Learning Between (Weyrling Lesson)

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Grounds

Cradled in a cup shaped bite out of the mountain, this wide, grassy flat has become home for Xanadu's weyrling dragons. It's set surprisingly high above the level of the beach, visible from the eastern side of the grounds where a long path snakes its way down the hill to the sand dunes below. All other sides to the grounds are bordered by the hard granite cliffs, two entrances clearly visible. One is merely human sized and leads deep into the mountain, to the Caverns. The other is broad and high, the entrance to the Weyrling Barracks.

The time has come - the time V'dim must teach the Between lesson to young, potentially foolish weyrlings and untested young dragons. They're probably looking forward to it but he dreads it! They've been preparing for it by doing imaging lessons around the weyr, with the weyrlings picturing points around the weyr and their lifemates picking out the images from their minds and telling them what they're seeing, but they haven't tried the jumps as of yet. Until today. As the winter weather permits, flying practice and wing shadowing has taken them out of the classrooms. Today's fair weather replaces the frigid, blustery overcast that had gripped the Xanadu region. A few thin cirrus clouds drift through the blue sky from the west, Rukbat's glare on the snow is dazzling, and it gleams on the ice. It's a perfect day for this lesson and V'dim can't put it off any longer, so he and Isobeth await the assemblage of the class. The green is elated and her rider is dour.

Mur'dah is terrified. And he might just have packed accidentally on purpose an extra pair of underwear. And he's wearing his lucky blue dragon ones. Though no one knows that and hopefully nothing happens where they'll find that out. Still. It's there. Happy mental image. He and Kalsuoth walk out from their temporary home in the barracks, not yet settled into Sori's barn of awesomeness (which is how Mur'dah has begun to think of it since, y'know, it has a roof). Straps on, Kalsuoth looks quietly excited.

Plenty of the weyrlings are excited about this lessons, and why wouldn't they be? Idrissa is exciting but at the same time worried. SO much could possibly go wrong; she just needs to think positive like, right? Tahryth is there, the green already in her straps and looking eagerly ready to go from the looks of things.

Ka'el has lived on this weyr for turns! That's got to be helpful, yes? He can picture his favorite places, easily. Too bad a few of them happen to be indoors…with copious amounts of ale. But! He has outside places in mind too, and he's been thinking of them and thinking of them and thinking of them, which is good practice to keep his mind from wandering and thinking of other random things. Focused practice, that's what he's needed! Aaand now … are they going to apply this practice? Like, for real? So Ka'el and Kanekith are, for once, early to arrive! The usually apathetic bronze (at least when it comes to having to be somewhere at a certain time as opposed to taking his own sweet time to arrive whenever he feels fit) seems in chipper spirits, perhaps feeding from his rider's good spirits. Ka'el is dressed for cold weather. Duh, it's winter, but also…they're hopefully going Between! "Alright, remember," he coaches in low tones to his bronze. "The tree…you know.." Mental image. Kanekith rumbles. Got it. "And then, don't forget, there's different beaches. One's a bit more broad.." Okaaaaaay, geeeeeze, he's got it! If dragons eyes could roll…they'd be a'rollin!

Really, what all this means is that the day will soon come when they've got to put those lessons in diplomacy to the test and actually know names and faces! Because betweening means going places. All sorts of places, not just the ones around the weyr that they've been busily memorizing and practicing. Today… is the day. Soriana is bundled up against the cold (not as cold as Between) as she and Luraoth glide over the shore and to a graceful landing at the edge of the weyrling grounds. She slides down from her dragon's back and gives Luraoth's neck an affectionate pat before heading over to meet V'dim, giving him a crisp salute. It's not as crisp as the winter air, but her expression is a sober one… though it gains a bit of smile as she waves to the other weyrlings.

V'dim's cheek is a-twitch, his blue eyes sharper than usual as he crisply salutes the arriving weyrlings. They know the drill by now, so he says nothing, just gets about with the inspection with the strap-tugging and buckle-jiggling. The weyrlings too, get a once-over - their leathers and boots ought to be spiffy-shined-squeaky-clean, for who knows where they're going to wind up? They'd best be presentable! They all must pass muster, for the aged weyrling master says gruffly, "Mount up! and we'll take the inverted V formation in the skies." That's the one with Soriana and Luraoth at the fore on one side and Ka'el and Kanekith at the fore on the other with V'dim at the apex following. They'll all be in his ice-blue scrutiny the entire time. He says nothing further, just swings aboard Isobeth, clips himself in and makes for the skies in one fluid, well-practiced move.

Mur'dah's jacket still smells faintly of mint, but…what's a broke weyrling to do? Turning, Mur'dah mounts up with only a little grimace at the inverted V order. He doesn't like inverted V. Gets to look at Kanekith's backside the whole time. Joy of joys. Still, Kalsuoth kicks strongly into the sky perhaps a bit more jarring than usual in his eagerness, and Mur'dah gets a little whiplash for his trouble. Sharply reigning the dragon in, the brownling settles, trying to calm his mind and his nerves so he can focus as they rise.

Idrissa offers a salute as V'dim moves over to look over Tahryth and herself, everything look good.. Well-polished and the like for sure! She lets out a faint breath as it all seems alright and soon nods. "Yes sir." Is said as she goes about mounting up and clipping in. Tahryth warbles out, her wings fluttering a few times at her sides while her tail wiggles and sways across the snowy ground.

Ka'el has grown incredibly more confident with these inspections. He should. He's much better at strapping than before! And thus with little adieu, he mounts up upon Kanekith's back and, after double checking a few minor things and securing somewhat tinted goggles (goggle shades!), the pair is up, up, and away! .. Weeeeee! Flying can never get old! Ok, inverted V. Kanekith loves this formation because he's in the front! Kalsuoth should be so honored to get his tailwind. Ka'el braces as they climb and climb, turning his head to check for the position of the slightly larger gold to keep himself in line with her.

V'dim… well, he always has his eye on the weyrlings. Always. Sometimes, though, he has more of his eye on them than others. This is one of those times. Luraoth has her own eyes on the skies, though her thoughts brush to the others in greeting. Her straps are in order, her rider neatly dressed. No lucky underwear, admittedly, but Sori's done her best anyhow. She's ready for this. She hopes. Clear heads, clear skies, clear through to… Somewhere Else. When the orders are given, Soriana nods again. Back onto Luraoth. Back into those clear skies, glancing to the side to check her position against Kanekith and giving Ka'el something that'll pass as a grin from the distance… and waiting for what comes next.


Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Sky

Framed between the gentle curve of the cliff holding the main Weyr and the uneven coastline, there are no obstacles here - no jutting rocks or odd thermals. A pocket of calmer air, this patch of airspace is dangerous for a very different reason: the presence of Weyrlings whose flying ability is exceedingly unpredictable.

The dainty Isobeth wriggles her behind and leaps skyward with a flourish of wings, her clear trill a lure to the rest of the dragons to fly with her. V'dim might be grim (when is he not?) but she is SURE they will all get this lesson easily. *Betweening* is what dragons do, after all. It comes naturally to them! Once they are all aloft and in formation to suit her rider, her contact with them carries the scent of new growth and the humidity of spring, « You are all to take the sight of these grounds and fix it firmly in your minds that way, no matter where on Pern you are,imaging it will always get you home." She waits, but they should all have practiced this image in the past weeks they've been flying. Then as she hovers on the upsweep of icy breeze blowing off of the Sea of Azov, a green vine of instruction weaves in tendrils that firmly works into their minds and grips it, sharing with them another picture. This is of an arid, windswept desert with reddish stone and sand, below them a huge edifice that rises, prominent from the plains. « Share this with your riders. And now… we go! » And she whisks there. Hopefully with all of them.

Kalsuoth rises in place, easily holding his spot in the formation. Linked minds with Isobeth and his clutchsiblings, he is ready… but his rider is not. Still getting used to flying, the order to between comes far too quickly. And while Kalsuoth is just about to go, Mur'dah has a flare of fear and hesitates, holding them back. So while the rest of the wing vanishes…brown and rider stay behind, hovering shamefully over the weyrling grounds. "Well. Shit."

Tahryth follows after the others and moves into her spot in the formation, her wings stretching out as she soars along seemingly thrilled at this idea. Well they are flying, and she does love to fly, soon enough there be going *between* and this just makes her eager. Though really just about anything can make this green eager. Idrissa clings to her dragon's straps, taking in a slight breath as she lifts her head to look out over the sky. The feeling of being in the air is still one that she loves. There is a warble from Tahryth as she gets the information and passes it along to her rider on what is to happen. At the *go* there is no stopping the green to follow along, picture shared back and forth and then she is following eagerly after Isobeth.

Kanekith's neck> Ka'el grins to his right before looking ahead again, feeling the rhythm of Kanekith's wingbeats as the formation behind them forms. He checks back, as is habit, as browns and greens lift into their positions as well, as they have done times before. He looks down at the familiar Xanadu landscape just as Kanekith is getting word from Isobeth. The bronze does not falter in his flying as he listens, taking the image given to him, eagerly following those reaching tendrils that lead him to places. Places beyond this one. Away, towards adventure! Ka'el's senses are suddenly bombarded by Kanekith's, inhaling now what seems to be a dry, hot air instead of the frosty one he's still present in. Wait…wait what? This is all going down suuuuper fast! And he doesn't know that place! This hot and dry place that Kanekith is racing towards with eager anticipation. Ka'el's along for the ride, gripping tighter at his straps as…zip! They're gone.

Betweening is a matter of instinct! …plus careful training and practice, but hey. The core is instinct! Just like for flying, a thing that comes easily to Luraoth now. Her flawed wing is a thing of the past, and she takes the breezes here easily, adjusting to them with subtle flickers of her sails. Soriana adjusts her position as well, moving with the dragon. At Isobeth's instructions, she leans to the side, looking over Luraoth's shoulder to fix the weyrling grounds in her mind as the gold does the same. Here. The waves against the shore. The feel of that wind. The curve of the beach. This is here. They are here. …but not for long, because Isobeth has another thought. There. A different place; one with sand and no water. One with red instead of blue and green. Soriana lets go of the thought she had, letting the new one - shared from Isobeth, shared with Luraoth and all the rest - replace it in her mind. Picture it. See it, try to see it just as well as she can see the one below her. Okay. Now? Now. Make the picture… reality. Luraoth goes between.


Darkness and cold like you can't imagine. Nothing to see, feel or hear, except the beating of your heart.
Then, as suddenly as you entered the emptiness…


Sky - above the Red Butte

The sky stretches around you. To the north, you can see the hold rising as the mountain range does. To the south, you can make out the beach, a white crescent of clean sand etched against the green blue sea. Below you is the Red Butte. From here, you can sense the pride that dragonriders must feel when seeing it.

The large granite dome rises from the Keroon plain. Its ridged surface spreads out and you sense how incredibly important that this dome has been in history. Countless weyrleaders have met here to discuss important matters of Pern. Occasionally, a weyrling may pop into view, going through the proper initiation of betweening to and from this place successfully. It's quiet here.

V'dim's swearing, if it can be heard across the distance that separates the dragons, is the sound that greets the weyrlings as they enter the heat of this place. His eyes have seen the gap behind Kanekith's butt where Kalsuoth ought to be, his gaze sweeps the formation and then back to that spot. Losing a weyrling on his first-ever jump is not a good thing but losing the Weyrwoman's son is worse. He motions them all to land while Isobeth's vines seek the absent one, much like a blind person pat-patting about in the dark, seeking to drag him here if she can and soothe the rest at the same time with a brush of ivy leaves. Just in case they've really lost him. Eek?

Kalsuoth isn't here, that's for sure. Maybe Kanekith farted and blew the brown off course. That's what Mur'dah would say. If he were here to say anything. But he's not. The pair are still back in Xanadu, hovering stupidly in the sky while Mur'dah curses himself six ways to Sunday. Kalsuoth reaches across the distance for Isobeth's mind and hopefully the young brown is able to find it, and ask for help getting where they need to be.

Tahryth isn't catching the swearing, she is just not blinking in high above the butte, a bugle escapes the green as she sweeps to the side and is heading downwards to get back into position. How did she get up there, and out of position.. No asking she got there and is all in one piece so that is what counts! Idrissa is clinging to the straps and her dragon's neck for a few moments, eyes closed and almost refusing to breath. There is a rush of air is felt across her face is enough to spur that breathing thing into action it seems. There is someone missing though and Tahryth catches on that Kalsuoth is not with them, a worried warble escaping her while her swirling gaze looks around for the brown.

Pop! Yay, they made it! And omg why is it sooo hoooot? Kanekith and Ka'el indeed make it without losing limbs or ending up in … Fort or somewhere random. Success! But Ka'el can immediately sense from Kanekith that all is not right. Someone is missing in their formation, as the bronze has gotten accustomed to at least checking in with those on his side of the line. And unfortunately, there's a gaping brown-sized hole behind him! "What?" Ka'el turns. Yup, no Kalsuoth there. Maybe he got eaten by the monster that lurks between? If..there was such a monster. His brows furrow, but he guides Kanekith down to a land as directed, instantly loosening his jacket once settled, and trying to do the same to Kanekith. Settle down! "What happened?"

From winter's chill to summer's heat, via the frigidity of between! Soriana's hands tighten on the straps as Luraoth takes her there, but this trip between is different than the others she's been on. In this trip between, she's not alone. Oh, the blackness of between makes dragons and riders invisible, that's still true - and the cold makes her doubt her own body's presence, save for her still-beating heart - but not even between can take away Soriana's sense of Luraoth's presence. That remains unchanged, even as everything else of the world changes around them. She grins as they emerge into sunny skies. Red Butte! The dry plains of Keroon! The still air that… carries curses? What. Soriana's grin as she looks around turns to a frown. What is… "Mur'dah." She doesn't see him. He's supposed to be there, Kalsuoth behind Kanekith. He isn't. Luraoth calls aloud - as if the brown can hear, over all that distance - and her thoughts chase Rukbat's rise across Pern as they search for Kalsuoth. Little brother, dark-winged bird, where have you flown? When her thoughts encounter Isobeth's, they'll support those more-experienced ones with bright sunlight for the ivy-leaves. At Soriana's urging, the gold dips her wings and glides for the ground, but her motions are slow and her thoughts are elsewhere.

Isobeth isn't keening at least - that's a good sign! The green circles the area as the rest of the Weyrlings land, more of her vines calmly ensnare the errant brown's mind, tightening their hold on it and tug-tugging him towards her as she shares the coordinates with Kalsuoth once more. If he doesn't appear soon, they'll pop *Between* and accompany him here. If all goes as it ought, the weyrlingmaster will land, automatically loosening his scarf but keeping his jacket snapped. The stop here will be brief and even as Isobeth's enthusiastic, « You all did GREAT. Let's go see someplace else! » There's no scolding from her rider for missed jumps or out-of-formation appearances. After all, it's called practice for a reason! He motions them all aloft once more and when they are again in the inverted V formation, the next coordinate is shared.

Kalsuoth finally appears, having made the first jump with Isobeth's help while Mur'dah was nothing more than baggage. The brown lands briefly, rumbling softly to his clutchmates, while his rider does nothing but sit there, glad his mask covers the burning blush of shame on his cheeks. Then they're aloft again, Kalsuoth taking up his position once more. « Sorry we were late, » is all he says, easily and calmly, as if it were no big deal.

Tahryth lands with the others, there is no keeling so that is about what makes the green relax along with the others. She lifts her head, a low warble escaping her once Kalsuoth is there, glad to see the brown and his rider is there. Idrissa lifts her head to catch sight of Kalsuoth coming in and then landing, a soft breath escapes her glad to see them along with her dragon it seems. Then.. once more they are off! Tahryth takes to the sky, following the others and once more in position. She follows along the rest of this flight without a problem, and manages to keep in formation this time as well.

Kanekith doesn't mind the brief reprieve. He's ready to go, go, go! Oh, sure Kalsuoth isn't here, but he'll get here. Eventually. Maybe. The formation will be broken, and that is vaguely irksome to the bronze. Kalsuoth is such trouble! Where is he? Why is he lagging? Ka'el shows a little more concern than his ready-to-go bronze, though Again. Again! To another place, joy of joys! See how simple it is it doesn't have time to manifest into much before Mur'dah reappears. Snerk. "Glad you could join us," said with a smirk before Kanekith's wings pump and they're up in the sky again. Again! Again! See how simple it is to go far? To distances beyond what they've gone before, Ka'el? There's no reason not to, now!

If Mur'dah was hoping to be subtle, Luraoth's welcoming bugle for Kalsuoth is unlikely to help. « You are here now. » Luraoth's tone is pleased, a red-sand (or red blush?) swirl touched with gold. So what if Kalsuoth was behind the rest? That's irrelevant, gone and forgotten already. Soriana gives Mur'dah a thumbs-up, with a grin of relief, but she doesn't say anything more than that. « We are all here, » Luraoth says, pleased, then laughs with the sound of bells at Isobeth. « Let us be elsewhere! » Luraoth's wings spread once more, launching into the air and settling into her place in the formation.


Darkness and cold like you can't imagine. Nothing to see, feel or hear, except the beating of your heart.
Then, as suddenly as you entered the emptiness…

Sky - above Fort Hold - Harper Hall - Healer Hall

Below spreads the healer and harper complex, looking large and very imposing even from this distance. The main buildings are off to the west, stone and metal covering the tops of the various wings. The courtyard sits in the middle, the road running out from the gates, the yard itself dotted with bits of greenery and moving objects. Directly below is the wide meadow that serves as a landing field.

You wouldn't know it by the stoic expression on his face, but the taciturn V'dim would be quite distraught to lose a weyrling *Between* Hopefully they'll never see it, but he'd leak mantears and be even MORE grim. The ancient Weyrlingmaster is as watchful as ever as they attempt this jump, the raw, cold moisture of a mountainous spring kisses them as they emerge. Below them, the prestigious Fort Hold, Harper and Healer halls off to one side. They are motioned to land in the courtyard.

Kalsuoth made it this time! Mostly because his rider didn't panic and hold them back. Between is going to take some getting used to. Circling, the brown lands nimbly in formation, folding his wings quickly to make room for his clutchmates while Mur'dah looks to V'dim for direction, pushing up his goggles as he gazes around.

Kanekith makes it between again successfully, though Ka'el's eyes are squeezed tightly shut when they come out of it. Does not. like. cold! The utter silence doesn't help matters much either, and so he's glad for the rush of wind in his ears again and the sound of .. well, things happening around him. His eyes open quickly and he feel's Kanekith's triumph. He did it! Ka'el exhales a relieved breath before it's sucked back in as he looks down at their new surroundings. New temperature. New places. He shakes his head while grinning broadly, and Kanekith spirals slowly down to land, making sure not to do so near any of the other dragons, avoiding collision.

…and that would be terrifying, so Soriana has yet another reason to be glad that Mur'dah made it. No sad V'dim! Instead, there's happy Soriana as they emerge once more from between. Hey! She knows this place. More or less. She's passed over it, anyhow, and read plenty of stories about it. This is like a tour through history… well, except people still live in this history. Soriana can see some of them, here and there, and she grins as Luraoth sweeps down to a landing with the others.
Meeting them is the Fort Hold Steward - it seems they are expected. Fort's Holder must be very busy to not meet them, but V'dim takes it in stride and motions the others to dismount. He too, removes his goggles, greets the steward with a warm handshake and introduces each weyrling as if they were his own spawn (scary thought, no?), with an unfeigned fatherly pride. Their visit is brief, the conversation short and sweet before he is re-directing them to mount and take to the skies. He has an agenda, see. Things to do, places to shock them with- er show them. And thus the next coordinates are given and the green whisks joyfully between.


Darkness and cold like you can't imagine. Nothing to see, feel or hear, except the beating of your heart.
Then, as suddenly as you entered the emptiness…

Sky – Somewhere in the Wilderness of the Southern Continent

It is in the middle of the night and pitch black. There’s nothing to see.

They arrive in velvet darkness, the stars overhead indicating that they've gone quite a distance from Xanadu's timezone. V'dim seems untroubled - they've done the night flying after all. The weyrlings won't be able to see in the pitch dark below, but their dragons will. Trust is key! And so the croon from Isobeth indicates all dargons accounted for after which her spring breathes a cheerful, « You are to land in the clear spot below and dismount. Bring your survival gear. » So mysterious!

"Damnit. Not another camping trip!" Mur'dah might be heard saying as Kalsuoth circles down to land. The brownling dismounts, yanking his survival gear out of his straps. Someone's grumpy. "I'm gonna send Kalsuoth for take out."

Aaand another shift of scenery! And…wait, where are they? Ka'el can't see much, but he uses Kanekith's eyes … but it still doesn't enlighten him much. So he lands down, careful to steer clear of Kalsuoth and give himself enough space. Wings fold. Goggles go up. Ka'el dismounts. "Sur…vival gear?" Oy. He has the same thought as Mur'dah. Camping? He has such … /fond/ memories of hteir last! -.-; Must they repeat them? « You did not have me your last time, » Kanekith rumbles. "True…but..ah, you'll see." Uum, survival gear? Sure, he has that! That's one of those 'always pack in case of emergency' packs, right?

The weyrlings fly once more! Soriana is getting the hang of this, she thinks. She and Luraoth soar through the sky, and at Isobeth's signal… they go between! Just like that. Instinct! …being tuned by practice. The blackness of between gives way to… the blackness of a night sky. Soriana blinks, looking around at the darkness, then nods. "Well, take us down…" she murmurs softly to Luraoth, relaxing in the straps as she lets the gold take her through the darkness and… yep. There's the ground. She's extra-grateful for graceful landings when they come in the dark. Soriana slides off Luraoth once more, and arches a brow at Mur'dah's voice as she reaches for that survival gear. "Hey, at least there'll be game this time. Dragons gotta eat." And so do weyrlings, just rather more often and (ideally) more cooked.

Survival Camp - Campfire Square

During the day this area is a small clearing that sits just big enough to land four dragons in it, though by night it becomes an inferno where a fire is built up that licks its stray bits of lights to the ground just before the barracks nearby. The two barracks sit across from each other in strong contrast, the leader barracks being a comfortable modern barracks that looks clean and kept in good eminence while the follower barracks has a sharp destitute about it, looking that the ivy and decay is a day away from making the whole thing collapse.

V'dim knows they all have the standard issue survival kits with first aid kit, rope, a day's rations of dried beef and hardtack, bottle of water, fishing line, flint and steel and hand torch. He removes his hand torch, lights it and waits until the rest have theirs lit. Then without a word of explanation, leads them off into the brush… on a very dim trail. The silence is creepy. Where is he taking them? Why isn't he saaaaying anything? The bushes choke the way but it doesn't stop the aged man. Onwards! Right through the bushes and into… a cave. He halts the march and lifts his torch to light one of the walls. His voice is grim, foreboding. "All who do not take *Betweening* seriously and take care to visualize for their dragons where to go may end up thus." A stark hand-gesture bids them gaze at the wall.

Survival Camp - Cave of the Entombed Weyrling

The darkness here would be absolute if it weren't for the faintly glowing lichen growing in the corner where wall and floor meet. This cave isn't natural, in fact, the walls haven't been smoothed out. Whoever was digging here stopped after only a few hundred paces in, and probably for good reason. Encased in the solid rock is the partially unearthed skeleton of a small dragon and rider, the bones so old they're no more than imprints in the stone that have filled with minerals and recrystalized.

Mur'dah walks along muttering to himself. Until they reach /that/ part of the cave. He just stops, his hand torch casting ghostly shadows on the imprint, and he's almost sick to his stomach, having to turn his eyes away briefly. "Faranth's golden-" he begins, only to cut himself off with a sharp shake of his head. They'll just fly home straight, thankyouverymuch.

Ka'el doesn't have any idea where they're going. What this place is…or that there was a cave behind those bushes. Que another questioning look to his clutchmates before he shoulders his pack and continues on into that cave. Will they be camping out in here? Roughing it with their dragons? Will they…? his thoughts are interrupted as they come towards a wall. Ok, so … dead end? His eyes are back on V'dim, and he listens. Listens. Waait.. He looks to Mur'dah, then back at that wall as he touches the… "..No shardin' way.." Too shocked at this realization to even realized he cursed, he stare at the wall, only now beginning to see it.

It's all very simple if you assume V'dim is doing it to give them nightmares. So! Soriana swings her survival kit over one shoulder (takeout. Yes. She's definitely going for takeout) and lights her torch, following V'dim down the path into the darkened forest where doom awaits. What doom? Well, she doesn't find that out until they actually get there. A cave! Not just any cave, though. Oh, no. A cave of death and doom. Oh. There's the doom awaiting them here. Soriana stops, letting her torch play over the wall with the long-dead dragon and rider. Her light stays on it as she glances to V'dim. He does sepulchral well. Something about having one foot in the grave himself, perhaps. Soriana is quiet, her gaze returning to the wall and tracing the shapes of the bones. Studying them, like she has diagrams of bones.

V'dim is blunt, though he is at times harsh, he is gentle at others (not that he'll let them know it often), but he is not cruel. He doesn't leave them here, in the dark with that entombed and unfortunate weyrling pair. Instead, he waits until the grim lesson drapes the group like a clammy, wet blanket and then he leads them back the way they came, beating his way through the bushes, slogging back over the muddy excuse for a trail until they are where the dragons are. And then he leaves them there with, "Remain for one seven. You will find edibles growing behind those rotting structures and game in the forests and plains beyond. No cheating." That part is directed sternly at Mur'dah. This time? No AWLMs or weyrlingmaster stay to observe. They are truly on their own. And they know the way home, but it'll have to be *Between* because… to fly straight, they'd have to know which direction to go. And… they don't. Was that by design? Oh you betcha!

Mur'dah follows along after, and when their orders are given the brownling sighs. "A sevenday?" That's what he means, right? "Fine…" he says, looking around. He doesn't look terribly happy at the moment. Tired and grumpy is more like it.

Ka'el is glad to get out of that cave. He's certainly not touching some dead guy and dead dragon's bones, not matter how old they may be. Gross. So .. goodboye oh irresponsible one, and thanks for the lesson! Ka'el will always always ALWAYS have that mental picture secure before betweening anywhere. Ever. And now it's back to their dragons with instructs. A sevenday? "S'better than a month. Or two sevendays," said some to Mur'dah, mostly to himself. Gotta look on the bright…ish side! Ugh. "I've a feeling I'm going to be hungry by the time we're home." And with that, he takes care of Kanekith, checking straps, loosening, and all that stuff!

And maybe by the time the seven's over, the weyrlings will be willing to between again! Though, that might depend how often they go to visit that cave with its grim inhabitant. Soriana is quiet as she follows the rest back through the bushes, and she goes to take a place against Luraoth, settling against the curve of the gold dragon's neck as she listens to V'dim. She lifts one hand in a not terribly enthusiastic salute. Heard and understood, but that doesn't mean she has to like it… and she rests with Luraoth in quiet thoughts for a few moments longer before freeing the gold from her straps and carefully building a fire. She'll share, if others want a fire… but right now, she wants one for herself. It's warm and flickering and comforting.

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