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Xanadu Weyr - Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.

The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.

Though it's late afternoon, it's fairly dark out with the clouds heavy in the sky. Little flurries of snow are falling gently and Alosynth has her head stretched up, mouth open. Keziah is bundled up a bit and is applying a brush across an area of the greens leg. "You had to go and let the cow catch you didn't you?" she asks as works at what looks to be a scar. "I know, I know. I got the calf and all." She snorts a bit and steps back to check the area.

Briana comes wondering out of the Caverns after helping with dinner preparations. She is bundled up in a heavy coat, that looks several sizes too large for her, no doubt one the headwoman found in the stores for her. Ista rarely has need of such. Though not in a scurry like many are this cold eve, Briana is walking along arms wrapped around her taking her time to get back to the barracks this evening. Her golden gaze looking up to the sky as she notes the white flecks of snow fall from the sky. There is a definate curious look to her face as if she has never seen snow before.

Alosynth makes a whuffling sound and her head comes down to look at the candidate. Keziah mutters something and scrubs a little harder. Then she stops "Huh? What was that? Oh." She glances around and then spies Briana "Well, hello there. Have you never seen snow before?" she asks curiously "Course, this isn't much. Which is kind of nice at times."

Briana looks over to Keziah as she hears her question and gives a shake of her head, extending bare hands from the cuffs of her coat to let the flurries land on her hands only to melt again. "No ma'am…I heard of it, but ain't seen it." She says with a note of wonder in her voice.

The sailor-turned-candidate arrives in the clearing shortly after Briana, though his arrival seems suspicious as it comes in the direction of the tavern. Lan's head is tucked down as his hands are shoved into a nice fleece-type jacket, breath blowing heavily on purpose to lash through the falling snow, plumes of white melting the small flakes on impact. There's the odd rock that is kicked with the toe of his boot, in an idle fashion, seemingly with out an destination in mind. His eyes eventually rise up from the ground upon hearing voices near by, lips tweaking into a ghosted smile upon spotting Briana as one of those nearby.

Keziah smiles "I do enjoy the snow. Though I'm getting old enough to enjoy it in small quantities." she muses and then pushes at Alo. "Behave. She says I'm just getting old. Still, I do prefer the warmth more now and I doubt I'd do as well in the winter at Reaches than I used to. Still I do like the snow, though it makes work a pain. Literally sometimes when you've gotta go into frigid waters." Alosynth whuffles again and her attention moves towards the sailer. "What's that Alo?" A pause and then Keziah spies Landers "He does look much better, how are you doing?" she calls out to him.
Flandynn isn't that far behind Landers. He isn't stalking the other candidate or anything, no -more circumstance, or something along those lines. He comes around the ex-searcrafter, finding an odd icy patch in the cooled ground. A cringe near to contorts his features, feet sliding out from under him, and a hand slamming out to try to catch his balance -naturally, it is a reach towards the nearby Landers. "Oh shi-"

The whole hand in the pockets thing would normally upset the balance of a person who was about to get added weight thrown up against them. Fortunately, when Flandynn does reach out to stop himself from falling, using Landers as a sturdying support, Landers only caves forward a foot or two before his sea-legs help him bounce back, adjusting to Flandynn's momentum; all this not without a sharp 'woah' from the sailor and a quick glance over his shoulder as he prevents the fall of both. Seconds after the initial collision, he pivots around to greet Flandynn with a half cocked grin, "Always knew ya wanted ta hit on me." There's a little 'tsk' sound from him, likely going to grab Flandynn if the other still wasn't steady on his feet. "Be okay now?" a bit of a longer look to ensure it, attention finally returning back to Keziah, nodding to her. His response is not without a playful pitch for his eye flashes back over to Flandynn, half expecting some retaliation for his remark, voice travelling to Keziah: "Aye, be better now, I reckon. Stomach narh giving me trouble no more."

Keziah starts to go forward as Flan starts to fall, but as he's caught by Landers she relaxes, alls well and good. "Careful there now." she says to Flan and then nods to Landers "Well, that it not be giving ya no more troubles and all. Alosynth says she's glad that you're better as well." she notes "So, what have you two been up to?" she asks with a tilt of her head and a glance back the way the came.

Flandynn's eyes are as wide as marks with the near miss of him landing on his butt. He breaks out into something of a nervous laugh, glancing askance to his savior, Landers. "Next time I'll grab your ass on my way to the ground," he chuckles, looking to the icy ground. Feet are planted, and he releases the fellow candidate. It is a sliding step forward, eyes onto Keziah, "We weren't making out if that is what you were wondering. Nah, rider H'yut cornered me and gave me some pointers to impress. Apparently he's got a mark on me for green. He said he'd be really appreciative if I jump the first green I see. I think he is full of," eyes Keziah and changes his wording, "…stuff and actually has marks on me to be the first mauled."

Briana is looking up to the sky, the flurries settling lightly upon her dark hair and face before melting. There is a smile of wonder upon her features before she realizes there are more about her watching this youthful display. "So it gets heavier than this?" She asks with a hopeful tone of someone who has not had to deal with the problems of heavy snow. She looks over to Landers and gives the man a friendly smile. The pair having seen together more, looking over books together. There is a glance over to Flandynn as he speaks of hitting on green riders, her eyes a little wide. "Kiley said you gave her a flower too.." She says her tone light.

Keziah nods to Briana "Things can get a little heavier here. Not so much as Reaches, thank Faranth. We've enough with mudslides, we don't need any avalanches, course ya go fer enough south you can find more snow and all." she arches a brow at Flan "Well, glad ta know ya ain't makin' out and all. Save that fer later."

Lan gives a choked laugh at Flan's response, shaking his head with an appreciative glance over his own shoulder, "Aye, be worth a grab." There behind his words is a wink, good-humored about the whole thing. Yet, his eyes sharply flash to Flandynn at the denial of making out, a hand rubbing his face as further rumbles of amusement escape between fingers. Hands then prop down onto his hips, standing there with his head tilted to the side, listening to the excuse Flandynn gives, a grin on his lips for the other. "I reckon I be getting a mark on you ta get green too then. H'yut seems ta know a thing or two." As conversations flick back and forth between the two, he does add in a dramatic gasp, "FLAN! Ya gave a flower ta someone else?! Tsch. Ya be making others jealous. Narh be fair ta give only one a flower." There, he puts on a pouty face, which breaks soon enough because it seems he knows it looks ridiculous.

Flandynn bobs his head towards Briana, "I did." His chin gestures toward Keziah, "And she was there." When he is 'brow arched at', Flandynn responds with a boyish grin right for her, "Gotcha." His head turns, and he glances back across for Landers, "She said later. And how the shards am I supposed to find a flower now? You see this white sh… stuff all over the ground now." He flashes the ex-seacrafter a wink, and then looks back towards Keziah, "Sorry, I'll behave now. How are you doing this fine… chilly day, and why is everyone standing out here in this stuff?" That question is even directed towards the snow-enjoying Briana.

Keziah laughs at Flan "Some of us have to work." she notes and then nods towards a faint scar on Alo's leg. "Needed brushing and such to remove the dead skin and then she'll have to be oiled and all." she notes "And she wouldn't do to well in the caverns and Faranth forbid I sneak her onto the sands." Alosynth turns to just look at Keziah "I was kidding" she says as she holds up her hands "I know Seryth would have my head and more." She rolls her eyes. "Givin' flowers to the girls huh? Maybe you can get some for the guys too. THe one's yer not makin' out with."

"I just finished up with the kitchens." Briana explains as she looks up to the sky again. "I ain't seen snow before…" She explains as she stands there in the oversized coat. She smiles as she looks back to the group, "It is cold but like bits of cloud falling to the ground." Her gaze though flickers to Keziah then, "You mentioned the other day, you were part of 'Search and rescue'. What is that like with your dragon?" She asks in a curious tone of voice, "What kind of rescues have ya done?"

Lan gives a roll of his shoulders for the 'later' part and a soft snap of his fingers, "Alas, tis not meant ta be," his hand folds over where his heart would be, looking up to the sky as if it were broken. Dropping his chin back down he strides a little closer to the rest of them, a languid shuffle of feet, with a sideglance at Flandynn, "Tis not fair, ya know it ain't." A rough laugh for the cover up of the swearing, a hand stretching out palm out to catch the snow flakes, "Be worse on deck of a ship." Fingers curl as he withdraws his hand back at his side, tilting his head toward Flandynn, "Be meeting Bri, she be helping me with a project." Details excluded. Then, his eyes snap toward Keziah for her last comments, "Does work. Flowers I mean." A bright grin, switching off when Briana asks a more serious question of Keziah, since he appears interested in the answer just as well.

Flandynn's eyes track over to where Keziah points out, and the teen visibly winces at the mark there. "Oh shells… Sorry about that, Alosynth." He looks up at the dragon, then back to Keziah. "Need some help with her then?" He blinks though, attention back to Briana, "Oh? Virgin to snow… so you've never been in a snowball fight?" The way he speaks that last obviously means that this needs to be rectified. There is a slow draw to his lips, this time following Landers' words, "I think I'm going to have to go searching for some moongazers, or sucking up for another trip to the Yokohama to find me some flowers, so nobody feels slighted."

Keziah looks thoughtful as she thinks about Briana's question "Well, we've done a number of different types." she says quietly almost as if wondering which ones to to mention and or not mention "We've helped rescue crew and passengers from ships that have been wrecked. We've gotten hikers of of ledges that they've fallen down on. We two do a lot of critter rescuin during slow times for the folks out back and all. That's how she got that scar. A crabby brindle cow has no fear and she charged. Usually it's no problem but I was havin' an extra hard time gettin' her calf outta the swamp and she was wear not even Alo could reach her, so Alo stood still and the cow got her." She eyes Alo a moment "Cow wouldn't have gotten me either, but." She rolls her eyes "We've even moved timber and such from fallen buildin's ta get to people inside." She grins at Landers "I was on a ship once with snow and ice. I swear I still have the rope marks where I was tied to the rails. Not for me." There's a thoughfulk look for Flan "Well, snowball fight's gonna have to wait a bit. I doub't will get a good covering for awhile." She makes no comment on another trip up.

Briana gives a glance to Landers and Flandyn and can't help but smile, "Yes flowers are nice. Kal brings me flowers and other little gifts. Better than being eyed off like meat or told some silly comment made to look you look like an oaf." She looks up to Landers and her eyes widen at his comment, "Oh gosh I imagine it would be, polished wood and ice and nowhere to grip to. You had to do many trips like that?" She asks standing perhaps a little closer to him, especially as Flandynn mentions a snowball fight, a glance given the young candidate with wariness. "No…I haven't.." Though the comment about the Yokohama her eyes widen a bit, "If you get another trip up let me know…I can't wait to see the kitchens again up there." THen all her focus is on the Rider and her answer."Oh goodness…she will heal alright won't she?" She asks of the dragon, stepping forward to extend a hand to the dragon. "It sounds like a busy life…"

Lan shoots a glance toward Flandynn at the mention of a snowball fight, kicking the dirt on the ground in the meantime, "Best let the ground get more white before." The sailor instantly shows tension in the rigid way he stands when Keziah mentions the crews of wrecked ships, jaws clenching in hopes to restrain any other outward emotion from showing. By the time that she speaks to him, Lan has diverted his mind elsewhere, head twisted sideways, eyes seeking something unknown. Rolling his tongue over his cheek, he finally dispels the tension with an exhaled breath, as if having found some inner control at last. Flan gets a cursory glance, a shrug follows, "Make it up ta me next Turn." A little flash of a smile seen, squinting his eyes toward the dragon of which the subject turns to, yet finding it reverts back to his experiences on icy ships. "Aye, fer a bit. When travelling deep north during thar winter. Used ta have ta nagivate the ice on the water. Cut a ship down quick iffin ya be stupid out thar. Me maties used ta kick ice around on the decks," a fond memory by the gleam in his eye and the curl of lips.

Flandynn nods his head after Keziah, "Well, if this keeps up and the ground gets cold enough, it could remain some." And then a snowball fight would be in order, thank you very much. His inner ten turn-old cackles in glee at the idea, his current sixteen turn-old just grins at the idea. "Maybe we if both make eyes at Keziah here, she'd be so obliging, Briana." As Landers speaks, the teen's dark eyes follow back to him, listening quietly, "Can't imagine anything much colder than being on a ship in the cold -well besides between. I'd be finding myself a cuddly bunkmate.

Keziah just eyes Flan and Briana and can't help but grin "Make eyes all ya want. We'll just have to wait and see." she notes quietly. Alosynth rumbles softly and KEziah just eyes her blandly. "Don't help." she laughs a little "She'll be fine, in fact she already is. It's now just maintenance. The scar is healed, just rough and prone to cracking if I don't take care of it. Hence the brush and then the oil will help keep it good." she notes. She eyes Landers a little and then there's a look at Flann "Try Reaches at night in the middle of a snowstorm in the highlands." she notes quietly.

As she notices the distancing of Landers, Briana looks back to him for a moment with a worried look in her gaze. She had heard rumours about things with the ship and him no doubt. She moves to stand back next to him, a silent mote of support for one of the friends she has managed to make during candidacy. Outsiders Unite! Briana looks back to Keziah and her dragon,looking over the injury for a moment before glancing to the dragons wings, giving the creature a thorough inspection. "Is that part of the wing as well, fixing up dragons?"

Lan draws his eyes round to the right side of him where Briana positions herself there next to him, a look of gratitude for her there, as if she had in some way built him up just with that subtle shift to stand next to him. A new family perhaps. Snow had been falling, but it was a light speckling of such, nothing to cover the ground in the late afternoon setting. Those huddled around in the clearing are markedly all wearing white knots, save for the greenrider tending to her dragon. A little aside to Flandynn, "I help ya with the eye making, even iffin I dun want nothin ta do with space. Narh ever." He makes a show of stomping his feet, fixing himself to the ground, arms crossing in a defiant yet less than serious manner. The talk of dragons and snow surround them, of cold and wing duties. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

Briana grins over at Flandynn, "I think there are a couple of those techy types that are itching to go back up. Kiley too she was saying." She looks back up to Landers as he speaks of playing aboard a ship, "Sounds sorta fun and scary at the same time. Couple times I have shipped have been in fair weather times. Ma is a woodworker and they would get her aboard sometimes to do repairs and stuff and check out the ship. Surrounded by salt sea air…I really enjoyed those times for the most part."

"I haven't been there. Reaches. But I think there might be a story here that I'd love to hear, Rider Keziah," Flandynn queries to the rider, eyes falling back onto the poor dragon's scar. At Lan's aside, the teen's smile grows a hair more, reaching over as if to give the ex-seacrafter a pat to his back, "I'd offer sexual favors to the riders, but we aren't supposed to do anything like that, so I suppose it is back to my eyes… or blatant sucking up." Blink. "And I don't mean that in the way you are thinking. I mean it in the, being really nice and pretty much well doing whatever they want so I can get a ride sort of way," he quickly adds in. That'd be Flandynn, jokester, mood-lightener at his own awkward expense.

Kiley comes from the craft complex, papers in hand as well as a rather large and official looking book and with the ever present journal on top of that pile and everything is covered with a sheer plastic to prevent water damage at the chance of . Her arms shift so to hold everything close to her chest to allow for easier carrying when her gaze comes to land upon those gathered currently. A polite nod is given along with a smile towards everyone in greeting, though she does not come to walk past them, pausing within conversational distance. "How are you all doing?" The woman asks with a tilt of her head and a shift of the books. Her gaze is drawn briefly towards Flandynn, blinking at her fellow candidate. "Did you find out if making eyes works?"

Lan slouches his weight to one foot, his arms still loosely crossed over his chest, eyes coyly on Flandynn, "T'would matter now yah, but afta. When the eggs hatch 'n we be standing out in the cold then. Then ya can press the favours." There's a hearty nod attached to the end, to punctuate his approval of sexual favours. Whether or not he is joking, remains to be seen. Otherwise, Flandynn gets a knowing grin, and a smirk that leads to a chuckle or two. For Briana, he seems to contemplate her more, adding with a gesture of a hand to point between them, "You and me lass, we've got ta talk more. I reckon ya keep too much ta yourself. Sounds like we be sharing the sea out thar and not even know it." He's about to pry further, when another joins then, causing the sailor to cran his head over his shoulders, nodding to the approaching Kiley, "Be fine, yerself thar?"

Briana smiles up at Landers , "I suppose we should, I found this book on the sea we should go over together and compare stories later." She says before giving a little shiver of her shoulders. "I should probably go get washed up to actually eat the dinner I helped prepare." She says before looking back to Flandyn and Kiley, "We were talking about talking a rider into letting us go back up to the Yokohama…" She declares as she gives a little wave and heads off to the candidate barracks.

Flandynn hangs his head in shame, a dramatic drooping with fallen shoulders and a sigh full of remorse. "Alas, no. But if I find out, will you make a note of it in your journal?" His head comes up at that last bit, smile twitching, along with a kindly wink. Next, his smile goes purely puckish, laughing following Lan's comments, "Holding you to that, Lan. Holding you to that." His eyes move between Briana and Landers, eyebrows coming up some, his voice drawn with encouragement, "Sea stories are the best kind." He offers a wave after the young woman, not shy at all about watching her move away.

"Good to hear. I'm fine, thanks for asking, Landers." Kiley smiles just a little wider and nods her head towards the man. Her gaze is drawn to Briana at his side and she smiles for the other girl, "I see. I'd like that. I'll see you later, Briana." She frees a hand to wave after the other before quickly replacing it on the books so not to drop them. Attention is drawn to Flandynn as he speaks, brows lifting upward, "if it works for you during the Hatching, I'll note it. /If/ it works.. But then there's no promise that it will work again a second time." But the woman smiles and casts a glance skywards. "To see the Yokohama again would be great.. But first the eggs need to hatch so that we can find out who they've picked among all of us to be theirs."

Lan nods at the mention of the book, appreciative that she doesn't do more than mention in passing. "Warm up then, I be seeing ya later once ya eat a bit." There's a nod given to her departure as well, only to have him twist a glance back over in time to see that leering from Flandynn. The immediate reaction? A light-handed thwap on the backside of Flandynn's head, "Get yer surly eyes down," the momentum of the hand should shove Flandynn forward a step, with Landers smirking, "Ya narh be seeing her in that way. She be like mah sister. 'Sides, she be having a boyfriend already mate. Ya best oogle Kiley or Keziah here." That was the big brother type declaring 'Briana' off limits. There's a squint in his eye that suggests he was being ninty precent serious, ten percent silly. Just to ensure no hard feelings, the man thumps his hand on Flandynn's shoulder then, patting it a few times before he makes a twisted near disapproving bunch of lips at Kiley, "Mus be the only one I reckon, who didn't like it up thar." A visible shudder for the spaceship and empty sky, "how be yas not feeling so tiny after being up thar?! So insignificant! Jus make me realize tha it really dun matter what we do, cause thar be Pern. Just big and round. Churning away time, unchanged." A shake of his head, "Ta think thar be other places like Pern out thar. Sharding chill me ta the bone." A beat later, "Say. I didn't get ta stay up thar long, but did they tell ya iffin other space-thing-ships would be coming ta Pern?" Alien invasion?

Flandynn looks about to say something to Kiley, thinks better of it (odd, yes) and goes a different track. "I won't lie, I'm terribly curious as to who they will pick as well. I've a bit of a wager on a couple of you." His smile softens some, shoulders lifting and falling in a shrug. But anything else is forestalled by a sound scolding and a rap. "Sorry, sir!" is the immediate response, then his head comes back up, dark hair filtering over just as dark eyes that seem to smile all on their own. "I tried to oogle Kiley, she doesn't flirt with me as you do, Land." His hand comes up to comb back through his hair, trying to set it to rights and rather failing at it. "I mostly thought of it as a fine lark… now you'll get me to thinking about how small and insignificant I really am. There goes my ego. Whoosh. Gone. All gone." Eyebrow quirk at that last statemement, "Oh, that'd be famous if it'd happen. Maybe I could hitch a ride with them…"

Kiley gives Landers a look as he tosses her under the bus towards Flandynn's flirting, the woman holding the books a little tighter to her chest before her gaze drifts skywards again. "I didn't like it for the space, or for the sight of the planet.. I liked it for the information within, for the technology it shows and for the fact that… We will never be able to recreate it. It is… Amazing." She looks to the man and smiles thoughtfully. "No, no one else is coming. They would have came a long long time ago if they had plans on following.. They probably forgot about the ancients entirely." Flandynn does earn himself another look and her brows lift, "you already went to bet? K'ael.. Bronzerider, he says I'm brownrider material.. I don't know why." However, the mention of oogling her has the woman coloring a dark shade of red and her gaze drops away from both of them.

"Ya better be," a scolding finger raised, but behind that finger is a face that shines with humor and not at all the intimidation the lifted finger needs to be taken seriously. Still, his eyes snap over to Kiley at the mention of Flandynn trying to flirt with her, smirking boldly, "Oh Flan," drawled out comically with his accent, "yah be knowing my weak spots is all. Sailing and booze, I do reckon ya won me heart with that." He rolls his eyes, nudging Flandynn, saying with a lower voice that should only carry between them, "Dun worry. She dun like sailors I think. She be inta the smart ones or the odd ball ones that get her drunk." A second look at Flandynn, sizing him up, "Might get yer chance with her…" A chin scratch, an exaggerated look of study between Kiley and Flandynn, leaving it there with a mysterious 'hmm' at the end. There's an ooh so innocent smile to Kiley, easy going and jovial. As for the space talk, it seems to be old news already for him, since he merely shrugs a shoulder at it all. It was the bets that have Lan peering over at the other, "Who be yer bookie. I want to double up H'yut's bet." A teasing wink there for Flandynn.

Keziah has been silent, or maybe it's lost in thought. No wait, must have been mindspeak if one takes in the slightly vague look. However, Landers telling Flan to flirt with her as her attention rivited back on the Seacrafter. "Really now?" she asks and hmmphs some and shakes her head. Oh wait, somethigns were said and she shakes her head a bit. Silly Kez "Riders duty to be lookin' after their dragon, course iffen there are serious injuries and such, dragonhealers do that, but we've rescued dragons and all. Carried them in and such." she notes quietly and then smiles at Flan "There be many a story about Reaches, even an avalance and all."

Flandynn's head comes up at Kiley's words, and there is even a note of reprimand in there for her, "Ah, now that is the wrong word to be using. Never? Don't be saying that. There is always possibility." His wink is a quick thing, probably not even noticed unless one is actually paying attention to his features. "I have no clue what sort of material anyone is. I'm pulling it all out of my ass, but sure… I think I'll make a wager for you and brown. Sounds good to me." His head abruptly bobs Lan-wards, "Aye, H'yut. Also, I'd give you a big ol' sloppy snog right now, but Keziah here would be tugging our ears, pulling our knots, and I know sharding well we'd cause Kiley to swoon. While I like how rider Kezia calls me 'bad', I do have this fine knot to keep ahold of. We'll snuggle when she isn't looking." In a blink, Flandynn bounces back a step, nearly finding that same frozen patch he near about slipped up on before. "I should… go, before I really get into trouble that no amount of bowing and scraping will get me out of. G'day, ladies… Lan." Sketched bow, and off Flandynn trundles, slipping and sliding the whole way (along with some muttered curses).

Landers makes the most appealing look to Keziah when she comes with that tone in her voice, "Reckon ya like me better then? Iffin I be free after the hatching…" he trails off as he straightens out his vest and jacket, casually sliding his hand through his short shaggy hair. The former-sailor puts his hands on his hips at the colorful and inventive departure from Flandynn, which stirs not only a few laughs from the man, but a good punch to the shoulder or ruffle of the other's hair if he can manage it before Flandynn pulls out of his reach. "Snuggle later, aye…" a little shake of his head, "best we be keeping our knots all straight and wadded, fer sure." The best he can do is a head bob since Flandynn is off so quickly, amusement etched in every line on Landers' face as he regards the ladies he's been left in company with.

Kiley finally draws her gaze up towards those gathered again, glancing to Landers and Flandynn with an upward lift of her brow for that smile he gives her. Then, she smiles slowly in return and leaves it at that. However, she is drawn back to look fully at Flandynn, "the smiths said it was impossible, we lack the materials to remake the metal, but.. Oh well. Not that we have any reason to leave, though." Her brows lift higher as he states he'll bet for her on brown and the woman gives an unhelpful shrug, "if.. You want, Flan. Good luck." Is that like wishing herself good luck? Cheeks darken and she gives the boy a look close to a glare. "I would not…" The woman mutters softly, arms tightening around her things and she murmurs. "Already seen it once, don't need to see it again.." It takes another moment to regain composure and she draws a deep breath and allows her gaze to return to those present and offer a smile.

Keziah rolls her eyes at Flan and his shenanigans and then arches an eyebrow at Landers "You be just a wee bit too young fer my tastes." she notes "I don't need to be robbin' the cradle none and all." she then chuckles a little "Sides, I like someone just a little closer to my side so I don't be gettin' a permanant crick in me neck and all." She headshakes a bit "Faranth help us all iffen ya get a bronze or somethin' No girl'll be safe."

Lan immediately seems ready to retort to Keziah, his expression persuasive, "I reckon ya dun know how old I am. Narh ta be thrown in with the kids, I reckon." He pads a little closer to Keziah, fingers scrubbing his whiskers for good cause, as if to prove it, "Tis no cradle I be in." Though the size comment has him looking down at himself, a shrug, "Ya got more ta hold on ta…" or something. Faint crows feet crinkle at the corners of his eyes while lips spread to show a dashing good smile (Flynn smolder), "Reckon I didn't need no dragon before ta keep a lady happy. Tha be just skills. 'Sides, seacrafters were the first bronze riders." Eyebrow arch and lip pucker, then he's breaking the illusion with a swipe of a hand, "Reckon I best be getting ta the books. Bri will knuckle me iffin I dun get through chapter one." There's a casual look given to Kiley, a smile for her, but not like the one he showed Keziah. The man knows which ground to walk on and which one not to. Either way he tips his head to her, "Be seeing ya later Kiley," a beat as his eyes linger back to Keziah, a deeper bob of his head for her, "Kezi," and then he's heading off in the direction Briana went.

Kiley glances to Keziah with a questioning look for her statement of bronze, brows lifting. "Why is it said that all bronzeriders flirt with women?" Blink. Her gaze drifts towards Landers as he walks closer towards Keziah, brows lifting in question but then he's stating his intentions of retreat and the woman smiles in response to his. "Right. Enjoy your reading, Landers." The farewell receives a polite nod of her head and she watches him take off for just a moment before attention returns curiously to the greenrider. "How are you feeling, ma'am?"

Keziah rolls her eyes as she watches Landers walk off. "Young enough. He's a candidate after all. Which makes him at most about 25 turns or so. Too young fer me." She glances at Kiley "Because it's like a rotten fruit in the barrel, soon all are suspect." she notes and mutters under her breath. "Too many of them be feelin like they be a gift to all womenkind." she snorts "Not hardly a one of them real. Sure, there's be some and all I'm sure, but well." she shrugs some "I be doin' all right." A pause and a frown "Why?"

Kiley blinks again and considers the direction in which Landers went with a told of her head before she looks back to Keziah. Her example earns a soft ah, nodding thoughtfully to the explanation. "That makes sense.. I didn't get why everyone told stories at the Hold." She chuckles softly and adjusts the books to settle partially on her hips to take some of the strain off of her arms. "Oh, on the Yokohama.. You seemed a little ill and I just wanted to check. I'm glad you're doing better."

Keziah ohs a little and nods "Aye, don't do too well in zero-g." she notes after a bit "Messes with me senses and all. Alosynth there, she loves it. Like between but warmer." she hehs a bit "But aye, there be plenty of stories for the Holds, many of them worse than things really are. Most bronzers, ya tell 'em no and they'll back off and such. You've got some that, well they ain't nice. But ya got that in non-riders too and all. Course you've got brownies that can be just as bad, same as greens and blues. I've seen sensuous goldriders and downright prudes. Same as in the greens. It takes all types and all. Many things be just stereotypes and all and I'm bad fer fallin in on them, but they're all just human and all."

Ocelara slips in, a quiet figure making her way out of the inner areas; probably her office. She carries with her the usual basket of wool, with a strange new spindle sticking out of the masses of fiber. Oh.. Wait, no, it moved when you blinked. It must be a small juvenile firelizard, but the darned thing seems to be very good at being still! She offers nods of greetings to those gathered, and makes her way to her chair, settling into the large wicker monstrosity.

"It is.. Interesting. Being able to float around.." The woman laughs in an odd sort of delight before she quickly quiets it and gives Keziah an apologetic look. "Right. I guess it's just.. However it makes you feel. Maybe they'll have it fixed at some point." Kiley smiles and listens to the woman speak of the riders, her brows drawing into a thoughtful frown. "Stereotypes. Well, everyone is different, but I guess everyone falls into some sort of category." The candidate takes a deep breath and turns another curious gaze towards the sky before her gaze drifts back down to scan the area. Ocelara comes from the Caverns and the computer crafter lifts her hand in greeting towards the Headwoman before it slips into a rather sloppy salute. "Ma'am."

Keziah makes a comical look of surprise at Ocelara "You're out of your dungeon" she says with a playful grin. "Not too cold for ya out in this light snow we be having?" she asks with a head tilt. Alo on the other shifts a little and than offers a wing out over the headwomn turned candi. KEziah eyerolls. "Suck up." she smirks a little. She nods to Kiley "Aye, it is interestin. Wish it didn't make me sicker than a cow after gettin into the orchard and eatin' all the windfall." she murmurs. "But tis a fact of life for goin' into the cargo bay. Though for me that's a far cry better than a space walk. Havin Pern above me head just makes me feel like I'm a gonna fall right offen the ship."

Ocelara smiles at Keziah and makes a graceful gesture of acknowledgement to the Candidate, though she notes, "You needn't salute me…just the riders." She settles, a snuggly shawl wrapped about her shoulders. "And the weather's just fine…it gets colder than this at the family station." She's all smiles, bemused.

Kiley nods in understanding towards Keziah, "then you'd be able to enjoy it a little bit more?" The woman smiles in idle amusement but then the mention of the space walk has her pressing her lips into a thin line, "I don't think that I could do that… Shells. I'd rather get lost in the information than stand on the outside of the ship." The woman shudders at the statement before she looks sheepishly towards Ocelara; cheeks flush and she gives a shy nod of her head. "Of course, ma'am. Didn't want to be rude or anything. How are you doing, ma'am?"

Keziah chuckles "Oh I'm sure, but tis been awhile since you've been out with the woolies and all, no?" she murmurs "I know how warm them inner caverns can get." She grins "Course I thought the barracks and all got warm too. Took some doing to be sleepin' inside like that." She nods to Kiley "I can understand that. But tel me, iffen you've gotten a dragon and all, and something came up that you had to go there. Would ya refuse?"

Ocelara settles her wool basket at her feet, and pulls out not a new spindle full of fiber, but a ball of yarn and a pair of long, connected knitting needles, with the beginnings of another shawl upon them. She offers Kiley another, brighter smile, "I've yet to think you've been rude, my dear. Now…Pyriel and Landers…those I might have exceptions with. I'm quite fine…it's a prety day to watch the weather."

Kiley blinks at Keziah's question, taken aback and then she considers. "Well, if I were to Impress a dragon.. Then I would refuse, because my dragon would be more important than whatever happens up there.. But for now? I don't think I'll worry too much about it as I don't know what is going to happen." She smiles and then looks to Ocelara and the smile takes a look of relief. "That is good. I don't think Landers is.. Too bad. Pyriel can be… Difficult." The woman shrugs thoughtfully at that.

Keziah snorts at bit at Oce "Them two are a fine pair." she note with a smirk. "I must say, it reminds me a little of me own candidacy." She pauses a moment and then glances over at Kiley "You've not had anyone threatened with a shovel now at all, have ya?" A pause. "Least I think it was a shovel." She hmms and then shrugs "Course, all me candidacies had something interestin' happen." she notes and then chuckles at Kiley. "Won't risk yer dragon out on a walk huh? Well, I suppose I can understand that. Course, tis likely you won't be doin' any duties like that. But just keep in mind, there'll be thinks that put yerself and yer dragon at risk, but'll bring a greater good about. It's all about choices."

Ocelara knits along quietly, listening to the conversation with a quiet sort of smile. "Landers doesn't think we're working him hard enough, and has a mouth that needs to be scrubbed with sweetsand…then again, he is a sailor." She smiles to herself, and pauses her knitting. "And fretting about the possibilities now will steal some of your joy…you never know what tomorrow will bring."

More blinking comes from Kiley at Keziah's question and the woman shakes her head slowly. "I haven't threatened anyone with a shovel.." Confusion lingers in her tone and she blinks a bit more. Cheeks flush a light shade and the woman shrugs, "I don't know.. It would all really depend, I guess.. Whatever happens, if it leads to that.. I don't know." Her brows furrow in concern and she takes a deep breath. "I'd really just.. Need to see what happens. I can't say anything for sure without knowing." As for Ocelara, she looks to the woman and nods. "He was on a ship.. But, as long as he's wanting to work harder?" The computer crafter smiles brighter, "might as well take advantage of the skills he offers while he's offering them."

Keziah looks thoughtful "He's wantin' more work? Well, I know some of the bag fields need some fence repairs and all. That last bit of wind knocked down some limbs and such. But as it's empty at this time, it's not high on the list of things being fixed and all. Still wouldn't hurt to have it fixed incase it needs to be used at some point. Like for maybe some new woolies." she notes with a grin. She hmms a little at Kiley "Well, this good at times to wait and see, but sometimes it's good to plan for all contingencies. And as I've told some others, even iffen they're ain't a dragon fer ya this time. There's other times as well."

Ocelara nods a bit, and seems to make a mental note. Landers. Sheep pens. Good idea. "And I think there will be some new woolies. They'll start the early lambing…we'll be having some fresh lamb here sooner rather than later."

"Hm.. Well, I think.. I will think over things." Kiley muses softly after a moment of silence before she smiles at the greenrider and inclines her head. She does the same towards Ocelara as well. "Thank you for speaking with me. I should get these papers back to my press before I get something to eat." Another smile comes to her lips and then the candidate makes her way towards the barracks.

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