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Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

Out in the skies above Fort Weyr a small contingent of dragons emerge from *Between* led by a pale gold who bugles a reply to the watch dragon, announcing they are from Xanadu Weyr. They land without fuss and the three weyrlings shadowing the Nova Wingleader today make their way into the caverns, most likely because draconic communication indicates that's where the Weyrleaders are currently located. It's crowded and so Thea pauses for a moment to look around before spotting Dtirae and Th'ero. Beckoning to the trio with her, Thea threads her way towards them. They're on an informal enough footing that she doesn't expect formalities like being met in the bowl with fanfare (she'd hate that anyway), but she's being an example today, so when she's there, she waits for them to spot her and then she salutes, smiles and greets them quietly, "Xanadu's duties."

He can't hiiiide now! He's been spotted and the pathway to the exit is so blocked by what looks to be a continent from Xanadu coming to take over. Ohnoes! Maybe. Angelique does spare them a glance briefly before full attention is cast to Th'ero. "G'morning Weyrleader." she greets politely. "Always room for more." is said cheerily. A brow quirks up briefly though at Kimmila's explanation though she ohs softly and grins. "Mostly forms to fill out for forms for things." a grin curves up the corners of her lips. "And about the items that seem to be taken from stores suddenly." is added. Even if she was supervising Zaala, as the room fills up it's quite hard to keep doing that! "I'm Angelique." is stated to Solan. "Well met Solan. Do sit down." if he hasn't already.

Mur'dah is here, one of the three taking this tour. Glancing around as he enters, green eyes take in the scope of the cavern, and the crowds of people. "Better than roughing it," he whispers to his fellow weyrlings, with a crooked grin. When they're brought forward to the Weyrleaders, he quiets down and salutes smartly.

Solan is surprised by the sudden appearance of so many names of note, especially the Weyrleader himself. Even more so as the man draws nearer, stopping at - no, sitting at now! - his own table. Reminding himself that these people are just peoplealbeit with much more important jobs than his ownhe smiles back and greets with politeness. "Well met, Kimmila, Angelique. Good morning, sir," is offered to Th'ero before Solan answers the question posed him. "Yes, I've only been here a few days. Amazing place, Fort Weyrwith even more amazing people, it seems." This is said as the Xanadu contingent enters and what was supposed to be a quick, quiet meal has suddenly become something much, much more. And somehow, Solan the quiet woodcarver has found himself in the middle of it. "Hello," he quietly nods to those who approach.

It's a very small invasion force? Soriana's one of the weyrlings following Thea, looking around Fort's caverns curiously. She glances back to Mur'dah, and hehs. "That's not saying much," she murmurs back, and then they're at the Weyrleaders, and Soriana's mouth is shut and her eyes are on Th'ero and Dtirae as she echoes Thea's salute.

Woohoo! Fort Weyr! Ka'el has been here once. A long time ago. For like, an hour or two. So! This trip is another sight-seeing opportunity for the young man. Oh and uh, weyrling stuff. He arrives behind Thea and with the other two Xanadu weyrlings, Mur'dah and Soriana, and he smirks over to Mur's whisper. "No joke.." he remarks before turning his eyes up to the ceiling. Woah. He gazes up to appreciate the sights, though looking up and walking forward usually don't go well together. This is no exception. He barely misses running into a Fortian patron, and after quick apologies, he pays attention! Good thing too. There are Important People ahead. Like the others, he pauses, straightens, and salutes the weyrleaders.

Th'ero gives Kimmila a slight nudge with his elbow when he catches her trying to peer at Angelique's paperwork. Maybe his elbow slipped as he took his seat next to her? Ha! Probably not. The Weyrleader only goes on to settle himself comfortably, or as much as he can given the current gathering. Which is just about to get a whole lot bigger. A little late on the introductions, he can only blink as he is momentarily lost. "Who's new?" he asks curiously, glancing from Kimmila, to Dtirae and then Angelique. Obviously no, no, nope… Ah ha. Gaze settles on Solan, perhaps a bit more intensely studious than he means it to be. Just as he's about to open his mouth though, his greeting and introduction fall to abrupt silences as the bowls outside are suddenly filled with the sounds of draconic voices of welcome. Velokraeth is likely charging out onto his ledge, his rich voice carrying out warmly to greet the Xanadu visitors. Th'ero only looks stunned for a moment, eyes sliding over to where Dtirae is seated and then narrowing suspiciously. Did she know about the visit? Or did he forget? No matter. He'll recover fast enough and once Thea is entering with Weyrlings in tow, he's pushed back his chair to welcome them all with a sweeping, open armed gesture. "Fort's duties to Xanadu! Welcome. Help yourselves and make yourselves comfortable." he says, neither entirely casual or formal though he ends it all with a salute before sitting again and promptly tucking into his breakfast. There. Duty done.

Thankfully there haven't been any exploding foam incidents in which Zaala has been blamed for. She's got one of those abilities to be completely oblivious when trouble is afoot, usually lifting her head with a blank stare, or something to that extent. Today, there's no dishes crashing. It's going smoothly. Zaala smirks at Borodin's awkwardness, "You know after getting to know you, it wouldn't be right to take away your name." She giggles lightly, pushing the cart to collect the glass wear, mugs and things, some which are still half full. "But you know what they say about apprentices, you're totally off the market now." She mischieviously waits for his expression on that, before the last makes her laugh, "Oh yeah? And precisely who would I complain to and what would complain to them about? Oh hey Angelique, I don't like cleaning tables, I think I should be doing more important stuff.." She shakes her head, "You know that won't fly. She'd probably tell me to apply myself to something better if I don't like it." That's what headwomen do, don't they? Her eyes do watch the invasion of riders, but it is of no consequence, people come and go.

Kimmila sets her klah mug down and manages to eat a few bites before they're being descended upon. "Thea!" the bluerider says happily. "Shards, I haven't seen you in ages!" Glancing back at Angelique, the bluerider then frowns. "Yes, about those items…any new news? Never mind, we'll talk later." Not in front of guests. Nodding a reply to Solan, she gives him a little smile, which quirks into a grin at his use of sir. Amusing, for some reason. Looking at Th'ero, she then laughs and elbows him a bit. "Would you like to join us?" she tacks on, when the Weyrleader kind of…ends the conversation.

Angelique doesn't stand to offer her greetings but then it's getting quite crowded around here but luckily it is a larger table in the middle of the caverns. "Fort's duty to Xanadu." she echoes the Weyrleader's greeting. "G'morning to you as well, Weyrwomen." is belatedly noted towards Dtirae. "Aye, later then. I can get a list together for you." she says as an aside to the blue rider before she returns attention to the Xanadu Weyrwomen and weyrlings trailing behind.

No dishes crashing is a good thing! Borodin never did like things smashing around and falling apart. Still doesn't. "You, uhm, can call me what you want?" he offers to Zaala as he trails after her to the next table. Wasn't he going to go get food at some point? And yet, here he still is. Maybe he'll manage to eat eventually… after the crowds have died down, which might be a while, now that the group from Xanadu has come in to make more of a crowd. He'll just keep following Zaala and helping her. Or… pausing to stare at her, wide-eyed for a moment with a mug in his hands as he blinks. Off the market? "Well. Uhm. I guess, yes, but I mean, I didn't- I wasn't- it wasn't just- I mean, I can still eat food- not that- er- I- uh- well." Mouth shuts again, now that it's far, far too late to do any good, and he mutely nods that complaints won't actually do any good. He should just keep quiet now. Yep. Not say anything. Smile and nod. He should, "Well you can complain to me. I don't mind."

"Kimmila." Dtirae greets dimply to the bluerider before her gaze drifts and eyes go distant for a moment. The Weyrwoman is halting the progress of her klah drinking, turning her gaze towards the entrance. And in steps Thea and her weyrlings, a smile forms and a salute is given towards the other Weyrwoman. "Fort's duties." There's a pause that draws her attention back to the table, mainly Th'ero's question on the new face. A gesture is given to Solan, as well as a teasing smile towards the apprentice because he can't entirely hide now that they're all there. Then, she's rising from her seat with her mug of klah as she considers the three weyrlings. "How can we help you, Thea?" That narrowed look from Th'ero? She completely misses it, what with her attention on their guests.

Nope, Fort's Weyrwoman didn't forget to tell him. Thea's icegreen eyes are dancing merriment, her lips bearing a smirky-smile as she winks at Dtirae and then leans to poke the Weyrleader's shoulder playfully, swiftly and almost trying to sneak the gesture, keeping it from being too noticeable. "Surprise!" says she before stepping past him to hug Kimmila. "Hi Kimm. It's been too long, indeed! When are you people going to come down to hunt with us?" Her gaze sweeps the others nearby and a dip of her dark head accompanied by a warm smile greets them. She waves the weyrlings to spread out and, "Visit," she says with an impish grin at them. Throwing them into diplomacy sink or swim.

Solan takes a sip from his klah, a socially awkward means of stalling as he tries to figure out what to do. Snacks can be consumed on the go; for that matter, so could the klah. And truth be told, it was a busy morning and his early return might be looked kindly upon by his supervisors. Thoroughly out of his element but maintaining politeness and good humor, Solan rises, gesturing the visiting gold rider to his now vacated seat. "Please, take mine. I should be getting back to work anyway." He smiles at Thea warmly before looking back to Th'ero, Kimmila, and the rest. "Thank you and good morning," his head bows slightly, the barrel-chested young man withdrawing as the meeting of Weyr minds commences. A nod is given to Dtirae as Solan pulls back, moving off to place his empty plate in the appropriate place. Snacks, however, are pocketed for later.

Wow, people. Mur'dah edges a bit closer to his clutchmates, just because of the sheer amount of /stuff/ going on around them. And then…sink or swim? The brownling gulps and looks around…and he finds Zaala. Hello, cutie! Boldly, Mur'dah walks over towards her and extends his hand. "Hey there. Mur'dah, brown Kalsuoth's, Xanadu. Need some help with those dishes?" Did he just wink?

Kimmila looks at Dtirae for a long moment, about to say something…but then thank Faranth she changes her mind and takes a drink instead. And then she has a Thea to hug, which she does happily before sitting again with a laugh, nudging out a free chair in invitation. "Soon? Hopefully? Maybe? It's hard to get him to stop working," she says, nudging Th'ero. "But we need to, absolutely."

Hey! He's got to get some of his breakfast down while it's still hot? Which is not at all what Th'ero's excuse will be. In truth, the Weyrleader is still awkward at times with this whole… social and formal business. He's improved but he is far from perfect. He'll pause mid-bite when Kimmila elbows him, shooting her a classic 'what?' like side glance before he clues in. Oh… right. Conversation. Which he almost fails at it again when Thea sneakily pokes him in the shoulder. "How've you been, Thea?" he asks while giving her a lopsided smirk and questioning look. He then snorts. "Surprise, indeed! At least you came in time for breakfast." Another nudge from Kimmila and now he can only chuckle. Alright, alright! He wasn't going to protest anyways. Reaching for his klah as he glances over to Dtirae and then back to Thea. "Soon." he agrees, lifting his mug as if to seal the deal right then and there. "I believe things here are… settled enough that we can arrange it. Hunting… meeting. Whichever!" Or both. Why not? Raising his mug again in farewell to Solan, the Weyrleader then takes one slow sip of it before setting it back on the table.

Important faces. They match the pictures Soriana's been studying against! Except, well, these ones are alive and not portraits. Minor details like that. Soriana looks between them in turn, nodding now that she's done with the salute-y bits. So what comes next? Because she's pretty sure 'greet an old friend' is not actually an option if you don't have the old friend in question to greet. She does give a smile to Kimmila, though! Since she recognizes the bluerider and all. Next up is… visiting? Right-o. Time for more Thea-style swimming lessons. Soriana glances to her fellow weyrlings, and then one corner of her mouth quirks as Mur'dah figures out where he's going. Heh. Well, that leaves her to… oh, look. There's an extra seat at this table. The big official diplomacy table. Well. She gives a glance to Ka'el and a shrug of one shoulder toward the rest of the caverns, then goes to pull out that empty extra chair for herself. Go on, Ka'el. Save yourself. Soriana is going to sit at the Important People table.

The Xanadu weyrlings are set loose! To mingle. Ka'el glances after Mur'dah for a moment to see who he's chosen to grace with his presence. Oh, this ought to be grand! Socialization comes naturally to the bronzer! Diplomacy? Well. Maybe he'll just steer clear of the fancy knots. They seem busy, anyway! He flashes a grin to his weyrling friends (silently wishing Soriana good luck with all that fancy business!) and meanders, eyes turning up again to just briefly give another look at that ceiling. Ok, who's not currently in conversation? That's a polite thing to do. Not interrupt! Like that guy over there! .. Who looks super busy eating. He continues. Oh, how about that girl! No, wait, she's with a group of females. And a group of girls is always the beginning of the recipe for Trouble. And..how did he end up back at the fancy table? His eyes pause upon Angelique, who occupies one of those seats, and he grins. "Good morning. It isn't always this difficult to find a person to talk to, is it?"

Zaala crooks her neck and tilts her face at him, all coy like, "Anything huh?" Oh he just opened a can of worms there with that one, which is what is suggested by that glint in her eyes, "Spinner maybe," she decides, "because the room will be spinning after all that taste testing you'll have to do!" A wink, "Let me think on it though, bet you I could come up with something good." She does her best to neatly stack the dishes on the cart, eyes flicking over toward the busy knot heavy table, only to flicker back to Borodin, not wanting to miss his reaction of course. Her hands twist out the cloth and dunk it back into a small bucket of warm soapy water, playing as if she totally didn't hear his rambling speal, but not able to stop her giggling, "You can still make time to visit, don't you forget about lowly old me," she wags a finger at him, plops the cloth down and then starts to scrub at something that seems to have stuck to the table top. It's just soon after that, in which Mur'dah boldly makes his appearance. Her eyes lift up toward him, eyes giving him a one long over, noticing the wink and the extended hand, "Heya flyboy," she's dubbed him, which means, "Grab some of those dishes for me if you want." Pointed to the rest of the abandoned table, giving him a very pronounced smile.

Angelique casts a glance to the now mostly forgotten paperwork before her but really it's getting too crowded to simply sit and make lists. So they get picked up and stashed away safely in a small satchel bag at her feet. This done she draws her plate close to pick through the fruit remaining. Diplomacy is often times her middle name but lucky for her this morning there are higher ranking people to play host so she's content to blend somewhat into the background. As Ka'el approaches and offers a greeting she grins at the bronze weyrling. "Good morning! Indeed it seems not too hard at all to find a conversation today." she gestures towards the still empty seat across from her. "I'm Angelique. Assistant Headwomen."

Mur'dah laughs. "Flyboy? Cute." He'll go for that, if it means he gets someone to talk to. "Sure thing," he adds, hoisting up the dishes with one hand. Hope he doesn't drop them. That would be Bad. And apparently that thought has sunk into his thick skull because a moment later he's using /both/ hands. He nods a hello to Borodin too, with a grin. "Heya. What's up?"

Kimmila grins crookedly at Th'ero and then finally looks at the Weyrlings, blinking a bit when she actually recognizes one. "Soriana! Hey, it's great to see you. How's the Dragonhealing coming along?" She's at the important person table? She thinks of this as the kid's table.

Oh no. What's that mean? That look. The look of… incoming doom. Borodin gulps, but nods to Zaala. "Uhm, well, yes." Anything! Anything at all. It's not like he could stop her, right? Now what will she… his eyes squinch a little in anticipation, then open again. Spinner, huh? "…that's not so bad." A narrow miss! …for now. She'll come up with something else later, he supposes. Maybe if he visits, he can keep it from being too bad. He bobbles his head to her, anyhow. "Of course I won't. I'll visit, uhm, when I've got time, I mean, I'm busy, but, I won't forget!" Nope. Not him. He'll just… huh? He blinks at Mur'dah, his gaze darting from brown weyrling to Zaala and then back again. Is this. What. But he. But. Borodin was talking to Zaala. …if you could even call it talking, which might be a stretch. Stammering at Zaala? Well, whatever it, was he was doing it, not this… this… Mur'dah. Or whatever his name really is. So Borodin pulls himself up more or less straight (gotta make himself look real big!) and says, "I'm Borodin." See. Introductions. Because Mur'dah was talking to him too, riiiiight? "Hi."

Dtirae chuckles softly at Thea's attempt to poke the Weyrleader before her attention is drawn back to the table and then the departing Solan. The nod is returned before her gaze drifts between each Weyrling present for a moment before settling on Th'ero, giving a half-shrug in response to his gaze settling on her for a moment. Mug is lifted and she sips at it, gaze still on the Weyrleader. "Th'ero, when you have a moment, I'd like to have a chat with you." A pleasant smile before her mug is lifted again. She simply observes, not taking her previous seat at all. Clearly, she is content to stand for now.

"Oh, no please don't-" Solan steps away before Thea can finish, "-go." Sigh. She's that scary? She sinks gracefully into his vacated chair. Might as well, right? She's keeping an unobtrusive eye on her weyrlings, the corners of her lips curl as her son makes a vtol-line for a blonde. No surprise there! Soriana's ease in sitting with the Weyrleaders gets a flash of approval as her eyes drift to Ka'el. Who has found the assistant headwoman by the look of her knot. Nice! "Hunting is work," Thea assures Th'ero and Kimmila with a saucy tilt of her chin. It's almost a challenge. Arrange a meeting? Her nose wrinkles at that but she answers both the Weyrleaders readily enough with, "Never better. Things are settling at Xanadu these days as well." She smiles at Dtirae and leans forward, "You'll come too, won't you? If I recall correctly, you grew up hunting."

Zaala returns the wink at his 'cute' remark, seemingly shifting from the spot with the crud on it to another section of the table, nearly finished with cleaning up at the section, anyway. "You're fresh in from Xanadu then, hrm?" This because her gaze does find the Xanadu Weyrwoman and having lived there, once, she knows faces. Borodin's response to her nicknaming, makes her study him a bit, definitely pondering, but not at the moment having anything better than toots or spinner. Her nicknaming seems to be a habit, as Mur'dah seems to land himself one easily enough. Zaala does seem empathic for Borodin, "Then, when you have time," she nods at him, as if that's to be expected. And, then there's that reaction he has in between being interrupted and responding to Mur'dah, a reaction that has her watching them both in turn. "Oh yeah," she flicks her hand up to her forehead to brush back her long side swept bangs, "I'm Zaala."

"Ka'el," offers the bronzeling to the Assistant Headwoman, offering his hand to shake. Handshakes are important! And friendly. One can tell a lot from the way a person's hand is shaken! He takes the offered seat afterwards, not plopping himself down like a floppy fish (because hey, appearances!) but instead sitting…well, like a normal person with manners would. "Well met, Assistant Headwoman Angelique. …Assistant Headwoman, huh?" he echoes, raising his brows a little. "That's got to be a busy job." He smirks, glancing at her satchel which he saw those papers being ushered back into! "How'd you end up with that title, if I may ask?"

Mur'dah was rude, but he doesn't realize that, just grinning crookedly at Borodin. "Hey, nice to meet you, Borodin. What do you do around here?" Toootally missing Borodin's body language. Clueless. "Yeah, we just learned to between so we're hopping all over the place. Well met Zaala. It's an honor," he says gracefully with a slight bow. Which is hindered somewhat by his handful of dirty dishes. Still, he tries.

"Heya, Kimmila." Soriana's polite smile widens. "It's nice to see you again. I've been… a bit busy." Understatement. Those are a part of diplomacy, right? being subtle and graceful and all that. "I'm looking forward to getting back to the dragonhealing, though." And, in a show of self-control, Soriana does not glance at Thea as she says that. Not even a little. "I'm nearly to grade two." Or was, when last she studied. Hopefully those skills haven't gone stale. This is certainly the kid's table now. She and Ka'el are both here! …though Sori, at least, is on her best behavior. The adults (or at least the alleged adults) are watching! And she's watching them, even if she tries to be subtle about it as she continues her conversation with Kimmila. "How have things been with you?"

The Important People Table is just a front! It honestly can be the kid's table, if things swing a certain way. For now though, it is filled with rather many Big Knots. Not that Th'ero really flaunts his rank and can still recall most of the times he's truly had to pull the Weyrleader Card on others. He's just content to enjoy his breakfast and not focus on the fact that the caverns are so, so crowded right now. So many faces, so many eyes watching and ears listening. Luckily he has food and drink, or he'd have started to fidget and withdraw. Kimmila's call of a name catches his attention. Soriana? That rings a bell. Distantly. But as the goldriding Weyrling approaches, it clicks. "Good to see you!" he chimes in as well, though his weyrmate has asked the important questions already. So he'll just gesture for her to sit, if she wishes to. Th'ero is just about to reach for his fork again when his hand pauses to hover over it and his eyes slide back to Dtirae. What'd he do now? "Certainly. Later today?" he drawls, though from his knowing little smile he knows it likely won't happen — or it'll be late into the night. They've guests, after all! "Hunting is indeed quite a bit of work!" Th'ero agrees, brows lifting up at that almost-challenge and then a slow smile curves his lips. Consider it accepted? "Good to hear! So it seems we've hit an opportune time to gather for this hunting." Right? He casts a curious look to Dtirae and then Kimmila as well.

Kimmila glances curiously at Dtirae, lifting a brow before she's looking at Th'ero, and then over to Thea. Then she laughs. "Business meeting in the forest with weapons?" she asks, amused. "Sounds good to me. Let's schedule it." Back to Soriana, she laughs. "Busy? I'll bet. And with me? Shards. Busy. Always busy, but good, now. Better," she concludes with a nod. "Now that that Laris business is behind us." And she lifts her mug to 'toast' to that, her grin a bit wry.

Angelique's grip is firm enough as she shakes the offered hand of Ka'el. "Well met Ka'el of Xanadu." her eyes sparkle brightly. Important Peoples Table? Or perhaps also known as the Big Kids Table. While Angelique is wearing what some would call an important knot she's certainly not one to draw too much attention to it. At least at the moment when so many people are here. Perhaps later when it's just Fort people she'll have a bit of a bite to to her tone. Now though she keeps it friendly enough as she considers Ka'el's question momentarily. "I ended up with this title as a bit of luck I suppose. Right time and right place when I came here. I was in need of something to do and Headwomen Talica was in need of someone to help her. So…now I'm learning from her."

Okay, so, what does he do if the other guy doesn't back down? Borodin is lost. Standing up for yourself is hard. So… he deflates a little and answers Mur'dah's question. "I, uhm, I'm a vintner apprentice." Brewing fancy things! Eventually. For now, mostly it means washing tubes and glasses and not having time for things. But he'll make time! For things (people) like Zaala. "I, uh, yeah. I will. I mean, it's not all the time, and, uh, I don't, the rules…" Nope. He's not gonna be able to finish that sentence. So he just trails off, and watches as Mur'dah picks up plates. Now that the brownling's doing it, he doesn't. Let someone else do the work!

"Woah, careful there flyboy," Zaala extends her hands to the dishes in his arms, "you'll break my dishes!" She softly laughs and tries to steady that slightly wobbly stack when he gives a bow, "I don't need those breaking while the knots are all in the room-" she tilts her head that way, to the group of big wigs, yanno, and even the assistant headwoman over yonder. Piling up the dishes onto the cart where they belong and not in the hands of a prancing weyrling, she gives brownling an appraising gaze, "That explains your-" her finger pints and gestures up and down, "-happy and most helpful… package you've got going on here." Package. Her eyes swing to Borodin at the puffed up exterior which deflates, a curious look briefly cast toward him before she speaks up for him, "He climbed out of the bottom of the barrel to dive right back in, you could say. I'm entirely envious, but I don't think I could be any sort of apprentice right now." The stammering and unfinished sentiment of rules makes her gasp playfully, "Borodin, you wouldn't!" It does seem that the dishes are all neatly put on the cart now, leaving her with an idle moment to socialize, fancy that!

Mur'dah grins at Borodin, looking really impressed. "Wow, a Vinter? That's awesome! What's it like? Do you get to taste everything?" Focus returning to Zaala, he laughs and accepts her help in steadying him. "Thanks. Oh no, I'd never do that to you." To himself, absolutely. But to a pretty girl? Neve- well. He'd /try/. When she takes the dishes he brushes off his hands and grins again. "Talking about my package now?" he asks, grin going very crooked. "Happy and helpful, hmm?" Oh man, he's going to get punched in the face. "You fell in?" he asks Borodin, perhaps misunderstanding the metaphor.

Dtirae lifts her brows at Thea, chuckling softly before nodding. "Of course I'll come hunting, I'd never miss out on that." A wide grin is given before she finishes off the rest of her klah. The exchange going on between Xanadu and Fort is quietly observed for another moment before her gaze returns to Th'ero. The smile earns a slight frown and a look that says 'this is really important'. "Later today, without a doubt." Then? Her look clears back into a pleasant smile, hiding away any any other emotions. "If you'll excuse me? There are a few things I should make sure are looked over this morning." And with that, she inclines her head in a sort of farewell. "Fort's duties. And, it was pleasant seeing you all." This is to the Xanadu weyrling and Weyrwoman before she departs.

Soriana smiles to Th'ero, and nods. "Good to see you!" she echoes. It's those teen years. They change faces. Also, being busy means there's no time to keep up with things! Sori settles herself in a chair, getting… well, okay, she's not entirely comfortable, but she's getting there, and she's certainly doing her best to pretend. She laughs back to Kimmila, and nods. "There does seem to be plenty of busy to go around." Her expression grows more serious for a moment at the mention of Laris, and she nods. "I was glad to hear that." Not that she heard much. A vague story transmuted by gossip into something that hopefully still bore at least a vague resemblance to the truth. Soriana's not anyone important! Yet. She's just a weyrling. She can pretend. For now. She'll just… hmm? She glances over to Dtirae, and offers a nod and, "Xanadu's duties," in return before Fort's Weyrwoman departs.

Ka'el grins and nods in agreement. "That is luck," he says. "I reckon it's not a job just anyone can do either. Paperwork an' organization and making sure people'n things are where they need to be and no one burns down a weyr, all the while documenting how much soap is used in the baths." A pause, then he laughs lightly, head slightly cnating to one side. "That may not be what a Headwoman does at all here, but it sounded good. Very important and official." He rights his head afterward, his easy-going expression not faltering. "Have you had the position for long, then? And where did you come here from?" His attention momentarily drifts of Dtirae as she takes her leave, and he inclines his head to her. "Good to have met y-.." Wait. No. That's a Weyrwoman! More official words are likely needed. "Xanadu's duties." There we go. "Have a good day!"

Th'ero can't help but… grin? Sweet Faranth, is the Weyrleader grinning? Maybe. He'll duck his head down a bit as if to hide it, but there is laughter in his voice when he speaks. "Forest meeting with weapons… has a nice ring to it?" he muses while glancing out of the corner of his eye to Kimmila and then trying to sneak in another nudge to her side. Sneaking in a few more bites of his food as well, he'll glance between Soriana and his weyrmate. It may be a little rude for him to jump in on the conversation, be he finds himself unable to resist at least slipping in some polite (and political) well-wishing. "Good luck to you in your future studies with Dragonhealing! And it would seem so," he agrees in terms of there being plenty of 'busy' to go around. Understatement of the Turn! Kimmila's remark on Laris' reign of terror coming to an end earns a toast from his mug as well, though Th'ero has to hastily reach for it. "Clear skies, Dtirae." He calls out to the retreating Weyrwoman, a slight frown knitting his brows. Was it something he said?

With sneaky-like glances from under the fringes of her dark lashes, that's how Thea watches her weyrlings. Otherwise, she doesn't seem to be paying any attention to them at all. Her smile contains a touch of triumph when Th’ero accepts her challenge to come hunting. She laughs in response to Kimmila, "Works for me! We'll compare our calendars and get it scheduled, shall we?" They'll get him there yet! Overhearing the bluerider's comment about Laris, she nods emphatically, obviously relieved the renegade has been caught. Better indeed! "Among other things," she mutters to herself under her breath with satisfaction lacing the words. She returns Dtirae's grin with one of her own, pleased to have her promise to come, regretful that the woman needs to slip out so soon, she lifts her hand to forestall her, "Wait, Dtirae. I'll walk out with you." And then she's up, linking her arm with the younger Weyrwoman's and leaning to have a murmured conversation as they drift out together. What are they up to? Faranth knows!

Kimmila leans over to Th'ero to whisper something to him, before she's straightening up and smiling at Soriana. Flashing her weyrmate another smile, she laughs. "Sounds like code for a brawl, doesn't it? And yes, Thea, let's do that." But then /both/ weyrwomen are leaving - arm in arm even - and that's when Kimm starts to look worried.

Angelique's gaze flickers briefly towards Dtirae as she starts to depart then to Th'ero and Kimmila as she hears a bit of that conversation. Quickly though she looks back to Ka'el with a faint grin. "Organizing has always been my strong suit…that and designing clothing. However I've been here for half a turn or so." or maybe longer. It's hard to say really. "I come from Southern Boll Hold."

"It's, well, there's some tasting things, but it ends up being a lot of lessons," Borodin says to Mur'dah. "Like, uhm, sort of a combination of chemistry and cooking." He glances to Zaala and offers her a little smile… and then a dip of his head and a frown. Welp. He's probably gone and said something wrong. (As usual.) Oh well. He'll just… glance up to her again as she talks about his barrel-climbing. "Well, uh, it's more… I mean… I wouldn't call it that. It's not… there's nothing wrong with just… with being… anyway it's not the bottom." Sothere. Better look away from her. Back to… Mur'dah! I, uh, no. I didn't fall. I just… I was a late apprentice." That's all. Nothing funny. Nothing - uh, what? He looks back to Zaala and stares. Just a little. And blushes. And looks away again, to nothing in particular.

"You might not, but how would I know, I just met you," Zaala retorts with some sass to Mur'dah, eyebrows perking up as if to challenge him in some way to prove it. Of course, that's when he zeros in on the package remark, such a remark that has her lips twist up in an amused smirk, a soft puff of air escaping her, not entirely exasperated but not convinced either. She's not one to back down from being razzed, "I don't know, that depends on if your package is worth talking about." She bunches up the cloth and lets it sploosh back into the soapy water bucket, turning back to Mur'dah with her hands on her hips. "It's not everyday a brownrider offers to do dishes, so yeah, I'd call that helpful." She smirks, then shrugs, regarding Borodn again, "I just meant, you've done well and I'm happy for you toots. He'll be a great vintner," this she reaffirms toward Mur'dah, fully and completely beliving in that. If she reads his confidence waivering, she doesn't remark on it, but she does laugh, "There's definitely nothing wrong with being on the -bottom-…" she can't hide it from her tone, her mind just goes there, it must be the Shipton gene in her. When he looks back at her, Zaala gives an approving look, then starts to push the cart down a ways, to get it out of the way for foot traffic. "I'll be back boys," she turns this to Borodin and Mur'dah, canting a look over her rounded shoulder as she pauses, "Do either of you need anything from the kitchen while I'm in there?"

"Southern Boll…Southern Boll…Why's that sound familiar to me?" Ka'el muses, a thoughtful look furrowing his brows now as he ponders this, eyes lingering on Angelique. It's a short moment before he snaps his fingers in remembrance. "That's right! I've a friend there," he says with a definitive nod. "..At least, I'm pretty sure that's where he said he went to study. He fancies clothing as well. It's amazing what he can do with a bunch've fabric and thread." Another grin. "Do you make your own clothing, then?" he asks, glancing to the departing Weyrwoman…wait…make that Weyrwomen! again. "I'm being abandoned," said with a smirk.

Mur'dah tilts his head a bit at Borodin's fumbling, but he manages to mostly keep track of his words. "Oh! I gotcha. Well better late than never, and if it's a Craft you enjoy then more power to you! We need good vinters." Looking back at Zaala, he grins widely, pleased with that sass. "I'm not one to kiss and tell. And I don't mind helping out wherever I'm needed." Then he laughs. "Nothing wrong with being on the top either, if you can get there," he return. Then she's leaving, and he's left with…Borodin. Alrighty then. "I'm good, thank you though," he says, finding a seat and getting some fruit. Northern fruit. Ugh. But he'll pretend to enjoy it at least. "You two dating?" he asks Borodin once Zaala is out of earshot. "She's hot."

"A shame, really." says Angelique on the abandonment. "A test perhaps to see how well the Weyrlings fare in another Weyr?" ventures a guess from Ang. "How far along in your training are you?" she asks politely before nodding at his mentioning of clothing and his friend. "I do make all my own clothing yes, as well as some of the clothing here at the stores now as well." is added.

"Thank you," Soriana says to Th'ero as he wishes her luck, then glances over to Thea as Xanadu's Senior follows Fort's. What're they doing? Conspiring, that's what. They're conspiring. …that was easy. Maybe Soriana will get the hang of this diplomacy thing after all! She glances between Th'ero and Kimmila. Hmm. So they're looking worried. That's… interesting, but she doesn't take much time to consider on it just now, because she's just realized that she's no longer being watched! Which'll be great, so long as she doesn't mess it up. She glances briefly to the mournfully abandoned Ka'el, and her lips quirk.
You paged Enka with 'I saw there have been several aftershocks today (hopefully they're not foreshocks!)'.

Now Thea is leaving too? Th'ero is quick to dip his head in agreement, even if the Xanadu Weyrwoman addressed Kimmila in regards to comparing calendars. He'll make a quick gesture of farewell too as she goes off to catch up to Dtirae and his gaze will noticeably follow them out until they are out of range of sight. Shaking his head, he sips at his klah and just as Thea had, he will sneak a few quick glances to spy out where the Xanadu Weyrlings have gone off too: with the exception of Soriana. "Code for a brawl? What gave you that idea?" Th'ero drawls to Kimmila and then lowers his head a bit as she whispers to him, which results in him whispering back but shrugging his shoulders. Apparently he doesn't know? He knows nothing. Consipiring though? Soriana might be on to something. "Is this your first visit outside of Xanadu as Weyrlings?" Th'ero goes on to ask her, politely but oh-so curious. He probably knows the answer, or has already assumed most of it. But… this is what is done, right? That whole mystifying and strange thing (to him anyways) called 'conversation'.

If Borodin-tracking isn't a craft, it should be! He nods to Mur'dah. "Uhm, yeah. I do. I like it." He glances to Zaala, and smiles. "Thanks. I… that's nice. Of you." He tucks his hands in his pockets, then looks down and coughs at the talk of being on the bottom. Or on top. The packages were bad enough! Something from the kitchen? "…oh uhm no." Wasn't he coming in here for breakfast? Yeah, but then stuff happened and he got distracted. Also left behind with Mur'dah. He stares at his feet for a few, then looks up at the brownrider's question. "Uhm." His eyes dart toward the kitchen, then back to Mur'dah. "No. I mean, we've been on a date, but, we're not dating." His eyes dart to the kitchen again, as if expecting to be interrupted and told he's wrong. Or maybe that's just how he always looks.

Kimmila laughs. "Just the sound of it. Meeting in the woods with weapons? Doesn't sound like a diplomatic gathering." Sipping her klah she takes the break in conversation (thank you, Th'ero, for picking it up!) to eat her breakfast.

"Or a test to see how long we last until we're chased off by Fortians…" supplies Ka'el who looks left and right, as if expecting the masses to be coming at him with torches and pitchforks! Nope, the coast is (for now) clear. "I think clothing making is an amazing skill," he continues to Angelique. "To envision something you want, tailored just for you .. then actually tailoring it.. S'impressive," he compliments, words seemingly genuine. As for how long he is in his training. "Ahh…a while. If I had to give percentages, I'd say we're .. eighty percent through it all. Everyone's talking about graduation. I've never been to one, so I'm especially excited for it."

"Somehow I doubt you have much to tell about anyway," Zaala banters, "being stuck as a weyrling, I hear it can be a long haul before you're allowed to kiss anything more than your own dragon's snout." Or something like that. It really depends on which Weyr you talk to. They all have these funny things called rules. Though she does roll her eyes at the mention of being on top, "I take it you get stuck on the bottom, hrm, flyboy?" She drawls, teasing him, but in a way that he shouldn't get totally offended, since her manner doesn't really speak to her being serious, just, more on the flirty side, as they say, if the shoe fits. But then she's gone off to the kitchen with the cart of dirty dishes… Zaala isn't gone long, just long enough to push the cart into the kitchen and deliver it into the hands of those who pulled dish washing and trade off for another empty cart, before being chased out. It takes a little over ten minutes, because you have to add in the time spent chit chatting and the primping in the reflection of the pots.

Mur'dah watches the kitchens for a moment and then grins at Borodin. "Glad you like it. And yeah? What'd you do on your date? I'm always looking for new ideas. My last date got cancelled because I got stuck somewhere and couldn't make it. That sucked, but I had a picnic on the beach planned. Think a girl would like that?" At Zaala's parting banter Mur'dah laughs. "Fair enough," he allows, "but I've gotten no complaints for Kalsuoth!" Is that witty or gross? "It's not your position in life, it's what you do with it!" he hollers towards the kitchen. Thank Faranth he can't drink yet.

"That sounds exciting. I've not seen a graduation before either but I can imagine it'll be fun for you and your life mate." Angelique remarks lightly. Amusement flashes in her expression as the thought of a mob with pitchforks ( and torches) cross her thoughts. "Well so far I see no reason for all of you to be chased out." a pause. "Yet." "As far as envisioning…well I grew up with a needle in my hand my whole life. While I don't wish it to /be/ my life I do enjoy it as a hobby."

Maybe Th'ero and Kimmila are conspiring too. They're certainly whispering enough! Soriana decides to pretend she doesn't notice that part. It'd be easier to pretend if she had food in front of her. Strategic klah-sipping and all, but she hasn't got a mug so she makes do by simply smiling vaguely into space. Not awkward at all. Yep. So, right. Conversation! A thing where there's talking and social… things. Not weapons. Weapons are not social, though the smile broadens at the idea of brawls in the woods. She rolls around answers in her head, but none of them quite seem worth saying. Not saying things is also part of diplomacy, she thinks. Maybe. …since when is conversation so hard? Thank you, Th'ero, for coming up with a topic! She smiles to him. "We've made brief stops at a few other places, but this is our first real visit somewhere." AKA the first time they've been off the leash! Feel… lucky?

Kimmila grins, "Well then, we're honored to have you all for your first visit out and about. Hope we don't make you too nervous, we try to be kind of laid back here. Always have liked Xanadu, too. Nice weyr, good leadership," she says with a smile towards where Thea vanished.

Nope. Borodin is still pretending he isn't hearing anything about this top or bottom business. His hands delve into his pockets and he pretends very hard, until Zaala is safely out of earshot, and then he keeps on pretending. And… is asked for romantic advice? Borodin turns his head and blinks at Mur'dah, then stares for a moment, then… "Uh. We went to dinner. It, uhm, wasn't very fancy. And.. there's no beach at Fort, but… uhm. Picnics are good, usually. Especially if, uhm, you make the food yourself." Though that kind of requires you to actually be good at cooking.

Mur'dah snaps his fingers a bit. "Make it myself. That's what I wasn't going to do. Even if it's bad? It's the thought that counts and all that stuff?" Leaning back in his chair, he eats a piece of the fruit and looks thoughtfully across the cavern. "Hmm. You could take some booze you made! That'd be neat."

Th'ero actually did it? He started conversation! That isn't awkward. "Who said anything about a diplomatic meeting? Those can have weapons to, you know. Just not visible ones." he points out with a crooked smirk to Kimmila and then with a low chuckle, leaves her to enjoy her breakfast (lucky her!) while he plays host. Now that the Weyrleader is finding that this social thing isn't half bad, he'll pick up on some of the other conversations around him and something overheard from Ka'el and Angelique's end of the table has lured his attention. "Only way we'd chase you off," Th'ero begins in a drawled tone and a smile that grows ever wider. One of those real hard ones that are difficult to read too — is he joking or is he serious? Poor Weyrling will have to figure that out on his own. "Is if you did something to upset me… or the Weyrwoman. Or any of my staff, really. Play nice and you'll be fine." Simple, right? Maybe not. The Weyrleader chuckles, "Honestly, you're all welcomed here. As Kimmila here says, we are laid back." he reassures, sweeping his glance back to Soriana now. "Well then, let me officially say that you are free to explore as much of Fort as you wish and at your leisure. Just mind the mountains beyond the forests. Flying there can be… hazardous." His tone will change too, to level the severity of that warning and is clearly serious for that brief second or so before he's moving on to brighter topics. Kimmila's comments on Xanadu have Th'ero giving her an approving look while he nods his head in agreement. "Must say I did enjoy myself while visiting some while ago." Only because he was injured and could not Between!

"I, uh, well, I didn't make anything this time, but I did suggest drinks." And Borodin even got something Zaala liked! …on his second attempt. "I, uhm, yeah. Thoughts… thoughts are good. I, uh, made… my last girl a cake, and she really liked it even though the icing wasn't right." Oh gasp. The icing was imperfect. It didn't look bakercraft fresh and lovely. How tragic. "But, uhm, you should probably make sure it's still edible. Because, uh, it's the thought that counts, but thoughts only go so far."

Ka'el perks a little. "Oh, hey how about we kill two avians with one stone, then? You've never been to a weyrling graduation. I've never been to a weyrling graduation. In a few months, there'll be a weyrling graduation…" he looks at her expectantly, amusement dancing in his eyes. "Come to ours! We'll both get the experience we never had in one sitting that way. And there's bound to be a gather. M'sure a graduation merits some sort of weyr-wide party. It'll be good inter-weyr…relation strengthening of the people of Xanadu and Fort." If a formal reason to party is needed, there it is! "Your Headwoman wouldn't miss you for one day, would she?"

Mur'dah laughs. "Aye. Thoughts only go so far until you give your date food poisoning? I'll remember that," he chuckles, leaning back a bit more, tipping the chair onto two legs. Only briefly though, as he remembers where they are and he sits upright once more. "Your last girl? How long did that last?" Nosy little git, isn't he?

Zaala wanders back out from the kitchens, minus a cart, though she's still wearing her apron. Might be that she got the approval for a break, as, it would seem she sweeps around the tables and pours herself a nice cool glass of juice. She casually makes her way back to where she left the two boys. Good, no more chest puffing. It's the last question from Mur'dah to Borodin that she intercepts, refraining from comment as she rejoins them, this time, leaning up against the back of one of the chairs, sipping thoughtfully as if waiting too, to hear what Borodin has to say about that. Didn't she ask that once? Not nosy at all, if it's just something a person does for conversation purposes! Right? It's all socializing!

"Indeed I can think of no reason why not to have a weyr-wide party to celebrate the graduation." Angelique agrees. "I do suspect my work here won't be too terribly missed for a day." she concedes after just a quick moment of thought. "However." she adds. "I would have no idea whatsoever when the graduation is so as you are inviting me you'll have to ensure I've a ride there." her own eyes dance in amusement. " her gaze flickers over to Th'ero as he tosses in a comment towards their conversation. "If they go off exploring perhaps I should go with them. I've not even done too much exploring as of yet."

Kimmila grins. "Yeah, don't piss us off and you'll be fine," she says, grin crooked and tone blunt. Maybe she needs diplomatic lessons. "Our last visit was mixed, but it ended fine. I think…isn't that one of the kids?" she asks, nodding to Mur'dah. "Jeez, they've grown if it is. They were, like…twelve." Or something. Looking at Angelique and then Ka'el, the bluerider nods. "Plenty of beauty to be seen from our skies. Just mind the mountains, yes. The winds can be surprising and treacherous. I think you all going exploring is a fine idea." Is she getting tired of conversation?

Okay, keeping quiet and polite is all well and good, but… "Honestly, I'd rather see the weapons," Soriana notes with a crooked smile. "At least then I can tell which way I've got to dodge." She shrugs slightly, then smiles to Th'ero at his welcome. "Thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Fort." As a real dragonrider, now! She glances to Kimmila, and nods. "I've always heard well of here… and it certainly shows up in our history books a lot." It's more interesting in person, really. "Well, perhaps when you take that hunting trip, you'll have a chance to see more than just the forests." Diplomacy? Hah. She's practically tourism board! …and then she laughs at Kimmila's bluntness. "I'll do my best." She follows the bluerider's gaze to Mur'dah. Hmm? "That's Mur'dah. Thea's son."

No upsetting the Weyrleader. Or Weyrwoman. Or any staff member. Does that include Angelique? Ka'el…grins? back. Maybe he shouldn't be grinning. He doesn't know if he should grin or not! Congratulations, The'ro, you've succeeded in throwing off Ka'el! He settles with a half grin, awkward sort of apologetic smile…hoping that that's an acceptable reaction. -.-;; "Yessir. I always play nice. I play nice well. Playing nice is…cake for me." Well that didn't sound stupid at all! Thankfully, Thea isn't here to hear his bumbling. (or IS she?) Ahem. Back to Angelique! "Not only will I give you a ride, I'll also bring or send an invitation sevens before so you're well-informed," he says with a grin before thoughts of exploring invade. He hasn't seen much of Fort! And apparently, neither has she. "What? Half a turn and you haven't turned this place inside out?"

"Yeah, uhm, food poisoning is no good. You have to stick with things that… well, neutral at least." Good is sometimes too much to hope for! Neutral, though. Borodin can do neutral. "We, uh… about a turn and a half." He shrugs a little. "It just didn't work out, that's all." Another shrug, because, nope! This isn't awkward at all.

Mur'dah nods a bit at Borodin's elaboration and then he gets to his feet, pulling out his chair and offering it to Zaala. "Please," he says, motioning to the chair. "I'm going to leave you two lovebirds to flirt a bit more, I need to get back to my dragon. Was nice meeting you both." And with a little wave he's heading out, giving Ka'el a nudge as he goes, and a wink. Totally aced it. Or so he thinks, as he whistles his way out the door.

Angelique offers a sheepish grin. "Yeah…I know. That long and I don't know all the secrets yet!" Le'sigh. "Some of the littles tell me stories of tunnels that go for miles or so they say. But then they also tell me of stories of dragons in the sky at night glowing brightly." a grin surfaces before she spares a glance towards the exit towards the bowl. "However, speaking of littles I've some duties to attend to sadly. However I won't forget your promise though! I get an invite /and/ a ride to the Weyrling graduation at Xanadu. Don't forget now."

Thea has probably ghosted back into the room and lingering in the shadows somewhere to observe just how her little fledglings are doing. This… could be… interesting? It's a very good thing she trusts Fort's leaders and is in their good graces, eh? But then, she's brought three of the most promising weyrlings with her today.

Mur'dah is most promising? Faranth help us.

Zaala still keeps quiet about the relationship thing. It's really a serious subject that shouldn't be interrupted with her sass or sarcasim. As it is, she takes the offered seat as Mur'dah indicates that he's going to leave, snorting a little, "See you around flyboy." She gives Mur'dah a little wave, settling in to the warmed up chair with a bit of a wiggle. Her attention turns back to her friend, "When'd you take on the apprentice knot?"

"I don't see any harm in that," Th'ero remarks to Angelique and follows it with a light smile. She's got the Weyrleader's approval in that regard! "So long as they're wanting a guided tour." he adds with just enough of an amused tone to possibly make that teasing. Kimmila's blunt toned reply to his previous comment only has him snorting and that earlier grin returns for another few moments. "I think that's a fair enough rule for any visit." he says and then nods his head again, taking a respite from conversation to finish off his plate of food. His eyes will lift though to glance in the direction that Kimmila nods. The Weyrleader's gaze narrows as he studies Mur'dah for a moment and recognition comes with the aid of Soriana's. His features relax. "Huh. So it is!" he murmurs and then Soriana has his attention once more. Her comment on wanting to see the weapons as him smiling in an approving way… for some reason. "Well said." Th'ero replies which may just only cause more puzzlement. Was he testing her or something? Could be. The Weyrleader is fond of his little cryptic and sneaky games. "Hopefully time will permit us some exploring of Xanadu on our next visit. Seems only fair!" Th'ero is pushing back his chair then but is slow to rise to his feet, completely unaware of having thrown Ka'el off. Score another point for him? "Good! Not that I have much doubts." he says to the bronzeling and hopefully that is reassuring enough, as… well, that's all he will get in answer. The Weyrleader is suddenly looking quite distracted and perhaps he has abruptly reached his limit — that or something has come up. "If you will all excuse us?" Us? Ahh, there's his hand reaching out to gently touch fingertips against Kimmila's shoulders in a subtle gesture. "Again, Fort Weyr is yours to explore. If you need anything, you only have to ask any of the staff. Enjoy your visit and perhaps we'll talk more again before the end of the day!" Th'ero is on his feet by then, dipping his head low in a formal and polite farewell to all before he's making his exit. He will linger only to see if Kimmila joins him and if the bluerider will, he will slip his arm around her waist as he walks, not towards the bowls, but to the inner tunnels that will lead to the stone bridge high above.

Flirt? Was Borodin… uh… flirting? He blinks at Mur'dah, then glances to Zaala. Oh, hey, she got back. "Uhm." Back to Mur'dah. "It, uh. Yeah. It was nice to meet you." He thinks? Maybe? He doesn't run away, but he does do a little foot-shuffle, and his eyes dart to Zaala and away a few times before finally settling on her. "Uhm. A… couple sevens ago. Ianco… asked what took me so long." He half-smiles and shrugs a little, then looks away again.

Hidden tunnels, eh? Sounds like an adventure to Ka'el! "Maybe they're seeing firelizards? Golds or greens.." OR .. maybe the kids are just being kids who make up stories because that's what children do? Ka'el rises as she speaks of leaving, which is the polite thing to do when a person of the female gender takes her leave. "Well met, Angelique. .. Er, Assistant Headwoman, Angelique," he corrects with a crooked grin because he's sure Thea is around here somewhere. Or at least, ears are. Spies in the shadows.. "Don't you worry, I won't forget. You do the same and don't look at me like a stranger when I come fetch you on graduation day." Another trademark grin is offered, this one with a little salute. "Have a good day."

Kimmila chuckles, pushing to her feet and draining the rest of her klah. "Enjoy yourselves," she says with a warm smile, before she's following the Weyrleader out, catching up to his side and murmuring to him as they head into the tunnels.

"He was fun," Zaala does mention in regards to Mur'dah, at least, belatedly, but her eyes mark the others in the caverns. She pops her shoulders up in after thought, folding her hands underneath her chin, elbows on the table. When Borodin answers her, she peers at him, "And what did take so long?" A pause of consideration, "I know you had that massive book to read… That would've taken me a while to get through, if I even got beyond the first chapter."

But, hey, what's the worst that cou- nope. Soriana's not even going to finish that thought. She hasn't noticed a lurking Thea, because she's busy with swimming in that deep end where she's been thrown. So far her head is even above water! (She thinks.) Whether it is or not, she's going to keep on smiling. Was Th'ero testing her? …maybe. Everything's a test somehow. Life is a test. Soriana will just try to keep passing and keep her head above the water for as long as possible. "Thank you again for your welcome," she says to Th'ero with a glance to Kimmila to include her. "Until next time, then! Whether that's here, or back at Xanadu. We'll be sure to enjoy our visit today. Thanks again!" She lifts her hand in something midway between a wave and a salute - much more casual this time than the one she gave when they first arrived. And… whew. The knots are gone! She looks around and sees… Ka'el. Just Ka'el. She gives him a grin. "Hey."

Fun? Borodin glances after Mur'dah. "Uhm. I… guess?" He doesn't know, but sure. Fun works, even if it mean he gives a slightly worried glance to Zaala before giving a sigh. Yeah, why's he so slow? "I just… I had to think about it, I guess. Make sure… it's really what I wanted to do. It's… deciding a lot. For a whole life. So… I wanted to get it right."

There are a lot of people leaving. That doesn't mean the caverns are totally empty though. Not at all! But Ka'el's conversation partner is gone. The Weyrleadery types are gone or are leaving. And…hey, even Mur'dah is gone (and didn't he leave in such a good mood!) He'll have to ask about that later. He doesn't reclaim his seat and instead looks to the cavern's exit as well just as he hears Soriana's greeting. He grins, looking at her before heading on over to stand near her seat. "This was fun," he remarks with a smirk. "Wonder if we're going to visit anywhere else. Sky's the limit, now." A pause. "Well. I guess coordinates are, but…you get what I mean." Right?

It doesn't appear as if she takes note of his worried glance, but Zaala has noticed the absence of the knots, including the assistant headwoman. That makes her shift a look toward the exit, hesitating for a moment, as she did ask Borodin an important question. She's got a.d.d. or something. For his answer, she understands completely, "It is a big decision," her gaze settles on him, "It's like, you either do it, or you don't. A whole life…" she gives him a squeeze on the shoulder, sort of a half quick hug in her split second decision to stand and move at the same time, "Congrats though. You'll do good. I'll see you around Boro…" a murmur, "I'm going to sneak out for a bit."

Well, yes. There's plenty of people in the caverns still! They're a busy place and all. It's just… nobody that Soriana was talking to, anymore. A briefly near-empty table, in fact, up until other people come in to steal those chairs. Sori leans back a little, and hehs to Ka'el. "Yeah, it was." She glances to where the Weyrleadery types disappeared. "We should look around, before we go." After all, they've practically been told to! An offer they can refuse, but why? As for other visits… "Probably. I mean, we're supposed to learn all the coordinates for major Holds, Halls, and Weyrs, right? And I expect they'll let us land while we're there instead of just studying them from the sky." Probably. Maybe they'll be limited to tours from ten dragonlengths up from here on out. "Fortunately there's a lot of sky, but the landmarks up there aren't so good."

"Yeah. It, uhm… it took a lot of thinking." Borodin shrugs a little. "But… I think I got it right." Not that he doesn't second-guess himself a lot. He smiles to her, though, reaching up to touch her hand as she squeezes his shoulder. "Uhm, thanks." He nods, then. "All right. I'll.. see you." He nods again, and hesitates before… not saying much. "See you." Nope. No great comments from him. He'll just watch her go, then hurriedly grab some food on his way back to his next lesson.

"I like the way you think," grins Ka'el, placing a hand upon the hard back of her chair to lightly lean against. "Fort needs some exploration while we're here. All the books we read on its leadership and features probably don't do it justice. We need firsthand experience if we're to become…knowledgable riders." A smirk. "And there's bound to be places here not written about. No one is unfriendly with Xanadu, right? They'll let us land. This is probably stop one of many before we head back." He glances to the spread of food, though for once in his life, he isn't hungry. Maybe it's the thrill of travel that's eaten his appetite. He steps back from her chair and gives a bow, tipping at the waist. "Milady?" he say as he rises. "Might I the honor of having you accompanying me on a small tour?"

Soriana grins back, and nods. Yes, Fort definitely needs some exploration. So does all the rest of Pern! But they're at Fort today. Better start there. "I agree," she says, then hmms. Politics lessons, don't fail her now. "…well, there's been…" Pause. "…but let's not go into that now." Not discussing Weyr business in front of outsiders: also part of diplomacy. Soriana's head is staying above water! Her grin widens at his bow. "Bronzerider Ka'el," she says in a tone that might be formal except for the barely-contained laughter, "-that sounds like a lovely idea." She rises to her feet, reaching out to take his arm. As one does, when going on a tour like this.

Ka'el smiles graciously as his offer is accepted (or is that, grins humoredly?) and extends his hand to her to help her up, and that same arm is given afterwards once she's standing. He easily leaves behind the topic of politics in favor of focusing on escorting. A different kind of politics! "I am privileged to be your guide." Wait … Ka'el's the guide? Ka'el, who can count on one hand how many times he's been to Fort? Sure! He'll make for an excellent guide, filled with so much relevant and truthful information. Luckily though, he saves light-hearted foolishness for outdoors. No need to have the local Fortians think that Xanadu's weyrlings are a bit addled! Thus, he guides her away and out of the caverns, already beginning to chatter about how the domed ceiling of the cavern was made. All totally made up on the spot.

Never mind one hand, Ka'el can count on one finger the times he's been here! Soriana at least has to use an entire hand. Maaaaybe even go onto the second? Only she's really only been to the bowl and dragon infirmary, most of those times, and only under the supervision of a senior dragonhealer. Nevertheless! She'll enjoy her fine escort with his informative conversation, chatting with him until Thea catches up with them and turns it into a more official and (gasp) accurate sort of tour.

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