In The Loading Zone

Xanadu Weyr - Main Docks
Jutting out from the land are the platforms that make up the main dock of Xanadu Weyr. The extruded plastic makes an odd sound when footsteps echo across it. From this dock, two others protrude taking opposite directions, each for a special purpose.

The air is cold this afternoon, the sky the pale (and chilly) shade of blue that seems to go on forever. Small bergs of ice drift out on the lake, but despite the occasional crackle near the shore, it hasn't frozen completely yet… which is lucky for the ship currently pulling up to the docks. The Gull's Luck is not the sort to go sliding over the ice. What it is is a merchant vessel filled with all sorts of trade goods, many of them ordered by Xanadu - or others in the region. As such, there's going to be a lot of unloading and transporting going on today… and who better to help with it than a few weyrlings in need of wing shadowing? Actual Comet riders and AWLMs wait on the docks as the seacrafters toss ropes and make ready to let down the gangplank.

Idrissa is there, along with Tahryth, the green is settled out of the way watching from her spot as the ship is there at the docks. As for the green's rider Rissa watches curiously too, her gaze flicking towards the ice and then back towards the ship as she ponders if it could still possibly get stuck while even being here at the docks. With her jacket getting pulled more around her she goes back to paying attention to what all is being done, and any instrutions that are to be given.

Soriana's here too! Not for the loading and unloading part, though. Luraoth's watching from further down the shore to not get in the way of the smaller dragons who'll be flying in and out, and Soriana's standing with an assistant headwoman so she can learn the administrative side of these things. See? There's the clipboard, right there. That's how you know it's official. Sori smiles and gives a wiggle of her fingers to Idrissa and some of the others, then returns her attention to the ship as the plank comes down.

The Gull's Luck has well and truly arrived! First down the plank is her captain, a broad-shouldered man with a large and scraggly beard who makes his way over to where Soriana and the other woman stand. "Lareen!" The seacrafter grins, and extends his hand to give the headwoman's assistant a hearty shake. "So good ta see ya again. Now, who's this?" He turns his gaze on Soriana.

"It would be more efficient if they waited for the ship to dock before calling us." That's Reina, who's come up next to Idrissa. Her gaze rests on the ship, watching as sailors begin arranging things according to what they know's coming off - though none of them begin actually moving them. Not until their captain's taken care of things and ensured payment and a proper handoff! The Gull's Luck is a frequent trader to Xanadu, but there are still procedures to be followed.

Idrissa catches sight of Soriana, a smile and slight wave offered back towards her before her attention is back tothe ship once the plank is down. At the voice from Reina a soft ah escapes her. "Well.. I suppose they just want everyone down here and ready so they don't have to worry aboutit later?" Well, possible it is an idea at least.
So many things to unload. Soriana's already looked over the inventory list on Lareen's clipboard, but for now she smiles to the seacraft captain. "Soriana, sir. Weyrling to gold Luraoth." She extends her hand, offering him a shake.

"Oho! I see," says the seacrafter with a grin. "Well, I be Gullat, and this-" he indicates the ship behind him "-is the Gull's Luck." He takes her hand in a firm grip. "You need anything sent 'cross the ocean, you just think of us and it's as good as done."

"Speaking of," says Lareen, and then the three of them descend into business as they go over that clipboard and list. Soriana mostly just listens. The parts where she just listens are the easy bits. The other parts are the ones where she gets a pop quiz on something or other she was supposed to have picked up in weyrwoman lessons. Before long, Gullat lifts his head and cups a hand around his mouth to shout up to the ship, "Unload the Boll fabrics!" One part of the inventory is, at least, done and agreed on, and the sailors on board ship start into motion to comply.

Reina frowns slightly, considering on Idrissa's answer, then nods. "Perhaps. I suppose we can wait. I simply would have acted differently, had I known." On the shore, Narjath steps aside to make room for another dragon's landing, and as the ship starts to stir with activity, Reina looks to one of the AWLMs for instruction.

It's a Comet rider who actually gives those instructions, though. "Okay, ladies. We'll start with the fabrics, but try not to drop them." Even if they are fabric and thus not all that fragile. "You can team-carry the crates down the dock once the sailors have set them down, then load them onto your dragons using the cargo straps and nets. You'll be bringing them up to the clearing, and unloading there."

Idrissa shrugs as she hears Reina a glance sent back towards the ship. "I bet we won't have to really wait that much longer." She doesn't mind waiting really, could be more lessons after all so this will work. Then there is the talk of what they are to be doing and she looks to the Comet rider. A quick nod seen. "Alright." No droping the fabrics! With a glance and smile to Reina she is off to get one end of a box once the sailors have set it down. "Want to give me a hand Reina?"

Idrissa is correct! It's not much longer at all. Reina just says, "Hmm." She looks to the Comet rider to listen to instructions, then nods as she looks back to Idrissa. "I can do that." Why yes she can! And will, apparently. She starts toward the crates being set down on the dock. They're fairly large, not all that heavy for their size but bulky and inconvenient… hence why the weyrlings are supposed to lift them in pairs. Some of the more experienced unloaders are doing them solo, but even some of those are working in teams.

Idrissa smiles as Reina offers to give her a hand and nods while they go about moving that crate on down towards where the dragons are to be found. "How about we move a few of them and then get to work strapping them into place?" Well it is an idea. Tahryth warbles out while eyeing the crate, her head lowering to snuffle and sniff at it a few times once her rider is closer.

These are only the first crates! Because there's also the trade in wheat, you see, and some discussion over just how much iron was requested, and what the exact terms of the deal were. Plenty to keep Soriana occupied, even when her role's nothing more than listening in and learning. There aren't so much real disputes - Gullat trades here often, and these things are well-negotiated ahead of time - as attempts to haggle last-minute and minor points of good-natured contention. Business is, after all, business! …but if it wasn't routine, they'd have sent someone higher-up to do it instead of just a headwoman's assistant.

"That seems appropriate," Reina agrees to Idrissa. Narjath steps over to be near Tahryth, greeting the other green and then waiting with her for their riders to lift up the crates and carry them over. Inside are a variety of fabrics, some of them already made into clothing (new ones don't just magically appear in the stores, after all!) and others in the raw for weavers and upholsterers of the Weyr to work.

Near the two green dragons, there's also a brown. J'o is arriving just a little late to the party today, sliding down off Kaidoth. He starts for the docks, then pauses, giving Idrissa and Reina a wave. "Hey. Need any help?" Not that they don't seem to have it carried between them perfectly well… and yet. He still asks.
Idrissa nods as she ehars this and sets the crate down brushing her hands off. She catches sight of the brown and tilts her head, a smile seen while she nods. "Hey J'o.. Ah.. Sure?" This is questioned with a soft tone and a glance over to Reina to make sure this is alright it seems. "Going to go back and get a few more boxes before getting them strapped in and all." Tahryth warbles leans over to nose at Narjath in greeting before greeting Kaidoth as well.

"Hello," Reina says. She offers no objections to J'o's presence - or help. She simply continues on to a level patch of ground. "Here should work." Unless Idrissa objects, the crate can go there! One down, many more to go. Narjath chirps, tilting her head to regard Tahryth, then turning it the other way to look at Kaidoth.

J'o smiles, and nods. Kaidoth greets the greens, then settles in the snow and sand, half-closing his eyes. J'o trails after the riders, and starts to reach for the crate, but… well. This one seems under control, and he's not sure where to grab, so he ends up sticking his hands in his pockets instead and watching to make sure they get it down okay. "Sorta like a turnday, with all these boxes. Course, what's inside is never nearly so interesting." Sweaters and underwear, and they don't even fit! As for getting a few crates first, he nods. "Sure. Easier to make sure it's balanced if you pick and choose instead of getting the odds and ends."

Idrissa nods to Reina and smiles to J'o. "Yeah.. I suppose in a sense it is sort of like that." This said with an amused tone at the thought. With one box down time to get more so she is off back towards the boxes in order to work on getting another one in hand. "Will you give us a hand in getting them all strapped in J'o?" Well he has done it a few more times then Rissa has, though she isn't sure about Reina, the other green rider could be a pro at it after all.

Three's an awkward number for carrying boxes, but fortunately T'bor is also passing by when they return to the docks, so Reina invites him along. Four's a much better number. Two pair! …if they were playing cards, which they aren't. Still, this way Reina and T'bor can pick up one crate, leaving J'o and Idrissa to take another.

J'o smiles hopefully, then shrugs a little. His hands stay in his pockets as he walks back to the unloaded crates with a pair of greenies - and a bluerider, too! - and then he nods as he bends down to pick up one side of a crate. "Sure, can do." He glances at the rest of the stuff being unloaded. "Thing one is, do more than one trip. Even if it seems like you can get it all - even if your dragon can get it all - it'll shift in flight and be a pain to unload."

Idrissa nods at this and sends a wave towards T'bor as he has come to join in the fun it would seem. "More then one trip, alright that makes sense." This said while she nods. There is a pause as she waits for J'o to be reach and is then lifting that box up to carry it on back towards where the dragons are waiting. "How many would you say would be ok to take at a time?" This questioned to J'o, well she is curious.

And back to the dragons! These boxes certainly get a variety of transit. Ship. Human. Dragon. It's not terribly exciting, but then, that's usually the way of Comet - even if, most of the time, things from the trader ships are carried by carts instead of putting dragons to the task… but, hey. It's a good experience for the weyrlings, according to someone, and even if the usual cargo is different - and the trips longer - it's still a start. J'o considers for a moment as he carries the crate back with Idrissa. "Well, something this size, Kaidoth'll do five or six, but he's bigger than your Tahryth." J'o hmms, considering. "I'd try three, your first time? Maybe only two. How much of this've you done?"

Tahryth warbles out while she pokepokes at the box that is there and yes she does give it a lick.. It tastes like wood, imagen that! At least she doen't try to eat the darn thing. "First time, normally help with transporting people back and forth up until now." Idrissa offers before catching sight of her dragon. "Don't eat it.. Or dool on it.." If that happens no one will want to use the fabrics within the box.

J'o makes a little bit of a face at Tahryth licking things. So she still hasn't grown out of it, has she? Oh well. He brings the next crate back with Idrissa, and sets it down with a nod. "Two, then. One for each side, so they're balanced. If there's something soft to go in the middle, that'd be good, but too much weight there can make it hard to fly." It may not seem like much, and that's because it isn't. Flying cargo is a different thing than flying with passengers, because the weight shifts different… so it's important to ease the dragons into it, even if some of the experienced Comet riders seem to be load their dragons to the point where there's almost as much burden as dragon. They know what they're doing! Idrissa… doesn't. And J'o, well, he's got about half a clue. Reina and T'bor set down their box as well.

Idrissa nods as she hears J'o. "Alright two it is then." She eyes her dragon a few moments. "It is a box, no licking or drooling.." Tahryth snorts out at this and just hunkers own eyeing the boxes.. Could each box taste different? "Do you want me to help you get boxes for Kaidoth up here before getting anything strapped in?" Rissa questions while looking over to J'o. While this happens Tahryth is busy slurping across the edge of the next box, she's going to wind up with splinters in her tongue at this rate.

Maybe some of the boxes are made of different wood! They might each have a different flavor. How will Tahryth know unless she tries? …maybe she'll just have to accept not knowing. Kaidoth opens one eye to look at her, and thrums an amused sound as he stretches. J'o tilts his head to glance to his dragon, then back to Idrissa. "Huh? Oh, nah. That's fine." Maybe he'll just help everyone with their straps and cargo nets and Kaidoth will get to have some lazy time. "Here, so…" since they've got two boxes now "…you go up on Tahryth, and I'll lift them to you and hold while you strap them on?" Reina and T'bor leave to get another crate for Narjath.

Indeed the wood may be different, or from a different place, or perhaps something dripped on it and made it taste different? Either way Tahryth doesn't seem to care she is going to lick it anyway. The green gives her head a shake, slow rumble escaping her as she isn't to impressed with the taste of wood it seems, she even sends this idea towards the dragons around her. "Okeys." Idrissa offers while she is climbing up on Tahryth, a few straps are loosened in order to be used to strap the crates into place.

J'o holds up the crates, one at a time, and gives advice on how to set the straps - which one to tighten first, when to go back and adjust one after tightening another, and all the little tricks of getting something stowed securely without making the dragon carrying it uncomfortable. Once they're set, he smiles. "There you are. Ready to go. So -"

"I require assistance." That's Reina, who's gathered her own boxes and is ready for J'o's help.

He blinks, and turns to look at her. "Oh. Yeah, sure," J'o says to the other greenrider, then glances back to Idrissa. "Just fly 'em up," he says, and gives her a wave before going to help Reina and anyone else who needs it. At least things are moving, and so this chore shouldn't take too much longer… so long as everyone keeps busy, but that's not going to be hard. Not with so many boxes and dragons flying up and down.

Idrissa goes about strapping the crate down into place, one here, another there, tighten it a bit more here. All looks well and good it seems. Her gaze turns to J'o and she offers him a smile. "Thanks J'o, for the help." She is rather sure someone else would have helped but hey J'o help is good for her! A nod is seen about flying them on up to the clearing. "Back soonish." Tahryth warbles out, about times they got to go! The green waits for her rider to be in place and then is up and gone rather quickly, the crates arn't even given a thought. Tahryth has no idea why everyone was making such a fuss over such things until she goes to land and nearly ever so nearly doesn't land right and that could have caused a crushed crate. Luckily nothing happens, all is well and the crates are in one piece!

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