Candidates in the Hatching Caverns

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level

Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.

When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

Thud. Thud. Thud. Rogawani's footfalls sound louder than they actually are in the open space of the hatching caverns, his feet moving up the stairs between the rows of seats. His clothing is splattered liberally with water, showing dark splotches across the bottoms of his trousers and over the shoulders of his tunic. He collapses into one of the seats in the third or fourth row up, letting out a sigh. "Think if I hide out here for a bit, I can get out washing another dragon?" He asks, seemingly to no-one. Then, a green firelizard unrolls herself from around his neck and hops onto the next seat, chirping once. "Didn't think so either." He laughs to himself, letting his eyes trail down towards the sands.

There is a loud clang followedby a softer curse, then Morlanol enters the observation level, rubbing his forehead thoughtfully "Who put that bar there? A bigger person than me woulda gotten hurt." He gives one last rueful rub, then sits next to Roga and stares out to the sands '"beautiful, ain't they?"

Having traded watching kids for anything, anything she could get — Tali doesn't have it so bad. She's industriously sweeping and, for good measure, mopping, whistling cheerily as she moves along. There's no snow indoors, after all, and no wind or, most ecspecially, /kids/. So, with both tools in-hand, she moves into the observation level, humming happily. There is a grin for Morlanol and Ro' when she spots them, carefully shaking out her jacket and hanging it up. "Hey!" She calls, smiling, and quickly setting to the task of sweeping — quicker she finishes, quicker she can sit down! "Funny what folks'll do not to have to move. Would you believe that I traded sweeping for watching the shardin' wherrybrains?" And by that, she means kids? "And they even made Mackavol get the paths outside!" Cackle.

It comes as a surprise for Rogawani to hear Tali's voice, and he leans back in his chair to look at her with an upside-down expression. "Oh, hey Tali, didn't see you there." He shifts, and then turns around in his chair, throwing one arm over the back before grinning a little. "I traded laundry for dragon washing duty. D'oran's blue." He rolls his eyes, muttering. "Sharding rider wouldn't shut up about how I should look up to his son for his ambitions. Blah. Gag me." Ro' sticks his tongue out, and sinks a little in his chair before shooting a wry look at Morlanol. "Careful there. S'a wonder how you get around the mines." He teases, "But yeah, they're something." His eyes glance back at the eggs again, trying not to stare, too much.

Morlanol sighs, staring out for a moment before he notices Tali, at which point he gives a wave and a hearty, "Hi, Tali. I'd rather sweep than watch the kids too." He glances over at Ro, then back to the sands, "Y'mean D'oran act'ally sai' y' shoul' look up t' Donakan?" He's clearly surprised, "An' I'm only a clutz off th' rocks. In mines th' rocks tell me how t' walk."

Riyontali's broom whisks speedily, as she starts at the top of the stairs and works her way down, careful to do a good job but do it quickly. "I'm sneaky?" She tosses back with a fond grin for Ro', snickering briefly. Then she lifts an eyebrow and /snorts/. "I'd rather gag him." The girl mutters in an undertone, flashing a brief grin. "That's okay, he'll just have to shut up when you Impress a dragon that can outfly his, and Donakan's left doing…whatever it is he does. Being a layabout?" She chuckles happily, then grins at Morlanol. "Smart." She drawls, winking, then squinting. "Was that you I heard on the way up, Morlanol? You hit your head?" There's a faint frown, but it's shrugged off as he doesn't seem to be spontaneously spouting blood from anywhere. "What'd you get today?" A chuckle. "Yeah, gotta be careful in any sort'a cave, doncha? I still manage to bonk my head on a rock any time I find one to explore. Ugh."

"D'oran's delusional." Rogawani quips back to the both of them without a moment's hesitation. "Only has one kid, so he sees Don through rose colored lenses. He thinks being a rider is a better aspiration than a messenger." Rogawani manages another roll of his eyes at this much, and then settles back again into his seat, sprawling lazily. He doesn't say much about his chances of impressing, having been down that road a time or two already. "Well, better not be a clutz on the sands, okay? I've already got girls to defend, don't need to have to be hero to you, too." He smirks, and then shoots a wry look towards Tali.

Morlanol snorts softly, "Yeah, I'm hopin' no' t' trip an' fall on m' face." He shakes his head, "Soun's t' me like D'oran's swell'd Donnies ego some. I hope you 'press an' he doesn' jus' t' show 'im."

Riyontali laughs, nodding cheerily. "Sounds like it." She agrees, then /snorts/. "Well, ain't that just a pile of smelly ovine dung." Drawled with amusement, as she hefts the broom to sweep off seats as well as the ground, working her way methodically down. After a moment, she glances up and smirks, rolling her eyes and giggling. "Hey, I won't be a clutz either!" There's a laugh. "Least not on purpose. I don't *wanna* faceplant onto a baby dragon and it try'n remove my face, really." She snickers quietly, and grins at Morlanol. "I'm sure you won't, no worries. You've been out on the sands, and it's not too easy to fall down, eh? And 'sides, it's winter now and you'll be too busy being happy we're out in the warm sand to get distracted and fall, doncha think?"

"The dragons will figure out how it should go." Rogawani replies easily enough, shrugging his shoulders. "Maybe that reddish egg that no one seems to like will be Donni's." He smirks, and then toes at the heel of his boot, trying to flip it off. "I'm thankful for the warmth in here, especially after dragon washing. Brr." He rubs up and down his arms with his hands, and then finally manages to wrestle the boot off. It thunks to the ground. "I really wouldn't want to see either of you get hurt." He says, although his eyes rest on Tali exclusively. "Shards, I wouldn't even wish that on Donakan, for all of the pain in the tail he is." With a grunt, the boy forces off his other boot and then presses his feet to the warm floor.

Morlanol nods, loosening the laceings on his own boots as he does so, "Yeah, it'd be horrible if someone go' seriously injured or killed at th' hatchin'." He sighs, "Perhaps, or tha' one wha' though' it'd be fun t' lash ou' a' me at th' end there."

Riyontali nods as she works her way down the rows, carefully crafting the pile of sand and various bits of paper. Eventually it's done, and she quickly moves it into a pile for later use, then moves to flop down near Morlanol and next to Ro'. "They will." She agrees serenely, then laughs. "Which reddish one, the one with the big spot on top? Or, uhm," A glance out at the sands and vague shake of her head with a chuckle. "Awww, I wish they'd let you go it on the sands themselves! Would probably dry out real quick." She grins. "We won't." Answered for the next with calm conviction; or at least feigned sureness. "Promise! Nah, not even Donakan. Nobody deserves to get shredded even a little. Though maybe pushed down onto his rump a time or two." She nods in agreement with Morlanol, wincing. "That one wasn't very nice at all. Was kind of pretty, but then it had to go and be rude. I guess you can't blame 'em too much, they're just babies, but…" She snorts. "Shells, I heard somebody say it couldn't be too much longer before they hatched. I've never seen any before, but I believe 'em, they've sure been out there for a long time." Snort, wince.

Rogawani's voice is warm and calm as he replies, "It doesn't happen often. I think we're pretty safe." Sure, he's heard of a time or two where there have been maulings on the sands, and even a death or two, but that can't happen to his friends, right? "Mmm." Rogawani blinks as Tali sits next to him, and then squints towards the sands. "There's a red one, with a bit of yellow across the middle. Can't see it now, though." Quite a few of the eggs seem covered from view. "Tali's right though. They're just babies. Could be that some don't know exactly who, or what they're looking for yet, so they get frustrated." He raises one shoulder in a shrug, then runs a hand through his hair, playfully shaking some water droplets out of it. "Soon, yeah. Especially Kilaueth's clutch. Haven't seen much of them, but they were laid first. Should break shell first, too."

Morlanol nods, a sad note to his voice, "Yeah… they're babies… I wish Kilaueth woul' le' us touch her eggs. I'm more 'frai' o' th' ones we ha'en' touched than th' ones we have, even th' ones wha're mean." He stares out over the sands, contemplating. When he speaks, it's quiet, as if muttering a secret, "I think they're s'posed t' si' there fer 5 sevendays. Th' harper sang a song 'bou' tha' once back home."

Riyontali smiles cheerily. "Good." She then squints over across the sands at Avaeth and Kilaueth, smiling a touch. "Hmmm, think I know which one you mean. Ugh, I'll mop in a minute. Dunno why they make us sweep, s'just gonna get dirty again." Her new view on her chore is offered with a snicker; she's half-kidding, likely just feeling lazy. "Kids do that, yeah. When my littlest brother was just a baby he'd try'n say what he wanted, and when he couldn't figure out how…" Cough goes she, laughing. "Wasn't too pretty." She wrinkles her nose as he flicks water around, giving him a mock-severe look. "I wish she would, too." Answered wistfully as to Kilaueth. "Specially if they're gonna hatch first. I wonder if anybody has. Hope nothing happens to 'em when they hatch…" The girl frowns a little. "I've heard if they can't find anybody, they die. That seems like a shardin' long time, though."

Rogawani just chuckles to himself at Tali's exasperation with her chore. "Why do we take baths when we're just going to get dirty again?" His tone is slightly teasing, but his smile has that understanding sort of look to it. "Well, queens are queens, I'm sure she's got her reasons." The ex-messenger looks down towards the sands, eyeing the little mound there curiously. "Don't think there's anything to worry about, though. They didn't always do egg touchings. I've just heard that it makes it… safer? Faster, too. Supposedly." He shrugs again, having heard so many different things that it's probably enough to make your mind swim. "I've never seen a dragon not find a partner, though." He looks more seriously at the girl, trying to be re-assuring.

Morlanol shrugs, "I think mos' o' th' chores are there t' keep us workin' more than t' actually do somethin' needs bein' done." He stares at the eggs for a moment, seeming to focus on just one or two eggs, "Mos' o' th' chores they give us coul' only be done once a sevenday an' no one'd notice." Agate pops in, chittering at Morl and the others before settling on the seat with Ro's green, "I don' think anyone'll ge' hurt seriously… I been tol' tha' tha' used t' happen 'fore they let th' can'dates touch th' eggs."

Riyontali sticks out her tongue and snickers. "Because." She answers with merry airiness. And that's that? Then she snorts, eyeing the dragons with a roll of her eyes. "Worse'n broody wherries, they are. Shells." She's quiet for a long moment after that, face caught in some vaguely wary expression, eyebrows creased. "Hmmm." Finally, "You're probably right, yeah." The smile returns, this time slightly rueful. "I'm just being silly." He gets a quick grin, then she's smirking with playful rue at Morlanol. "Shardin' right, you are." The girl chuckles. "Though why they couldn't just let us learn as shardin' much we can about dragons while we were still at our normal duties I dunno." Wistful sigh.

"Well, someone told me it was so the weyrlingmasters can get to know us before we impress, and so that we get used to having to follow orders." Rogawani closes his eyes as he says this, pausing now and again as he searches for just the right word to complete it. Then, his eyes open again. "Then again, I'm still of the camp that believes it's for a free source of labor. Why pay a bunch of weyrfolk to do it when you can get us to do it for free." He gives one hard laugh, and leans forward again, propping himself up with his arms. "At least this batch will hatch soon. It's nerve-wracking, you know?" He looks between the two, pausing on each face before scanning back to the sands. "I can't imagine the people that do this for … what thirteen turns for guys." He pauses, and then snorts. "Sixteen for girls. Shards that's a lot of time doing chores."

Morlanol nods, "yeah, i's annoyin' sometimes, bu' some o' th' chores are fun, like watchin' Cen' hafta watch th' kids." He grins a little in remembered humor, "Bu' yeah, it's hard lookin' down there an' not knowin' when they'll hatch 'n' if we'll walk ou' with dragons or withou'." He sighs, choking on his words slightly, "Par' o' me's scared tha' I'll be th' only one lef' ou' there… y'know?"

Riyontali considers this with a slight frown, before nodding, conceding defeat. "I dunno," She drawls with a little smile, then snickers. "'zactly, we're better than somebody they'd actually have to /hire/, Faranth forbid!" There is a fervent nod, next. "It is!" Agreed with a grumble, before she's shaking her head. "Not me, you can be shardin' sure. If I get left standin', I'm going back to the stables and /never/ coming out again." Not even to eat or drink! Cough. Morl is favored with a little snicker and roll of her eyes. "That's not funny, s'just sad, poor thing." She says, though she's grinning impishly as she does, but it softens after a moment. The girl stands and sighs, shaking her head. "Guess we'll know soon 'nough. Don't worry too much, yeah? Whatever way it goes, you're not gonna be left alone, and sure shardin' not without friends. Promise." And she sounds sure of herself; he gets a pat on the back, before she's turning, sighing. "I'd better go mop the foyer again, work back into here and get what's left. I'll see you guys later." Ro' is passed with a toe nudge and grin, before she's grabbing broom and mop, slinging back on her jacket, and heading out. "Don't make a mess!"

Rogawani manages a laugh at the memory of Cenlia taking care of children, shaking his head back and forth as he touches his fingertips to his forehead. "That girl. I swear, she thinks that everything can be solved with a shovel." Amusement dances in his eyes momentarily as he shoots a sideways glance at Morlanol, and then a more surprised look to Tali. "Oh." His face falters a bit, "Guess we'll see you at the barracks later then." He sounds a little disappointed that she has to leave. Watching her go, he takes a deep breath and then pulls his smile back on for Morlanol's sake. "Oh come on, there's not enough eggs for that. I bet there will be a good handful left behind. Besides… a young miner like you?" He leans back now, throwing his hands behind his head. "How could any dragon pass you up?"

Morlanol grins, waving goodbye to Tali, then nods to Ro, "Yeah, I can picture her tryin' t' use her shovel t' clean a dragon." He giggles, his mood lightening at the thought, "Yeah, I know tha' in m' head, bu' m' fears keep runnin' 'way with me. Y'know? Bu' thanks, 'course how a dragon coul' pass up someone as nice as you or Tali I dunno either. An Rei says I c'n keep tryin' 'til I'm too ol' if I don' 'press."

Rogawani's eyes drift closed again, seeming to think over the possibilities that lay ahead. "Well, whe-" He stops himself, and then shakes his head, amused. "If I get left behind, I'd probably try again at some point. Although I think I'd go back to my job for a turn or two." He taps his fingers on the back of his head, then opens his eyes again, letting his hands fall back down to his sides. "It's okay to be afraid. Shards, even I'm scared. Just try to put on a brave face so that the girls don't get upset 'n all." He slurs his words a little, not feeling the need to talk quite perfectly around the miner. "Think you'd go to another weyr to try?" He asks, curious now.

Morlanol nods, "I'd prolly end up back in th' mines m'self. No' tha' tha's a ba' thing, bu', 'sno' th' same as bein' 'roun' dragons all th' time. I try not t' think 'bou' it too much 'cause it makes me far too serious." He thinks for a moment at Ro's last question. Would he? He'd never really thought about it. After a few moments he shrugs, "I dunno. Almos' all th' people I know in th' whole o' Pern are here. 'Spose it'd depen' on when an' where. Goin' t' Fort or High Reaches wouldn' be so bad. I'm used t' the weather an such, bu' I've star'ed t' really like it down here."

Rogawani seems thoughtful, letting out a small 'hmm' of consideration. "I can't see you just happily jumping back down in the mines, personally." He admits, seeming almost chagrined to say so. "As for me… Xanadu's home. I've never known any other place, and I don't really want to. Sure, go out and visit now and again, but…" He pats the empty seat next to him, causing his little green to squeek and nudge closer to Agate. "This will always be where I belong."

Morlanol stands, stretching, "I nee' t' go fin' a broom an' ge' t' work m'self. Sorry fer leavin' so quick, bu' don' wan' no' doin' m' chores t' hur' m' chances, y'know?" Agate flits to his shoulder as he turns, nodding to Roga as he does, "Safe flight, Ro." With that, he leaves, brain still well caught up in thinkin' too much.

Jessamin has to dodge Morlanol as he whisks out of the observation level; she's holding her apron up by the bottom hem, forming almost a little sling or hammock for something within. After regaining her balance, she makes her way to one of the lower tiers, taking a seat; she cradles the contents of her apron in her lap, as she gazes down on the sands. Her expression is a mix of hope, wonder, and a sort of 'what do I do now?' look, as she glances between the sands and her lap.

"Yeah, they told me to go thaw myself out before reporting back." Rogawani admits, knowing very well that he's probably stretching the amount of time the Weyrlingmasters had given him. "See ya, Morl." He raises a hand, watching the miner go. It seems that is eyes might have looked right back at the sands, but Jessamin's arrival brings them back to the lower tiers. "Hey there, Jess." He greets easily enough. "Everything alright?" He asks, not quite able to read the expression on her face. "What'cha got there?" He leans over the back of the chairs in the row in front of him, trying to spy a look.

Jessamin's apron seems to contain three small, round-ish objects, gleaming in various hues and shades bespeaking the wonders of the nature's beauty. She looks up as Ro calls out to her, pulling her apron shut once more to protect the eggs within. "Oh, hey there… yeah, I just got one heck of a surprise out there. Transport rider from Ierne had to get rid of a green clutch, and guess who wound up with it." She chuckles softly to herself, shaking her head. "Something tells me I'm going to have my hands full for a while."

Catching the most fleeting of glimpses at the small eggs, Rogawani just smiles and shakes his head ruefully. "So now you're a candidate, and an egg-sitter. Double trouble." He laughs, running a hand through his tussled, still drying hair. "I certainly don't envy you." He gives his shirt a shake, a few water-damped splotches still showing from his time doing dragon washing duty. "Planning on keeping them, or hatching them out to new homes?" He asks, getting up to shift himself down a few seats so that he's closer to the other candidate. It keeps him from having to lift his voice too much to carry, and from disturbing the queens on the sands.

Jessamin shrugs, shaking her head. "I'm not too sure yet. It's still sinking in. I mean, I see some around here who don't have flits at all and could probably stand a little cheering up with one. On the other hand, it's sorely tempting to keep at least one. Guess time will tell." She does chuckle a little bit, grinning ruefully at Rogawani. "Double trouble may be right, but I can't imagine it's any easier for the queens and their riders out there on the Sands. They've got a Weyr to run, and eggs to sit in a way, too."

"No kidding." Rogawani nods his head, remembering a time not that long ago when some of the candidates didn't have firelizards at all, now most had at least one. "I can see wanting to keep at least one, though. After taking care of them and all." He settles into the new seat, setting his boots down onto the ground. "Well, the last thing you'd need is three more baby mouths to feed while juggling a dragon. That's not just trouble, that's insanity." He smiles, seeming amused at the idea of someone trying to juggle so many hungry faces. "Probably best to find homes for them." He concludes, but then glances out at the sands. "At the very least, you could get a basket and fill it with warm sand, keep them with you without too much trouble. Better than having to do sands duty, that's for sure."

Jessamin says "Actually, I don't think I'd mind Sands duty at all. Who knows, either it won't be my last time standing, or it could be my turn out there one day." She grins wryly, rolling her eyes. "I'm no fool to think there's no chance of my being left on the Sands again. And even if I'm not, well, I sure know I'd be grateful for help in kind when the time came." She glances down at the eggs in her apron, then stands, gathering the white material up for a little hammock again. "I'd better go see about getting these in the box, or requisitioning a basket to hold some warm sand for them."

Given the snowy landscape outside these last few days Vivian has dragged a bundle of her paperwork up into her arms and is headed onto the observation level to find somewhere to sit down and work, somewhere where it's going to be warm and those sands will help with that one.

"With the cold outside, I certainly wouldn't mind sands duty myself." Rogawani replies, although he's not entirely sure that's what she means. "Still, better safe than sorry." He nods his head a bit, watching as she gathers up the eggs in her apron, an almost worried expression lingering there for a split second before he manages to pull a smile back onto his face. "Well, just take good care of them. I'm sure there's plenty of folks who wouldn't mind another flying belly. Just not me." He raises his hands as if warding off firelizards. His eyes catch movement then and he looks beyond the other candidate towards Vivian. "G'day Vivian." He greets her with his usual politeness towards the Weyrwoman's daughter.

Vivian glances over when she hears her name, She doesn't change tack too much though, climbing up the bleachers till she finds an agreeable row and makes her way along it with a rare smile for the candidate. "Hi Rogawani." She returns the greeting, a nod going to Jessamin as well. "Hello there." She adds as she gets closer, making sure she's not in the way of the girl and her shellbound charges.

Vivian glances over when she hears her name, She doesn't change tack too much though, climbing up the bleachers till she finds an agreeable row and makes her way along it with a rare smile for the candidate. "Hi Rogawani." She returns the greeting, a nod going to Jessamin as well. "Hello there." She adds as she gets closer, making sure she's not in the way of the girl and her shellbound charges.

Watching as Jessamin leaves as well, Rogawani can't help but wonder why she'd come up here for such a short time. The confusion shows all too clearly on his face. Scratching above one ear, he just shrugs his shoulder and turns towards Vivian instead. "Looks like they're keeping you busy." He says, with a sympathetic tone to his voice, eyeing her pile of paperwork. Out of politeness, or perhaps just readying himself for someone trying to drag him off to more chores, Ro' leans down and starts to put his boots back on.

Vivian rolls her eyes a touch at the sympathy given. "I'm always busy, I think some people forget how hard a lot of paperwork can be to do." She bobs her head towards the sands and Thea. "Just ask Thea sometime, just how much paperwork she's got with Hisolda away." She sashays her way along the aisle and settles her bum down a couple of seats away, placing her bundle on the seat between them. "Don't bother on my account." She says, bobbing her head down, "It's warm here, the office is too cold at the moment with all this snow."

Rogawani's face shows a bit of a sheepish expression as he shrugs his shoulders. "Yeah, Thea's been pretty overworked lately, too." He admits, only having seen her for the briefest of moments. He slides his foot into the boot, lacing it quickly before working on the other one. "They're due to come looking for me soon. I'm on 'freeze yourself to death' torture today. Dragon washing." He chuckles, taking it all in good humor, or so it appears anyways. "Maybe you could talk to one of the techcrafters. I've heard that they've got these little heater units they use in 'Reaches when it gets too cold." He mimes with his hands something that looks roughly box-shaped.

Vivian nods her head a little as she picks up the top file from the pile and lifts it onto her lap, shifting her feet to rest on the bench in front as she leans back. "She has been, but until such time as someone talks Hisolda into coming in then she's the one. I'm not really picking up any of that side of things up, but soon enough I'll need to be replaced." Still ever so confident that her golden lady is curled up in one of those eggs down there on the sands. "I don't know about the heaters, but I'd heartily recommend diving into the springs then curling up next to a fire with some hot klah afterwards."

Quickly, the boy gets his other boot laced up, and then runs a hand through his hair, checking to see if it's still damp at all. For the most part, he seems to have dried off. "Don't know much about how all that works." Rogawani admits, glancing at the pile of paperwork, trying to inconspicuously see what it might be about. "I'm sure they're going to have trouble finding someone to replace you, though." And he's being honest about that, not snarky in the least. With his boots settled, Ro' sits back again, glancing at the few uncovered eggs before tilting his head towards Vivian. "I'll probably end up doing just that, at least the hot springs part. I think I'm scheduled for two more dragons this afternoon and then I'm free." He looks upwards, and murmurs, "Faranth please let them be very small greens."

Vivian actually looks genuinely pleased with that response about finding it hard to replace her. She glances over towards him with a renewed interest. "Some of it's okay, other parts are tedious, but tedious in a way that you can think about other things while you're doing it." She pats one of her perfectly manicured hands onto the file on her lap. "This lot for instance, are all old reports, I'm just scanning through them trying to find things that match up with patterns we know about now for Kefai and his lot."

Letting his eyes drift back towards the pile of paperwork, Rogawani's eyes look genuinely curious. "Busy work. Sort of." He tries to find the right way of saying what she's describing. "Keeps your hands busy and your mind free." He nods a little, and reaches a hand tentatively towards the next report on the top of the stack, glancing at her momentarily to see if it would be okay for him to take a peek. "Is this about the girl, Keiva?" He asks, letting his hand hover there for the time being. "And the writing on the table. Seems it's all starting up again."

Vivian nods her head as she continues to watch him, a certain amount of curiosity on her face as she looks on. "Mostly when I'm typing up reports onto the computer. I can just type from the hide or paper without actually paying any attention to it." She bobs her head, acquiescing to his unasked request. "That's still a bit too new, remember those tools we found at the campsite near the collapsed cave? Someone remembered a report of some tools going missing at one of the outlying holds, so I've been checking back through old reports, finding all the references to any disappearing stuff, see if we can find a pattern to help track Kefai and Kate."

"Not so great at typing, myself. Not as if my job really needs it." Rogawani chuckles to himself, and then flips open the file laying on top, scanning it over briefly. It doesn't take long for his eyes to look up, mostly because he has no clue what he's looking for. "Is that the first campsite or the second one?" He asks, trying to sort out things in his own mind. "First time through we found that box of knots in the cesspit. The second was pretty much that complete camp." He lets the cover of the file drift closed again.

"It makes up most of my work." Vivian explains to him about the typing. "That and filing, though there are others for that side of things depending on where it's going to." She shrugs her shoulders; that delicately affected movement she usually uses to entice. "The one you got your shirt from I think it was." She says nodding her head towards him with a bit of a grin. "But it can be hard going if you're not used to scanning quickly through the files, rather than reading everything."

"I can imagine." Rogawani leans back away from the pile, eyeing it appraisingly before returning to his relaxed way of sitting. "Well, if you find someone who got a shirt stolen, they can't have it back." He chuckles to himself, seeming amused by the prospect of someone showing up and demanding the shirt right off his back. "So…" He seems to be pondering to himself. "If they figure out where some of the items came from, they can figure out where Kefai's folks are getting their goods from. What places are infiltrated." He taps his toe on the ground, and his face forms into a frown. "You don't think they've got anyone in the candidate class again, do you?"

Vivian giggles at that. "Well you know, I may send them your way to see what happens, call in the Weyr guards to come rescue you." She replies to him with a smile. "We can possibly figure out what they have and if there is a recurring pattern of stuff going missing we may be able to pin point a rough wherabouts. We think he's probably too smart for it to be successful, but we're checking it out anyway." She leans back on the bench, opening the folder she's got. "I hope not, I think everyone is vouched for, but you never know with that poem appearing."

Rogawani snorts a small laugh, "I can take care of myself." He puffs his chest out a little bit, sitting up straiter to show just how manly his sixteen years might be. "Still, it's certainly worrisome." His voice grows a bit softer, and it seems as if he has something else to say that doesn't quite find a way to the surface. Then, a soaking wet girl wearing a candidate knot appears, water dripping from her clothes onto the floor. "Ro' it's your turn now. You've gotten to dry off enough." She shivers, and then shoots him a comical expression. "You've got that big brown." Rogawani groans. "Browns." He sighs, and pushes himself to his feet. "Well, g'luck with the records, Vivian. I'm off to freeze to death." He thumbs towards the exit, and then makes his way in that direction.

Vivian watches him out of the corner of her eyes when he puffs himself up, looking up through batted lashes, an amused smile on her face as she ponders something. Whatever it is though is never voiced as the soaking candidate appears. "It could be worse, I've had to wash Kilaueth before." She comments wryly. "I'll catch up with you later, I think I'll be heading to the springs and a mug of klah by the fires in the caverns after I finish up in here." With that said she turns her attentions to the reports and starts to skim through them.

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