These Gifts Were Made For Walking

Xanadu Weyr - Dragon's Rest Farm
In contrast to the gigantic barn is the smaller homestead. The structure is a small two-level cottage, complete with a covered porch that sweeps around the exterior. The wooden slats of the house seem freshly painted, as if this old place has been brought back to life by careful hands. A chair-swing sways beneath the shade of the porch, moving with the slightest breeze off the sea. Inside, the quaint space has been decked out with the comforts one might expect. Fluffy rugs cover hardwood floors, and finely carved furniture dominates most of the spaces. A few things here and there seem older, heirlooms that now have a new place to call home.

Everything within the cottage is comfortable, rather than elaborate. Though it may have once been empty, there is now a warm, welcoming feel to the place. Many large windows and sliding doors look out upon both the training field and across the road, a view of the beach and the sea beyond. Even on the hottest days, these can be opened to let in air and leave the rooms cool and comfortable. Set back a ways from many of the other Weyrbarns along the roadway, there is plenty of room for those who need a bit of space and privacy. There is plenty of space, leaving room to grow, to learn, to expand, and most of all… it is a warm, safe place to come home to when the day's tasks are done.

Kera pauses on the path when the creaky trolley she pushes catches on a clump of grass. A tarp is covering the bulky cargo, and the geenhealer tries to keep a steadying hand over the mass to keep it stable when the trolley jars on the path. Her lizard friends are keeping Moncerath comapny for the moment, and Kera levers the trolley around the clump, turning so she's pulling rather than pushing. Thankfully, the walkway in her destination is smoother going than the path and her efforts ease up a bit. She's not trying to sneak, no doubt the occupants have been informed of her arrival probably long before she even made it into the Weyrleaders' yard. Before going up to the door though, she takes a moment to catch her breath, fanning her face so she doesn't seem to have exhausted herself. Only then does she step around the trolley and knock briskly on the door.

It's naptime for Skyler! …well… it was naptime for Skyler. Only apparently Skyler doesn't believe in naps anymore. Naps are for other babies. Or firelizards, those can nap. Or… could nap. Haruhi pops out a window, squawks at Kera, then flies off toward the barn. Inside, Skyler makes fussy-baby sounds as he figures out that he's awake and decides what to do about it, and Soriana disappears into his room to make soothing sounds and convince him that whatever it was that he was planning to do, it isn't (shouldn't be) cry. Crying's a bad idea. How about something else? "Shhh, it's okay…" Naps, maybe? She likes naps. But… Skyler's unconvinced about trying those again right now. Last time he tried to nap… he woke up!

Alloy, the guard-lizard, lounges outside the weyrbarn, dozing on the porch-swing in a very un-guardlike manner. Maybe he knew that the small one would be crying. The small one tends to do that from time to time, and crying baby isn't one of Alloy's favorite sounds. Which is why he is outside and Nugget is inside, for that rolly-poly lizard can sleep through anything. Apparently the only one who doesn't comprehend the greatness of naps is Skyler, and if he's awake, his parents are awake too. Soriana's tending to Mr. Fussy, and Ka'el is readying a bottle, because a baby with a full tummy is more likely to go to sleep! Then, there's a knock on the door, and he glances that way. "Got it," he says, bottle in hand and burp-rag flopped over his un-knotted shoulder as he heads towards the front door. "Does he have his frog?" he calls over his shoulder before looking ahead and pulling the door open. Look! It's Kera. And a trolley. He blinks in surprise, but smiles soon after. "You haven't changed your Wing to Comet without telling me first, have you?"

Kera moves back to the trolley after knocking, leaning and propping across the long bar handle.The sudden squawk has her looking around to Haruhi, smiling at her appearance "Hello pretty la..dy" Trailing off as the queen flies quickly to the barn. Very little time is spent pondering the lizard, cause then a few murmured words from inside reach her ears and then Ka'el's opening the door. His question gets a chuckle and headshake "G'afternoon..No sir, just didn't have any marks left to hire one." Eyes flicker past the bottle building man briefly before she focuses back on his face. "Sorry to intrude on your family time, but, I think it would have caused too much commotion trying to get this through the caverns and hallways…" Kera quickly gestures to the bulky oddly shaped mass under tarp.

"…didn't it get left…" somewhere. Soriana's not even sure where. It's a frog on the loose! A toad on the road! An amphibian bein' free! Anyway, Skyler's being slowly soothed down to less-grumpy, with scrunchy baby face unsquinching and becoming more willing to look at Soriana and… hah, was that a burble? It was! And burbles are a half-step short of giggles, and then… Soriana notices that, huh, the voices by the door seem to actually be continuing. This isn't just a mail delivery! It's… a reason why she bounces Skyler in her arm as she brings him over to get a onesie (green with white leaves all over) and a pair of socks (orange with red stripes). Color coordination will come later. The socks will probably come off later, but there's no point in worrying about that yet. For now, Skyler gets himself dressed suitably for company and then Soriana emerges to investigate the situation, baby in one arm. The other one, she lifts to wave.

"Hire? Ha, you can't tell me one of your fellow Weyrling graduates wouldn't have delivered your load for free?" says Ka'el who eyes her cart with an expression of curiosity. "I understand though. Everyone has to earn their wages somehow…" he comments, eyes turning back to her. He glances over his shoulder at the mentioning of family time, smirking as he spies Soriana and the oh so fashionably dressed Skyler approaching. "He's lookin' to be in a better mood," he notes, lifting the bottle afterward. "Do we still need this?" If not, it can definitely be saved for later. One can never have too much milk handy, even if the little guy has started showing more interest in semi-solid foods. Mashed this! Softened that! "What is all that there?" he asks to the greenrider, brow arching as he moves out of the way to let her in. "Or .. are we to come out?"

Kera reaches down and unknots the little rope strapping the tarp down and starts peeling back the covering back at the back corner. "I probably could have, but seems sorta excessive to pay for delivery when I can just walk across the way myself." Reaching under as she does, the tarp is moved aside completely. A large flat package is slipped under Kera's arm as she holds it with one arm. Now that it's completely uncovered a baby walker can be seen. And sitting right in the seat of it, is a pale blue dragon stuffy with various colored polka dots all over it. The toy is almost too big to fit, the wings sticking out on either side. Kera reaches to smooth out and straighten the toy some, it having gotten somewhat smushed on the way over. The walker itself has a large base, too big to fit through most doorways without tilting up. Four wheels with a springy peg-leg adapted to each are spaced evenly around the base of the walker. The wheels can be locked to allow for no traveling babies. The 'desk' of the baby walker has color little images painted across the surface. "If you can wrestle this inside, I can push the trolley back off your porch."Stepping back, Kera spots Soriana moving behind Ka'el, waving to her friend then wiggling finges to the finely dressed little man. "It's a new design from one of the Pediatricians at the Hall."

"Mmhmm," Soriana agrees to Ka'el. "Bawa!" Skyler… agrees? Disagrees? Who can tell? He's being smiley, though, so it's probably agreement. Probably. As for that milk? Soriana takes a look at their son, and frowns consideringly for a moment. "Well…" He doesn't look hungry, but then again, sometimes these looks can be deceptive. "He'll want some eventually." Sooner or later, he always does! It's just sometimes hard to tell when. Right now, Skyler's still waking up and figuring out that… hey, look, there are people here! Like… besides his parents. Soriana looks as well, to see Kera and… her brows arch as she looks over the… objects… that've been brought. "Hi Kera," she says, wiggling fingers in a wave - Skyler doesn't bother to wave, but he does burble something to join the conversation - then peers at the polka-dotted dragon confinement device. She laughs a little. "What's… this about?"

Oooh, what's that contraption there? Ka'el likely is not a man with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to baby walkers. He's never had a baby before! And learning about Skyler's developmental needs have been a sort of 'on the go' type of course thus far. He's definitely not walking upright just yet, having just learning that he's capable of moving himself by rolling and scooting, but still! Eventually this .. thing will be a thing that they'll need. But that dragon plush? Ka'el laughs as he steps forward to pull the polka-dotted plushie out from its seat in the walker. "Now if I ever see a blue with these sorts of markings…" he says with a grin and shake of his head, "the first stop for it would be to you, Soriana, and the dragonhealers!" But the plushie is baby-cute. Skyler will probably like him! Maybe the lost frog has a new replacement? Only time will tell. For now, Ka'el bops at the soft nose and turns to wiggle it in the boy's direction. "Look at what Kera got for you. "Now, don't get too fond of blue. I've a feeling bronze is more your color." He beams, still holding that bottle which in fact will be saved for a later time. "But, right Soriana's a point," he says with a smile to Kera. "What's this all about? We needn't any gifts." Which doesn't mean that they don't appreciate them. Ka'el likes gifts! Especially those for Skyler.

Kera grins at Skyler's burbling then peers back to the latest thing to come frm the Hall. "It's a present for Skyler, sorta. It's to help babies learn walk." She points out the little stuffy in the seat before Ka'el grabs, joking about the spots with Soriana, then seeing how Skyler likes it. "Legs slips through those holes in the padded canvas there. Little legs and stretch and start learning to hold their weight." Eyeing both Ka'el and Soriana going on quickly as if thinking they may not approve of the new contraption from Healers. "The springy legs are adjustable and you can retract the wheels back when you don't want him really mobile." Blinking when questioned about the presents, she merely shrugs "Not about anything…" She refrains from tossing in a sir, but probably should have. "I went on a little shopping spree a little while back." She glances down to the package still under her arm and rolls an amused grin back to her friends "And while I was getting a few things for myself and the cottge, I saw this…" She sorta lifts the bundle to be seen, her gaze focusing past Ka'el to Soriana "…it looked close to the style of dresses I've seen you wear soo.." Another half shrug lifts her shoulders and a quick gesture to the walker "And that, I was at the Hall one day and got to talkin with some others… Long story short, here we are."

…which is why Ka'el has a tendency to buy gifts for Skyler! And also to appreciate the ones that show up from other people, whether he knows what they are or not. Really, there's a ton of things he doesn't know - that's part of why, every time he talks to some baby-stuff-producer, he usually ends up with something new that Skyler needs… though answering the door isn't usually one of those times. Soriana eyes the dragon Ka'el shows. "…spotted grange fever. Very serious. Only know cure is cake." She considers for a moment. "Pie'll work too. Staves off the worst of it." She holds the serious expression for a moment, then laughs. "He'll be whatever color. Or none of them." Or all of them at once? "Urra!" …says Skyler. But the maybe-giggle has turned into an actual-giggle, so it's obviously good. The baby looks at the dragon and flails arms a bit, and Soriana adjusts her hold on him, smiling as she looks to Kera and listens. "Well, it's more… I know you've been doing a lot of work on your weyr. And there's certainly always things that need doing. We've been doing all right." They're the leaders here! It's not like they don't have enough marks to buy all those toys and gifts that Skyler's been collecting or - depending on how you look at it - that they've been collecting for Skyler.

"Oh, that's how it works? That's great," says Ka'el of the walker, glancing to Skyler, then to the contraption, then Skyler again…contemplating. His son most definitely is an advanced sort of child (don't all parents think that?) Maybe he's ready to try that thing out right now! As he is everything else Ka'el has ever purchased for the child. Those baby-stuff-producers just love it when the Weyrleader comes to visit! They almost always get a sale out of it. "Spotted grange fever, you say? Sounds deadly," he says with a frown to Soriana. "You know, to be on the safe side, we should always have cake and pie handy here. You never know. Kanekith or Luraoth may come down with it unexpectedly…Never hurts to be prepared, yeah?" So says the cake-loving Weyrleader. He moves closer to Skyler to continue to entertain him with his new dragon buddy, though he glances to the bundle that Kera still holds. A dress? He smirks a little, eyeing his weyrmate, "The four times a turn that she wears dresses…" he comments jokingly. "Here, want me to hold him so you can get a better look?" He offers, tucking the bottle beneath an arm, holding the toy in his free hand, and reaching for Skyler with his other. Being a parent means turning two hands into four, you know.

Kera doesn't try to cover the chuckle as Soriana prescribes cake and pie as the only known cures. Gaze drifts between the parents, enjoying the banter between her friends. "The cooks can probably have a steady stream of freshly bakes cakes and pies. A little army of drudges carrying dragonsized platters." Having tossed that in, she follows the proud papa and glances briefly around before turning her attention back to the family. Nodding to Soriana, grinning to Ka'el's comment about the few times the Weyrwoman wears a dress. "Yea well, I figured a new mommy needed a new dress when she was back to herself." Pausing as she realizes how that may have sounded but simply extends the bundle out. "It's not been altered yet, I picked it up in Ista." Needles to say the Istan shopkeeper didn't have the Xanadu Weyrwoman's measurements.

Well, Skyler can sit up on his own, so he can probably also sit up in a wheeled chair thingy. It's developmentally appropriate enough that he won't fall over! Soriana at least isn't worried about it… from that perspective. She's not actually all that worried about this alleged spotted grange fever, either. "We'll make sure they're briefed," she says. The kitchens, that is! To supply all the cake and pie they'll need. Skyler babbles a conversation to that spotted dragon… unfortunately, it's in baby-ese, so it doesn't make that much sense to anyone else. Still, it's probably important, so Soriana hands over Skyler to Ka'el so they can consider this crucial exploration of just what it means that pa ju ro bibble. While they do that, she… will lift her eyebrows to Kera. "…I'm not so sure that's… myself, exactly." Except for four times a year? "I mean, I'm glad you were thinking of me…"

Ka'el has the baby! And the dragon. And the bottle. And that burp rag, but that's more draped than being held. Skyler is greeted with a grin and kiss to his head, but as interesting as his father may be, that spotted furry thing is new and interesting. Sorry pops, dragon wins! He reaches. He's become good at reaching for things. Sometimes grabbing. Sometimes batting. This time, it's reach and grab time! Congratulations Kera! Your gift has been accepted and Christened with a healthy dose of baby drool as the dragon's nose is pulled to his mouth, which muffles the noises he's making. Yum! Dragon fur. Hopefully this doesn't spawn any ideas of what to do with his many firelizard friends that are just the right size for gnawage. Ka'el still keeps a hold of the plush with his free hand though, smirking as Skyler plays with his new toy in the same way he plays with all of his other toys. Baby drool is a dominant liquid in their weyr. "We've learned not to wear anything too fancy with Skyler around," he says to Kera, sounding humored. "He has a knack for makin' new clothes look .. less than impressive." The things that can come out of that boy's mouth is … heh, yeah. In any case, that dress gift is still unopened, and Ka'el is nosy. "I'm sure the tailors or whoever can size it up when she needs it," he assures Kera before hip-bumping Soriana. "C'mon then, open it. At this rate by the time we see it, Skyler will have outgrown his walker and will have impressed his bronze." Or blue. Or brown. Or green. Or nothing at all!

Kera nods with a little grin to Soriana's assurance the cakes will be on an endless supply loop. Passing over the simply wrapped bundle, she is obviously highly amused that Skyler seems to be taste testing his new fluffy friend and giggles at the babies antics. It turns into a smirk though that she tries to cover by lowering her head and searching an inner jacket pocket, when Ka'el begins boasting about little Skyler impressing a bronze. Proud Papa indeed. Attention slips back to Soriana as she now has the present, Kera bouncing lightly on her toes with a sudden grin. What can she say, she likes giving presents. "I was trying things on and saw this one… I could actually picture it on you so figured you should have it." Flicking glance to the hip baby bouncing rider. "I didn't see anything that jumped out and screamed your name Ka'el, but I do have a little present for you too." Nodding with a sneaky little grin, she focuses back on the Weyrwoman.

Unlike those firelizards, the dragon toy doesn't squawk or try to get away. And so… it gets slobbered and chewed! Fortunately it's soft. Soriana smiles as she sees Skyler taking to it, and then… she laughs. "Fine, fine…" she says, and hesitates another moment before… she reaches for the box! She takes the box! She… looks back up to Kera. This is something that could be pictured on her? …well, okay. So… she'd better see this for herself. She… opens the box! "Drool's a fashion accessory, right?" And if it is, will it go with this?

Oooh, the mystery! What kind of dress will it be? Will it be an elegant evening gown? A playful spring dress? A fancy dress made for formal, Weyrwomanly types of occasions? Ka'el's always been a fan of dresses! Likely because .. well, they're worn by women and he likes women. And he likes the way they can hug a form and show curves. And some can be long and pretty. He's seen some fancy, schmancy ones worn by highly ranked folks at highly ranked affairs. And some can be short and feminine and young looking, like the kind they wear at beaches and summer parties. And some can be … well. There are all types of dresses! And this box holds Some Type that will be unknown until it's unwrapped! Skyler's too interested in his plushie to care about mom's dress. Ka'el, on the other hand, watches with a grin, eyes flitting to Kera as she speaks to him. "I'd hope nothing at a dress shop jumped out and screamed my name," he says with a sniff that's accompanied with a playful smirk. "You were on a spree, weren't you? A gift for us all? Is it a drool protector? I'd love a drool protector."

Kera pretends to think a moment before nodding "Apparently, drools the latest must have in fashion. Maybe they should consider pre-drooling things before they are even on the racks." Flashing a wink to Soriana, turns back to Ka'el and Skyler, focusing mainly on the baby. Making a funny face to the little man, she steps closer while pulling a folded page from her inner jacket pocket. "I /did/ go more places than a dress shop." Nodding that the gift is for all, she holds out the folded page. Once unfolded, it turns out to be 'certificate' promising a few evenings of baby watching to be redeemed by the certificate holder. "But no, I didn't see anything I thought ya may want." Besides a new kickball. "Hopefully, maybe you'll like this anyway. It does sorta come with a limit time of droll protection, for you.", when he gets around to reading it that is. Barely finished speaking, she looks back to Soriana as she opens the box

Dresses kind of are mysteries. They're mysteries in terms of what's under them - because, yes, there's a person inside, but there are so many details that are (mysteriously) hidden. This particular one is an extra mystery, because it's cloth (probably) tucked away inside a box. Soriana looks up as she loosens the twine, and grins. "I dunno, you could try something pink and lacy," she teases Ka'el. "Or maybe an apron…" If it were Skyler-sized, it'd be a bib! …aka a drool protector. See? They do exist… it's just not possible to get enough of them to actually cover all the things that need to be covered. The dragon, for instance, gets no protection from drool whatsoever - and thus he's becoming covered in it, one gnaw at a time. Soriana's eyes glance over Skyler before returning to that box. Inside… there's a dress! It's probably a nice dress, something summery… because, well, Ista. It's not like they have any non-summery seasons around there. So, light and beachy! Soriana considers it. "Too bad the Summer Games are over…" Because they had the occasional formal event, right? In with the mud-wrestling and such.

Skyler's blue eyes stare at Kera while his mouth is full with plush. Ooh. She's a funny one. She's given a giggle. A muffled sort of giggle that has Ka'el pulling the toy out of his son's mouth a little so that he can breathe. Not that he couldn't. Ka'el is just… closet over-protective. He's out of hands to carry one more thing, but with Skyler nestled in his arm, he can hold the plush with that same hand and that'll free that other hand to take the paper from Kera. It's unfolded and read. Brows lift. "It's a contract," he says to Soriana. "..Sweet. For babysitting? Whenever we'd like, no questions asked?" He smirks, lifting a brow at the greenrider. "Have you ever watched a child before? Innocent as he looks, he has quite a few tricks up his sleeves." And in his mouth. And up his nose. And in his diaper! To Soriana, he snickers. "For that, I hope that dress is pink and lacy. You'll wear it to our next meeting, I’m sure," he says with a smirk. But, nope! It's not a frilly dress. It's actually a simple dress. And pretty. And summery! "Niiice," he compliments. "And ha, Summer Games may be done, but our summer will be here in some months. Perfect timing, Kera."

Kera nods to herself, smiling as she sees the dress against Soriana out of the box. Her friends' remarks to each other get a little chuckle "I'll have to keep my eye out for a big pink bib now." A quick look flickers to the Weyrleader a second then back to Sori. Her friend's face has not shriveled up to resemble a withered orange fruit, so she must like the dress. Pleased with her purchase, Ka'el's inquires gets a quick nod when she peers back to him and the baby. "Yea. Of course, there is a matter of being able to rearrange duty shifts if needed." Her amused smile gets slightly bigger, afterall, what good is being Weyrleader if he can't move around a few work shifts to get a night out. "I've baby sat a few times over the turns, yes. While not pleasant, I have changed more than a few diapers." Sending both of the parents a smile "I'd just need a little warning to baby proof the cottage is all."

Ka'el just needs a fifth hand. See, this is what firelizards are supposed to do, perch on shoulders and use their jaws to hold things for their humans. Not that they do, but hey. They can be blamed if Ka'el drops something. …like the bottle. Not the baby. Babies aren't for dropping. Soriana gives a look to Ka'el. A contract? "…harper notarized?" she asks, then actually listens. "Huh." A look back to Kera, considering, and then a faint nod as Ka'el interrogates the healer about her baby-related skills… and skills with baby-related messes! Because, oh, Skyler could make such a mess of a dress, frilly and pink or otherwise. "Maybe we'll manage to get out for a bit, even." To put that summer dress to early use! "…once Luraoth's okay with it, anyway." Right now, the only sands Soriana's getting to see are the ones of the hatching ground.

"Hmm. Well, we'll keep this in a place that's safe," says Ka'el of the babysitting coupon. "And lucky you, I'm the Weyrleader. Your schedule is mine to be tampered with at my leisure. I'm sure there'll be no problem when the time comes," he says with a smirk, to which Skyler concurs with a few finely-made spit bubbles. Such a charming boy! "Thank you, Kera," he says with both a smile and nod to the greenrider. "All of these gifts are appreciated by all've us. You didn't have to go through the trouble, but thank you for doing so." The mentioning of getting out and going out in her new dress has Ka'el drawing his eyes to Soriana, and he nods in agreement. "I'll sweet talk Luraoth. She'll be fine with just Kanekith for a few candlemarks. And if you're happy, she's happy, and I'll be sure to keep you happy." It'll be a great time! Til the gold gets agitated, which dragons tend to do, especially sand-ridden ones, when their riders aren't around and they want them to be. .. And speaking of dragons. "Moncerath doing okay?" he asks of Kera. "I haven't had much chance to see her."

Kera lifts her brow slightly, head shaking "Oh no. Nothing so formal as a Harper contract. I just sorta wrote it out fancy like to try and make it amusing." Once that is cleared up, she wiggles her fingers to Skyler "We'll get along just fine, won't we Skyler." Another wierd face made to the baby before waving off the thanks. "You're very welcome. I figured you both might enjoy some time to yourselves without having to jump up for baby duty at any given second." Smiling as the couple seem to already be planning an outing, Kera lifts her hands trying to play peek*a*boo with the baby a few seconds while the conversation continues. The inquiry about her dragonmate pull her away from the peek game to grin at her friends. "She's well, rather smug that we lasted many rounds through Fort's recent games. For the dragon events at least. All in all, I think we showed well for Xanadu." Kera nods to herself as she gives it a little thought "I got to show off the new pretty straps I had made up for her. Name dyed on and all." Moncerath was quite the well dressed green even if Kera is the one to think it.

Maybe even a place that's babyproofed! Otherwise Skyler might chew the certificate to pieces. He's got a tendency to see paper as just another baby toy, one that makes amusing sounds when it's ripped… and makes grownups make funny sounds when they notice, too! And not the intentionally funny things, either - not like Kera's faces! Soriana smiles to Kera, nodding along to the thanks that Ka'el offers. She nods to him about Luraoth and Kanekith. "We'll find a time." In between meetings! But it should be possible, and if it isn't, they can still dream and hope… which will keep them distracted until they can. Or until the eggs are hatched and Skyler's a turn old, whichever comes first. Soriana looks back to Kera, and smiles at her report about Moncerath in the games. "I'm glad to hear it!" she says, then takes another glance at Ka'el and steps aside to set down the box with the dress and then come over and unburden him of the things he's carrying other than baby and polka-dragon. No need for that bottle… yet. Not while Skyler's got a stuffed toy to gnaw instead… or, well, while he's un-hungry enough that he's willing to gnaw a stuffed toy instead of fussing for a bottle.

Ka'el is un-burdened with the bottle. Yay! His arm is free, and he can tuck their certificate away in a pocket. "I'm glad to hear that you represented Xanadu well," he speaks of the Games and Kera's involvement. "One of these turns Soriana and I will make it over to one, though I odn't know the rules. Are Weyrleaders and Weyrwomen allowed to play? Or are we supposed to be neutral spectators?" He wrinkles his nose at the thought. "I hope not. That sounds … boring as shell. I may have to disguise myself and Kanekith. If he rolls in the mud long enough he could pass for a brown, don't you think?" he asks to them both, looking from greenrider to gold with an expression of mirth in his eyes. "I'm glad to hear Moncerath is doing well, in any case. I'm sure she was a looker in her straps." Even dragons like to show off every once in a while! For Kanekith, it's…a little more often than that.

Kera is more than happy to boast about Moncerath efforts competing against the Fortian dragons, unable to hold in the giggles over the debate to play or spectate at events. Nose wrinkles and her face scrunches a bit with a hurried headshake "Sounds like too much trouble and effort. You'ld just have to spend all that time doing extra scrubbing and reoiling….Maybe try to get him to look…small and cover him with some shaggy skins. Disguise as a winter coated runner." Quite a stretch of the imagination that would take, but a cleaner option. Peering between the trio with a smile "And speaking of Moncerath, I should probably get back to the cottage. It oiling time all the way around, and Polgara's still growing." An amused eyeroll at that, oiling work is never done.

Soriana arches eyebrows at Ka'el's suggestion. "You think you can get Kanekith to agree to spatter his hide with mud?" Let alone get coated in it! But the bronze, well, the only reason his picture isn't next to 'vain' in the dictionary is that he couldn't figure out which his best side was when the photographer asked. More seriously… "I know Kiena's competed, so it's likely allowed." For Weyrleaders as well as their Seconds. "I know I've heard plenty of weyrfolk arranging for trips there." Hmm. "Should send our candidates up for a visit." Why not? Soriana may be stuck here with Luraoth, but the candidates won't be stuck anywhere until they become weyrlings. Once they do… things will never be the same again! It's like having a baby. Well… it is having a baby, it's just a dragon baby instead of a human one. Still needs attention! Even once grown, and Soriana smiles to Kera as she mentions her flying friends who need oil. "See you later, then!" She glances to dress box and walker, then back to Kera. "And… thanks."

"Of course I can," answers Ka'el to Soriana. "I'd just have to convince him that mud on the hide is the best way to get his hide to gleam brighter than it ever has before. He'll be all over it." But then he may have the problem of always having a muddy dragon to clean. Hmmmm! He laughs though, imagining a runner-disguised Kanekith. "Largest runner there ever was…" he says amusedly, shifting Skyler from one arm to the other. The kid isn't 'heavy' by any means, but he can make an arm tired after too much holding. Ka'el nods at the point made by Soriana, who mentions the Weyrsecond. And now Kera is about to leave, and she is given a smile. "It was good to see you, Kera," he says in departure, offering her a wave. "Thanks again for everything. Skyler will love his walker, once he gets to using it. We'll be sure you see him in it," he says kindly, grateful for the gifts. "Take care."

Kera smiles again to Soriana and Ka'el "You're very welcome. And I hope Skyler likes the toy, since he probably could care less about the walker." Turning her gaze on the drooling one and making a puffy-cheeked face before simply grinning. Ka'el's murmuring as if he may be actually considering her hide covered idea for a later purpose isn't missed, but she nods and offers another wave. "I'll look forward to seeing him scooting around in it. Enjoy the rest of your day." Heading out, she hooks the trolley handle when she reaches the yard. It rolls along more easily than it did earlier when weighted down.

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