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Healer Hall - Storage Room
Organized Chaos. Those are the only two words to describe the healer's storeroom. The walls are lined with shelves on all sides, but even those are full, with things resting on barrels and sacks that cover the floor in large piles. Herbs for the most part fill the sacks and the shelves, and non-perishable items such as sealed vats of numbweed, needlethorn and glass items, stack on the shelves. Crates of newer items, tools and general stores are poked into whatever nook seemed likely at the time. A single door leads back to the hall, and the glows hang in baskets suspended from the ceiling, out of the way.

Organized chaos. That is a very good way to describe what is happening in the storeroom right now. There's most always a couple of people wandering among the rows and shelves, but today could very well be a madhouse in comparison. It's that time of the Turn when everything must be accounted for, herbs that have been shelved too long are pulled aside, noted taken to replenish a given item soon. To make sure of an accurate count, a few teams work among the cavernous maze of tall shelves full of crates, barrels and sacks. They start from different parts of the stores, but when all is said and done, they will have accounted for everything three times over. Kera is among one of the teams, pacing slowly with clipboard and pen in hand with her attention focused on a row slotted crates that have been pulled from the shelf and lined for display. Her lizards are thoroughly occupied, settled on a padded bench near the storeroom entrance, attacking strips of dried meat that should keep them out of trouble.

It just figures that it's that time of the Turn. R'en has made his way all the way here and through the hallways to come and get some supplies that were lacking at Western. He peers into the room to see the chaos that is going on, but - it doesn't seem to impair him from completely walking in and making his way to where the surgical supplies are kept. He has been away from the Healer Hall for a while, however, and where he last remembers them being. Well, that isn't where they are. "Shards, where did they move them." He grumbles to himself, and lifts a hand to run through his hair as he looks over what he can to see where they might have went to. Where he ends up standing is not far from where Kera is pacing, and he appears to be alone. No fire lizards have high-jacked their way along with him, or if they did - his dragon is taking care of the one he has.

Kera tucks the clipboard under an arm and reaches to tip the little bottles, twirling them in place just enough to read the written date or some noted code from when the bottle was filled. When the bottles seem to pass whatever inspection they are given, a quick count then a notation is made on the top sheet of her clipboard. Hearing the mutter among the shuffling and scraping of crates being shoved around, Kera's attention swings around to spot R'en. Eyes flicker towards the man's shoulders as she offers a polite tip of her head. Hands full with with jotting down numbers, Kera offers a smile for a greeting "G'afternoon sir." Canting her head around towards the closest crates "What are you missing looking for?" Gesturing towards the row further on with a casual wave "We've run out of a few things, once you take the old dates into account, but maybe whatever you are looking for is simply misplaced."

Absent minded is probably what people might think of him, but R'en pays more attention than is deemed that he does. His pale blue gaze is looking over the contents of the shelves, though he gives Kera a bit of a nod. "Afternoon." He offers in return, and then glances over towards her more fully. Not a short woman, unlike some of the women he knows, so she gains an arch of his brow that isn't fully explained out loud. "Ah, I'm looking for some of the surgical tools. They used to be over here, but I guess things got moved around over the turns…" He muses, reaching out to the shelf that they used to be to place his hand on it for a moment before withdrawing. "I'm R'en, bronze Sindrieth's from Western."

Kera twitches her gaze among the items, then scans a few sheets on her clipboard. Actiona pause at the greeting and she winces when recalling her rudeness. "Sorry, all caught up in this mess, manners sorta slipped right out of my head. Well met, I'm Kera, Moncerath's greenhealer at Xanadu." An agreeable nod tips her head briefly before she's back to scanning the pages, then the markings among the different sections among the shelves. "Hmm, you may be right. They may have been shifted into the shallow drawer portable cabinets. The new ones out of techcraft Hall." A hint of an uncertain shrug at the suggestion, then she's gesturing back the way R'en came from "You didn't happen to see a few boxes labeled 'splints' on your way up the aisle, did you sir?"

"Green..healer? Is that a thing? Like a dragonhealer, or is it a play on being a healer riding a green?" R'en asks, arching a brow even farther - if it's even possible. He removes his hand from the shelf, and shakes his head. "No, I haven't seen any boxes labeled that, but then again, I wasn't looking for splints so I might have overlooked them. Are you helping with the inventory, or just.. looking for things yourself?" He asks, and looks towards where the shallow drawers are that she mentioned. "New ones.. I'd like to see those." He suddenly seems far more interested in looking at these new tools over anything else - yep, his interest is piqued, and now he needs to see these new tools.

Kera frowns when it seems she'll have to keep looking for those wayward splint crates and sighs. "Hmm, they'll show up eventually." Tucking the board back under her arm, she shuffles back against the edge of the shelf so that a a young boy rolling a heavily laden cart by doesn't smush her toes. Shaking her head when she notices one of the wheels trying to pull the cart sharply to the left, her attention drifts back towards the Eastern rider. "I'm a green rider that happens to be an apprentice healer." Looking around at the chaos of sacks and things being inventoried, her head shakes a bit "Nothing for myself. Just that time of the turn when supplies need to be checked. Next thing you know, it'll be time to boil up the numbweed." Several younger apprentices make unpleasant faces at the reminder. Not catching the unhappy faces, she looks back to R'en. "See what? The new drawer cases?"

"The new surgery tools from techcraft." R'en answers as he goes around to look for where they're being kept. "Greenhealer could mean any number of things. A herbalist, a dragonhealer that specializes in greens, just anything.." He muses as he makes sure he's out of the way of people moving things around, and scrunches his own nose at the idea of numbweed. Nope, he's fine without dealings with that mess of things. "What are you studying then? I assume your duties at Xanadu allow you to continue some of your studies as you're here helping with inventory here, which still strikes me as a little strange. There's usually plenty of apprentices and such here to do that here without calling for riders."

Kera watches the man wonder a few paces away, and curiosity has her feet trailing along. Giving his words some thought, she nods "I suppose those things could be said." Scanning a pile of small sacks at the end of the row, she continues on "I'm studying to specialize in General Practice, backing it with Herbal research and remedies." A quick smile flashes at that before her head shakes, realizing R'en confused her earlier words. "Oh no. I was talking about some new storage drawers for the surgical tools. They're supposed to have a better seal to keep the moisture out once the tolls have been sterilized."

Is that disappointment? Yes, indeed it is, as R'en stops where he is to look at her. "No new instruments? Now, that's disappointing." He sighs lightly, like a child that had his dream stripped away from him and is left lingering in reality which is far less glamorous. "I don't think Sindrieth can carry drawers. I'll just have to deal with getting some delivered." He says, looking around at other shelves for the other things he was looking for - scalpels and the like which will be useful to replace the less than ideal ones they have at Eastern. "General practice. That's good. There's a pregnant rider at my weyr that is pretty small herself, so I'm worried she won't be able to deliver the child on her own. But, women are often surprising what they can do.." He muses, and flashes her a quick smile.

Kera shrugs but offers a slightly encouraging smile. "I wouldn't say that sir. They are supposed to be lighter than the older ones. Perhaps a tricky bit to lash them to the dragon-straps, but your.." a quick pause as her brain supplies a previous mentioned name "..Sindrith?" She goes on hoping she pronounced it properly. "It's nothing your bronze dragonmate shouldn't be able to carry easily. It would be a bit cumbersome for Moncerath, but I don't think it would be for your much larger dragon." A quick shrug as if she say 'but what do I know'. Brow arching as R'en speaks about a small pregnant woman. "Is this her first pregnancy?" All thoughts of keeping track of silly inventory seems to fly rom her thoughts suddenly "A friend of mine as Ista is pregnant for the first time. She's a regular basketcase of nerves." Kera grins a bit at her friend's antics and peers back to R'en. Nodding over his outlook on women and chuckles. "We 'can' on occasion manage to surprise people from time to time."

"Sindrieth is a little finicky, and would prefer not to carry anything awkward for him. He's just.. well, he is what he is." R'en says lightly, not at all disappointed other than the fact that it means there'll be a delay on when he'll get the drawers. But then, he didn't know they existed before today. "It is her first pregnancy, and she's a good foot shorter than you are, though maybe a little older. She's not far along, but we'll keep an eye on her." He says with a light shrug. Better to be prepared for anything, than be caught unprepared - that, and it gives him an excuse to pilfer from the healer's hall. It's the only thing he's interested in shopping for. "I've got nothing against women, just so you know." He assures, lest she think he harbors something against them.

Kera chuckles at R'en's reassurance he holds nothing against women, nodding gently. "Neither do I, just so you know." Slipping in a bit of good natured banter before carrying on with former topic. "Is she having any complications that give you more reason to worry?" Grabbing the clipboard from under her arm, she scans it while her feet shuffle along "What's on your supply list? Maybe I can help you track down a few items." Flipping through a few pages to rescan the info, her attention slips back up towards the shaggy blonde haired rider.

"No, nothing in particular. She's not far along, like I said." R'en just likes to be prepared just in case. Small women, small pelvis, and a full term baby could be an issue. Maybe he just thinks of the woman like a kid, who knows what goes through his mind, really. "Didn't write it down, it's alright - I can find the things I need pretty quickly. I appreciate the help though." He takes a tray and collects a few more items that he figures that he'll need in the future. "Some of the instruments at Eastern just need replaced, so I figured I'd come and get what I wanted. I like being able to choose." He says with a wry smile, this is almost as good as a candy shop for him.

Kera glances back to her board when R'en starts collecting things from his mental list. A few of the things he grabs has her scribbling minor corrections to her previous figures. For the rest, she doesn't mark down since she hasn't inventoried these items yet. Clearly amused by R'en's enthusiasm for 'shopping' through the Hall's massive storeroom "Don't forget to bring the old tools back. I think they catalog them before sending out of use tools to the Smithy's for smelting and recasting." That last is said as if trying to recall something she read then shrugs it off.

"I already brought them back, and left them where they'll get taken to the smithy. No worries, well versed in what I should do." R'en suggests, and as a Journeyman, he probably has been at it for a while. He certainly is a fair amount older than her, after all. He tucks a few more things into the tray, and then wraps it all up so it'll be safer to carry. "It was nice meeting you, greenhealer Kera." He offers with a quick smile, and lifts a hand to wave as he makes his way out of the stores to let the workers do their jobs.

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