Unavoided Consequences

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Grounds
Cradled in a cup shaped bite out of the mountain, this wide, grassy flat has become home for Xanadu's weyrling dragons. It's set surprisingly high above the level of the beach, visible from the eastern side of the grounds where a long path snakes its way down the hill to the sand dunes below. All other sides to the grounds are bordered by the hard granite cliffs, two entrances clearly visible. One is merely human sized and leads deep into the mountain, to the Caverns. The other is broad and high, the entrance to the Weyrling Barracks.

Mur'dah is…back here again? Why yes, yes he is. He is not in Sori's barn. He's back in the barracks and back in the grounds. While Kalsuoth lounges nearby, Mur'dah is moving firestone sacks from one edge of the training field to the other. Back and forth. Back and forth. In an exercise they haven't done in /months/. Oh, and his knot has changed. Back to regular ol' Weyrling. Guess he didn't get away with it.

Back to the weyrling grounds! Well, classes and such still happen, so it isn't too unusual for Ka'el to be here. Or unusual for him to be riding his dragon on the ground instead of in the air. It's a nice day for a walk! He's here to snag a bit of firestone for a flaming session later in the day… and perhaps to store some away in his weyr for future use. You know. During times when firestone isn't exactly free anymore? It wouldn't hurt to have a stash! Aaanyhow, here he is! And what's unusual is seeing Mur'dah doing tedious chores. From upon Kanekith's back, he quirks a brow. "…Uh. Nothin' better to do?" he calls, too distant to notice his changed knot just yet, but he's getting closer!

The weyrling barracks! They're practically nostalgic, these days. Okay, so, yes, there are some classes here, but… really, most of Soriana's classes these days are either out and about with Luraoth or tucked away in the admin wing. But, well, she was in the area, out by the docks… and Luraoth wasn't done on the beach yet when Soriana finished her other errands, so… why not? Up to the barracks she comes, hands tucked in her jacket pockets as she looks around and… heh. Seems she's not the only one! She removes one hand from pocket to give a wave to bronzerider and brown…sack-carrier? Hurm.

Mur'dah pauses to watch Ka'el ride up on his high hors - bronze dragon and grimaces. "V'dim /really/ needs that spa vacation," he says sourly. "Turns out me coming back to tell my date where I was was /wrong/." Wrong wrong wrong. Stomp, toss firestone sack, trudge back for another one. "So yeah. Grounded, back here, demoted…" Life suuucks. "Hey, Soriana."

Ka'el lifts a hand to wave at Soriana, flashing a grin her way. Hm wait though. Mur'dah's here. Soriana's here. …. was there a scheduled class that he forgot about?? « Don't ask me… » languidly muses Kanekith, who'd rather skip class anyway and do something far more adventurous! But his worries of class are put on hold the closer he and Kanekith get to Mur'dah. What's that he said? His brows lift and eyes go wide as he stars at the brownrider. What? What! "..You had a date??" .. >.> Sure the other stuff is important too. Horrible! Appaling! But hey, he said the date stuff first, and that's just as interesting. And less horrible.

Soriana smiles to Ka'el briefly, but then hurm turns to frown as she gets close enough and catches that explanation from Mur'dah. "Oh," she says, and grimaces. "I'm sorry." She glances to the 'from' stack of firestone bags, eyeing the pile before returning her gaze to Mur'dah. "Yeah. Sorry." Hands go back in pockets, and she gives Ka'el a little sideways glance. The date? That's what he cares about? Really?

Mur'dah looks up at Ka'el, his expression a bit flat. "/Yes/ I had a date. /Had/. It was scheduled for the night we were stolen away to that swamp. So I came back here briefly to tell her I couldn't show up. I didn't want her waiting for me and thinking I stood her up!" He still thinks he was right. "Now she's not interested," he says a bit bitterly. "She's only interested in /Senior/ Weyrlings. Or graduated riders." Looking at Soriana, he gives her a pained smile. "Thanks. I'm back in the barracks, so. I won't be using the barn. But thanks for the offer." That at least sounds sincere.

Dates.. dates?.. People have those? Which is about what Idrissa would be thinking if she heard this talk of such things. Tahryth is sweeping low and landing with a slight warble of a reeting towards her clutch siblings. Idrissa yawns a moment before she is hoping down, a hand lifting to scartch at her neck as she glances around before catching sight of the others. "Hey guys." Is offered with a friendly tone. Tahryth brought her here, though she gets the feeling it was mostly for the green to see the other dragons then anything else.

Yes. The date is totally important. Ka'el dismounts from Kanekith and gives his hide a rub, allowing him to go where he wishes, though he'd better keep those straps dry! After giving his wings a stretch, the bronze.. well, he doesn't go far. Why would he? Ka'el is here, and he has to keep an eye on his Ka'el. And so he moves off a few yards to lounge in the emerging grasses. As more details of the date are revealed, Ka'el nods, stuffing his hands in his pocket as he stands near the others. "Makes sense," he says, approving and agreeing. Can't let a girl think you've stood her up! But the rest of it causes a frown. "What? She dumped you because you're not a Senior?" He blinks, glancing to his knot, and his frown deepens. "Really? Wasn't that bad of a thing to demote you for! Plus, you came back.." His mouth is still twisted into a frown as Idrissa arrives, though it lessens when he acknowledges her. "Hey Idrissa." Back to Mur'dah. "What do you have to do to get your knot back? An' who was the girl?"

Ouch. All that, and Mur'dah doesn't even actually have a date to show for it! Soriana winces. It seemed like a… okay, maybe not a good idea at the time, but at least a reasonable one! An idea that wouldn't get anyone in trouble. She glances up at Mur'dah again, and nods. "Well. If you need it again, after… Offer's open." Because, you know. Surely this won't last for long, right? She meanders her way closer to the boys, lifting a hand to wave slightly to Idrissa along the way.

Mur'dah nods with a sad and bitter smile to Ka'el. "Yeah, she totally did. And yeah, I'm demoted. And I didn't think it was that big a deal either!" See? KA'EL agrees with him. Which is…probably not the /best/ argument to have. "Sheersha," he mutters. "Thanks, Sori, I'll…let you know. I don't know how long I'm demoted. He didn't say. Just gave me this knot, said I was grounded and to get back to work. Hey, Idrissa." He's grumpy!

Idrissa glances over to Ka'el and then Soriana and then back to Mur'dah looking well, confused it seems. Though she doesn't go asking questions, even if it does cross her mind. "I bet he won't keep you grounded for long.." Maybe?

Having Ka'el's approval or agreement should be a free pass for anyone. It's Ka'el after all! "Sheersha … does she work in the kitchens?" he questions after pondering the name. His nose wrinkles after. "Really? She's always seemed nice." Not that he knows much of her other than that she works in the kitchens, he sees her when he's there, and she can probably cook well. "Sorry to hear all've it. I bet you'll get your knot back before graduation, though," he says, sounding sure of that. "No way he won't let you graduate with us." Underlying message: No way his MOM won't let him graduate with the rest of them! "Can you go to your weyr at all? To work on it?"

The weyrlings (senior and… otherwise) are in agreement that was a totally reasonable thing to do. Unfortunately, their opinions do not count. Only V'dim's opinion does, and he apparently thinks otherwise. So. Sigh. Soriana glances at the pile again. She'd offer to help, but… yeah. V'dim's eyes are everywhere, and the point of this exercise is not to get the pile moved, but for Mur'dah to move the pile. So. Sighx2.

Mur'dah nods at Ka'el. "Yeah, she does," he replies with a sigh, hefting another sack and trudging across the grounds with it. "Thanks. It was stupid I guess, but…" Shrug. What's a gentleman to do! "Shards, I hope I get to graduate with you guys." Did he just go a little pale? "I'm sure I can…" But he sounds a bit nervous. "Yeah, I can do that on my free time, when I'm not doing all the other things." Those old Weyrling lessons meant to strengthen body and mind. And teach you not to do stupid things like between without permission.

Idrissa catches bits and pieces from the conversation and gets the idea what could have happened, though Tahryth does add in a few bits and pieces to help it seem. "Of course you will Mur'dah." She offers after a moment, a hand scratching at her arm a moment while she pauses, pondering. "If not.. Well.. Me and Tarhyth will wait to graduate." Don't want Mur'dah and Kalsuoth to be on there own and all that.

"You will," assures confident Ka'el, words directed to Mur'dah. "In the meantime, I guess you can try to look on the bright side: ….." Bright side, bright side..ummm….oh! He's got it! "Doin' all these extra chores'll eventually get your arms as big as mine," he says, his smirk teasing. Teasingly playful. "You'll have all the girls chasin' you, Senior or not. And then, when you've the prettiest one of the bunch on your arm, make sure to sit at a table in the Caverns closest to the kitchens." His smirk grows, though at Idrissa's words it sort of freezes on his face as he looks over to her. She will?

Body, mind, and common sense. Important attributes for a weyrling. "It's months yet," Soriana says of graduation. Well… two of them. That's still plural. Enough so to reassure! Hopefully. "And you're still in classes with us, right?" Because, well, punishment in addition is one thing. Punishment instead… would mean he's actually falling behind. Soriana half-smiles at Ka'el's encouragement, but looks away, her gaze settling on Idrissa. Who… would wait. Her lips tug sideways, and she shakes her head ever so slightly. "We'll just wait to hold the party."

If Mur'dah is touched that Idrissa offers to stay back, and a bit hurt that Ka'el and Sori don't, he doesn't show it. What he /does/ do is throw a small piece of firestone at Ka'el. "Oooh, because you know I just /dream/ of the day I look like you," he drawls, grin crooked and eyes bright. "Mmm, that's a good idea though. Show her what she missed out on. I'm awesome." With a grunt he hefts another sack and stomps across the grounds with it. "I think so," he answers Soriana. "At least I /hope/ so."

Idrissa glances over towards Ka'el and Soriana curiously a moment, a sight shrug seen at the looks she catches from them both. She would offer to do the same for them, what's the difference? "Either way I bet they won't make you stay back. Would be sort of silly to not allow you to graduate because of that." At least she thinks it is a bit silly. "Your see, it'll all work out." She smile a moment before a faint oy escapes her hearing that about the girls from Ka'el and that Mur'dah goes right along with it, yeah no comment from her on all that.

Ka'el grins as he lifts up his hands to shield himself from firestone attack. "Hey, don't deny it. S'alright to be honest with yourself, Mur'dah. There's probably countless numbers've people out there that wish they looked like me. Can anyone blame them?" He ducks a bit, bracing for another onslaught of firestone juuust in case! "Heh. Yeah, Sheersha's a memory. Heard she's a real nutcruncher anyhow, and no fun at all if she doesn't get her way." Or he's making this up to make him feel better? Maybe, maybe not! He watches him haul that sack, then looks at one that still needs to be moved. "I came for some've this anyway, so don't bother with this one," he says, nudging a toe on a bag. "I'll sign off for it before packing it up." He glances to Idrissa, smirking at her. "Did you like camping?"

No difference at all! But then, Soriana wouldn't be making Idrissa's offer if it was Idrissa held back - or Ka'el, either. It's not the who. It's the what. Now, arguing that he should be allowed to graduate… that's different. That, she may well do. Holding herself back… no. Not that she explains any of that. She just nods to Mur'dah about the classes. "If you're not, we'll catch you up." Because, hey. Double drills! Doesn't that sound like fun? Sori rolls her eyes at Ka'el's boasting, but it's with a small smile.

Mur'dah nods at Idrissa with a little smile and then he just snorts at Ka'el. "Gee, thanks," he drawls. But he's done throwing things. Knowing his luck he'd get in trouble for /that/ too. He does laugh at the word 'nutcruncher' though. That's epic. He'll remember that. "Thanks, Sori. Look, don't want to be rude or nothin' but I should get this done. Should be good and all that…" So he'll shift his focus away from their conversation and go back to hauling rocks. Back and forth. Back and forth. Joy.

Idrissa doesn't seem to think it's a big deal, maybe to her it isn't? Or who knows really. A glance is sent to Mur'dah and she nods. "Sure.. Talk to you later." Hearing Ka'el she glances over. "Well, I didn't mind it.." Not that she was really around, off exploring with Tahryth more then anything, and finding rabbits with her firelizards. There is a slight smile seen though. "Was sorta fun I thought. What about you guys?"

Ka'el nods to Mur'dah as he gets back to work. Yeah. Might not want to rock the boat too much right now. Better to be safe than sorry! He closes a fist around the top of the firestone bag but doesn't lift it just yet. Instead, he looks to the girls. Would he help Mur'dah get caught up? Pft, of course he would! He's his friend, and that's what friends do. To Idrissa, he nods. "I had more fun this time than last time. I don't…remember how long we stayed last time, but this time felt quicker. We made a damn good herdbeast stew…on accident," at this he grins towards Soriana, "and nothin' bad happened. I've gotta say that it was a win for me. Wonder what our next lesson's gonna be. We've practiced nearly everything. Who're you shadowing this week? I've got Transport again." Kanekith ruuuuuumbleeeeeessssss. Uuuuuugggggghhhhh.

And not get in more trouble. Soriana nods to Mur'dah. "Yeah. I'll see you at class." One way or another, whether that's real class or the Weyrling Tutoring Services. She turns to look at Ka'el and Idrissa, and grins crookedly at the mention of the herdbeast stew. "Wasn't bad, for camp food." Which is to say… it was edible! "I think it's mostly learning wings," she says to the question of what comes next, then steals a glance at the toiling Mur'dah before announcing, "I'm gonna head back." Not that she's done anything here, really. But… well. She just wants to abandon Mur'dah to his fate?

"Could have been mushroom stew.." Idrissa says with an amused tone at the idea. Well Soriana and she did learn that not that long ago after all. "Well.. I didn't really mind the last time either." At least she didn't have to deal with Jenlle this time around. A glance is sent towards Mur'dah, half wondering if she should offer to help it seems. Though she is rather sure that V'dim would not like that in the least, this is a lesson for Mur'dah after all. At the talk of Soriana leaving she glances up, a soft oh escaping her. "Alright.. See you later."

"I know. I know…" Ka'el says consolingly to poor, whining Kanekith. "But maybe this'll be our last time? You can't help that you're so good at what you do that they wanted you back, eh buddy?" A smirk…but…huh? The look disappears quickly. "No. No that does not mean that if you throw people off your back you won't do it anymore. You better not shardin' dare, Kanekith…" The bronze is given a stern frown before he looks back at his friends. "Yeah, you're probably right Sori. Then, we'll be on our own." A grin, and at her mentioning of leaving, he nods towards Kanekith. "Want a ride?" Mushroom stew earns a snerk. "Ha. I didn't touch any mushroom I saw out there. An' I saw plenty."

Mushrooms. Hah. Soriana just gives her head a shake. "I stuck with the meat and tubers. Safer that way." She glances up at Kanekith at Ka'el's offer, and grins. "I think he'll be fine without the extra practice." And Soriana will be fine without being thrown from his back! No bucking bronco bronzes required. She gives the two of them a wave, then starts leaving… very slowly. Like she's giving them a chance to catch up, if they want. Probably because she is.

Idrissa grins as she hears Ka'el. "I can't imagen why you would want to not munch on a couple of them." This said with an amused tone at the thought. Her gaze turns over to Soriana, pondering it seems before sending a glance back to Ka'el to watch him a few moments seeming to ponder if he'll be following after Soriana. "So.. Came to get some firestone huh?" Well she'll see what happens and then go from there!

"Aw, he wouldn't throw you," assures Ka'el, but it doesn't seem as if Soriana's going to trust the brozne today! Not that he can blame her. He tosses the dragon a look. "Yeah," he answers Idrissa. "For practice. .. Oh! Reminds me… Be right back!" He heads off to the barracks quickly, disappearing inside. He's gone for a handful of minutes. As long as it takes to sign off for a bag of firestone, explaining its purpose. And when he returns outside, he hefts the bag over his back and gets it situated upon Kanekith's back. That's heavy stuff! But now, with it secure, he dismounts and heads back to Idrissa. "C'mon. 'Less you're here for a reason," he says, nodding away from Weyrlingland and towards the rest of the weyr and Soriana. He starts that way, watching Idrissa to see if she's coming. "Have you done transport yet?"

"I dunnooo," Soriana says with a suspicious look at Kanekith… but she's got a teasing smile. She doesn't think she's in any actual danger, it's just a nice day for a walk, so… she walks away! Slowly. They'll catch up to her soon, even with Ka'el's delay to properly sign out his 'stone.

Idrissa eyes Kanekith a moment pondering if he would or would not toss someone. She isn't too sure on that it would seem. "Right, an't bad to get some practice in for sure." A nod is seen once he is off to take care of the bag and then is back. Come on? She ponders that, a soft ah escaping her before she shrugs and is soon following along, the last on in that line it seems. Though Tahryth does follow along after her, the green almost hovering over her rider at times. "Yeah I've done it; Tahryth loves it because she tries to lick all the new people she meets." One can just imagine the conversations that happen /after/ that. "She tried to lick Zi'on the other day." It was amusing.

"Zi'on? Here again? Ha, for weyrleader, he's on Xanadu quite a bit." Though if Ka'el's weyrmate were on a different Weyr, he'd be there a lot too! Or…rather, hopefully she'd be living in the same Weyr as him. That in and of itself is curious, though not curious enough for the thought not to be merely passing. Kanekith rises and, after a stretch, begins to follow along, though he's nowhere near as close as Tahryth. At the news that Idrissa has done Transport and Delivery, Ka'el visibly perks. "Yeah? Uh…would you do me a favor, then?" he asks, picking up the pace a little so that they can catch up to Soriana quicker.

Soriana is being pursued! So… she slows down even more. Outright stops, in fact, waiting for the two of them to catch up and greeting them with a smile. "Hey." Here they all are! Yay. So she settles in to stroll beside them.

Idrissa shrugs at the talk of Zi'on being here a lot. "I guess with his kids here and all he comes by a lot." Makes sense to her at least. As for the weyrmate part she doesn't comment on it. Rissa glances up towards Tahryth, a slight smile sent to the green which lowers her head as if to join in the conversation. "Depends, what sort of favor might it be?" The question is sent to Ka'el while she glances to Soriana, smile offered back. "Hey back."

Woo! The gang's all caught up. Two dragons and three weyrlings. Residents, beware! Ka'el grins, positioning himself so that he is in the middle. It's a Ka'el sandwich! "Would you mind tradin' wings?" he asks, looking hopefully at Idrissa. "Not the entire time…just on the fourth day. I, uh.. won't be able to make deliveries that day. Are you shadowing? I've done'm all by now at least once so…it shouldn't be a big deal, y'know?"

…all except for Mur'dah, who's back at the grounds still. But, y'know. Other than that. Soriana smiles to the other two, strolling along with them and listening. "Better clear it with V'dim," she warns. Not that it doesn't seem perfectly reasonable to her, but… well. She glances back toward Mur'dah and his demotion before returning her gaze to where she's going. Luraoth's still down the beach a ways, and Sori's in no hurry to summon her yet.

Idrissa eyes Ka'el curiously at the question on trading wings. "What for?" She doesn't seem that eager to just jump right in and help Ka'el out of such things. A slight nod is seen as Soriana brings up speaking with V'dim about it first. "Yeah, I think we better." He may shoot everything down anyway. As for the gag all being caught up, old times with a side of awkwardness if she thinks about it too much. So she just doesn't, for now.

"Yeah," Ka'el says to Soriana, nodding once. Ask V'dim. It's on his list of things to do, but before he can ask him anything, he'll have to make sure that both parties (himself and Idrissa) are willing participants. Himself? Check! Idrissa? Well.. He notes her hesitance, and he.. well. He wasn't expecting her to jump to his aid willingly. "Uh…well. See that day, I'm in route to Black Rock, and.. I'd rather not." He smirks a little, though it's lacking a whole lot of mirth, and he rubs lightly at the back of his neck. Eyes shift to Soriana, and he grins a little. "Figured askin' you this favor would've been pointless."

Just so long as V'dim is asked. Soriana nods, and keeps walking and listening. Another nod as the reason why is explained, and she looks at Ka'el with decent timing for eyes meeting and gives him a half-smile. "If you want me to do it, we've got to ask Thea, too." Only a half-smile. "I am supposed to know what the other wings do, just… not in nearly so much detail as you." But, hey. It's theoretically possible! Ish. …not really.

Idrissa watches Ka'el a few moments at the talk of Black Rock, there is a pause at the thought and she looks up to Tahryth. A light rumble escapes the green that is eager to go it seems, though it is up to her rider in the end. "If.. V'dim is alright with it, I suppose I can go too it." She knows it is something hard for Ka'el to go there, though she is still hesitant to just agree to it.

Hmmm. Asking V'dim only. Or asking V'dim and the Weyrwoman herself? Ka'el gives Soriana a look. "I think I'll take my chances with non-weyrwomen," he says, smirking now. "But … thanks." It's a genuine sounding word. "If nobody else jumps at the chance to fly to the magnificent hold, then I'll circle back to you." His fallback! But maybe he won't need to, if Idrissa is so kind. And she is! Though Ka'el isn't blind (or deaf) to her hesitance, and the grin that was to stretch over his mouth fails before it begins. He shrugs a single shoulder. "You don't have to," he reminds. "Just…thought I'd ask. Forget it. I'll get someone else to do it."

Yeah, Soriana can't exactly blame Ka'el for that, so she just half-grins and nods to him. "I'll be your last resort." She doesn't seem unhappy about that, mind you, just stating the facts, and then listening to Idrissa and Ka'el as they discuss the matter of whether his first resort is willing, with or without duress.

"I said I'd do it." Idrissa offers, a faint edge to her tone as it is brought up. There is a pause. "Anyway, Tahryth wants to go see it." She figures that the green should get to see the place if she so choses. To her well it is a done deal pretty much. "Just need to talk to V'dim about it and all." Maybe Ka'el can take the Irene route then so she doesn't have to run into her family then. Not that she asks it.

"Alright then, fine," retorts Ka'el who sounds less grateful than he does irritated. But the irritation is a spark that doesn't ignite, and he exhales a short breath while looking ahead, both hands shoving into his pockets. He listens in silence, and when she's finished talking, silence still stretches for a few ticks. "I'll ask him," he says finally. "It's my request anyway. I'll let you know what he says, an' if he says yes, I'll get with you the day before. It'll be easy though. You'll have someone with you. You're pretty much just following.." He pauses. "Well, you know. You've done it before."

Soriana frowns a little as she listens, looking between the other two but not interfering. "What've you got then, Idrissa?" Her tone is light. Change of topic? Also letting Ka'el know what he's getting himself in for, not that she expects it to change his mind. Anything's likely better to the bronzerider than having to visit his old home turf and chance running into his family.

Idrissa doesn't get too irritated, or raise her voice anymore then she did there for a few words. She nods hearing Ka'el. "Alright, sure just let me know." Catching what Soriana says a glance is sent towards her before she looks back to Ka'el, she shrugs at that. "I was shadowing some with search and rescue that day." Which she knows Ka'el would rather do anyway. "No worries about someone getting bucked off for sure then huh?" Unless they have to rescue someone.

Search and rescue? Ka'el nods, relieved. "Alright, I'll ask V'dim and get it cleared. Search for Transport. It's an even trade. Can't think've a reason why he'd say no … unless he's in a bad mood." Which .. is likely! Idrissa's quip earns a vague snicker from the former smith, and he shakes his head. "Nah, probably not. He'd know better than to buck anyone. I'd ground him myself," he says, raising his voice and speaking over his shoulder back to the trailing bronze. Yeah. Yeah.. "..Sori," he says, looking over to teh goldrider now. "How're your lessons with Thea? Learnin' anything cool?"

Wing shadowing, Nova edition! It's… "Fine." Soriana shrugs one shoulder, then smiles. "Learning records, lately. All the reports everyone files and how to read them." With her eyes? Well, yes, but she's supposed to actually understand them in addition to just reading them, so. "Did storeroom requisitions." She grins. "And I'm supposed to start attending some of the leadership meetings to take notes at them." So she gets an idea of what sorts of things happen at those meetings! And which of those things are actually important enough to go in the final copy of her notes.

Idrissa nods to Ka'el. "Okeys. I bet it'll be fine.." Unless he is in a bad mood, which well it is V'dim he could wake up wrong, or the wind could blow wrong, or who knows really. Her gaze turns over to Soriana as she listens in on what things she's been having to learn, or well do. "Sounds like… fun.. No really it totally does.." Not.

Reports! Storeroom requisitions! It all sounds so….uh… "All of that is a trick," Ka'el notes, smirking knowingly. "Paperwork and the filing. Sounds like somethin' nobody wants to do .. but I know the truth." He inclines his chin smugly. "Truth is, all that stuff, the papers and the signing and filing and whatnot? All've that opens doors to things everybody wants but no one can get. Things like… fireworks. Ale. Trays of fruit. Cookies…" He gets a dreamy look in his eyes but it crumbles with his laughter. "And now you're going to sit in on meetings and learn all the dark secrets that are said in those things. I'd wager you'll have to take an oath," he notes, nodding as he walks. "A sworn promise that if you ever utter what you hear in those meetings…you'll cut your own tongue off."

Other lessons for Nova: listening to people and recognizing when they're saying one thing and meaning another! Like Idrissa. Right now. The advanced lesson is how to recognize this fact and then not call them on it. So. Soriana simply smiles! "See, the thing is, I can get those things," or will be able to, "but only if I file the paperwork and balance the ledger for them. It's sorta like… hah, like at survival camp. You can eat anything you want, so long as you catch it yourself." Only with a pen and paper instead of a bow and arrow. "As for being sworn to secrecy, well! Let me be the first to assure you that there is absolutely no conspiracy, and no deep dark secrets are being kept from you for your own safety." She grins.

Idrissa smiles and chuckles while nodding as she hears Soriana. "So much paper work.. Do you have paperwork for the paperwork? Is there paperwork for how to fill or paperwork?.." Oh the list could go on.. Or something along those lines.

"Or if you know someone kind enough to share with you," remarks Ka'el, grinning. "I get what you mean, though. Better you than me! In fact," he says, pulling a hand out of his pocket to stroke at his chin, "it's not a wonder Nova wing is in charge of all of that stuff. Girls are so much better at that sort've organizing stuff. I've seen all your weyrs. They're all nice and orderly." As Idrissa chimes in, he can't help but laugh. "There's paperwok for everything, I bet. And I don't believe for a second there's no conspiracy. There's always a conspiracy! I bet you're part of the conspiring now.." He narrows his eyes suspiciously at her. "Be careful Idrissa. She's one of them now." One of the conspirers!

"…yes. There is." Soriana eyes Idrissa. Oh, so the greenrider thought she was joking, was she? Hah. "There are forms documenting how many forms have been filed. And those forms are collated into a report. And there's a form for signing off on the report. In triplicate." She is not even joking. If only she were joking. If. Only. As for Ka'el's comment about girls… she laughs. "Quasar does paperwork too." And, for that matter. "So does the Steward." See? The conspiracy (that doesn't exist) stretches to many places. Many, many places. That she won't admit.

Idrissa smirks as she hears Ka'el at the bit on that girls are good at the organizing things. "Oh, funny.. I'm sure there are plenty of paperwork you guys have to do and so forth." There is a pause and nods upon hearing Soriana. Tahryth is there nosing at her a few times suddenly and she glances over to her dragon, a soft oh escaping her. "I should get going. Have some things to try and get finished before it gets much later. You two have a good night now." This said before she turns to move off with Tahryth following along.

"I seee…." Quasar. The Steward. "Sooo..they're all in on it too, eh?" It. The Conspiracy. The one that "doesn't exist". He slowly nods his head. "The paperwork done by Quasar? The Weyrleader and Weyrsecond stuff? A cover. That's all it is. They do it so they don't rise suspicion," he says, peering at her because, obviously, she knows this already. It's all part of the coup. His act falls when Idrissa leaves, and he pulls his other hand out of his pocket to wave at her. Eyes are back on Soriana now, and with a smirk, he reaches over to claim her hand. "S'alright. YOu don't have to tell me all've your Nova secrets. I know that you have them… and it's reason enough for me to keep an eye on you." Two eyes, actually. Two narrowed eyes! He grins as scenery changes from beach to meadow, and he continues to walk and chat with her, unsure of their destination, but not really caring either.

Soriana looks all innocent, but then, that's probably just an act. A clever act to avoid suspicion. They probably train her in that, in the conspiracy that doesn't exist. "I," Soriana says with a hint of a grin, "can neither confirm nor deny such rumors." Nope. Not her. Not confirming nor denying. "You'll find out nothing. Better men than you have tried and failed to find a conspiracy!" Because it doesn't exist. Or because anyone who gets too close gets brainwashed. Either way. And so the light teasing continues as they go along, finally ending up back at the caverns, where Soriana suggests something to eat… but, instead, is swept along by a passing junior and ends up going back to the admin hallway for something that certainly isn't conspiring. Nope. Couldn't possibly be, because, you see, there's no conspiracy.

Xanadu, a weyr of lies and deception. Secrets upon secrets! Are they really for the betterment of the weyr? are the people really better off being left in the dark? Ka'el is having his doubts.. Fake doubts, yet doubts they are! "Better men? … Better men? I disagree! You've never met a man such as I. I, who will never rest until the truth is told. I, who laughs in the face of danger! Hahaha!" And eventually, his theatrical laughter sounds more real and genuine, and by the time they get into the caverns, Ka'el is in a chipper mood. But alas, Soriana is being stolen away before any food could be claimed, but it's only a brief moment that his expression looks disappointed before it turns suspicious. His narrow-eyed look is back and it will linger all the while that he watches her head off to do more conspiring. Uh-huh.. he's got his eye on you, Soriana and company. He's got his watchful eye on you!

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