Survival Camp - Fishing and Swimming

Wilderness - Waterfall Pool
The canyon on either side of the river is fed by the arcing stream of water from high overhead. Spilling from a dip high up in the rock face, the water falls hundreds of yards to crash into this large rounded pool before flowing serenly down through the jungle towards the marsh. An industrious person might be able to climb the mossy rock tumble by the waterfall and go behind it and rest awhile in solitude.

Morning has been busy for the candidates already, learning to survive in the wilderness along with finding food for themselves and things like that. As discussed, Landers showed Kiley how to make herself a proper bed on their way out for breakfast, finding things along the way and then making a bed. An early morning means that afternoon normally comes more slowly; it came finally and with so much learning to do they made their way back out to the muddy river after securing steady branches to be used as fishing lines for those who came along already. Fish from the muddy river were caught before they decided to move upstream with the fish kept in the buckets used for water. Upstream the water is more clear, giving them a nice little area to swim. Fishing has been put on pause for the moment to allow people to swim and cool down from the hot summer day. Kiley is among a few of those who have decided to swim, but the woman hasn't gotten into the water, or even shed out of her clothes for the more practical ones for swimming. Instead she sits along the pool with only her feet in the water, looking at it apprehensively.

The heat of the day caused Lan to get down to his sailor blouse early on, wearing his bandana like a skully cap to help keep the sweat off his brow. As of now, he was already out of his muddy boots and leather trousers, leaving his shorts on for the more modest types that had come along. They had attracted a group to go fishing with after all, with several poles made and fishing line and nets brought along, care of one former-sailor. The fish that were caught are getting a once over from the man, ensuring that they weren't placed too close to the waterfall pool incase one of the buckets dumped over. Only with the reassurance that the buckets are placed on level ground, he wanders back over toward Kiley, whom he has become rather fond of these last couple days in the camp. Landers has a smile on his face now for her as he approaches, flickering his gaze from her to the water, "Be surprised ya not jumpin in. We be done a lot of work these last few hours." Muscled arms rise above his head as he stretches, flopping his arms down with hands on his hips soon after, murmuring softly, "Tis safe."

Muddy-dark toes, twig-scuffed calves, trousers rolled to just below his knees, having lost his shirt somewhere back there somewhere so that narrow torso and chest has acquired a smudge here and there, Flandynn pads along the bank, fishing pole angled against a shoulder. Sunlight has already found his dusky skin, perspiration darkening the roots of further black hair, he wanders to where the caught fish remain in buckets, adding his own catch to the grouping with their salmon-pink bellies and sage-green fins.

Kiley glances up at Landers as he comes and joins her, smiling in response before looking back towards the water. "I /want/ to. But I can't go with my clothes on.." The computer crafter mumbles, "and I don't entirely feel.. I'd feel shameless if I just.. /Stripped/ like everyone else did." Cheeks color and she lifts her legs to stretch straight out, her heels remaining in the water as she tilts her head back to look at Landers for a moment longer. "I.." But she shakes her head and glances around the area once more. Flandynn is given a rather curious look but then she quietly tilts her gaze back towards the water without a verbal greeting to the other as she allows her feet to drop back in. "It's silly, I know. I could probably just.. Find a tree to hide behind."

Considering his back is turned toward the fish, Landers doesn't immediately realize the addition of their spoils from Flandynn. Instead, with head bent and hand drawn up to cup his chin, he considers Kiley thoughtfully, nodding once or twice to what she mumbles. It's only when Kiley looks around him toward Flandynn that Landers does glance back, a grin boldly spreading on his face for the other's appearance, "Reckon we lost ya back thar! Good haul by the looks of it. We be eatin good tonight! Show 'em riders that we be made of." A nod to Flandynn, before his atetntion reverts back toward Kiley, offering easily enough, "I be as big as a tree, some say. Hah," mirth resides in his eyes and the quirk of his lips, "I turn around, block ya, and ya slip into the water. Easy, no?"

Flandynn sets his pole to the side, making sure it is propped and balanced before leaving the thing be. He brings his head back up, flicking his chin to the side to clear his gaze from any wayward draws of dark hair. A hand waves over his face, banishing a buzzing, flying bug with an idle flick. Noting a familiar voice or two, his eyes search out the source, landing first upon the standing Landers, before noting Kiley down lower. There is a curious look, but that water looks far too inviting after trudging through nature. Moving towards the lapping waters, it is amazing how as he passes behind a tree, somehow looses those trousers, and comes around the other side missing them and in just his thin-woven smallclothes. Step. Step. Dive. *SPLASH* He comes back up after a few held breaths, hair plastered to his skull. "Oh, that's better. Getting in, kids?"

Kiley tilts another glance towards Flandynn as Landers calls out towards him, leaning over just a bit in an attempt to see him just a little better for that brief moment before Landers returns his attention to her. "Hopefully we can get something more than fish. Not that fish is bad or anything." She smile at his statement, chuckling softly. "Okay, that'll work." Her agreement comes easily, and she's scooting back just a bit so to take her legs out of the water as it is far easier to abandon clothing without getting them wet if she's on the ground completely. It is a splash that draws her attention to the water and her gaze travels over there, and it isn't until Flandynn pops back up does she focus her attention on him. "In a few." She rises and gives Landers a cheerful smile, "I can just go behind a tree if you want to go in before me."

Lan cants his head to the side, shoulders coming up in a shrug, "Dun really matter." He was already turning his back to give the girl some privacy. The tree that Flandynn used was about as think as he was. Yet a tree doesn't scowl threatening glances at people the way Landers' is suddenly doing, arching a brow or two at a few curious candidates. Flandynn himself is not immune to the look, gesturing with a hand, "Look away will ya. We be joinin ya soon, reckon that." The man gives a bit of a grin though to Flan, finding some sort of similar buzzing bug to swat at in the mean time. "Reckon thar be any guesses at where we be? I figure somewhere close by Nerat." Idle conversation to distract from the shy woman behind him.

Flandynn stands in water that flows at his hips, swirling about his obstruction before continuing on. Fingers span and then dig back through his hair, pushing it from his face in a smooth movement which leaves a few drops to form on the tip of his nose before falling off to rejoin the river waters. "Oh, aye. If it'll get the fair Kiley to be joining us, away I'll turn." The teen does come about, slim back brandished, water trailing from his shoulders in droplet rivulets. His ribcage swells with a drawn in breath, there is a hop, and the teen dives forward into the water again to enjoy the cool, moving liquid.

A scowling Landers is far better than a tree, and therefore, Kiley doesn't flee away to the trees when he doesn't insist she do so that he may join the others already in the water. "I've no clue.. I'm not really good at figuring that out. But if we had a map, maybe." Which would defeat the point in guessing entirely. Clothes are removed for the more practical swimming attire once she is certain that no one is watching. When done, she gives Lander's a gentle pat on the back. "Thank you." Shyly she scuttles away from her cover behind the man. Rather than sheepishly stepping into the water, she dives in gracefully and swims out to the deeper water before popping out with dark hair completely covering her face before brushes it gingerly out of the way and casts a glance over towards Flandynn to check his current location.

Lan flexes his shoulders and rolls his head back and forth, rubbing the back of his neck with a faint sigh, eyes opening with his head staying at a side tilt. About the same time, he notices Flandynn pushing back his hair, an admiring tweak of his eyebrow shooting up on his forehead, until he realizes the smirk that was on his face due to it. Only a shake of his head clears the expression, dropping his eyes to the rocks at his feet. His attention only comes up when he receives that pat on the back, peeking over his shoulder in time to see her diving into the water, that same look of admiration following her until she disappears with a splash. That alone is his own signal, whipping off his shirt and leaving it in a heap behind him. Unlike the others, he doesn't make a hasty dive into the water, instead he merely wades out. Not without sucking in a breath at the change of temperature; a comical face on him as if being stung until his hips are immersed fully. Remembering just before he dives under about his bandana, he rips it off and flings it back toward his blouse. Only then does he let himself fall by gravity's willpower alone, arms sprawled out to the side, back hitting the water first, with water sploshing in a small tidal wave over him.

Flandynn comes back up about a couple of arm lengths from Kiley as she finds the water as well. He shakes his head from side to side, flapping dark hair on his cheeks. "Hey. Feels good, aye? Much of a swimmer then?" he asks of her, dark eyes seeming almost to smile in the corners to go along with his faint grin. His head turns at the splash, looking out to Landers, "Give it to the sailor to make the biggest splash. I heard tell that most sailors don't know how to swim -'cause they spend most of their life on a boat, staying out of the water."

Kiley looks to Landers as he finally makes his way into the water, brows lifting for the look that crosses the man's face before they furrow in concern. A soft squeak comes as he falls back into the water, the splash sending out small ripples. Her attention lingers there before her gaze drifts towards Flandynn as he comes out near her. Her hands lift to brush water from her face, despite them being wet themselves. "It is nice, yeah.. Especially with it being so hot. I don't mind the heat, though.. It is a nice change from the winter." His grin is given the tiniest of smiles before her gaze flickers back towards where Landers went under the water. "Not the best of swimmers, but I know how. I don't see why they wouldn't know how to swim. That is the most logical thing to learn when you're out on the water so much." It is afternoon and a handful of candidates have went fishing, the results of their feats are in buckets on level land away from the water to prevent the fish from escaping. Fishing is all but finished for the moment as clothing has been abandoned on the shore and many now reside in the water.

Landers comes back up after his splash, shaking out his head as if he had long hair, the affect the same however, since it spikes up his short hair. There's a grin on his face as he peers over toward the others, flexing his beefy shoulders again with the brass ring necklace rattling against the shake. It seems he resurfaced just in time to hear the comment from Flandynn. Rolling his eyes he sinks neck deep in the water, "Yar! I be knowin how ta swim. Survived didn't I?" A good natured grin, "Iffin I didn't, I be claimed by the sea." He dives under the water right then as if to prove it, disappearing save for the rippling water and the indication of his movements underneath. If Flandynn doesn't move, the sailor plans to tackle him underneath the water or toss him, either way, the other is going to enjoy a thorough dunking if the sailor is successful in his design.

"Don't get me wrong, winter has its charms. Nobody can resist a good snowball fight, or sledding, or… Well, I'd rather the dry heat of Keroon and Igen." Flandynn's shoulders rise and fall in a shrug, offering her a wink before is he dropping into the water so that is laps about his shoulders. "But here is just fine as well. A little fishing, a few nights under the starts, a good river to swim in and I'll be set for-" *WHOOSH* One moment Flandynn is there, and in the next he is gone, eyes wide as marks before he goes under. Glub. Glub. Glub. If he could laugh underwater, he'd do it. But, you know, he doesn't need water down his throat.

Kiley's eyes linger on Landers as he comes up, grinning as he points out that he can, indeed, swim. Her gaze drifts towards Flandynn as if trying to gauge the other candidate's reaction while the grin on her lips only grows wider. "I don't think I'm too fond of snowball fighting, but I've never sled." The wink flusters the woman and the grin fades as she gives him a look, carefully moving back just a bit from the boy. As she begins to reply, however, he is going under the water and a soft scream startles from her lips before her hands fly up to cover her mouth. Eyes widen and she stares at the water, waiting for the other to come back up again.

Lan is the first that breaks through the water once Flandynn disappears, the spray from his abrupt surfacing likely to splash those around him. Water races down his muscular torso in streams, his lips spread into a characteristic crooked grin as he stares at the place where he left Flandynn. A hand slicks through his short hair, the front of it left in a cow-lick as he turns his attention on Kiley, caught laughing not for her look of fright, but for his own success at having caught the other lad off guard.

Flandynn clambers back to his feet, arms waving and fingers clawing at the water before he is righted once again. It is an explosion of splashes that brings him to the surface, head whipping back to fling water about like some kind of shaking canine. "Oi, ya bastard. I'll…" He trails off, flicking a glance at Kiley and then back to Landers. The quirked grin perched on his lips is purely puckish in intent. Not a blink later has the teen pouncing forward, aiming for Lan with a splashing tackle, and (conveniently or not) angled towards Kiley as well. Group waterplay!

Briana was late to join the group at the swimming hole but finally she does arrive, a glistening firelizard perched contently on her shoulder. "Sorry for being late, Blade was starting to get patches. She had another growth spurt." Indeed the green looks a little bigger and preens as she is being talked about. She takes a seat on the rock overlooking the watering hole watching as the group play in the water. She sits there knees tucked up beneath her chin and her arms wrapped around her legs.

Kiley stares at Landers with wide eyes, her hands still covering her mouth until she allows them to drop, finally. "Landers…" She starts, her eyes still wide though a look of relief briefly crosses her features before her gaze flickers back towards where Flandynn went down. And then he is up again, splashing as he comes to surface. The look he gives her has that relief shot down quicker than it settled onto her features. The pounce that is aimed towards Lan brings another scream from the woman's mouth as she attempts to get out of the line of play. Briana, sadly, goes unnoticed as she attempts to flee from the game.

Landers is the first to really notice Briana, waiting for Flandynn to surface. He waves to her, "Oy, Bri. Reckon ya be joining us?! Come hither!" He winks with a splash of his hand against the surface of the water, trying to invite her down. Yet, Lan sharply turns a look at Flandynn when he comes up from beneath the water, fiesty as ever. The former-sailor gives a good natured laugh again, his fists coming up in a playful boxing guest, as if coaxing the other to attack. Not like Flandynn needed it, as the younger pounces at him. Lan gives a choked laugh as he pivots around, reaching out for Kiley in hopes to prevent her from getting away as Flandynn's weight descends on his back, sending him under is a rush of water and another large splash. If he caught Kiley, she'd be going down with them (not all the way, but close), and if not, he just gets a good dunking in return.

Success! Flandynn doesn't mind at all getting a couple of armfuls of Landers, splashing and crashing body to body, and then body to water. He'll add in a couple of flat-palmed splashes to the water, sending a spray up wide and far into the air, possibly even sending those wild water droplets shorewards. "No time in the wilds to make you late," Flandynn laughingly corrects Briana.

At the request to join then, Briana gives a little shake of her head, but amusement touches her lips. "I think I might be much safer up here." She says with a laugh, flinching back from the spray of water sent her direction. Blade gives a screech of her displeasure at the 'assault' and takes flight to a nearby tree.

Kiley is caught! And the woman goes down, the helpless cry that would comes never surfaces as she isn't sent all the way under. There's a few helpless squirms from the woman as she attempts to free herself and flitter away from the two. Whether or not she manages to get away, she's casting a rather cheerful wave to Briana. "Hey. You should, it's cooler in here than out there." A smile comes to her lips as she continues to attempt to distance herself from the man and boy, but never leaving the water quite yet. Her gaze turns on them and a finger lifts from the water to point between the two. "Should keep it between yourselves as Landers started it. I'm innocent in this whole… Thing."

Lan, while still under water, lashes out at Flandynn again, trying to flip him back underneath the water with a big-old bear hug after twisting himself about. If he's successful the pair will likely flounder around a bit before surfacing again, if not, then Landers comes up sputtering all the same. There's a laugh from him, inbetween a few coughs, a smile remaining once both of the aforementioned fade away. A hand swipes the plastered hair at his brow, dog paddling backward to distance himself in the meantime from Flandynn, as if to stall some of the water wrestling. A glance off to the side marks the position of the girls, a mischievious look in his own eyes for their comments. "I reckon ya splashed me once or twice," this to Kiley, eyebrows waggling, "That means ya be in it." Then, a sharp glance to Briana, "Best ya come in of ya own choice than mine!" A playful threat there as he sloops down into the water, so that just his head is poking above it.

Flandynn is collapsed back into the water, embraced by Landers through it all 'til water flows about him again. Floundering indeed. He comes back up, laughing near to bouncing off of Landers 'til he is free once more. The teen turns amused eyes onto Kiley, "But maybe we want you to be a part of our… Thing." Yes, he'll happily her own word. He'll look out towards the shore once more, "See that, you're already wet. You should just get your arse right on in here now, no saving your being dry now."

As everyone badgers her into joining, Briana finally gives a little sigh and stands up from the rock to undress down to her undershirt and undies. She then makes her way carefully down the rock before heading to the pool and jumping in. The teen is underwater a time before she surfaces, hopefully a safe distance away from the boys and closer to Kiley. "They do seem to be having fun.." She says to Kiley as she wades over to her.

Kiley gives Landers a startled look as he claims she splashed him, "not on purpose!" She insists, staring at the man with wide eyes once more. Finally, a squeak comes and she attempts to put more distance between herself and the two in attempts to avoid being caught again. She sinks herself deeper into the water, bringing it up to her chin as she watches. Her gaze drifts towards Flandynn and she shakes her head firmly, "don't want to play in this sort've game." Her eyes remain drifting between the two, wary of them and keeping watch for her own safety. Her gaze breaks from the cycle to drift towards Briana and she gives a slight shrug. "They do.. And they'll pull us under if we're not careful."

Landers continues to stay submerged up to his neck, arms seen swishing to his sides. A scheming expression clearly on his face, eyes darting between the girls to round back finally on Flandynn. A furitive chin nod in the women's direction could suggest that he hopes to wrangle in Flandynn to help chase and dunk the girls. He wades a little closer to the girls with his nose just above the surface of the water, stalking through the water if a man could. Then, even if Flandynn is not with him, he charges forward, standing up suddenly with hands level with his head in a playful 'bear' like gesture, roaring a bit to warn the girls to evade if they wanted to, completely comical in appearance but certainly determined.

What do you expect when you get into the water with a couple of rambunctious boys not shy at all about getting a little physical, splashing all and sundry, and trying to get everyone else into the excitable mood. A sidling wink to Landers as they divide and conquer… or come back together to try to get the girls. "Not even play a little bit?" he asks of Kiley, voice lilting some with the query. "Better run for shore," he suggests as well, as a well-placed warning. He won't be pulling anyone under, but there will be a lot of splashing, and quite a bit of it aimed towards Briana.

"We will have to be careful then." Briana says with a lilt of amusement in her tone before she notes the arriving Landers Bear and dives under the water to disapear from view just as Flandynn starts to splash her. The men might feel a brush against the legs as she swims past to rise up behind them and splashes water at their backs.

Kiley's gaze flickers away from Briana to settle upon Landers as he begins to stalk forward in the water, her eyes widening a fraction and she stares. Staring continues until he stands suddenly as he does with his hands lifting beside his head. That roar is what causes a soft scream to pass her lips before she's turning and attempting to run away. Running in water isn't very productive, however. Flandynn doesn't get an answer as the woman is too concerned with her scrambling to answer. It takes a moment before she actually dives under on her own accord to swim farther away from the two that come for them. While Briana is going behind them, Kiley is most certainly fleeing towards the shore.

Landers looks down at the water at his feet, feeling Briana swishing by as much as watching her swim by, tell tale bubbles rising with her underwater movements. Lan thumbs back toward her at Flandynn, "Reckon ya take her, I be after that one…" he nods his chin toward Kiley, a wink for Flandynn as they do indeed, divide and conquer. Landers starts to swish and swing his torso in the water as he makes an attempt to run after the fleeing Kiley, giving a laugh at her scream, which cuts off when she disappears under the water. So does he. He slips underneath the water, in hopes of catching up with a quick fish like swim.

Flandynn probably missed Briana's change in position, he was far, far too busy raising up such a fuss of water. When he feels a splash from behind, there is a moment of confusion, and then here comes the bright grin as he brings up a shoulder against the onslaught. Kiley's fleeing is lost in the moment, especially in view of far more energetic game that plays back. He bursts into laughter, the sound ringing out in all of the splashing and screaming. "Sneaky," he accuses of Briana, grin just a bright.

Kiley remains carefully in the water until the level of it begins to drop. Feet touch the ground beneath the water and she begins to chug forward as fast as her scrawny legs can take her against the heavy push of the water. Laughter begins once she is no longer under the water, her hands lifting to push brown locks from her face before dropping to help her legs push her through the water. It is then when she makes the mistake of turning around to see where the pursuers are, her upper half turning far too much and causing the rest of her to twist along. Legs disagree and bump one another, causing her to slip back down into the water but she is far enough know to where the fall doesn't put her completely underr. Her head is still above the water as laughter continues.

Landers stays under until forced to break surface due to the level of water, sporting his weight by his arms rather than walking, gliding along after Kiley with that intent still in his gaze. There is a brief moment where he seems to reconsider, the moment that she slips and falls back into the water. A look of concern is cleared from his expression at her laughter. At this point he cups his hands and flings them against the water, sending sprays of water at Kiley. Grinning, he takes a moment to double check what's going on behind him, only to redouble his efforts with Kiley, slithering toward her with a tease, "Yarg, I be coming fer ya! Thar be no escape!"

It is amazing how a good bout of playing in the water can get a bunch of choreworked candidates into quite the free-playing mood. A few of the other candidates further along the shore cheer on the splashing and fun, charging into the water to start up a new ruckus of fun. They also manage to suck Flandynn into their fun, the teen finding himself immersed and drug along a little further than the others. He doesn't protest too much though, at least, those shouts and that laughter don't seem a bit forced.

Kiley's laughter continues to bubble forth until he's flinging water at her, laughter curls into a loud squeal as she scrambles to regain footing on the slippery ground below. Her back turns to the man, the squeal dying as she attempts to hurry out of the water and away from the pursuing Landers. Though laughter cannot be contained so easily as it starts again as a soft snicker, despite her attempts to run forward, before it bubbles into delighted giggles of girlish glee.

Landers looks over his shoulder at the other candidates getting into the frey, further up from where he was currently chasing Kiley. There's a slight shake of his head, of pure amusement rather than anything else, continuing to pursue Kiley all the while. As it is, when she squeals, it only encourages him to hurry on after her, pushing up from his hands and knees to slosh after her. Even as she gets free of the water, she isn't safe from him, as he's jogging up along behind her, meaning to ensnare her with his arms. She might just get away if she's quick enough, otherwise she'll have the man's strong arms wrapped around her waist preventing her from escaping further in land, the man chuckling mischievously.

There's no escape as giggling slows her down, focus not entirely on the escape as the giggling continues. There's a glance over her shoulder as he makes to ensnare her in his arms and giggles grow louder. Kiley's not a fast runner, or a quick dodger, and she is caught by the man. Giggles don''t shift into squeals as one may expect, slowly dying down as her head tilts back to consider the man, her gaze searching his face while a grin takes hold of her lips.

The former-sailor gives a light 'hah-ha!' for his success in entrapping the woman in his arms. The hold is a gentle but firm one, incase she was a wriggler, even if she doesn't thrash against him, the locking of his arms is solid, pending a few scratches from nails might loosen their grip. As it were, the younger man catches that searching look as she tilts her head back to regard him, his lips spreading into a disarming smile. Then, with his arms putting tension to ensure his hold, he murmurs, "Ya have a choice, I be throwin ya over my shoulder and tossing ya in, or…" he seems to contemplate what option he could give her, mulling it over with an over exaggerated squint of his eye and perch of his brow, shaking his head when he doesn't come up with another option, save for the mischeivious gleam in his eyes, "Well, whar ya reckon I should do, hrm?!" A shift of his gaze toward the water from whence they came, to double check that no one else was sneaking up on them.

Kiley doesn't fight the hold, not going all out and certainly not trying especially not as he smiles at her. Cheeks flush though her eyes don't leave his face as he gives his options and her grin certainly grows a bit wider. At least until he begins to contemplate that second option. Brows lift and she lingers in silence, waiting for the next one to come and then he's asking her. Laughter bubbles forth and her gaze flickers away once he looks towards the water. "You should…" The woman trails off before sneaking another peek up at him, her head tilting back once again. "You should let me go."

"Mmm….Nay," comes his decision to her suggestion, eyes filled with mirth as he murmurs, "Ya knew that be narh an option. Too bad." And before she really has any opportunity to struggle against his decision, he's crouching down to scoop her up as if she weighed nor more than a sack of feathers. And like a sack, he shifts her weight to his shoulder, so that her waist is bent over his shoulder, her head hanging down and her feet tied up with his arms. "Gave ya a fair chance ta come up with somethin better. Tis the drink fer yah," he pivots with his trophy slung over his arm, sloshing back into the water and making for the deep pool. Once in the deep part with no offending rocks in the way, he hoists her off his shoulder to toss her easily back into the water… she'd catch a bit of air in the process!

The rejection of her suggestion has Kiley laughing softly, "it could've been. You never said it wasn't, therefore, it was worth a try.." She murmurs in response, the soft laughter continuing. Laughter turns to a loud squeak as she scoops her up over his shoulder and the struggling finally begins. "Wait, wait, wait. Don't throw me." Pleas begin as he begins to slosh back into the water and squirming picks up as she attempts to wiggle free. She only comes to a stop when he lifts her from his shoulder. Into the air she goes! Look! She's flying! A scream slips from her lips as she makes her way back down and into the water. A splash follows, of course and it takes a moment for her to pop back out of the water. Sputtering begins before she rights herself and pushes her hair from her face to cast a look towards Landers.

Despite her pleas and the wriggles, Landers did have a secure grip on her in the position he held her. The splash that she caused going into the water drenches him once again, bringing the young man into a gale of laughter, as beads of water stream down his face. The back of his hand attempts to divert some of the streams as he rubs his face down, grinning from ear to ear as Kiley rights herself and gives him the -look-. He feigns innocence with a bounce of his shoulders and a spread of hands palm upwards, tone a light gest as he teases the shy computer crafter, "Ya could 'ave asked fer a kiss on the cheek. Would have saved ya the flight!" Though his smile fades off as he notices the other candidates packing up gear and heading back with the buckets full of fish. A little frown shows on his features, "Reckon our fun be over. Tis time ta head on back." Yet, he continues to stand in the water, delaying the inevitable of returning to camp and being put to more arduous tasks.

Kiley continues giving Landers that /look/ for that innocent one he feigns, brows furrowing. But it is his call that colors the woman a darker shade of red. She slowly makes her way back towards the man, considering the others as the begin heading back with the buckets. A soft sigh comes to her lips and she offers him a softer smile, a touch of emotions lingering there before she allows her gaze to watch the others again. "Suppose we should get out then, hm?" She, too, delays the inevitable by not leaving the water but instead lingering near by the man. Her gaze drifts up towards him again, lingering there until she colors another shade and then begins to slink towards the shore.

As the woman too delays her immediate leave of the area, his face turns toward her, seeing her face color and the final moments of her own gaze. The slinking movements of the woman do earn a circumspect lift of brow and twitch of nose. Another face scrub by palm of his hand is held in the moments that she retreats to shore, eventually his own body sloshing through behind her. Dripping wet, he plods over toward his piles of clothing, tossing on his blouse but leaving his leather pants off, considering that leather and wet skin do not go well together. Boots are also hooked in a hand, noting oddly enough that the buckets have all been claimed. A flex of his jaw, "Reckon they best not claim all the glory…" an aside to no one in particular, tone a bit vexed however. The main group is already leaving them behind. He sighs a little, eyes looking for Kiley, searching for any other that might have failed to heed the call to return to camp.

Kiley moves over towards her pile of clothes, pulling her shirt over herself quickly once most have gone with the exception of Landers. Her boots are left off as she folds her pants across her arms. Instead of heading back right away, she looks to Landers and smiles, "don't think they'll take all the credit. You did show how to make the poles." She insists with her smile growing wider. Her gaze doesn't linger on him that much longer as he begins to search for others. She doesn't linger behind, instead she picks up her pace to stand partially behind the man. "Don't think there are any others behind us. It's only us."

There was a concerned look to ensure all the candidates had left, that none be inadvertently left behind after all that play, especially in the waters. He spends the extra few moments to search the area, ensuring that all the pools hold no sign of stragglers. Once he is satisfied, he shares a look with Kiley that confirms her last sentiment, "Aye. Just be us." A nod toward the path down river, "After ya." A hand drawn out behind her, the gentleman way of ushering a lady along. "Nay, dun narh think they will, but I be hitting heads together iffin I don't get some mention. Them weyrlingmasters treat ya better iffin ya show some lead…" or so he believes.

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