Scrounging in the Caverns

Xanadu Weyr - Store Room

This large storeroom is lit with a series of electric lights, illuminating the smooth cut walls. Rows of shelving contain all sorts of items, while large trunks contain all sorts of clothing, and a mix-matched variety of furniture is stacked up in one corner.

The candidates have been told to stay off of the sands, and that means only one thing… the hatching will be coming up all too soon. So, in preperation, the weyrlingmasters have started to stress the importance of finding a proper robe for the big event. So, a small group of candidates have been lead down into some of the lesser used storage caverns, accompanied by a few riders as supervision. "Find a robe that fits. None above the knee. If there's rips, you'll have to fix them yourselves. Remember, this isn't a fashion contest." A gruff looking weyrlingmaster rumbles as the candidates come by. "You break anything, you bought it." He growls, and then turns to start talking to one of the other riders, not all that interested in his current babysitting assignment.

Rogawani is among those in the middle of the line of candidates, being pushed along through by those behind him. A few move into a cavern to the left, but Ro' and those behind him are ushered towards the right. As soon as his feet touch the dusty floor, the boy takes a sharp inhale of breath, and then sneezes into his hand. "Sharding dust." He coughs to himself, stepping to the side to let the others in. "I swear, they picked the oldest, least used cave to send us to." He mutters, leaning against a stack of boxes with an equally thick layer of dust clinging to them. "Anyone know what the storage boxes for robes even look like?" He says in a raised voice, and then murmurs, "Bet they'll all smell like old aunties. Ick."

Morlanol sneezes as well, then giggles at Roga's comment, "I bet it's th' only way these caves act'lly ge' cleaned, Ro." He steps to the other side of the door and looks around, "My guess'd be th' same as all th' others…" He wipes the box next to him, giggling again, "This'un says graphite sticks… it can't be a whole box of graphite sticks, can it?"

Keziah hmms a little. No fashion contest… wonder if anyone sent Viv a memo on that. She eyes the cavern and arches a brow "Well, least it's not swampy." is her opinion of the place. She looks around some and shakes her head "I can't help but think how many tunnelsnakes might be hiding being the stacks." she remarks as she fingers a belt knife. "Havin't done in target practice in a while." There's a look towards Fortinos. Yes, she's still a little miffed over that. And then her attention's diverted "Graphite sticks?" she asks curioulsy and heads over towards Morl "Could be, makes more sense to keep them all together than seperate them all out into various thousands of boxes." she notes and then just looks around and starts easing her way between a couple of stacks. "Probably all the way in the back, they'd do that to us, course it'll be the last box we look in."

Thea has been drawn down to the Storage Room today amidst the gaggle of Candidates. Perhaps one might think it's nostalgia that brings her, or the chance she will at least be able to glimpse the face of one Candidate whom she hasn't seen much of at all these past few weeks. Under her arm she carries a flat hide-covered case, which she keeps close by as she slides past the group and settles out of the way by sitting on top of one of the boxes not being rummaged through. There's a nod to several of the ones she knows, her glance covering Rogawani, Morlanol and Keziah. That case is opened, "when you're ready, if you need it, I've needles, thread and scissors." It's a remark made to the group in general.

Rogawani's eyes widen just slightly, looking at Keziah with an incredulous expression on his face. "Did you really -have- to say that?" His head tilts, putting his own hand to his belt knife as he looks nervously towards the boxes. "Sharding tunnelsnakes." One of the few things that Ro' just can't stand. He takes a deep breath, steeling himself for the inevitability that somewhere, within this expedition, he will probably be set on by one of the little slithering things, just because someone dared to mention their existance. "At least no one has a crossbow." He tries to lighten his own mood by teasing, but does take a glance towards Thea just in case, offering the Weyrwoman a smile. Letting his hand move from his knife towards one of the nearby boxes, dusting off a small packing slip. "Mugs, plates…" He reads them off one at a time. "Nope. Not unless you want to wear dishes to the hatching."

Morlanol favors Keziah with a glower, "Don' mention th' shardin' things, now they're sure t' be here." He favors Thea with a smile, "Thanks, 'spossible mine may need t' be taken in…" He continues to peruse labels on the various boxes, "Toys? no… bandages… well… maybe…" He stops, looking puzzled, "Fragile… handle with care? What's in here?"

Keziah generally does delight in saying things like that. Either that, she just can't help herself. "Hmm?" she asks as she peers up from a box she's opened who wants to just read whats in them? "Say what? Oh them. I can get my crossbow if you'ld like. It's been sitting up on the shelves in the crafters quarters." she notes with a sweet smile and then then her heads back into the box as she pokes through it. "Thanks! Likley we'll need them." she calls back to Thea and then awws softly as she pulls up a small little dress. Definantly not a robe "Shards. Why couldn't I poked through the stores when Mirai was just a babe. This woulda looked so cute on her." she remarks as she folds the dress backup. She peeks back up and looks over towards Morl "What? Wouldn't you rather be on the lookout for them?" she asks as she closes the box back up and moves onto the next, steadily climbing her way upwards as well as she opens another box and sticks her hand in. "I'd rather think about them then risk putting my hand in and…" there's a sudden yelp and then a startled scream as the box and Kezi go down with an oof. Fortunately nothing but cloth fell out, but unfortunately, none of it was robes.

Thea returns Rogawani's smile, then peers with a blink as boxes begin to be rummaged through, "You mean… they aren't in a clearly marked and visible spot?" She rolls her eyes a bit. Talk of tunelsnakes doen't alarm her, but crossbows, that another thing, "Not inside the carverns, please." Her voice is mild, noting it is Keziah who mentioned it, and she is already relaxing. The woman likely already knows not to fire them inside. She shifts on her box. This may take awhile.

"Well, go find out if you want." Rogawani chuckles towards Morlanol. "Just remember, you break it you bought it." He waggles a finger, trying his best to immitate the gruff voice of the weyrlingmaster. As he steps further through the boxes, he snorts a laugh back towards Thea, which catches in his throat as he gets a mouthful of dust. "Kkack. Seriously Thea, you think they'd make it that easy on us?" He asks, clearing his throat. He's about to lift a lid on a box when the yelp from Keziah startles him, causing him to whirl with his hand going to his knife. "Shards, Kez. You alright?" He asks, plucking up a piece of the cloth with his hand and looking at her with a worried expression.

Morlanol jumps when Kez falls, then turns, see's it's only clothes, then goes back to his search. For better or for worse, Agate and Bloodstone are poking their little noses into all sorts of boxes. While Morl continues to read labels, Agate trills triumphantly and comes up holding… a metal clipboard?

Keziah peers up at Ro and looks sheepish. "Umm, yeah?" she says and coughs a little and then peers at the cloth "Where's Jessamin? She'd likely get a kick out of this stuff." she notes as she carefully extracates herself and starts picking up the cloth. "Looks like metallic threads or something in some of these. Look how they catch the light." she notes and hmms a little. There's a glance over towards Thea "Now, would I go and do something like fire a bow inside?" A frown "Actually, take that back. I have. Course, it was a large cavern and it was hailing outside and it was just perfect and all for target shooting. I came in third during that little contest." she smiles proudly. And then peers around "Well, I see a lot of everyday stuff out in the open."

Thea smirks at Rogawani, "Well, nooo…" Her voice trails off as she eyes the boxes being heaved this way and that, opening and closing. "…but they might've wanted to spare themselves the mess." Keziah's yelp causes her turn her head quickly in that direction, "You alright, there?" The woman's frown and comment causes her to chuckle just a bit, "Wasn't full of people to get hit by the ricochet, was it?" Her tone says she didn't think so. She scoots back on that box so she can lean against the wall. Just getting comfortable.

Rogawani easily grasps a few of the pieces of cloth, tucking them back into the box. "Wonder if they'd let us take a few back to her." He says to himself, and then his head peeks around the boxes at Thea. "Hey, Thea? There's some nice cloth over here. Think we could snag some for Jess?" He waves a piece with the strange metallic looking threads in it. He leaves discussion of crossbows to the girls, smirking a bit as Morlanol's lizard comes up with his prize. "They're a great help." He chuckles to himself, holding on to the cloth by slinging it over his shoulder, opening another box nearby to… a whiff of something not so pleasant. With a quick motion, he closes it again. "Okay, whatever is in here, went bad a long time ago." He holds his hand over his mouth, talking nasally.

Bloodstone gives a curious chirp at the box he's holding open even as Morl finally gets Agate to put the clipboard back, taking mental note of where it is in case he should ever need one. Then he makes his way over to Bloodstone, trying to find out why the poor flit is confused, then grabs one of the stuffed firelizards (dragons maybe?) that Bloodstone had discovered and throws it at Rogawani with a "Hey, Ro, catch!"

Keziah grins at Thea "Something like that." she notes as she leaves Ro with the cloth and then frowns a little as she tilts her head one way and then another as she eyes the back of the cavern "What is that?" she murmurs more to herself than anyone else really and misses the 'flying' flit, which is really a shame, as she heads towards the back, trying to eggle her way between the stacks once again, reaching out as if trying grab something that is just out of reach.

Thea's head turns towards Rogawani at the question and she slides off of her box to go see. She weaves between the bodies to stand by him, reaching a hand to finger the material, "Oooh, it -is- nice!" Weavercraft herself, she can't help but be admiring of the stuff. "I don't see why not." Her chin juts towards the clipboard hanging by the door, "Just sign out what you took and who it's going to." That odor comes up to envelop her as well and she's backing away, "Ack! Mark that for disposal, will ya Ro?" Morlanol's toss has her ducking (a person never knows what's flying overhead these days). She gives Keziah a tiny grin, "I see." Wry amusement is in her voice, which is better than alarm or censure by far. She idly pokes in a few boxes, lifting covers and peering within dusty realms.

With something being thrown at him, Rogawani doesn't have time to keep his mouth covered, and swings his arms out to catch the little stuffed firelizard. "What in…" He asks, before turning the little plushie critter and smirking a bit. "It's cute. Probably made them for the weyrbrats." With Thea's okay, he selects a few more of the pieces of cloth, not really knowing what he's looking for. "Sure, I'll go log these out and mark that down." The toy lizard is hidden into the cloth bundle as he heads back towards the front. Of course, trying to find a not-dusty spot to set down the claimed bundle is nearly impossible, so he tries to wipe off one of the boxes near the front with one arm, ending up coughing again. "Sharding dust." He mutters, and holds his clean shirt-arm over his nose while he notes on the log sheet.

Morlanol stealthily slips one of the stuffed flits under his jacket, then closes the box to keep the dust out as best as possible. Bloodstone gives a satisfied little cheep, as if he's found the best gift ever. Agate is the one who gives a startle chirrup as the box under him shifts, then falls over. He /between/s to near Morl. The box he up-ends spills open, littering the dusty floor with white cloth.

Jessamin stumbles into the store room, mildly bleary-eyed, but with a wide smile on her face. In her apron pocket is the latest of her charges, little green Sekhmet, oddly content after a feeding; her wedge-shaped, forest-green head pokes out of the pocket, surveying "her" new domain. Ah yes, this will do, her attitude seems to say. The two browns cling to Jessamin's shoulders, while blue Turquoise hovers in the air behind her, miffed at being denied his perch and haranguing her to no end. "Okay, okay… I'm a-going, I'm a-going… I know I overslept!"

Keziah blechs a momemnt as she pauses in her reaching "Shards Ro, I'm starting to smell that funk back here." she exclaims "Nasty. Smells like something died." she shrrudders a bit and then manages to snag whatever it was she was reaching for "Ahh hah!" comes the exclamating even as she slips down over the box she was leaning over, feet in the air. "Ack, stupid.. *incoherant muttering*." Then there's silence and a bit more muttering and then then another ah hah! and Keziah gets herself back up and then she's oo'ing over a rolled up scroll.

Thea does a little coughing as the disturbed dust creates a bit of a haze in the room. She peers into the box she's just opened. "Now that is just… wrong." She leaves it open so the others can see, if they so choose. Inside are the crumpled remains of robes, stained with blood, sweat and maybe a few tears as well. "They must have meant to send these to the wash, but mis-placed." Jessamin's arrival is a pleasant addition to the room, for the weyrwoman's eyes light up and there's a smile curving her lips, "Weaver! We'll have work aplenty tonight." Her hand waves to the tatters and tears visible in the robes lying at the top of the pile. She peeks over at Morlanol, "If what you just found doesn't fit, there's always these." She lifts a garment with two fingers, the brownish stains marring the white. "Can always have it washed."

Surprise shows on Rogawani's face as Jess comes into the cavern, and he drops his arm from his face to wave a greeting towards her. "Hey there Jess. No worries, we've found a whole lot of nothing really." He chuckles, and subtelly snatches the little toy firelizard from the pile of cloth. "Keziah found these though, thought you might want 'em." He motions to a bundle of cloth, some showing a strange metallic sort of fiber in them. Toy lizard shoved into his pocket, Ro' moves back towards the boxes, just in time to see one fall in front of him. "Okay, I take it back, Morl, your lizards are pretty good scroungers." He laughs to himself, eyeing the spilled box of candidate robes. He's so engrossed in that, that he doesn't even notice Keziah's discovery, for the moment. He instead, crinkles his nose up at the robes that Thea is offering.

Jessamin waves her hands in front of her face, half in greeting to Rogawani, and half to clear away some of the dust motes flitting heavily about. "Shards, do I even want to know?" She peers through the dust, covering her nose and mouth with one hand, and waving a greeting to Thea with the other. "Hello, Weyrwoman… I'm no Weaver yet, but thank you for the compliment." First the bolt of cloth from Ro, then the box of bloodstained robes catch her attention. She smiles at one, and shakes her head at the other. "Those are going to take a lot of work, but they may be salvageable. Frankly, I'd save them for the next batch of Candidates, rather than saddle this lot with them, they'll take that long. It'll make a nice project." Her eyes widen at the sight of the bolt of cloth—just before she trips over an old basket, which bears some quilting hoops, and old patterns left behind by a previous seamstress. Her hands fly out just in time to keep her from hitting the ground, instead catching against the opposite wall. "What the….?"

Morlanol grins, whistling to Agate and Bloodstone both, and they settle on his shoulders. He starts to pick through the robes, coming up with some that looks like it could house half a family. He just stares at it for a minute, then sets it reverently to the side, "I think tha' must've belonged to someone really special." He gives a belated wave to Jess, then continues to rummage and finally comes up with one that looks like it might fit him. He pulls it over his head and strikes an odd pose, "How d'I look, Ro?" He's swimming in the thing, but not nearly so bad as it could have been, maybe 6 extra inches on the bottom. His broad shoulders easily fill the top.

Keziah peeks up a bit from her find and moves over towards Thea's box. She blinks a little as she eyes the box. She frowns a little and then shakes her head "Blood doesn't come out all that easily." she notes, the scroll in hand forgotten for the moment. Then theres Jessamin "Hey Jessa" she smiles at the other "Think that cloth is workable?" she asks curiously "It's certainly different.' she notes and then can't help but grin at Morl "Cute"

"Weave, sew, same difference," Thea ignores the correction blithely as she dumps the box on end, flashing a bit of a look at Jessamin, "Some of them may be in better shape, you might want to wait until you've seen them." She laughs softly. "Besides, if none of the others fit some of the Candidates, we may need them." She shakes her head to Morlanol's comment about the tent-like gown, "Special. That's a nice way of phrasing it." She steps away from the box to retrieve her sewing kit, edging around Rogawani in the process. Keziah's comment causes her to pause and consider, "Hydrogen peroxide will get out a lot of it. We can try. No sense wasting."

"That's not a robe, that's a tent." Rogawani comments to the first one that Morlanol picks from the stack, letting the younger boy look through first as he crouches down, pulling a few more from the bottom of the tipped over box. He glances over his shoulder, wincing at Jess's loss of balance. "Careful there." He warns, but as she stops herself against the wall, he doesn't seem too worried. Plucking out a white robe, Ro' holds it up, turning it around before tossing it back onto the pile and glancing up at Morlanol. "Looks good to me. Needs to be hemmed up a bit, and a belt would help a lot." He suggests, and glances around the miner at Keziah. "Find anything back there?" He asks, fishing for more robes at the bottom of the pile. "Not much left of this one." He tosses one that appears to have… claw marks in it.

"I c'n hem, I think." He crinkles his nose as the smell from the box Rogawani opened finally reaches him, "Augh, tha' makes m' wanna leave." He eyes the robe with clawmarks for a minute, then runs for the door, muttering a hasty good-bye and nearly tripping once before he figures out how to hoist up the robe properly.

Jessamin straightens up, brushing herself off and turning about towards the offending basket. A delighted cheer erupts from her as she picks up the ungainly thing, rummaging through the contents. "Who could have left -this- in the storage caverns? Between this and that bundle of cloth there, Ro, I do think there'll be many a warm quilt around the Weyr!" She executes a merry little dance step—much to the vociferous annoyance of her green hatchling. "Oh, pipe down, Sekhmet… I'm sorry for disturbing you like that, little one." A few minutes of a chewing-out by her little green results in much laughter from Jess, and an eventually silent hatchling. She takes a moment to move both basket and bundle of cloth towards the entrance, before returning. She chews her lower lip thoughtfully, resting her hands on her hips as she looks about. "Now, if I can just remember where I stashed my robe from the last Hatching, we'll track down some of the others…."

Keziah wanders over to the pile Ro has. Hmm. She murmurs a little and lifts up a robe with slits down the front "Fashion statement or just tasteless?" she asks and then ohs and pulls up the scroll from where she'd absently slipped it in a pocket. "This." she notes and looks at it. "Looks a little old too" she notes and carefully unrolls it after setting the robe down. One the scroll for those around is a map, with words Storage marked down in the lower corner.

Thea snickers to herself as Rogawani comments about tents. "If you need help with the hemming, Morlanol, just ask." She's got her case under her arm again as she weaves her way back through the press of bodies in time to see Jessamin's discovery. "Nice. Might've belonged to one of the old aunties that passed last Winter. Just sign it out on that clipboard by the door before you take it, hmm?" Keziah's find is of interest and she pauses to have a look on her way by, eyes flicking over it quickly, "Niva might like to see that. But you probably have figured that out already." She smiles gently, then makes her way back to that box of stained robes, scoops them back in the box and hefts it to balance on her hip. "I'll just take this over to the washers and see what they can do with them." So saying, she nods a farewell since both arms are too occupied to wave. "Stop by my weyr later if y'all need any help with the sewing." And she heads on out the door.

Rogawani's eyes follow Thea for a moment as she exits, and he seems to get a bit of a wry look once she's gone. Free from supervision, mwahaha - cough. "Seems a good day for finding everything other than robes." He gives one low laugh, and then glances over at Jessamin. "Might be helpful if you can remember. Most of these seem damaged." He draws out one that is just a long strip, and mumbles. "Please let this be a belt, and not what's left over…" Clearing his throat, he turns his eyes on to Keziah, eyeing the scroll curiously. "It looks like a map of the storage caverns. Does it have a little 'find robes here' marker?" He asks, still trying to make light of the situation, throwing the strip of cloth back on to the pile before dismissing the lot almost entirely. There might be more salvagable ones within, but he's just not finding any at the moment.

Jessamin cheers as she comes upon a box not far from the door that has relatively little dust on it; inside, flashes of white peek through the cracks in the side of the container, and corners of the same snowy material poke through the covering on the top. "Ha! Found them! I knew they couldn't have gone too far!" She pulls the dustcloth off of the container; despite outward appearances, the color of the dustcloth hid much more dust than visually apparent. She goes into a sneezing fit for a few minutes. "Gah… ah, there we go!" She pulls out one robe from the top, cradling it gently to herself. It looks to be in decent shape, if a bit wrinkled for the prolonged storage, and reaches just to about her knees—not a tent, on her figure, and not tight-fitting either. "Didn't think I'd be wearing this again anytime soon." She calls out over her shoulder to everyone else. "Come take a look at these, maybe there'll be some that fit. Most Impressed from the last Hatching, so it's not like you'll be having to fight anyone for robes."

Keziah shakes her head a little as she peers over the map. "It's not these ones. Look at it a little closer." she notes "There's markings denoting directions. Shards but it's hard to read, but I think this arrow is pointing towards Xanadu." she notes and hmms a little. This squiggle could be the edge of Azov Sea. Not sure. Thea's right. Should likely show it to Niva. She may have an idea on what it is. Or where it is. Wonder whats stored out there. If anything's left." She follows after Jessa "Yeah, these are definately better. I really should have kept a hold onto my other robe, but I gave it up some turns ago."

"Probably secret directions to the Weyrwoman's stash of booze." Rogawani smirks a bit, but then seems to get a little more serious as he places the box back up on to the others. "Probably worth checking out, I don't remember much being out that way." He scratches at the top of his head, trying to get a better look, but distraction comes all too easily. "Found them?" He blinks, looking towards Jessamin, his smile returning easily enough. "Come on, Kez." He invites the ex-stablemaster along with him as he goes to meet up with the other candidate. "Do you know if there were any guys my size in your candidate group?" He asks, trying to stand up at his tallest, which still isn't that impressive even if he has grown a few inches lately. "I know A'li was with you, but he was shorter."

Jessamin shrugs, shaking her head at Rogawani. "Wish I knew what to tell you, other than to go through the box and see what's there. I think there may have been one or two from that group that should come pretty close to your size. And if you need a robe altered, let me know." She gathers up the basket of quilting supplies, the bundle of fabric, and her robe, signing all of the items out at the clipboard as Thea requested. "I'd better get back to the barracks and start rummaging through some of this. Who knows what the old aunties left behind? Thank you both for holding on to that bundle of scraps, they should make some great quilts for the Weyr!" Humming a jaunty little tune, she waddles out, encumbered by firelizards and sewing sundries.

Keziah waves at Jess as she rummages through and pulls up a robe. "This looks like it'll due, just take it in a little." she notes and then eyes Ro "Watch out, you may end up going out naked." she states and then smiles oh so sweetly "And won't so many be… nah.. I shouldn't say that."

With a bit of a sigh, Rogawani starts to rumage through the more usable box of robes, plucking out one or two that seem likely candidates. However, when Keziah mentions him going out naked, his lips purse a little and he draws one eyebrow up slightly. "I think I'll pass. I may have been raised in the weyr, but I'm not quite -that- free spirited. Besides, I'm likely to scare off the dragons looking like that." He rolls his eyes, still amused though, and holds up one of the robes to himself, eyeing a small rip near the hem. "Looks about right." He judges, not about to try it on and make a fool of himself.

Keziah snickers a little as she folds up her robe. "Yeah, bad enough you might scare them robed." she teases lightly "Myself and nakedness, I don't see so much as free-spirited but potentially painful. I mean. What if you got something caught?" she asks "Hmm, but no one ever things of that. Course, most tend to be too drunk to care when they are but." she shrugs some "Suppose I should see about getting this altered."

"Ha-ha." Rogawani says without humor, rolling his eyes a little bit. He seems to bite his lower lip, holding back something that the better part of his mind tells him not to say. "I'll make sure not to get anything … caught, around you." He smirks, and tosses the robe over his arm, pulling another one out and folding it haphazardly ontop of the box as a form of 'label' to show the next group of candidates coming down where to find them. "Besides, ask Cenlia, I've yet to get that drunk. Or drunk at all for that matter." He walks over to the log sheet, writing quickly down one robe, one toy firelizard. "If that map is something, though… like a secret stash, let me know right?" His eyes show genuine interest.

Keziah snorts a bit "If one compares themselves to Cenlia, I don't there ever is getting drunk." she notes and shakes her head "Still, I'm glad I'm not in her shoes in being a heavy drinker. Course, myself and drink." she shakes her head "I'm a lightweight." she notes and then eyes the scroll "Sure thing." she notes and then hmms a little "At the very least, it should be interesting. Wonder if they'll let us go out and check, I mean iffen a rider takes us, we'd be back in no time flat, just in case."

With the toy firelizard peeking out of his pocket, Rogawani examines the robe one more time and then seems to nod to himself, accepting of what he's found. He gives one short laugh, and then nods his head a bit. "She was going to get me drunk for my turnday, but then we both got searched." He admits, and throws the robe over his shoulder with an easy motion. "I'd probably be as much of a lightweight as you are. Feel bad for poor Morlanol, though. Cenlia said she'd only marry someone who can drink her under the table. Not to mention competition from Kire." He muses about this a little, finally lifting his eyebrows. "I'm sure if you brought it up to Thea… she's usually more than willing to drag us around." Or at least, to drag him around. "Come on, lets get out of here before the stench kills us."

Keziah wrinkles her nose "You had to remind me." she shakes her head "Well, that's one heck of an order. I'm sure Kire can do it." she notes "Poor Morl, but he's young yet. Plenty of time. And well, iffen he Impresses, ain't no marriage for him." she notes as she heads on out. "Marriage." she shakes her again "Not for me."

Rogawani steps out of the storage cavern, leaving the stench of whatever it was he'd stumbled on behind in the process. Lingering outside the doorway, however, he lifts an eyebrow a little bit. "Well, weyrmates is pretty close to marriage, same idea I suppose." He shrugs a bit, but then eyes her curiously. "But why not for you?" He asks, seeming interested in why someone so young would be ready to give up on the idea.

Keziah stops short as she steps out and hmms a little in thought "Well, I dunno. Haven't found too many I don't think I'd likely try to kill after spending too much time with them?" she states, half facetiously. "Honestly though, I guess I just don't really see anyone putting up with me or me them. I know at times I'm not the nicest. Don't watch I say all the time. And I've a tendency to like to go off on my own. Though, the later I've curbed quite a bit. Had to with Mirai and all."

Thoughtfully, Rogawani leans against the hallway wall. "Well, I can't argue with some of that. You're about as stubborn as they come and as a guy… let me tell you it's a little frustrating to try and try and get nowhere fast." Even as he says this, he smiles a little bit, lifting his eyebrows to show he's not trying to be intentionally mean. "But we all put up with you, and you seem to tolerate us pretty well." He's including the entire candidate class, obviously. Lifting a shoulder in a shrug, "The question isn't so much about if you think someone will put up with you though, but do you want someone to?"

Keziah just snorts, but she's smiling. "Ahh well, I live to frustrate." she notes and grins "Well, you're all a pretty decent group. I've been in some that, well we won't even go there." she notes and then shrugs "Getting along with people isn't generally the issue." There's a blink and then a frown at the question. That could very well be the issue. She scratches her head and actually looks a little bemused. "You know. I never really thought about that. I suppose. I dunno." She frowns a little more "That is the question isn't it." a thoughtful look crosses her face "I really don't know. It doesn't seem like an easy yes or no question."

"There seldom are easy yes or no questions." Rogawani muses, running a hand through his hair, a rueful expression on his face. Perphaps he's been thinking a bit on his own choices lately, who knows. "Anyways, don't want to pry too much. Just couldn't let that one drop quite that easily." The nearly playful smirk returns to the boy's face, and he pushes himself up from the wall. "I'm going to go catch a bath, get the stink of whatever that was off of me. Figure I've a good half-hour or so before the weyrlingmasters come looking for us, so I might as well make good use of it." He pats some dust free from the arms of his shirt. "See you back at the barracks." He offers, heading off down the long hallway back towards the weyr.

Keziah eyes Ro and watches him head off. She shakes her head a little "Honestly." she then smirks somewhat and then calls off after him "Yeah, iffen you don't take a bath soon, they'll be able to track ya down with their noses." She's a snot. She heads off as well. "See you back there and don't drown. Twould be a shame it would."

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