Could you bring me...the fastest one!

~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Center Bowl ~~*~~

The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

c-rus is also crossing the bowl, he's finished his work for the day and is ready to enjoy his free evening. He is dressed in his usual coat. The sling that until now he has worn about his neck is gone, little Aegnor, who has grown is sitting on his shoulder. The lizard glances from person to person as he passes them. Occasionally he will offer a trill to someone or make some sort of mental comment via a color to Cyrus. He lizard gives his head a gentle nudge, "I know….be glad its warmer now. You can't stay in your sling forever." The lizard offers him a resigned look and puffs up to stand as tall as he can. The little bronze can look rather regal when he wishes too. Cyrus spots Therynn who appears to be *somewhere else* and offers her a wave, though says nothing…not wanting to disturb her if she is thinking about something.

With a break in the rain that's plagued the weyr most of the day, Nyalle has been kicked off the sands by her growing-more-anxious-by-the-day queen. If Kayeth would just take time off to /fly/, she'd be fine, but noooo. She insists on sands sitting almost constantly, thus trapping herself in the caverns and slowly going stir crazy. The Senior is making her way towards the Living Caverns, gown hem lifted clear of the mud and her cloak hood up to cover her hair.

Stepping out from the Living Caverns is Amethyst, still slipping into her coat as she stands just within the entryway, looking out to judge the weather. The lack of rain gets an approving nod, and she leaves her coat unbuttoned to simply drop her hands down into her pockets before taking a step out onto the rain-soaked ground. A quick scan across the bowl and she sees not only the approaching Weyrwoman, but her fellow candidates, too - Nyalle is headed towards her, though, and she dips her head in a polite greeting. "Weyrwoman Nyalle. Good evening!"

Therynn passes through a bow of head for Nyalle and warm smile for both she and Cyruso and anyone else who has gathered. "The days best to all of ya." catching up on sleep is the priority the exhaustion apparent on her face, working pensiveness away. "see yall soon.." yep, drive by Rynn.

It's much easier to clean mud from boots than all that dragonhide, even if it's a green. That's why Kera's picking her steps carefully across the bowl, having let her dragonmate mingle with Fortian dragons. Her lizards friends are fluttering about overhead as she politely greets a few people that she passes. Pushing her hood back, she chuckles at the acrobatics the young queen pulls, making the older brown seem like a sluggish herdbeast in comparison. Hopstepping over a puddle, the greenhealer spots a few familiar faces, some wearing white knots, and turns her steps that way. Getting closer, she'll nod a polite greeting, offering a salute to the Weyrwoman a bit nervously. "G'day, Duties to Fort and her Queens, Weyrwoman." Of course she's gonna get the first greeting. Then her attention slips to the others around the group, a quick wave to Therynn and Ravyal who she spots heading off to other tasks, "Hello candidate Cyrus." Kera grins broadly at the title, not used to it yet herself. A smile and nod to Amethyst and quick wiggle of her fingers. "Hello there."

Cyrus becomes aware of the weyrwoman, at least he is pretty sure thats her, "Hello." he says with a very polite bow of his head, causing his lizard to shift on his shoulder and let out a little noise of dissatisfaction. When he rights himself he then notices Amy and offers her a wave of his hand, and then there is Kera! He takes a few steps toward her, oooo formal and everything, "Hello greenrider Kera…" he says with a wink and a gleam in his eye. A smile crosses his face. Aegnor gives a little hop and takes to the air, headed off for Polgara and Minimur.

Nyalle looks up when she is spoken to, smiling when she sees one of the Candidates for Kayeth's clutch. "Amethyst," she says, her hand lifting to return a salute that is hopefully offered first. Nyalle is a stickler for what is proper, after all. "Good evening. Are things good in there?" she asks, tipping her head towards the Cavern. Pausing, she watches Therynn as well, and watches her leave as well with a slight frown. Hmm. Ahh well. There! There is a salute, and Nyalle returns Kera's with a smile, pushing her hood back. "Fort's duties to Xanadu and her queens, rider, thank you," she says graciously, with a dip of her head. "I hope your lifemate is well settled? She is welcome to feed from the pens if she desires." She pauses then, clearing her throat lightly. "It is traditional, proper and respectful for Candidates to salute all who outrank them." Is her expression just a touch amused as she looks at Kera?

Moncerath senses that Kayeth's thoughts drift towards yours, a hot brush of air over cooling waters that lap up onto a sandy beach. « If you hunt, dear green, » the sands-bound queen says, « could you bring me something? » She is hungry, and her mate is asleep and she hates to wake him.

"Cyrus," Amethyst says to her fellow candidate, dipping her head in a greeting without wanting to interrupt his own hellos with Kera. "And good evening to you too, greenrider." So formal! Especially with the salutes and all. "There are good things in there, yes! I'm just off kitchen duty, and I can highly recommend the cookies for dessert." There may even still be the lingering aroma of baked goods in Amethyst's clothing, testament to the work she's just put in.

Kera dips her head respectfully to the Weyrwoman "Moncerath is well, thank you. She had a beast this morning…" Momentarily distracted, she nods gently with a slow grin spreading across her features, focusing back on Nyalle once more. "She's happy to be of assistance ma'am." Slipping her gaze towards Amethyst and Cyrus, the former drawing her main attention, maybe trying to see if she's still huddling a little pouch to herself. "Well met candidate, I'm Kera, Moncerath's greenhealer, and lover of all things cookie." Kera gives an amused wink to Amethyst before peering between the queenrider and healer turned candidate.

Cyrus raises his hand in a salute to the weyrwoman. He adopts as long suffering a look. When Nyalle glances over to Kera he blinks. Ohhhhhh. No. She absolutely can't be serious. He opens his mouth as if to speak and instantly thinks better of what he was going to say so he closes it once more. He slowly lifts his hand and closes his eyes as he salutes Kera. He then opens her eyes and looks imploringly as if to say…please don't make me do this when we are alone…Never thought he'd see the day. He is grateful to be able to look over to Amy and smile, "Hi Amy. Good to see you. Glad you got off work."

Nyalle smiles at Amethyst, returning the salute. "I will remember to try one, thank you for the recommendation. And for not catching the kitchens on fire." There's a small laugh for that, hands tucking into her cloak pockets. Dipping her head again to Kera, she looks relieved for no apparent reason. "Thank you very much. I don't know why…" But the goldrider doesn't expand on that though, though her glance towards the hatching grounds should be enough. Looking back in time to see Cyrus salute Kera, Nyalle smiles.

Kayeth sense that Moncerath's misty thoughts stretch outwards like a fog creeping through the a forest « Mine made me hunt this morning, but I can hunt for you. Old one? Or plump. Wherry instead? » You sense that she's stretching her wings, and limbering up before hunting.

"Kera…" Amethyst squints at the greenrider, thoughtfully. "I think… have we already met? Your name sounds familiar, but with being so busy and all, I feel I've got a mind like a sieve. My apologies, if we have already met." She winks at Cyrus, dipping her head to him. "Me too, Cy, me too. Kitchen duty always makes me starving, and I end up eating far to much…" She holds out her hand, showing off reddened knuckles. "And Lila wasn't impressed with me taking a cookie - or two - for myself." Laughing, she rubs over her knuckles with her other hand, then grins at Nyalle. "You're very welcome, ma'am. I always do try my best not to set things on fire…"

Moncerath senses that Kayeth considers the green's words, a longing given at the feeling of those wings stretching. « The fastest one, » she finally says, a hint of a challenge in her voice.

Kera gives a questioning lok to Amethyst face, still not recalling the candidate and offering an apologetic shrug "I'm sorry, if we 'have' met before, I must have been really distracted. Nice to meet you.." A quick glance flickered around to Cyrus and the queenrider, using the name she heard one of them say earlier " .. candidate Amethyst." Not missing the salute from Cyrus, a tiny half shake of her head to her friend and tries to subtly point to Nyalle as if to say 'don't salute me, salute her'. Smiling though, she peers back to those gathered, seeming half distracted a moment, even chuckling to herself before waving it off as if to say 'don't mind me'. Peering towards the other bowl, she tilts her head a bit as she seems to follow along with something else. After a moment, Kera peers back to the Weyrwoman with a grin. "Fast food, coming right up."

Salutes done. Hopefully. He takes another step toward Kera, stepping along so he can stand at her side. He gives her a curious glance when she chuckles to herself and starts to laugh. He just shakes his head a bit. Cyrus casts a glance over to Amy as she recounts her 'experience' in the kitchen, "I'll remember that for when I'm stationed there next." Sticky fingers lead to red knuckles. Then his full attention falls to Nyalle, can't very well ignore the weyrwoman after all, "If you require any medical assistance at any point I'd be happy to assist." he adds to Kera's offer of help.

Nyalle smiles again at Amethyst, wincing at the knuckles. "Did she strike you?" she asks with a sudden frown. Looking at Kera and Cyrus, Nyalle smiles. "Medical assistance? Ah, no, Candidate Cyrus, thank you. Everything is fine. And thank her for me please, Kera? I do appreciate her assistance."

"Let's just call it a new meeting, shall we? Pleasure to meet you, greenrider Kera." The Smith-turned-Candidate salutes the visiting rider, then shrugs and winces in response to Nyalle. "Only a little rap with the spoon, ma'am, as I was trying to sneak another cookie. Serves me right for trying to pinch them in the first place, though! I've had far worse through work, trust me - it just looks worse than it is, because of where it is." Right across the knuckles. She slips both hands back into her pockets. "Actually, if you all don't mind, I was on my way to feed and oil Shards. He's been very good, staying out of the kitchens all day… so he needs a little love right now. Have a good evening!" Amethyst dips into a curtsey, giving the Weyrwoman, then Kera a salute, followed by a more jaunty version for her fellow candidate and friend. Then she's off, making her way back to the barracks.

Kera smiles over to Cyrus, a tiny shake of her head and partial explanation. "Oh, not a medical situation. We just need to get someone's belly stuffed." A smiling nod to Nyalle, "I will, excuse me a moment.." A polite nod to the group as she moves a few steps away. Her lizards swoop overhead suddenly, Polgara landing on her shoulder. When she returns to the group, the young lizard gets chin scratches she mutters "..keep it out of the mud.." Great, Xanadu rider talking to herself. Glancing up and around to see Moncerath land with a dainty 'sqelch'. The green lumber awkwardly to keep the kill off the muddy ground as she takes the meal to the brooding queen. Kera turns back to the conversation, frowning as the cookie promising candidate rushes off. "But," She wanted cookies! Shrugging it off with a quick wave to the girl's back "Nice to meet you!", her attention is once more on Weyrwoman and Cyrus, looking between the two. "Sorry, was distracted with Moncerath a moment, did I miss something?"

A look of relief crosses Cyrus's face when he hears there isn't a medical problem, followed by a look of understanding when Moncerath appears and wanders off. The words from Kera confirm his suspicion, "Ahhh. I get it now." he says. When Amy moves off he offers her a wave instead of a salute but pairs it with a big smile. When Kera comes back he leans over and points to Amythyst, "Thats who you have to thank for your pendant. She gave me the idea." he explains. Poor Nyalle, "I'm glad to hear all is well. It must be stressful. If you require any emotional support I would also be happy to schedule something when my duties allow." He's not really sure if its his place of offer help, but at the end of the day Nyalle may be weyrwoman but she is a human being first. Its his job to help.

Nyalle smiles warmly at Kera, and from the hatching caverns there is a pleased rumble as Kayeth takes the kill and eats it just outside the grounds. Nyalle's shoulders visibly relax as her queen feeds, and she looks back to the others again. Cyrus gets a slightly startled look, and then a gentle smile. "Thank you for the offer, Candidate. I believe you were a Healer before you were Searched, yes? Please, don't worry about me. Your focus is on yourself and preparing for the Hatching. Fort has Healers if I had a need for one. Which I don't. But thank you for the offer."

Kera nods to the Fortian candidate as he puts together the missing pieces. His comments about the departing Amethyst, and she looking off the way the girl went as her "Ahh, should have said something sooner." So Kera could have praised the girl's work. A glance back towards the tunnel her dragonmate emerges, head held high and looking a bit smug, if a dragon can look smug. Lumbering a few paces off to a clear spot, the green leaps upwards to return to her perch, out of the mud. Grinning, Kera shakes her head in amusement and focuses back on the conversation, tugging her hair out of the way of her lizards, who keep pulling single strands accidently. The Weyrwoman's words to her candidate are met with silence and an agreeable nod.

Cyrus smiles to the weyrwoman, "I'd like to think I didn't stop being one when I became a candidate…." He is at that moment interrupted by the return of the bronze firelizard, who promptly lands on his shoulder and then leans down to try to open up his coat. Cyrus stands there perplexed for a moment before a look of understanding crosses his face, "Hey…buddy…look at me." he says softly. After a few moments the lizard stops what he is doing and looks up, "You are too old for your sling anymore. You are big now. It's gone…I put it away." The bronze huffs sadly, but moves back to the candidates shoulder. Cyrus reaches up to give him a pet, "I know, and if you want them to play with you…you can't be so bossy. It isn't all about you all the time." Cyrus may have spoiled him a tad. Kera gets his attention with her comment though, "You'll be seeing her again I'm sure." he says with a grin, happy to see her well…happy.

Nyalle smiles at the pair of them, sensing they'd rather be alone than have her for company. And it's fine, she's used to it. Comes with the territory of being a goldrider, really, so she dips her head to them both. "If you'll excuse me, I should get some food myself before Kayeth calls me back. Kera, enjoy your stay. Candidate, be good." There's a smile for that and maybe a /hint/ of humor before Nyalle is walking into the Living Caverns.

Kera 's gaze slips between the Weyrwoman and Cyrus before the little bronze's antics draw her attention. Smirking that he tried crawling into pouch no longer three, she nod, offering the Weyrwoman a quick salute as she excuses herself "Enjoy your meal ma'am." Peering back to the candidate as he works on training his lizard, an amused eyeroll at the disgruntled bronze "Looks like i'm not the only one that spoils their lizards. Though I doubt you went out and actually bought a lizard bed." Eyeing the ground when she slips a little, Kera sidesteps to stand on a clump of winter browned grass.

Cyrus gives the weyrwoman a salute as she departs for dinner before turning to face Kera with a wide smile, "He really likes to be carried. I had to stop at some point or he would just stay there like a little prince…" The firelizard turns and gives him a little bit of a stare, "It's true and you know it." he says to Aegnor in return, "Anyway…he doesn't like it. He also isn't amused that we have to live in the dorms now. I don't mind one bit. He apparently thinks sharing is beneath him. No I haven't got him a bed. He sleeps near my cot." When he spies her begining to slip he holds out his hand quickly, ready to catch her…but there seems to be no need as she rights herself, "So…how are you today?"

Kera grins at the interaction between Cyrus and his lizard friend. A brow arches curiously hearing the bronze isn't a fan of dorm life. "All that snoring can wreak havoc on a lizards sleep." and other candidates as well. "You're not having any problems with settling back into a full barracks? All that racket and shuffling around constantly when you've been used to your own rooms for so long?" A greeting nearby draws her gaze, smile slipping across her face easily as she nods and murmurs a greeting to an older aunty and uncle making their way to the living caverns. "I'm doing well, Moncerath and I went to visit N'talya at Ista." She chuckles "Warmed up a bit in the desert."

Cyrus waves his hand dismissively, "Nahh. Doesn't really bother me. I'm a really heavy sleeper. Once I'm out…I'm out. Maybe Aegnor isn't. I could perhaps mix something up for him to help him fall asleep easier. I never really thought of that." he says as he ponders, "Yeah. Anyway…no. There is something comforting about it. Rules, schedules and all that. You know me…I like to work." A surprised look crosses his face when she says where she has been, "Really…I've never been there. How is she? I know I've never met her, but you've spoken about her often enough." he says with a smile.

Kera nods when Cyrus says to have no problem sleeping among all the noises that are always there when groups of people are together, no matter how quiet they try to be. Surprised that the bronze seems to have 'that' much trouble though, her head shakes "No, I wouldn't do that. Maybe have the little guy looked at by a dragonhealer if you think something is wrong." Looking the young lizard over she reaches up, holding her hand close to Aegnor as if to give a gentle scratch to his cheek and chin before lowering her hand. "Nat's doing well, slower starts in the mornings these days but that should pass in another month I think."

Aegnor is always more than pleased to have attention given to him. He accepts Kera being near him and scratching his cheek, "I don't think he's sick." Cyrus says with a smile, "He's not given me any indication that I could recognize. He really doesn't like to share. Very territorial I think. Being in that shared space has him working over time. He thinks he runs the world…and I mean that sincerely." He would laugh, but holds it in for the sake of his friend. When Kera mentions the slower mornings and that passing in another month he can't help but ask, "She's pregnant?"

Kera nods to Cyrus, still flicking her gaze to Aegnor every so often as if to visually look for anything wrong with the firelizard. Her own pair are keeping her shoulders warm, taloned paws grasping clumps of hair and tails loosely wrapped along her neck. The Xanadu rider chuckles at Cyrus comments about the young bronze flitter. Head dips forward agreeably "Yea, a couple months along now. Her first, so she's quite nervous about everything." A knowing look from one healer to another over 'new mother syndrom'.

Oh yeah. New mother syndrome. Can't beat it, "It does take awhile to break that big of a life change in." he says with a knowing smile, "I hope that she and her husband are very happy. Kids are a real blessing. Wonderful. Did I ever tell you that before I went into mindhealing I thought about going into pediatrics?" he says, "Kids are cool…and honest and….yeah." he says before he gets going to much, "You like kids right?" he asks. The firelizard sits straight and tall, looking as regal as he possibly can. Believing with every fiber of his being that the world should just admire him all day long. Nothing would look off or anything of the sort. By all accounts visually a perfectly healthy young firelizard.

Kera 's head nods a time or two, feet stepping across to another clump of grass when the spot she was standing begins to feel a bit mushy under her boots. "She seems happy about it, nervous, frantic and panicky yea, yea and yea. But happy about it." Frowning just a little gently shake of her head "Hmm, I'm sure her friend is pleased with the news." With what she knows of the man, it's probably not his first since he's older by a good bit. "Oh, I like kids well enough, when they aren't crying and screaming." Tucking the new info about her friend away, she grins "I didn't know that. I'm going back and forth between want I want to focus my studies on." She cants her head to either lizard briefly before reaching for her shoulder satchel and tugging out some strips of dried meat, offering the treats to Polgara and Minimur. The pair grabbing the morsels eagerly and taking to the air with their prizes. Aegnor is offered one as well while Kera rolls and stretches her lizard cramped shoulders. "You want a tasty little guy?"

Cyrus ahhs softly, so its one of those situations. Does it color his view? Maybe a little, but kids are still wonderful regardless, "I'm glad to hear that he is going to step up and be a part of the kids life." he says with a small smile on his face. Though he can't help but smirk when she talks about kids, "I could see you being wonderful with them." When she goes on to talk about her studies, "Well I know you don't strictly speaking answer to me anymore. It seems I answer to you now.." he says with a small laugh, "..but I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on what you wanted to do after you became one of us." He'd be so proud to see her walk the tables, "When you do walk the tables I'll be there and be the first to greet you." Aegnor is never one to turn down food his appetite is very healthy though he holds for a moment looking at Cyrus who takes a second to try to figure out what his issue is. The lizard does his best to try to communicate it but eh…colors and pictures don't always exactly convey much. So he just settles for speaking up, "You can take it. Kera is my friend." The lizard takes this in and still pauses eyeing Polgara, is the queen intimidating him? Is that why? The lizard then shifts his gaze to Mini and with that he unfurls his wings stretching them to full length as if to show Mini, 'I'm a bronze. You are a brown.' Is he eyeing the place on Kera's shoulder? Cyrus gets a number of conflicting emotions from his little friend all of them seem to involve possessiveness. Time to shut this down before it becomes something it shouldn't. He lifts his hand and places it on his shoulder, "Calm." he says softly and tries to send that feeling to his little friend. The lizard slowly closes up his wings and then finally leans down to politely take the meat out of Kera's hand. Ok. That went better, "Good." he says to Aegnor before looking up to Kera to explain, "See. If I'm not too mistaken he was thinking he could claim the spot that Mini occupies on your shoulder. If I'm not really far off I think he took my comment to mean that you could also be his to command. I'm sorta glad Pol was here."

Kera can't really so one way or the other what's gonna happen with N'talya. She gives a hint of a shrug, not sure how to reply about her friend's relationship, watching as her two lizards chitter with their treats and wing off to find a solid perch to eat their treat. She doesn't miss Aegnor sizing up of her brown and eyeing her young queen before hesitantly taking the teat when Cyrus tells him it's alright. Slightly impressed at that, she grins "Now that's something I still haven't been able to teach Minimur. To not beg and take all the handouts." Considering her words, she winces "Then again, guess I'm just as guilty of freely giving out lizard treats. Even before I had one." Cyrus's certainty that she'll be walkin the tables gets a self conscious shrug. "Not for some turns to come though. My studies have slowed quite a bit since Moncerath came along. She's grown now, but still not as much time to actually study between duties as I used to have." Gaze drifts between Aegnor and Cyrus, finally understanding the interaction, and chuckling. "More likely he knows I always have treats." Giving a pointed and amused look to the bronze "Your perch is your Journey Candidate little flit." A little scratch offered to the bronze before glancing to Cyrus "I think I owe you an apology Cyrus. Congratulations on your new status. I was just a bit…surprised at the turn of events."

Cyrus is pleased to see that the firelizard situation has calmed itself. Aegnor accepts Kera's scratch, but still gives a good glance to Mini. No sign of any difficulties however and it seems to have calmed enough for him to be able to pay attention, "You don't owe me an apology. I was surprised too…really surprised. Still am. Still unsure." he says with a little shrug, "You were spot on." Aegnor chooses that moment to fly off Cyrus's shoulder and head off toward the barracks. Gotta work on claiming some space there before sleep. Cyrus just shakes his head a little bit, "He's a strong personality. Very strong." Ahh well, back to the topic at hand, "I still wonder if I'm doing the right thing. I guess I'll find out." he says with a smile, "Just knowing you are there for me makes it all easier…and you will be a journeyman. I know it." He glances back toward the barracks and sighs, "I should probably go. I don't want him to create too much havoc without me there to stop him. He'll be telling the other candidates off by now anyway." With that he takes a step toward her, and opens his arms to offer a hug. Regardless if she takes it or not he says, "All my love…" he says sincerely. After the hug and or the awkward standing there depending on which Kera allows he says, "Come back soon….I'll tell you about the trip to space we are gonna take tomorrow…"

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