The First Rule of Party

Xanadu Weyr - Kanekith's Arc Forge
Half-set into a forested knoll is a curved bulwark of stone, tracing out part of a circle. Slightly more than half, in fact. The curved outer wall is yellowed fieldstone, looking like the ruins of some ancient tower now tumbled to a single story's worth of height and adapted into a weyr. The circular shape is completed by a courtyard of red bricks, set into the ground in a houndstooth pattern. The inner wall is slightly concave, made of that same yellow stone, and the sloped roof is a partial cone made from red tile.
The heart of the clearing is a machine now. A small open forge is set out slightly from the wall. There's a bellows to coax the flame hot enough to melt iron and an anvil to work it over. A few wooden chairs provide a place to sit and listen to any avians not yet frightened away by the clang of metal, or perhaps to roast sausages on sticks over a forge whose coals have burnt down low.
To either side of the forge, there's a large archway that leads to a sheltered couch. It's fairly narrow, enough so that a large bronze might have difficulty turning around, but perhaps that's why there's one archway on each end, the openings cleverly angled to keep out most of the wind while still allowing the draconic inhabitant to keep watch on the approaches. Along the back wall of that couch, in the center, is a human-sized door leading further inside.

The beginning of the end of the day. Xanadu's winter sunset boast both warm and cool colors. The sun's golden rays still stubbornly gleam above the horizon, painting the sky closet to it orange and yellow, the brightest portions located where the sun itself can only be partially seen. The rest of the sky is an artwork of colors. The puffy clouds are a dark hue of blue with undersides pink or purple. And lo, the sky can be seen between the clouds! It's not snowing! Or blizzarding. This is a lucky day, for it's this day that Ka'el has been able to coordinate with other weyrlings a time where most have no class, no studies (or at least studies they're willing to ignore for an evening) and no dragon duties! Ka'el has been diligently getting things ready. Actually, he thought he had everything ready. He got ale. Not a copious amount, but enough for a good time. He and Reina secured the music. And all he needed were lights.

He definitely got more than expected! Soriana not only got those, but also food. And more ale. And balloons? And .. what's in that bag over there? The spread of snacks and drinks has been set up inside with Sori's help, ready to be devoured. Balloons have been blown and taped here and there. The hanging lights have been strung within the pathway, lighting the way to his weyr, while other lights are strung up around the weyr itself. Because, why not? He has them, might as well use them all! Currently, a hot fire burns in the forge. Kanekith sits nearby, watching the flames with obvious interest while Ka'el situates the last string of lights around a portion of the entrance to Kanekith's arc. "I owe you … megatime" is spoken to his helper, Sori.

It's a good thing Ka'el cleared the path to his weyr, because otherwise, there's no way Soriana could have gotten that overloaded handcart down it… or the grin on her face. Feline with the cream, anyone? (Whipped cream. It's inside, in between the cake and the marshmallows and hot drinks.) The grin's still out here on Soriana's face as she puts a final adjustment on the position of the grill rack, then stands back to check how Ka'el's doing with those lights. "Hah. Just make sure nobody ends up in the infirmary. I do not want to have to explain any of this…" No indeed. She gives her head a quick shake, though it's not enough to displace the grin.

Mur'dah is here! And he's brought…salad? At least that's what it looks like the brownling is carrying in a large wooden bowl, serving spoons sticking out on either side. "I brought salad." Yup, it's salad. "With mushrooms." He almost says it with a straight face, too, until his lips quirk up into a crooked grin. "They're safe, I /promise/. Not from my weyr, but from the kitchen stores. I asked. Twice. Where should I put it?"

Idrissa has come, of course she wouldn't have missed this if she could help it. A glance is sent over the area with a soft oh escaping her as she takes in all the lights, balloons and so forth. She is also not alone, Asher is with her with his harness and saddle bags on full of things.. Yes things! "Hey guys." Is offered with a smile as she waves towards the ones she catches sight of. Hopfully no one will end up in the infirmary, she /really/ doesn't want to go back there. Though now, now is time for party! Once over near where the table is and the food stuffs she opens one of the bags that Asher is carrying and pulls out a wrapped up loaf of bread, and then some cheese, grilled cheese over a fire anyone?

"No infirmary visits: Check. That'll be password to get past Kanekith, eh buddy?" Ka'el looks to the bronze who is too fascinated by the fire to response. Fiiiiiiirrrreeeee… *.* Ka'el cocks a brow. "That includes dragon infirmaries.." he adds. "Don't get too close to that!" He descends from the ladder and steps back to eye the lights. Yup. They're lights! Whether they look good where they are is of little importance. "I can't believe Thea actually gave you all this. Lucky you didn't tell her it was for me. She probably would've told you to shove it." Another grin before his attention is turned by a new arrival. It's a Mur'dah! He waves a hand to him, looking curiously at the bowl. Salad! With…wait, what??! "My stomach just twisted.." he says, holding onto his gut with a pained look. "Uuuungh!" .. Snerk! He grins, dropping the act as he heads on over to take the bowl. "I'll put it inside. You didn't have to bring anything, y'know. Soriana stole enough to feed the entire weyr! She did steal it. From the kitchens. She's actually wanted by the staff so…shhh." A grin, and if Mur'dah lets him have it, he'll take the dish inside. "Hey Idrissa, you made it!" he calls to her before he disappears.

"Gave, nothing. She made me find it myself!" Soriana grins, though it's with a bemused tinge. "But I passed the test." Or at least the first test. Second test: don't get caught having a weyrling party. That test begins… now, with Mur'dah's arrival. She waves over to him and his… salad? That's the stuff with like… vegetables. They're good for you, or so she hears. Green things and… what. And mushrooms? Her face goes really? for a moment, with a lift of brows and a twist of lips, and then… okay. She laughs. "They'd better be… but, just in case." Briskly, now, before she breaks out laughing again. "Yes, those glowing lights along the path are real," she points to them. "And so's the music." Any hallucinations will have to get more creative! Like an image of Idri- no, wait, that actually is Idrissa. Soriana waves to her. "Heya!" Okay! A greenrider has arrived. Success. Sori looks back to Ka'el, and grins crookedly. The thing is, his claim has… about half a smidgen of truth. "Only if they find out!" Yep. Now it's a full smidgen of truth.

Mur'dah grins crookedly as he hands over the salad. Honestly it's more of a joke than an actual dish for eating. "Place looks real nice," he says, looking around and nodding in approval. "So cool you got a forge! That's awesome. Was that just here or did you add it?" Epic fire. He's drawn to it too, glancing at Soriana and Idrissa with a grin and a little wave. "Stole food, got it. Hey, Sori, I had a question for you…" Torn from the fire, he meanders in her direction.

"This place is great guys.." Idrissa offers while setting another half loaf of bread on the table, then a little container that has some butter in it. Need to have some butter on the bread when doing a grilled cheese after all! Asher soon sits down once his bags empty and off, happy canine!

Did someone say music? DJ Reina is on the job! Apparently she's been here, messing with the music player, making sure things are set up right. Testing the sound. Callibrating speakers. She's even ran a few speakers down the length of Kanekith's tunnel so that music can be heard outside. Where's Reina herself? Inside, of course, where it's warm and she can immerse herself in technology and not worry too much about being social. She has a job, and she's stickin' to it! Right now, something fast and festive plays.

Ka'el returns, sans salad which probably will go uneaten this evening, and he boggles at Idrissa. "You too? You guys didn't have to bring anything!" he laughs, shaking his head. "But thanks. Let's all lay around and get fat together. There're drinks.. a lot of them. Not because I'm a lush, but because Soriana believes I'm a lush and brought extra ale. There's also klah and warm cider." He gestures to the forge. "This was here," he says, grinning to Mur'dah. "It was fate!" As the brownling heads to Sori, he approaches Idrissa. "Whatcha want to make with that?" Chef Ka'el, at your service!

As a joke, Mur'dah's salad is a pretty good one. As an actual side dish, yeah, he should probably expect leftovers… especially given how much other food there is on that table inside. Cookies. Cake. Whipped cream. Syrup. Marshmallows. Cheese. Crackers. Breadrolls. Roast beef. Fixings. More bread and cheese (courtesy of Idrissa). Hot drinks. Cold drinks. Cider. Klah. Ale. Wine. More ale. "Ha!" she retorts to Ka'el. "You mean you didn't want to compete with the tavern?" No wonder Soriana's a wanted woman, if she stole all this! By the end of the night, they'll be swooping in a-dragonback to arrest, her and take her in for questioning! In fact, here's one question already. Soriana tilts her head inquisitively and ambles over to meet Mur'dah. "Yeah?" They can talk by the fire. That's a place that's suitable for talking.

Kera shouldn't be here, she should be back on her dormroom studying. The apprentice wasn't gonna come, but curiousity got the better of her once she heard a couple other apprentices walking down the dorm hallway and chattering on at each other excitedly. So here she is, following the music and she sees a few other people in the distance in front of her that seem to be heading to this mini-gathering too. Pausing just inside the entrance, Kera lets her gaze drift around, nodding and offering a smile to the nearest people as eyes take in the scene among the small clearing. The girl wiggles her fingers in greeting, but otherwise remains quiet for the moment.

Mur'dah laughs, giving Ka'el a little nudge - or trying to. "/Now/ do you believe that I'm not spoiled?" he teases his friend. Comparing their weyrs makes things pretty clear. Waving to Idrissa, his focus is the on Soriana as she approaches, and he clears his throat. "Were you serious about me staying in your barn?" Then his eyes shift as a new person arrives, and he stiffens slightly, moving a bit closer to Soriana. "She left some food on my bed," he whispers in a low voice.

Idrissa rolls her eyes as she hears Ka'el. "Well, you didn't say /not/ to bring anything." She points out with an amused tone and grins. A point is sent to the cheese, that is basicly a block of cheddar looking cheese and then the bread. "Grilled cheese. Just have to cut the bread and cheese, put a bit of butter on it and put it on the fire for a few moments." Just sounds yummy doesn't it? "Hey Mur'dah, Soriana." She called out towards them before pausing as she catches sight of Kera watching her a few moments. A slight frown is seen, seems Kera went lefting things on more then just her bed. "Hi.. Kera.." Asher is up and troting over towards Kera, the large wolfhoundish looking dog is all leg, and well body, and well just large all around really. A deep bark escapes him before he is busy sniffing and snuffling at Kera, new person!

"Alright, alright. You're not spoiled!" Ka'el has to admit. Because…uh really. Weyr with no roof and hallucinogetic 'shrooms. Can't really argue that. He flashes a grin though soon turns back to Idrissa, listening to her directions. Cut bread and cheese *he snerks at 'cut the cheese' because really he has the sense of humor of a twelve turn old* but he manages to nod anyway. "I can do that." Hopefully! And so he gets to it, glad that someone (Soriana) had the sense enough to have some food outside and inside for those who'd rather not stand around in the chill, even with a fire burning. So he gets to cutting and sandwich making as more people arrive. A familiar face! And a few not so familiar. He grins at them all, waving the pair of tongs he now holds. "Hey Kera! Y'brought friends!" Or so he assumes. "You want a sandwich? There's stuff to eat," he points the tongs to the food and drink, the warm ones kept warm by being kept near the fire, "and stuff to drink. You … drink?"

Really, everyone here should be studying. They just… aren't. Sometimes you need to take a night off from being responsible and just hang out and have fun! Not that their instructors would understand or appreciate that fact, which is why they haven't been told. Just common sense, that! Now then, what could Mur'dah… oh. That. Soriana hadn't thought about it much since making the offer - it's like she's been busy or something - but now that it's brought back up, she smiles and nods. "Yeah, sure. I mean -" it's not like a real weyr, she was going to say, but Kera's arrival distracts for long enough that Sori can realize that it's sure as shells a lot closer to a weyr than anything Mur'dah has to his name. There's a roof, for one thing! Soriana lifts a hand to wave to Kera, then glances back to Mur'dah, tilting her head in to hear his comment. A small nod. "Mine too." Her voice is also quiet. "She's trying."

Kera wanders a few casual steps around when a voice catches her attention. Turning and seeing Idrissa, she offers the weyrling a smile and polite tip of her head. The large canine's approach is watched, and the girl extends her hand out to the big pup. Waiting to see if she passes or fails the canine's inspection with an amused grin. "Hi there." Whether she's talking to Idrissa, Ka'el when he greets, or Asher is anyone's guess. Peering behind her curiously for the 'other's she brought, the girl gives a shake of her head "I followed them here actually, even though the music would have led me here eventually." Kera chuckles a bit and nods agreeably. "Maybe a sandwich when they are ready." Taking in the rest of the group, she nods "Hi Soriana." To Mur'dah, she simply gives the young man a nod and peers back to the canine "Well can I pass big guy?"

Mur'dah looks relieved, his shoulders slumping a bit as he reaches out to try and give Sori's arm a grateful squeeze. "Thank you." Then he lets her go and looks at Kera, brows knitting. "She did?" he whispers back. "Yeah, I guess she is…" he admits, albeit grudgingly. When Kera nods at him, he just nods back.

Idrissa eyes Ka'el slightly at the snerking, she smirks a bit and swats at him a few times. "I'll cut it if you can't manage not to laugh at the simple thought of cutting cheese." She points out with an amused tone and even pulls her dagger for such things, an yes it is /that/ dagger that Ka'el fixed for her all those turns past. "Hey Kera." Is offered in a greeting though she is a bit busy with cutting of the bread and cheese at the moment, and look she doesn't snerk. Asher wiggles a few times and soon turns to trot on over to where his owner is and settles down there, maybe he can get some munchies out of this if he behaves.

Ka'el laughs and ducks the swatting, making a face at Idrissa in retaliation. Nyeeeeah! It doesn't take grilled cheese long to grill, does it? Well … they're about to find out! After spreading a bit of butter on both sides of the bread, Ka'el tosses one on the hot grill. Sizzzz! Ah the sound of frying bread and melting cheese dripping into the fire! Ok so maybe he cut the cheese *snerk* a little TOO thick? Oh well. It's a learning process! And now Idrissa is doing the cutting, so it's all good. He makes another sandwich to toss on the grill, flipping the first one over with tongs. "Sandwich up!" Cuz fire makes things toast /quickly/. So .. who cares if it's a little…darkdark brown on the edges? Kinda black. But .. toootally DARK brown! "Want the first one Kera?" The guinea pig! "Sori? Mur'dah?"

The music is turned up fractionally louder, as Reina (who peeks through a window) calculates that the ratio of people to music volume needs to be adjusted accordingly as she counts more bodies present now than before.

Soriana smiles, and reaches over to pat Mur'dah's hand as he squeezes her arm. "Sure." She's repeating herself, but it's only because really, that's all that needs to be said! On that subject, at least… for now. Mur'dah may be less grateful when he realizes he's basically signed up to sleep in a hayloft with a semi-nocturnal tunnelcat, but hey. As for the subject of Kera and the mysterious bed-foods, Sori nods to him, then half-smiles at that grudging admission. Half a smile, but… no comment! Nope. Such a no comment, she changes topics entirely. "I'm gonna go get a drink." Because her hands are empty, you see, and idle hands… need drinks in them. Or food, and she glances to Ka'el's offered sandwich, but… naaah. Drinks first, and so she shakes her head to him before adding to Mur'dah, "Want anything?"

When it seems she passes the big canine's test, Kera chuckles at him when he turns and trots right back over to Idrissa. She follows Asher over to where the weyrlings are cutting up some food. A grin is flashed as she overhears some banter between the Ka'el and Idrissa. As the sandwich sizzles on the griddle, Kera continues her perusal of the weyrling's yard and home. "This is really nice we..Ka'el" When the blackened creation comes away from the fire and offered, she's more than willing to wait and let someone else try. But, alas, no one volunteers, or did everyone else take a step back? With a small clearing of her throat, she works up a psuedo smile "I'll give it a try." Eyeing it a few seconds, she adds a weak giggle "If I don't end up at work in a few minutes, then it's safe, yes?"

Ha! Someone said cutting cheese. Mur'dah snickers at that. Teenage boys and all. "I want one!" he calls. Of course he does, it's food! And well, look at Mur'dah's choices of living quarters. He'll love the barn. Tagging after Sori, the brownling nods. "Yeah, I'll come get something to drink too." And then his grilled cheese. "So, Kera…why'd you leave food on our beds?"

Idrissa smirks at Ka'el and shakes her head, a soft chuckle escaping her while she works on making a few more of the buttery cheesey yummy soon to be grilled cheese sandwich. "Just scrap some of the burn bits off, I bet it'll be fine Kera." This said with an amused tone. "Naw, you won't wind up anyway. Just a bit of burt bread silly." A glance is sent to Mur'dah, whom gets a smile and nod once his over. "Give ka'el a moment an I bet he won't burn any more." This said with an amused tone. She soon glances to Kera at the talk of leaving stuff on peoples beds. "More wondering how she got into several of them places.." Like her weyr.

"Burned?" Ka'el snorts at the word and lifts his chin pompously. "That wasn't burned. .. Obviously, that sandwich was blackened. Just like I like it." >.> So…why isn't he the one eating it? The .. uh, "blackened" sandwich is passed off to Kera. Plates? Bah, too fancy! They have napkins! A grateful look is given to the healer apprentice, having heard her compliment to his digs. "Thanks. You should see the inside. It's all … round." He grins and passes another sandwich off to one of the apprentices that came with, but not with, her. And one to the senior weyrling Da'n, who likely came just to snag some food because this is closer than the Caverns. He's far older than the rest of them, besides. And next up? "Here Mur'dah." A sandwich is offered, this one a lot less blackened than the first. He's getting the hang of it! His eyes shift to Kera at the question asked of her though.

"No going to the infirmary!" Soriana informs Kera as she passes, then grins. "That's the rule of this party. Nobody is allowed to get hurt!" And who here would dare break the rules? Nobody, that's who. (She hopes.) With that, she heads inside Ka'el's weyr with Mur'dah. Oh, look. There's his salad! Along with the other food and drink. Sori waves to Reina with the music and some of the other party guests who have drifted in out of the cold and are appreciating the spread, then picks herself out… oh, let's go with an ale. The red foamy one, she likes that kind. And some fancy-cheese on a cracker, while she's here. Also an ale for Ka'el, and then she heads back out, extending the bronzeling his drink and listening to the conversation around (with) Kera.

Kera cants her head at Mur'dah and gives her head a little shake as she takes Idrissa's advice and uses her fingernail to scrape off the worst of the 'darkened' bits. She's not about to admit to something she didn't do. "I didn't put anything, anywhere." She takes a few seconds to blow on the molten cheese trying to ooze out the side. Letting that cool, she flashes a smirk to Idrissa with an agreeable nod. "One of your weyrlingmasters agreed to do it for me when I explained what they were." She gives a little uncertain shrug "It was a peace-offering" Once that mystery is explained, she takes a hesitant bite from her grilled cheese, hesitating due to the heat of it. It seems to have cooled enough so she takes another bite and grins. "Pretty good Ka'el." The apprentice smiles and gives a little shrug to Soriana "Too early to tell if that rule will be broken isn't it?"

Mur'dah looks at Idrissa, and then at Kera. "She left you a gift too?" he asks the greenrider. Then SANDWICH. "Thanks!" he says cheerily, taking his first big bite and burning his mouth on the cheese. But he can't help it. It's SO GOOD. Inside he grabs an ale as well, one of the darker ones (that's manly, right? Even if it's like drinking bread.) and heads back out, tagging along after Sori. Looking at Kera as she answers, her frowns a bit and glances around at the others. "Which Weyrlingmaster? Because while mine was in the barracks and no big deal, I don't think it's right that a WLM went into their private weyrs…" Then he looks back at Kera and clears his throat. "Thanks for the peace offering."

Idrissa grins at Ka'el and eyes him a moment. "Then what would you call it.. Burnt to a crisp, blackened to to charcol brick maybe?" She works on a few more of the cheesey goodness sandwich before brushing her hands off. "Yeah she did." This offered to Mur'dah at the question before she glances to Kera once more, pondering the answer. "Thank you for the gift.. Just.. Next time just give me something if you plan on it?" She is a bit strange about her place just having people wandering in it without her knowing. "Want a drink?" This questioned to Kera before she is off to get one for herself it seems.

Ka'el beams at the sandwich compliments, and even at some of those insults because they're funny! "Thanks!" said to Kera, and a grin is tossed to the chomping Mur'dah before a warning can be given about cheese being hot. He goes about fixing the rest of the sandwiches, stacking them on a triple reinforced napkin while listening to the exchange of words. And oh look! He gets a drink too! An appreciative grin is given to Soriana as she returns with his drink of choice (yum!) and he murmurs a "thanks babe," to her before taking it. Now he's grilling with one hand. Like .. some sort of grill master! Tongs in one hand. Ale in the other. Cheese sizzling as it drips from the bread and into the fire. "Maybe she got a firelizard to pop in?" he suggests helpfully before taking a swallow. "Alloy's gotten good at transporting some little things Between."

"Early or not, that's the rule." Soriana smiles to Kera. It's practically serene. "Rule-breakers will be dealt with appropriately." By… being taken to the infirmary? Probably. She smiles and nods to Ka'el, then takes a sip of her own ale as she considers things being said. "Wasn't there something about them doing weyr inspections?" She only half-remembers, because she wasn't paying much attention at the time, but she glances to the other weyrlings to check for confirmation. Something about livable conditions and… uh… other things that would fail Mur'dah's weyr instantly, so maybe not. But maybe?

Kera pauses in her chewing and peers around at the assembled weyrlings as Mur'dah questions which rider in particular did her the favor. Frowning a little, she just shrugs. "I don't remember the rider's name. Sorry." At the offer for a drink, a nod is given to Idrissa "Yes, please.Thank you." This to the Weyrling's back as she is starting off to get something already. The apprentice settles into an empty chair and pinches off little bites of her sandwich as she listens to the partiers, offering little smiles and nods when some look her way."

Mur'dah doesn't need a warning about hot cheese. Ask Marel. He does this every. single. time. Doing that 'ot ot ot' thing, he fans his mouth and gapes it open like a fish on the beach. Nose wrinkles at the 'babe' though. Ugh, love. Then he snorts at Soriana. "Weyr inspections? Jeez, let me get my paper and pencil, I've got a /list/ of complaints." He's not truly upset though, just amused. Looking back at Kera, the brownling just shrugs. "Uh…so would you like a drink?" Seems she's not the only one attempting to make peace.

Idrissa doesn't pay attention to Ka'el and Soriana, for well.. other reasons really. So while the two play 'cute names' she is off to get herself and Kera a drink. "You want a drink too Mur'dah?" Even though she has wandered on into the weyr she can still heard a answer as everything is open. "Hey Reina.. You want a grilled cheese? Ka'el is making them, really good." This questioned while she goes about getting cider for her and Kena, a splash of ale even goes in hers. She is living on the edge for sure!

Sandwiches: Done. Ka'el leaves them in a pile, but grilled cheese out in the cold will soon turn to frozen cheese! "Hey, y'mind taking this?" is asked of D'an, who is already eyeing a second sandwich after having inhaling his first. The older guy complies, taking the sandwiches in and soon finds someone to talk to. It isn't Reina, who is masterfully playing one tune after another, keeping to an upbeat party theme. She looks at Idrissa at her offer, blinking owlishly and taking her time to answer. She must think this over properly. "Perhaps …. in a moment. Technology and food rarely mix well."

Grilling finished, Ka'el sets down his tongs and focuses on his drink, wrinkling his nose at weyr inspections. "Ugh. Remind me to hide the liquor. I heard they'll help themselves to it. Weyrling weyrs have come up /dry/ after inspections!" Or so he heard. Or .. so he's making up. "Hey! Let's play a game. We're all getting drinks, might as well have some fun with it." Plus .. there's so much to drink, there has to be a quick way to get rid of it!

It could be worse? Ka'el could be getting inventive with the cute names. Soriana ignores the reacions of the others, then laughs to Mur'dah. "Complaint one: no writing desk." Also, those sandwiches look good (if hot) so she reaches for one, holding it carefully so… oops. Oozey cheese. Well, she'll just lift it up so the melty cheese is dangling and nibble it off. Omnomnom. She glances over to Ka'el, and hehs. "Nah, don't. I want to see 'em try to walk a straight line, after." Because Ka'el has soooo much booze in his weyr! …well, he might, after this party, but never mind that. She takes a sip of her ale, then shakes her head at the idea of drinking games. "None for me." Somebody's got to stay mostly sober! …and after the incident of the shrooms, Soriana's fine with it being her. Also with having a bite of grilled cheese, so she does.

Kera pops a small pinch of her sandwich in her mouth, and stretches her legs out a bit as she uses her lap as a mini table. As the music switches to a differant tune, the apprentice's foot starts twitching to the beat. Before she knows it, half the samdwich is already gone as she listens to the conversation and music both. When her gaze drifts around to the dimensions of the weyr itself, she seems to stare at it for a bit, slowly tilting her head to the side as if tryin got picture something. Mur'dah's voice snaps her out of her contemplation and she blinks to the brownling. one. Two. Three. Then her brain recalls what was said and she gives a little shake of her head "Thanks, but I think Idrissa is getting us something already." Uh oh, did she hear someone say games?

Mur'dah lifts his ale. "I'm good!" he says to Idrissa with a smile. "Thanks though." And he totally missed that Idrissa already offered Kera a drink, so he just clears his throat awkwardly. "I brought mushroom salad." Then he perks up at the mention of a game. "Sure," he says to Ka'el, edging over towards that group. "Which game? I know. Every time Reina adjusts the volume we drink."

Idrissa ahs softly while watching Reina. "Well.. Alright.." She offers softly, not to sure what else to say it would seem. "See you around, yeah?" A smile seen to the other green rider. With drinks in hand, and also grabbing a grilled cheese she is off back to join the others. "Here you go Kera, just got you a cider." This said as she offers the mug over before eyeing the others at the talk of a game? Drinking game then?.." She gathers after a moment. "Think I'll pass on it."

It is a good thing for everyone that Ka'el is not pulling out the creative stops with what he could be referring Soriana as. Even he should fear what could come out of his mouth! Ka'el grins at Mur'dah's suggestion for a game, outright laughing after a second. "Oh yeah! That reminds me. Before you all go, you've to tell me what you think've the music. How's it sound? Better or worse than the real thing? It's a project I'm doing." Sort of. "But don't go yet," he adds, grinning. "Game. Game. I like Mur'dah's rule. We'll go by that! And everytime someone goes in or comes out, we drink. Whenever anyone says anyone name that's here, we drink." He snickers. "Whenever Mur'dah mentions mushrooms!" He grins broadly, looking over to Kera. "Hey, are you in?"

Mur'dah's suggestion for a drinking game (that Sori isn't playing) makes her lips quirk in a grin, and she glances to Ka'el inquisitively as he asks about the music. It's very… music-y. Or something. "Hmm," she says, but then as Ka'el starts piling more and more things on as rules, she ends up just shaking her head. "Or… you could cut out the steps in the middle and just have a drink every time anyone says something." And then she has a drink, but it's not because she's playing the game. Nope. She was just thirsty. "Anyway, not everyone wants to play." In fact, it's kinda looking like it might just be Ka'el and Mur'dah. "So maybe a different game. Like…" quick now, party games that don't involve drinking! Think fast. (Yes because things turned out soooo well last time Sori tried to think fast.) "Truth or dare?"

Kera thinks for a second then very tiny headshake to Mur'dah. "I'll try some of your salad in a bit, still working on this… prototype grilled cheese." The apprentice flashes an amused smirk to Ka'el when she teases about his 'first attempt' then smiles up to Idrissa when the mug is offered. "Cider's just fine by me, thank you." She takes a sip, then a more healthy drink. She starts to set the mug by her feet, that is til the 'list' goes on and on. "With that list I'm glad I've got cider." A quick glance around before she giggles over the mug "I think some of you might be crawling around on your hands and knees if you play very long." Popping another bite of melted cheesy goodness and chewing, she cants her head to Soriana and her eyes widen. She's not sure that will be much better than the drinking game, but it's a party, right. "They um, both sound like interesting games. Even if Soriana's wont make some whimper in the morning." TGhe apprentice gives a hint of a shrug as if to say, whichever game is chosen, she's in.

Mur'dah grins, "Sounds good to me!" Both the music and the drinking game rules. "So Ka'el," drink. "Did Sori," drink, "tell you that I'm moving in with her?" "The music doesn't sound as good as the real thing, but it's not /bad/." Then he's looking at Soriana and grinning a touch wickedly. "Truth or dare, really? And we can't go to the Infirmary? Hmm." Looking at Kera, he seems a bit surprised that she's actually going to try the salad, and he laughs.

Idrissa shakes her head slightly as she hears the rules on the game while she wanders over and sits down next to Soriana. A sip is taken from her drink before she goes about working on her still warm grilled cheese. At the idea from Soriana for truth or dare a slight glance is sent her way and she smirks a bit. "Oh.. Sure cause that should end just fine." This said with an amused tone.

"Hey, thaaanks Kera. The prototype is always the best one," said no one ever. But Ka'el grins regardless. "Let your friends know that after tonight, my delicacy is no longer free!" As for games… They can play two games at once. That, my friends, is called A Challenge! Ka'el and Mur'dah's game commences while the second game, Truth or Dare, is proposed. "Alright. You all don't have to play our game," he says, indicating the girls with a gesture of his mug, "but we'll all play yours." Truth or Dare is a go! As Mur'dah speaks, he snickers and drinks after his name. *gulp!* and Sori's *gulp!* and … sputter, wait what? He coughs as a bit of that ale goes down the wrong way, and he brings his fist to his chest once before looking at him incredulously. "You're what?" Oh music polling, you'll have to take a seat on the backburner, thank you.

Soriana does not drink for Ka'el's name. Nor for her own, because, you see, she's not playing. She doesn't make a big deal of it, she just… doesn't drink. She does laugh at the cavalcade of doubt around truth or dare, and shrugs one shoulder. Well… "It's a classic?" Second thoughts say that maybe she'll be just as glad to have it a classic that stays buried, though, so she doesn't argue much more than that. What does she have to do to get those second thoughts to emerge into her head before she actually opens her mouth? Maybe one of her weyrwoman classes will cover the topic. "Next time, I'll put some games in the cart." Assuming there is a next time, and Soriana isn't just banned from the stores forever. Plus side: that would mean she can't do the paperwork there. Minus side: she'd be stuck with doing worse paperwork instead. A horrid fate, that, so she represses it in order to eat more grilled cheese. Or she would, but now Ka'el's choking on his drink. "With Inkfoot, actually." She glances to Mur'dah with a sideways tug of her lips, then back to Ka'el. "He's going to stay up in my barn." There. Told.

Kera begins to watch Mur'dah and Ka'el as they seem to be trying to see who can drain their mugs the fastest. Wait, what are the rules they are playing by again. Bah, she lost count. Oh well. A hint of a shrug is given as she sips her cider and chuckles when the brownling seems to be trying to instigate something. Her toes tap along with the beat of the music, even going so far as to be mirroring her other foots movements. A name from the conversation catches her attention "Inkfoot, that's your tunnelcat right?" Her gaze slips to Soriana at that and after a moment shrugs with a grin "So what game are we gonna play? The truth or dare one or something else that doesn't involve a my head in a bucket in the morning?" Her sidelong gaze just happens to fall on Ka'el and Mur'dah right about then.

Mission accomplished! Mur'dah grins a bit wickedly at Ka'el's response, and then nods. "Yeah, in the barn. Since…you wouldn't want me to freeze this winter, would you?" He takes another drink of his cider and pretends to be innocent.

Idrissa half listens to the conversation, a cuirous glance even sent towards Mur'dah at the way it is brought up, and the grin he takes from Ka'el reaction. A slight shake of her head is seen but well she doesn't offer up much of anything to the conversation. Asher is over next to her and gets the treat of what is left from her grilled cheese. "Yeah, his name is Inkfoot. Cute little fella too." She totally answered for Soriana, but it's good.

In the what? Listening and breathing at the same time has become hard, as there's still a few little coughs to be heard before his lungs settle. "In … wait. Luraoth's barn?" Well, there is plenty of room! "Didn't want to stay with Marel after all?" He's just … asking! She is his sister, after all. And aren't the two of them joined at the hip or something? And then there's always good ol' Thea. Good ol' dependable, no one's girlfriend Thea.. He takes another swallow or three of his drink to completely settle his once coughing throat, and he half grins at the totally not innocent Mur'dah. "You start feelin' cold in that barn, the only one you're cuddlin' with is Luraoth." And hopefully she won't squish him! He looks to the other two girls now. "Hey! Truth .. or dare?" He doesn't specify who he's asking, but he waits for an answer anyway.

Yeah, completely innocent Mur'dah. Soriana would believe him, except… she saw that grin! Fortunately, she seems more amused than anything. She nods absently to Idrissa's confirmation of Kera's question, then rather less absently to Ka'el. "Yeah. There's the upstairs." Which… come to think of it, Ka'el may or may not have seen yet, but it's certainly there! And suited for taking in poor hapless creatures, which apparently includes brownriders. Soriana gives the hapless (ha!) creature in question a glance and a smirk, then gives her head a shake and takes a sip of the ale before glancing to Kera. "I dunno, truth or dare… I wouldn't rule out heads in buckets. Depends on the dares!" Really, she should have brought some games on that handcart. Next time. Next time she will bring some nice safe board games.

Kera smiles with a nod to Idrissa when she confirms the tunnelcat's name. "I've heard Soriana mention it before, but wasn't sure on the name since she has a couple of pets." She gives an amused roll of her eyes when it seems Mur'dah is delighting in trying to get a reaction from Ka'el, which he seems to be succeeding at to a degree. When the challenge from Ka'el comes to choose either or, and the suggester of the game seems to look her way, Kera gives a slightly flateyed look to the goldling before taking a drink of cider and nodding decisively "Dare" It's not like anhyone at the Weyr knows her well enough to know if she was telling the truth or not anyway. So she jumps in with both feet.

Mur'dah laughs at Ka'el, reaching out to give him a playful shove. "Obviously in Luraoth's barn. You think Sori and I are secret lovers?" The very idea is /laughable/, and he does laugh, before taking another drink. Then he rolls his eyes. "Dude. You can trust me, promise. Jeez. And Marel doesn't really have the room…" Or maybe she does, and Mur'dah just wanted to avoid rumors. Or maybe she said no! "I'll cuddle with Kalsuoth, thanks. No offense," he adds to Sori, about not wanting to cuddle with her queen. "Truth!" he says to Ka'el, a challenging (and slightly tipsy!) gleam in his eyes. But then he goes quiet because Kera said dare first, so it's her turn.

Idrissa shakes her head a bit and gives Asher's head a slight pet, a glance is sent to her mug which is empty so that means she needs to go get more drink. "I'll go find some buckets.. Need more to drink anyway." With that said she is off, and quickly escaping the Truth or Dare game at that. She goes on inside for something else to drink and gets stuck talking to Reina, or more likly attempts to start a conversaion, which should show how much she really is trying to escape said game!

Ka'el is jostled, and he grins because he knows that the loveshack of Mur'dah and Soriana is a farfetched idea. Of course they aren't secret lovers! He'd know. Right? Plus, she's got him. What on Pern could be better? And so he laughs and is jostled and jostles back and ignores the memory of a conversation had on a snowy day with a twisted ankle. Besides, he has a dare to come up with. "I dare you to…uh…" he looks around, apparently seeking inspiration. Oh, he's got it! "Give Mur'dah a hug!" Genius. "Y'two've gotta put the past behind ya, y'know? Hug it out." He nods solemnly, then peers at his empty cup. Meh more ale is needed. "Hug it like y'mean it. Like, seriously." As for Mur'dah's Truth? "Is it true you still wear blue dragon underwear?" The world wants to know!

"Thanks!" Soriana says to Idrissa with a grin, giving her a wave as the greenrider goes inside. "We'll have those buckets in no time," she says to the others still out here. Or… no buckets in time. Something like that. Now, about that cuddling? Sori grins to Mur'dah, giving him a shake of her head. "That's between you, him, and Luraoth." Her feelings aren't going to be hurt either way! Because, well. No secret lovers here! Now, as for Kera… remember the serene smile from earlier? That's the one Soriana uses in response to the displeased expression. It looks very sweet. (She learned it from Thea.) Once truth and dare have been given, she hehs, and sidesteps her way to Ka'el, slipping an arm back around him. Because that's a good place to watch from, right? Right. Also she takes a sip of her ale, because - on account of not playing the drinking game - she still has some.

Kera savors the cider as the bronzling contemplates whatever torture she will have to do. That's how this game is played right? Think of the most horrible chore or something rather disturbing to make some poor apprentice do. As the time passes, the young men spending time drinking as they think up a question, though Mur'dah tosses his choise out for his turn. KEra glances almost nervously to Soriana before leaning around trying to see if Idrissa is coming back yet. When Ka'el decrees her sentance, the apprentice blinks, then blinks again and frowns as her eyes dart to the brownling in question. "Unfortunately, I do not think that would be a good idea. I've already been warned to keep my distance from him from a couple of people." She doesn't mention who those people are though and nibbleso n her bottom lip a moment before smirking suddenly and catching a loophole in her warnings. "But if he were to hug me, briefly, I won't douse him with anything."

Mur'dah blinks at Ka'el. Dude. DUDE. That was harsh. And it shows in his expression. Just wait until he party fouls in Ka'el's weyr. On PURPOSE. Will it be an ale spill under the rug? Or vomit behind a heavy bookcase? Time will tell. As for the underwear… "I still have one pair, and I'll wear it until it falls apart. Waste not, want not!" Then he glances at Kera, and back at Ka'el and Sori. Oh, the peer pressure. And so very, very awkwardly, the brownling edges over to Kera, slings his arm around her shoulders and gives her a very brief sideways hug before skittering away. "I'm going to get a drink." And back into the weyr he goes. Ninja vanish!

Ka'el looks happy with himself. He's fixing a problem! Or … at least he believes he is. And as for the underwear … well, it was funny a turn or so again during laundry duty. Inquiring minds wish to know if it still is! And so he waits for Mur'dah to make up his mind on weather or not he'll take the dar or suffer the consquences. His eyes shift to Soriana at her touch, and he looks greedily at her cup. her ale-filled cup! "Lemme have some of yours … pleeease?" Aw look, he's using his manners! But oh wait, the dare is being done! He looks expectantly at the pair, only for his expression to wilt a little at kera's answer. "Keep your distance? Pfff, good luck with that. Mur'dah's everywhere." Including in the lofts of barns! He laughs at the weyrling brown's answr regarding underwear, and watches on again as he approaches her. Wait for it … waaaait for it… and there's the hug! Kinda. "Weeeeak!" he calls in his wake. "I want a do over!"

…but how does it even fit anymore? That's the question on Soriana's mind about those undies, the question that she Does. Not. Ask. Give the poor boy some dignity! After all, he's been interrogated about his underwear and is going to receive… or, no. Isn't going to receive a hug. Not from Kera, anyhow. She arches brows, curious… then, considering. Hmmm. She passes her mug over to Ka'el, because he asked so nicely, and keeps watching, because… well, there's nothing there that says Mur'dah can't hug Kera, and peer pressure that says he can. That's right. Horrid, horrid peer pressure. To HUG. It's awful, it is. Soriana doesn't even say anything. She doesn't have to. She's watching. Not only that, she's smiling. How horrible can you get? When Mur'dah does it she salutes his retreating back. "Nope! That's it. By completing both a truth and a dare - in the same turn - Mur'dah wins the game. Forever. It's over now. Nothing we can do can possibly compare." She tilts her head, and glances at Ka'el. "Wanna set off fireworks?"

Kera watches Mur'dah approach, her posture stiffening the closer he gets. She doesn't bolt however and she keeps her hands in sight wrapped around her mug. The apprentice doesn't cringe from the hug, but she leans away quickly when it's over. Looking herself over, as if to make sure she's still intact, Kera wiggles her fingers to the weyrling's back, as if he can see. "G'evening Mur'dah." Soriana wanting to celibrate Mur'dah's forever victory with fireworks has the apprentice leaping to her feet worriedly. "Thank you for the sandwich and drink Ka'el. You've a nice weyr, but I should be getting back to my dormroom. Maybe I'll stop by the infirmary on my way and alert them of potential patients incoming." Evidently the Weyrlings + Fire = BAD! "You both have a good evening." With that Kera wiggles her fingers and smiles as she slips away along with a couple others that stagger their departure.

At least everyone survived the hug. And, even better, Ka'el's been rewarded with his second cup of ale, yahoo! He sets his empty one down and drinks from Sori's while Kera recovers from her traumatizing episode of a Mur'dah hug. The mentioning of fireworks has him perking. He nearly forgot! Sparklers and little rockets and spinny things with colors and pops! Before he answers though, he looks at Kera, who is taking her leave. "Already?" As if it hasn't been hours by now. It's dark, and the lights are the only things that illuminate the area and the pathway out of here. "Hey, glad you could stop by. Now y'know where I live!" An open invitation for dropping by! He smirks, watching her and another two or so leave. Now, about those fireworks. "Yeah, let's set'm off. I know which one I wanna do."

"We'll be fine," Soriana assures Kera. After all, they'd hardly have been given fireworks to play with if those in authority didn't trust them to be responsible and use them safely, right? Those sorts of things are kept under lock and key! "Don't bother the infirmary!" That's louder, to reach Kera's ears as the healer 'pprentice dashes away. Because, really, there's no need to alarm anyone. Everything will be Just Fine… an explosive good time! Soriana shakes her head a little at that retreating back (which had better not get a healer on their case and cause a fuss) then looks back up to Ka'el and grins. "Okay. Lemme get the box." She slips away from him (but leaves the mug) to head into his bedroom and get the box that was stowed there safe from prying eyes and hands. Out it comes! Also the two buckets, one of water and one of sand. Safety procedures! She paid attention, see.

Snerk. "She's not gonna," remarks Ka'el, oozing with confidence that they won't be ratted out by a party goer. That'd just ruin any future parties, and that'd suck for everyone. The night is going so well! Music still plays. People are still here, though some of the crowd has thinned as a handful have disappeared. Curiously enough in boy/girl pairs. Hmm. But there are still plenty left to curiously watch Soriana head through the weyr with a box and buckets. Enough to follow her out with assumptions that some fun is about to be had. Ka'el is happy to have her back, even though she hadn't been gone more than five minutes, and the nearly empty mug is set down next to his former one so that he can move and help her with the buckets. Thankfully somebody paid attention to safety procedures. "You're so shardin' smart," he grins. "F'I burn down the forest, we'll be on lockdown til we're twenty."

(Continued in Fireworks and Marshmallows)

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