Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

After a long and exciting day, the caverns seem to be the perfect place to chill out, eat, and be merry. Kale has been here for a little while now, warming his bones near the fire which he always seems to be drawn to and listening to the chatter of others while jotting down notes in a worn notebook while munching on sweet baked things. He gravitated to a couch near an elderly man who began launching into a story of his youth. ka-el isn't sure why, but he's far too polite to tell him he doesn't care to hear it. So he's sat. And sat. And nodded. And sat some more as the man droned on and on and..on. And right now, he still sits and the geezer still goes, but by this time the old man's beginning to lose steam and nod off, and the story has random pauses in it during times he seems to pass out. Zzzz. Then wake up and continue. Kale just stares.

Idrissa is making her way on into the cavern with Asher following at her side, she pauses long enough to stomp the snow off her boots. She glances around and moves on towards the fireplace long enough to get Asher to settle down and then heads over to get something hot to drink. At the moment is hot klah which she puts a good amount sugar in before heading back to the fireplace and takes over a spot near her dog. Her shoulder aches and the heat from the fire is rather nice in helping the tenderness. A quick glance is offered around as she sips at her drink soon catching sight of Kale whom gets a faint smile and she waves towards. He looks like he needs to be saved.

Soriana has Inkfoot on her shoulder as she comes up from the storage caverns. More checking for tunnelsnakes, apparently! The ferret has a satisfied sort of expression, so maybe they found some. Or maybe he's just in a happy mood for no particular reason. It's hard to tell with tunnelcats, it is. Soriana's more on the contemplative side of things, to judge from her expression, though it turns into a smile when her looking around at the room turns into seeing Idrissa and Kale. Oh, hey! She waves, then detours to look at food instead of actually going over there.

Oh yes, saving! Please! Kale's eyes widen a bit as he notes te first of his friends arrive, and he lightl lifts a hand to waves. Old Man is beginning to nod off again. He's in the middle of saying something about a lady rider he once knew and a trip the took toegeher to find a lizard of some sort when his eyes close. For a moment, it just looks as if he's caught in a memory. But it lasts a little too long. His head lolls forward a litle, and his breathing deepens. Mmm, sleep. Kale turns bewildered eyes to Idrissa /and/ Sori, now that the other is here too. "Is he dead?" he mouths to whoever may be paying attention!

Idrissa eyes the old man that is there on the seat talking to Kale and she seems rather amused while sipping at her mug and she clears her throat. "Kale.. can I borrow you for a moment?" There not he can escape! Her gaze turns towards Soriana and a wave is seen. Hey food, there's an idea. "Can you get me something eatable too Sori?" Asher looks around, a faint bark escaping him at the talk of food, the dog eats better then Rissa don't listen to him!

Eatable. Edible. Soriana nods to Idrissa's comment, and takes a plate to array with bits of this and also that of various tasty sorts! Once she's done that, she heads back to where the other girl and Kale… and the droning, dozing old man… are. "Yeah, important things to do, right?" she says in agreement with Idrissa, as Inkfoot chirps something or other from her shoulder just to join in.

Snore-snort! "And yes, I was lesse…mebbe 28 turns at the time.." Not dead at all! After a 23.9 second power nap, the man's own snore wakes him and he continues as if there wasn't that random near half a minute break. Kale's eyes turn back to him quickly, and he sits up straight again. But, oh bliss, here are his saviors! "Borrow me? /Yeah/ I can be borrowed! M'sorry, sir, I've to go. I'm needed for things've importance," he says, nodding to Soriana as she chimes in too. The old man, a bit confused by the sudden appearance of two other youngsters guffaws something or another in his raspy old man voice and waves a wrinkled hand. "O'course, o'course, be off with ye, young'un!" What a chipper fellow when awake! Glad to be dismissed, Kale stands hooking one arm around Idrissa's, and the other around Sori's. Then, he all but drags them (and ol' Inkfoot too!) awaaay from teh couch. "/Thank/ you."

Idrissa just peers at the old man as he starts to talk again, her eyes widen a moment and she clears her throat before looking to Kale, a soft smile seen and she waves to the man. "Thank you sir." Is offered before she is getting dragged off, a faint meep and she ouches as it happens to be the arm of her sore shoulder that he has taken hold of. "Welcome!" Is offered before she is eyeing what is on Sori's plate, guess who skipped lunch again..

Very, very important things. Soriana glances back to the couch to check on the wakefulness status of the old man, then shakes her head. "Okay, so…" she says in an undertone, because that fellow is almost certainly half-deaf. "Now you know why you /don't/ take the couch by the fire this time of day." Lessons in Weyr Life, number something or other. Along with Lesson some other number, don't forget your lunch… Sori extends the plate to Idrissa. There's some little fried vegetable thingies, and baked tubers with herbs, and an assortment of breads, sweet and otherwise.

"Psh.. lesson learned," mutters Kale once they're a decent distance away. He exhales a deep breath, releasing their arms. But..ah, drat! His notebook! He turns and eyes the sofa where the thing lays, forlorned and forgotten. Buut..with Old Man still there and conscious for now, he's /not/ going back. He'll wait. Instead, he plops himself down on a seat, watching as food is passed. Oh.. are those little fried vegetable thingies? He plucks one and pops it into his mouth.

Idrissa settles onto a chair and grins to Soriana. "Yup.. Good lesson to learn." An also to not miss food, though let's face it she hasn't figure this out yet she may never at this point! With a sip to her mug she leans over and gets a bit of breads and takes a bite from it.

Soriana grins, and sets the plate down before taking a seat herself. When Kale glances back to the couch, she follows his gaze then tilts her head. "Forgot something?" she asks, before taking a greasy-fingered bite of tubers! Mmm. Inkfoot hops down from her shoulder and goes sniffing around at the plate (not his kind of food!) before leaning up and peering into Idrissa's mug.

"My journal," Kale replies, nodding to Soriana. "Has all my notes in it. If I lose it, I'm dead." So it's a good thing he noticed /now/ and not tomorrow that he left it behind! He sighs, squares his shoulders, and sits up straight. "Ladies… I'm goin' back. If I don't return, don't come for me. It's too dangerous, and it's better only one of is perishes," he says solemnly as he rises to his feet. "If that's to happen, send a letter to my mother tellin' her I died bravely. Send my boots to my father to remember me by. An' send my cloak to my brother Kinden. I never asked to take it with me." He takes in a breath, holds it bravely, then exhales slowly. "Was a pleasure meetin' the both of ya. May I live on in your memories." He nods to them both, tips his chin up and, after squaring his shoulders again, marches back to the Danger Zone…aka the sofa with the old man.

Idrissa hums while she looks to Inkfoot and looks amused while letting him sniff into her mug. "I dono if your like it Inkfoot." She glances over to Kale and ohs before smirking as he goes on and shakes her head, a bit of amusement seen across her face"I see.. Well we will try to remember you as you once was if you whould indeed parish and not return to us!" An amused glance sent to Sori and she just grins. "So what does Sori and I get then?.."

Inkfoot sniffs curiously at the klah, lowering his head down until his muzzle touches the bitter beverage. He sniff-tastes, then lifts his head and gives Idrissa a remarkably dubious look. She drinks this? Voluntarily? Rolling around in it would be one thing, but… drinking it?

That's just Kale for you! Rushing off to a noble battle and possible death. He /could/ have taken the sneaky practical route of asking his friend with a small and clever between-flitting firelizard to have her pet fetch the notebook, but - no! Such is the nobility of his warrior's spirit that he takes the challenge himself. He stands undaunted! He is a hero of the finest sort! Like a dragonrider of old, ready to battle thread with his last breath! That's right! Soriana laughs, shaking her head, and watches him head off. "Who, us?" she says to Idrissa. "We just get longing memories. Maybe a lock of his hair? Did you get a lock of his hair?"

Yup. Memories are all you get! And Kale would reiterate this, but he's already in the line of fire. And really…/who/ could deny such a nice old (senile) man his moment of glory? He probably doesn't get out much or have anyone to talk to. The way his greyed eyes light up when Kale returns, his attempts at sitting up a little straighter.. Sigh. Nope, Kale is not returning. Better get that letter started! "Back for more, huh?" says the man gleefully. "I knew you'd be back tah hear the end of it! Now…where was I lad..?"

Idrissa watches Inkfoot with much amusement, she doesn't seem to mind that he is leaning down into her mug to sniff-tastes the drink in the least, she shares food with Asher and runners this is nothing! She reaches over taking a piece of the fried vegatable and munches on it happly. Her eyes widen in fake horror. "No.. I didn't, did you get any of it?" This questioned while she swallows the bit of food she was chewing on. A glance is shot towards Kale and the old man. "Seems he is indeed lost forever.. Oh Kale he was well known, now he shall forever be lost to us."

That's just Idrissa for you! Letting critters walk right over her! Inkfoot chirps, and leaves the mug alone to scamper to the edge of the table and peer down at Ashes instead. Soriana grins, and shakes her head as she snags herself some bread. "Nope. I don't even have a crude picture drawn with love. I'll have absolutely _nothing_ for my locket." How tragic! As is poor, polite, kind Kale's fall into attentiveness once more. The old man is so happy to have his audience. The excitement alone is enough to keep him awa- oh, nope, there he goes into sleep again. For about 17 seconds, and then he snorts himself awake to give a finger-wagging admonition to Kale as he resumes his never-ending, off-repeating story. "Lost, forever and ever." She shakes her head, and sighs!

Idrissa does indeed let critters walk all over her, everyone will need some serious help if she ever does get a dragon! A soft giggle escapes her as she hears Soriana. "Well.. I'm sure we can perhaps get some hair from his fallen form when the old man finally gives in and they both fall asleep." This said with an amused tone at the idea and she takes a sip from her mug not that Inkfoot as left it alone. Asher is happly sleeping at the moment it would seem, curled up next to the fire, a faint twitch escapes him while he dreams.

Oh, look! Kale tried to break in to the monologue! He managed two, maybe three words, and there goes the old man again. "But… what if he woke up again?" asks Soriana, and shudders artistically. "We'd be trapped! Helpless!" She puts her hand to her forehead, then shakes her head. "No, we'll just have to come to terms with Kale being lost forever. Nevermore will we see his face, nor hear his voice. He is gone, as surely as if he fell between!"

Idrissa lifts her head slightly as she watches Kale nearly escaping and she ohs softly as it doesn't well, well that shouldn't be a surprize! "Poor Kale.. Indeed. You know he said he was gona be in the stars, maybe this is what he ment. He'll be lost forever and ever and then he'll have this own forms in the stars like the fish, an so forth." This said with an amused tone.

Soriana tilts her head, listening. Kale said he'd be in the stars, huh? "He'll be The Smith," she decides after a moment. "Right next to The Round Bit Of Metal." Hey, it's no sillier than some of the actual constellations, now is it? Not like she's a starsmith, anyway. What does she know? Sori grins, and snags one of the fried veggie thing to nibble as she watches. Inkfoot, meanwhile, hops down to Kale's former chair, then to the ground, and scampers off to where Asher is sleeping to sniff at the canine.

Idrissa grins slightly. "Maybe instead of a picture of his silly face it'll be a bunch of stars in the shape of a hammer or a bit of metal?" She questions with a curious tone before she munches on another bit of bread. Asher shifts slowly, a afaint wruffle escaping him and he lets out a great yawn before peering up at the sniffing Inkfoot. The dog's great head leans over to snuffle out at the little ferret. "I was talking to Kale about how there was a constellation of a fish, and he said there was one of a ear of corn. I've never heard of an ear of corn in the sky.. Have you?"

Inkfoot noses up at Asher, and hops his hindquarters back and forth, then… wraps a paw up against the canine's cheek and play-bites at the side of his muzzle! Chrrrawr!

Ah, symbolism! Soriana grins. "It'd be much more dignified, yes." What? He's not here to hear them. Besides, if he was smart… he never woulda got himself trapped in the first place, let alone a second time! That old man just keeps on going, and going, and going… he's up to his thirtieth turnday! Barely. Actually, the night before, and the party he had… Sori doesn't even want to know why he keeps giggling. Poor Kale. "Corn, huh?" She considers it for a moment. "Maybe. I mean, there's a whole ton of constellations…"

Asher lets out a squeal and the ferret attacks him and he wiggles about as if trying to figure out how to stop him. Nice big dog is getting attacked by a one pound ferret, what a great scene! Idrissa chuckles softly as she peers over at Kale and the old man while sipping from her mug. "Corn indeed.. He showed it to me and i'm still trying to find it." She offers with an amused tone. Hearing Asher she blinks and looks over at him and ers at the sight. "Um.. Inkfoot is chewing on Asher.."

Small, Inkfoot definitely is! Also, fierce. The ferret squeaks happily around his mouthful of dog, curling in and wrestling full-body with the canine's muzzle. Grrr! Gnawr! His sharp teeth prickle but don't sink in. He's just playin', that's all! For a tunnelcat version of play, at least.

"Well, this is Kale we're talkin' about. He might've made it up," acknowledges Soriana, then hmms and peers over to her and Idrissa's pets. Her experienced eye takes in the scene, and then, "Aww, Inkfoot won't hurt him." Because the creature to worry about in this is the giant canine, clearly.

Asher wiggles about and is tongue hangs out from his maw while he shakes his head back and forth and lets out a happy wruffle once he figures out that the ferret isn't trying to gnaw his face off! Idrissa giggles a moment. "Alright, good point." She offers to the part about Kale making stuff up it seems. "Well, most likely that is true. Hopfully Asher won't think his a squeaky toy."

Admittedly, if Inkfoot /did/ gnaw Asher's face off, he'd be like a skull-face-dog, and that might be rather remarkable looking. Also uncomfortable, though, at least for the canine. Better not to risk it. For the moment, the tunnelcat seems perfectly content simply to wrestle and play, tossed about by Asher's shake but clinging back against the canine. "Yeah, well… watch out, canine. That squeaky toy bites back!" Really, that squeaky toy bites /first/, never mind /back/, but… still.

Yes a skull-face-dog would look mighty scarey to say the least. Asher wiggles about and stretches out while slurping out a few times at the tunnelcat with that long tongue of his. "Don't do nothing silly Asher, an don't bite him." Idrissa offers, slobbering though well that's fine." She nods with a grin.

Slobbering is more or less harmless. Inkfoot gets well and truly licked, and the tunnelcat lets go of Asher long enough to dook! at the canine. Lacking his grip, he then falls down against the canine's forepaws. Thwoomp. Soriana laughs, watching the little ferret and big dog play together. Tunnelcats really are fearless, aren't they? Might's well be big as dragons, to judge from how they act!

Idrissa laughs out as she watches the two playing about. "They are might nice playing with one another an't they?" She questions with an amused tone. Asher barks out as he is 'dooked' at, his tail thumps against the ground a few times which gives an echo sound, heck his tail is as big Inkfoot after all. "I don't think I've ever seen a tunnelcat and dog play like this before."

Soriana grins, and nods. "Inkfoot's such a nice one," she says as the ferret bounces side to side and then wrassles down at one of Asher's legs. Also as big as he is. "S'part of why I wanna get him a mate, you know?" So there can be an army of tiny Inkfoots, all wrestling different parts of a canine at once? Well, maybe. Sori grins. "Well, how many times y'seen a tunnelcat and dog together before?"

Idrissa nods and grins. "That's true, he is a nice one indeed." She offers out happly. "An well I've not seen a tunnelcat and dog together before now actually." This said while she grins and leans over to watches as Asher wiggles about and wruffles now that he is on his back. "When do ye think you get him a mate?"

See? Why, it could be, all tunnelcats and all dogs would be like this. (Hint: they're not.) Soriana grins, watching the two at play as Inkfoot scampers across the much-larger dog. "Soon," she answers Idrissa. "Least, I hope so. I think I've got enough marks saved, but I gotta actually /get/ one." Can't just throw the money in the air and get the ferret, after all!

Idrissa grins and nods. "Course. Where about did you said you found someone that has them again?" An she isn't sure what Asher is getting along so well with Inkfoot, the dog is giant compard to he ferret. Asher wiggles about, large paws failing about in the air as Inkfoot runs across him as if he was some giant ferret play-gym.

"It's a place in Keroon," says Soriana. "Makes sense, what with the beastcraft hall there." A shrug, then a grin as Inkfoot stretches up and bats at Asher's paw while standing on the canine's belly. Best playground evar. Dook! Sori hehs, then glances over toward the entrance and conducts a quick internal assessment of time. "Actually, speaking of… I should go see if my mom's free. She said she might have some time tonight, and if she does… well, we'll see!" Keroon or not, it's only a quick jaunt a-dragonback!

Idrissa smiles and ohs. "Alright.." She pauses curiously while she peers over t Soriana. "Keroon huh?" Asher just gives in and flops there letting the ferret race around him while a great yawn escapes the dog. Rissa smirks. "Some mighty dog you are." This said with an amused tone before a nod is seen as she hears Soriana. "Alright, tell your mom an Yumeth I said hi an all. An if you all go have a good trip."

"Yeah. Near the beasthall," says Soriana, then laughs at how mighty a dog Asher's being. She leaves her plate with Idrissa (hah! Now the other girl will have to put it away! Well, after eating the rest of the food…) as she goes to scoop up Inkfoot from his running around. "Okay. I'll seeya around…" she says, and heads off. She passes by Kale along the way… and gives him a sympathetic look. The old man is still droning. She doesn't know about what, because, sympathy or not, she's so not going close enough to risk getting drawn in to the Reminiscence Radius. She's off to bigger and better things! Hopefully the ones that come in small, cute packages. Dook!

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