Survival Camp - Fetching Water

Survival Camp - Campfire Square
During the day this area is a small clearing that sits just big enough to land four dragons in it, though by night it becomes an inferno where a fire is built up that licks its stray bits of lights to the ground just before the barracks nearby. The two barracks sit across from each other in strong contrast, the leader barracks being a comfortable modern barracks that looks clean and kept in good eminence while the follower barracks has a sharp destitute about it, looking that the ivy and decay is a day away from making the whole thing collapse.

"Aye, t'will be fine in a while…" Landers remarks with a flourish of his hand to dismiss the owlish blink and concern, "Jus need some water." A glance toward the others going to fetch firewood, gaze rounding back on Kiley, pointing half heartedly toward Pyriel, "Reckon somethin did happen, he be without…" another gesture to emphasize the metal that is now gone from the younger's face. Holding his stomach as if it'd give out at any moment, he drags his feet over toward one of the buckets, grabbing three in the process. The man might have been oblivious in regards to the weyrlingmaster, but he wasn't so oblivious when it came to the people he has lived with for the last month or so, nodding his chin at Kiley, speaking in tones for her ears alone, "Ye be alright yerself? Yah did not look happy back thar…"

Pyriel drops his pack where he can find it again, taking a moment to just stretch out and enjoy the the warm air against his skin. "I'm lovin' this." he beams, and than his arms drop to his sides a second before an elastic is pulled out of his pocket and he draws as much of his shoulder touching blond hair back away from his face as possible, leaving a short spiky runner tail sticking out of the back of his head. Most of it makes it, except for the soft fine hairs at the nape at his neck. On top of this, a dark purple bandana with a black paisley pattern printed onto it. Tying this back as well, he nods and slides his hands up his arms as if he was pushing up his sleeves. "Okay…" Turning towards Iessrien, he tilts his head a bit. "Keep the long pants, but if ya dun want to get too overheated, ya should get rid of the winter stuff and put on something short sleeved. I got another elastic if ya wanna tie the top of yer hair back."

Kiley's brows furrow just a little more before finally easing into a more relaxed position and she nods. "We'll get some water, then." Finally a smile begins to form on her lips; the pointing draws her attention to Pyriel and she nods slowly. "Maybe he didn't want them to get ripped out on a tree.. Or something." There's another blink, but not so wide-eyed as the one before as her shoulders roll into a shrug. The winter coat is shed and stuffed into her backpack before she follows after Landers to grab one of the buckets as well. The question is met with a frown, this one not of concern but of discontent. "Everything here is.. Barbaric. No technology, no electricity, no computers…" The sigh she releases is an echo of her expression. "Oh well.. Don't worry about me, though.. I'll just be happy when we get back. In once piece."

Iessrien follows with his own stuff, leaving it near Py's and shrugging out of jacket and long-sleeved tunic, those stuffed in his bag before he tugs out a lighter shirt, clearly for warm weather. "Yeah, don't really want to cook out here," he agrees wryly, though he watches what the bloond is doing with the bandana and the hair tie. Lips press into a line, though at the offer of a tie for his own dark locks, Iess just shakes his head with a, "Nah, it's fine, man." The boy's hair may be over-long, but it's still far from shoulder-length, in that awkward phase between being easily tieable in a runnertale, and just long enough to get in the holder's eyes. He jerks his head lsightly back and to the side to shift it off his forehead at least, tucking hands in beltloops and nodding toward the trees, yay firewood.

Landers stops in his tracks at Kiley's mention of the place being barbaric, cranning his head over his shoulder, his eyes squinting at her, jaw flexing with indecision. As if thinking better of it, he shakes his head, muttering with a little laugh, "Be barbaric meself, tisn't so bad. Tis what life at sea is all 'bout. Nothing but the wind and water, and a man's wit." His pace slows so that she can catch up, looking over at her with an amiable smile, "Be hard on ya, I reckon. Jus think, tis much me world as space be yours. Iffin ya need anythin, ya just but ask. I be here ta help." It was a sincere offering, trudging toward the location of the spring, gait slow as eyes flash toward those setting up camp, hissing under his breath at the knots being tied by unpracticed hands, "Reckon I be fixing that lot later." In the meantime, he balances the buckets in his grip, returning his attention to Kiley, trying to talk her into the experience, "Iffin ya be stranded one day, be helpful ta take in whar ya learn here. Can save a life iffin ya work through it and learn from it."

Pyriel doesn't notice the eyeing his hair do was getting from Iessrien, far more exited to be outside, warm and free. "Faranth this is even better than the trip to the Yokahama!" he exclaims, grabbing Iessrien's arm and giving it tug before he releases it and is off at a quick pace towards the trees. He's all wide toothy smiles now, even walking backwards a few steps to talk animatedly with the Breakwater holder. "Does Breakwater ever get cold like Xanadu does?" he asks, curiously, brows lifting. He casts a sideways glance at Kiley and Landers, and then lifts a hand to wave in their direction. "Iess and I are off to get firewood and stuff. We'll be back in a bit!" he calls over, still grinning ear to ear. The warm weather agreed with him, apparently.

Kiley pauses at Landers' stopping and looking at her. She blinks curiously, but then hurries to catch up with the other. The smile is returned with her own rather uneasy one, "yeah.. It isn't something I'm used to." Cheeks color a dark shade for the offer, "thanks, Landers. I didn't really consider what I was saying." The smile upon her lips grows apologetic towards the man. She follows alongside him, her gaze drifting and settling on the camp. The look of dread is rather hard to hide before settling slightly back to normal as her gaze returns to Landers. "Yes.. That's true. I didn't consider that, either. Shells." Her brows furrow into another frown, "will you help me? I was struggling even with the lessons in the Weyr." Pyriel's call of farewell has her turning briefly to look at the pair. A wave is given in return before she's facing forward in the direction of the spring once more.

Iessrien does flick another brief glance at Py's hairdo, but doesn't comment on it. A brow arches at the harper, though, Iess mumbling, "Think I preferred the ship," with a glance around at all the ..dirt. And more dirt. His expression doesn't drift from a slight grin, but there's some wary eyeing of a trundlebug here and there. The arm tug gets a blink though, and Iess can't help but laugh, the sound sunchine-soft and light, "Alright man, come on. We;re supposed to be doing stuff," though he doesn't look in a terrible hurry, merely shaking his head and watching Py with more than a little amusement in those pondwater eyes. He follows along, nodding absently about Breakwater, "Yeah, it's only a few days' runner ride from Xanadu. Maybe colder," shrugging as if that particular aspect didn't bother him. Pyr's sideways glance is followed, Iess watching Kiley and Landers as well, and then raising a hand to the other two at Py's announcement of their firewood quest.

Landers barks a laugh at the uneasy response that Kiley has and to her apology, smiling boldly at her, "I be sorry. Should narh be teasing ya like that, narh when ya dun narh know me as well." The buckets thud and clunk together as he wanders on, shaking his head, "Be no problem." There's a curious little curl of a smile left on his lips as they continue to head toward the spring, eyes directed straight ahead, amused at the similarities brought forth in the conversation, saying as much, "Tis interestin. Whar one person loves, be the next hate." A side long look down toward her, that smile ever brazen, "Iffin ya need anythin, just hollar fer me. I may narh be as good in the woods as on the water, but I reckon I can lash together a fair bed. Fer starters, tis whar ya need ta have a good sleep, conserve energy." The shout from Pyriel has him lift his one hand, bucket swinging, "Aye thar! Be seeing ya later. We be aftar the water!" With that, they're heading in a direction that hopefully brings them to the spring water.

Wilderness - Tropical River

The cliffs slowly decline until they match the river's flood plain. The river has picked up much sediment, and is now a muddy brown color. It doesn't seem to be particularly deep, but it's hard to tell without being able to see the bottom. The sound of falling water from upstream can be heard clearly however.

Kiley jumps at the laugh, cheeks coloring at the laughter from the man while her lips form a shy smile. "It's okay.. We haven't had too much time to talk, but.." She trails off and tightens her grip on her bucket and the smile grows wider at the forgiveness; it settles on her lips almost permanently, now. She follows along, bucket slightly swinging at her side as she casts him a curious glance. "Well, one person's trash is another's treasure.. Or however that goes." Cheeks darken a little more and she inclines her head at the offer. "I really appreciate that. I'll get lost, no doubt about it. Will you show me how to make a good bed? I'd have a hard time without a proper cot." They continue along, the computer crafter a little more at ease now despite the lack of electronics.

"Aye, been busy the lot of us," he responds casually, though the underlying tone suggests he knows that certain friendships have been made stronger than others. Yet he cannot help but glance her way, "Reckon our time be now, ta talk 'n all." The thick seafaring accent a friendly one, always has been, even the day that he was ruined on the beach not soon after the wreck. The one day he wasn't himself was in space, sickness the cause. As of now, he guides them through a marshland, eyeing the dirty water with a shake of his head, "Best we move on 'n locate movin water. Dun want ta touch that, unless ya boil it fer days on end. Water that murky can kill a man iffin ya have too much of it." A lesson there on the spot, about survival, his nose crunching up at the smell of the marshland as they trudge through it. At this time he marks the position of the sun in the sky, "Best we hurry. Narh got more than an hour before that sun drops." A point to the path he's taking, "Stay on the rocks iffin ya can. Try ta keep yer feet from getting too wet through here. These lands be notorious fer a person ta lose thar boots in." His own buckets continue to clank together as he moves through, nodding at her remark, "Tis true. Very true. Ya be a treasure ta some, ta others narh. We all be." That comment fades as he sticks to the dry land, finding a path that swathes through the marshlands, commenting back in the meantime, "Ya just have ta remember ta note whar be the sun. Sun sets in the west, as do the moons." A hop skip to avoid a large puddle, his hand outstretched back after dumping one of the buckets to assist Kiley across it, "Aye. Lash a bunch of wood together, tight. Put some cushioning on it. Leaves, grass, palms fronds.. whatever we be finding. Be bettar than the ground."

"We have and hopefully it'll all be over soon." Kiley muses softly, giving him a rather curious look before she nods her agreement and the smile grows. "Right. We'll have time to get to know one another during this walk.. And, to learn something." Or quite a few things from the looks of the forest. She follows through the marsh, eyeing the dirty water at least until he notes they best move on. "Shells.. It takes days to get mud out of water? And it can kill people.." Her nose wrinkles at the thought, her head shaking before they continue onwards. It is the note for them to hurry that has her looking towards the sky, brows furrowing as her movements come to a brief halt. Her attention shifts back towards him as he points out the path of rocks and she carefully follows along, spreading her arms out to balance herself. "Don't want to lose these boots.. Better than what I was wearing before.." Her eyes focus on her path rather than on the man leading her through. "Guess I never considered that about people, either. Not like I have anyone I really treasure, but.. Friends are always nice to make." When they make it to drier land, her gaze is drawn up towards Landers and she hurries her pace to settle rather close behind him. "That seems.. Rather complicated. The positioning of the sun." A quick glance up is made to note the position before dropping back down to follow in his exact steps, at least until he offers his hand out towards her; she takes it so he can help her across the puddle. "Thanks." As for the mention of the bedding, she nods. "Should we grab some on the way back then?"

"Some," he notes, "some water jus make a man sick with sweat, some sick with vomit, some sick with other … reactions," he seems to choose his words accordingly to his company, not intending to gross her out. "Best be careful in picking whar water we gather." While he waits for his current companion to catch up through the more sodden of paths, eyes become studious of their surroundings, unclasping his knife from its sheath, so that it would be easier to pull if needed. The woods are regarded with a thoughtful expression, his foot making a specific imprint in the more muddy of grounds, leaving behind a decently sized and shaped footprint. A pebble is thusly placed at the boot tip of the footprint. It may look a curious thing, but should Kiley question it, he would mutter frankly, "Ta mark whar we be going iffin we can narh find our way back." Like the story of the children leaving behind bread crumbs, just different. Soon enough, his eyes perch up on his brow, dawn blue eyes directed at those boots she's currently using to skip across the rocks with, "Iffin they do get wet. Best ta sit 'em by the fire. Wet feet narh be good for long amounts of time." Oh, he's a book of survival knowledge, adding yet another tid bit into their adventure onward. There is a skeptical look on his face for her denial of having anyone who she treasures, a shoulder rolling back with the tilt of his head toward her, unconvinced, "I doubt that. Friends be a treasure. I reckon both Iessrien 'n Pyriel be ya friends and be treasures ta ya, by me observations." Watching her reaction, he does note, "Not all treasures be the same. Some more valuable. Some ya be fighting fer iffin they are in danger." An odd look crosses his eyes and with a given shake of his head, the subject matter trails off unless she comments further upon it. As for the sun, he does nod his head, "Aye. It be. Thar be a measurin that ya do… I brought…" his eyes snap back the way they came as he groans a little, while he's helping her cross that deeper puddle " in my pack, at the camp. But I reckon we dun need ta go that far to fetch some water. Should be close." Securing his deposited bucket, he nods to her with a final glance back the way they came, heading out toward the woods, with a last comment on the bed as his eyes constantly lift to note the sky, "Likely be narh time fer it. In the mornin, I reckon we be havin better light ta search by."

Kiley listens to the effects of the water and her expression clearly is one of dread, nose wrinkling once more. "Right.. We don't want anyone getting sick." The thought alone brings a shudder to the woman. She follows after Landers with a rather oblivious eye to their surroundings, at least until he's putting the pebble in the foot print. "What's that for?" The answer comes and she releases a soft 'ah' of understanding, and she doesn't bring it up again, merely tilting her head whenever it happens again. "That's a great idea!" The warming her feet by the fire, the woman smiles brightly as she mentally takes notes of the lessons the man gives. The look he gives her is met with a wide-eyed blink for a moment before he brings up Iessrien and Pyriel. "Oh.. I guess they're friends. I.. Haven't had any before, but I end up spending a lot of time with them." A thoughtful look crosses her face for a moment before she shrugs for the second comment on treasures. There's no comment or elaboration as she mulls over the words for a moment longer. "Oh! That's handy, something to measure it with. Will you show me when we get back?" Once across the puddle, she releases his hand to allow him to pick up the other bucket. "How can you tell that it is close?" Curiosity is heavy in the woman's voice as she gives him a questioning look. "Ah.. Alright. We probably shouldn't dawdle, anyway.." Comes her agreement, though there is a hint of disappointment lingering in her tone.

Landers give a little laugh at his own expense, "Narh be needing ta see me gettin sick again, had 'nuff of that." The pebble in the foot trick is repeated, but not often. Only when it looks like there is need for it and the territory looks too similar not to be marked by tree nor rock. It was more toward the comment of her friends that has him cant his head and frown at her reaction to them, "Ya spend enough time with 'em that ya should know iffin ya like 'em." A beat as he seems rather baffled by the notion that she didn't know what a friend was, shaking his head, "A friend will look out fer ya, will laugh with ya, will cry with ya. Karona said as much as ya, that she didn't know whar a friend be." That makes him drop his head a little, smiling lightly as his gaze returns to Kiley, "Ya know a friend when ya have one, 'cause ya would do anythin ta keep 'em 'round." He nods his head toward the direction he's guessing the water to be in, to carry on their pursuit of the elusive river. As for the interest in what he uses to measure distances with and time with, he does nod, "'Course. Be glad ta share. Tis narh every day a smart lass wants ta know whar us barbarians do." Clearly a tease, as he ensures she sees his splitting grin and wink to follow. Finally he answers the last question in regards to the water with a shrug and a simple, "Smell." The man is a tank as they progress through the thicker foliage, trampling branches and bush to ease their way through. For the last comment that she makes, there's a different sort of smile that finds his features, as if delighted that she showed disappointment in the fact that they couldn't linger. Perhaps by his features, he took it to mean something else.

"Your poor stomach would hate you." Kiley insists, smiling a teasing sort of smile that lingers on her lips. It is the frown the man gives her that causes it to fade and she gives him a rather odd look. "I.. Like them, but it is a difficult thing to explain. I'm not sure if they like me, either. We're not exactly /close/, but we are something." As he explains what friends are, she listens intently with a slight tilt of her head. "I.. I don't thin we're friends, then." Her eyes are wide as she says this, blinking a few times before they return to normal and there's a bit of a skip as she attempts to close the distance between them once more. "I guess I'll have a friend some day." The tilt of his head has her following along, her gaze focused entirely on Landers except for the occasional glance away to check the surroundings but never lingering. His comment draws another dark blush from the woman, color now touching her ears and trailing down her neck despite the grin and the wink that follows. "it's.. Not entirely barbaric.." Her reply is not more than a soft squeak as she follows along, intent on keeping pace and avoiding tripping. "Smell?" Curious, but not entirely pushing beyond that as she follows in the path he makes for them. "So, you'll show me how to make a bed tomorrow morning? I wish we had a little more time now.."

"Aye, t'would," comes his light response, eyes noting that teasing look on Kiley's features, more or less returning them with a faint smile. It was the following statements that have him halt, their trek suddenly interrupted by a look of concern flooding the features of the sailor. "Whar?" it seems as if he is bothered by her admission, jaws flexing forward, teeth grinding, eyebrows lowered in a worried way. He does bite his bottom lip as if regretting the topic, a slight shake of his head as he scrubs his forehead with the pads of his fingers and palm. It takes a moment for him to reconsider Kiley, "I be sorry that they be narh the friends that they should. Tis better ya spent time with others then, iffin they be narh yer friends after all this time." Lips purse again for the matter over which they speak, abruptly pushing through another series of tightly woven bushes that snap dry twigs beneath his feet. Not soon after the sound of the river can be heard. He points toward the said direction, mumbling, "I be thinking that ya and Pyriel be close, the way thar ya be 'round one another. I be sorry I be wrong 'bout that." A hint of dissatisfaction in his tone. Clearly he had miscalculated the status of the relationships. The foliage lightens, making walking through the woods easier and without so much trashing of the plants. He does not elaborate on how his nose works and forgos any further comment of the barbaric nature of his craft. Instead he turns his head slightly back so his voice carries for her inquiry, "Aye. T'will…" a beat, "Ya really that curious that ya wish ta see how it be done now?" A light tone used, not mocking, instead a tad astonished at her earnest interest of the matter.

There's a squeak at the sudden halt and she stumbles forward in the attempt to stop herself from completely crashing into the other. The look of concern is met with a shrug, meek and quiet as her gaze drops down to consider the ground they walk on and the boot prints left by the man. It takes a moment for him to reconsider her and one for her to look up towards Landers again. "It's not your fault, probably better that I do spend my time with others.. It's just hard to say what we are, exactly. Eventually, we could be friends.. But we get on shaky ground a lot." When they continue, she quickly follows along, making sure not to fall behind. "Pyriel and I.. Are, uh.. Odd. I guess. He teases me a lot, or calls me names, things like that. But he's started being nicer recently, even if he still teases me." There's no hint of sorrow in her tone, merely confusion. "Not that it really matters, I don't /need/ him to like me more than that." The sound of the river brings a smile to her lips as well as the foliage lightening up. It is when the question comes back does she nod, even if he cannot see it, before she speaks. "I like learning."

Lan does make a soft apologetic smile for stopping so short without warning, a hand outstretched to stall her from tripping or otherwise hurting herself in the process of avoiding him. While worried for her, the response that she gives him does befuddle the man, caught blinking hard once or twice as if not connecting the pieces to the puzzle. While she justifies it, he shuffles his feet back and forth, weight shifting side to side, buckets clanking together. "Aye," is his acknowledgement to the subject matter, rolling his shoulders back once or twice as if it wasn't something he could swallow easily but had to, "Tis narh my business, of course. Jus dun narh like ta see a pretty lass without someone ta confide in as a friend. We be all needing someone ta listen to us." He nods his head again, to move them forward, "Ya life be yer own. But know that them are narh the only ones ya can have in it." Invitation? Or advice? That was for Kiley to figure out. Eventually they do come in sight of the river. It was not a strong nor wide river, but it was muddy brown and the depths unsure. He sighs a little at it, "Reckon I should've guessed it ta be muddy." The buckets are set down by his feet, "We be needin ta boil this to. Better than stagnant water, fer sure." A glance back over his shoulder lets him smile to her last comment, "Dun we all. Learnin be a part of life. Speakin of, ya be teaching me some of yer craft when we get back, yah?" Fair trade.

Kiley looks grateful for the hand that helps keep her from falling, smiling at Landers easily. The shuffling and shifting of weight is met with a look of confusion as the woman eyes him a moment longer. Brows lift, curious and she offers a smile. "Thanks. I.. Haven't really had someone." Comes the soft admittance from the computer crafter, and she lingers in silence as she considers the man for a moment longer as they begin again. Her eyes focus on the back of his head, staring intently for his words while brows work into a frown of concentration. "I'd love to spend more time with you." Comes finally once she reaches a decision for the statement. It is then that they come to the muddy river and she lets out a sigh, "that's.. Not good. Why is it better than stagnant water?" She comes beside him and settles her bucket down easily, smiling at him easily. "Certainly! You agreed to help with my computer idea and you're teaching me all this. I'd love to teach you about the computers. There's a lot of different things you can learn, but.. We'll settle for what you find most interesting first?"

"Aye, and I you," is the uncomplicated response to her own decision, as he settles down beside the bed of the river, already dipping a bucket to catch the river water within. It fills quickly, just an easy slosh of water and its done. The next bucket is filled with the same ease as the first. It's quick and easy. Once the second is filled, he sits back on a knee, one leg propped up to balance him, elbow rested upon it as he peers over at Kiley, a fetching smile on his face, "'Sides, Py and Iess be kids. All they be knowin is how ta tease and start trouble. I be knowin cause I was like that once too." His face falls back to the task at hand, filling up the third with a causal aside, "Give 'em a few more Turns and they be growin up." That or Landers is ahead of the game, forced to grow up quickly in comparison. He sets the third bucket with the other two, prompting her to hand over her own so that he can fill it while he answers her question in regards to it, "Still water has time enough ta grow things. Grow things that be bad fer a person. River water like this be dirty because it be moving fast and pushing the soil underneath it. I reckon iffin we followed it up and found the springs feedin it, it be clear." A few fish can be seen leaping out of the water from time to time, feeding now as the sun is heading down and the eating is good. The sailor certainly sees them, "I reckon I be coming back here tomorrow. Ta fish." A grin as he peers back at her, obviously in an element that suits him, even if it wasn't a ship. "Aye, best we start with showin me how ta turn it on," a wink there for his own lack of knowledge in such pursuits.

The smile on her face certainly grows brighter for his decision. Kiley's eyes remain on him with that smile lingering as he begins to fill the buckets with a curious tilt of her head before her gaze finally drifts around to their surroundings, considering the wilderness with a new eye. Her eyes are drawn back to him, however, and the smile earns a darker coloring of her cheeks. "They are kids, yes.. But, sometimes I feel like I'm not much older than they are." The final bit comes out softer than the rest before she nods in agreement to the growth. The prompt has her lifting her bucket and moving carefully to hand it over towards him, kneeling down near by once it leaves her hands and peering into the water. "I didn't consider that.." There's a glance upstream and she nods, "maybe when we go for water next we can go for the clear water.." Her attention only lingers there until the fish jump from the river and the woman grins at the sight of them. "Fish would be something good to eat. I don't know how to fish, either." A curious glance is tilted in his direction once she pulls her attention from the river. The grin receives a bright smile, "turning on is the easy part. We'll figure out what to do after that." His wink earns a soft giggle before her gaze flickers back towards the water.

Lan takes a moment to reflect on her comment, deliberating some unseen thought before he voices it, "Aye. Perhaps tis the experiences that shapes us 'n narh our age." By his tone, it isn't judgemental, just a revelation in his own views. A withdrawn look overcomes him as he accepts her bucket as well, face turning back to the river as he becomes mired in thought. It would be the notion of further exploring that has him nod, "I reckon that be a good idea. Be nice ta go fer a swim iffin we find calm waters." It was warm where they were, after all! Her bucket is filled with no more or less excitement than the first three. He sets it aside once it has reached its capacity, flashing a smirk toward Kiley, "Aye. I brought me fishing line and hooks. Just need a pole, or…" a look around their environment, adjusting his thoughts, "… a sturdy branch." While smiles might be infectious, her giggles certainly were, considering he laughs along with her, "Be fine with me, that," a pause, then, "I hope I dun narh break it."

"Most likely. I don't feel my age, most of the time." Kiley admits, avoiding looking at the other candidate for a moment. "I didn't talk with very many people after I moved to the Craft Hall. I was teased a lot and decided to stick with books and computers and electronics rather than people." But, she doesn't linger on these thoughts as she slowly turns attention back to Landers with her eyes focusing entirely on him. "I'd love a swim.. Uhm.. Not /that/ good at it, but I can keep myself from going under. And being that it is nice weather.. I'd hate to pass it up." The smirk is met with an odd flush of her cheeks before she nods. "We could find a branch tomorrow. I'd like to watch, if you don't mind." His laughter brings a brighter smile while giggles do fade away. "You won't break it. And, I could show you how to fix it. As long as it isn't smashed into bits we can fix about any problem."

"Do I be looking like a fella who'd break ya computer?" The question is spoken with a teasing grin, but by his muscular frame and build, he was a powerhouse that could likely smash such a fraile object as a computer. Though, his eyes were very disarming to that regard. And his smile, he certainly had a pleasant one, which he shared with Kiley now. With the buckets filled, he flops back onto his rump, closing his eyes as if enjoying the moment, for there is a content curl on his lips. Eventually eyes do reopen, gaze redirected back to the woman with him, "Why be ya teased?" An honest and sincere question, that is followed by a nod of understanding for the reason that she turned to books and things that couldn't hurt her or judge her. An arm is haphazardly thrown over an uplifted leg, over the knee as he leans forward into them, idle hand picking up a rock and tossing it under-hand into the river. "How 'bout we swim and fish, iffin we can get the time ta do it. Invite everyone ta come along. Be a good time, I reckon."

Kiley considers him for a moment longer, head tilting before she shakes it. "Nope." The final decision is made and she returns to silence, remaining crouched where she is and considering the water again. Arms fold across her legs for a moment before she allows herself to settle back onto her rear, but taking a more lady-like position once down. Hands fold upon her lap and she tilts a gaze up towards the sky before allowing her gaze to drift back towards the man. "Because I was fat." Most of the extra weight has been lost and the woman has gained some muscles from chores. "Guess I was also easy to tease because I never tried to stop them or say anything in response. It got worse until they all got bored." Her shoulders shrug easily before she shifts her position to look at him just a bit longer. "If we can get the time to do that, it'd be fun. I'm sure the others would like that, too."

A charismatic wink follows her final decision, as does a light rumble, a pleased sound for her choice. Another rock is idly lobbed into the water, eyes keen to her movements but not precisely watching her reseat herself. Instead he considers their surroundings, watching the shadows in the trees a little more intently than he otherwise would in a large group. Still, her answer surprises him. His attention drifts back to her, not hiding the fact that he takes a once-over look at the girl, one eye squinting near shut as he scoffs, "Ya be pleasin ta look at. Narh fat. Even iffin ya were, ya still be pleasin. Narh all people be concerned 'bout yer size. Reminds me of a story I told Pyriel." A little laugh at some memory, for the man's eyes flick upward and his words pause in that instant. "Seems fittin that I tell it again," a grin and a brow arched as if asking her permission to go on with it. Even if she doesn't out right give it, he starts with a promise, "It be short." Then, "Thar be a young lad and an older man, grandson and grandph'dar respectively, who be setting out from thar hold, with a mule in tow. Destination, the holds up the road. Be it t'was the grandson who be riding the mule first. Now as they be riding through the first Hold, people be saying nasty things. They be saying 'look at that boy, he's so selfish, letting that old man walk while he rides. The boy should be walking. Inconsiderate brat!'" he pauses for affect, then continues, "Now, the boy be feeling bad, so jumps off outside the Hold and lets the grandpa ride ta the next hold. When they be going through that Hold, people react jus as bad, saying mean things like 'look at that old man, making that poor lad walk! What a selfish old man. Cruel!'" Again, a pause, "So once outside of that thar Hold, neither be riding the animal. As they go through the third Hold, people be saying, 'Look at that, those fools are walkin while they have a perfectly good animal ta use. Reckon they be stupid.'" Lan stops the story there, grinning over at Kiley, "Ya jus can narh please everyone. Can narh be worried about their perceptions. Ya be happy ta be who ya are, no matter how ya be or what ya do." A beat, "I dun nar think ya fat. Ya be a perfect Kiley."

Kiley grins for that pleased sound the man makes, content for the time being and for watching their surroundings while she still faces him. Her gaze finally lands on him again to see his reaction and the once-over brings color to her cheeks and her gaze drops. Color grows darker for his statements on her looks. Curious for the mention of Pyriel, she peeks up at him with a single bat of her eyes. The permission is given with a silent nod, refraining from making any sort of noise as she shifts to draw her knees in to her chest. Arms wrap tightly around her legs, "I like stories, don't need to be short…" But then, he's telling it and it draws an even more intent look from the woman as he speaks. The story draws a frown at first, and then it sets in deeper as her chin comes to rest upon her knees. The story ends and she tilts a look at him, the frown slowly working away before she chuckles softly. "No, I can't.." His words again add color to her cheeks and she glances away, shy. "Thank you, Landers."

"Be it a wise man told me the same story," his hand draws up to his neck, where a brass ring (not jewelry) sits strung on a simple necklace, to which the ring is rolled between thumb and index finger. There is a fond smile for the retelling of the tale, the mention of the wise man, and for the reaction that the woman has to it. He goes on with a simple murmur, "Tis why I asked 'bout Pyriel earlier. Iffin someone made him change or iffin he changed on his own accord." The metal out of his face that is. Regardless of the mention of Pyriel yet again, it was the color lifting to the woman's face and her shy glance away from him that has him take a further moment to observe her, a slow curl of his lips shown before he himself shakes his head, hiding the deeper grin on his face with the movement. "Yer welcome," is the simple reply, his tone rough as he speaks in his low baritone, face popping up soon after toward the sky, "Reckon we should make our way back. Unless thar be a story ya'd like ta tell?"

"It is a good story.. On morals and about not caring what others say about you." Kiley agrees softly, her attention drawn to his hand and the ring on the necklace that he begins to touch. Her gaze lingers there before being drawn back to his face. "Ah.. Think it was someone else." Comes a soft murmur, "Iessrien got on him when he teased me a few times and made him apologize." She leaves it at that while her gaze continues to stray away from him, avoiding meeting his eyes with hers. The welcome is only met with silence as she stares elsewhere, cheeks still flushed that dark shade. It is the speaking that draws her attention, cheeks coloring darker as her eyes slowly shift over to him. "Oh. Ah. No, not really. I don't really know any good stories for telling, really. Nothing like what you told or anything."

"Bout yerself, I mean," he clarifies, or perhaps makes it seem that way, "I reckon I don't know much 'bout ya other than ya be likin yer craft and such." He does note the sun and where it was sitting in the sky, checking back over his shoulder in the direction they came. Eyes dart back toward her however when she mentions that it was likely another who made Pyriel take out the metal from his face, a brow creasing in disappointment on that note. As for Iessrien coming to the rescue of Kiley after too much heckling from Pyriel, there is a slight nod, yet that lingering disappointment turns into a subtle disapproval, aimed not at her as he knits his brows together while peering at the water. A flat rock is found in the pebbles around them, clutched in that moment of silence, before it's tossed and skipped half way across the river. There's a smirk and he's pushing himself up off the ground, "Best we be getting back. I dun narh want ta be caught in the dark haulin water."

"Oh! Right.. I don't know." Kiley blinks at him, "I.. don't usually talk about myself, much." She quiets for a moment, before adding softly. "Guess you could ask something." She doesn't push or pick the subject back up again unless he does. As for Pyriel and the look of disappointment that lingers on his face, she merely shrugs, no longer pressing on that, either. Instead, her gaze is drawn to the rock he picks up and then watching it skip out across the water. Eyes brighten and she turns a look at him. "You have to show me how to do that some time." Excitement is laced in her tone and visible in her gaze, even when she's following suit to stand. "Right. We should get back." Without hesitation she takes her bucket into one hand and reaches for his third bucket so to take a load off of the man, should he not protest the action.

"Reckon we ought ta change that," he responds easily enough, during which time he hauls up one bucket and then the other, shifting weight between the two to potentially grab that third. The buckets were heavy and it would be a long trek back with a lot of sweat involved. "Suppose I could," he laughs good-naturedly at that, "Best I be comin up with some good questions then." He does look back once at the river, nodding to her mention of the skipped rock, "When we be coming back ta fish and swim, add that ta our list." His eyes regard her as she goes to pick up his third bucket, tilting his head, "Iffin that be too much, let me take it. Be heavy and we be walking a ways back now." A look to the trail they blazed, gruntin, "Should've grabbed a pole fer this too." Alas, without, it strains the arms a lot more. There's a little nod for her to proceed first, willing to take her buckets if she does get too tired with carrying them. The man is fit enough to do it. Either way, their journey back to the camp would be filled with a lot of huffing, puffing, and silence as it takes concentration to not spill their precious cargo.

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