One Of Those Days...

Xanadu Weyr - Meadows

A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

TODAY IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS! Not the kind where sunshine and rainbows and puppies frolic together in a foreboding sense of cuteness overload, but the kind of days where you're pretty sure that every single thing you come into contact with was sent to annihilate you. Fellow candidates? Out to get him. Dragons around the weyr? Out to eat him. Children he's watching? Determined to give him a heart-attack. Even Silion's very own /hair/ has turned on him today, crawling out from beneath the bandana he'd tried to tame it with in disobedient curls. Flyaway hairs stick out from every direction where they are allowed from beneath the oppressive cloth of red, and it gives a rather comical wave as he chases after one particularly naughty child to keep them from wandering off too far. "No, no," Silion huffs, hooking hands under the tot's armpits so that he can cart the little guy back to the rest of the havoc-wreaking group. "Oh, Faranth. That does /not/ go there." And immediately he's pouncing upon another kidlet, bandana slipping ominously lower and lower with each movement so that more and more of that unruly hair comes twisting, poking, and reaching out at odd angles from whence they came.

"Well you look…involved today." Hey, everything else might be out to get Silion, but Y'ki certainly isn't. Ecoatleth isn't even around to smother the boy in squealing love. But the bluerider does stand there, looking rather amused. He's coming from the direction of his weyr, it seems, Late start to the day? Maybe. But he does head over, plucking one of the tots up to set on his own hip, watching Silion again curiously. "..What do you have on your /head/?"

There is definite relief in Silion's eyes when they fix upon the bluerider who seemingly appears out of thin air to make small talk. He would know that voice anywhere really, and it shows in the smile that comes readily to Sil's face when that first syllable slips from Y'ki's lips. "Involved? You mean with these little guys? Nah, they're nothing I can't handle." Which is evident in the way that the one Silion has by the cheeks bites one of the candidate's fingers instead of relinquishing whatever it is they had shoved into their mouth. There's a hiss, a drawing back with brows furrowed and pupils narrowed, and then Silion is pouting as the rotten brat goes off squealing his delight at victory. "Rude," he huffs, but he allows the child to put enough distance between them in which the boy can taunt out of arm's reach. Jade hues settle on Y'ki, momentarily startled at the questioning of his bandana, just as those cheeks flush a brilliant crimson and he's reaching up to snatch the cloth from the top of his head. Mistake. He looks as if he may have just rolled out of bed after sleeping on wet hair, and fought an amiable but futile battle with a towel. "What? Oh, I…" He's trying to smooth down that hair, but it bounces back with each stroke of hasty fingers applied. "What are you doing out here anyway? Day off?"

Y'ki tilts his head somewhat to the side, and simply exchanges a quick look with the child he'd picked up. "..Ah. That's what it's for." He does set the kid down again though, brushing his hands together before he simply approaches Silion. Some of that hair is given a tug, briefly smirking. "What the hell happened here? Ya look like ya ran candied fingers through it and let it stick that way." Alas, the bluerider simply ruffles at the wild bit of hair…likely making it worse. "Yeah though. Day's free. Ecoatleth's off getting himself some eats."

"What, you don't like it? I find it works particularly well with the ladies." A pause. "Hey! Don't do that!" Silion's fingers are pushing away at Y'ki's hand when the bluerider most certainly /does/ go about making his wild hair even more frantic. That bandana is quickly secured back in place, just as a small 'oof' escapes the candidate from sudden contact with a kidlet attaching herself to his leg. "I tried /everything/, Ryski. I am literally talking /everything/ to get it to go down and it won't behave. I wet it, I combed it, I have done everything short of shaving it all off, and it still looks like I murdered a small animal to substitute hair." But the child at his leg is catching at Sil's shirt now, tugging, tugging as they whine for attention. Eyes go immediately to the child, soothing hands finding their way into her hair just before he seeks out the strewn contents of what was once a bag. "Water, Ryski. Water now. And can't you scare the little ones into being good? Isn't there some kind of unspoken rule that any glare your family gives makes people fall in line?" And hair. Scaring the ratty tangles out of his hair would be just as welcome as quiet kids.

Y'ki just sighs a bit, eyeing Silion. "Oh ha-ha.. I don't think it's a /rule/." Though when one child runs by, he picks the little boy up quickly, and simply..tucks him under an arm. "HEY! Alla you! Come on over here!" Maybe a louder, authoritive voice will do it? Or the fact that the bluerider actually does…enjoy kids. Who knows? "You wanna scrub it out and stuff?"

Hey now! Silion likes kids too. It's pretty obvious that kids don't like /Silion/. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he's much too easy to bully about, even with a giant gap in age. And that hair! Pfffthahaha! "Not ha-ha. Very true. I bet every time you fix Ecoatleth with a glare, he shivers in fear. You have a gift," he says, shifting around kidlet and all to retrieve the fallen skin from its lurking place within the meadow's grass. He hands it to the child, who takes it between greedy hands before making away with it in a dash to Y'ki. She's not the only one, either. All of the children seem to congregate as they're told and shuffle tiny feet in wait for their next command. "THAT!" Silion says, fingers pointing accusingly from first the bluerider to the obedient children staring up at him expectantly. "is what I am talking about. That right there. It's not fair, even a little tiny bit. I covet this gift." A pause, and then, "I really tried everything, Ryski. Maybe I really should just shave it all off."

Y'ki just gives Silion a particularly innocent look. He can manage one, after all! Though he does put the little boy down finally, before giving a few heads some rufflings. "Really? I don't think I /glared/ at anyone." ..Except for now. There's a prompt 'grr'-face for the little ones then, before he shrugs. "You're /not/ shaving it off. You'd look silly." And less..adorable. "Anyway..what do you want with them? Could scoot 'em off to the playground, get some of the energy out."

Silion heaves a sigh, eyes settling on every single pair that seems to be suddenly fixated on him. Little expectant lips quiver, masses of tiny hands wring, puppy eyes are delivered at double the normal percentage of intensity… And the candidate is succumbing with a sigh. "Okay. The playground," he murmurs. There's an abrupt round of cheers, each child pressing in tight against the bluerider who has just saved the day, and then they all scatter. There's a look Silion gives, the kind that says, 'Why me?' and then he's jerking his head after the little ones. "You following? And where's Ecoatleth anyway? We could always see if dragon spit will do the trick." That wrinkle of his nose? A clear indication of sarcasm, but he's wasting no more time in taking off to catch up with the retreating forms of tiny kidlet-types.

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