Keep Your Hands to Yourself!

Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

It is just getting dark out, the sun has long since went down and a faint bit of light is seen at the horizon. Snow has at least stopped falling for the moment yet even on the beach plenty of it can be found. Asher is busy working on digging up a pile of snow next to the rock that Idrissa is currently sitting upon. A blanket rests upon the rock to keep one's rear from connecting with its cold surface and she has her coat pulled around her tightly, legs tucked close. As for light a small basket rests behind her with some glows within that casts some light across the area. She even managed to get some cider because is sorta cold out! The hot cider is in a traveling sort of thermos that she is holding for the moment to give herself some added warmth.

ka-el didn't have the forethought to have brought a drink to keep him warm, but he /did/ have the thought to at least bring a blanket. He wears his trademark cloak as he heads out to the beach, boots strapped upon his feet and hood upon his head. His blanket, a simple knitted thing with a blue, brown, and faded yellow pattern that appears homemade, is wrapped around him like an extra robe of sorts, further keeping the cold at bay. He heads towards a familiar rock, drawn towards the light that he sees not far ahead. Idrissa's form is made out in the dim light, and he grins a bit, looking with interest at the source of the glow. "Hey Ash," he greets to the digging pup when he's close enough, and he moves around the rock to stand in front of it, grinning at his human companion. "Good evenin'," he greets with a playful bow. "May I join ya?"

Idrissa blinks at the voice and glances over to Kale, she smiles and lifts a hand waving to him in the process. "Evening.. An of course." Is offered with an amused tone as she shifts to make sure there is plenty of room on the rock for them both. He should be lucky as she made sure to bring enough cider for them both! Rissa smiles and nods. "Of course, come on up." Her mind though has been wandering back and forth all day on what 'happened' at the stables mind you. Ah, the thoughts of teenagers! Asher pauses and peers up, a wruff escapes him, long tail wagging about while he bounces over to bump his head against Kale's leg and snuffles out at him while wiggling about on his paws. Seems the dog is happy to see him, or just happy to see anyone in general, he is a puppy after all!

Kale sets his blanket down on the spot next to Idrissa to free his hands up to greet Ash. "'Ey there, boy. How ya doin', huh?" he kneels down, not minding the fact that snow and sand will stick to the knees of his trousers because of it. He rubs at Asher's cheeks and ears in boyishly rough play with him. Dogs are the best! After a good amount of roughhousing with the pup, he gives him one last rub to his ears before he stands up again and brushes himself off a little. After moving his blanket, he sits on the rock next to Idrissa. Like her, his mind has replayed today's earlier scene in his head, and he wondered about what he almost did. But, unlike her, his mind soon got preoccupied with other things and so he didn't worry over it too long. Boys! "I brought this," he says as he shakes out the blanket a little. "Figured it might be a little cold. But I bet it's not half as good as whatever it is y've got in there," he says, eyeing her thermos.

Idrissa chuckles as she watches the two, peering over slightly once she has set the thermos down next to her. Asher bounces about, wiggling this way and that, a large paw reaching up to bat at him a few times in the process before he seems happy and goes back to digging at the snow! Had plenty of time to think about it when dealing with the runners, even the ones that kept trying to nip at her for treats, darn animals! A nod is seen and she grins while holding the thermos up. "Well, I brought some cider. Thought it was a rather good idea actually."

"Aye, t'was a brilliant idea," Kale agrees with a grin. Who doesn't like cider on a cold winter's night? It's turning out to be one of his favored beverages! Smirking now, he drapes one end of his blanket over her shoulders while the other half is draped over his, covering them both. "There, now we'll both keep warm. This was a wretched idea, y'now? Out here in the middle of winter. We'll both catch our death.." He fake complains, though in fact seems quite glad to be here. "Sorry Asher," he says to the dog. "No room for you with us, but..y've got your fur coat. You don't need this blanket."

Idrissa chuckles and nods with a smile. "Of course it was a brilliant idea!" She offers before a slight roll of her eyes are seen once she hears him about being out in the cold weather. "True, but its the /best/ time to see the stars. They just seem brighter in winter." A soft oh escapes her once some of the blanket is over her and she smiles to him once more. "Thanks." Is murmured out softly. Asher doesn't seem to worried about the two on the rock, though soon enough he has settled down within the hole he has dug and peers out of it something like a fort in a manner of speaking!

Kale grins a little and nods in agreement. "Aye, you're right. Winter's the only time I really had to myself at home. We're always so busy. Planting, harvesting, keepin' critters away. Towing, marketing, readying the land for next year’s crop. Building, fixing.." he shakes his head, though he smirks as he speaks, as if all of it is a fond memory. "Winter, we breathed. It's not at all like it is here, but I guess that's what makes apprenticing different than jus' living at home, eh?" He lifts his eyes to the darkening sky, eyeing the stars that are beginning to show themselves. "Have you ever tried finding patterns an' things in the stars? Other than the ones that already have names?"

Idrissa peers over at Kale curiously at the talk of his home, well and the part where he had to work on the farm and so forth. "Sounds like you got kept rather busy." Her gaze drifts back to the sky and she smiles a bit. "I've thought about finding a star map before but I just never got around to it. I mean I know there has to be some out there. My father would use them when he was out fishing, so he told me anyway." She lifts a hand and points towards a cluster of stars that is starting to appear more. "Like that one, sorta looks like a fish."

"Heh, oh yeah. My mother never liked the thought've havin' a houseful of "idle boys", so we all had to earn our keep somehow. I think the moment we learned to walk we were given a chore or three." Kale snickers and closes the blanket a little tighter around himself. Idrissa too. He reaches for her end of it and closes it to his, encasing them in a warm blanket cocoon, heated by the warmth of the thermos. At her description, he looks up, eyeing the sky in the direction she gestured to. A fish? He doesn't say anything for a moment and instead tilts his head to one side, squints his eyes a little, then tilts his head to the other side. "Oooh… yeah I see it now," he says, nodding. "It…/sort/ of…does. A little." Cough. "Though I think it looks more like a shoe."

Idrissa grins and nods. "Yes well I suppose that would be a good reason to keep you boys busy. The thought of a bunch of idle boys sitting around with nothing to do can lead to lots of trouble after all." There is a pause as she blanket is pulled more around her, a soft um escaping her and her gaze flicks back to the sky, cheeks a bit red, which is all from the cold of course! "A shoe.. Really?" She tilts her head, bright gaze upon the stars she always called a fish, but maybe it is a shoe! During this she does lean somewhat closer to Kale in the process. "I suppose someone could call it a shoe.."

"Pft. I suppose /everyone/ could call it a shoe," Kale corrects with an arrogant grin. "Because everyone who isn't blind can see perfectly that it is a shoe." He lowers his eyes from the "shoe" constellation to look over at her. If he notices the coloration of her cheeks, he says nothing of it, perhaps truly considering it an effect of the coldness. As for her leaning, well.. he's not going to lean /away/ from her. That'd be rude! Plus, they're sharing the blanket, and leaning back would probably pull some of it off of her, which would make him double rude. "Here, I'll show you one that even you can see," he says, looking back up to the sky. He snakes a hand out from beneath the blanket to point. "Y'see that bright'un, there? Look to the left.. One, two, three stars over. You see? That star right there, if you trace it down four stars, then over two, then back up.. That's The Ear." A pause. "..of corn, that is."

Idrissa doesn't per say lean close to him because she /knows/ she is mind you! She rolls her eyes at the talk of the -shoe-. "It’s a fish!" Is said with an amused tone and faint glance at Kale. "See, the fins, and the open mouth." Her hand moves over one star and then another as she explains it. There is a pause and she hums while looking at him and then peers upwards to the sky once more, gaze flicking this way and then before she catches the ear! "Wait…a…ear?" She grins once he goes on and snickers softly. "Why would there be a bunch of stars in the shape of corn?" A glance sent towards Kale for his explanation it seems.

"…Why /wouldn't/ there be a bunch've stars in the shape of corn?" counters Kale, lifting a brow her way. "It's important, that's why. Y'see, stars place themselves in the shapes of things that are important. Like corn. Corn feeds us, an' corn feeds the animals that also feed us. Corn is used in many things. Plus…have y'ever /been/ in a field of corn? It's the best playground you'll ever dream of!" He grins, totally dismissing her explanation of the fish. "So, it'd make sense that stars would like to look like an ear've corn. Because it is important." A pause, and his grin grows a bit. "That's also why you'll see /me/ in the stars too."

Idrissa ahs a moment and ponders this while she peers back at the sky. "Alright well you do have a point there." She offers before a soft chuckle escapes her. "An, no I've never been in a field of corn before. Went from the beach to a colthold full of runners." Sure there was corn growing all over the place but its not like she went looking to play in it when there was work to be done with the runners and other animals! "I suppose it does make rather good sense though. Might be why I see fish and runners in the stars." Totally why! A glance is sent towards Kale and she peers at him a moment. "Your…gona be in the stars… I bet you look like a shoe!" HA.

"Fish /and/ runners? Alright, runners I can understand but…" Kale makes a face, "I've never liked the taste've fish much. Too…" Mmmm…what's a good word? "…fishy," he finishes. "An', oh, if you ever visit Black Rock, I'll have to show you what fun a field of corn in summer really is. There's all sorts've things you can do, including getting lost," he admits with a little laugh. "Though that's only happened…eh, a few times for me." His eyes return to the sky, perhaps ready to be lost in some memory for a short but. But…what did she say? "Look like a /what?/" he says, glaring at her. "Oh, you're askin' for it, aren't you? Shoe my arse!" Releasing the end of the blanket he's been holding, he uses his now free hand to poke at her ribs. Pokepokepoke! If there's one thing he's learned about girls from seeing his siblings interact with them on various occasions, it's this: They are almost /always/ ticklish somewhere!

Idrissa waves a hand slightly at the talk of fish and then corn again? "I grew up near the beach and my father was a fisherman, so we had fish a lot." You either ate the fish or went hungry! Well not really.. "How could you get lost in a bunch of corn?" This questioned with a curious glance over to Kale curiously and tilts her head. Amusement clearly seen and she giggles. "Why would I go and do a thing like that?" At the sudden drop of the blanket she shivers as the cold air and then squeals at the poking. "Hey!" Is said while she gives his hand a good bapping as she leans to the side to try and escape him before she really is tickled!

"If you've to ask /that/ question," replies Kale during his hailstorm of poking, "then you /really/ have never been in a cornfield." How, indeed! That would make a grand adventure, or at least a bit of fun, for him and his friends. As his hand is swatted, hs smirks deviously. Mwuaha, he knew it. Everyone has their weakness, and he's about to find out just where Idrissa's lies! Spying on his brothers /has/ paid off! "What's wrong?" he asks, brows raised and a look of innocence etching on his face (which, mind you, is an amazing feat to pull off when one is in the middle of mischievous deeds). "You look a bit uncomfortable, an' what're you hitting me for? That isn't a polite way t'show you /appreciate/ the one that brought a blanket for ya in the midst of winter," he points out, all the while taking jabbing shots with his index finger at her side and stomach.

"Getting lost in a cornfield is…fun?" Idrissa questions while just eyeing Kale slightly. She really isn't getting the point of this. Blame it on her spending too much time with runners, or the simple fact she didn't think exploring a cornfield would be fun back at the colthold. "You’re poking me in the side, course it would be uncomfortable!" She won't say anything about being ticklish mind you. "Hey, I brought a blanket, you’re sitting on it, and I brought the cider." A nod is seen before he goes about making a few pokes and jabs at the side and stomach which after a hit she half giggles and leans back closer to the edge of the rock they are sitting upon.

"Yes, but I brought the entertainment," Kale points out, "for what fun would it be for you t'be out here, all by your wee lonesome, without me?" His prodding at certain areas seem to have little to no effect, but after a while…eureka! Was that a giggle /and/ recoil? Bingo! "You'd be out here out've your mind with boredom, wishin' for my witty self to wander by. That's where ya'd be. Not thirsty, but bored." Now where was that spot? Closer to the stomach than side. Careless as to where his blanket may fall on the sand, if it indeed does fall, he uses both hands now to invade her space without reservation, fingers grazing and jabbing and wiggling in his attack. Attack of the tickle. Cuz that's the best attack he has.

Idrissa smirks as she hears Kale. "Entertainment?.. You’re talking about cornfields, how is that entertainment of any kind?" Oh he ment the poking and tickling most likely! Which dawns on Rissa after a moment and she clears her throat. "Hey.. I have Asher, and I would have figured out somethin' to do!" The overgrown scruffy steel-gray large puppy is actually asleep in the hole he dug within the snow, with Kale's blanket now over him keeping him all toasty an warm. Once Kale goes back to try and tickle and jab she lets out a sharp laugh now and leans back again while swatting at his hand. "Don't tickle me!" Is said quickly in some attempts to stop the tickle attack, because that /always/ work!
Copper flys into the Beach, from the Meadow.

The wingleader of Galaxy seems to be the last man on the face of the planet that would interrupt young love! It wasn't as if he was meaning to do it, but he couldn't help but check up on them. There were young men out there that would take advantage of a girl alone in the dark - he should know, he was a sailor once. A different life that was. Now he just stalks close at the laughable attempts of the girl to get the boy to stop. It could start as innocently as that. He should have kept on walking, he should have! Instead with a crunch on his boots on the rocks nearby the two caught up in their tickling, he asks in a seafaring tone that has stuck despite his Turns on shore and in the air, "Ye two be ok 'ere?" he looks from one to the next, squinting up at the sky and then back down toward the pair, weighing the scene with some scrutiny. Nothing like a big burly rider to ruin the moment huh?

And it definitely seems to be working in this case just as well as it works in any other. Don't do it? Of course that's code for "oh please do it some more because I just can't get enough of this breath-taking (literally) experience!". Right? of course. Everybody knows this, and if Idrissa didn't…well, she's getting a quick tutorial now. "What? I'm not. I'm jus'.." All the while he amplifies his attempts at finding her most sensitive of areas, taking note of what makes her jump the most, while still keeping an eye on just how much she sways away from him and closer to the edge of the rock they sit on. And he's just /really/ getting into this tickle-but-slightly-maybe-grope thing when.. BOOM! Big voice. It's like a shock to the spine to be bombarded in the middle of the night by a voice such as that, and Kale's eyes grow wide as he pulls his hands back as quickly as if they've been scalded. "Huh?" he looks up, still with that "you caught me!" look on his face, which he's quickly trying to mask. "…what?"

Idrissa swats and smacks out at Kale a few times now, this so is totally working yes! "It’s watching /stars/ of course it is great experience." There's a pause and she coughs. "Never mind.." She mumbles a moment before a half squeal escapes her and she sends a got swat towards Kale's shoulder that is more like a punch. She works with runners and she can't let them push her around so she can give it back somewhat. She is about to say something else before the sudden voice and she peers before shifting on the rock and erks out sharply as she goes tumbling backwards into the snow with a *thud*. So perhaps she was rather close to the edge of the rock. "Ow.." Escapes her, at least she landed mostly on her dog in the process. Asher lets out a sharp yelp and is scrambling out from his snowy dug hole in the process.

The brownrider is not stupid. He's left many a maid at the ports when he was a sailor and he's known to have three weyrmates at the present, so he knows the routine a man - young or old - has to get laid. He regards the 'you caught me' expression with a smirk, asking without a barrier like most would, "Yee might get frost bite trying ta flip up 'em skirts in this weather lad-" Ers'lan notes to Kale, his eyes shortly descending to Idrissa, who shortly falls into the snow. He masks any humor about that, even if the dog catching some of it is a sight to be seen and howl at, but he doesn't, he keeps his lips flat-lined, even if his eyes sparkle with mirth. Instead he goes on as if she had never fallen off her perch, "'N I reckon ya best both be careful narh ta get with child…" His eyes marking the knot on Idrissa's shoulder, "Ye look like an apprentice girl, be sure yer on 'em herbs or I reckon a child be pausin yer studies fer a few Turns at least." Hey, the kids should know the consequences right? He was being mean, he knew it, and sighed. Did he have any authority to send an apprentice scurrying back? Perhaps if he mentioned it to her journeyman or master, but, that would make him the badguy. Instead he makes it plain to Kale, "Iffin ya stick 'er, ye best be responsible fer it, 'n she be best wantin it." Seacrafter at heart, always. So much for romance, right? Oops.

There are a lot of things happening at once. Many things that demand much of Kale's attention! Ers'lan himself, for one, the most prominent of all. This burly, muscular man who seems to have appeared out of nowhere and is…giving him a rather fine lecture of very important things that haven't entirely crossed Kale's mind in earnest. Til now, as they're thrust upon him. "Fl-flippin'..skirts?" Ers'lan may as well be speaking another language for all that Kale seems to understand. The stupefied look on his face seems to hint that it's…not much. And then, there goes Idrissa, falling on her poor canine. That at least spurs him into action, giving him an excuse to move instead of sit there like an idiot. He dismounts from his perch and moves to help her up, though his eyes have a hard time removing themselves from Ers'lan as he continues on. He can feel the heat creeping up his neck and bombarding his face. "What? I wasn't…I wasn't .. I don't want .. /stick/ her with anything. Truly! I jus'…We were only.." He swallows, giving Idrissa a wide-eyed look. "I'm not goin' to have a child with you. Honest!" .. Er. Right.

Idrissa just blinks as she hears the voice from Ers'lan. She thinks she'll just stay put on the ground, in the snow at this point, she can just hide there, right? And she doesn't wear skirts! Though at the moment not like it matters and she is blushing so hotly right now as she slowly pushes herself up, she swats and smacks away Kale's hands in the process suddenly turning mute? "I…wouldn't let 'em do that…" Is offered quickly. What if he thinks that away and goes to tell on her? Then she'll get sent back to the colthold and her mother would get proven right. Of course this is the only thing that runs through her mind right now, and she chews on her lip nervously as she inches further away from Kale. Asher goes to check out the new voice, the dog sniffing out curiously at Ers'lan, his long tail wagging about. "..Asher..come'er.." Rissa soon says with a rather mouse like tone, the dog most likely can't even heard her it’s so low. At the comment from Kale she doesn't even look at him, maybe she didn't hear him? Sure that's it!

Ers'lan gives a laugh at the hard denial from Kale. The brownrider can't help himself. He was young once too, he remembered, but he was cut from a different cloth and wasn't ever afraid to get to it. Kale just earns him a wry little smile for the wide-eyed looks and the attempts at smothering his intentions, "Tis fine lad, dun narh be all worried of it. Tis natural, jus be careful 'er journeyman nor master craftsman dun be comin fer yer head in the mornin." His eyes round on Idrissa, talking a different language to her as if she wouldn't hear the -guy- version of his words, "Lass, ye best be knowin whar he be all bout befer he touches ya in the right spots, n'be ready fer the consequences of." If he would've known anyone had such a tender heart in a Weyr, maybe he would've tread lightly, but this -is- Xanadu, the one time home of L'ton Shipton, who has sired well over thirty gits in his time at the Weyr. No one should be shy. "Reckon both ya should be closer ta the Weyr at this hour anyway. Feline tracks been creepin near now that it be winter 'gain. Least warm yerselves by the fires of a hearth." He has effectively stopped whatever was going on here. Since when did he turn into the badguy?! Oh yeah, glance at his wingleader's knot - since then, he supposes. Rolling his eyes, he chides himself with a mutter and looks to make his leave, "Best be off with ya's. Thar be chores ta tend to in the mornin, 'n I be seein that ya both be doin whar ya supposed ta. Be the rest day ain't upon us yet." Poor kids.

Kale gives a doe-eyed look to Idrissa as she rejects his help. What'd /he/ do? Nothing. Nothing at all! Though he'll likely have a hard time getting Ers'lan to believe that, as he seems hell bent on believing that he was up to dastardly deeds! Blue eyes flit from girl to man, and he bites his tongue, literally, in order ot keep himself from shouting at him to shut his trap! That wouldn't be wise. Plus, he's been taught better. Equally plus, he'd likely get in great depths of trouble from the journeymen of his craft. So wisely, he says nothing, though nothing can keep his face from looking much like a beet. Darkness is his only savior. But now he's making some sense. Head back? /Certainly!/ Anything to get him out of this situation! "Aye…sir," he replies, daring a look to Idrissa, though her eyes seem to be nowhere near his anymore. A faint frown tugs at his lips, but he doesn't question her. "Thank you…for..uh…that." Thanking seems to be the best route to take, though "thankful" is hardly how he feels! "Idrissa…shall I walk ya back? As he said…felines."

Idrissa is most likely one of the most tender hearted people to be found at the Weyr someone could possible find. An she always takes care of her chores. To the point she takes on and does more then she most likely needs to at the stables, which after tonight she is going to spend a lot more time at. As for Ers'lan she isn't sure what to say, and with Asher still /over there/ she doesn't have much of a choice but to go collect the pup. The blanket she brought is picked up and she makes her way over closer to where wingleader happens to be to get her curious yet at least well behaving dog. The last wingleader Asher met he tackled after all. "…sorry…" Is said with a faint murmur to Ers'lan, without looking at him mind you while she takes hold of her dog's collar and after a few tugs offered the two are off heading back towards the Weyr. As for Kale, no he didn't do anything, she just isn't sure what to do now. If he walks her back does that mean anything? "Alright." Is soon offered to Kale about the walk back.

Ers'lan shoves his hand in his pocket, noting the reaction of the boy regardless of the darkness that shields his blush. Oops. Seems he just made himself a little less popular with the boys, but, his eyes travel to the girl. Maybe she would thank him later or something? Or hate him completely. This could've been a magical moment he intruded upon. The threat of felines was.. well, it was there, but the 'cats were staying on the other side of the lake so far. The fact that Kale speaks her name ensures now that the Wingleader will likely poke his nose in and check up on her or her journeyman. His tone speaks plainly of that, "Idrissa, pretty name that-" hey, he was always told to compliment a woman's name. It was a smart thing to do. Well, now that he had them both sulking off, he shakes his head, rueful snickering, "Lan, whar have ya become?" chiding himself as he walks the other way, seeing what else he can walk into.

Walking her back most assuredly means that he doesn't want her to be eaten by any wayward wild felines that are likely just waiting to prey upon a semi-defenseless girl and dog! Kale also retrieves his items, which really consists of just one knitted blanket, and drapes it unceremoniously over his shoulders. He watches Ers'lan go. He certainly wouldn't go reporting to folks what he likely thought he could've seen happening here, right? Of course not! The guy seems so … er… Well, maybe a healthy bit of worrying might be fitting in this case. A breath is exhaled as he moves to Idrissa, keeping himself a pace or so distance from her. You know, just so no one gets the wrong idea. Plus, it seems as if she believes he now has the plague or something. "..Lovely night," he murmurs more to himself than her as he heads off with her, returning to places where no one is groping anyone… Well. We can assume.

Idrissa doesn't think Kale has the plague, but how is she suppose to act after all /that/. "He's a wingleader." Is offered after a few moments. Rissa may be shy and quiet, and with the feeling of certain doom about her right now but she still has rather sharp eyes, and while she didn't really look at Ers'lan she was able to catch sight of that knot on his shoulder. "Last one I met Asher tackled into the snow on the beach and this one thinks I'm off getting nookie on the beach." Yes she did say nookie. Asher is let go and the dog trods on before her while Rissa holds the blanket go her suddenly feeling very cold. "Ya, its lovely. Told you better to watch the stars at night during winter." At least she figured out how to talk again once away from the beach. "You want to go to the Cavern?" See, out in a /public/ place no groping allowed!

A wingleader, eh? Well of course he is, because wouldn't it be just their luck that a wingleader would be the one to find them on the beach to jump to such a conclusion? Well hopefully it stays at this. Kale can't imagine it getting too out of hand. Besides, from the things /he's/ heard, a little groping on the beach (which he was /not/ doing) hardly is the worst thing that happens on weyrs. Pft. Weyrfolk! "N-nookie?" And he was /just/ getting over that blush of his! He definitely is not going to comment on that or anything close to that subject! It's been a long day of…odd things. From the stables to this? And so he's rather surprised as she speaks of going to the Caverns with him. As public and tame a place as it is, she still wants to associate with him after this? That's comforting, and it does lift his spirits a bit. Buuut. "Eh…he's right. I should probably get back to my dormitory. But I'll walk ya there if that's where you wanna go. Soriana might be there." The three of them tend to end up in the same places anyway, so it's not too farfetched of a thought.

Idrissa never said that she didn't want to be associated with him now did she? Well perhaps she sorta acted like that for a few moments there when they was caught. A soft sigh escapes her and she lets her gaze drift over the area, a unsure glance is sent towards Kale watching him a moment. "Ya..alright. But do me a favor.. Don't go telling anyone about this ya?" She knows it is pointless to try and keep Soriana out of the know, knowing her luck Toral was most likely watching the whole thing! Her gaze turns back towards the water a moment watching it before she makes her way on up the steps heading towards the Weyr, Asher already half way there knowing they’re going to someplace nice and warm it seems.

Kale is perfectly fine with no more talking. He has enough to mull over, all of which came out of Ers'lan's mouth. His words have planted themselves in Kale's mind, sprouting all sorts of .. well, immoral thoughts and wonderings an overall curiosity about a lot of things which may have, before now, been soft whispers but are now blaringly loud. "Huh?" He's jerked from his thoughts by Idrissa's request. Don't tell anyone.. about which part? The sudden loud wingleader part or the we sat on a rock and played around part? Or both? Maybe she even means the stables part. Which he really wasn't going to broadcast (any of it really), but hearing her ask him not to do is makes it feel less like a silent mutual agreement and more like a 'I don't want anyone knowing I was ever with you' demand. "Oh..uh, yeah. I wasn' going to.." he says, idly rubbing at the back of his neck as he speaks, eyes set forward. "Sure."

"I just don't want 'em to think we did what he thinks we did." Idrissa offeres, which totally makes sense. Well they are /friends/ they do hang out with one another it’s not like people don't know they are with each other in the friendship sorta way right? Though is it only friendship now? Heck if she knows. Her mind is filled with a bunch of stuff right now, mostly also brought up thanks to dear Ers'lan's comments. She lets her head hunker down slightly blanket pulled tightly to her. "You..know we're friends an stuff right?" The last thing she needs is for Kale to think she took offense to stuff that she said or did during short moments that everything happened. She lets her gaze peer over at Kale once at the top of the steps.

Kale eyes Idrissa, hoping that by watching her, he can detect truth or lies in her words. .. Pft. Of course she's telling the truth. She and Soriana are his closest friends here! He allows his hand to drop from his neck as he nods. "Yeah, yeah… I know.." he says with a hint of a smirk as he reaches the top step. "C'mon, let's get outta here before we're eaten by something an' the only thing anyone's gonna think we did was get murdered on the beach by an animal." And with that (still keeping a vague distance, mind you!) he escorts her off to safer places where stories of lewd behavior cannot be told!

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