Candidates and Flits and Eggs--Oh My! Part One

Note: Many thanks to Dominic of Western Weyr, who was willing to put up with being the proverbial "guinea pig" for my first attempt at a flit hatching! :-)


Xanadu Weyr - Kitchens

It seems that with the fire that destroyed much of the kitchen, care has been taken to restore it to a condition well beyond what it was orignally. And thus state of the art equipment has been brought in from the various crafts to be used - stoves and large ovens replacing the hearths, while thin metal sheets have been installed over each countertop, for both ease of use and ease of cleanup. A large pantry remains generally open, containing a all the nonperishable goods, while a similarly large icechest contains the perishable goods.

Jessamin ambles in, a basket full of warm sand cradled in her arms. Two brown flits perch on her shoulders, chirruping and creeling in anticipation of a treat, while a smaller blue takes to the air behind her. From her apron pocket comes a fourth, more shrill and imperious cry of hunger, that of an even younger green hatchling. "Alright, Sekhmet, I know. Feeding time. Greedy little maw." She chuckles softly, affectionately, setting the basket down by one table—close enough to an oven to be kept warm, but far enough away to prevent harm. She heads on over to the ice chest, a blast of cool air wafting stray strands of honey-gold hair out of her face and pinkening her cheeks as she opens it, drawing out a couple of containers of bite-sized meat chunks. The flits' creeling increases tenfold. "Oh hush, not all of this is for you three… there's a younger mouth to feed, you know."

It's not long afterwards that Dominic comes into the kitchens as well, a high pitched screech replaced by a lowlying rumble. "Man I'm hungry." When he hears Jessamin's voice, which he can make out over the bustle of the kitchen, he smiles and heads somewhat in that direction.

Jessamin raises her head quickly as she hears Dominic's voice, thumping it on the lid of the ice chest as she comes up a bit too quickly. "Ow!" She sets down the containers of meat on a nearby table, taking a moment to close the ice chest and rubbing the back of her head. "Over here, Dom! Shards, it's good to see you!" Her smile is bright, even if her hair is a bit disheveled from chores.

"It's nice to hear you, Jessamin." He tells her and moves over to her, holding his arms open to give her a hug. "Very happy. You get the munchies too? I heard you were a Candidate. I'm very proud of you!" Dominic tells her, his voice showing the happiness that he holds in hearing from Jessamin.

Jessamin hugs Dominic tightly, much to the vociferous dismay of her four flits—particularly the youngest. Why am I not being fed right NOW, her attitude and cries seem to say. Jess laughs, shaking her head. "Not so much me getting the munchies, but this lot. I seem to have Impressed three more flits since I saw you last, the latest one a green who seems to think her hide is gold, by her attitude." She chuckles again, her shoulders shaking with mirth. "And on top of that, an Ierne transport rider landed me with a green clutch. By the hardness of the shells, they could go at any time."

"Ah, three more?" Dominic laughs at that and shakes his head. "Those little monsters are going to eat you out of house and home." He nods. "Well you could of course just leave them, but I don't think that's right." A shrug comes to his shoulders. "Do they at least let you sleep?"

Jessamin grins, taking a step back. "They do let me sleep. The oldest, the one you met… Madder… he's been hunting on his own for a little while now, but still likes the occasional treat. Turquoise and Stitch… they're blue and brown, respectively… they're starting to hunt on their own, but still come back for munchies. The youngest just hatched days ago, and she's not yet hunting. She's a pretty little green… I called her Sekhmet. She's the one I really need to keep an eye on." She squeezes Dominic's hand briefly and smiles. "As long as we're here, can I get you anything? Oh, watch out for that basket by the table… it's on the ground, and it's got those flit eggs in there with some warm sand."

"Aw, she's a little baby huh?" He offers, squeezing Jessamin's hand in return before he moves to sit down, and does just avoid the small basket. "Okay.. and please. A meatroll would be nice if they have any prepared. Something to drink too."

You say "It's a sorry day when there's no meatrolls ready for the hungry here." Jessamin bustles about the kitchen, humming a merry, childlike little tune that briefly seems to take the form of a sonatina. There is the clattering of a plate being taken from a cabinet, as well as a mug. The scent of warm meatrolls wafts through the air, intensifying the cries of her flits. "Oh, behave, you three. These are for a guest." Soon, too, the spicy-sweet odor of klah dances about in the air, coupled with the almost musical sound of the hot, liquid treat being poured into a mug. Jess returns to Dominic, where he is seated by a counter, setting his plate of meatrolls and mug of klah down just in front of him. "There you are. The staples of life."

Secluded Lagoon Egg
Shades of forest green and ocean blue cover the majority of this egg, with a swath of sandy gold partially dividing the two halves. It is almost as if the shell is a microcosm of a romantic, secluded lagoon, with a sandy shore where two lovers might rest in each other's company. Hints of pale gold flecks glimmer among the green and blue, like bits of sunlight dappling leaf, sea, and shore.

"Well I'm sure that is true." Dominic offers before he grins and reaches out towards the plate. "Thank you, Jess." He beams at her. "It's very nice to be treated like this, and I shouldn't ask you to do such things." He reaches out and takes one of the meatrolls, blowing on it slowly. "Mm, smells good."

Secluded Lagoon Egg rolls slowly to one side, tapping against the wall of the basket with a soft, swooshing -click-

Jessamin pulls a stool over to the same counter, also bringing over the bowls of meat with her. She sits down on the stool, drawing her knees up enough to form a nice perch for the smallest flit in her care. The little green head immediately pops out of her apron pocket, maw open wide and eyes whirling red with hunger. "Oh, alright, missy… here you are." She pops the first piece of meat in, chuckling to herself. In the midst of the feeding craze, she almost misses the shift in the song of her older three fire lizards—the welcoming hum.

The young man chuckles and begins to munch on the food, grinning at Jessamin. "She's keening rather loudly, isn't she?" He wonders before he tilts his head to the side. "That's different. They sound like they're humming."

Secluded Lagoon Egg shifts about in the basket, rolling back towards the center with the soft, crunching sound of shell on sand

Jessamin stiffens, her hand caught mid-feeding; little Sekhmet trills angrily, reaching up and snapping the piece of meat from between her fingers. "Sekhmet, really!" She tilts her head, listening some more and glancing over at the basket. "Oh my… no wonder. One of the eggs…."

"Is it hatching?" Dominic tilts his head over the side, trying to hear. "Really?" He sounds rather surprised about that. "Wonder if it's cause of the heat."

Secluded Lagoon Egg rocks about more urgently, faint cracks beginning to appear in the shell

Jessamin nods, and nudges a bowl of meat over to Dominic. "Could be. The eggs were given to me, so they could be a little older than I thought before. Means the other two won't be too far behind." She smiles, reaching over to squeeze his hand. "Did you want to try for a flit?"

"Oh, okay." Dom squeezes Jessamin's hand in return. "I guess I can.. I just hope I'll be able to feed it okay. I don't want it to die because of that." He offers.

Jessamin reaches down and gently lifts the basket to the countertop, steadying it with her hands on either side. She smiles reassuringly at Dominic, the smile reaching her voice even though she knows he can't see her face. "It'll be alright. Let's get you through this, and I'll help make sure that the hatchling won't go hungry." The thrumming song of her flits deepens, even Sekhmet silenced by her faire mates to welcome the new life.

Secluded Lagoon Egg rolls and wiggles about more strongly now, the hatchling within fighting to burst free of the confining shell

"Alright." Dominic offers and reaches out for the bowl, getting some of the meat out and holding it in his hand. "Slimy!" He offers, chuckling a bit as he listens, trying to hear when the little one escapes

Secluded Lagoon Egg rocks strongly back and forth, feather-like cracks appearing on the shell and widening. Soon, the shell crumbles away, revealing an egg-wet Freshly Turned Earth Brown Hatchling.

Freshly Turned Earth Brown Hatchling
One can almost smell freshly turned, sun-warmed earth in the springtime as they look at this handsome fire lizard. Tones of deep, rich cocoa brown cover most of his body, from the tip of his tail to the tip of his nose. Lighter shades of umber and ochre peek through here and there, graceful furrows following the lines of the field that is his body, tip to tail. Spars of cocoa give way to wing sails the hues of cinnamon and cafe latte. Tiny, perfect claws of onyx tip each toe and finger, little gems revealed to the sun's glory by the plow. Every movement is taken with great care, despite the charmer's greater size, carrying himself as if with constant concern for those around him.

Jessamin 's flits creel triumphantly as the hatchling bursts free of its shell. Jess, too, cheers. "Oh my… isn't he just the handsome one!" She smiles, reaching out to touch Dominic's hand briefly. "Okay, he's right in front of you, a little over an arm's length off. You can do it, I know you can!"

Dominic nods and holds his hand out with the meat. "Her eyou go." He tells the small one. "Is he a bronze, a blue or a brown?" He asks her, holding the meat out for the hungry baby.

Freshly Turned Earth Brown Hatchling meeps as he tumbles free of the shell, a trill of mild disgust escaping his parted maw. Why was it so suddenly colder, and why was he so wet? He extends his wings, egg gunk dripping from the tips, creeling with hunger before his wings catch his attention. Oh, lookie… wings!

Jessamin smiles broadly, looking at the little hatchling. "It's a brown, and he's a handsome one. He's just the color of soil just turned to the plow." Half to herself, she whispers, "Come on, you can do it… just let the little guy know you're there, make him come to -you- for the food…."

"Hey there, little brown." Dominic offers. "I"m sure that'd be an apt description, if I knew what that meant." He tells her, grinning as he shakes the food towards the brown. "You going to come get some. Nice juicy bits of fresh meat."

Jessamin blushes, ducking her head. "Sorry about that. You do so well, it's easy to forget sometimes." She chews her lower lip thoughtfully, trying to think of a more apt way to describe the little hatchling. "Have you ever walked through a freshly plowed field barefoot, after it's been sitting in the sun? The color sort of looks and feels like that."

"Ah, well I guess I know that." Dominic offers, chuckling gently as he continues to wiggle the meat. "You coming little one? I can't see you." He offers.

Freshly Turned Earth Brown Hatchling swivels his little wedge-shaped head about, the scent of meat and the sound of a friendly voice drawing his attention. Food? Where? He takes a few wobbly steps towards Dominic, trilling hungrily.

Jessamin softly cheers the little brown on. "That's it, you've got it… go get the food, you'll have a good home." If Dominic could see it, her smile is wide, and her eyes sparkling. But somehow, this all reaches her voice. "That's it, Dom. You've got the idea. He's coming to you now."

"Alright, there you go." Dominic offers to the little brown, wiggling the food some more. "I've got loads and loads of it." He tells the little one, beaming at it. "Come on, just take this one."

Freshly Turned Earth Brown Hatchling toddles within reach of the meat in Dominic's hand, extending his neck far enough to snatch the meat from between his fingers. The meat is gulped down in short order, followed by a gentler creeling. More? Please?

Dominic feels the food snatched from his hand and he reaches down to get some more and he holds it out again. "Of course, here." He tells her. "There you are, dear."

Freshly Turned Earth Brown Hatchling hops a little closer now, butting his head up under Dominic's hand before taking the second piece of meat, a bit more gently this time.

Freshly Turned Earth Brown Hatchling looks into Dominic's eyes. Impression!

"Aww, there you are…" Dominic offers before he jerks his head back a bit and holds his free hand up to his head. "Woah, strange." He tells her, moving to give the brown some more, picking him up in his hands. "There you are."

Jessamin cheers, grinning at Dominic. "Congratulations!" She reaches out to gently touch his forearm, her tone softening. "It's incredible, isn't it? Strange… but still, incredible." She smiles at the newly Impressed hatchling and Dominic. "What do you think you'll call him?"

Dominic smiles warmly at the touch. "Yes, strange indeed." He nods, before he hms. "I don't know yet. What do you think would be a good name for him?" He wonders.

Jessamin 's little green will -not- be ignored any longer; her shrill creeling resumes, demanding food, and demanding it NOW. "Oh, alright. You've been good, Sekhmet, I'm very proud of you." She laces her tone with as much warmth as she can manage, quieting the little green's cries with treats of fresh, choice bits of meat. "Well, Dom… I'm not sure. He's really a little charmer. It almost seemed like he was concerned about you for a second there." She tilts her head to one side, humming softly as she stops to consider. "These four weren't hard to name. Madder took his name from some unusual reddish tones in his hide. Turquoise also got his name from his color. Stitch was because of my sewing… and that little guy just will not stay out of my sewing basket for long! Sekhmet… that's from old Earth tales. She's got quite the attitude on her, matches the name. I guess in your case, I'd try finding a name from the hatchling's personality."

"Well yea." Dominic offers as he feels the little one lay in his hands, crooning softly as he eats the food in his hands. "Hrm." He wonders. "I've heard about an old Earth doctor. The first ones. His name was Galen." He wonders. "Dunno if that fits."

Jessamin nods, smiling as she shifts her stool a little bit closer, not ceasing in her feeding of the queen-like green. "Sounds fitting. It's a good, strong name." She tilts her head, looking at Dominic. "I'd suggest wearing a sling to carry the little guy around in the first week or two, and keep a sealed container of meat with you in your pocket. He's going to eat pretty frequently, and probably at the oddest hours. And when you feel his hide starting to get dry, it's time for bathing and oiling. I'll see if I can't spring a little bit of oil for you to use on Galen there." She chuckles softly. "If he's anything like my four, he'll eat the attention right up."

"Oh, alright." Dom smiles at her before he nods. "Alright." He wonders at that. "Hopefully he'll tell me when he's hungry." He offers, rubbing the head of his brown as he rests.

Jessamin chuckles softly. "Oh trust me, he will. You know that crying my youngest was making? That's when they're hungry. And if that doesn't work, you'll start feeling some hunger pangs yourself." She seems content for the moment just to enjoy a quiet minute or two after that, looking over Dominic and his newly hatched little charge.

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