You Feelin' Alright?

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern

It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

Thea enters the Tavern, not really looking about to see who is in here, but nods to Satoris as she passes the bar on her way over to a table by the wall as it is vacated by someone leaving. She's brought her work with her, it seems for she has a few folders and a ledger in hand. The 'tender stops, gives her table a quick swipe asks her a question, receives a reply and steps away. Thea immediately opens the ledger and loses herself in it.

Morlanol smiles, still thinking some. He waves goodbye to Rei as she goes. He watches Satoris for a few moments, deciding whether or not to say something when Thea walks in and, by chance, sits near him. However, she doesn't notice. He sighs, then waves to Thea, "Hi, Thea, how's it goin'?"

D'had doesn't exactly look around to see who's there as he makes his way into the tavern. The door thudding closed behind him, the wingleader makes his way towards the bar. He gives a nod to the bartender on his way, settling into a seat and there's a drink soon delivered. Its only after the first drink is taken that the man sends a secondary look around the space.

With Thea's recent arrival, Satoris doesn't seem certain about sticking around for long. He gets a refill of his ale and quietly asks if he can bring back the mug in a bit. The bartender begrudgingly agrees. The man nods, says his thanks, and starts to eke his way out. But, there is a respectful nod to D'had. And with Morlanol providing a distraction — an inadvertant assist! — he may get away scot free.

Thea hears her name so she lifts her head, swiveling 'round in her seat to see Morlanol behind her at the next table. She blinks with some faint surprise, "Seeing a lot of you in her lately, Morlanol. What are you up to?" Satoris easing himself anywhere is an odd enough of a sight to catch her attention and it's an amused quirk to her lips as her eyes flicker over his way. There's a shrug as if to say it's not her concern. The Assistant Weyrlingmasters haunt the Barracks, noting the comings and goings; she's certainly not going to monitor the Tavern. And there is D'had too. Hmm. That amused smile remains, "Evening Wingleader."

Morlanol shrugs, focusing on Thea and not noticing Satoris. He see's D'had come in, but doesn't know for certain who he is. "Wanted more bubblies an' t' ge' away from th' barracks t' think. I'm there all th' time an' sometimes I like t' go elsewhere. An' it was closer t' here than th' barracks when the storm hit." His big puffy winter coat is a clear sign of his reaction to the wierd local weather. Agate and Bloodstone chirrup sleepily to Thea as well, eyeing the few gobs of meat waiting on their plate as if contemplating whether or not their full.

D'had notes Satoris' not with one of his own, but says nothing in his direction. Morlanol is noted as well as a few others who have found themselves in the tavern at present. Thea, of course, is one of those others given her proximity to the young miner candidate. She's the recipient a second nod even as he takes another long drink of whatever it is he's drinking.

Satoris is spotted! But left be. He takes this as a success and, with another gump of ale, ducks out. Perhaps he has other things to tend to and just wanted to avoid a dry mouth?

Thea mouths, 'Bubblies' soundlessly with an equally silent laugh before reaching for her ledger as she remains seated sideways so she can still see Morlanol as well as the bar. A plate with a bubbly of her own is set on her table along with a mug of klah. Satoris makes his escape unscathed while she is busy lifting her mug. Her eyes crinkle with humor at that simple nod from D'had but she merely sips without heckling. "What did you do today, Morlanol?"

Morlanol sighs a little, finishing off the last of his bubbly himself, then grins at Thea, "Ended up havin' t' wash dragons again. I swear some of 'em deligh' in dunkin' can'dates. Like they're tryin' t' make sure we're good 'nuff or somethin'. Or a' leas' I can' seem t' leave th' process withou' bein' soakin' wet."

D'had takes a moment longer before he pushes from the stool to his feet to stride over to where Moranol and Thea are seated. "Don't think it has anything to do with being a candidate," he comments for the boy's remark on dragon washing. "Don't think its possible ta wash 'em without getting wet no matter who you are."

Thea lifts her bubbly to take a bite and her mouth is full when D'had walks over and speaks. She can't help it, she spurts a dry few flakes of crust as she laughs, hastily swallows her mouthful and adds, "Yeah, Morlanol, and some of them are playing 'Sink or Swim' with you all." She ponders , "Must get Seryth out there to be bathed. Take a break for once." She slides a twinkling look towards D'had, "Feeling better today?"

Morlanol nods, standing with a big yawn-stretch as he does so, his two flits taking refuge in his pockets, "There's a diff'rence 'tween wet an' 'can I wear these clothes again?' Bu' I shoul' prolly ge' used t' it anyway…" He yawns hugely again, then waves a slow goodbye, "I shoul' head out." He heads towards the door, making his way back to the barracks for a good sleep.

D'had blinks, ".. Feeling..?" he questions, eyes narrowing in confusion toward the goldrider, only to be distracted by Morlanol's departure. "Later," he tosses after the candidate.

"Have a good evening, Morlanol!" Thea calls after the boy. She tilts her head at D'had, lifts her mug to wash the dry crumbs from her throat and hides a smile behind it. "The living Caverns? The… ah forget it." She laughs easily with a wave of her hand, "Sit if you wish?" Her table is empty, "Unless you want to stand?"

D'had slides into the place across from her at that offer. "What about the living caverns?" he questions, mildly curious of what she might have to say on the subject. "But I think I'm doing alright." he adds with a glance down at himself as if to check before looking back up in her direction, propping an elbow on the table as he takes another drink.

Thea lowers her mug, an eyebrow raises. "You…don't remember." This seems to amuse her. "Do you remember coming in completely soaked? And, uh, throwing an arm over my shoulders?" Her head tips sideways as she watches him closely, taking a bite of that bubbly as she watches his face.

D'had smirks in that charming way he tends to have about him. "If you liked it could always try it again," he comments, sending a wink in Thea's direction. Nice safe answer that. Yes? "Wouldn't have to tell what's his name you know."

Thea chokes a bit on the bite she's just taken of that bubbly, pounding her chest with a fist for a minute, eyes watering. She's sputtering and must sip that klah again. A handwave dismisses the seriousness of the other night, "Didn't say I did, just wanted to make sure you aren't worried I'm upset; I'm not." Her voice is kind as she adds with a rueful smile, "Ah, you already know the answer to that one, D'had. And I keep no secrets from Enkavir."

"Ya alright?" is the first question that's asked as pounding chest, but he settles more fully back into the chair once she's given that wave of her hand. "You should know better than to take me serious on that darlin'. Glad you ain't upset about all that though. Hate to have you avoiding me." … "You're not. Right?"

Thea nods in reply, still not trusting herself to speak for a moment as she is struggling to keep her composure. She swallows a few more sips of klah, lowering her mug, and answering with a light voice, "I don't." One shoulder lifts in a shrug. "Which may be why I don't take offense and am able to feel comfortable with you." She mulls her answer to his last question, "Why would I avoid you? T'was a Flight. You couldn't help it." She flickers a keen glance at him, assessing his mood.

D'had nods. "Right, right," he replies, the hand holding his now mostly empty glass having lowered to the table in the mean time. So that's what she was talking about. The realization suddenly dawns and he tries to keep the fact that he only just figured it out to himself. "Nothing happen anyway. No worries then?"

Thea cradles her mug in her hands for a moment, her eyes, still on D'had's face have taken on a more somber light, but she shakes her head quickly enough. "Nothing happened. Wasn't worried then and certainly not now." Her tone is easy, relaxed. "Flights happen. I'm used to the stuff that happens after." She laughs softly, "Though I try to stay away when the Riders come in. Can't always be done, though." She lowers her mug to the table, slowly collecting her paperwork, her voice thoughtful, "Some of the newer folks don't always understand at first, but they will." Not mentioning any names, of course. She rises, "I'll see you, D'had. Need to get these finished." With a half-smile, perhaps due to the unpleasant task of tedious note-taking, she heads out.

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