Taste The Rainbow

Survival Camp - Tent Circle

Set among the trees, a small clearing has been devoted solely to the setup of tents. The trees grow thickly, providing some amount of protection from wandering beasties, but the ground is woefully uneven, as if even the earth conspired to make this place unpleasant.

With dinner (if you can call it that) over, Pyriel is once again brushing his teeth. This time with a disgusted scowl on his face, and in a rapid hast driven fashion. Water skin hanging from the fingers of his other hand, the harper eventually spits on the ground and scuffs his foot along the ground to quickly cover the mess. This step complete, the water from the skin is then squeezed into his mouth so that he can swish the liquid around, gargle with it, and then spit again. Repeating the covering process. A few smacks of his lips and the revolted expression returns, causing him to once more scrub viciously at his teeth and tongue. It's a full fifteen minutes of this before at last his features only lightly twist and he seems satisfied, placing both brush and skin back within his dwelling. He stalks out with a particularly nasty glare towards the direction of the where they had eaten their evening meal, "That is the last time Aqueepoli EVER is allowed to cook. EVER!!" he snarls, and is suddenly rubbing a finger over his gums and tongue, "Ugh! I can still taste it."

Kiley didn't exactly share her food with the boys, if only for the fact that her own was rather burnt and she made herself stomach it. Nasty food tends to make your stomach not want much of anything else, so there she is sitting in front of her tent with her legs crossed as she uses a stick to write a few things on the ground. It is wiped away after a bit and she continues to write again, her attention flickering up towards Pyriel at his complaints. A sympathetic look is given towards him, "I thought after that.. Egg thing.. You wouldn't really trust him with cooking." The woman lifts her brows in question while she continues to scribble away at the dirt. "What'd he try to make?"

"It was his /TURN/!" Pyriel explains with emphasis, pointing with the finger he had used in his attempt it seems to get the lingering flavor of whatever it was that the tallest of the holders had tortured them with. "All three of us gather up stuff on the list of edibles, and then we take a turn cooking so there is more food for all three of us. We're growin' guys!" With a low hiss, he storms back over towards his hovel and returns with his toothbrush and starts scrubbing again. Ten minutes later, his mouth is rinsed out and shoots Kiley a look. "I dunno what the sharded it was but that is the last time he touches raw food. I dun care if Iess burns it all to a crisp it's gunna be way better then the crap that dude made. I think I saw it /MOVE/!" With that, the harper gets the head to toe willies and starts roughly brushing his teeth again.

Kiley lifts her brows even higher at the explanation given for the reason why they allowed the taller of the holders to cook. It turns quickly into a frown at the further explanation, shaking her head. "Good idea but…" There's a wave of her hand to fill in the rest of her words before it drops back to her stick and she continues writing, though it turns quickly into doodling while he begins to scrub at his teeth once again. Her eyes flicker up and a look of concern crosses her face, "maybe we could find some.. Berries or something else that you could chew on to get the flavor out? There must be a herb that we could find? Or.. A root?" She watches as he continues to scrub, tilting her head just so and when that final bit comes out the woman makes a face, especially for that final bit in which the food is claimed to be still moving. ".. Ew. Did… He put bugs in it? Or.. More eggs?" A sickly color returns to her cheeks and she shakes her head firmly.

The toothbrush and water skin once more put away, Pyriel wanders over to Kiley, who's tent is behind his own. He drops down to cross his arms over his chest and stretch his long legs out before him, crossed at the ankle of his steel toed boots. "I ain't puttin' nothin' in my mouth again tonight." he frowns deeply, taking a moment to fish his lip jewelry out of his pocket and put them into place on his face with a little lip pull and ring roll. He works his mouth a bit, and then sighs heavily as he leans back against one of the support beams of his shelter. "Wish I'd known that they were gunna frisk us, woulda found a better place for my candy. They took all of Iess' too." The holder had possessed even more lollipops than the harper had. "I got no idea what the flyin' flippin' firelizard he put in there, all I know is he ain't touchin' a frying pan again, unless it's headed at his stupid face."

Kiley watches Pyriel and offers a sympathetic smile, "Something that tastes good is far better than.. Something that tastes bad, to get the flavor out, at least." She tilts her head and gives him a questioning look as if daring him to doubt this fact. But she leans into a different position as she continues to use the stick to doodle. When the lip jewelry comes out she tilts another look at him before dropping her gaze towards the dirt she doodles on. "Well, it would have been easy to note when they told us what wouldn't be allowed to come, they'd make sure that we didn't have anything. I didn't see them really search boots or anything. Iessrien had a /lot/, shells." Her gaze drifts up towards him again, brows furrowing and then she ventures to ask quietly: "What'd it taste like?" The curious nature of the woman wins out against the disgust.

Pyriel waves a hand dismissively, "There's this weird aftertaste that I can't get out, but I ain't trustin' nothin' right now. 'sides, it's all dark and crap. Dun think the weyrlingmasters are gunna like us wandering' around in the woods at night. Do ya?" he asks, golden eyes appraising the young woman, his chin lifting faintly as if countering her dare with one of his own. He notes her look to his reapplication of facial piercings, and he lifts his shoulders in a shrug. "If I dun wear them at night the holes might be closed up by the time we get back. I got these tiny plastic spacers to keep piercings open, but usin' the only ones I got on my eyebrow until after the hatchin'." A sage nod for this before he tilts his head faintly to one side. "Iess' boots are custom made, nothing fits in 'em except him." he notes idly, now drawing his knees up, legs spread a bit, and folds his arms over them. A shrug for the amount, "Hope they give 'em back when we go home." Then the blond's frown returns with a vengeance. "What'd it taste like?" He takes a moment to consider from way his eyes roll upwards and he works his jaw. "Shardin' rainbows."

"Nothing at all? Must be bad." Kiley's nose wrinkles up in disgust, sympathetic with her head shaking just so. "No. I don't think they would like that, no. But there may be something close.. That someone hasn't taken yet." It is a hopeful hint in her voice but then she quiets as she shifts her position to abandon her stick while drawing her knees to her chest. "Ahh. Was wondering how you kept them from healing up." Her chin comes to rest on her knees, listening to the explanation of Iessrien's boots. Brows quirk upwards and she lets out a soft ooh, "right. That'd be a little uncomfortable, trying to stuff something other than what is meant to go into it in…" There's a blink as her arms tighten more firmly around her legs. "I hope so, too. Not right for them to take your stuff and then never give it back.." She considers him for a moment as he considers the taste and then laughter spills from her lips. "I'm sorry! Not.. Not you.. Rainbows."

"What about my boots?" comes the vaguely baffled question from one Iessrien, brow arching slightly at the other two candidates as he comes wandering from the direction of his tent, briefly giving his footwear a rather dubious eyeing before his pondwater blues flick from Pyriel to Kiley. And then back. Thumbs hooked into beltloops, the holder boy pauses some distance away to peer at the renewed appearance of the lip jewelry, leaning close to take in that supposedly still-pierced eyebrow. "Shells, man, that doesn't hurt?" asked presumably about the plastic spacers, with nose wrinkling for a second before he straightens and heads over to drop down beside Py, absently nudge-shoving the harper over so Iess too can lean a shoulder against the tent's support pole. A soft snort is for the talk of rainbows, "Most of what Pol produces is full of rainbows," said half-jokingly with a twitch of a grin. Kiley, though, gets a blink and a slight stare, "..What's meant to go into it?"

Golden eyes lift at the sound of Iessrien's voice, loose blond hair swaying with the bob of Pyriel's head used to greet his fellow male candidate. "They're custom made, and they only fit you. Kiley was suggestin' ya shoulda hidden some candy in yer shoes. I told her why that woulda been impossible." he replies, and then regards Kiley for a measure of time. "Uh, I dunno maybe it's possible but…I doubt it. That short kid, I dun remember his name, he said one of the weyrlingmasters held him upside down and shook him till everything in his pocket fell out." He looks suspicious of this information, but shrugs it away. As Iessrien leans in close, the blond blinks a few times, but holds perfectly still so the holder can see the tiny plastic splints that are held in place with just as tiny plastic stoppers on either end. Unless you were right in Py's face and staring at him they were practically invisible. "Naw man, dun hurt at all." Then Iess is dropping onto the ground beside him, shifting himself over after the nudge to make room for the older boy against the support pole, leaning back again, shoulder nudging back at his friend albeit playfully. The laughing of rainbows gets a crack of a smile from the harper, shoulders bouncing lightly with a silent chuckle, that is until Kiley says that particular phrase about where things go, and so forth. At first there is a blank stare from the harper candidate, then he very slowly turns bright red. It starts at his cheeks, spreads over the bridge of his nose, and then flames up in both directions heading for the tips of his ears and the nape of his neck. Ding. He mutters something quickly and awkwardly to the boy beside him, peeking at in full color, the computer crafter girl out of the corner of his eyes.

Kiley looks towards Iessrien as he arrives, smiling for the question but not answering as Pyriel gives the response. There's only a nod of agreement to confirm the topic at hand before she tilts her head slightly to rest on her knees again. Another laugh comes for the mention of rainbows, the smile on her lips spreading wider. "Y'know.. Feet go into boots and not much else should really fit into them besides feet. I mean, it could be too big or too small and nothing will really fit like feet do." Her gaze flickers back towards Pyriel and brows raise, "isn't that.. Kind've like harassment? Or something?" But she doesn't protest more than that as she rights her head to get a better look at the two. Pyriel's fading smile is met with a look of confusion that grows even more prominent as he stares at her. "What? Wait.. Why are you going red? Are you getting sick? Did the food make you sick?"

Iessrien returns Kiley's smile with a nod of his head and a, "Hi," in greeting to the girl, nodding further agreement about feet and boots. "Yeah, I wasn't going to hide food in my shoes," he mumbles, head canting slightly at Py's explanation, even if his gaze flicks briefly back to said footwear. They are custom-fitted, and sleek, though somewhat worn as well, snug all the way from toes to ankles and laced up carefully tight. His nose wrinkles for the mention of abuse, too, the holder muttering, "Given some of the assistant weyrlingmasters, I wouldn't really be surprised if one did that.." apparently not having a terribly good impression of them thus far. There's only a, "Huh," at the sight (or non-sight) of the plastic bits keeping Py's eyebrow piercings open, but Iess doesn't really seem inclined to look all /that/ closely. The playful nudge back from Py earns yet another in return, equally as unserious, though Iess stills a little when the harper goes red, first eying his friend with again some confusion, and then drawing arched brows together, about on the same page as Kiley there, giving the girl a flicker of a glance, "..Meant what way?" Trauma in 3.. 2.. 1..

For the moment Pyriel is rather focused on what had caused his face to be so red, skipping over things such as shoes and tasting rainbows. As Iessrien asks for clarification, the harper manages to darken further and again, this is a very quick matter, but this time with visual aides. He holds up one hand, curling it into a C-shape and pinning the fingers with his thumb into a tunnel of sorts, with the other hand he applies his pointer finger and then moves that digit back and forth within the tunnel as brows furrow and he gets a rather painfully embarrassed expression on his face. As soon as story time is over, he shoots Kiley a look, before he swallows thickly and rolls his eyes upwards towards the star filled sky. "Not sick, dun worry." he manages to squeak out, then covers his face with both hands and shakes his head. "Kiley," he says, muffled against his palms. "Let's just talk about computers and micro chips…or…how many words ya can type a minute…whatever…"

Kiley shrugs, "it was just an idea. I didn't think they would check shoes, that's all." She sighs softly, "I wish I could have a computer or something. I've learned a lot, though, being out here.. I miss my computers, though." There's a heavy sigh for the lack of electronics and she slowly stretches out from her fetal position into an easier more relaxed one. "I don't think they would, really. But, again.. Who knows?" Shoulders shrug again and she leans back onto her hands. There is a glance between harper and holder, brows lifting as Iessrien speaks louder on Pyriel's words, loud enough for her to hear. A blank look crosses her face and she looks utterly confused once again while her gaze drifts up towards the sky. She misses that little show Pyriel gives Iessrien, only looking back down when Pyriel speaks loud enough to hear. "That's good." Her gaze settles on the harpers as he says her name, mouth opening slightly and then closing again. "Ah…" Shock puts her into silence.

Iessrien, too, has sadly forgotten all about shoes and rainbows, and possibly even Pol's abominable cooking. No, the holder boy STARES at Pyriel, baffled first and then even more confused as the hand motions come into play, until finally he hears the other's lowly muttered words and eyes go /wide/. The pondwater-blues flick to Kiley, then back to Pyriel, Iess' face coloring abruptly as well, and a truly horrified look washing over his features. "Ffff- no." Shaking his head, there's an, "Auuuugh," sounding not unlike Aqueepoli just then, and shoving himself to his feet in one hasty movement. "Nnnoo way, man, no effing /way/," denial written in every line of him as he backs away from the harper, and suddenly turns and stomps off into the forest without another word. Very fast.

There was no way that Pyriel wouldn't be able to hear and feel Iessrien completely losing it there directly beside him, though his own face continues to be safely hidden behind his two hands anyway. "….Ugggggh…I know! I KNOW." Apparently there is some agreement here between the two boys on the severity of whatever it was that they had been whispering back and forth in such a conspiring manner. As for the younger of them, there are a few startled movements, but he shows no sign or willingness to pursuit the fleeing holder as he escapes into the dark woods without any means to light his way to or fro. No. He shakes his head a few more times in absolute embarrassed silence save for the occasional groan or shudder. Then, quite hastily, he draws himself to his feet in a scrambling fashion. He mutters something hastily about needing to lay down, and escapes to the Kiley free zone of his shelter, the opposite direction of his denial wracked friend. This of course leaves Kiley alone with no explanation as to why either boy had been so compelled to flee, why Py's face had changed colors so suddenly, or why the topic of computers had been randomly selected. There is a rustling of blankets within the blond's tent, a single whimper, and then nothing but the chirping of summer insects.

Kiley blinks at Iessrien's statements, mouth opening and closing again. The shock and confusion keeps piling up and she is left speechless as Iessrien takes off. "Wait.. What?" Comes faintly, watching him leave and staring at the direction in which he takes off. And then she's looking to Pyriel in question, but he, too, is beginning to flee back to his tent. "Uh.. Okay?" She is left there, sitting alone and staring blankly while confusion is heavy in her expression. Right.. Then, she heads into her tent for sleep after a moment where it is just her and her thoughts.

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