In the Forges

Xanadu Weyr - Smith Forge

Loud, dim, and hot is the large area set up for the Smith's forge area. It's been roughly divided into separate areas, the large common one holding the main forge lodged against the western wall, with bellows at the ready and a chimney rushing high to open in the ceiling outside. This is the area that the apprentices are taught in and are able to use, the nearby wall clasps a vast and unspecialized collection of tools, while the built-in shelves of another wall host jars of nails, crates of wood and metal scraps, spools of wire, sacks of sand, and heavy bins of Cromcoal, all decorated with a fine coating of grime and sawdust.
To the other side are the separate forges for the Journeyman's use, each one kept clean and neat, even when in the midst of a project. Behind and to the back lies the more private forges reserved for the few Masters that stay here.
There is a door to one side that leads into a hallway and to the dorms and rooms of the smiths that call Xanadu home.

The sound of hammering is a constant in the forge, no matter what time of day or night. It's rarely quiet, with the crackling of fire and grunts of effort always present. Currently, there are a few journeymen working on separate projects in their area, looking like otherwordly creatures in their heavy aprons and facemasks or goggles, whichever their preference to keep their eyes protected. ka-el is in the common area, dark goggles on his face though the forge he is working in is not lit. He's currently cleaning out the excess amount of ashes that has accumulated, using a blacked wire brush to collect the coals and such in a bucket. It's dirty work, which is why most of him looks grey and black right now.

Idrissa has never actually been here before, though now she is! An she doesn't look so thrilled about the reason why she is here. Her bright gaze flicks around and she just eyes the few journeymen she catches sight of and lifts a brow at the getup they have on. It doesn't take her that long to catch sight of Kale and she moves that'a way. "Kale.." Is said once she is closer to him, a curious glance offered to see how dirty he happens to be. How is it that he and Xanthius are..friends? The other boy couldn't even handle being in the stables for less than ten minutes.

It's busywork, but Kale seems happy to be doing it. He leeeans in further to reach his brush to a far corner just as his name is called…and /not/ in the voice of a journeyman! Hearing Idrissa here of all places is odd. Hey, it's usually him that goes seeking her out in her place of work. He turns his head, flashing her a grin before pulling out of the hearth. "I think…my eyes are deceivin' me.." he says with a crooked grin as he tosses the brush in the ash-filled bucket on the ground. "This can't be /Idrissa/ here in the forges.." Using both hands, he lifts the goggles from his eyes, propping them up just above his forehead. He looks like an inverted raccoon. The area around his eyes clean while the rest of his face is more of a greyed hue! "What brings you to the fire pit, eh?"

Idrissa is indeed here, and she doesn't seem to thrilled to be here, maybe because its not the stables? Her gaze flicks around as if searching to make sure someone isn't here and she peers back to look at Kale. "No.. I'm really here.." Is offered softly, she can't help but look amused at the condition that Kale is in. "An I always thought that I managed to get dirty.." A soft eh escapes her. "Um….I…well I wanted to ask you about Xanthius. How well do you know him?" Needless to say by the expression she has at the moment the first meeting did NOT go well.

"Aye, now ya see the real me," remarks Kale who pulls off the thick gloves he wears one at a time, lightly shaking them out within the hearth before sticking the ends of them in the back pockets of his trousers. "Aren't ya glad I wash up before seein' ya?" his grin continues, but…he can tell something is a little off, and thus the cheerful look begins to falter. His brows lift a little in a look of question, and when she asks of Xanthius, he blinks owlishly. "How well? Uh…I've known of him for… a little while," he says measuredly, watching her closely. "Known /of/ him for a few months. Met him.. uh…" the pause is for thought, eyes upturning a bit.. "a few weeks back? Maybe two or three. Why?"

Idrissa grins slightly, she finds it hard to actually seem mad at Kale for some reason an a shrug is seen. "Well, maybe a little. I'm sure you've seen me plenty dirty when I work over at the stables after all." She points out before it gets all serious. "His a jerk." That is most likely the meanest thing she has ever said about anyone around Kale or Soriana for that matter! "He came by the stables as was going on about the dance an stuff." She pauses and just peers at Kale. "I don't think I want to go with him, he creeps me out." There it’s said she doesn't want to go, and not with Xanthius at all! "Why did you think I'd get along with someone like that? His..his..a jerk!" Way to go, she used the word /twice/!

Jethaniel is muttering to himself again. "- winter isn't that harsh, but then -" somethingsomething, as he enters the forge area from outside. "- have to observe the weathering process this time." He nods to himself, and begins to look around the smiths' domain. He's just about to notice the two youngsters in conversation, when a particular bit of polished metal catches his eye, and the techcrafter blinks and starts muttering again. "- could be the electrical storms. Have to check frequency… historical records." Yes, that's right. Tell the thin air how it is. "- points of greatest damage. Observatory, Hatching Ground…" He counts them off on his fingers, including a few done in silence, before nodding again. "- another check."

He's a what? At first, the word doesn't register. Perhaps because he's never heard it uttered out of her mouth before to describe anyone. A jerk? Another blink. Who, Xanthius? "..He is?" His brows furrow, thinking back. Has he seen any jerkish tendencies? He's always seemed alright to him, though in truth their interactions have usually been female free, or female brief. "You don't have to go with him," he assures first and foremost, head shaking. "But…are ya /sure/ it was him? Corn colored hair? Speaks sort've proper?" Heh. Maybe there's a Xanthius imposter stalking the roads of Xanadu! His mouth opens to say more, but just then Jethaniel is noted. Er…who is he speaking to? He gives a puzzled look to Idrissa before speaking up, hopefully above the din of the few hammerers left. "D'you need a journeyman?"

Idrissa is quiet for a moment, as if thinking over everything. "His…is." Yes because that explains everything. She folds her arms in front of her, a faint glance sent over the shop once more. "Well, I'm pretty sure it was him. He didn't want to touch anything I think he was afraid of getting dirty." She did find that amusing though perhaps that proves she has a problem as she doesn't even pay attention to dirt and grim anymore when she is working. "He wanted to know if I kissed anyone.." There is a pause and she sends a glance towards another voice and she meeps, her eyes widen and she inches closer to Kale, NO she was not talking about kissing /anyone/.. She was half expecting to see a wingleader standing there, because she doesn't need to he saved now after all.

Jethaniel nods firmly, for he and his invisible friend are, apparently, in agreement. With that resolved, he once more looks around the room for a suitable person. No, not that journeyman, he's intent on that piece of very hot metal. Not her, she's dragged a large bucket away. How about… oh! Maybe the boy who's talking to him, how about that? Could work, could certainly work. Jethaniel flashes a brief smile, and strides toward Kale and, incidentally, Idrissa. He's no wingleader, but he does have a journeyman's knot on his shoulder from TechCraft. Kissing, what kissing, though - instead, he tells Kale briskly, "Perhaps, perhaps not. I simply require certain materials - copper wire, about twelve meters of ten-gauge braided and three meters of sixteen gauge solid. I'll also need a flex-plate - make that two flex-plates, standard style and temperature range."

Kissing? Kale's eyes look back to Idrissa, resisting the urge to ask her what the answer may be. He's curious! But what an inappropriate time to be so, considering that she obviously doesn't find it as thought provoking as he. Or Xanthius for that matter. A dirt fearing Xanthius. Well that part does sound familiar, as getting him to step foot in the forge is kinda like trying to walk a runner over a cliff. But..a jerk? He'll have to investigate this more! But not now. Right now there's this odd techie here asking him for stuff. Stuff that they indeed have around and stored, but…not stuff that they just go handing out without reason. "Uh.." his eyes dart to his knot, "I'd have to ask one've the journeyman, but I'm sure it'll be alright… I'd have to tell them what 'n who it's for though."

"I told him no." Idrissa says to Kale at the look he gives her. Her gaze drifts back to the journeyman and she faintly recalls seeing him in that art class a few days ago. She offers a slight nod back, a faint smile seen too before she looks back to Kale. "I'll just talk to you or him later about it I suppose." Well Kale is busy, and its really nothing serious. At least that he what she thinks at the moment with her friend needing to go find stuff for Jethaniel. "I'll talk to you later." She murmurs out softly as she turns to go, suddenly feeling very strange for coming in and bothering Kale with such things.

"Ah?" goes Jethaniel, followed by, "Oh. Of course." That's right, other people can't hear his internal monologue. They don't know him from Sean Connell, let alone the fine bevy of hypotheses, plans, and other assorted reasons for his actions. "I'm Jethaniel. The intent is to replace damaged wiring. While normal usage is generally not problematic, the strain of a heterogenous and evolving system will sometimes put excess load on individual circuits. Furthermore, the effects of the electrical storms, both recent and in the more distant past, have caused partial fusion and problematic behavior. Best to catch it now." He smiles, as if what he just said is perfectly clear. "The old metal will, of course, be provided back as scrap for salvage."

Dilemma! Kale does in fact wish to talk to Idrissa and get this apparent mess sorted out, but he also wants to help this guy, Jethaniel, with his quest for copper. Luckily, it seems as if he doesn't have to split his attention as Idrissa is now leaving. "Aye, I'll find you," he says after her, knowing exactly where the first place to look should be. He watches her go a moment, but his attention is drawn back to Jethaniel as he speaks. And…paying attention is key to understanding what he says. Unfortunately, despite how focused he is, most of that goes over his head. Uuuhh. Damaged wiring. Got it! He nods, hopefully in a convincing enough way that it at least seems as if he understood one hundred percent of that. "Nice to meet ya, Jethaniel. I'm Kale. Lemme see what I can do. Copper wire, twelve meters ten-g, three sixteen." He begins to move off. "Flex plates…two standard.." Now it's his turn to murmur to himself, if not just so that he doesn't forget along the way!

Jethaniel nods to Kale, then follows after the apprentice with 'helpful' advice and further details. So many details! Fortunately, before they get too far, a smithcraft journeyman intercepts them. Someone who can actually make these sorts of arrangements! All that's left for Kale is the actual fetching and carrying. Oh, and about that salvage… clearly, /someone/ is going to have to go and bring it back here once it's salvaged… hmm, whoever could that be?

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