Beast: It's What's For Dinner

Survival Camp - Campfire Square
During the day this area is a small clearing that sits just big enough to land four dragons in it, though by night it becomes an inferno where a fire is built up that licks its stray bits of lights to the ground just before the barracks nearby. The two barracks sit across from each other in strong contrast, the leader barracks being a comfortable modern barracks that looks clean and kept in good eminence while the follower barracks has a sharp destitute about it, looking that the ivy and decay is a day away from making the whole thing collapse.

Rumble. Grrrruuummble! That is not Kanekith growling, nope! That is the monstrous sound of Ka'el's belly. His poor, empty belly. It hasn't been incredibly long since the weyrlings have been lead to the campgrounds and left to rough it, but already a certain bronze rider's stomach is complaining of a lack of its usual supply of food. Where's the meat? Where are the tubers? Where's the dessert, darn it?! Ka'el rummages through his survival kit as thunder gently rolls overhead. A blanket of grey clouds has blown over, covering the late afternoon sun and making the day look darker than it really is. Kanekith is hungry too, but his hunger at least is being satisfied as he chomps on some small animal prey elsewhere. That eases a bit of Ka'el's pangs, but that leaves his own to be dealt with! He pulls out a thing of jerky, a bag of dried oats, trail mix.. "This is all lookin' too familiar.." he says to nobody in particular. He holds up a bag of leafy things he hopes were herbs when he picked them. "Are these edible?"

As a growing teenage boy, M'kal is more than likely to share the sentiments that there is simply not enough food within this camp. Meats…sweets. It's all needed! Through the forest path back towards the campfire square emerges M'kal with a large stick in hand. It's a walking stick! He's munching on a handful of nuts. Yum! Maybe not so yum? M'kal casts a look to the leafy things and has no idea but he says. "Oh sure. I think I saw Soriana gnawing on those earlier." bluff much?

Dessert has not been provided. For that matter, neither has dinner! It's more of a 'fend for yourself' sort of affair. At least that means there's no such thing as a using the wrong fork? Soriana's expedition into the swamp may not have been successful, but this latest one had better luck. She and Luraoth flew up above the trees and went hunting! Well, really, Luraoth went hunting. Soriana… watched, and once Luraoth succeeded at the hunting, she picked up (carved up?) the pieces. She's got a piece of herdbeast hide that she scraped roughly off the ex-beast wrapped around some chopped chunks of meat. They weren't very neatly made. If this was early weyrlinghood, she'd have been told to try again, but then again, she didn't exactly have the benefit of a cutting board. She's on Luraoth's back as the gold glides in for a landing, holding onto riding straps with zero hands and her makeshift bag with two of them. Okay, landing! Good. Next step, hold onto the hide with one hand and undo her straps with the other.

"Yeah?" Ka'el blinks at his leaves. Maybe herbs. Maybe just .. leaves. He takes one out and gives it a tentative sniff. Sniiiifff! .. Smells like .. leaf. Hm. He gives M'kal a dubious look. "If I keel over…" he warns, apparently willing to take that risk just to taste something other than jerky and nuts. Towards the mouth goes the leaf. Closer…closer!.. Oh, a landing gold! Ka'el pauses in his what would've been chomp to watch Luraoth's arrival, and he rises from his crouch soon after, using his free hand to dust himself off. "Since she's here, I'll ask before I kill myself." He smirks at the bluerider, moving towards him to toe his walking stick. "Need a cane, old man?" Thunder rumbles again, threateningly. But other than a few stray barely felt sprinkles, it's yet to rain.

"I'll catch you if you start to faint." promises M'kal in amusement. He's watching the progress of the leaf towards the mouth. It's like a train wreck! Howevrer it stops just short. Drats. The remark gets a tongue stuck out in reply. "Nope! Every one knows you need a proper stick to hike. It's like a law or something."

Riding straps are not exactly meant to be dealt with one-handed. They emphasize things like security, not ease of use. This means Soriana is having some trouble with them, because she's not about to let go of her sack-o'-gobbets. She (Luraoth) worked hard for that meat! …for that matter, she (Soriana) did too. Chopping game with nothing but a survival knife is not exactly fun and easy… but she succeeded. She got results. Also this bundle of meat. The rest of it went down the throat of Luraoth, who now turns her head back to watch her rider's attempt to disentangle and dismount. This would be so much easier with two hands, but, okay. If she jiggles this one and leans into it that way and… "Ha!" There it goes. She's free! And… wheee! Time to slide down from Luraoth's back one-handed. Right now, she is so glad for the rope swing on the obstacle course, because it means she doesn't actually fall down. Yay. Not only that, the bag didn't fall apart, yet. So she holds it with both hands now to make sure it doesn't. "…hey." She grins to Ka'el.

"Uh huh. And uh…which law was that again? M'kal's Law of the Hike?" Ka'el snickers, heading towards Soriana now and peeering oh so nosily at that hide bag she carries after her impressive dismount. "Hey Soriana. Luraoth," he greets to the both of them. "Whatcha got?" What have you got for us is what that translates to. He gives a grin to M'kal. She's probably got something good, huh? Something they'll convince her to shaaare. "Oh hey," he whips his head back around and holds up his bag of herbs. "Can we eat these? M'kal said you did, but I've a feeling he's trying to poison me to get rid've me."

M'kal holds up his hands. "I didn't say for /sure/ that you did." he back peddles quickly on that matter. "And no, it's hiking rules in general." he says absently. A glance to the sky and he remarks. "Might be raining soon." his eyes cut to the fire. Rain would be bad for fire.

"Dinner," Soriana says with a grin… and keeps a hold of the hide with both hands, just so it doesn't get snatched away from her! Luraoth chirps a greeting, but Soriana's attention is moving on. There's a fire. Good! Fire is for cooking things. She starts in that direction, only to pause and look back at Ka'el. What? Herbs and.. "Oh hey! You found bitterleaf." She gives him a grin, then continues on toward the fire, setting the hide bundle down carefully on the ground. It falls open a little, showing the chunks of meatage inside as Soriana rummages around for that metal plate she knooows she saw in her survival kit. Somewhere. How can so few supplies end up so disorderly?

Idrissa had been off wandering on her own it seems, well not really on her own as Tahryth followed along. At the moment the pair is on their way back towards the campfire, a bronze firelizard is settled upon the girls shoulder looking rather proud of himself. He has good reason as Rissa is carrying a rabbit, well maybe it's more like a bunny in size but she is still carrying it none the less. Tahryth lets out a warbling greeting to the other dragons as she hops forward a few steps and right on over to a spot that she had called her own where she settles down at the moment and stretches out.

Might be raining very soon considering how now, right on cue, drizzle begins. Hooray for rain! Rain makes things grow, yes? And the stuff that grows may be food! Not that they'll be here long enough to see such growth. But hey, Ka'el doesn't even mind that because Soriana has said the magic word. "Dinner?" Cue extreme nosiness! He follows her, glancing to that fire as well. Will the drizzle put it out? It is a large fire… so maybe not! At least, not while the rain remains misty light. "Bitterleaf?" he glances at his herbs, then glances to M'kal. "That meeeans….it can be eaten?" Hey, he's a healer (or was at least). He may know! "Hey Idrissa!"

M'kal casts a shrug briefly. "Duno..can't hurt ya too much I think." he's overly fried on his brain with healy stuff! It's all a blur. As the sprinkles start he groans and rummages through his pack to see if he's got a cloak or something.

Eat what? Soriana looks up from her bag and blinks at Ka'el. "Well, I… guess?" Blink. "They're supposed to keep bugs away if you rub the sap on, though." Which is faaar more useful according to her and her insect bites. Assuming she's remembering the plant correctly. Regardless, she goes back to digging around in her bag, only giving an absent wave as Ka'el's greeting informs her that Idrissa exists. Aha! Here's the metal plate. So! She sets it down next to her hide bundle, and starts loading it up with a layer of meat.

Idrissa does indeed exist, or well something like that at least. "Hey guys.. An.. Want a rabbit, or well a young rabbit I guess." There is a pause while she holds up the little rabbitbunny thing. "Aragorn caught it while we was out so figured I would bring it back to share and all." The bronze puffs up as his name is said, a slight warble escaping him, yup he caught it!

Oh. Bug repellant? "So…not food?" Ka'el peers at the vegetation with a meh sort of look. Well, … he'll hold onto this anyway. There are bugs out here anyway. It will be useful! .. not as useful as something sweet and delicious, which is what he was hoping it was. The bag of stuff is stuffed into his pocket while he heads to watch Soriana unload…ooo-meat! His eyes light up. That's what he needs. A carnivorous meal! "Should we be thankin' Luraoth?" he supposes, grinning. "Or are you like, Soriana the huntress now?" His eyes sweep to Idrissa, blinking once. "Arago-" Oooh yeah. The bronze! He totally didn't forget the firelizard's name. Nope. "You mean he didn't mind giving it up? Pft. He could teach somethin' to Alloy an' Kanekith. About sharing." His bronzes..don't share.

There's edible, and then there's tasty. They're not always the same thing. Soriana glances up to Idrissa and her rabbit, and grins. "Nice," she says, before returning her attention to her own meat. She nods to Ka'el. "Hah. Yeah, it was Luraoth's doing. She caught it, I just cleaned it." Because gobbets of raw flesh are so very clean, right? Well… relatively speaking, yes. Once Soriana's got her plate more or less full of meat, she reaches for a stick and nudges the fire back around… a meat-plate-setting place! Okay. Let the cooking begin! You just apply heat and stir, and the meat will sizzle and brown… or at least that's the theory. It worked great under controlled kitchen conditions!

Idrissa smirks as she hears Ka'el and shakes her head slightly while she sits down next to where the fire is. "I don't think he is that good of a teacher. He can be a bit snippy at times." Aragorn snorts at this and flutters off to curl up with a green dragon. "What did Luraoth catch?" This questioned while she peers curiously at what Soriana is working on.

"Uh.. does that cook pretty fast?" Ka'el asks as blue eyes shift up to peer at the grey sky. Sprinkling continues, beading droplets on his hair, though it looks like at any point the sky could decide to open its belly up and pour down upon them. Soggy meat? Probably not very tasty. "Well hey, thanks Luraoth, for dinner!" he calls to the gold. "Teach Kanekith some manners, will ya? He'd probably sit back and watch me starve before sharin' anything with me!" There's a rumble in the distance, only heard in Ka'el's mind, as Kanekith voices complaint. But hey, they are full-bellied complaints, and thus made with little effort behind them. Ka'el himself snickers, rolls his eyes, and returns his attention to his friends. And the meat. And the cooking. "Need me to help?" asked after all the prep work has been already done. Typical boy. "Gonna put yours on too, Idrissa? I can make a salad to go with it." Bitterleaf salad! Which would probably be yuck.

Sizzle goes… the fire, getting drizzled on. Nooo. That's not the thing that's supposed to sizzle. The meat is supposed to sizzle. It's being kind of slow on that front, though. Probably because a campfire isn't nearly so good at cooking as a proper stove. Soriana… pokes it with a stick. Luraoth chirps something that's probably some variant of 'you're welcome' to Ka'el, and heads off a comfortable and out of the way spot to relax. Soriana… pokes the meat again. "Herdbeast," she tells Idrissa. "Small one, had a bad leg. The 'beasts out here are fast, way quicker than the ones around the weyr." It's like they've had more practice running for their lives or something! She glances up to Ka'el, because maybe the meat will cook faster if she's not watching it. She can hope. "Mine's just waiting." Come ooooon meaaaat. Cook!

Idrissa ohs at the talk of a herdbeast and sends a glance to her rabbit which she just sets down. Her prize is like well, nothing compared to that really! "Tahryth found one, was rather small and she was hungrey so.." Well even though the green is on the small side she still eats a good amount when able. A slight shrug is seen as she hears Ka'el. "I can fix it later. If it doesn't start pouring." She glances up towards the sky while it still drizzles.

Hurry up meat. Cook faster! Where's the microwave when you need it? … Someone, invent that. Please. A portable, battery type! Ka'el gives the sky A Look. Don't rain. Not til the food is cooked else they'll be stuck with bitterleaf salad and nuts! "Kanekith likes huntin' these more," he comments on the herdbeast, smirking. "I've gotta feeling he's gonna complain about the ones at home bein' too slow when we go back. Also…" he glances to the available shelter, though it's not much of one. The decrepit barracks. Probably makes Mur'dah's place look like a mansion of a weyr in comparison. "Figure we can find some place near there that's not going to fall out under us if it starts rainin' too hard. First rule though? No getting hurt. No breakin' bones. No bleeding allowed."

If Ka'el can stare down the rain… well, that's a good trick. Soriana would appreciate it. A microwave? Yeah, she'd appreciate that too, but… eh, V'dim probably wouldn't have allowed them to bring one. Sori keeps watching the meat and nudging it around, though she nods to Idrissa. "Luraoth ate most of the one she caught." But left a bit for the humans! Because she's nice like that. The other part makes her glance over to take a look at the rabbit, then up to Idrissa. Her mouth shifts like she's about to open it… but then she just looks down to the metal plate once more. Oh, hey! Was that a sizzle? It might've been. She pokes it with her stick, then hehs to Kael. "S'good rule, that." No injuries. Being hurt sucks! "At least it's warm here."

"Right, no bleeding, no injuries, or anything along them lines." Idrissa offers with an amused tone while she shifts and pulls her knees to her while watching the fire a few moments. Someone seems tired. "I think Tahryth forgot about the whole idea on sharing when she was in the middle of inhaling her food." This said with an amused tone.

Oh, was that a sizzle? Ka'el's brows raise a little as he stars at the meet. If he can't will the rain to not rain, maybe he can will the meat to cook faster! Maybe …… It's not working. He touches fingertips to Soriana's shoulder before moving away. He can be useful as he waits. He can make something! Liiike.. a shelter to reinforce that shelter. A plastic poncho over some of those patches on that old lean to. Does he have anything to hold it down with though in his pack? He goes to rummage. "So, what's different this time around? We've our dragons, for one. There's more stuff here, secondly.." a nod to that lean to. "So what will we do differently?"

Soriana glances up and back to Ka'el, and smiles before returning her attention to the meat. C'moooon, cook. "Unless, of course, you want to get evaced back to the weyr," she notes to Idrissa. "In which case… try to pick something that'll heal quickly? Serious, but not too serious." She's joking, right? Yep. There's the grin. The meat is definitely starting to cook… slowly. Very slowly. Soriana hmms to Ka'el's question. "Well, the stuff that didn't work last time. We should do that different." She's so helpful. And specific! So specific. Also so poking the meat.

Idrissa ahs a moment as she hears Soriana and smirks. "I'm going to try and not go for anything that needs healing.. Just work on avoiding it all really." A yawn escapes her and she is up and turning to head on over to Tahryth. "I'm gona grab a nap I think. Didn't sleep well at all last night." Which really isn't a surprize. Once over near her dragon she takes up ducking under a wing to avoid the wet rainy weather it seems.

Such specificity! Ka'el smirks, glancing over at Soriana as he carries the plastic over to the lean to. "Yeah, I think that's the general idea," he agrees. "I think, for me, it'll be usefulness," he says, nodding to himself. "And having a better attitude about it all. Or at least…havin' more fun." He smirks as he unrolls the plastic. Drizzle drops get a little fatter, and with their weight, begin to fall a bit more steadily. Nuu! Not the meat! "Trying more. Not fightin' with Mur'dah." A smirk. "It's almost strange to do this again without everyone that we were Candidates with."

Some of the sizzle is the meat, but… some of it is the rain in the fire and on the hot plate. Maybe Soriana's making soup after all! She frowns at that, and then nods to the departing Idrissa and to Ka'el without looking up. "This time, you know you can make it through." If barely scraping along. "And… yeah. Useful's good. So's having fun." So's an actual cooked dinner, if the rain will just oblige them. C'mon, rain. You can fall soon. Just… not until she's done cooking. C'mon, meat. Cook faster. "I still see some of them around, sometimes, but… they've moved on with their lives, I guess. It's different now."

Ka'el gets to reinforcing that shelter, which doesn't take too long. Draping and securing is what it mostly consists of! Not exactly rocket science. But hey, it is a useful thing! Score one point towards usefulnesss. "Movin' on and leaving us behind. Or … I guess movin' ahead in different directions. I don't know which is better. Both sound sort've negative, don't they?" He glances to the sky, and with a frown, moves away from the shelter and back to his pack. Rummage. Rummage. He knows he has… a ha! Another piece of plastic. This one smaller and thinner. A parka, which he brings over to Soriana. Covering the food is contemplated..but heat and plastic never go well together, so instead he offers it to her.

"Different directions," Soriana agrees with a nod. "We're none of us standing still…" A heh. "Even if it seems like it, out here. Back to the fourth interval or something." Yeah, it's a random interval picked for being small. So what? Sori gives the meat another poking, stirring chunks that are, at least, starting to look vaguely brownish. On the outside. They're also vaguey swimming, the rain-water mixing with bits of oil and glistening on the makeshift pan. The piece of plastic gets a glance and a smile. "Oh. Thanks," she says, and stands up to take it and - "Oh, shards. Luraoth's still wearing her straps. Can you watch the meat?" She extends the stirring-stick toward him.

Mm soupy meat! Ka'el's eyes flit from food to girl with a faint quirk of his lips. "You sould almost philosophical. Deep trending thoughts." He grins, though glances to Luraoth to note…oh yeah. She does still have her straps on! Wet straps and dragons don't mix! "Yeah sure," he says, taking the official stirring stick after handing off the parka. "I just… stir it around right?" This actually is total rocket science. But he can handle meat! He handed grilled cheese. That makes him a master at all things culinary. So he pokepokes at the meat, frowning at the raindrops. Don't ruin this meal, please. It's meat! Unseasoned, but totally meat! "You need help with her, let me know. Two people'll make it faster! And I doubt this meat'd burn anytime this turn if I let it alone."

Philosophy, huh? Soriana considers that a moment, then laughs. "Probably a sign I need to eat. I'm going crazy already." She grins crookedly, tugging on the parka that'll keep her from getting too wet herself. Hopefully. As for the meat, she nods. "Yeah. Don't let it burn." Not that burning is likely to be much of a risk, admittedly. Drowning, possibly more serious, but… "I'll be fine." So will Ka'el, probably. The meat does seem to be cooking, though. It's getting all… brown on the outside, though it's probably still pink on the inside… at least. It might still be red on the inside. Steak tartare, anyone? Soriana leaves him to it and hustles off to Luraoth, tugging and working at only-somewhat-damp straps to get them hauled off and secured someplace mostly dry. They're going to need oiling after this… or maybe she'll need a new set entirely.

"Definitely a sign you need to eat," agrees Ka'el, snickering. "You'll be back to your droll self in no time!" he teases as he pokes at the meat. Is it done yet? Huh huh? His eyes follow her as she takes care of Luroath and her straps. And, right on cue, the sky opens up. Mother Nature has been patient. She let them cook their meat. She let them set up some sort of dry space that amy or may not hold up. But her clouds are too heavy to hold back anymore! The onslaught of rain is sudden. On minute, drizzle, the next…a downpour! Weyrlings scatter. "Ah, no!" The meat! Ka'el uses his arm to try to cover up the plate. Nope. Not even close to success! "The food! I need..!" Something to pick up a hot plate with without burning his hand! His eyes dart here and there, and he ends up using his own riding glove as a potholder, hurrying to shelter.

The soup, Ka'el means. Rainwater and herdbeast stew! If only it had seasonings, of… well, any kind at all, really, because if the rainwater has a flavor… Soriana would rather not know, because she's hungry enough to eat it anyway. She'd come help Ka'el with the plate, but… she's got to get these straps stowed before they rot too badly to even be used on the flight back! So instead she just grumbles as she tucks them away and pulls a cover over them, then fast-walks off to the shelter as the rain finishes putting out that fire. She gets there moments after Ka'el - time for them to see just how much space is actually protected from the elements! Answer: not nearly enough, but there's room for them both if they're willing to be cozy. They can make this work! And hey, they've got food. Food and shelter… the basics of survival (camp)! "Well. Here we go again."

Too bad indeed! Ka'el, once beneath the relative shelter of a drippy leanto, peers at their poor excuse of a meal. Meh. If the rain would've held off just a bit longer… "I'm searching for herbs after this," he vows, even though he couldn't even identify bitterleaf. "And we're gonna make good eatin' out of the next…whatever we have to eat. Throw some stuff together, see what happens. No mushrooms." A smirk over to her. "Round two of Camp Survival is gonna own Round one. Promise. It's already better than before!" He wiggles the plate. "We didn't have this delicacy last time. Want the honor of the first taste? It's your recipe, so it's only fair." That's his story and he's sticking to it! He settles in with her, pressed away from the rain and against her side. Yup, she said it right. Here we go again!

Oh, yes. First taste is such an honor. Soriana looks at the swimming herdbeast, and she's a little dubious, but… well, anything wrong with it is her fault, so if it's not an honor, it must be her responsibility instead. (Wow does being responsible suck sometimes.) "Yeah, all right. Here goes." She spears a chunk of the meat, shakes the spare water off it, and… chows down! It's… yep, definitely a little rare, but… "S'edible!" That. Right there. That is an improvement over last time. Soriana chews a bit more, because wild herdbeast is on the stringy side, then grins to Ka'el. "But we're definitely looking for herbs. Some bay or… something." Maybe mint? Hey, if they can catch an ovine to go with it… "We'll make it good." Food. Shelter… and company. Soriana leans against Ka'el as the rain falls and they share their meal. Yeah. This'll be the best survival camp yet.

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