Candidate Conspiracy Theories

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks

A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

Night has fallen on the weyr. With most chores done for the evening, the barracks are only sparcely occupied as some candidates try to use their fleeting free time at persuits other than those assigned. A few seem to be trying to get ahead on the next day's activities, but some are also just chatting, socially. Rogawani is among those playing the social role. He's leaning against the railing of his cot, chating easily with one of the older candidates. "Yeah, my marks are on Kilaueth's clutch to pop any day now. Avaeth's can't be too long after. Maybe we'll get lucky and avoid the whole dancing thing altogether." The man beside Ro' nods, as if he's all too willing to avoid that embarassment.

Keziah has slipped into the barracks on the tell end of Ro's comment "I keep hoping there will be an emergency with ewes that are due and thus I'll have to go help." she states as she flops face first across the middle of her cot, just sorta hanging off both ends. "It's not as if they're weren't enough today. They finally said the heck with mending and sent me out to stay with a couple of 'em." There's a glance towards Ro "And here I thought you might enjoy the opportunity. Have you asked her yet?"

Riyontali is sprawled on her cot, busily oiling Oddity, while the dark-haired holder girl follows suit with Uncle. "I see your point." Tali says, laughing, while the taller girl snickers and rolls her eyes skywards. "Iolenda says she thinks they're going to go in the middle of the night. Probably after we've all had a very long day." The girl says louder, snickering. "I heard they were trying to do something about dancing." Mutter. "Don't see why. Other than to have the lot've us make fools of ourselves." This is said with a grin as Iolenda snickers and shakes her head. "Don't see why." The girl murmurs. "Dancing is fun."

"I'm not sure my Da would let me get out of it, even if he needed a hand in the stables." Roagwani shakes his head, although he doesn't seem as put out as some of the other candidates. However, his response to Keziah's question is a shhing sound as he places a finger to his lips. "Not yet." He says in a lower voice, and then reaches for something tucked underneath his pillow. Uh oh. The boy gets to his feet, keeping his little hidden treasure behind his back as he walks, as casually as possible, towards Tali's cot. "Hey, Iolenda." He greets with a pleasant tone, "Mind if I have a word with Tali real quick? We've got some… plans to work out." He shoots a pointed glance at Fortinos's bunk, as if that were his true intentions.

Keziah can't help but grin and flips over as to watch Ro. There's a glance towards Fortinos bunk and a wrinkle of her nose. She's now head at foot and feet at head. Her eyes curiously eying whatever it is Ro is hiding. But she doesn't say anything. Nope. She'll keep her mouth shut. At least for now. It's gotten her in enough troubles over the last few days.

Riyontali makes a face. "If you need my help with the ewes…" She murmurs with a hopeful grin for Keziah. "Used to 'em. We had lots more caprine and ovine than runners at the hold." There's a one-shouldered shrug and a smile, then a lifted eyebrow for Ro as he approaches. Iolenda gives the boy a long look then shakes her head, chuckling at the glance towards Fortinos. "Easy, Ro'." The girl says with a grin back at Keziah, before heading towards her cot, taking Uncle with her. "Plans, huh?" Tali's grin is wolfish. "What sort've plans?" Her narrowed eyes scan the room for, presumably, Fortinos. Scowl, scowl — a glance at Keziah and lifted eyebrow. She in on this one? Muhaha.

Morlanol enters the cavern carrying a large basket of clothing in both hands. He glances around and is about to speak when his two flits enter, carolling mighty hurrahs. He blushes slightly and mutters, "I's jus' a robe, y' silly things." It becomes clear that his in-need-of-hemming candidate's robe rests atop the pile. Then he gives the room a grin and finally manages a "H'lo all." He gives Ro a side-ways glance, probably the only one who knows what he's up to, then slinks to his cot to watch the action.

With easy familiarity, Rogawani settles himself into the spot that the other girl had previously occupied, and keeps one hand still behind his back. "Well…" He chuckles a little, giving another glance at the unfortunate candidate's bunk. "Actually I already took care of that. I swapped for laundry duty today. You should have your revenge shortly." His eyebrows waggle, chuckling under his breath a little bit and shooting a small knowing nod towards Keziah to include her in that particular piece of candidate treachery. Morlanol gets a look as well, but it passes quickly as he tries to focus on the task at hand. "But actually I wanted to ask you about something else." He pauses, seeming to loose just a hint of his cool. "I was hoping you'd be my partner for the dance class." No studdering, but not quite as 'smooth' as the rest of his speech. "If you say yes… I'll give you what I have behind my back?" The ex-messenger's voice perks a bit, a grin showing there. Bribery. It's a wonderful thing.

Keziah drops her face into her cot. Either she's bemoaning the delivery or she's hiding a smirk and giggle. Or both. Shaking her head a little she looks up again. She just can't miss Tali's reaction after all. Though there's a grin shot Morl's way before turning back to the action. "Not sure I'll be needin' the help and all." after all, wouldn't want to monopolize the girls time and sense of obligation… not with such a 'smooth' delivery as that.

Riyontali lifts a hand cheerily to Morlanol. "Hey, Morlanol!" The girl calls with a smile. "What's in the basket?" But then she's grinning wolfishly once more at Ro, teeth flashing. "Ooooh." The girl laughs. "Excellent. Keziah help on it?" The face-cotting candidate gets a giggle and impish grin. Then she swings back around and gives Ro' a wary look, lips quirking up into a smirk. "Aw, shells, Ro'," A gusty sigh is heaved, but with no real chagrin behind it; she's had to re-learn reading and do a million and a half chores, doing a dance class is just another drop in the bucket of abuse! The smirk reappears for the bribery as she draws herself up, crossing her arms over her chest and ignoring Oddity, much to the Firelizard's woe. "Oh, so now I've gotta be bribed?" Challenged archly, but she's all mischief, and quickly drops the arch look in favor of a grin. "'Course I'll go with you, silly."

Morlanol glances once at Fortinos' cot, wondering why the boy was moving that much, then smiled at Tali, "Mos'ly jus' mendin' an' th' robe I need t' hem." He sets the robe to the side for the moment, then starts in on the mending. He only gets a few stitches in before he starts to shift uncomfortably on his seat, then finally reaches beneath him to pull out yet another envelope bearing the stalker's unique handwriting. He sighs, obviously frustrated, "Why do these things keep showing up everywhere?" Agate and Bloodstone, however, turn their attention to the spurned Oddity with a pair of curious chirrups.

Rogawani chuckles a little bit, still trying to look his most innocent. "Well, figure it's revenge for you, her, and Thea." He shoots one more glance over at the other candidate's bunk, but then comes back all too quickly so that he can spy the girl's response to his question. His eyebrows lift a little, but his smile remains. "Well, I have to have some backup plan you know. Just incase." He's teasing of course, but the smile spreads into a grin of his own as she agrees. "Good. With that taken care of…" He pulls a small stuffed firelizard from behind his back and holds it out to her, "Morl's lizards found these down in the caverns, thought you might like it." It's a small, somewhat washed out green lizard made of patchwork material, with tiny buttons for eyes. While Ro' is too busy to notice Morl's letter, his golden lizard is not, and she peers at it, cheeping.

Keziah smiles brightly. Well, that's one pairing she knows of that's gone well. There's a glance over towards Morl "Who are you going to ask? Cen…" she trails off as she see's the letter and frowns. "Another one?" she asks and then sits up and looks around at the rest of the candidates "YOu'ld think with as many people in an out of here…" she trails off again. Shards.. They've got another on the inside… don't they?

"He needs a little revenge. I can't wait to see him." Tali's grin has gone towards the side of 'entirely too sweet', and her voice is reasonable as she watches the door out of the corner of her eyes. They snap back after a moment though with a warm grin. "Smart. You never know, of course." Cots away, Iolenda hides a snort in a sneeze them obsteniously goes back to oiling Uncle. Tali's eyes flick that way briefly and she grins. Then the Firelizard is eyed with a quick and definitely girlish 'oooh!', before it's taken carefuly. "Awww, she's so cute! I used to have one just like her when I was little." Never mind that her name was something cute like Killer. "Your lizards are useful little buggers, Morlanol." The girl laughs, grinning over at the lad — only to blink at the letter, frowning. "Huh. I think I'd better tell Dol to go for the eyes of anybody who comes near my cot that I don't know…reckon it'd work?" The girl smirks and absently strokes the little firelizard, admiring it happily. Oddity /snorts/, and offers a woebegotten croon to the other firelizards. See? She even likes /fake/ Firelizards more than him! Woe!

Morlanol gulps and blushes slightly at Keziah's comment. How did *she* know? Agate and Bloodstone chirrup again to Oddity, clearly inviting him to come play and cheer up. Morl's blush continues as he pulls back the top layer of mending to reveal another stuffed firelizard, this one a patchy yellow. He glances at Ro, mostly avoiding Kez's eyes, then pulls out a sheet of paper, tossing the 'love' letter from him with some disgust. He's about to put pencil to paper when Kez comment's enter his range, "I… um… prolly no' gonna ask anyone… jus' wai' an' see an' all tha'… An' whadda ya mean on th' inside?" He gives Tali a grin, but is mostly focused on Kez's answer.

Rogawani's smile softens a bit, obviously pleased with himself for picking out a good gift. "Well, I'm glad you like her. She's yours." However, as her eyes turn towards Morlanol, so does his. "Letter… Shards." He blinks, getting to his feet to walk over towards the miner's bunk with more concern etched on his face now. He bends to grab the letter, looking at the other boy curiously. "Mind if I take a look?" It seems he's intent to varify that this is one of the infamous letters before jumping to too many conclusions. He does glance over his shoulder at Keziah, "On the inside?" He echos Morl's words, but his expression remains more confused and worried.

Keziah blinks and looks up "Did I say that outloud?" she shakes her head a little "Umm, well.. with the ease these things get around…. isn't it likely someone here is planting them?" she asks as she moves over to look as well, keeping her voice low. "I mean, this could be Kefai's doing, and he's got another person here watching everything we do." Paranoid much? "He's done it before after all." she shakes her head some and then glances at Morl and smiles softly "Darlin' everyone knows about you and Cen." she notes. Well maybe not everyone but word gets around all right. "Course, 'member, iffen you wait. They'll assign ya someone and ya may get the raw end of the deal on that 'un."

Riyontali's smile for Morl's discomfort is bland; not teasing but not masking that she's amused. "Awwww." The girl murmurs with a little sympathetic chuckle. "Don't worry, Morlanol." Then there's another happy grin for Ro', as she girl goes back to preening her plushie, wiggling it at Oddity; who gives it a long, imperious stare and promptly pops *between*. The girl quietly observes the others for a moment, just listening, setting the little green on the end of her cot with a thoughtful frown. "He /could/." She finally decides. "I mean, that Kate girl got Searched, didn't she? And those others. Maybe I should go try'n talk to Keiva…" There's a thoughtful frown. "What do they /want/ with us anyways?"

Morlanol still slightly flushed, begins scribbling a note on the sheet of paper before him, "They do? I though' I was bein' subtle since I don' thin' she likes me back…" His eyes widen at the mention of a possible spy or candidate from the renegades, "Y'mean i' coul' be any o' us?" He glances around, "I hope no'." He glances at Tali, thinking for a moment, "I think they think tha' thread's comin' back 'n' wanna raise riders t' figh' it 'stead o' fer other tasks… I think." He hands the paper he's been writing on to Ro, "What do you think?"

Rogawani's fingers touch the letter, looking at it with keen eyes before he just sighs. "Well, it looks like the others." At least the ones he's seen anyways. The boy tosses the letter on to Morlanol's bunk, still frowning at it for a moment until Tali's grin catches his eye and he manages to smile a little bit. "Hmm?" Rogawani peeks down at the miner's writing, and then nods. "Seems okay to me." He shrugs, and then looks towards the girls, leaning against the post of Morlanol's cot. "I talked to Vivian about that recently. The possibility of someone sneaking in to candidacy, that is. She says everyone here is accounted for." It's not exactly comforting, but at least it sets that idea to the side for now. "I don't think these have anything to do with Kefai, though. Just a hunch. They seem to show up every time there's candidates around, though. So my theory is it's one of the candidates who hasn't impressed the last few times."

Keziah snorts "Well, it ain't me." she notes and then eyes Morl "He does think it's coming back. And he thinks people are safer with him then in the Weyrs." she shudders a little "Personally, even if it did come back. I'd rather be in the Weyr meself." she notes. "Course, one has only to see whats happend to some of the others to know just how safe you are. Sides. Anyone who kidnaps people. Even goldriders, is not safe." She sits back down on her bunk. "I wonder how Ysa is doing, and I wonder if she's glad she's not at Xanadu anymore."

Riyontali coughs faintly. "It's not obvious unless somebody's around you for too long, Morl…" She attempts at cheering (lies, lies!) with a bright smile. "Honest." Then she shakes her head and chuckles. "Think it's safe to say s'not one of us four." Ro's grin is caught, and a brief wink flashed, then her features settle once more into thoughtful. "Huh." Muttered with a snort and a shake of her head, and a quick glance outside. "I've no idea on that one." Announced with a quick nod, as she settles back down on her cot, expression attentive. "None t'all."

Morlanol continues to blush, "Thanks fer tryin', Tali… am I really tha' obvious?" He glances back to Ro, taking the letter back, "Thanks… do… d'you think she'll like it?" He glances at Kez, then back to the others, "Woul'… Woul' they try t' do somethin' t' interfere with th' hatchin'? Like kidnap us or try t' kill the babies?" He looks positively horrified at the thought.

"Pretty obvious." Rogawani has to admit, although he does have a sheepish sort of look on his face as he says it. "Sorry." He raises one shoulder, trying to shrug off the feeling. Afterall, it's probably painfully obvious how much he likes Tali, and she gets a look from him just for good measure at this point. "Mmm. I think that's why we aren't allowed out of the weyr right now. Too much happened last couple times 'round and now they don't want to risk it. As for the hatchlings and eggs…" He glances around, and then out the door towards the sands. "I'd guess they're pretty safe with two sets of parents out there. I wouldn't worry yourself too much." He shoves a hand at the letter. "But I'd suggest turning that in to one of the Weyrlingmasters, and keeping your lizards on guard for anyone coming near your bunk."

Keziah nods "They won't let us out without a whole wing to watch out for us, especially since one of us as already caught that creeps attention." she murmurs. "Least that's what she told me earlier in reference to that storage cavern. She was real interested in the map and is sending out Galaxy to do a sweep. But that's about I know of it and all." she glances out towards the doors as well. "I think the eggs are safe. With the golds there, and sometimes the bronzes. But it's us that could be in danger." She smiles at Morl "It is, but then I like watching that sorta thing. It's interesting." And far safer than trying to do that sorta thing herself.

Morlanol continues to blush, but pushes himself up off his bunk and, carrying the little stuffed flit and the note, places them reverently on Cen's bunk, arranging it nicely so it looks like the stuffed flit is holding the note. He nods to Ro as he returns to his bunk, "Yeah, I prolly shoul' tell a Weyrling master 'bout it, bu' they'll jus' say not t' worry jus' like th' las' two times." He sticks out his tongue in disgust, "I hope they don' hur' us, what'd th' poin' be if they jus' stopped dragons from 'pressin' at all there still wouldn' be a defense *if* thread did fall 'gain. Why no' jus' let th' Weyrs do their thing… aren' clutches s'posed t' ge' bigger if'n th' red star's ge'tin' nearer?"

"Yeah, I was told pretty much the same thing." Rogawani shoots a sympathetic look towards Keziah, and just settles himself onto someone's random bunk, curling his arm around the bedpost. "Too bad we won't get to take a look, though. Might have had some interesting stuff in there. Or really old dust." He nods sagely, as if dust were terribly interesting. "Tell you what, Morl, I'll have Kassi watch your bunk. She'll tell me if anyone goes near it." The little gold chirps from her place atop Ro's pillow. Then, he seems to go quiet, thoughtful for a moment or two before shaking his head. "I don't think disrupting hatchings is the point. I mean, what if the riders have gone soft since the end of threadfall? My guess is that they want their own riders. That's why Kate was so important." He taps his fingers on the wood, and shrugs. "Nine and twelve aren't exactly big numbers. Isn't the red star supposed to like… blink on the horizon or something? Like the harper songs say?"

Keziah just shakes her head a little "The man isn't right in his head. Who knows what he's thinking. But, there's… I mean he told Ysa and I about the meteor shower that was coming. It came." she clears her throat a little "He could be right about Thread. He may have found something that gives better clues on it. I don't know. It's been awhile since and nothing, but who's to say. But he was trying to recruit us. Wanted smart people. He's not stupid himself. Just crazy." And that itself is scary. "If he could convince some of the younger more impressionable ones? He'd have his riders."

Riyontali has long passed the point of responding to any of the conversation, however interesting it might be. Somehow, the girl has managed to pass out, one arm curled around the firelizard, and her head propped up on a hand. At least her eyes aren't open?

Jessamin bustles about the barracks with a broom in hand, a merry little dance step, and a jaunty tune that just will not be silent. Three of her flits seem to dance about in the air above and around her, weaving in and out in a brown-and-blue maypole sort of dance. The youngest, miss Queen Green, Sekhmet, perches on Jessamin's right shoulder, chittering to herself as she surveys what she believes to be -her- domain. She concentrates on her task for the moment, making short shrift of dustpiles here and there, and only grumbling once when a particularly filthy cot meets her broom.

Agate and Bloodstone give an odd little trill, welcoming the newest little green to their quickly growing candidate flock. Morl is buried beneath a pile of mending, slowly working his way through it. A stuffed gold flit sits on Cen's cot with a note leaning against it. Morl himself nods at the mention of the redstar blinking and recites rhythmically, "The finger points; At an eye blood-red; alert the Weyrs; to sear the thread. There're lotsa old songs like that. Th' harper back home insisted on teaching us th' old teaching ballads as well as the new ones."

"Maybe he trained as a starcrafter before going bonkers." Rogawani offers by way of explination, but really he's just grasping at straws. "Well, from what I saw out in the wilds, he's got at least one or two new dragonriders to go along with Kate." The boy keeps his voice down, not knowing if this is 'public' information or not. "We found a bloody candidate robe, and I wouldn't guess we'd find one unless there were candidates, and hatchlings." He scratches nervously above one ear, and then shakes his head. "It's so confusing, though. You'd think if there was any chance of thread re-appearing, someone on our side would have figured it out by now. Someone up on the Yokohama, something?"

Keziah is silent "There's no saying someone hasn't." she notes softly, letting the implication hang there. She smiles at the stuffed gold "At least you'll be out of arms reach when she see's that Morl" she notes and then her attention is on Jessamin and she goes back towards the topic of the dance. "So, you have any that's asked you to partner or have you asked someone?" Yes. She's nosy.

Jessamin stops in her tracks as she hears talk of Thread, and the words of an all too familiar Teaching Ballad. Almost timidly, she offers, "Well… wouldn't there be other signs if there was Thread returning? I mean, like dragon clutches increasing in size and frequency… things like that. The dragons always know." But then, she is distracted by Keziah's question. She twirls about to face the other Candidate, and shakes her head. "Nobody's asked me, I haven't asked anybody, and honestly, I don't mind if nobody does." She does blush a little bit, leaving something to the imagination. Sekhmet swivels her perfectly wedge-shaped little head around to face Agate and Bloodstone, spreading her wings wide and dipping her head. Royalty, indeed… this is -my- domain, and don't you forget it, she seems to say.

Bloodstone chirps confusedly at Sekhmet, ever the friendly flit he doesn't know how to deal with such a sharp rejoinder. Agate, on the otherhand, flies back to Morlanol, landing on his shoulder and making a similar direct claim on *his* person. The green can keep the skinny thing. Morl nods at Jess' questions about signs and portents. This time he does sing, the tune somewhat haunting though he does have a very nice treble, "Seas boil, mountains move; sands heat, dragons prove; red star passes: Stones pile, fires burn; green withers, arm Pern; Red star passes: Starstone watch, scan sky; ready the Weyrs, riders fly; Red star passes:" He pauses, letting the last poignant notes echo for a moment before speaking again, "Seems t' me tha' there've been a lot o' fires 'n' such lately, bu' tha' don' mean I'd wanna run off or nothin'. Th' signs seem t' be there, bu'… coul' be nothin'."

Rogawani's eyes just stare at Keziah for a moment, his mouth slightly open from the weight of the comment that she'd left hanging there. "Err, yeah Jess. We were just saying that." His voice seems to have lost a little bit of it's normal jovial tones. His eyes scan over to Morlanol, nodding to the words from the harper song. The boy's golden firelizard only lifts her head and chirps once, imperiously, at the little green, and then sets her head down again, ignoring the antics. "I think I'm going to go for a walk." Ro' mutters, pushing himself to his feet. "If I'm not back by lights out, someone prop the door open for me?" He asks, although it's more than likely he'll be back in time. Glancing over one shoulder, he looks at Tali asleep on her cot, and then shoves his hands into his coat pockets, heading towards the door.

Keziah watches Ro head out and then reaches over to scratch Kioku's eyeridges. The blue is happily sleeping and stretches out and rolls, still asleep. She glances over at Jessamin "Well, iffen you don't have someone. I just hope fer yer sake you don't get assigned Fortinos." Course, better Jessa then herself, but still. "Take care of yerself." she calls after Ro and then hrms a little. It's a pretty solumn topic that they're on. So.. how bout 'them Cougers? "So, everyone umm lookin forward to the hatchings?"

Jessamin flops down on her cot as she reaches it, plopping down on the edge. Sekhmet chitters angrily at her for such a rough landing… really, what were you thinking, would be a rough translation. "You sing well, Morl. Did you miss your calling?" She smiles at the younger Candidate, turning her attention back to Keziah. Her expression changes to one of mild confusion. "What's so bad about Fortinos? Two left feet? Can't be any worse than I am." This last, with a self-depreciating chuckle.

Morlanol glances over at Fortinos as he shifts again on the bed, squirming back and forth, then grins at Jess, "th' harper wanted me 'prenticed, bu' da wan'ed me t' learn th' fine art o' minin', so here I am." Agate gives a superior little chirp, still seated comfortably on his well-behaved mount. Morl passes a few more mended items into his 'done' bin. Then he looks to Kez, "Dunno if I'm lookin' forwar' to it… I mean I am… bu' I'm scared at th' same time…"

Keziah wrinkles her nose "He only tried to poison people with those evil desserts of his." she whispers as she eyes the younger apprentice and then she smiles at Morl "It ain't all that bad. Trust me. I've been through plenty of 'em. Just step outta the way if you're between what they want. You'll know iffen they want you. Least I'm told that." she hmms a little and then gets up "I think I'm gonna go see about snagging a bit to eat before lights out" she notes. "No need to be scared though Morl. There are other things that are worse." and with that, she heads for the door.

Jessamin offers a reassuring smile to Morlanol. "Keziah's got a point about moving out of the way if you have to. But still, there's really no reason to be afraid. Just stay calm, be yourself, and move out of the way if you have to." Keziah's odd comment draws furrowed brows from Jessamin, and she tilts her head to one side. "Evil desserts? Poison? Oh come on, you've got to be joking!" She shakes her head with mild disgust at the gossip flying about, reaching up to scritch the side of Sekhmet's neck. Her other three flits settle down about her on the cot, the two browns curling up on her pillow, and the little blue resting on the foot of her cot.

Morlanol shrugs, "No' so 'fraid o' th' hatchin' as af'er th' hatchin'. Wha' if I don' 'press… wha' if I do? y'know?" He works a few more stitches, thinking again. Agate, from his perch atop his great mountain, grabs a spool and lobs it at Sekhmet, trying to get her to play… maybe… Morl grimmaces slightly, "I hear' 'bou' tha'… wasn' sure, though, since Cen'n I were stuck here… we go' lef' behin'."

Jessamin chuckles and ducks to one side as Agate lobs the spool at Sekhmet. Much to her surprise, the little green -does- deign to play, using her head like a soccer player from old Earth might to knock the spool back in Agate's general direction. She chirrups with a bit of pleasure. Finally, a human or flit who is not intimidated by my beauty, she seems to say. "Left behind from the last Hatching? Or from Fortinos' supposed debacle?" She looks mildly confused, but listens to the young man. "If it was from a Hatching… being left behind can be disappointing, but it does happen. I've been there." She smiles softly, before continuing. "It's alright if that happens. Just means your lifemate is elsewhere, that's all."

Agate swoops, grabbing the spool mid-air and lobbing it back at her. Trilling his belief that she truly was a beautiful green. Morl tosses yet another finished shirt aside, shrugging as he grabs the next, "I guess so. It's jus' tha' my life has changed so much since I became a can'date, I'm no' certain I coul' go back t' m' ol' life if I was left."

Jessamin nods slowly. "It can be hard. I sort of felt lost, when I was left on the Sands. Here, I'd just left Ista Weyr to Impress here, came here within days of the Hatching with barely time to find a robe, and was left behind." She shakes her head sadly. "What I worry about most this time around is losing the friends I've made while a Candidate this time around. You, Ro, Tali, Cenlia, Keziah… I mean, it's like all of you have become family here, and I just never say it." All of her flits pick up on her rising distress now, poking their heads up and creeling worriedly. Sekhmet does, though, knock the spool of thread back to Agate, crooning her approval of -this- other 'lizard, at least.

Morlanol nods sadly, "I worry 'bou' tha' too. What if, of all th' friends I've made, I'm th' only one who's left? It wouldn' be so ba' if I wasn' along, bu…" he trails off, leaving it unsaid. Agate trills happily and, scooping up the spool, does a bombing run over the little green, dropping the spool from above her.

Morlanol nods, smiling a tidge more now, "Yeah, I can' 'magine bein' alone anymore." He finishes with another shirt, then grabs a pair of pants, continuing through his chore. Agate gives a playful, taunting chirp and ducks under a bunk, trying to throw Sekhmet off his tail. Morl continues his conversation with Jess, giggling slightly at the flits antics, "Y've been through this b'fore, then? Wha's it like?

Morlanol nods, smiling a tidge more now, "Yeah, I can' 'magine bein' alone anymore." He finishes with another shirt, then grabs a pair of pants, continuing through his chore. Agate gives a playful, taunting chirp and ducks under a bunk, trying to throw Sekhmet off his tail. Morl continues his conversation with Jess, giggling slightly at the flits antics, "Y've been through this b'fore, then? Wha's it like?"

Jessamin says "It's hope and worry, excitement and joy all rolled into one. It's a wild emotional ride, while you're stepping out of a hatchling's way. But in the end… it may be disappointing to be left on the sands, yet it's wonderful to have shared in it, and witness the joy of those who do Impress." Her tone softens, as she leans forward to rest her elbows on her knees, her head in her hands. "One day, that will be me going to the Weyrling barracks. Even if it takes a few tries." Sekhmet meeps as Agate seems to disappear beneath a bunk. Holding the spool with her forepaws, she perches smack dab in the middle of the bunk, keeping her wings half-spread and ready to take to the air again. Little blue, little blue, where are you? Jessamin can't help chuckling as she watches the flits play. "For such an aggressive, aloof hatchling, Sekhmet is sure feeling playful today. She nearly took my fingers off when I Impressed her."

Morlanol grins, "I c'n only hope t' know tha' joy, I s'pose, bu' a'leas' I'm young enough t' try again if I wanna." He gives a full-out smile as Agate pops his head up from one side of the cot, clearly clinging to the beneath. "I think they're all playful by nature, some're jus' more p'ticular than others."

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