slowly as now five firelizards are apprently trying to steal her off somewhere. And people wonder why she avoids flit hatchings….

Lerta groans as the firelizards and the bell converge on her, and reaches out to bat at the approaching bell. The lass misses and ends up sprawled on her front, facing the oncoming firelizards and dragged gardener from a very awkward position. "Shard it all, there has to be a better way to do this!" She can't even get herself upright, hands slipping out from under her as she tries to sit up. Uh-oh….

Jessamin first tries to get her feet beneath her, but only winds up sprawled out face-down and spread-eagle on the slippery floor. Her shawl, unfortunately, catches the interest of her flits as the fringed ends wave tantalizingly about in the slippery chaos. Madder might have learned better, but Turquoise, Stitch, and even Sekhmet start plucking at the fringe. "Ack! Come on, guys, that took me forever to make!" She looks about, face red with embarassment at her predicament. Next, she tries to wiggle about on the ground like a fish, to get to her cot. It does not prove very effective, as she winds up just thrashing about in place. "Shards, this is humiliating… how did this happen?"

Bloodstone trills happily, landing on Lerta's back with a 'king of the mountain' pose, then Tourmaline tackles him off and they both go sliding across the floor. Morl flails briefly and manages to snag the end of the pants proffered by Roga. Agate stops pulling when Cen starts to get dizzy with a slightly apologetic chirp. "Got it Ro, reel me in!"

Stuck in a strange, and quite awkward position, Rogawani has to shift himself a bit, tugging the trousers forward, and the miner along with it. Finally, with one hand securely around the base of his cot, he begins to pull in short tugs as if he were reeling in a particularly large fish. "Grab on to the cot as soon sa you get close. See if you can't snag Cenlia on the way." He eyes her being dragged back towards the miner by her firelizards. Kialio, from her perch, looks down towards Bloodstone, trilling at him until he is knocked from his place. The little green flaps into the air again, winging down to try and play with the other two, barreling into them haphazardly in a game that could only be an odd form of firelizard shuffleboard.

Cenlia is a bit preoccupied to notice Lerta falling down, though Cen manages to catch sight of Jessamin's fish-like wiggling, and the gardener girl promptly bursts out laughing, which isn't helped by the sight of Morlanol being reeled in via some pants by Rogawani. Even if she weren't being dragged across the slippery floor on her butt by firelizards, she'd probably be too busy snickering to wave them off. As it is, she goes sliding past Morlanol, now with only four flits dragging her off to who knows where.

Lerta objects to being a landing post, if even for a few moments. "Hey! What do you think you're doing?" she exclaims, waving wildly at the firelizards as they move around her. "I am /not/ your perch, thank you! I can't even stand for myself, let alone support you right now," she growls, and manages to at least get herself flipped over. Much better to be able to see what is going on, at least. "Would someone please take this pesky creatures in hand?" she asks, her voice dripping with exasperation. "I thought Xanadu required their residents and guests to keep their pets under control," she adds scornfully. No wonder she doesn't have any flits….

Jessamin takes one look at Cenlia being dragged across the floor by flits, and bursts out laughing. "Better you than…." Too late. Her four flits, seeing the ones dragging Cenlia, decide to make Jessamin their personal plaything. The two browns latch onto the back of her shirt, while the blue catches hold of her left sleeve, and her green, the right one. "Now, now… don't you… aaaaack!" With a chaotic flapping of wings, she is propelled forward, slowly at first, but then with a bit more -oomph-. "Eeeeek!"

Morlanol reaches, stretching for Cen's hand as she goes past, "Grab on an' we migh' make it t' shore." Bloodstone and Tourmaline continue to slide across the floor, the added momentum of Kialio only speeding their progress. Morl manages to aim an irritated scowl at Lerta, "They *are* unner c'ntrol, I'm lettin' 'em play." He jumps when Jess screams, nearly letting go of the pants, but barely managing to keep hold.

For the time being, Rogawani stops reeling in Morlanol. "Want me to give you some more slack?" He asks, hooking a leg around the leg of his cot as he tries keep hold of his own weight sliding around plus the miner's. Kialio spins along the floor, chirping with amusement as she ends up spread-legged, wings flapping. "They are enjoying themselves, that's for sure." He comments as the firelizards start making off with yet another candidate, and he can't help but chuckle a little bit. "Sorry guys, I've only got one arm I can spare and it's occupied." By a pair of trousers and a clinging miner. "No one's had luck getting to the door, have they?" He eyes Lerta still around, her scornful protests just causing him to chuckle under his breath.

Wheee, there goes a sliding Cenlia. Now that she's no longer getting dizzy spinning in circles, this might actually be sort of fun. Cenlia's still snickering too much to reply to Lerta, but in any case, Cen seems to have given up trying to wave off her own firelizards. Not that she'd been trying that hard to begin with. The flapping flits get a mildly exasperated look, but then Jessamin is also being carried off buy firelizards, and Cenlia starts laughing all over again. She does try to reach for Morlanol's hand, but misses by quite some distance as her firelizards re-double their efforts and she goes sliding toward the center of the barracks. "You got another pair of trousers?" Cenlia calls to Rogawani, as she tries and fails to grab hold of the miner as she's dragged past.

Lerta manages to push herself across the floor, using the wall for leverage, and arrowing toward the door. Her disdain for the firelizards continues as she skims across the floor, keeping her head down. With a final grunt of irritation, she manages to reach the door. Dragging herself across the threshold, she finally manages to get upright. "You may all be having a grand time, but this is completely unsafe," she snaps, dusting herself off. "I'm reporting it." And she turns with a sqirls of skirts and stomps off.

Morlanol whistles harshly and motions with is free-hand towards Cenlia, then shakes his head to Morl's question. Bloodstone and Agate perk up, Tourmaline is still to young to know his commands, but even she notices his call and follows the boys response. The three flits latch onto Cen's shirt and try to pull her towards Morl as he stretches towards her, "Jus' a li'tle further…" He doesn't glorify Lerta's huffy exit with a response, too focused on getting to safety to worry about… well… safety…

Jessamin gains some momentum as her flits drag her along, keeping her hands out front to clear anyone-and anything-out of her way. Having already witnessed Cenlia's predicament, she knows better than to try and fight her flits off, worrying instead about keeping herself relatively intact. "Look out below!" Mercifully, the first thing she rams into is her bag of fabric scraps from the storage caverns, which cushions her impact, as well as spilling colorful, enticing bits and bobs to distract her flits from further mischief.

"Got an extra pair, but no hand to get it." Rogawani replies, still clinging to his cot with his only free hand, the other wrapped around the bottom of the loose pair of trousers thta Morlanol still has a hold of. He's nearly tugged in two directions by the pull at the end of his arm, his feet unable to get a good grasp on the slick floor. He glances up to see Lerta exiting, smirking a bit. "I'm sure we'll be rescued soon enough. Lerta's our hero." It's clear that he doesn't think her actions all that heroic. His little green, Kialio leaps towards one of the scraps of fabric that had come spilling in her direction, latching on to it and using her little wings to send herself about as if she were a sailboat.

Cenlia peers after Lerta, though the gardener girl grins a bit, remarking, "Betcha whoever comes to check on this gets dropped on their butt." Cenlia acks as Morlanol's firelizards latch onto her and now /seven/ flits are trying to drack her someplace. "Oy!" she waves in a futile attempt at either levitation or swimming. Whatever it is, it doesn't work, though Kialio acting like a little sail boat gets a giggle out of the gardener girl, as does Jess' collision with the bagof fabric scraps. However, amusement soon turns to a, "Gah!" as the seven fielizards play tug-of-war with her shirt, only succeeding in nearly lifting the garment off her. Grabbing the bottom of her shirt, Cenlia tugs it back down before any more ofher midriff can be revealed. "Oy, shoo!" the gardener girl slides a bit thise way, then that. Clearly, this mode of transportation is not working.

Jessamin's flits join Kialio in sailing through the air with her fabric scraps, unfortunately scattering them across a broad area of the Barracks in the process. Jess, meantime, is pulling herself up by the edge of her cot, twisting awkwardly about to plop her rear end down in a safe, non-slippery area. "Whew!" She's laughing, her face suffused with mirth-until she sees the flits making a toy of her quilting fabric. "Hey! Put those down! Gaaah, and I just got Madder and Turquoise trained out of that nonsense, too!"

Morlanol's flits continue to try to pull Cenlia to him. This time he nods to Roga, "Give me some slack, Ro… I think I c'n reach her." He blushes slightly as her midriff is partially revealed, but manages to stay focused on saving her first. Bloodstone hisses as her flits, trying to intimidate them into letting go of her.

With a bit of a grunt, Rogawani releases one more hand-span worth of the trouser-leg, having to scramble to make sure he still has a grip on the hem. It's likely that this will be the last evening for his loose pair of backup pants and he'd need a trip to the lower caverns to replace them. Still, it was worth it for the amusement that came with watching firelizards make toys of their owners and seeing everyone flail about. "That's as much as I can give you Morl. Last chance. If you can't get her this go-round, I'm reeling you in and turning you in to the harbor master as the biggest fish in the sea." He laughs, still straining a little to stretch his own arm out. Kialio, having been the first of the lizards to play the sailboat game, chirps once as she flaps her wings, sliding around on a piece of similarly green cloth. She turns whirling eyes at Jessamin, and then just scootches on by, ignoring her thouroughly.

Jessamin makes the mistake of getting up to try and chase down fabric-laden flits-only to wind up skidding about in stocking feet across the room. "Whoaaaah!!!" She flails about with her arms to keep some semblance of balance, resembling nothing more than a kidlet skating across the ice for the first time. "Look out!" This time, there is no fabric bag to stop her, as she careens madly towards the back wall of the barracks.

Cenlia is sliding in circles, and is too busy trying to hold her shirt down to pry firelizards off, though she certainly looks like she wants too. Still, firelizard antics are hard tostay mad at, especially when more go sailboating with the fabric scraps. And Rogawani's fish comment has her chuckling outright, although the hissing flits might drown that out. Charmer just croons at Bloodstone while flapping harder. But Trouble and Rogue are having none of that, and hiss right back. /Their/ human! Mizzle might have been intimidated, but with the other three flapping away, he doesn't back down and after a moment of hesitation joins them in pulling Cenlia in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, that's taking her awfully close to the careening Jessamin.

Morlanol's flits finally give up on trying to save Cenlia, obviously her flits aren't going to give up. They resettle on Morl's bunk as he tugs lightly on the pants Ro is holding him still with, signalling a desire to get reeled in as he watches Cen careen towards Jessamin.

Without needing much more than the tug on his now ruined trousers, Rogawani starts to reel in Morlanol, giving a grunt as he tugs the boy into reach of the cot. "Grab on to the cot, will you?" He asks, his feet scrambling without being able to catch the floor. He tries to pull himself up onto the cot, using only his arms, and eventually ends up floundering there on his belly, swinging himself up onto it before offering a hand out to drag Morlanol up on to the cot. "Come on." He offers, and then looks sympathetically at the two girls, especially the trajectory of Jessamin. His little green continues to flap her wings, sliding around on a piece of cloth towards the entrance. A little firelizard sailboat.

Cenlia at first looks relieved when firelizards start to leave her, and then alarmed when she realizes Jessamin is no longer on the bag of fabric scraps, but is careening toward the back wall. Collision course anyone? Charmer gives an alarmed squawk and promptly starts backwinging in the opposite direction. Cen's three other flits follow suit, though the sudden direction-change has Cenlia flailing. Again.

Thea steps inside the door and just freezes, eyeing the chaos with her mouth slightly open. For a moment she just watches, her eyes moving from the dragging to the skating to the scraps flying. Cots are askew, covers strewn, Candidates in a state of hype and the Barracks peace totally nonexistent. With a shake of her head and a mutter of disgruntlement, she places two fingers to her lips and whistles, a sound meant to pierce the din. Before the room stills, she is walking to the center of the room, a hand held up to forestall excuses and explanations.

Morlanol grabs the foot of the cot and pulls himself up to the cot, clinging for dear life. He jumps when Thea whistles and adapts a thoroughly chastised expression as his flits chirrup a happy welcome to Thea. He gulps, "Hi… Weyrwoman…"

With Morlanol rescued from the slick and slippery floor, Rogawani just sits back, catching his breath. That is, up until the point when he hears a sharp whistle and his eyes flick towards the front of the barracks, eyeing Thea as she steps out. "Careful, Thea. Slick floor. Think they overwaxed it." He explains, even as his green firelizard starts to do little boat-loops around the Weyrwoman's feet, chittering happily all the while. "Kia, come 'ere will you?" He calls to the green, who gives one last spin around Thea's feet before giving up on her little scrap of cloth and wings over to her owner, landing neatly on the side of the cot and looking quite pleased with herself.

Jessamin throws her hands out in front of her to try and brace for the impact against the back wall of the Barracks. THUD. By the looks of it, she seems to have saved herself from being knocked unconscious on impact, but still seems to come away with a nice little egg on the left side of her head. Instead of even attempting to turn around, she tries to stand in place, keeping to the wall like a baby learning to walk for the first time. A groan of pain and dismay escapes her as she turns her head just slightly, viewing the mess. "Oooo boy… so much for just coming in to rest from dragon duty…."

That sharp whistle gets Charmer's attention immediately, the little bronze firelizard crooooning at Thea, though Cenlia looks around as if trying to find a hiding place. Of course, looking sheepish as she sliiides past theweyrwoman can't really be helping any. Charmer tries to flutter closer to the goldie without letting go of Cen, essentially delivering the gardener girl at her feet. "Er, hey," Cenlia looks up at Thea, while Charmer clambers into Cenlia's head and croons some more. There's a grimace for Jessamin's impact with the wall, though at the moment Cen's just glad she's not being dragged about by firelizards.

Thea lowers that hand, rubbing at her temples with her eyes closed for a moment, muttering something about Assistant Weyrlingmasters in late-night meetings that leave Candidates unsupervised and racket echoing across the Weyr. When her eyes open, they sweep over the rat-tag group with a look of irritated displeasure, flicking to Jessamin at that thud. A brow lifts until the girl speaks, then in a quiet, level voice the weyrwoman says, "First you're all to restore order to this Barracks." She eyes that shining floor for a moment thoughtfully, ignoring firelizards doing acrobatics near her feet while her eyes travel along with Cenlia as she slides past, "Since you've all enjoyed this floor so much tonight, we're going to give you the chance to really appreciate it. You'll all get to sleep on it." She lifts her hand towards the door, a few fingers beckon and in walk several hefty Riders who begin hauling cots, bedding, pillows and all out the door. Thea walks carefully back to the door and just waits impassively as the room is cleared. When there is nothing left but the remnants of the mayhem, she nods to the room in general, "Sleep well, sleep quietly. Or it'll be the Meadow for the lot of ya." And she steps out with the last of the cot-bearing Riders.

Morlanol just stares after Thea's retreating form, his flits hopping to the floor as his cot is removed. His eyes are wide and more than a tad tired. He glances at the others, "Y' think we're in trouble…?"

Rogawani's mouth opens, as if to protest the injunction placed on the candidates, especially when he's made to get up off the cot and his feet slip out from under him again with a loud 'oof' of sound. "Hey, it's not as if we waxed it this way." He mutters, but without much else to say for it, he watches the Weyrwoman retreat and just sits there, looking about at the empty barracks. "Lovely." He mutters once, and then lays himself out flat on his belly, "Oh well, it was worth it." He mumbles to himself, blowing a bit of air at a strewn piece of cloth and watching as it flitters across the floor.

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