Unsavory Types and Troublemakers

Xanadu Weyr - The Firelizard Theatre

There are many different things to look at here. In the northern part of this field lies a massive fort made out of wood. About 10 feet to the right of the fort, there are wooden sit-toys carved in the likeness of dragons and even painted as such. In the middle of the field are two sets of swings suspended from a wooden beam, held up by two wooden beams on either side. To the left of the swings is a 5 by 6 rectangular box filled not quite to the top with sand from Xanadu Weyr's Beach. To the right of the swings are monkey bars, completely crafted out of wood. In front of you are two seesaws, both made out of wood. Finally, to your near left are two benches underneath a large Lemosian Ironwood tree. You find yourself standing in the Courtyard of The Firelizard.

A thick layer of snow has fallen throughout the day, not that a little snow will keep Idrissa locked up inside somewhere! She can be found sitting on a swing that is slowly moving back an forth in a slow lazy mannor, her boots kicking up some snow in the process. Asher is stretched out not to far off making doggy snow angles in he snow covered ground it would seem, his tail thumping now and then to kick some snow up in the process. Yes nice quiet evening here! Though Rissa is deep in thought it would seem, her head lowered while she eyes the ground so expecting a answer to appear.

This is a place for children. /Children/ who are 3 to 9 turns, so why is such a /mature/ fellow like himself here? Pft. He's not. Xanthius is merely passing through after having been sent on a mission to collect the pieces of a broken seesaw, likely broken by unruly teens with nothing better to do. He moves at a meandering stroll, wearing a different jacket today. Maybe he actually did burn the last one! Today, it's a long brown trenchcoat that looks as impeccably tailored as his former jacket. His hair has been swept away from his eyes, and hands are gloved in leather. Upon arriving, he looks boredly around, seeking the broken equipment in question without much gusto. But…eh, what's this? A girl is here! Now that certainly gets his interest. He begins to head her way, and he's halfway there before he notices Asher. Eh. Animal. He wrinkles his nose, as if bombarded by an unpleasant smell, but he continues on. It's a girl! He can bypass a dog to get to her. "It's unwise to find yourself alone in the evening hours," he says. "You never know what .. /unsavory/ types may be trolling."

Quiet? Nah, not anymore. Dillum's got a big stick! As he approaches through the woods, the boy of ten turns in thwacking it against tree trunks. It's a really good stick, too. Goes 'thump!' very solidly. Oh, hey, that tree had avians in it! They launch themselves into the air, protesting noisily, and Dillum laughs! He keeps on approaching, still mostly hidden by the forest, but the thumps reveal his presence.

Idrissa takes in a slight breath and stretches, oh sure this is a place for younger kids but that's never stopped the trio from hanging out here, right? At the voice she blinks and peers upwards, bright gaze settles on Xanthius and she frowns slightly at what is said. "I got Asher.. An his a good judge of who's unsavory and who an't." Her shoulders roll and she lets her hands grip at the chains for the swing she is settled upon. She eyes the boy a few moments before glancing over to Asher whom is rather content to stay where he is. Thanks guard dog! "What you doing out here?" Is questioned curiously while she glances towards the boy from the night before. At the sudden 'thumping' she blinks and tilts her head to peer backwards towards the trees.

Oh! He knows this particular girl. Xanthius hadn't noticed that Idrissa was Idrissa until he's upon her, and recognition flashes in his dark eyes. "Well, so we meet again. And unplanned this time, at that," he comments, as if Idrissa /knew/ that he was going to show up in the stables for her the other day. "So it must be fate that brought you and I together. Excellent. This will work well, I think." He contemplates the swing next to her, though soon thinks of how many other rear ends have seated themselves in that same spot. How many poopy diapers and snotty children have gripped on those chains.. And plus, there's snow. So, he decides against ruining yet another jacket and remains standing. "Ah, it's a bore, really. Sent to collect some things though," he clicks his tongue, "seems as if I forgot to bring something to carry it back with, and thus…I won't be able to." Darn! He seems not too broken up about it and is about to ask her something when his attention is taken by thumping. Thumpthump! Flying avians flee! He glances up, then out at the forest. "Animals…are much quieter than that, yes?" A beast crafter would know!

Aww, yeah, this is an awesome stick. Thump. Thump. Thump. Dillum finally emerges from the trees, his blond hair tousled under his knitted cap and his cheeks bright from the cold. The stick is a big one, dragging a line in the snow behind him. The boy pauses to hike up his pants and take a look around. Girl on the swings. Older boy. Oh! Hey! A dog! Dillum grins wide, and makes for the canine.

Idrissa does sorta blend in at times doesn't she? Her bright gaze rests on Xanthius watching him and just wondering how he and Kale ever became friends? This guy is so /different/. "Fate sorta works in strange ways like that." A faint ah escapes her and she nods while peering around before catching sight of the broken item in question. "Well, if you knew that you was suppose to come out here why didn't you bring something with you to get it?" There goes Rissa asking a logical sort of question. Her gaze drifts towards the sky catches sight of the few avian's that go fluttering between trees. She hums softly while lifting a hand to scratch at her cheek a moment. "Could be a few things.." An then the boy appears and she smiles. "Or just someone out for a stroll in the forest." Asher lifts his head, a tired yawn escaping him and he snuffles before peering over to Dillum and his tail thumps against the ground while he clambers up onto his giant paws and shakes snow off, which sends it flying towards everyone.

"Now /that/ is the question of the day, isn't it?" replies Xanthius. Why didn't he bring something? A cart? A trolly? A wagon? Why, because that would require far too much effort on his part! And thus he'll just go back empty handed and someone else will have to do the job. He lightly grins to himself, but his attention turns back to the unknown thing in the woods. It could be a cat creature ready to attack! Hopefully that canine of hers is a good of a protector as she claims. But, it's not a cat. It's something far worse…it's a kid! "Oh.." he says, giving the younger boy a dismissive sort of look. Boys with sticks don't interest him. Back to Idrissa! "I /must/ say, you look much better out of those stables than you do in them." .. Supposedly a compliment by the way he's smiling at her. "Why are you here?"

Dillum has eyes for nothing except the dog. He laughs as the canine shakes, and lifts up the stick to brandish it. "Hey, boy!" He's so loud. And annoying, with that particular piercing cheer children are so prone to. Why do there have to be children in the world? "Hey! You wanna play?"

Idrissa watches the boy and Asher a few moments, as if making sure the oversized puppy doesn't go about tackling the kid into the snow! Which she doesn't /yet/. Asher bounces around, lowering into a playbow with his rump and tail wagging and wiggling about in the air, that is a total YES for playing! Rissa looks back to Xanthius. "I'm sure your figure out a way to get the stuff back to where you have to take it." Look she is trying to be nice! A soft oh escapes her. "Um.. Thanks." She even smiles a moment before shrugging and glances up towards the trees. "Come here to think at times. An meet Soriana and Kale when there not busy."

Xanthius eyes the boy as if he were a plague. Yes. /Please/ stay over there and yes /please/ take the dogbeast away with you..cuz the dogbeast /almost/ got snow all over his trenchcoat! Snow that likely would be laced with fur and fleas and dirt and such. He takes a slight step to the side, putting about two inches more space between himself, the dog, and the superloud kid. "One would /suspect/ you'd ask the beasts owner before you go gallivanting up to a strange beast that could be carrying a /plethora/ of diseases. Or could be rabit. Or just have a bad temperament," he says in a matter of fact way, giving him a droll sort of look. Stupid kid. "Not that I think that your canine has such things," he adds to Idrissa. Insert charming smile…here. "And no, no, you don't understand. I don't want to to carry the stuff back. I'll return, empty handed, and they'll send someone else to do it. So in the end, everyone wins." It's perfect! He nods, as if proud of himself, but raises a brow as she continues on. "Kale comes here with you? Heh. And..who is Soriana? That's a lovely name."

Huh? Come on, it's a dog. Dogs are for playing with. What is he, some kind of pretty girl in pink dresses who goes about asking permission for stuff? Yeah right. He's a boy who knows what he wants, and what he wants (at the moment) is to play with the dog. "Yeah, boy!" Dillum wipes his runny nose in his sleeve, then swings his stick about mightily, teasing the dog with swoops of it overhead. "You wanna play, right? You wanna play! Oh, ye- oops." The stick, slick from melted snow, slides out of his hand unexpectedly and goes flying backward… straight for Idrissa! It's a nice big stick. Knobbly on one end… and the other one has sharp points from broken-off branches. End over end it goes, in what would be a rather nice throw if intentionally done, with just the right sort of wobble to entice a dog to give chase. If he'd aimed it, he could also be proud of that, because it's headed right for Idrissa. Uh. Think fast?

Idrissa just blinks and eyes Xanthius a few moments, is that a narrowing of her eyes? Why yes, yes it is! She seems about to say something until Xanth is stumbling back over his words and says that her canine would. "Asher isn't sick, or mean.. or.. any of that.." A soft ah escapes her and she ponders while tilting her head. "How does everyone win with that?" This questioned with a curious tone an a slight nod is soon seen. "Well, ya Kale, Soriana an I come here." At the comment to Soriana's name she ponders it and tilts her head to rub at her neck a moment which makes her miss the stick that if flying at her all of a sudden. If Xanth doesn't do soemthing it'll smack into her for sure!

Soriana. Why is that name sounding familiar to him? He's never /met/ a Soriana before, has he? Ah, he'll think on it later. The important part is, what does she look like? Or rather, the /more/ important thing is…why is Kale coming out to playgrounds with two girls all to himself and not telling him about it?? Or at least inviting him to share the wealth. Xanthius wants more details of the activities that happen when the trio is together, and he'd likely answer her question too, but it's lucky that his attention is divided between her and the loud-o boy, for if he hadn't kept an eye on him (if only not to make sneerish faces) he never would've seen that stick go flying right towards them! Or specifically, right towards Idrissa. Pointy stick! "Hey!!" Reflexs take over, overpowering the "run away and save yourself from pointy things that'll make you bleed!" initial desire. He lurches forward, grasping the chain of her swing with one hand while the other lashes out to swat the offending stick away. Well, he meant to swat, though ends up catching, and catching ends up having a particularly sharp end puncture itself a good inch into his palm. And that, in turn, has him bellowing, "SHARDS!" in pain.

Dillum turns to see his stick about to collide with the girl. Eep! He's going to get in So Much Trouble. It's totally not his fault, either. The stick slipped! It was an accident! But it's a girl, so of course she'll go crying to the nannies and they'll get mad at him. Stupid crybaby girls. Well, he's not going to take it! Not this time! He turns and runs off into the woods at top speed. Goodbye, stick! He'll miss you! You were a very, very good stick. Well. Except for the slipping and hitting a girl part, but he can forgive that. It's just a girl, after all, not somebody important. The angry shout from Xanthius just makes Dillum run even faster. Flee, Dillum! Flee from consequences!

Idrissa is so not good at keeping things to herself it seems, its not like they do anything when out an about? Just run around and have fun, heck Sori and Rissa go exploring in the forest after all. An Kale? Well that is so nothing she wants to talk to dear Xanth about thank you! None of his concern at all. She glances up as the chain of her swing is grabbed, her eyes widen slightly as she peers at Xanthis and errs out fiantly as she sees him take on the attacking stick. "Xanthis.. Are you alright?" Is questioned with a rather worried tone once he goes about yelling in pain. Yup his totally fine! With the kid running off Rissa doesn't worry about him while she stands trying to take hold of Xanth's arm so she can get a better look at his hand. "Hey, just stop for a moment, let me see." Her grip is slightly tight once she is able to get hold of his arm, her bright gaze settling upon his hand.

"You flitter brained deadglow!" screeches Xanthius. He is going to kill him! Not right now, because right now his hand is hurting and there's a piece of wood embedded in it… but sometime eventually, he'll get that rotten kid! The main portion of the stick has snapped of and fallen to the ground, leaving behind a three inch piece that's stuck in his palm. A good yanking is what it needs, but.. omg pain! Initially, he turns from Idrissa, his uninjured hand holding the wrist of his injured one, looking at the piece of wood stuck there and the blood that's beginnign to seep out from arond it. Owowow! "/No/ I'm not alright!" he barks at Idrissa, though likely he doesn't mean to use such a tone. Likely. Unwillingly, he allows her to take hold of his arm and turn him, and he shows his injury. "I'll surely die." Something from /outside/ is /inside/ his hand!

Idrissa merely ignore Xanth's bellowing and barking as her gaze rests on his hand. Her left hand grips tightly at his wrist to keep him still, for such a thin thing she is somewhat strong. "Just stop for a moment.. Geezs.." She goes to quickly grab hold of the big piece of stick and yank it out swiftly. "His just a kid, I bet you did worse when you was his age." This said to the dear hurt Xanthis to get his mind off his hand. "I think your be alright.. But if you want maybe go see a healer for any of the little pieces?" She offers while pulling out a bit of cotten type wrap from one of those pockets of her's that she most likely has on hand to use with a runner, and wraps a bit around his hand seeing how it is bleeding. Look at Rissa being all calm and thinking about what she is doing instead of freaking out!

Xanthius is doing enough freaking out for the both of them. Injury is not part of his pampered life. Risks really don't need to be taken when there are others who will do things for you. And his apprenticeship? Well … if today's lack of effort in his pretty simple task is any clue, likely he is not putting forth all (if any) of his effort. "No, I did /not/ go about hurling sticks at people and /impaling/ them! When I was a child, I /AH!/!" Yank! goes the wood, and gush! goes the blood. It isn't too bad of an injury, only looking worse than it is. But..well all know how much Xanthius prides looks. Brown eyes widen as the blood flows, and he makes a sound in his throat as its wrapped from view. A healer? He looks at her as she suggestion is made. "Do you… do you think that'd be best?"

Idrissa lets him whine and complain, her attenton on his hand still. "I'm sure he didn't mean it.." An if she did she will make sure to say an do something! She ties off the cotton bandage and glancs to him curious like. "What, you never went out an played as a kid or something?" She smirks a moment. "An ya. you should let a healer look at it, to make sure there arn't smaller bits of splintered wood there under the skin that I can't see cause of the low light an all."

Xanthius doesn't answer the comment about playing as a child. Likely, he's too busy worrying about whether his hand will be amputated and he'll go about the rest of his life with a stump on his wrist! And there will be no more dances. No more girls wanting his attention. No more flirting, for what girl wants to flirt with a one handed fellow? A healer could fix this. Save his obviously mutiliated hand! "Alright, you've convinced me. Let's go. Quickly. I think I feel it sort of going dead.." Quickly, with Idriss in tow (wait..wasn't she supposed to be guiding him?) he leads the way towards help. Save the hand! Save the hand!

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