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Xanadu Weyr - Stables

The Stables of Xanadu Weyr are composed of one long building, lined with box and standing stalls that are kept thoroughly clean by the resident grooms and stablehands. Runners nicker and neigh at everyone who enters, save for the obstinate ones that just flicker their ears in indignant curiousity that they dare not make visible. The foremost stalls near the door to the Barn Yard are the grand box stalls which are home to the prized runners of Xanadu, as well as the most pregnant, those which are so far along that they require constant observation by the Herders, so as to ensure easy foaling.

However, the primary design of stall which lines the broad pathway that is covered in saw dust which is the main avenue of the Stables, is that of the Standing Stall. Many runners are in the standing stalls, with ropes strung across the front so as to keep the runners from leaving their designated containers. A few hay bales sit here and there along the avenue, some of which act as seats for the stablehands and grooms on their breaks, others as snacks for those runners who can reach out their necks far enough. Buckets and baskets of grooming supplies, brushes and combs, and the like also sit here and there, occassionally knocked over by a wayward hoof or inquiring muzzle.

Hmmm. Stables? Yes. Stables. These are the stables. Sure /smells/ like the stables anyway…eyuck. Deep brown eyes peer into the runner place with a near look of repulsion. The lanky teen wrinkles his nose as he steps on inside, only halfway shutting the door. This place needs some /major/ airing out! "…Hello?" he calls as he heads forward, keeping himself right in the middle of the walkway, not getting too close to the stalls that have runners in them. The boy looks to be about thirteen or fourteen years old with brown eyes and blond hair that curls about his ears and the back of his neck. He's dressed rather nicely, and the leather jacket he wears looks pricey. Perhaps the reason why he's moving so carefully, making sure not to brush against anything.

Dirty, dust covered, hay, fur and everything else found it is a stable! Idrissa is busy brushing down Chief of all runners whom is tied up at a post. She blinks at the voice and peers around before looking over towards the voice and a faint ah escapes her. "Hello?.." Is questioned back. As for looking the part she is sorta covered in dirt herself! Her gaze lingers on the boy and she inches herself a bit closer to the runner.

Ok, this was a bust. There's no one here, and he's definitely /NOT/ going to go tromping through this place and risk stepping in runner gunk. These boots were shipped all the way from…Wait! A voice. The teen blinks, combing his fingers through his hair to push his golden locks away from his eyes. Spying someone /inside/ one of the stalls, he heads towards her but stops a good few yards away. He blatantly stares, taking note of her appearance. Hay in her hair, Dust on her cheeks. And hands…oy! Don't get him started on the hands! "Yes. I'm looking for Idrissa. Have you seen her? Apparently, she is here often."

Idrissa pauses a moment and pulls out a few bit of hay that she has noticed. "Ah.. Wait what?" There is a pause and she peers over at the boy curiously a moment. "I'm Idrissa, who are you?" This questioned with a unsure tone. She lets her fingers press against the runner's neck. Chief lets out a nicker and looks back at the new voice, his tail lashing a few times and there is a stomp of his large front hoof.

Blinkblink. The look in his eyes is one of first surprise, then disbelief. "Wait.. /you're/ Idrissa?" He says it again, as if she's going to reveal this as one big joke and the real Idrissa will pop out of some stall or something. "Waaait a moment. You're pulling my leg, yes? I mean, I was told that Idrissa was…" He stops, perhaps interrupted by his own thoughts or realizing that what he was going to say likely would be rude. Hm. He was told that she was good looking, but… He presses his lips together in thought. Maybe if she cleaned up her face. Did something with the hair. Put on a skirt. Yes…yes there is potential there! "My name is Xanthius," he introduces, ignoring the runner. "And… do you mind coming out of there to talk?"

Idrissa frowns as she hears the boy, her green gaze flicking around and then towards him slightly. As for him being rude? She isn't sure what she wants to move away from the runner. A soft breath escapes her and she turns setting the brush down and rubs her hands off against her pants while moving away from Chief. "Yes, I'm Idrissa, what you expecting?" This questioned with a soft tone as she peers at him. At the name she just tilts her head. "Alright.. What can I do for you?" Well he does seem rather outta place here in the barn!

What was he expecting? Radiance! Charm! Femininity! A princess! .. Or something like that. Of course, Xanthius doesn't say any of this and only replies to her question with a secret looking smile. Now that she's away from the stinky beast that is a runner, he's more confident to move closer to her, and so he does, carefully glancing at where his boots fall before the places them. "Much," he answers to her latter question, flashing her a perfect-toothed grin. "Kale, you know Kale don't you? He told me about you. Informed me of an upcoming…ah, dance? About time, I say. This is a bore of a Weyr most times. Hardly anything fun for us non-rider folk, is there? This dance is overdue, and I'm looking forward to going."

Idrissa is anything but a princess! She clears her throat slightly and lifts her hand to tucks some hair back behind her ear. She smiles as she hears Kale's name, her arms folding loosely in front of her and she clears her throat. "Oh the dance.. Ya I remember Kale talking about speaking to someone for me." Chief lets out a faint whicker, tail lashing about a few times before he goes back to chewing on a mouth full of hay. "The dance seems like fun, for rider and non-rider folk alike."

Xanthius nods once in agreement, that charming smile still on his face. "Yes. A perfect time to show off, and I can hardly wait, but…if we are to go together.." Wait, he's not even going to ask if she even wants to? "I think we need to … ah … " his brows furrow a little as he looks up at the high ceiling in thought, "make some agreements," he finally says, nodding at his choice of words. Yes, make agreements. He glances around, left and right. "Is there any place to sit here that's not…runnerfied?" aka nasty!

Idrissa just peers at him, blinking once and then again. "Agreements?.." Is questioned softly. Her gaze drifts over the room and she ahs a moment before she moves towards where a chair can be found and she brushes some hay off of it. "Suppose you can sit down here." This said while she takes her normal seat upon a hay bale. Her bright gaze turns back to Xanthius. "You just want to go to the dance to show off, not have fun?"

Xanthius follows after her and looks at the chair with a skeptical look that turns even /more/ skeptical as she brushes off the hay. Eh. He glances at her with a '..really?' sort of expression. He glances at the vacant seat, brushes it off a little more with his hand, then sits. But…damn it, now his hand has crud all over it! "Thank you.." he says as he brushes his palms together, cleaning his hand the best he can. "Showing off /is/ fun," he says as he focuses his dark gaze on her, a sly grin on his face. "Don't you think? Have you ever had someone envy you? Though I guess it isn't /all/ about jealousy. There's never any real chance to show what you have. I mean, if you have nice things, why not let others see?" He shrugs a shoulder. "Anyhow, yes. Agreements, so neither one of us arrives disappointed or with..unreal expectations for the night."

Idrissa watches him curiously a few moments while chewing on her lip a moment. "I.. Well.. No I don't go looking for others to be envious of me, or jealous either." She wonders why Kale would think this is such a good idea for her to go to the dance with this guy? "Very well, what..agreements are you looking for then?" Her bright green gaze just watches Xanthius, she might as well at least /attempt/ to be nice to this pig headed guy.

"Mm. To each his own, though you should try it sometime," Xanthius suggests as he plucks a stray piece of hay from his shoulder. "As for the agreements, I've a few in mind already. Feel free to input your own if you have any. First, you /must/ wear a dress," he says, eyeing her up and down from where she sits. "I mean…I was told you're here often, and if what you're wearing now is what you usually wear when here, then I can guess you wear…that… a lot." A gesture is made to her pants. "But if we're to make an impression, especially on the riders and candidates, we've to look the part. If money is an issue, then worry not of it. I can have one purchased or made for you."

Idrissa ahs softly and glances to herself a moment, some hair falls across her face a moment in the process. "Well yes I'm here a lot. I'm a beastcraft apprentice, work with runners an all one shouldn't wear a dress for such things." A slight shake of her head seen and she glances over to him once more. "I don't have a problem wearing a dress.. You'd buy me one?" She seems a bit surprised by that for some reason.

Xanthius has to nod in agreement. "Valid point," he says. "Though I'd think there's be something a bit more..feminine looking that could be worn for girls. I'm sure something could be made." Her question, and the surprise that is heard as she asks it, makes him chuckle a little. "Of course. That surprises you? Why not. It's my agreement, and if it's something I want to happen and you can't do it, then it's up to me to make sure that it does happen," he answers simply. "So. Dress. Do you wish for a new one tailored for you? I can have someone come and take measurements."

Idrissa looks utterly lost to say the least, she is not use to have any idea really how to take all of this it would seem. The expression on her face should be enough to prove she is unused to such talk. "Well, yes it does surprise me.. An I think what I wear is alright for the work I do. Don't need anything fancy for it." She murmurs out softly while brushing a bit of dirt off her jeans in the process. "Um.. Well just a new one is fine. I don't need anything made for me." She wishes Soriana was here, her friend is better at giving answer then she is, though this does deal with /her/ and not her friend.

"Ah. You're easy!" comments Xanthius, seemingly pleased. Just a new one? Fine, he can do that. He's the master of style! "don't wory. I'll be sure to choose something that brings out the best of you. Do you have a favored color?" He combs back his hair with his fingers. "Secondly, if we kiss, we must do so publicly at the dance. If it happens in private and we only talk about it, there's not as great of an effect." A pause and he leans forward a little. "Have you kissed anyone before?"

Idrissa frowns a bit at being called 'easy'. "Um.. Well yes, green." She offers softly, its a quick answer so it’s the truth. She does have green eyes, an there is that green charm of hers. At the question on being kissed she peers at him wide eyed a moment. "Wh..What.. Kiss?.. No I haven't kissed anyone before." She leans back as he leans forward. "Are you Weyr born or somethin'?" Well he is the one asking about /kissing/.

Weyr born? "Yes I am," Xanthius confirms, chuckling. "From here, actually, if you can't tell from my name. My parents aren't the most imaginative, but it isn't the worst I've heard either." He stands up then, brushing off the seat of his pants and trying to glance back and see just how ruined his jacket has gotten. Eh…not bad. Nothing a good cleaning won't do. He heads for her now, but she should be safe. It's not like he'd dare /sit/ on a haybale! "You've never kissed anyone? .. /Ever?/" He looks at her skeptically, but..another look at the smudges on her cheek, well…maybe she /hasn't/ ever been kissed! "Shall we practice?"

Idrissa swallows at this and shifts to inch back further upon the hay bale more. "No.. No I don't want to practice." She says with an unsure tone and chews on her lip. "An no I've /never/ kissed anyone. I understand that can be a surprize too you but its the truth." She is really not liking this guy.

"No?" Xanthius echoes, looking shocked. Likely, it's not a word he hears much.. He pauses a few feet before the haybale, glancing to the pieces of straw scattered on the ground. Straw. Eh, it's not runner poop. He'll manage. He steps closer, now merely inches away. "Come on, it's not so terrible. Are you afraid? Everyone has by now, you know. How old are you? Fourteen? You should've done it tons of times by now," he says with a slight sigh. He'll have some work to do to get her dance ready! "It's not hard, but to make it look /good/, you've to practice. So before the dance, practice, will you? If not with me, then someone. Honestly, I don't want look like I'm kissing a prude, and you don't want to look like a novice either." He pauses, looking at her expectantly. "Girls can be very judgmental."

Idrissa just frowns while she stares wide-eyed at Xanthius as if he just told her some great big secret to the planet, or that thread is about to start falling. She moves back further and is stopped back the wall the hay bale is in front of. "I'm almost fourteen.. An no I don't have to go kissing anyone bunches of /times/ if I don't want to." She says in her defense! Cause that will totally help matters. "I shouldn't have to kiss anyone if I don't want to." She states with a firm tone. "Why would you call me a prude.. An I'm not judgmental, you’re just very..very.. demanding. I don't even KNOW you why would I /kiss/ you?!" Where is Kale and Soriana?!

"Because, that is what people /do/ at dances," Xanthius says in a very matter of fact way, head tilting slightly to one side, causing unruly golden locks to fall before his eyes again. "Dance, kiss, have a roll. Riders likely will. Likely not in front of you, if you're lucky. You aren't Weyr born, are you?" he asks, shooting the question back to her. "Everyone knows this. Don't sound so surprised." He leans back. "Or offended," he tags on, though he looks more amused than disappointed. "You'll wish to kiss me by the time of the dance. This I can promise you. Just give it some time." Another light breath is exhaled as he watches her, perhaps making a list of things to do to prepare her properly. "I suppose I can save the rest of the agreements for another time."

Idrissa frowns as she presses back against the wall more, her knees getting tucked close to her as if that would totally keep Xanthius away. "What other agreements could there possible be?" She shakes her head. "I've never ever been to a dance..An no I'm from a colthold near Irene." Her bright gaze drifts back towards the other. Kale never acts like this, hell Soriana doesn't and she is Weyr born, not a boy but anyway. "I'll wish to kiss you?.. I don't think so.." She mutters out.

He's been in here too long. The stench of runners is no longer bothering his nose, but he can almost /feel/ it seeping into the fabric of his jacket. Which means…when he leaves here, the stables will still be with him! Gah, this jacket may have to be burned. And his pants, and his boots, and…gasp, his hair! Yes, leaving must happen soon! "Hm? Oh, there are others but don't worry about them now. But the next time we talk, let's meet somewhere less…pungent?" he suggests, at least attempting to be nice about it. He steps back, leaving her comment of kissing unanswered, though the expression on his face is smug. "Have fun…er…doing whatever it is that you do here."

Idrissa isn't that sure what else to really say on the matter, she just watches Xanthius turn to leave, and she doesn't stop him not in the least! "We'll see.." Is offered once he questions about meeting somewhere else next time. She would /rather/ not, but if she doesn't then would that hurt Kale and Soriana's feelings? "I plan on it." Having fun here that is, at what she does because it'll totally get her mind off the creepy dude that Kale sent to be a possible date for her to the dance.

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