That's One Way To Crack An Egg

Survival Camp - Campfire Square

During the day this area is a small clearing that sits just big enough to land four dragons in it, though by night it becomes an inferno where a fire is built up that licks its stray bits of lights to the ground just before the barracks nearby. The two barracks sit across from each other in strong contrast, the leader barracks being a comfortable modern barracks that looks clean and kept in good eminence while the follower barracks has a sharp destitute about it, looking that the ivy and decay is a day away from making the whole thing collapse.

It's a cool morning and a breeze has picked up. Clouds skitter across the sky and droplets of moisture are knocked out of the trees. In the center, where there should be a campfire is only a blackened area. All the debris has been cleared away and removed. There isn't even any kindling to be found let alone any larger pieces. Standing just offside is Keziah with her whistle which she blows quite loudly. Avians take off from the trees in a colorful display before disappearing.

M'nol is there, too, just grinning from behind Keziah and waiting for the 'troops' to fall in. Faraeth is… somewhere. He likes to hide in the woods and scare the stragglers.

Karona comes at the whistle-call, hide backpack over one shoulder. She's dressed in her summer wear, which is just her winter wear, without a jacket. Long sleeves, long pants, all sturdy fabric, and big boots. It all looks fairly well looked after, but well-worn, old. This also is nothing out of the ordinary.

A blond head pokes out of the shelter of the Py. Half asleep eyes shift and land blandly on Keziah before he grumbles and disappears back inside. He reemerges, black tank top tossed over his shoulder, dragging his back along behind him along the ground, toothbrush being thrust in and out of his mouth. It's morning, and Pyriel is not a morning person. No.

Aqueepoli is off to the side, nearish to the group of assembled candidates. His shirt is billowing in the breeze, not buttoned up and being allowed to freely waft. Waaaft. There is also a slight stench coming off of the candidate. Sweat and not showering will do that to a man. But it's a manly smell, all full of pheromones and what not. Totally hot. What once were pants but have been destroyed for the sake of not dying of heat exhaustion are now shorts, ripped and frayed, but covering all parts that are important. The sound of a whistle snaps Pol out of the daze he was in. Looking up, the candidate looks around around. "Shardin' hell was tha'?" He asks, a finger digging into one ear and searching for buried treasure. "Looooud." Whiiiine!

Keziah eyes the assembling candidates. There is a little smile on her face as she notes the ones that are grumbling about the hour. "Rise and shine!! You're all been sleepin'' in. Whatcha think this is? A gather day? Hah. You all have dragons that are starving, clammering to be fed. Time to be up choppin' meat!" Okay, so what if they don't have any baby dragons yet? "Ya gonna let them starve? Move it!" She pauses and then sniffs a little as the breeze wafts her way from Pol's way "Hey, Boy. You need a dip in the stream. Scour that rotting stench off of ya." She snorts and shakes her head "Honestly. Ya think they were born in a cave" she notes to M'nol. "I've caprines with scours that have smelled better." Over exaggeration? Nah. Well. Maybe.

M'nol smirks as less than a quarter of the candidates emerge from various tents and, "You'd think they'd never had an early morning before. Look at 'em zombie about." He can't help but smirk as Pol is called out specifically, "I think some of Faraeth's dung smelled better."

Karona siiidles over a bit at the sight - and scent - of Aqueepoli. Sidle sidle. Moving /away/ from the odorous candidate. She's not exactly a bed of roses herself, in the scent department, but she's not as bad as some. She isn't one of the ones complaining about the hour - she's been up with the sun, or earlier, every day so far. She just quietly waits for instruction, eyes on Keziah.

Pyriel continues brushing his teeth, though is pack is eventually yanked up off the ground and rummaged in. He pulls out his water skin and uses some of the contents to rinse out his mouth and then spits onto the ground somewhere away from people, kicking dirt over it and then everything gets shoved back into his pack, drawing on his tank top over his head and then down over his body. When Aqueepoli arrives, there is a nose crinkle but the blond rolls his neck and throws his pack onto his back as footsteps carry him over to offer the taller candidate a fist for bumping. "Ya stink, dude." he grins ear to ear. Apparently this is…a good thing? Bah. Boys.

Aqueepoli wrinkles his nose at the two dragonriders, though does have the decency to give both a hearty salute. "It's the smell of MAN!" He says, crossing his arms defiantly across his chest. "We doing this wilderness survival thing, an' I'm takin' it to the next level! The rain is my shower, the leaves are my soap, an the twigs are my meal!" That being stated, the holder leans down, grabs the stick that has probably been stepped on a half dozen times by numerous different candidates and dragonriders alike and starts to gnaw on it. Though he does make a face. It's gross. He even states as much. "'kay, well, maybe… not so much… twigs being my meal." Said stick is chucked away from him, a look of queasiness on his face. Pyriel gets an extended fist to bump, as well as a wink. "I'm feelin' my primal side, y'know?" Pol lifts up one arm, sticks his nose into his own arm pit, and takes a DEEEEEEP inward breath. "AAAAAHHH YEEEEEEAH!" Both arms lifted now, in VICTORY!

Keziah arches a brow at M'nol "I wouldn't go that far." and then that eybrow is arched at Pol. "Really. Man? Okay then. Man. Are ya manly enough to start a fire?" She tilts her head a little "Do you know how?" She then looks around here "Do any of ya know how?" she asks. A few candidates she looks at as if she expects them to say yes. Others get a look of not even and some aren't even bothered to be looked at. "This camp isn't going to be all about stayin in camp. It's all about being dropped out in the wilderness to fend for yourself and find your way back." She then smiles "Course, as an added incentive. I'll be hiding some eggs as well, in deep dark places perhaps. You'll need to be able to provide yourself light, warmth and even warmth for the egg if you're so lucky to find one. I'll be having them tucked in furs and such but they won't stay warm forever. Can you keep something from dying?"

Kezi may be willing to just let it go. M'nol, though, he pinches his nose a bit, "I'm afraid that if they start lighting fires, his fumes will catch. Faraeth?" The brown's been watching from the woods, taking this moment to move out and, on his rider's request, scoop up the offensively smelly lad-o'-phermones into the river with a derisive snort.

Karona looks absolutely /disgusted/ by the boys. Ew ew ew, /gross/! She moves even further away, grimace set on her face. "Boys!" she mutters, shooting Pyriel and Aqueepoli the death glare. VRRRM! DEATH GLAAARE! Not even Iessrien has warranted the death glare. Stinky boys: that dire? Apparently. The question of making fire has her raising a timid hand. "Uh. I know how, to make fire. I know… the theory, and I've seen it done. A lot. W-we used to go camping." she says.

Pyriel completely approves, even laughs as Aqueepoli extended-fistbumps and inhales a big draw of his own body odor. Amused, he tilts his head back over his shoulder in regards to Karona. "Ya better get used to it, ya might get stuck with us for a long time." he ribs with a smirk. Death glare: Infective. The glare rolls off him like the water to a duck's back and he hones his gaze back in on Keziah as she begins speaking again, a brow arching as he slides hands into the front pockets of his knee length khaki cargo shorts. He takes a place beside Aqueepoli despite the smell. Then the frown returns and he grumbles something at the boy beside him, shoulders slumping.

Aqueepoli waves his hand in the air, after they were brought fown from their victory pose. "A'course I can start a fire. Where I'm from, I point atta hold worker an' tell 'em to make me a fire or they're fired." See? The perfect way to make a fire. "I ain't really one for doin' things when I got people to do 'em for me, y'dig?" Eyebrows are waggled, enticingly, at Keziah. "Unless it's for… more /fun/ activities." Like anything that isn't work. His interest is peeked at the discussion of eggs. "Ya talkin' bout an egg I can eat, right? Cuz, I'll be truthful wit'cha both, I ain't enjoying eatin' twigs that much. I got a few slivers stuck in my gums an' it hurts inna bad way." Pol even opens his mouth, attempting to show off his bleeding gums. Or well, he would, if he wasn't being hauled off by a brown flippin' DRAGON and DUNKED into the near by river. Much spluttering and flailing go on, after the womanly-scream that comes out of Aqueepoli's mouth as he's moved about by a DRAGON. "Tha's not /RIGHT/ man!" An accusing finger is pointed at said brown dragon, and then said brown dragon's rider. Moving out of the river, the candidate, coughs up some water and shakes his body off like a canine. "/Ugh/!" Back over towards the group he trudges, wet and limpy, eyes narrowed and glaring at any dragons in the vicinity.

Keziah can't help but smirk about as the boy is dunked. Then there's a blink at Karona "You can?" she asks looking as if she's a bit surprised at that. "Well, then maybe this whole groups isn't a complete loss." She eyes the drenched one. "No, not eggs to eat. THough I suppose you could iffen ya want to, but seein' as their kin to dragons, would you want too? But iffen you want eggs. As soon as you build your own fire, you can cook some avian eggs." she points to Py "I want you to find some dry kindling. We're lucky it didn't rain much last night, but things are still a bit damp and all. Karona, what do you plan on using to start it with? Pol, go find some eggs from a nest. Don't get bit too much though."

M'nol just smirks as Pol singles him out. Faraeth is equally amused, leaning down to wuffle the candidate as if checking him to see if he needs a second visit. Apparently, he passes muster since the brown moves off, unperturbed by the over-zealous lad's cursing, and flicks his wings back to curl up on a clear patch of ground with a snort. Duty done. For now. Morl arches one brow at Karona as well, letting Kezi lead the lesson, though he does ask, "Do you know /how/ to make a friction bow?"

Karona pretends not to care that the death glare was totally inneffective, though she does sneak glances at the boys. And there's a bit of outright /staring/ when Aqueepoli gets carted off for a 'bath'. At the return of the holder lad, her hand goes to her mouth, and she has some sort of coughing fit. Yes, coughing fit, that's the ticket. She's not hiding a smirk or a snicker at all. Nope. "R-right. I.. well, I think I can. I never have before, but I've seen it done." she says, looking a little nervous all of a sudden. "Er, ah, seen it done rubbing sticks together… but I was thinking the flint and steel we were given would work, I've seen the sparks steel gives off." As a smith, and all. But she has more pressing concerns: "We don't have to go searching /alone/, do we? I mean… there'll be a rider with us, just in case?"

Pyriel seems to have been talking to himself because even with the fuss that Aqueepoli was making about being dragged off, the harper only half noticed. Perhaps he was still half asleep? Though he does look rather confused when Pol is gone, only to connect the dots a moment later when he sees the older boy being dropped into the water. A blink for this, and a peek at M'nol, When he's pointed at, the harper groans. "Seriously? Again?" he sighs, kicking at something on the ground. It appears the good mood that the blond boy had just a few days ago was rapidly fading. "Why do I always gutta frickin'…" he grumbles and kicks more things on his way to look for kindling.

No longer in a cheerful mood, something about being dunked in a cold river will do that to a man, Aqueepoli just scowls at everyone, including the dragon who wuffles him once more. Hands wave effortlessly in a 'git ye gone' motion. Back to business, the holder stares as each candidate is given a direction and sent off. Pol eyerolls, frowning and muttering. "Avian eggs? I'm hopin' someone 'round here is gonna make me an omelette or something, cuz I ain't doin' it myself. Men don't cook, it's /woman's work/!" This is all under his breath, but is a tad bit louder than it needs to be. Feet stomp off in a huffy manner, eyes up towards the trees, staring intently. Branch to branch his eyes zip, trying to find some sort of nest.

Kiley has been here the whole time, really. She's sort of been off with some of the other candidates in the background, watching quietly in attempts to learn. There is still silence from her as assignments are given and she remains where she is, watching. Pol earns the briefest of looks for his muttering, brows lifting before she shakes her head and carefully turns attention back where her gaze previously lingered. For now, she remains where seated and ever so intent.

Keziah gives a nod to Karona "Definately can use that, however, what happens if you lose it? She asks after a moment "What other ways besides that or rubbin' will work?" she glances around at the candis. She ignores the grumbling for the most part since they all seem to be doing their part. However, one candi by the name of Yahhbut gets snapped at as he grumbles about being expected to do any manual work and echoe' s Pols sentiments on cooking. "If anyone doesn't wish to eat, then they don't have to cook. However, any if of those not cooking are caught eating someone elses food, you'll be cleaning out jacks for the whole time you are here. Got it? Everyone participates." She looks around "This first fire is an example. Everyone will be making their own." her gaze narrows in on Kiley at the head shaking and then she just nods a little as the candi stays quiet. "Any questions?"

M'nol smirks slightly as Kiley moves out of the shadows, then points at her, crooking his finger in a beckoning motion, then indicates one of the small fire pits, "SHow me what you can do."

Karona repeats her question: "Will candidates be followed by riders out there? T-to observe, supervise, not to help the candidates, we have to do that stuff ourselves, I get that… just… for safety?" she wonders, glancing nervously to the woods. There's a blink at Keziah, though. "Uh.. lose it? If I lose the flint and steel, I die cold and ashamed. Only an idiot would lose them!" she states firmly, frowning. "…but… I could try with sticks, rubbing sticks together." she admits, finally. "I'd need… rope. Rope seemed to be important. A stick with a rope on it," she vaguely describes a bow, "coiled around another stick, point down on a bit of wood. Back and forth, vigorously, then blow on the spark." she says, rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly. "Seen m-my mother do it hundreds of times. We used to go camping. I /hate/ camping. Ugh."

Pyriel returns shortly with said kindling. Dried moss and find chips of wood, carried in a medium-sized leather pouch. He wanders back over towards Keziah, M'nol, Karona and whoever else might be hanging out by where last night's campfire was. He stands there with the required material and blinks a few times. "Where do ya want it?" he asks, bristling a bit. A glance is spared to Kiley and Aqueepoli, though it seems more a scan of the area more than anything else. Then his attention returns to the group again, and his brows lift questioningly. Even albeit annoyed in general.

Trees are searched, one after the other, until finally a nest is spotted up in the branches. "Sweeeet. Heeeelllo food." Eyebrows draw together as the candidate internally debates the quickest way to get up the tree and check the nest. Moving towards the tree in question, spit is ejected onto both palms, then said palms are rubbed together forcibly. Climbing trees. It can be DONE. The lad throws himself at the tree in question, flailing and holding on for dear life. Inching up every few minutes, scooting his legs up more and more. Luckily, the nest isn't too far up and Aqueepoli reaches it soon enough. A shaking hand stretches out, reeeeaching for the nest. Eye light up when three eggs are spied. The entire nest is taken and brought carefully to his chest before Pol starts to waggle his way down. Veeeery, very carefully. Feet meet the ground, nest is raised over his head, and the canidates gives out a MIGHTY yell. "ME POL HAVE BROUGHT FOOOOOOOD!" Running like a tool, the holder makes it back to the group and shows off the prize. "Look! /Three/ eggs! This one's mine." The biggest one gets a point. "Y'all can have the last two."

Oh darn, Keziah couldn't get away from not answering the question, maybe a hint of vagueness. "Well, riders will be certainly taking you out, and you won't be alone." she notes with a smile. A look at Py, she's unperturbed by the annoyance, after all, annoyed or not he's still working. "Go ahead and set it up where the old fire was." she suggests and then nods to Karona "Good, also a magnifying lense can work as well if it's a sunny day. It works very well and it can and will burn you if you concentrate the point on yourself." She takes a lense of of one of her many vest pockets. "You are free to try with this as well. Now, Py, go ahead and gather some larger bits of wood once Karona has the fire is kindled." She points to Yahbut "You, find more eggs." at Pol she looks "Well enough." she notes and then just seems to ignore him.

Pyriel's mouth drops open a bit and he stares at Keziah. His expression contorts, and he starts to take a step forward and point but he stops himself and growls instead, handing the kindling off to Karona without paying much attention to if she actually gets a hold of it or not before he drops it and stalks off with a bit of a death glare of his own. Focused on the greenrider. Whatever he is muttering under his breath does not sound very nice at all. But at least he is going and doing as he is told, even if he doesn't like it. Iessrien is grabbed along the way, having just appeared looking freshly bathed, and the blond gives the Breakwater holder no choice in the matter. You. Come. With. Me. Now.

Iessrien has been arounf somewhere or other. /Lurking/. Probably doing whatever he was supposed to or something. But when Py grabs him to go look for firewood, the Breakwater holder takes one look at the assembled lessonness, and promptly heads unresisting after the harper-candidate, pondwater-blue eyes flicking from Pol to Karona to the riders and back, pausing on Kiley and generally eyeing them all warily as he's dragged off. Right. Firewood. Sevendays from now, he guy's probably /still/ going to be pulling splinters out of his palms from all the wood collecting they've been doing.

Karona tips her head slightly at Keziah, and moves forward to the kindling, tugging a leather sack out of her hide backpack, and then a piece of flint followed by a piece of steel, from that sack. She kneels by the dry wood, hitting the flint and steel together. Nothing. She frowns slightly, and tries again, harder. A spark, but not in the right direction. She shifts, bending uncomfortably over the kindling, and whacks the two items against each other. A spark flies off, catching the tinder, but when Karona attempts to blow on the tiny ember, to fuel it, she blows too hard, and out the light goes. She closes her eyes, and takes a deep breath, in, out, eyes open. The flint is smashed against the steel once more. Fourth time's the charm? Nope. Not even a spark. The fifth time, there's a spark, and she even manages to catch the tinder, blowing on it gently, but it goes out. The woman lets out an awful awful curse, then claps her hand over her mouth, red-faced."Sorry!" she squeaks, bending to try again. This attempt too fails, and the woman throws her hands up. "Yeah, okay. Anyone got any firestone? Got a firelizard who'd set this going like /that/." she says, shooting the death glare at the tinder now. Pretty free with the death glare lately.

The nest is placed on the ground, near the campfire-to-be. The one egg that Aqueepoli has already called dibs on is picked up. Watching both Pyriel and Iessrien go off into the woods or where ever the two are heading off too. Attention span no longer lasting, the candidate stares at his egg, stares at Karona attempting to make a fire, then back to the egg. Feet start to shuffle here and there. One foot lifts, drop, the other lifts. There's a look of desperation and hunger on the candidate's face. "This is takin' too long," More whining, the sixteen turn old regresses into a six turn old, making sad looks at the two riders. "Bah! Fires aren't needed anyway. I'll do this the hardcore manly way!" The egg is taken and brought up to his face. Pol gives it a look over… then shrugs his shoulders. "Food is food, cooked or not." Is declared before the candidate opens up his gaping maw and shoves half the egg into his mouth and CRUNCHES down on it. Egg goo is everywhere, yolk and shells spilling from the holder's mouth as he happily chews. The remainder of the egg is thrown into his mouth, chewed on as well. Bits of this and that dribble from the corner of his mouth. "Mmmm, nah sho badh." Mouth is full, hard to talk. A thumbs up is shipped to the two riders, as well as Karona. See! Much easier than making a fire! All is well for the first minute or two… then a green, queasy look crosses Aqueepoli's face and the candidate turns on his heels and books it into the forest. A loud "HRRRRUUUGGGGHHHHH!" reverberates in the air as the contents of Pol's stomach go free. The candidate stays in those woods for quite some time. Not willing to show face anytime soon.

Keziah watches Karona as she attempts it "Just keep at it, practice makes perfe.." she trails off in time to watch Pol shove the egg into his mouth. Her eyes widen. Now, she's had raw egg and all, but not the shell with it." She blinks and then just shakes her head a bit. As he then turns green she closes her eyes and sighs. "Serves him right, but jeesh." she glances at M'nol and then shrugs as if to say, what can ya do?" A glance to the woods as Py and Iess are still gone and then a glance at the others "All right, ya all take some kindling and get ta work building your own fires."

Kiley isn't entirely looking towards M'nol at first, at least until there's movement and her gaze drifts over towards the brownrider. Brows lift and she slowly pushes herself up to her feet. The others, Pyriel and Iessrien are given a nod of greeting before attention drifts to Pol as he returns with the next and the eggs, brows lifting even higher as he puts the egg into his mouth. There's a wrinkle of her nose in disgust and she shakes her head once more. "I really doubt that he thinks before he does.. There's a soft tsk as she shakes her head again before she moves over to that fire pit and attempts to start a fire

Karona hears the crunch, and shudders, though she can't seem to stop herself turning towards the source of the noise. That's even /worse/, Aqueepoli, with yolk and shell dribbling from his face. "AUGH!" she complains, face paling. She quickly turns back to her failed fire, just in time to miss the queasy look, though she can't miss the sound that follows. The smith winces, and glances down at the tinder. Right. Fire. She narrows her eyes at the kindling, marking it as 'foe', with a look straight out of an old Earth Western. Fingers twitch, waiting for the opportune moment, then suddenly whip out the flint and steel, striking one against the other with careful precision. A spark flies off, Karona stares after it, every moment feels like an eternity. The tinder is hit, an ember glows. She lowers her face to gently blow on the ember. A fire catches, crackling into life! The smith sits bolt upright, and beams. "Whoo, I made /fire/! I'm awesome!"

Clearly, as Pyriel and Iessrien return several minutes later, they prove that they are indeed the wood masters. Each is carrying enough wood for several small fires, surely enough for those milling about the lesson. Py deposits the stuff down on the ground in a pile, still grumbling and still irritated it seems. He helps the holder boy, not currently trying to eat raw eggs shell and all, then tossing up the contents of his stomach, with his burden. He mutters in such a way as only the Breakwater holder might catch, stepping away once enough has been taken away that Iessrien can drop the rest himself. Hands are brushed together, and Karona is eyed as she finally manages to make a fire. "Congrats, ya've managed to do what our peeps been doin' since the dawn of time. In wha? Sixteen, seventeen tries?" he says over to the woman with a growly undertone. The harper mood had officially returned to 'normal'.

Keziah is pleased to see the fire finally started. Or at least one of them. She wanders through the other candi's as they start in on the kindling and smaller bits of wood. A few she stops by to instruct them, again, on how to start a fire. She rounds back over ot Py and Iess. "Hmm, think we've got enough wood boys?" she asks them and then grin slyly "I dunno, we might need some more." she adds and then moves on to another pair before she does decide to tell them to go out for more."

Karona shoots a regular non-deathy glare at Pyriel. "Seven." she states, coldly. Seven tries. "Let's see you do it in fewer!" she challenges, though she rocks back on her heels, and glances to Keziah. "That good?" she asks, of her fire. Well, it's still lit, that's a good sign. Right? The high of succeeding has worn off now, leaving only uncertainty and nerves. Is it right? Did she do it right? Oh dear, she's going to die cold, isn't she?

Iessrien returns. With wood! He dumps the lot of it beside Pyriel's pile and smirks slightly at the harper's muttering, eyes cast briefly towards the lesson before he just shakes his head, calling over to Karona a semi-bemused, "Flint, it makes fire." Oh yes, there's slight sarcasm there. Subtle jab from the other morning? Maaybe. Kiley is given a nod in greeting, and even a slight smile, the holder dusting off his own hands and then peering back towards the woods where Aqueepoli is off getting sick. Concern briefly creases his features, though the Breakwater lad only shakes his head slowly with a muttered, "Gross, man." Unsympathetic or simply making an observation? Who knows. He at least does call over a louder, "You okay man?" though whether or not he receives an answer he'll glance back at Kesiah with a nosewrinkle. With the amount of wood they've brought back, they could probably start a proper bonfire.

Keziah gets another glare for that comment about a return trip to the woods, though Karona's glare and challenge are met with an arched brow, chin lifted and a truly haughty expression from the harper. Pyriel looks the woman up and down for several seconds, before the back of his hand comes to lightly tap Iessrien in the stomach. "Challenge accepted." he says, already gathering up the things he needs. Which only includes some wood which he signals Iessrien to get, and some kindling. He retrieves the pouch he's deposited with Karona and wanders to take a spot beside her, dropping down to his knees with a flat topped rock and a single stick of wood and the kindling. "Iess, man. Stack the wood up like that." he says to the taller boy, jerking his chin towards one of the campfires unlit nearby. That said, he sets some of the kindling down in a dry mossy pile, and sets the stick in the middle, rubbing his hands down the thing causing the stick to rub against the stone. A whisp of smoke rises already.

It'll be amazing if the lot of candi's don't die of cold. But alas, thats what she and the others riders are there for. To prevent that. Keziah gives a nod to Karona "It's just fine dear, it's still going, you're not burnt and there's warmth coming out from it." she then chuckles at the friendly (hopefully friendly) competition. As for glare, an ever so sweet smile is returned instead. "Again, remember. Fire can be the difference between life and death, not only of yourself, but others as well."

Karona wrinkles her nose up at Iessrien's sarcasm. "Do we /all/ have to know how to make fire? Some hands I think … fire might be safer /not/ in." she shoots a look Iessrien's way. Keziah gets a grateful glance. "Oh, good." she says, relaxing in relief. "So… uh. What now?" she wonders.

Kiley smiles at Iessrien for the nod of greeting, offering a smile in response before returning to her task. This continues for a moment or so before she's stepping away and folding her arms across her chest as she drifts over towards Iessrien and Pyriel, she lingers near by to watch curiously as the harper starts a fire. A smile comes to her lips before she looks to Karona. Her gaze flickers between the smith and the holder, brows lifting again before she shrugs and offers a soft comment towards Karona. "Don't think that he'll really set things on fire."

Yahbut and a couple of his cronies come back from gathering some more eggs and even one industrious one found some edible vegetation. Keziah nods to them and instructs them to set things near the main group and then she nods at Karona "Everyone. What happens if say you and Iess are seperated from the others, it's cold out and you've broken an arm. How are you going to start a fire?" she asks and then as she watches fore fires start up she smiles "What now? Now you get to make breakfast. Everyone, pick your ingrediants and gets your pan out of your packs. Unless you plan on trying it raw, though I suggest at least breaking it into a glass and not eating the shell."

Issrien arches a brow at the stomach-tap he gets, head canting at the harper, flick of a glance spared for Karona then back. A slow smirk twitches vaguely at his features, and he turns back to the pile of firewood to grab a decent armful, heading over to where Py and Karona are. Kneeling, the holder boy carefully begins stacking it as indicated, sending a somewhat curious glance at Py before shifting back and leaning on his elbow beside a log watching what the harper is doing. There's a flat, "Agreed," for Karona, "I wouldn't trust someone who takes seven tries to handle the stuff." Ooh, burn. A glances is flicker up to the approaching Kiley, and the girl is at least offered a polite, "Hi," to follow that nod, lips twitching up at the edges, "Oh, I don't know. I've been learning how to handle fire," and for some reason he looks just a little smug. There's a considering look briefly to Kesiah's question, though he hasn't an answer apparently, merely turning his attention back to Pyriel's demonstration there.

A few more rolling of the stick downward, and the moss is smoking like crazy, Pyriel leans over it and puckers his lips. A few careful blows of air and it crackles and flames. The stick is tossed aside, some more kindling added to keep the tiny fire going before he transfers it over to the wood that Iessrien had set up, tucking it underneath between two branches. A look is spared to the Breakwater holder, golden eyes resting on pondwater blue, as he gently blows upon the smoking and burning moss beneath the wood. Lashes lower and more kindling added to aide the fire in catching the thicker wood and soon enough a fire is soon cheerfully crackling away after a few minutes. "One try." he tosses back over at Karona, pushing himself up to his feet and brushing the dirt and things from his knees and clothing. He doesn't look as much smug about this as his usual grumpy self. Wiping his hands on the side of his cargo shorts, "Thanks, man." is given to Iess for his help with setting the wood up for him to burn. As hands slide into the pockets of his shorts the boy rolls golden eyes up towards the sky. "I gutta be honest though, campin' trips with my brothers does help in knowing stuff like how to build a fire and how to hunt game. Just sayin'." he says to no one in particular, though he does nod in his head in greeting to Kiley. Maybe that talk was for her. At the cue for pans, the harper tosses a "I got it man." to Iessrien before he does in fact go and get one, bringing it back and setting atop the fire, handing a cup to the older boy beside their fire to crack the eggs into.

Karona nods slowly at Keziah, and eyes the ingredients. She doesn't seem to have much of an appetite, but she moves over and picks a few things out, shuffling back to her little fire to cook them. Pyriel is scowled at. "You've done this before." she accuses. No method is really 'easy', but the stick rubbing method is one of the more difficult methods. But there's not another word, as she focuses on cooking. And whatever else they're tasked with later, she'll quietly do that too, avoiding those pesky boys as best she can.

Keziah listens to the various conversations "Having done it alot before does help, and so if you're familiar, practice with other means as well. For those with a firelizard that has been trained, you're in luck generally unless something has scared them off." she eyes Iess "Sometimes someone takes a little longer when they've not as much practice. Seven tries isn't bad, the fire is started and still going. "When foraging for food stuffs, only take that which you know is safe. Watch some of the 'snake too, many are quite poisoness. It would be worse down on the southern continant. Still this time of year, no one should starve."

"Hey." Kiley greets the other, brows lifting at the statement and the smug look that crosses his face. "Right. That's good that you're learning how to handle it better." The look of confusion fades and a smile replaces it easily, her attention returning to Pyriel and his fire making. When he finally nods in greeting she returns it, smile still in place but certainly lacking in anything more than friendly. "Then we're lucky to have you around, would hate to go without meat." Comes a soft admittance from the computer crafter as attention shifts towards Karona and her accusation, her bottom lip is taken into her mouth to avoid commenting towards the other woman. Her gaze drifts finally towards Keziah as she begins to speak again, nodding slowly.

There's an arching of brows as the harper makes fire on the first try, Iess chuckling at the explanation and then commenting, "Sounds as if your brothers were pretty cool to hang with." He jerks his head in a nod at the thanks, totally having caught that earlier look and returned it blandly. At the sudden arrival of food-making items though, Iess just stares blankly for a few seconds and then looks from Pyriel to Kiley, "Uuh.." He holds up the cup, looks at an egg, looks at the cup again. "..What do I do with this?" Why yes, someone has never cooked in his /life/." As to Keziah's comment about practice, the holder's shoulders lift with a simple, "Practice makes perfect." Hey, he wasn't the one who started making snide remarks about anyone's competency. Though he does nod about the warnings, and a further nod of agreement about Kiley's words on them being lucky to have Py around, lips quirking into a rather more wry expression, "Someone has to know how to do all this stuff. Us holders don't usually get out much beyond the cotholds," though whether or not he actually means to include Kiley in that statement of not having gotten out much, might be debatable.

Kiley gets eyed by Pyriel, but instead of saying anything to the woman, he tosses a smirky grin at Karona. "Ya so?" he says, shrugging his shoulders. "Ya said let's see ya do it in less tries, never said nothin' about previous experience. Guess who wins?" he tosses over his shoulder before turning his back to her completely. "Ya never cracked an egg before, Iess?" he asks, gaze lifting as he reaches out and takes both items hand over to the older boy and sets the cup onto the ground. Taking the egg, he taps it a few times on the edge of the cup and then pulls it open, depositing the contents within. He fishes out the embryo, and flicks it off into the fire. "Uh, yeah I ain't eatin' that and neither are ya."

Keziah watches the embryo go flying "That was some good protein there." she notes "Bones at the stage are fairly easy to digest as well. Good source of calcium, which the shell is too, but it's better to pulerize it if you're going that route. Myself I prefer them to be a little older and then I'll hard cook them" she notes with a grin. Anyone ill yet? She hmms a bit at Iess "True, many do have others that do the work for them, however, it's not always a good idea to depend on that. Things go wrong.

Kiley looks at the food making items and then to Iessrien as he holds up the cup and the egg, an amused smile comes upon the woman's lips, but she says nothing and does nothing to assist as Pyriel is already all over that. Competition between the two remains untouched by her, simply observing as she does. But it is the embryo that Pyriel tosses that makes Kiley color a shade of disgust. And then Keziah's comment only furthers that coloring and she murmurs a soft, "excuse me." Before her retreat into the forest for a bit of time, not too far from the camp, however.

"Never had need to," the holder boy admits to Py as Iess settles back again, watching Pyriel with admittedly more curiosity, head canting slightly to one side while he eyes the cracking of eggshell and then the yolk getting fished out. Keziah's commentary earns a wrinklenosed look, sidelong glance at the woman without a word in response as he turns back to the harper. "Right," he'll agree about not eating those things, definitely. A concerned glance is flicked at the suddenly-retreating Kiley, and Iess outright frowns at the riders' inconsideratenes, rising to his feet with a mumbled, "Going to check on her and Pol," before he also disappears into the woods, presumably to make sure his friends are alright.

Keziah has never claimed to be nice. 'Course havin' two candi's run off into the woods to be sick is not alwaqys a good thing. Even if one of them was the poor boys own fault. She does roll her eyes a bit and murmurs something about havin' everything served to 'em on a plate and never having to make do. "Well, whatever ya all like ta eat, make sure ya do eat cause yer gonna be needin' yer energies later."

Pyriel turns a little green as Keziah talks about eating the twitching embryo he just flicked into the fire. "That's nasty." he says, shuddering a bit, and exchanges a look with Iessrien before Kiley goes to heave into the bushes. Eyes rise with the holder as he gets up to check on Aqueepoli and the computer crafter woman, darting that way and then back to the older boy. "Yeah okay, I'll start cookin' I guess." he says, losing volume as he cracks the second egg and flicks the occupant into the fire with it's sibling. "Still not eatin' them things." he grumbles under his breath, and then gently applies the two eggs to the pan, watching them sizzle a bit before he pokes them with a stick. "Hope ya like yer eggs burnt Iess…"

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