Cold Comments

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

It's winter, so of course the best place to go would be the beach, right? Tahryth is there settled within a 'mound' of snow that has been made into a fort of sorts, the young green seems rather happy with herself as she peeks over the edge as if waiting to for someone to wander by, as if they wouldn't notice a dragon there. Idrissa is there as well, busy making snowballs out of the snow that has been gathered up by her dragon. "I don't think they're going to show up." This offered with a faint murmur to Tahryth. A slight rumble escapes the green as she doesn't seem to share in with her riders thoughts on them getting left in the cold it seems. "Well you could just ask them what is taking so long then." Rissa offers while rubbing at her hands a few moments and then searching for her gloves that she took off in order to make said snowballs.

Zi'on often forgets that Xanadu is on a different season cycle than Western is. Though the snow is a dead giveaway. Betweening though makes dressing for the cold a necessity. After his business things are worked out, Zi'on decides to take a cold stroll along the beach before he heads back to Western's summer humidity. After dropping off his rider, Suldith starts to dig himself a mound out of the snow and sand, where he can curl up. Zi'on meanwhile, bundles up for a cold walk along the beach. He spots the green in the fort, but not Idrissa. And he doesn't recognize her dragon. Little does he know that preparations for war are going on behind the wall there.

Tahryth tilts her head, swirling gaze settling on Zi'on whom is wandering closer and closer. A soft warble escapes her while she wiggles about, new person! Her tail flicks and sways, wings twitching a few times as she has to keep herself put or else the game is up. Idrissa catches on that someone is coming. "Is it Reina.. Or Jnelle?" She's really like to hit the other with a snowball. When no answer is given from her dragon other than 'someone' Rissa goes about picking up a snowball and peeks over the edge of the fort. She can't really tell who it is all bundled up like that, but well why not attempt to hit them anyway. The snowball is tossed into the air once and caught before she sends it flying right towards Zi'on.. At least it's not an arrow, right?

Zi'on is indeed a new person. At least as far as the green is concerned. Rissa's bumped into Zi'on a few times now, so she ought to know who he is. Though it's hard to tell who exactly it is, other than that a tall man is walking on the beach. He's also not paying terribly close attention, though Suldith is watching the green warily. And when the snowball goes sailing at Zi'on, the bronze alerts him, just in time to duck. And off the snowball goes, sailing over his head. He turns back towards Tahryth. "A snowball tossing green? Oh!" Then he spots Rissa, peeking up over the top of the fort. "It's not very nice to ambush someone unexpectedly…"

Tahryth lowers her head to watch Zi'on curiously, her tail wiggling about along with the rest of her form as she acts very much like a happy canine that is glad to see someone. All because Zi'on is someone new you see. Once he is there she lowers her head, swirling gaze watching him curiously while she reports to her rider that this is 'not' Jnelle. At the voice Idrissa freezes and peers up at Zi'on a few moments. Well this isn't exactly how she planned things to go this afternoon. A soft ah escapes her and a glance is sent towards her dragon as she works on what to say while slowly standing up. "Um.. Well.. No.." This is said softly after a moment. "I was expecting someone else..?" Sure that will work. As for Tahryth the green leans in now closer to Zi'on and attempts to give his face a quick dragony slurp across the cheek.

Zi'on tilts his head a bit at the green. Well, she seems cute enough. Rissa is never very happy to see Zi'on it would seem. Why should today be any different? "Idrissa? Ah. Who were you expecting, then?" In other words, who was the unlucky bastard that was about to be pelted with snowballs? "I think setting up camp here may have run then off." He chuckles a bit. As the green goes to.. lick him, the bronzer jumps out of smile-range. "Whoa! Thanks, but no thanks. I don't intend to go around smelling like dragon breath, no offense." He looks to Idrissa then. "You should break her of that habit. You'll give some poor hold-bred a heart attack, as she moves in on them with her mouth hanging open."

Idrissa doesn't honestly have a problem with Zi'on around, though really it is Zi'on all weyrleader like after all. "One of the other weyrlings. Was supposed to have a snowball fight.. Though I guess she got held up somewhere." Story of her life, Rissa tends to be the last one told things, last one left out, she's gotten used to it by now. As Tahryth leans in for the lick she reaches out to try and stop it, but well she never has before. "It's a work in progress.." This said softly while looking to her dragon. Tahryth grumps out and lifts her head back up, eyes closing as she was unable to get the lick in. "She does it to everyone she meets, at least once.. Even licked V'dim my weyrling master once.. Was not a pretty sight.." Rissa glances back to Zi'on. "I'm sorry for the snowball.."

Zi'on is a weyrleader after all. And he wouldn't mind a good snowball fight… but he's in his good leathers. Not that that would stop him, if he really wanted to. "Ah, that's too bad." He says about her missing friend. "Maybe you'd like to keep me company instead? I don't know about a snowball fight though. I'm in my leathers… not good snowball gear I guess." He chuckles at the green. "Maybe she can lick me later, when I'm not in my good clothes. I'm surprised your weyrlingmaster didn't have her lick something horrible to break her of the habit." He grins to Rissa. "You missed me anyways, so nothing to apologize for there. Unless you're apologizing in advance…"

Idrissa watches Zi'on a few moments at the offer to keep him company instead, she ponders this and is even given a poke from Tahryth with that lengthy dragon tail. "Well.. Sure.." A soft rumble escapes the green seemingly happy for this outcome that /she/ totally caused of course. "She did lick numbweed before when we was showing them what it would do. The healer said no other dragon ever licked it before, that he knew of anyway." At the talk of this there is a slight snort escaping Tahryth while the green stretches and turns a shoulder towards them, her attention settling on that bronze over there now. « Hello! » Seems this green loves meeting anyone and everyone that she possible can. Rissa grins just a bit and points at Zi'on. "Well.. you're in your leathers so nope nothing for it." She'd start a snowball fight if she could get away with it would seem.

Zi'on stands there as Rissa confers with her dragon over whether or not to keep him company. He's got a grin that says trouble. "Good!" He says, before she barely gets the word out. "We can go for a walk. You can tell me about yourself." He shivers. "Ew. I can't imagine numbweed is very appetizing. But maybe the numbness blocks out the taste, too?" Suldith eyes the green warily, standing back on his haunches as she approaches. « Hello. Who are you? » The bronze is… generally wary of other dragons he doesn't know. Zi'on chuckles. "Or we could hide in your fort, instead of walking. It is pretty cold out. At least for me. Western doesn't get too cold."

Idrissa tilts her head while she smirks a moment. "We could.. As for myself not much to talk about." She isn't one that eagerly does such things it seems. "I don't know so much about that; she just said that it needed to be done so she did it." She watches while Tahryth is up and moving towards Suldith, there is a slight bit of worry crossing her face as she knows her dragon can be very friendly and not all dragons or people take kindly to such things. At the talk of staying in the 'fort' she glances around a moment and shrugs. "Sure, helps keep the wind off at least." Tahryth warbles out happily at the answer, and she does get closer but not /that/ close. « I'm Tahryth, it is a pleasure to meet you.. Who..ever you are..» The greens wings flutter a few times as her head lifts, swirling gaze curiously watching the bronze. « Your from Western? Mine has been there once, she was it was nice and warm. » Which at the moment warm is a good thing.

Zi'on chuckles a bit at Idrissa. "I'm not looking for deep, dark secrets or the like. Just the basics. Where are you from, how'd you end up at Xanadu, what sorts of boys are your type… you know. The usual." He grins to her. "The fort it is. At least for a little while. Until I can't feel my face any more." The bronzer hops over the wall and finds a spot to hunker down in that's out of the wind. He spots the worry in Rissa's face and looks toward the two dragons. "Don't worry. Suldith is harmless. He's just wary of dragons he doesn't know." Suldith is still in defensive mode, but the green is little and not very threatening, so he's starting to relax a bit. « I am Suldith. Yes, I was born at Western and we live there. It is much warmer there. » Which is indeed a good thing when it is so cold.

Idrissa ahs softly, as if she would go telling anyone that to start with. "Right, simple little things like that." She watches Tahryth a few moments more before she is settling back down to escape the wind that blows in from the sea. "She's just very friendly, loves to meet everyone. Not everyone is so eager to meet her, so I worry." Which is a understatement, she worries about a lot. Onwards towards the talktalk stuffs. "I'm from a colthold near Irene, came here four turns back with Soriana and her mother so I could work on getting into the beastcraft to work with runners." She could have went anywhere for that, though she came to Xanadu. A soft rumble escapes Tahryth while she curiously watches Suldith. « Nice to meet you, welcome to Xanadu. » The green hunkers down, wings settled close to her sides. « Do you like games.. Perhaps.. Like to play one? » Tahryth would attempt to get the bronze to play a game it seems.

Idrissa wouldn't tell people where she was from or how she got to Xanadu to start with? He smiles at her. "Or you know… whatever you want to tell me." They could continue to talk about their dragons, if that would help make Idrissa comfortable with the conversation at hand. "It's a good quality. Maybe not so much the licking, though." The bronzer listens to Idrissa's story, nodding. "Ierne didn't have beastcrafters? Or were you just looking for a change in scenery?" Sometimes a change was good! Though the bronzer hasn't had much of it since he impressed. Suldith yawns a bit, and curls up again in his makeshift wallow. « What sort of game? » Suldith isn't feeling quite at ease enough right now with the green to just agree to her game.

Idrissa more like certain other things, telling someone where she is from is on the safe list it seems. As for the being comfortable with the conversation the more she talks the more relaxed she seems to be. "They did, and well they do.. I just needed to get away from home for a while. Soriana and I were friends, and I worked with her mother's runners so it just sort of worked out." Tahryth shifts as she curiously watches Suldith. « Well, snowball fight comes to mind. » There is a lot of snow around after all. The green can sense that the bronze is feeling a bit uneasy still, a soft warble escaping her as she inches a bit closer, her tail twitching. « Who can pounce the best.. »

Just things like what type of guy she was into was off the list? Of course, it would be an easy way to tell Zi'on off, if that's what she wanted to do. The bronzer seems happy enough to chat about other things, though. "Ah. Well, sometimes it helps to start over fresh someplace. Helps to be someplace new with new experiences and new people. So you're a beastcrafter then by trade? Apprentice?" She seemed too young to be a journeyman. At least since she was also sporting a young green. Suldith tilts his head at Tahryth. « Snowball fight is a human game. How are we to make snowballs? » Generally such things required hands instead of claws. « Pounce? What are we pouncing? » Or maybe that was just her warning of letting him know she was going to pounce on him?

Idrissa doesn't often tell people off, and for some reason she doesn't want to tell Zi'on off, yet at least. "It helped somewhat I suppose. Didn't leave on very good terms though." That was saying it lightly; her family isn't the most understanding with some things. "Yup, runners mostly but I sort of deal with anything that needs help I suppose. Still an apprentice, for now at least. Still not too sure if I'll stick with it now or not." Tahryth shifts form resting in a crouch while her wings unfurl just a bit and she does indeed pounce! Just not on Suldith, more in front of him as a soft warble escapes her. « One another.. The snow, the water.. » As for making snowballs her tail is quick to swipe up some snow, not an actually snowball but it works and she sends it flying towards the bronze with a happy warble escaping her before she hops off a few feet to see if he'll follow and play or not.

Yet. She may change her mind after a while though. As Zi'on pummels her with questions about this or that. "No? Your family put up resistance I take it?" It was generally families that did such things. Friends were usually supportive, if sad. He nods to her. "I don't know much about runners. I couldn't even ride one if you paid me to. My experience with them only covers watching them race or buying them. Like I did for the weyrwoman at Western while we were still together. It's hard progressing through a craft with other rider duties. Xanadu has a craft wing though, right? I've been thinking of opening up a craft wing at Western. We could use more crafters. And the other two wings aren't really positioned for crafters." Suldith peers at the green. « I would crush you if I pounced on you. » And then there is snow sent flying his way. The bronze gets to his feet and growls at the green. « That's cold! »

"Pretty much, my mother was against it.. Still is I suppose. Haven't talked to her since being here." Idrissa offers with a slight shake of her head. "Didn't have many friends there, save for Soriana." Actually she still doesn't have many friends. "My uncle breeds working and riding runners. I've worked with some of the racers but they're a bit high spirited for me so I just stick with the others." A nod is seen. "Yeah there is a crafter's wing.. I just was thinking of doing something else." Mostly thanks to her issues with a certain beastcrafter that she would love to never see again. The growl does get her attention and she lifts her head slightly to look towards the dragon. Tahryth watches Suldith a few moments, there is a tilt of her head. « It's just snow.. Not like it will hurt you. » A soft snort escapes the green while her tail lashes a few times and she continues on her pace to move away from the bronze. Her steps take her to the water's edge and she settles down there to watch the water. « Grumpy.. » Is sent back towards the visiting bronze.

Zi'on looks at Idrissa curiously. "Hm. Did she say why she didn't want you to come? Other than the fact that you'd be separated from her, of course. Which may be reason enough." He nods to her. "I see. Actually I don't see, but I'll take your word for it. Like I said, I don't know anything about runners. I grew up in a weyr and both my parents are riders, so I took a dragon when I needed to travel. Also I impressed at a young age, so there wasn't a lot of learning opportunity." He shrugs about wanting to do something else. "I suppose that's your choice. I'm not sure a dragon would be at all helpful dealing with runners anyways. I've heard a lot of them are scared of them. And for good reason." Suldith yawns and stretches out a bit as the green moves away. He slinks over then and settles down next to her. Perhaps this is a game to the bronze?

Idrissa is quiet for a few moments, thinking over what to say before glancing to Zi’on. “My mother told me not to come back if I left. She doesn’t much care for weyrs actually.” Of course there was other things said, but this is the main point of it, no need to go dragging up other things. “Just depends on the runner I think.” Not that she’s asked the runners how they feel mind you. Tahryth shifts a bit, a swirling glance sent towards Suldith, whom she leans a bit closer too now that he at her side.

Zi'on blinks. "I thought you were from Ierne? I guess I don't see that much difference between a weyr and a weyrhold. But I guess I'm also not your mother. Also I've never lived at a weyrhold before. So does she even know you impressed or anything like that?" Holders always seemed so quick to disown their own kids, and yet lots of them regarded fostering as "wrong". It was hard to wrap his head around. "Ah. Sorry to hear about your father." He looks toward the green. "I bet. Though I would think it's usually the runners that are the problem. They're not scared of the dragons?" Suldith yawns a bit and stretches out. But he doesn't move. At least as long as she's not flinging snow at him.

"Just easier to say a colthold near Ierne then some place on a coast, on some off beaten path. When my father died we went and moved in with my uncle and his family near the weyr. My mother hated every moment of it." Idrissa says this while leaning back against the snowy fort. "No, she doesn't know. I've tried to write to her, thought about visiting but I don't see there being a point in it. Not that she really cares from how I see it." At the part on her father a soft smile is seen. "Thanks.. Sok though.." Her gaze drifts towards the dragons for a few moments. "RedFeather's doesn't mind her, some of the other runners don't mind it. Others though freak out to say the least.." As for flinging snow Tahryth doesn't think about doing it again, content to just hang out near Suldith it seems.

"Ooh, I gotcha. That makes more sense. Holders can be quick to judge, of course I guess a lot of us weyrbred are the same way about their customs." He shrugs a bit. "You never know. Even if she doesn't respond, at least you could say you tried? Do you have any siblings?" Zi'on, too, settles in against the wall of the fort. They were hiding! Any passersby might get the wrong idea. There's a nod about the runners. "RedFeather is your runner then? It is neat that you can have stables at your weyrs. Obviously we wouldn't be able to do that at Western." It having a bowl and all, instead of cottages. This is Suldith's getting-to-know-you phase. The quiet part of it, anyways.

Idrissa peers curiously at Zi'on. "Well my uncle likes the weyr, at least the one near him. They buy his runners and all so it sort of works out I suppose one might say." As for anyone passing by she doesn't worry about it, perhaps later she will if rumors start to fly though. "I have an older brother. He sent me a few letters when I first got here then I didn't hear anything else." A shrug is seen while she works on balling up a bit of snow. "Yup. I was actually given him in a way, a gift I suppose." There is a pause at the thought. "He's scarred up so no one would buy him anyway, felines got him when we was off on a ride.. Well sorta.." Tahryth rumbles out softly, her tail slowly twitching in the snow while she is content to watch the waves and work on this getting-to-know-you phase it seems.

Zi'on smiles to Idrissa. "And what about you? What do you think about the weyr? Not that I guess it matters too much, since you're stuck here now." He chuckles. "Ah. Maybe it would be better if you contacted your brother first then? Or I could just stop suggesting that and mind my own business." He watches her ball up some snow. "Back to war preparations then?" He raises a brow to her. "A gift? From who? Ah, so I take it you're pretty good with runners then, hm? To be able to calm one and nurse it back to health?" Suldith is still there, but not doing much. In fact, he might be taking a nap. So if the green in interested in chatting she'll have to get his attention.

Idrissa shrugs at the thought. "I did try to contact him, just gave up after a while." She doesn't seem to worried about it though. Perhaps use to the idea that she'll never speak to them again. "Me? Well I like it here." Her gaze drifts around the area. "Everyone's nice and all, so no real complaints." At the bit on the war preparations she smirks and brushes her hands off. "Naw.." Is offered while she lets her arms rest upon her knees. "I've been told that I handle the runners well. Though was sort of so we could both heal I guess." Rissa is never this talkative; it is /all/ Tahryth's fault of course. Speaking of the green her tail lifts and she pokepokes out at Suldith's side lightly while tilting her head to watch him once more. « Are you asleep? »

Zi'on frowns a bit and nods. Well, perhaps he shouldn't keep bringing up her family! Rissa seems to have come to terms with that situation, and it was likely not doing her any good to keep talking about it. Zi'on chuckles a bit. "I suppose that's good, that everyone is nice." Zi'on shifts a bit in the snow. "Seems a waste to let you leave the beastcrafters then, if you're good with runners. But that's up to you." Suure, blame it on the dragon! It's not that Zi'on makes her feel comfortable at all or anything. Nuuuu. Suldith grunts a bit at the poking. « Yes. » The bronze opens one eye to peer at her.

Nope, he is totally not making her feel comfortable in the least. "I have issues with one of the beastcrafter's there. He doesn't like me and I don't care for him much at all. I think his still mad over me getting RedFeathers the way I did. Then there was when my firelizard sort of attacked him.." Sorta indeed. A glance is sent back to Zi'on. "So.. I get to know anything about the mighty Zi'on or is this just Rissa spill her guts night?" This questioned with an amused tone, a slight grin even seen. Tahryth grumps out faintly at this and curiously watches Suldith. « No fun.. » Is said with a singsong like voice, almost like water dripping. A yawn soon escapes the green though and she hunkers down, head settling upon her foreleg as she seems relaxed enough to not start causing problems just yet.

Zi'on could certainly make Rissa feel far LESS comfortable if she really wants to feel awkward or embarrassed. He blinks at her. "Oh. I see. But if he drives you away, doesn't that basically mean that he's won and you've lost? Or maybe you didn't want to win, I'm not sure." Zi'on grins to her. "You can know whatever you'd like. What do you want to know? I feel like I've been doing all the asking and you've been doing all the telling. I suppose you already know some basic facts. Who I am, what I do, who my dragon is. Though you're also welcome to keep spilling your guts. As long as it doesn't get too messy I suppose." It's Suldith's turn to poke the green. And he does, as she settles down.

Idrissa tilts her head slightly as she curiously watches him. "Well.. yeah I suppose so.. I don't want him to win, but at the same time I don't want to keep having to deal with him." As if that makes sense. There is a smirk as she hears him. "Could just tell me whatever you want?" Well it is an idea, as for her spilling more of her guts she shrugs. "Told you where about I'm from, what I do what else is there to talk about?" Oh well there is the talk about what boys she likes that she doesn't comment on unless perhaps poked again. Tahryth warbles out at the poking, a swirling glance is sent towards the bronze and she lets her tail smack back lightly at his.

Zi'on rubs his chin in thought. "Well, maybe he needs a little convincing to leave you alone. Who is he?" Zi'on's method of dealing with problems is generally to confront them head on. Sometimes aggressively. Other times diplomatically. It's hard to tell which he's going for here. "I could, but that would just leave me to ramble on. And you would get bored pretty quickly. I could tell you about my past, my family… I could pick a story about some prank I pulled or something of the like." He grins at her. "Those were only two of my questions. You haven't answered the third. Or maybe you don't know the answer?" For his part, Suldith just flops over onto his side. It's going to be an uphill struggle trying to get him to play it would seem.

Idrissa shrugs at the thought. "Ers'lan already tried that, it doesn't much matter to Jarse. His sneaky and does things when no one is paying attention." Well she did sort of drop the name there without actually meaning to. "I haven't actually seen him since I impressed Tahryth so maybe he's left or something." Well that is an idea. At the grin and comment of the third she shrugs a moment. "I suppose I don't have a real answer for it." She picks at her glove to get a bit of snow off of it. "I had a boyfriend before impressing, he found someone else so to speak." Found is one way to put it. "Pick a story maybe, if you want? I'd be interested in hearing it." Tahryth eyes the bronze a few moments, seemingly wondering on if she should try to pull something or just let him lay there. Oh the thoughts that go through this greens mind at the moment.

Zi'on grins then. "Well. Perhaps he just needs reassignment, in that case. Unless Ers'lan tried that as well. Perhaps he needs to go someplace cold, like High Reaches. Or hot, like Igen." Zi'on unzips his jacket a ways to pull out a notepad to write the name down. "Perhaps he has left. Or is going to be leaving soon." Zi'on slides away his notepad. "What was your boyfriend like then? Other than interested in other women. Or… maybe men?" Zi'on isn't sure what that last 'so to speak' means. "Hm… well, let's see. I decided it might be fun to play a prank on my weyrsecond. So I had the weyrwoman pen anonymous love letters to him, and had my girlfriend at the time deliver then." He laughs. "Eventually she got caught, and Ila'den cornered her into the office to confront her about her 'feelings for him'."

Idrissa shrugs at the talk of Jarse. "Not too sure what Ers'lan may have or may not have done.. But.. It's not much to worry about." She's use to being stressed out about something or another and Jarse is just one of those things. "I'll deal with him when the time comes if I have to, until then I'll be happy to not think about him." She smirks a bit at the talk of Ka'el. "His a smither.. Weyrling as well." If Zi'on could perhaps remember a conversation back in the kitchen with Soriana this might seem a bit familiar. "He likes girls as far as I know. Not that I've asked." Isn't her problem anymore. She looks to him curiously and chuckles softly. "I bet that caused some issues.. How did it end?"

Poor Rissa. She needs to find someone to help her with her problems! Zi'on is good problem solver. Most of the time. Zi'on chuckles a bit. "Cross that bridge when you come to it, hm?" Sometimes it paid to wait, and the situation would clear itself up. Like if this Jarse got reassigned while she was busy being a weyrling. Zi'on blinks. "Another smither? Er… or is this the same weyrling… and he left you for Soriana?" He frowns. "That's not very nice, leaving one girl for his best friend." Not even Zi'on has done that! Though his father might have. "If it is him… he's a bronzer, no? There aren't too many bronzers who like men. At least not exclusively." In fact, there are none that like men exclusively. No matter what they claim. "It ended with Kiena and I laughing our asses off. Enka, too. Though we laughed during the penning and not during the grand inquisition. And eventually Ila'den laughed, but that came after."

Idrissa shrugs slightly. "Pretty much how I deal with some things.. Or rather not deal with them I suppose." Because really she doesn't want to deal with Jarse. At the talk back to Ka'el she frowns a few moments and chews on her lip a moment. "No, the same one.. He was sort of dating both of us at the same time. Soriana and I knew about it, was ok with it… I thought it would work out for some reason." A slight shake of her head seen while she glances off towards nothing as she merely watches the snow. "In the end he and Soriana was a better match." She's thought about it plenty of times, to the point she just gave up trying to figure it out. "At least you all laughed about it. Good end to a prank."

Zi'on chuckles. "I see. Well, sometimes it pays to be non-confrontational I suppose." There's just a frown from Zi'on as he listens to the story about Ka'el and the two ladies. "Ah. Well, that all sounds complicated. Unfortunately I feel like I might find myself in a similar situation. Technically I'm supposed to be being true to Kiena. But she doesn't much have time for me these days. So it's a little difficult. Sure, I can bother her you know… at night. But you do come to expect a little more after being weyrmated with someone. It's probably pretty bad on me to let it continue to go on. It's just hard to let someone go when you love them." He sighs a bit. "But enough of my belly-aching. It was a good prank. I have to admit though, a lot of my pranks seem to die on the vine so to speak. They just never seem to pan out."

"I've never been one for a confrontation.. Except with Ka'el I suppose." Idrissa offers after a few moments thought. She was mad at him for a long time there. "I just wish he would have talked to me… Not that it matters the outcome would have been the same." A glance is sent to Zi'on. "I'm sorry she doesn't have time for you." There is a pause. "You should find someone that feels the same about you and has time for you though…maybe?" Or something like that. "It's alright, not really complaining, just talking and so forth." She glances to him curiously. "What other pranks have you done?"

Zi'on nods a bit and pats Idrissa's arm. "I'm sorry. You know, about all of that. Things often don't go the way we'd like them to it seems. I guess that's life, though. I'm guessing that he talked to you eventually… though by that time maybe you'd already realized what was happening?" The bronzer shrugs a bit. "I'm rather used to it now. I'm not as suave as I pretend to be. It's hard for me to find a girl I really like, and next to impossible for me to find one single and be able to snare her into a relationship." He gets up and stretches out a bit. "Oh, I've done plenty of other pranks. Mostly small scale stuff, though. But my face is pretty numb, so I'll have to save those stories for another time." He offers Rissa a hand up. "I should be heading back."

Idrissa is quiet for a moment, pondering it seems. "Actually no.. Didn't really know what he was going to do. I knew something was wrong, he stopped talking to me for a while then told me it was over a few sevendays after we all impressed." It's a wonder she managed to not have more issues then she did during that time. "It's in the past though, not like anything can change it." She listens to Zi'on, pondering before tilting her head. "Well.. I hope you do find someone or whatnot. If you truly want that is." She doesn't think much about it though. "I've never done any pranks.. Think Soriana and Ka'el have though." Not that it is a big deal. A nod is seen and she eyes the offered hand a moment before taking hold of it lightly as she stands up. "Hope you get warmed up quickly then, thanks for the company and conversation." A faint smile seen as she says that.

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