Fireworks and Marshmallows (Warning: Mature Content)

Xanadu Weyr - Kanekith's Arc Forge
Half-set into a forested knoll is a curved bulwark of stone, tracing out part of a circle. Slightly more than half, in fact. The curved outer wall is yellowed fieldstone, looking like the ruins of some ancient tower now tumbled to a single story's worth of height and adapted into a weyr. The circular shape is completed by a courtyard of red bricks, set into the ground in a houndstooth pattern. The inner wall is slightly concave, made of that same yellow stone, and the sloped roof is a partial cone made from red tile.
The heart of the clearing is a machine now. A small open forge is set out slightly from the wall. There's a bellows to coax the flame hot enough to melt iron and an anvil to work it over. A few wooden chairs provide a place to sit and listen to any avians not yet frightened away by the clang of metal, or perhaps to roast sausages on sticks over a forge whose coals have burnt down low.
To either side of the forge, there's a large archway that leads to a sheltered couch. It's fairly narrow, enough so that a large bronze might have difficulty turning around, but perhaps that's why there's one archway on each end, the openings cleverly angled to keep out most of the wind while still allowing the draconic inhabitant to keep watch on the approaches. Along the back wall of that couch, in the center, is a human-sized door leading further inside.

(Continued from The First Rule of Party)

(Warning: Mature Content. NC-17 Rating. You know where to find the back button.)

Oh, like someone can spend five minutes in the same room as Jethaniel and a dangerous object and not get exposed to safety procedures. Soriana laughs as she sets the box of fireworks down in the middle of the brick patio. "And that is why we're not going to burn anything down." Confidence, yes. Confidence is key! Fortunately, it's also easy when you're eighteen turns old and have had somewhere around a mug of ale. Not enough to really impair the reflexes, but enough to make you just a little bit more… assured. Of whatever! "Okay. Here's the rules." She looks around at some of the gawkers, pitching her voice so they can hear, too. "One firework at a time. Ka'el or I have to be watching. Don't set 'em off next to anything. And you gotta do a countdown from three." Rules! So boring. But burning down the forest? Now that would be exciting. In a bad way. Which is why Soriana was careful to pick only small fireworks. Subtle ones… as fireworks go. Also the ground is covered with snow, so that helps! Soriana points to Ka'el, and grins. "You first."

And indeed, the gawkers begin to crowd because someone whispered "ROCKETS" and that's enough to pull people from their jokes, conversations, ale guzzling, and tentative flirting to gather and listen. Ka'el included. He nods in agreement with all that she says, as if he had something to do with coming up with these rules himself. Which … he didn't. And lo, he gets to be the first one up? He fist pumps in silent celebration before flashing a grin at her and stepping up to the firework box. Decisions, decisions.. He claimed he knew which one he wanted, but now that he's presented with so many options… A ha! He digs into the box and pulls out a roundish looking one. "Alright, everyone!" He heads to his forge to pull out a metal rod, red with heat on the end that's been in the fire, and he carries that near the center of the clearing. Not too close to his weyr…even though it's made of stone and won't burn down. (score!) "Spread out! Not too close.." He stoops, setting the thing on the ground, positioning the hot rod close. "…" And light! And hurryupstepback! With a wide grin, he braces as the little fuse burns down then… sparksparkspark! Yellow gold sparks fly from one end, causing it to spin like a top, faster and faster as the shower of sparks fly onto the snow, til *fwoom!* a small shower of gold shoots from the top, only a few feet, but extremely bright against the dark backdrop of night, before it burns itself out. Woah! Awe! Cool!

Hey, Ka'el might not have had anything to do with coming up with these rules, but… he's a smith! (apprentice). And smiths are the ones who make these fireworks, so! If the rules were too terribly wrong, he'd know and have an addendum. So! All's well. His smithly supervision merits him first shot. Or… well, maybe it's the fact that he's the one Sori'll be flirting with later tonight. But, regardless! The crowd watches with anticipation! So does Soriana! Also with a grin, on both parts, and… ooh! ahhhh! Sparks and spinning and fwizzz! The crowd gasps and cheers, and Sori grins as she watches… from next to the safety buckets. Because someone needs to be ready if things go wrong, but… they don't! They go awesome. "Ha! Good one," she declares after the bright shower of sparks has faded from her vision. Next up? Well, that's her, of course! According to the well-understood rules of She Brought Them. All those other people can get their turns soon! First, Soriana's got to look through the box. Hmmm, now, what does she want to… oh. This one! This one looked neat. It's a tube sort of thing, and she brings it out to the clear spot to set it up.

Ah he loves the spinners! So fast and bright and .. spinning! Ka'el gives a theatrical bow once the show is over though and moves to kick snow over the warm remains. Better safe than sorry, right? Kanekith is watching from a slight distance. He's having a grand time! So much fire everywhere. Flames and sparks and colors. They should have these little gatherings all the time! It's Ka'el's turn to man the bucket while Sori steps up to choose hers, and he does so .. for about five seconds before he moves away from the water to be nosey about which type she's choosing. He peers over her shoulder (after a lingering look to her backside) and grins in approval. "That's a good 'un," he confirms, nodding twice. "It'll…well, you'll see what it does. Everybody, back up a little!" Not that her type is particularly dangerous, but people are starting to crowd again. "Hey!" He points at someone trying to sneak a firework before his turn. "Drop it." *plink* goes the firework back in its rightful place. The guy is given the evil eye that's punctuated with a grin before he turns back to Sori, retrieving that hot rod again to hand it to her. "Careful."

Soriana grins to Ka'el at his approval of her firework, and gets it set firmly in place. Falling over, not so good! There. She stands up, and then… oh, she adds her own look to the sneaky rules-breaker. Just in case Ka'el's glare wasn't enough! The grin is quick to return as she accepts the lighter from Ka'el. "Of course." She turns to her tube! She waits for Ka'el to get into place by the bucket! "Three! Two! One!" Contact! We have ignition, and… …for a moment, there's nothing, but then the fireworks begin! A flash of red from the mouth of the tube, like a ball of dragon-flame shooting up a few feet. Fwoosh! … and … another one! The flames have a green tinge, this time! … and … another one! Red again! … and … FWAM! The final burst, golden sparks scattering in a cone shape and writhing through the air like living worms before tumbling down. Most of them go out before they hit the ground, but there's a few that sizzle against the snow. Good thing everyone moved back!

Ka'el mans the emergency bucket, ready to lift and toss if needed. Sand or water! The countdown begins and… Ooo! Aaaah! Colors and light, shooting up to the sky! The smell of burned chemicals begins to permeate the air. The tell tale aroma of combustible materials being burned. The smell of holidays and gatherings. "Niiice!" says Ka'el whose eyes have lifted up a bit to follow the trail of flames as they shoot up and arc back down towards the snow. "Told you it was a good one!" he calls to his girl, grin wide. Others are eager to ty their hand now. It isn't every day they get to mess around with fireworks! And just how well these teens are going to follow directions, especially with as much ale has been consumed by some, is debatable. They'll soon find out! Ka'el abandons the bucket to head towards Soriana, though he only gets halfway there before… *taptap* to his shoulder.

"Nice party. Is it my turn?" You didn't really think Jnelle wouldn't come to a party, did you? Decked out in a pair of skinny jeans, black knee high boots made more for fashion than function, and a form fitting jacket complete with a printed scarf around the neck, who know how long she's been here, or if she's planned her fashionably late appearance til this moment. "Nice fireworks." She lifts a hand, wiggling fingers at Soriana.

Soriana gets the closest view, and she grins wide as the sparks fly! Not that she's all that close, because she scrambled back after lighting the fuse, but… oh, yeah, that is a grin-worthy firework. "You did!" she assures Ka'el with a laugh. He did, and he was right. Soriana nudges the remnants into the safety of snow, sand, and not burning the forest down around them, and sets the rod down into the fire to heat again before starting back toward the box (because somebody has to guard it! Especially with how much some of these teens have drank). Along the way, though, one of 'these teens' emerges into prominence. Jnelle! Going after Ka'el. As usual. But whatever. Soriana keeps a smile on her face! It's not even really a challenge, because… seriously, did you see those fireworks? Pretty shardin' awesome. So she smiles to Jnelle and returns her wave in entirely cheerful fashion, continuing on to plant herself next to the firework box as a guard. Yeah, she saw you makin' eyes at it, enthusiastic and drunken teen #3. You won't be getting anything except a sparkler if you can't walk straight on your way up to the box. She's got her eye on you. All of you.

Oh.. hey! Jnelle. Ka'el is a little caught off guard by her sudden appearance. Has she been here this entire time? But his derailment lasts only a moment, and his grin is secured back in its rightful place. "Hey. You wanna give it a go? Sure, c'mon." The more the merrier! Plus, what's he going to do with any leftover fireworks? He motions for her to follow, which he needn't considering how walking along with him has her automatically reaching for the crook of his arm. Ah, an escort! Ka'el brings her right up to the box, and thus to Soriana as well, who has wisely decided to stand guard.

"Do you have sparklers?" Jnelle asks of Sori. She is standing there by the box like a member of a caravan selling her wares. "I don't care much for the ones that go up and up. Oh…I do, I suupose, but I don't like lighting them. Just watching them." A sparkler's far more tame! A charming smile graces pint painted lips that soon form a small 'o' of surprise as she recalls something. "I nearly forgot!" She reaches into the slightly bulging pockets of her jacket, retrieving from each one winter glove. "You left these in my weyr," is spoken to Ka'el as she offers them to him.

That's right. Ladies and gentlemen, step right up! There's some for every- well. For some people. Sori didn't exactly grab the entire cabinet, but she did get a decent assortment. Sparklers? "Yeah, sure." In fact, Soriana leans down to find one for Jnelle. Let's see, they were one of the first things she grabbed from the cabinet, so… "Here you are," she says as she straightens up with sparkler in hand, only to discover that Jnelle's hands are full… of gloves not her own. She glances to those gloves, then up to Ka'el. For just a moment, a frown begins to tug her lips sideways… but then she laughs, looking back to Jnelle. "Good reason to have more than one pair, huh?" The sparkler is extended once more. "Here." A pause. "Careful of your scarf." Safety procedures. They osmosed into her head. Like the word osmosis. Spending time around Jethaniel is dangerous, even if it makes you safer.

Ka'el is definitely going to need more ale if Jnelle is planning on sticking around. Hanging out with her is easier done without an audience, especially when that audience consists of Soriana. Those gloves that are offered? Oh yes, he remembers them! He hadn't even realized he'd forgotten them behind…til that moment when his hands got cold. But then, as Sori stated, a second pair fixed that problem! Still though, at Jnelle's words, he can't help but flit his eyes to Soriana a few seconds too late to notice that frown that turned to a laugh. "Oh, right…thanks," he says as he takes them, grinning a little as he stuffs them into a back pocket of his jeans.

"I had hoped he had another pair. I wasn't sure. Unlike those hats he wears." Jnelle laughs a little, pointing to the beanie on his head. "If you would have left that behind, I'd not have worried. I know you have at least five!" Because she knows him oh so well, don't you see? The sparkler is plucked from Soriana's fingers, a practicedly kind smile plastered on her lips. "Thank you! Shall I….mmm..the fire, then? Is that how you light it?" So lost and confused! Poor her. Will someone please guide her? A damsel, and she is in distress. Hopeful eyes are sent Ka'el's way, but lo and behold, there's K'asin near the fire! And she's directed to him, and she pouty-lips for a half second before her smile is back in place. "Nice party! I'll see you inside, maybe?" She hopes. And she saunters off to give the other bronzeling some hope by letting him assist her.

Soriana still smiles. Maybe it's because she knew Ka'el had another pair of gloves, or maybe it's just because she isn't about to be the one who doesn't smile… even if Jnelle is edging on her nerves a little. But, well. If Jnelle's smile is practiced, Soriana's been getting chances to practice lately too. Such a smile. "Nice of you to bring them back," Sori says, and keeps the smile on through force of will as she says, "You're welcome," and Jnelle is oh-so-distressed. But K'asin can solve that problem for her, because Ka'el has other things to do, like have Soriana's arm hooked around him to tug him in against her side. He can keep an eye on the fireworks from here. They're guarding the box, you see, and maybe it's for purposes of safety that Soriana eyes Jnelle's retreating and fashionable back for a moment. No frown, but Significantly Less Smile.

Ka'el is watching Jnelle go too. Not because her backside is anything worth looking at .. but because he needs to see where she is going. Is she staying outside? If so, that may be a good thing. Who knows what she'll get into if she actually goes into the weyr unsupervised other than the oogling eyes of K'asin. She'd probably plant lacy underwear somewhere in his bedroom. Not that Ka'el thinks this himself, but it could happen! Her insinuation of private time in her weyr is indication enough. But his watching of Jnelle lasts only about a minute before his attention roams to other things. Soriana. Namely, how close she is to him and how much he likes that .. even if her smile is less than what it was. He lowers his head a little, leaning closer to her ear so that his voice can drop and murmur, "I wanna make some fireworks with you," before his lips graze the lobe of her ear, touching slightly at the neck.

Ka'el can look, Soriana supposes, but at the moment, she's going to be the one doing the touching. This arm, around him. The warm of bodies and… mm. The touch of lips. The smile is coming back, and Sori tilts her head to the side slightly, looking up at Ka'el from a crooked head with a crooked smile. "Good," she says. Not a whisper, but not very out loud, either. Her hand drifts a little. It was around his middle, sure, but that's because she was drawing him in. Now that he's here, it can wander a little further down to find a good resting spot. Mm. Like that one. She's still going to keep an eye on those boxed-up fireworks, mind you - being responsible about being irresponsible - but… well, maybe she'll relax the 'one at a time' rule for the sparklers. It's the big fireworks where it really matters. The wild ones. Her lips brush Ka'el's cheek. Someone wants to set off fireworks… …oh. And here's T'bor, with a fountain.

Good. So let's go make some fireworks, shall we? Ka'el's still feeling rather good from the ale. His confidence is still high with whatever nagging worries that may normally float annoying in and out of his mind non-existant tonight. And so with her reciprocated touch, her lowering hand, his self-assurance rises even more. His body is turned then, facing her in the front while his arms loop low around her hips to draw her against him. There's a smirk on his lips as he receives her kiss, an eagerness in his eyes… and fireworks in a box that needs to be kept an eye on. And guests in his weyr. And guests milling about outside of his weyr. And a T'bor … T'bor? With…? Catching that out of the corner of his eyes, he turns his head towards the weyrling bluerider, brow cocking. "..What…'s that?"

A firework. Only, the less metaphorical kind. T'bor's picked it up out of the box (the one they're totally keeping an eye on) and now he wants to set it off… as… one does with fireworks. Soriana turns and presses her front to Ka'el for one firm moment, draping her other arm around his shoulders as she kisses him. Is Jnelle watching? Sori's not looking, but there are certainly eyes on the two of them. Maybe they include greenrider eyes, because… well. Greenriders! Except, actually, it's a goldrider and a bronzerider here. Details! Ones that should not be worried over. Especially not by anyone who works in administration. The kiss Soriana gives it a brief one. Like a single-shot rocket, and then she draws away from it and turns around. Her front presses to Ka'el no more! Her back, though… yeah, it presses to his front. Firmly. That frees her front to grin to T'bor. "Yeah, okay, you can set that one off." Her hands reach back, brushing at Ka'el's hips and looking for his. "In the clear space, mind." Safety first. No burning down the forest. And it's only a little wiggle of her hips.

They may include greenrider eyes. Jnelle's gotten her sparkler going. K'asin feels rather accomplished abotu that, although he didn't do much to help. And it's very likely that a pair of hazel eyes have swept their way often. At first to try to gain the attention of the blue-eyed bronzling by willpower alone, though eventually her looks become slightly more elongated and have a slight edge to them. She doesn't get it. What does she have that she herself doesn't? .. Ha! Nothing. Nothing at all. She'll just have to work a little harder at changing Ka'el's viewpoints. Viewpoints that, right now, have no reason to change!

The press of their bodies, the feel of her arm, it causes something to rise in Ka'el's body. Temperature. Anticipation. Desire. All of that. As she turns around, he frowns. But oh! Not for long for now her backside is to him. One arm wraps around her, encouraging her firm press by grinding his hips against her and lowering his head to exhale an expletive to her ear. Did T'bor hear? Maybe. If so, Ka'el's showing a lack of caring. His free hand finds one of her roaming ones, though the one wrapped around her stays that way and slips dow her hip, to her upper thigh, sliding inward, oh so gradually as he wills himself not to grind against those wiggling hips. He tries, at least. And oh, the people. Pesky folk who he suddenly wishes would vanish.

Soriana is being subtle. Relatively. Her hands find places to settle, one with fingers curled around Ka'el's, the other resting against his wrist as his arm stays around her. Her eyes… well, she's still not going to be seeing if Jnelle's looking, because she's watching as T'bor sets up the firework. She's responsible like that… and maybe if she was being more responsible she wouldn't be pressed back against Ka'el, because this is certainly a distraction - to both of them - but she's at least watching. T'bor is being competent. He gets the fountain set up at a distance from other people, and he lights the fuse and steps back. A moment of waiting (another wiggle) and then the fountain begans to explode, bursts of pale white-gold sparks shooting up toward the sky. At least most of the people are watching that, now, instead of Sori and Ka'el.

The movement against him makes him hold onto her a little tighter, the hand that rests just slightly on her inner thigh grasping to squeeze, responding with another slow grinding that presses a developing bulge against her backside that possibly could've been passed for the bulk of his jacket .. if it had been there to begin with. T'bor is ignored. The fireworks might as well be leaves in the wind now. Unimportant and disregarded as instead his attention is turned to the back of her neck. His lips can be felt pressing, kissing at her skin, leaving a trail of touches to the side of her neck where his breath feels as hot as those kisses she receives. "..Can we shardin' set 'm all off an tell'm to get the hell out've here?" .. Probably not the best way for a host to end a party! Either that, or .. irresponsibility. Ka'el is king of that, and already Soriana would be able to feel him tugging on her as those fireworks shoot off, trying to pull her. Away. Away from the box of fireworks. Away from the party goers and the fire and Kanekith. Towards his weyr.

Why oh why did Soriana get so many fireworks? They didn't seem like a lot when she was picking them out of a cabinet under the Steward's eye. There were so many more that seemed interesting… worth taking, except they'd arouse… what was she thinking about, again? Something about arousing and lighting fires that explode and… "Mmmhshards." Right. Not burning down the Weyr. Responsibility. Her fingers squeeze against Ka'el's, and she takes in a deep breath, smelling the firework gunpowder in the air. She's got to keep her focus, except… her head tilts forward to expose her neck to those kisses. "They're almost done." T'bor's set his off. Someone else should… "Hey, Al'cas. Your turn." He wasn't planning on it? Too bad. He made the mistake of passing by, so he's going to set off a firework for Soriana. She can feel Ka'el tugging, but for now, she plants her feet and resists… not his touches, mind, for her fingers stroke over the forearm whose hand is squeezing against her thigh, but she resists leaving. She's going to see this through. Start what she finished. Be stubborn. Soriana can be very stubborn.

She's lying. They're not almost done. There are .. handfuls of fireworks left! Like, six or seven…maybe even ten! However is he going to surive til they're all gone? … He knows how. By persuading Sori that they needn't be here to see all the fireworks set off. And, oh, his hands are masters of persuasion, but alas. He cannot very well use them, for how would it look for him to have hands roaming all about her front? Such luxuries are meant for private quarters, which he really, really is trying to drag her towards. But oh Soriana isn't budging despite his best efforts. Though, truth be told, Ka'el is stubborn too. "C'moon..they'll be fine," he urges, lips close to her skin. "Nothin's gonna happen." Just like nothing happened with the mushrooms. Teeth nip at the nape of her neck. Light, barely there, yet there, and for the briefest of instances, his hand slips fully between her thighs, sliding up til it can't anymore before it is pulled away to come to a rest upon her hip. Hips buck gently against her once again, a slow and gradual sway.

It's not like Soriana's name is on the requisition form! So nobody could even trace it if the… forest burnt down starting with her boyfriend's weyr, from fireworks that… the Steward saw her take… yeahhh. So long as nothing bad happens, she probably won't get in that much trouble. If something bad does happen… new forms of trouble may have to be invented. Just for her- "Rrrrh." Her fingers tense, nails digging against Ka'el's skin. Al'cas has set of his firework? Apparently? Soriana vaguely remembers having heard a cracking sound, so that must have been it. She's… a bit fuzzy on the details. Not exactly… being responsible. Okay. So - she angles her hips, pushing back against Ka'el's push - so she should… bend over? Apparently. That's what she does, leaning forward away from him. It makes her butt push back against him, her back angled down against his gaze… but just for a moment. Long enough for her to pick up the half-empty box of fireworks. She did say they were almost done. Thing is? She gets to decide what 'done' means. The fireworks are done… it just so happens that there are leftovers. Soriana glances back over her shoulder at Ka'el, box in her hands, and grins wide and toothy. "C'mon."

A grin, sly and satisfied, slides its way up Ka'el's lips at her sound and the bite of her fingernails to his skin. The feel of them raises slight goosebumps on his arms, and there's a moment where his hand can be felt shifting on her. Closing in for more. Wanting to feel and tease unknown areas. No one is wathcing them anymore, right? They can hardly be so impor…. She's bending over, and there's a sudden spike in the pace of his heart. An instant turn on (well, more than he already has been, if that's possible) and the hands on her hips naturally stay there as his eyes gaze down her back, lips partially ajar. It's only for a moment, but a moment's all that is needed to know that he … wants that. He wants her. And the number of people that still occupy his weyr is an unimportant fact that can be disregarded and ignored behind a closed door. He wants her. The months and months and … turns of wanting have built up and the pressure of it all is pressing hard at his every seam, looking for escape. The box is lifted. She speaks. Her grin is met with a hungry look and a grin to match as he follows her, meeting her stride and walking with his body still somewhat pressed to her back. Gangway people. He hasn't time to talk to you! And in fact, the few words that are spoken are answered one-wordedly or outright ignored.

Xanadu Weyr - One and Only Weyr
A series of arched windows along the curved outer wall of this weyr look out at the encroaching forest. Each one displays a different slice of the surroundings - a sturdy oak tree, a bristling thicket of thorn bushes, a tangle of flowering vines around a small sapling. No two sights the same, and inside, much the same is true.
A wooden partition divides the half-circle of the interior into wedges. The larger segment, taking up most of the weyr, is the living room, dominated by a comfortable-looking couch with a pair of mismatched end tables. One is dark wood, a round top perched high and graceful on legs that curve together and then out again at the base. The other is a paler wood, square and squat. Pillows are scattered atop the couch, and a few larger ones set on the floor in case the seating runs out or there's a need to sprawl.
A hefty walnut table sits off to one side, in against the small kitchenette in one corner of the crescent. It's hardly suited for any sort of elaborate cooking, but it'll do for reheating things from the caverns or making breakfast. Surrounded with four chairs, The table is large enough for a small dinner party - though only an informal one. One chair matches the table, two of a medium oak, match each other save for the scuff marks, and one with a white frame and a woven wicker seat doesn't match at all. That one usually has a coat draped over the back.
Tucked in the other corner is the small piece of weyr pie that is the bedroom, the view of the arched window there curtailed by a tangle of ivy encouraged to grow right outside and give some privacy to the pile of pillows that all but conceals the bed.

Some people are disappointed that there will be no more fireworks. Some of them even try to come and argue. Soriana… manages to smile to them. To look polite - but, you see, she has pressing business. A pressing Ka'el, behind her. Very pressing. So, you see, she can't stop and talk. Sorry. She'll listen, "Later." Now… she has other things on her mind. They make it indoors. The music's louder here. The place is warmer. Hotter. All these bodies in here, generating heat. Shards, all they really need are two bodies, and things are hot enough, but - "Sorry." Still no time to talk. Step over the wine-bottle on the floor. Don't step in the place where a cookie has been ground into a cushion. Step past the people milling around. Ka'el's party is popular. Weren't Idrissa and Mur'dah still here? Soriana doesn't see them, or maybe she's just not paying enough attention to notice them. Her focus is on getting through the crowd and… Here. Push open the door to the bedroom. Step inside. Put the box down (she bends over again) and then turn to… Ka'el.

Joined at the hip they are, or at least Ka'el is trying to be, as the two of them maneuver themselves within his weyr. Yeesh, it's warm! Someone should open a window. And pick up that bottle before someone smashes it. And tell that couple over there to stop making out on his couch with ale in their hands because they'll probably spill it. Well. Someone should, but that someone isn't going to be Ka'el who is too focused on getting to their destination, bodies together, without someone pulling one or the other away. And they do! Success! It's vaguely cooler in here, lacking the amount of bodies that the main room has, and Ka'el wasts no time in shutting the door behind him and hastily latching. The box is set down, he shudders at the bending, and when Soriana turns around, he attacks her. Arms grab, pulling her close as he swoops down, bringing his mouth to hers in a hard kiss while both hands clutch at her backside. Squeeeeze.

"Er…hi." Small voice. Not Ka'el's. It's Carolin and random Xanadu male teen with blonde hair … who was making out with the greenrider, aaaalmost making it to second base, til right now. Right now, he's grinning goofily. Carolin, blushing furiously. She's awkward on a normal day. "S-sorry! I…we.. it was quieter here!" Fumble fumble. "W-we're leaving!" Blush blush no eye contact!

Oh yeah. They made it! Away from prying eyes and… okay there are still listening ears, but whatever, that's what the music is for. Soriana presses her lips to Ka'el's, kissing eagerly now that they've escaped the need for responsibility. Her arms loop around him. One over his shoulders. The other down around his waist. Her body presses close to his as her head tilts to bring her lips- waiiit. They are not alone here. They should be, but… Greenriders. Soriana removes her lips, ever so reluctantly, from Ka'el's. She turns her head to look at Carolin-and-friend. Words? Nooo. She doesn't need any of those. She just gives a fractional nod to the fact that they're leaving, because they most certainly are, and smiles. Scary smile. The smile that says don't stop or else there will be trouble.

Ka'el has not moved his hands from where they've settled, each one gripping a cheek though he's irritated his kiss has been interrupted. Both of the intruders are given a glaring look. Get. Out. Yup, they're leaving! After unlatching the secured door, Carolin zooms out with her guy trailing after her. He grins, offers Ka'el a thumbs up, and closes the door to reclaim his blushing makeout partner. Gotta find her first! Where'd she go? Geeze these greenriders are fast… Ka'el's eyes return to Sori after the door has been closed again, and he steals another kiss, just as hard as his last, though it's brief. He parts from her long enough to move and relock his door, and his room is given a once over. "Anybody else in here, get the shell out!" Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Ok, no one is answering, meaning no one else is here. His chest deflates with a heavy exhale, and finally finally they are alone. Alone in his bedroom. His grin slowly returns as he approaches her again, both hands lifting, though it's to her jacket now as opposed to her ass, to remove it. "You don't need this."

Xanadu teen with the thumbs up for Ka'el gets a lifted brow from Sori, but! Good for him, he flees soon thereafter. Okay, so… now they've made it. Away from all the prying eyes! Soriana turns back to Ka'el, kissing again - this time, with no audience! And her arms curve around him a little further, until. What. He pulls away? Hey, no, that's not… ohhh. Her frown is chased away by a laugh as he locks the door. Yes. Nobody else here! Not unless they're hiding under the bed. She could bend over again and check? Mmm, but that sounds like a lot of extra work, and so instead she just turns to face him, stepping close and reaching up - oh, wait. Her jacket? "Nah." She has no need for any of that. She shrugs out of one arm with his eager assistance, and then as she shrugs out of the other, she reaches up to pluck the hat off his head. He doesn't need that, either. Now, fingers splayed and brushed through his hair, and another kiss… yeah. The beanie is tossed vaguely toward a dresser. She doesn't even see whether it lands. Busy here. Kissing.

Nope, he doesn't need that hat. Hasn't for a while. Even with the cold outside, Ka'el's been feeling very…warm. Her jacket is allowed to drop to the ground. He'll pick it up later. Maybe tomorrow. There's less clothing in the way now, but still far too much for his tastes, his own included. His jacket is stripped from himself and tossed somewhere behind him, and then they're kissing again. Warm, passionate, and heavy with a tongue that claims her mouth by bullying its way inside. His weight is pressed against her front as he begins to walk, pushing against her, urging her to walk backwards as his hands again roam, slipping to the edge of her shirt and slipping underneat to slide up, fingers against the skin of her sides as he walks her closer to that bed. Closer. Til the back of her legs press against the mattress, and even then his pressure doesn't let up.

Soriana's fingers comb into Ka'el's hair, curling against it as she kisses. Her head tilts to that sideways angle that lets the kiss get deep, her tongue - oh, well, it's not there to resist his, but it is there. It's there to twine with his, to press and tease away and press again in ways that are far too firm to be teasing… well, unless they stop, but they don't stop. They keep kissing, step by step as Soriana moves backwards through the room, her other hand tugging down and lifting up, slipping under the back of Ka'el's shirt and - ohhh, there's the warm! The warmth of skin. It's a dry warmth, not like the wet warmth of tongues twining together. Back. Her fingers rove up his. Back. She steps through the room, blind to it. Back. She's pressed back against something, something soft and just a little yielding. Back. She falls back, a controlled motion like this is one of those martial arts they practice, and if the lips must part for that moment, well. That just shows her grin. Don't stop.

He's always enjoyed that. Touches to his hair. Fingers and tips of nails against his scalp. Her fingers. Her nails. Ka'el's very specific with his likes and who does them, and his moment he's overloaded with them. The taste of her mouth. Ale and Soriana. The warmth of her body, the scent of her. The fact that everyone is locked out except for them. It is perfect. Kanekith is quiet and content and softly crooning outside, and his thoughts are not invasive this time. Is it the distraction of people? The trance of the fire that still burns? Or is it that the nearly mature dragon has finally accepted that this girl brings forth feelings that he cannot, and that is ok? Lips part as Soriana falls backwards upon the bed, and he grins down at her, staying upright, as his eyes trail from her face, to neck, to chest..lingering there. Hands are pulled out from beneath her shirt and run down her legs. Down thighs, past knees, to feet. Boots are pulled off, one at a time. Left. *clunk* Then right *clunk* "You're not goin' anywhere, so .. might as well get rid've those." A smirk, and his hands retrace the same trail, back up her legs, to the hem of pants where fingers toy with the button and zipper there. "What else can we lose?"

Soriana flexes her legs, as Ka'el runs fingers down along them. Her shirt is rumpled up and shows her stomach as she lifts first one leg, then the other, to be… de-booted. Bootless! Now her toes can wiggle… or, if she'd rather, they can touch Ka'el. As it turns out, she does rather, so she hooks a leg around him. Not the most effective of grips, but then again, it's not like Ka'el is trying to go anywhere. Well. Not anywhere that's outside the cozy confines of this room, or even this bed. Sori laughs. "Nowhere at all." She reaches up, pulling with fingers in the front and toes in the back at shirt. C'mon. Lift it up! Okay so the toes are not all that effective, but she will persist. She requires a shirtless smither! What's there to lose? "Everything." That's what she can lose… but from her grin, she's looking at it more in terms of what she can win, and the answer's the same.

Ka'el grins as her leg wraps around him, and he nods in agreement of her agreement with him. She's nto going anywhere, nope. It'd be mighty, mighty hard for him to let her get too far. Nothing short of one of their dragon's call could get him to open that locked door. A summons from V'dim? An impromptu night flying lesson? … may be shorthanded a gold and bronzeling, as Ka'el is feeling less than responsible. "Everything?" he repeats, contemplating the word. "Every .. single thing?" The button is unbuttoned. Zipper very slowly unzipped, loosening what keeps pants at the hips. He nods his assent. "Think you're right. Everything's gotta go.." Including that shirt of his that she has inched halfway up his back. He helps the process along, and pulls it off all the way, tossing it as well A shirtless Ka'el is .. well. She's felt him before, nd the visual is the same. A broad and fit chest with defined pectorals and sculpted abdominals, but it isn't his own body that he's interested in. Hers is still covered in pesky clothing, and he alleviates that by pulling off her trousers, having to urge her leg to unhook itself in the process.

If V'dim calls them… oh, let's not even think about that. Soriana doesn't want to imagine it. She'd… no. She has better things to imagine. Better things she doesn't even have to imagine, because… oh yeah. Shirtless Ka'el. "Each and every one. By the stock numbers." This would be the part where she should recite the numbers for trousers, but… she doesn't know it. Gasp! So instead she just arches her hips up, letting them slide down. There they go, and her leg uncurls to lift up into the air. Off! Off with the trousers, and her leg rests against his shoulder for a moment, extended straight with the curves of toned muscles holding it there. Trousers no more. Underneath? Are pants. Underpants. Soriana doesn't know the stock number for those, either. Clearly, she needs more practice… or to reach out and trail her fingers down along that chest. She needs that too, watching with a grin as her hand wanders down over the shapes of pecs and abs and…

Off go the trousers, and Ka'el's rewarded with the sight of skin. Legs. Sexy legs which he's only privileged to see during swimsuit season time. Toned from forced exercise and work, these are legs he could happily stare at all day, but he's not restricted to mere sight. He can touch. Oh, he can touch all he wants and he cannot wait to do so. His arm lifts to the leg upon his shoulder curling around her thigh as he nuzzles his cheek against her skin. His other hand caresses her other leg, up her thigh, to th edge of her undergarments. His eyes lower from her face to those, tongue briefly slipping out to wet his lips. More touch. He wants to touch, and there is no rule that says he must keep his hands to himself. And so, he doesn't and fingers touch the fabric of those feminine pant, ands he finds himself breathing a little deeper, heavier, as his palm exploringly touches, rubs the v of her crotch. "Take your shirt off.." heard above the sound of party music that still plays.

There's nothing here yet that hasn't been seen in swimsuit seasons past. On either side, and yet… there's a difference between seeing out on in the waves and seeing in the privacy of Ka'el's bedroom. One of the differences is… touching. There's no rule against it. There's no reason against it, not that can come to Soriana's mind just now. Her toes flex, stretching out past Ka'el's ankle as he nuzzles there. Her hips shift, arching to brush fabric against his fingers… oh, but it's not just fabric, because beneath the fabric (the thin, soft fabric) there's a different sort of softness. A warm softness. A… fuzzy softness. Her fingers trail down, tracing down the center of the six-pack until they encounter… trousers. He's still wearing his trousers. Her fingers hook in against the band. Her lips curve in a grin… and then she laughs. She tugs at the band of those trousers, a playful yank, and then lets him go to curl herself up - sit-ups! They're an exercise - and draw her shirt up off herself. Underneath… well, there's more fabric. It's like a thing, for females. Clothes under clothes. The fabric of bra, hiding chest. It's not a fancy one with lace meant for show, just one meant for support during her work, but it nevertheless shows itself to Ka'el's gaze… but not for long, because Soriana reaches down and tugs that off as well. "There." She looks up to him again, eyes seeking his expression as a smile curves her lips and her breasts… well. They're curves too.

There are many new things that Ka'el is learning that he likes. Another? Undergarments. They needn't be flashy or lacy or skimpy. It's what they conceal that excites him. The hand on her groin, oh it can feel things. Different textures. Different softnesses that haven't' been felt before. All beneath a flimsy layer of cotton. That's the only thing keeping him from her now. Beneath her hand that roams his chest, muscles flex and show themselves off, and a grin forms over his lips as he tightens here and there. He is still wearing trousers, yes, and boots at that. But that'll be alleviated soon. Now, actually, at that yanked tug! He grins, drawing back a little as she sits up to rid himself of boots and panks. Yank, yank, yoink! Off they all go, leaving him in only his own underpants. A looser version than the type she wears. Loose, yet with an obvious protrusion at the front. An erection that's begged for attention since fireworks outside. And now he's left looking at her. Staring at her is the proper phrase, for now there's nothing left but her underwear. Shirt and bra are gone, leaving her chest bare to be ogled at. And boy, does he stare, transfixed, at the curves of her breasts. Up to her shoulders. Down to her stomach. "You're… the shardin' sexiest thing I've ever seen.." He climbs over her now, knees on either side, a finger hooked upon the hem of her underwear to pull down as his head lowers, not towards hers, but instead to a breast, parting his lips to claim it between.

For a moment there, Soriana worried. There was no good reason for it, but. The moment of exposing herself, of showing herself… the voice of what-if that worried. She smiled even then, but now, as she sees Ka'el's reaction, she grins. Why did she worry? It seems ridiculous, now. Her eyes linger on his face, but now it's just to enjoy that look. That expression of Ka'el, like… like when she walked up the path with an overloaded cart, times a hundred. A thousand. A million. Times more math than she cares to do. Times a grin that's going to split her face. She reaches up, slipping her hands in against his sides and stroking down as he climbs up over her. Her hips arch up to let that tug at her underwear pull them down - sort of. Because there's only so much up to go before the part-exposed fuzz of her crotch is pushed against a different set of underwear. Different fabric, and on the other side of it, something that's certainly pressing. "Oh," Soriana says softly, and looks down to Ka'el - just as his lips find their place. "Oh!" Louder, that time. The music should still cover it, but Soriana's not thinking about that now.

He promised her something once. He told her that he would make the long..agonizing…frustrating wait worth it. It's a big promise from someone who has no experience with this whatsoever. He has instincts, that's for sure. Ka'el knows what he wants to do. Where he wants to touch. Places he wants his hands to roam and feel. He has tales told by other, more experienced boys shared in past dormitories. Bragging stories of how great they were. How wonderful a girl felt. How many girls they've had. Stories he's never had much to contribute to. He has brothers who have had girlfriends and/or hookups, but .. that's all he has. Details, he doesn't. Hands on practice? Nope. That was his worry, a worry that a mug and a half of ale of confidence has been able to disregard. Even now, with that nagging feeling beginning to gnaw, he's mostly able to ignore the fact that he's an eighteen turn old virgin. There are far more pleasurable things happening that experience has little to do with. Like the feeling of pressure against his erection, and the grunted thrust that he gives against her in reply. A grunt muffled by a mouthful of soft skin and hard nipple which his lips press upon. A hand joins by cupping her other breast, squeezing, then rubbing the whole of his hand against her, nipple to palm. His body softly quivers, wanting more. Needing more. His hips lift from hers to strip himself of the last of his clothing, and a little rougher than intended, he strips hers too, forcefully pulling down her underwear, revealing the rest of what was felt beneath.

Instincts. Like the instincts of a firelizard rising up into the sky. Not always the most useful, because instincts… don't know a lot of things. Then again, neither does Soriana. A pair of novices, her and Ka'el, for all she's laughed and turned aside the questions before that imply… that assume. For all that the party-goers still out in his weyr may be saying 'again!' about this. About them. About… Soriana leans down, nuzzling her face in against the top of Ka'el's head with a murmur of no particular words that ends on a long exhale that ruffles his hair. He's hard. So's she, with nipples that make firm points surrounded by crinkles like deepened fingerprints under the hand and fingers (and mouth) that rub over them. Her own fingers reach around, curious about Ka'el's hardness. They brush in against fabric - but no, never mind that fabric. It's gone now, pulled away from him - pulled away from her, too, with a swiftness that makes her mouth form a squeak of surprise. Only for a moment. A swift moment, and almost before the sound's over, her fingers resume their curiosity. They reach for an erection felt before through fabric. The tent-pole of tented pants. Now it's just a pole, and it's one she wants to touch. To feel. To… know.

Ka'el's head lifts from her chest, momentarily catching her nipple between teeth before releasing and raising all the way. Clothing is gone, strewn across the room. There's nothing left between them. Skin to skin. Heat to heat. Hard to soft. A fire burns in his gaze. The same fire that fueled his sudden stripping of panties, and it's the same fire that same fire that is melting away the rein of restraint. What he wants, he wants now, and he wants it roughly. Wildly. Without abandon. What is the next step? This is where blindness begins. What's the best way to go about this? Does he just .. go for it? Should he ask her? And just where exactly… A seething breath is inhaled through clenched teeth as his member is claimed by her hand, crumbling his thoughts as he exhales a curse. Fingers slightly curl, gripping at bedsheets as her hand explores the hardness of him. It's not all hard. The skin, textured with engorged vein is not cement. He is girthy, thick with arousal and a length inches longer than when he isn't. And more softness is felt underneath that length where more areas of manhood hang. And hair, there is hair, just like there is with her. She has the right idea. Explore unknown places, and he does the same, snaking a hand down between her legs while his mouth busies itself with kissing her. Fingers press..slip and slide. What's down there? What treasures are his for the claiming?

Not cement, no. Not iron, either. What Soriana finds is… flesh. Firm flesh. Smooth flesh. Flesh her fingers can slide along, and hair her fingers could tangle in - do tangle in, by moments of accident as they brush back and explore. Softness beneath, dangling from where thighs meet, but… her curiosity takes it all in and returns to the exploring the hardness. The girth of it. The thing that her fingers can curl around, that… it's quite a thing, isn't it? It's… well. She knows what it's for. Like how tongues can press past lips and… yet for a moment, her kisses don't include that tongue. She knows, but she doesn't know. There's so much more to know, for her and Ka'el both. Like… his fingers find that hair, first. A rough triangle of it, nestled between the curves of her thighs, leading down to a small tuft that overhangs… softness. Warmth. Wetness? The hair is slick as it curls up over the edges of a pair of lips. Soft flesh. Like the back of a hand, not roughened by the daily activities that give calluses, that make skin toughen and thicken. And warm, oh, it's warm, and Soriana's lips - the ones she's kissing with - part against Ka'el's as she moans.

And the thickness that she holds is not a still thing, either. Her fingers and palm would be able to feel the gentle, eager jumps it makes. Pulsating movements of arousal. Veins engorged with the blood of sexual excitement and readiness. And a stickiness, a lubricating wetness at the supersensitive tip, if her hand is to explore so far up. "Damn.." The word is only partially decipherable, as his lips are busy, but it's spoken as the touch of his fingers bring information to his brain. She's warm., in his opinion. Hot flesh, slick hairs, and a wetness that his body is suddenly hungry for. There's so much going on down there. So much to feel and investigate and touch. A different sort of lips that his index finger can slide between, roaming the slick flesh, finding a small protrusion. A hidden button to slide his finger against, lingering, then moving beyond. To the dip of an opening .. is that it, there? Is that where he needs to be? When her mouth parts, he kisses her bottom lip and raises his head a little, separating their mouths as his hips thrust against her hand. Maybe.. maybe he should ask. Maybe. But he's having a hard time thinking of words that aren't pleasured sounding curses. ".. Do you.. want this?" Is she ready?

Hot. Wet. The same instincts and back-of-brain responses that bring blood flowing to Ka'el's shaft bring it to Soriana's folds. The reaction is subtler from a dragonlength's distance, but from this distance - from touching distance - it's not subtle at all. Like the shiver as his finger presses in and finds the small thing that pokes back, it's made unsubtle by the closeness. Extra unsubtle by how her fingers tighten as part of that response. There's so much going on, and yet it's hidden away by the structure of her body. Hard to see. Easier to feel. To touch and… her fingers slide down to his tip, and find that the smoothness before is redoubled once they get wet. That's… good, she supposes. It must be, because… her touch brushes back again, fingertips gliding along two sides and feeling the shape, holding an image of it in her mind. So that's what it… what it'll be. At least… it is if she's ready. She looks up at Ka'el. Is she? Does she… she's wanted it for months. She told him. She… but that's not the question. Does she want it, now. Does she want it, this moment, this time, this… this. Well. Does she? It's not the easiest to answer. Boasting stories are one thing. They're not the only stories. And… she pauses, for a moment, and considers her answer. Considers… Ka'el. Considers herself. Her body wants it. Her dragon… is a distant presence, one without a stance on this question. If it makes her rider happy, Luraoth will be happy. Soriana… "Yeah." She crosses that small distance to touch her lips to his. "I do."

It is good, that wetness to his member that has her hand sliding a little more smoothly against him, if his reaction to her caress is any indication. Teeth clench and a brief grunt lifts from his chest as he refrains from giving in to the urge to thrust, and thrust, and thrust. It's hard, keeping a grip on control that wants to do nothing more but run away from him, but controlled he must be. As much as he may want anything, it's up to her. The question has been asked, and now he must wait for the answer. What will it be? Does she want this? Every inch of her body says she does. The hot feel of her sex makes it seem as if she does. The way her body pressed against him, the way she's claimed his member.. all signs point at yes. But words and actions are different. What if she isn't ready? What if she doesn't want this? Then … well. Ka'el will wait. He'll wait sevendays. Months. Turns til she is. It'll be the most difficult wait of his life, but he would for her. Til she's ready, which she may not be now. His eyes stay on her face as his hand pulls away from her thighs, sticky and moist now. His other trails up and down her side as she considers her answer, patiently. And then she answers, and a grin spreads his lips. He kisses her. "You can trust me," he promises, a whisper against her ear.

Now .. He swallows. He can do this, right? Of course he can! He's a man. He knows…well, he sort of knows.. he mostly knows how all this goes down. He felt her. He knows where he's to go. But it was such a small thing he felt, and he is .. well, surely there will be no problem when it comes to fitting things. He kisses her lips again, slower this time as he lowers his hips, pressing himself against.. hair. Ok, not quite where he needs to be. Too high! So he adjusts accordingly, lowering himself a little, moving his hand to hers to help guide himself. Or at least, that's the plan, though the tip of his slick member finds that little nub again. Strike two, though perhaps not the worst miss he could've made.

"I know." Soriana does. She kisses back. She wants this. She's not one-hundred-percent certain - but that's okay. She's certain enough, and Ka'el would wait. Does wait, for her answer, and… If this isn't - if things go wrong - well. They'll work it out, together. So, yeah. She can trust him. And that's why she can do this. At least… if they can work out the actual logistics of doing it. It's just a matter of… no. Not of putting a wet spot in that triangle of fuzz. It's got to go further down, more like… she's seen diagrams. It looks so simple on the diagrams, at least until you realize that those diagrams don't have to worry about things like arms and legs and trying to aim without being able to actually see any of it. Okay. Attempt two. Nudge it down, her fingers resting against Ka'el's as they both try to guide him and… "Yee!" …that's sensitive. Like. Wow. Sensitive. Okay, it didn't hurt, exactly, but it took her by surprise. She takes in a breath to replace the one that escaped in a squeak, then grins wryly as she lifts her lips up to Ka'el's again. Still too far up, and so she wiggles her body up. Okay, surely now it… will… slide down right past the entrance. Strike three? Ka'el is (still) out. But, guess what? There's no umpire, and so Soriana keeps right on trying. Cheater.

This .. surely can't be this difficult. Right? People do this all the time! If it really were hard, there would be books written! … Ok so technically, there are books written, but they're all medically and technical. Not roadmaps, per say. Plus, this is hardly fair! They can't see what they're doing. Sure, he can feel things, but all of it is feeling the same: wet. With the occasional "hairy". Soriana's squeal catches him by surprise, and he jerks up and away a bit, startled. "Sorry! .. Sorrysorry.." Yikes. Of the stories he heard, no one ever claimed that they drove their partners away due to failing to even get things started. Maybe he'll be the trailblazer of that.. -.-;; Or not. They press on! They're going to find this mystery entryway come hell or high water! He gives her an apologetic look and gradually eases himself back down again. And down, and..too far down! What did this thing do, disappear? It's difficult to discern whether to flushing of his skin is from anticipation or embarrassment as round four of searching begins. A little higher then .. not too much. It's gotta be .. Wait. There. The head of himself slips forward, barly a few centimeters, and he pauses to lick his lips. He pulls his hand away now, bringing hers with it. They're no longer needed. So here they are, boy upon girl, boy nearly within girl. His palms are pressed down upon the mattress at either side of her head, his eyes roaming up from her belly, to chest, to face. His girl, whom he can no longer resist. His hips lower and press forward, pushing himself within her unseen folds. Large into small. Hot flesh to flesh and he forces himself to be deliberately slow as he eases himself within her, body hard with tenseness.

People have been doing this for turns. For entire passes. Since people first settled on Pern! Quite possibly even before then, but maybe the Ancients had some strange technological version instead, Soriana doesn't know. The point is, it's not like this is some new thing… except to them. And yet. "…s'okay," she murmurs to those apologies, because it is, it's fine now, it was just… yeah. Her free hand slips up to rest on his hip, to help draw him back down. She does still want him, still wants this, it's just… logistics. They are no more fun here than in the context of weyr management lessons. But they will get this! Even if it takes all night to… or maybe it won't take all night, because that… it's pushing at someplace that's sensitive, but in a way that makes instincts go 'push more' not 'what are you doing!' Someplace that, once the tip has settled there, makes it not slide away. Not even when they push more. Not even when her hips arch up. Not even when her hand comes away, moving up to rest on Ka'el's hips. She can feel his muscles, moving beneath the skin. His body, moving and bringing more and more push. That opening seems so small. His shaft seems so large. Something's got to give. The medical books are clear and cleanly technical. The stories girls tell are vaguer and more worrisome. But. Soriana can feel it. She can feel Ka'el, pressing. Something's got to give. …and it does. It's… a twinge. A feeling like.. straining a muscle. A lot like that, in fact, because it makes the other muscles - the actual muscles - respond. A tensing. A tightening, a reaction that makes a sensation that started like pain become simply… intense. Her breath comes out in a pant, because somehow those muscles have tensed too… and then Soriana looks up at Ka'el, and smiles. Was that all? She wants more. Her hips press up, pushing toward his.

Resistance. Ka'el can feel it. A something that's wanting to keep him at bay. He knows there's more. She goes deeper than this. He's not sure how he knows.. call it instinct, but he's not willing to stop just because some invisible little something says keep out. No. He's going in. He's pushing past this, and he does, til the resistance is gone and he finds himself groaning aloud, a hand moving to touch at her knee to spread her leg out a little further, accommodating him between her thighs. He leans forward, hips against hips as the whole of himself buries inside of her, stretching her. For a moment, he's heavily upon her, bodies pressed as he breathes against her neck, savoring the feel of hot wetness around him so tightly. A Soriana he's never felt before. A Soriana no one has felt before until now. "Fuck.." Some of his weight is released from her as he presses his hands against the mattress, lefting his chest just inches from her. His hips pull back, half removing what was just buried, then buries it again in a thrust. Too hard. The meeting of hips is more like a crash, rough and forceful. Back, then forth. Another heavy thrust, as if trying to bury every centimeter of himself within her. Not wanting to miss a thing. The rhythm is at first jerky. Sporadic. More untamed than rhythmic as one hand clutches at her hip and holds tightly. There's something almost feral about his movements, a far cry from the usually gentle Ka'el that trails kisses down her neck or combs fingers through her hair when cuddling. The pace grows, and with it a beat is finally achieved, though he remains no less forceful with his thrusting. His breath is hot, and voice husky with grunted sounds and "fucks" more growled than spoken. .. Apparently, that wasn't all.

Yes. Fuck. Soriana laughs, though her breath is coming a bit quickly. The sound's a bit… panting. Her fingers flex against his hips, holding Ka'el - not that her whole body isn't holding him, or at least that's what it feels like. Such a small part of each of them, and yet it's so full of feeling. New feelings. Strange feelings. Intense feelings and… good feelings. She touches his cheek with a kiss. His ear, with a catching of her lips - and then he moves again. He lifts up, and she gasps as he drives back down. Hard. …good. Her hips arch up, seeking to meet those thrusts. To make the angles as they press together just so according to the vague instructions of instincts and the hotter-hotter (there's no colder, not here, not now) of what feels good. At first, it's chaos. Thrusting. Arching. If Ka'el doesn't manage to find every angle, it's not for lack of trying. Soriana's breath is more panting, now. She doesn't have words. She doesn't need words. She has moans. She has thrusts. She has her fingers, leaving Ka'el's hips as he finally finds something like a rhythm, something that she can arch into and feel the fast pressure, something that lets her body tense into it, like the tension of a leg as it hits the ground when running, pounding and driving and… her fingers push up along his back, pressing at muscles, wrapping around him like they're grabbing and searching for… for… she doesn't know. Doesn't have a word for it. But… she feels. She has all the feels.

This is better. This tempo he has found. It's fast. Shards, it's fast, but he knows no 'slow' right now. Slow and deliberate lovemaking? The rolling, sensual stuff of seasons lovers? Pft. Someday. Maybe. Not now. Right now, everything is loud and fast with an edge of desperation to it. Her moans, no matter what the volume of them may be, are loud to his ears. A loud sound that sends electricity down his spine and pricks needles to the skin. Every heavy pant and fingertip pressed to his back urges him to find an inch deeper. He knows he can reach it. Just a little more, if he presses hard enough, maybe.. The pressure mounts. He's not sure where it's coming from or where it's building..everything is a blend of sound and feeling at this point, but it's a good thing. It feels good, this pressure that has his body oh so tensed and keeps him thrusting so frantically. Sweat is felt upon his back. A gentle slickness to his skin there and on arms. Some day, when experience is had, he'll sit up. Change his position, his angle of thrusting. Get more leverage and a better view of her body. Some day, when he knows more, he'll flip her over, reminiscent of when she picked up that box, and try it that way. Some day, when he's been so informed, he'll lay on his back and look up at her and feel like a king, if not like the luckiest guy on Pern. Some day. But not this day, his first time at this. This position here is working, so why move? Why, when feelings are building up to that point where they can go no higher. Why, when she sounds so good and feels even better, would he change a single thing about this moment? Other than his words. A fuck morphs to a damn, and a damn to a shards, and shards to a groan that couldn't possibly be a word. How long has it been? A handful of minutes? Probably, and there aren't many minutes left in this frantic pace he's set.

The sweet romantic tender moments - will have to wait. They've got to wait, because Soriana isn't. Not now. The music drifting in from the party outside has a beat to it, but that beat is slower than the pounding of their bodies. It's slower than the in and partway out and in again, the thrusts that are, each one of them, something new and different. Something worth savoring, but she doesn't take the time, because they build together. Each time she tenses, it leaves her a little tenser, a little more sensitive for the next… and so they build, until she's not even sure what the feeling is, just that it's good and she wants it and more of it. It's a good thing there is music out there, because otherwise the creaking bed and groaned words would be the soundtrack for whatever's left of the party. It might as well be the next weyr over - it might as well be at Western for all Soriana's thinking of it now. Her moans twine with Ka'el's swears, her breath panting like after the roughest workouts the weyrlingmasters set, but she doesn't care and she doesn't stop because stopping would mean she isn't doing this anymore and oh shards she wants this because it feels good. Some day, she'll figure out the details of it. Make Ka'el go slow and see exactly what each moment feels like. Trail her fingers down over his chest instead of clinging to his back. Climb over him and crouch down, pressing him to the bed. Climb out of the bed and find a way for arms and legs to… some day. There are many some days, but this is today. Today is fast and hard and unsophisticated and urgent, and her body tenses and shudders. She's losing the rhythm again. Not because she's slowing down, but because her hips jerk too fast sometimes. Too eager.

There's a finish line somewhere that he's racing towards. Ka'el can feel himself getting closer to it, and the nearer he gets, the more frantic his motions. Rhythm? Ah, there was one…for a while. But she's losing it and he's lost it in his mad race to reach that peak that he knows is just ahead. The peak that he's been yearning to reach with her for months. Turns. Agonizing turns. His member feels tight. Everything feels tighter than what it once was, and the in and out thrusting feels exponentially more snug around his manhood. Wonderfully snug. It's all so much. It's nearly too much. The mounting pleasure, the heat, the pace, the ravaging feral feeling that has him clinging to her so hard, groaning her name and tangling her hair. They never talked about this. This moment and what should happen when that apex is found. Does he pull away? Does he stay as he is? Responsibility whispers in his ear to slow down. Stop, think, ask. What does she want? … But he already asked that question, didn't he? He asked, and she wants him. And she has him, and she will have more of him before this is through because like a dragon who has caught his gold, there is no letting go of his prize. There's a moment, when muscles begin to ache and the motions of his hips couldn't possibly move any faster, that he suddenly stops. His hand fists the sheets, the other her side as his head bows down to her neck where teeth claim a shoulder, biting none too gently as he pulls back, nearly exiting her, then crashes forward hard, ramming his hips to her and grinding down against her with a throaty, heavy groan. The loudest sound he's made all night, wrought with pleasure far more intense than anticipated. Within, his member pulsates against her, depositing the hotness of his seed within her. Unless, that is, she pushes him off of her.

Soriana clings against Ka'el. Her hands. Her body. Her fingers tighten against his back, nails pricking in against his flesh. Her body squeezes around him, tighter and tighter and yet never (quite) too tight. Her lips - she'd kiss him, but there's too much of panting and moaning to make that work, and so though they brush, they never quite come together quite that way. Their hips come together instead - again, and again, and once again, driving hard and pressing deep and having - and shuddering. The problem with stopping and asking is that it requires stopping. Soriana would understand this problem, if… there was a moment outside of the moment for it to be explained to her. There isn't, though - just the moment, and the moment, and the moment, all leading to the moment. She gasps at the bite, her nails digging deeper into his back. That'll leave a mark. Her hips arch up, and she grinds back to him with eager motions. Her body, at least, is clear on what it wants; certain of it. Instincts and the back-of-brain and the feel of that throbbing find the answer as obvious as exploding fireworks against the night sky. The rest of Soriana, well. She moans, swept along in The Moment.

The bite of her fingernails against his skin is a pang of pain that mixes very well with the waves of pleasure that are overtaking him. He's breathless, exhaling more than he inhales. Groaned sounds of ecstasy. His hips, once grinding, now give short little bucking motions in and out, willing the feeling to last, but the height of it is already beginning to fade. The peak is so short in comparison to the climb. He grasps for it, wanting it back, but gradually the motions of his body begin to slow. The pulsing of his member growing weaker as the last of himself dribbles within her. The peak may be quick, but the decline is just as slow as the climb. A slow fall back to earth. His breath returns, heavy now, and the biting press of his teeth is removed from her shoulder. "Fuck.." His favorite word, apparently. He remains buried within her, feeling her move beneath him, keeping himself where she needs him to be, for if hers is anything like his was, it's a ride he knows she doesn't want to stop. He kisses her meanwhile, suckling at her neck and earlobe, swaying his hips, though at a much slower pace than before. The hand that so tightly clenched now wrinkled sheets unfists and moves to her breast instead, softly massaging.

It's a very topical word. Descriptive. Soriana grinds up against Ka'el, feeling him still inside her… still pressing, still rocking, but… it's not the same. The crest of the hill is the highest part. The downslope is… perhaps it's not a hill at all, but a valley. The dip between two hills, and they were sliding down it, getting faster and faster until at the bottom (top?) they were flying, and now the hill back up is slowly bleeding away that inertia… oh, but it's not quite gone yet. She can still fly, just a little further. She squeezes around Ka'el again, and there's a flutter of her eyes, a small shiver that runs out through the tensions built up in her body and unties them. It relaxes them, and she collapses down against the bed with an exhalation that's somewhere between moan and sigh. Her fingers loosen their grip, and one hand trails up along the back of his neck - softly now - and splays through his hair as she tilts her head down and kisses him. A strong kiss. A deep kiss. …a brief kiss, because she hasn't really entirely gotten her breath back yet, but a kiss nonetheless, and it's followed by a grin. A wide and goofy sort of grin, as she basks in the pleasure of the moment. The glow of it is a very warm glow indeed. "That," she begins, and then trails off to find more words. She was going to say something. Something significant and meaningful and… uh… something. "S'good."

It was .. good. That's significant to Ka'el. Extremely so, considering the random bouts of worries he had before this night. What if he sucked at this? What if he did something wrong? What if he wasn't able to satisfy her? .. Satisfy. It's a good word and the perfect one to describe him now. Satisfied. Things are slowing down now. The rapid spinning of the world brakes to its normal rotation. His heart rate? That'll come down … eventually. Right now it's still racing as he kisses her back. She's settling, and gradually does he pull his hips back one final time, removing himself from her with an exhale. He finally lays fully down, body next to hers and facing her. A hand moves, brushing hair from her face, stealing another kiss to her lips. Another motion has him rolling onto his back, his chest lifting up and down in gradually slower increments as he stares up at the ceiling with a grin. A large grin. His body is warm, tingly, and utterly relaxed. Is this that glow? Men feel it too. He turns his head to look at her. "Was shardin' amazing. You're…damn."

And inhale, to fill her lungs completely after the heavy weight of Ka'el atop her… not that she minded. She looks to him, here beside her. Flushed. Gleaming with sweat. They both are, really. Hair… like she just went flying without a helmet. And another kiss. This one lasts a little longer. She's got more of her breath back. Her hand reaches out, searching for his as he settles back against the bed and curling fingers together. Breathing is good, so is cooling down, but touch… yeah. That's important too. His ceiling isn't very interesting, and her eyes half-close, to match her dreamy smile, then they open again as he speaks. Soriana turns her head, looking back at him, and she laughs. (It's still a little breathless.) "Makes y'see why… everyone talks about it." In hushed tones. Quiet voices whispering and giggling in the corners. Scandal! According to some. According to Ka'el, shardin' amazing. According to Sori… "How 'bout great?" She grins, and her fingers squeeze against his. "To go with handsome." …outside, a pause in the music brings the sound of voices. Loudest among them some half-drunk teen explaining his views on politics… "Igen's Weyrsecond is-" The music cuts him off again, but apparently there are still people out there. A party. Huh. Apparently it hasn't been hours and hours.

Handsome and great? Yup, he'll take those! Ka'el's fingers curl and lace between hers. Touch. Yes. He doesn't want to not touch her. Ever again, if his body has any say. But at least, right now, for these next moments. Minutes. Hours. However long they stay in bed, contact is a must. Her hand is guided to his mouth, allowing lips to lazily touch her knuckles in languid, unhurried kisses as he revels in what just happened. Hell. Now he knows why those who have done it loves broadcasting it so much. If he had known just what he was missing exactly … well. It surely would've made the early stages of weyrlinghood that much harder. Thinking of that makes him smirk. "I think it was a good thing we didn't do this…the day we were hopin' to do it," he remarks, looking at her. "If I had to wait from then til now to do it again? .. Heh, I wouldnt've lasted." His hand squeezes hers and he falls back into silence, listening to the sound of song and talking and laughter. The party. "They need to go." A smirk, but then a questioning look at something she said. "You…hadn't done this before?"

Days, maybe? Soriana's in no hurry to leave. Surely the rest of the world can keep turning without them. V'dim can teach his lessons to the rest, and Ka'el and Sori, well, they'll just be here. Her fingers uncurl slightly, just enough to brush along the line of his jaw in between kisses. Touch is a very good thing. She'd press her whole body to his, but… eh. Too warm. She'll settle for the touches of fingers and the shared smiles. Her smile turns wry at recollection. "Imagine if this was… on our minds, when they hatched." Because it's not like she's going to forget it anytime soon! And… it's not like explaining kisses (shards, hugs) to the baby dragons wasn't hard enough. That thought makes Soriana's reach out, her gaze becoming distant for a moment as she checks on Luraoth. Things are okay, right? …yeah. They're fine. Curious questions will doubtless come later, but for now, things with her dragon are good and Soriana can return her attention to Ka'el. The party? "Oh, let'm have fun." What fun they can. Soriana's pretty sure she had more, and her smile turns to grin for a moment. Mmmh. Hmm? Her head tilts to the side, looking over that questioning expression, and a tinge of uncertainty enters her expression. "No." Her tone's still an easy one, despite the glimmer of question returned in her eyes. "I hadn't."

"Ugh. Kanekith wouldn't let it go if I'd've been thinkin' about this. He'd've asked everyone." Tahryth. Kalsuoth. … Fate definitely knew what it was doing when the eggs hatched when they did! He watches her, seeing that distant look that's so commeon among weyrlings. Good idea. Kanekith…how're you doing, buddy? The bronze is A-OK, still protective of "his" fire in the forge, which is starting to burn low. Less flames, more glowing coals. There are very few people left outside what with the growing cold that comes with lateness. Some have left. Some stay within the weyr, eating what's left of the food and drink, unwilling to go back to their own homes and commence their normal routine. Ka'el, now mentally returned to the present, gives her fingers one last kiss before lowers her hand and his down between them, keeping a hold of her. The confirmation that she hadn't any experience with this before earns a nod, though he doesn't elaborate on the question, or give reason as to why it was asked in the first place. "Do you want anything? Somethin' to drink?" Meaning he'll have to get up, get dressed, and brave the party. But .. well, he'll do it for the sake of rehydration!

Soriana's curious eyes linger on Ka'el's expression, looking for clues… but none seem to be forthcoming, and the pleasant blur of the moment carries the worry away… for now. Perhaps it'll drift back the the surface later. Her fingers stay twined with his, continuing that touch, and at the question, her eyes drift up to the ceiling. Does she? Time to check in with her body. It's slowly drifting up to coherency from blurred happy glow. Hmmm… A drink. "Yeah." That'd be good. Or… ooh! "We should roast marshmallows." She turns her head again, glancing to him with a grin. "We've got them and all, it'd be fun." The only problem is that it involves moving (and putting on clothes), but… ooey gooey marshmallows! Who could resist?

"Marshmallows." Ka'el laughs after stating the single word, rolling onto his side again to face her, bodies close. "Yeah, we can roast marshmallows, but next time I'll just bring some in here. Lay'm on your body when we're done and let'm roast there. You're hot." Sizzlin'! He leans over her now to kiss her one more time. You can never have too many ksises, right? If so, well .. Ka'el will test his limits! The lingering touch ends with a smile before he sits up just enough to take a gander around his room. Clothes here. Clothes there. Clothes everywhere! "Half mark syays we don't find everything.." he says, glancing around at the pieces that have been strewn so haphazardly. If he had a ceiling fan, there'd probably be undergarments hanging from it! One more kiss is snuck before he sits up all the way now, giving his back and arms a stretch. What a workout!

Soriana just grins as she rolls up onto her side to face Ka'el. Marshmallows. "Yeah." What? They're tasty! Brown and crispy on the outside, liquid white on the inside… she laughs at his threat to roast marshmallows on her. Does that make him the stick? (…and the white on the inside would be…) Ooh. A kiss. Those are tasty too. This one tastes like Ka'el - and, faintly, like ale. That drink idea is sounding like a good one too. All that exercise! Soriana reaches up, trailing the fingers of her non-holding hand against the line of Ka'el's jaw. The clothes? "They'll turn up eventually." Maybe the kisses will help draw them back. That can be their excuse. Because… clothing is like that! Finally she lets go of Ka'el's hand, though… before she actually sits up, she curls in a little and reaches up, starting a hand at the top of his back and then trailing fingertips slowly all the way down his spine until the hand falls to the bed. Mmh. Now she doesn't want to get up. Who was it who suggested they move? …oh, right. It was her. So she stretches against the bed, legs dangling over the edge for a moment, and pulls herself up to a sitting position. "There's your shirt." Draped over the edge of the firework box.

Obviously, roasted marshmallows are the perfect after-sex food! They match so well with the theme! Ka'el ever so slightly leans back against the touch of her fingers as it traces down his spine, and his body gives a little involuntary little shudder. Ah, touch. He can't get enough of it. Must they leave their little cavern? he'll need to supply his bedroom with food and water, and next time they won't have to go anywhere! For now though…okay, okay, he's moving! He's already sitting up and thus shifts himself til he's at the end of the bed with her. His shirt? He glances, then snickers as he spies it. "There're your pants." He points to the pair that somehow made it all the way to the door in a little heap of fabric. He rises, stark naked still, and moves to retrieve his shirt, and along the way.. oh! Her underwear, hanging from a bedpost. He plucks them up and grins, holding them out between two hands. "You can probably go out there without these, right?" And without her pants, too! Which he's now heading to swoop up and hold hostage as well. Nevermind the fact that she brought extra clothes. She needs these clothes. Because people will (probably not) notice that she's wearing something different.

"…how did they get over there?" It's half-rhetorical, because Soriana's pretty sure it involved a toss over Ka'el's shoulder, but… oh, wandering pants. She still doesn't know your stock code. (Which means she can't replace you. Obviously.) "Hah!" she informs Ka'el, sliding to the edge of the bed and slithering over to her feet. "I'll just run over the snow half-naked. It'll melt beneath my feet." Because she's so very hot, don't you know, and that's completely how these things work. She chases after him with a grin, making a nude grab for those undies. Gotta be subtle… and… showing up flushed and mussed in the same clothing after groping your way into a bedroom is totally subtle! Completely so. Now, about those undies!

The undies are HIS! Mwuahaha-ack! So, she's willing to put up a fight for them, is she? Well, Ka'el is not willing to give them up! Not without a good chase aroun the bedroom first, anyway. And so, waving her panties above his head like a helicopter, he lunges away and retreats to the opposite side of the bed. "You'll be underwearless for eternity!" is his battlecry, fistpumping his prize up in the air. Congratulations, Soriana. Along with dating a "great"-at-sex bronzeling, you're also dating an underwear thief! He probably hordes them. Or … will start doing so. It's his first in his collection! Cackling, and cornered, he turns and half crouches, bracing himself for a fight to the death, for these undies? Totally worth fighting to the death for.

Oh, Soriana chases all right! Round the bedroom she goes after Ka'el, making other snatches after the twirling panties and grinning as she does. "You'll never get away with this!" Because that's what you say to villainous sorts, right? Underwear-stealing or otherwise! (Bronzeriders! They're like greenriders, only… … …nope actually there's no only needed!) Soriana runs after Ka'el until… aha! "Got you now!" And she pounces at him. Naked. To wrestle her underwear out of his grasp. …are they ever going to actually get that drink?

Yes, they are! .. Right after this EPIC battle of underwear EPICNESS! Ka'el, backed in a corner .. well .. nto really a corner. When one has a rounded weyr, corners are hard to come by. So…rephrased: Ka'el, backed against a wall. Soriana, sizing up her prey. Who will come out on top? Who will be the victor? Who…..will get the underwear? Pounce! "Fiend!" he cries as she makes her move, and their bodies connect. He lifts her garment up over his head, trying to keep it out of reach. "It's mine!" His precious! And behind his back it goes as he turns his body left then right, using one hand to try to fend her off. It's the battle of the century! The poor underwear is being grabbed at and balled up and pulled that in the end, she may not even want to wear them. Yank! Gasp. Soriana succeeds in getting them back, the sneak. He makes a last grab for her aiming for hands at hips to spin her around so she's against the wall and trapped by arms on either side.

Soriana presses against Ka'el, her sweaty body writhing against his. "Not for long!" Underwear is hard to come by, you know! It involves (gasp!) paperwork. So, really, it's much easier to wrestle it from a bronzeling. Some people go out hunting wild felines and skin them for their underwear. Soriana… snatches them (back) from Ka'el. Yoink? So close, but then it's behind his back. And - nope - and - "Ha!" Finally! She has the precious, precious undies in her grasp! It's time to do a victory dance. A wiggly bouncy victory danc- eep! The victory dance may have been premature. Now Soriana is captured instead of just her undies. "I'll never surrender!" And she hugs those rumpled, sweat-covered undies to her chest.

Ah-ha! He's got her now! And he gives her glaring eyes. Glaring, squinting, ominous eyes that threaten horrible things if he does not get his prize back. "Give … It …. Back." More glaring! "Or your punishment'll be so awful, so .. gruesome .. I dare not put it in words," he says, voice a theatrically low whisper. Seething. Pained. She'd better be feeling a healthy dose of omg fear by this point! >.> He brings his body closer to sandwich her between himself and the curvature of the wall behind him. "You've three seconds to hand it over. One.." ………….. (much longer than a second) …. "Two" …

Gasp! Ka'el has a glare wilder than the wildest feline! A stare of dread! Like red-swirling dragon eyes. Like… DOOM. Soriana shudders with the terror of it, and puts a hand (grasping crumpled panties) over her heart. "No!" she says. Amateur harper night at the forge. "I shall not give in to your cruel demands!" Her head is lifted, the ingenue's pose. All she needs now is the long flowing blonde hair down to her butt, and she'd be perfect for the stage. (Well. And maybe to not be naked. The costume department would have Words with her.) Her eyelashes flutter at the one, and then she glances down. Uh did he forget what number comes next? Oh, there it is. Good! Er. Bad. Right. "I will have courage!" Lip. Tremble.

"You toy with fire, woman…" warns Ka'el, who has not yet gotten to three but will. Eventually. After like, a minute that was supposed to be three seconds, maximum. "And what, pray tell, will your courage earn you? What will your bravery accomplish? Lo!" Ok, so he throws that 'lo' in there just because … theater harpers tend to say 'lo' a lot in plays. Does it fit where he put it? Pfff, does it matter? By now, if he were really counting, he'd probably be up to number thirty four or so. "You've made your choice. So be it. Bravely suffer!" These two should take their acts on the road. Forget weyrlinghood and wings and being a Junior Weyrwoman. The spotlight of the stage is truly where they're meant to be! Ka'el unsheathes an invisible dagger from an invisible sheath that hangs on his invisible belt on the loops of his invisible trousers, raises it above his head, poised, arm trembling with passion. "Damn your stubbornness!" Aaaand… stab. And invisible blade to her neck. Dead. .. If only she had given up the undies. :/

"Verily!" They say that a lot, too. Ideally Soriana would be saying something verily, instead of just the verily by itself, but… details. "You shall have naught from me." Especially not those undies, clutched against her breast. And… is that a dagger she sees before her, the handle toward Ka'el's hand? Well, no, because it's invisible, but she pretends that she does, eyes widening as she traces the motion of… his hand. "It is a far, far better rest I go to- urk!" Ded. So dead. She slumps against the wall, walking her feet out so she can slide down along it and fall in the pool of invisible blood that will stain her undies a very girly pink. Her poor, poor undies. Forever marked by the horrific fate of one who loved, not wisely, but too well.

Snerk! Wait .. no. No laughing! Ka'el mustn't break character! So as Soriana so verily dies, he struggles to keep his face in check, fighting back a grin. Suffocating a laugh. In character. The villainous villain who has just slain the damsel. And for what? He slowly crouches to pluck those blood stained undies, a triumphant look on his face. "Pity. We could have roasted marshmallows together…. Tsk." He clicks his tongue and shakes his head from side to side. What a shame. What a sad, shar-.. He laughs, unable to hold in his humor any longer, and he stands up fully while continuing to laugh. "I'll give you your life back, for I am… and forgiving! Rise!" He sticks a hand out and down towards her. A helpfull pull up off of the floor and away from the unseen blood of the murder scene.

Soriana does not move, on account of being dead. The stillness of the grave and all that. Okay, yes, technically she's still breathing, but that's what suspension of disbelief is for. So dead. So… Waaaait. Laughter? And it's not even… okay. She reaches out to take his hand, rising from her shallow (so shallow it's above ground) grave! "Good thing, too." She grins. "You never did get to three."

"Three was implied," Ka'el informs as he pulls her up. "When a dagger comes out, assume I've gotten to three." Once she's standing, he hands over the underwear he so fought for, the expression on his face humored. "Also, I forgot one other thing," he says, brow arching now as a thought returns to him. He pulls her away from the wall. Rough stone can't feel too comfortable against bare skin, besides. Instead, he holds her gently against him, a smaller, more genuine smile touching his face. "I love you."

Ask not for what a dagger counts; it counts for three. "I suppose," Soriana says, still with that grin. "Arrows are, what, two and a half?" Also harder to mime, so they don't show up as frequently. She accepts her underwear (mangled as it is) graciously. So glad she brought a change of clothes. Not that she's going to put it on now, because… eh, she's all sweaty, it'd be a shame to get her nice clean clothes like that… but. Later! The panties dangle from one hand, halfway to a motion of reaching down to step into them and put them on, and then she pauses mid-motion. Her head tilts to Ka'el as he draws her away from the wall, looking up at him with a question on her face that's soon enough answered. Question turns to a smile, and she reaches up her free hand to curve the fingers against his cheek. "I love you too."

Love. What made Mur'dah scrunch face and Idrissa ignore them and walk off is making Ka'el feel invincible to all things bad. He loves her, that's obvious and true to anyone who knows anything about him, but to Ka'el himself, the word isn't enough. It feels…weak in comparison to the feeling that pulls him towards her whenever she's around, or causes him to automatically stick up for her if someone dares to speak unkindly to or about her. It's what makes him feel like a glowy warm idiot when he's around her, even with all of their clothes on. And it's what makes him know that any request she may make or have for him he'll do, or at least try his damndest to do, if it'll make her happy. The easy things. The difficult things. The things that seem impossible for him to ever yield to. He loves her, but that barely even scratches the surface of it all. Only now, finally, does he step away, after nuzzling against her fingers a little, to collect pieces of clothing, tossing them into pile on the bed. His. Hers. And then, getting dressed, doing his best to smooth his clothing a little, but not really caring. And before you know it, they rejoin the ranks of The Clothed. Marshmallows, here they come!

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