Futures and Belonging

Xanadu Weyr - Craft Complex

The large area has been separated into a variety of smaller sitting areas, couches and chairs organized into rings and squares, tables set where they can be used easily. A few desks for studying are pushed against one wall, while another has a variety of doors spaced along side it, opening into private quarters for the ranking crafters posted at the weyr. A set of double doors opens to the general apprentice dorms, and a long hallway stretches outwards, providing access to the various workshops.

With winter in its full glory outside, many people have taken to the indoors this evening. One of those is Briana who has taken a seat in one of the smaller sitting areas with her tome, no doubt about cooking. While tis normal for her to practice her craft in the kitchens, with dinner preperation underway she has taken her 'homework' here to deal with. Upon the edge of the chair there is a little notebook she makes the occasional notes in as she turns the pages. There is a look of utmost concentration upon her dark features. The warmth of the hearth, nicely dealing with any cold that would drift in through open doors.

It has been a few days since the candidates returned from the Yokohama and Kiley was given a day off upon their return to Pern and the Weyr. So, the computer crafter turned candidate has taken the time to go through the printouts she has taken as souvenirs from their expedition into space. In the craft complex is where she has set up a base of operations with printouts beside her and a journal in her lap, idly taking notes from the papers and into the journal. It is anyone's guess at how long the woman has been sitting here, unmoving, not eating, and simply writing and reading. Occasionally she pauses to stretch her fingers, or stretch her neck by taking a careful look around to check any new occupants or if anyone has left before getting right back to it. She comes to pause at this moment as she begins to recognize one of the other occupants and then squints her eyes just so, adjusting from looking at text to a real person. "Hey Briana. What're you working on?"

There is much concentration upon Bri's face as she does her task. Little notes taken now and then. "Oh so thats how they do that…" She murmurs before grinning at the sudden gain of knowledge. Such joy on her features in such a simple pleasure of finding out a secret of her craft. As she hears her name, she starts, no doubt lost in her own little world same as Kiley. "Oh…researching some desserts. Just got to a section on glazing…it is really interesting. How to add colours to your glazing and make it shine real nice and all." Yep she could go on forever about cooking, the girl seeming well besotted by her craft. "What do you have there?" She asks in return of the other crafter, true interest in her gaze and not just a polite reply.

Kiley does not chuckle for the start Briana has, offering an apologetic smile in response. "Sorry." Comes quickly before silence returns to listen to the other candidate speak about what she is researching. Her head tilts a little bit, thoughtful and not bored at all. "I wish I could cook, I do love food." Cheeks flush suddenly and she murmurs, "not too much, a normal.. Healthy amount of food." She shifts so that the pen rests in her journal and she gestures towards the papers settled around her. "I got most of this from the Yokohama. It was amazing, there was so much information that I couldn't just leave behind. Who knows when I'll be able to go back.. It's about the different computers on board and, shells…" She breathes out another sigh, "it is amazing. I've been getting ideas for a few projects for after Candidacy is over. I want it to be able to be used in /every/ Weyr, not just ours.. So I'll have a lot of traveling to plan after." She brings herself to a halt at that, blinking once, then twice and considering the other candidate. "What are you going to do after?"

"Its ok, was a little distracted." Briana says with a half smile at the apology. The girl shifts a bit in her seat, tucking a leg beneath her. "I used to help in the cavern kitchens, found that I enjoyed it. When I found out it was a craft…I was so happy, cause I couldn't really see myself in the other crafts." She leans forward to glance at the papers and grins at the other's enthusiasm. "Yeah, you should see the kitchens there. Huge and the gadgets there…oh my goodness, I could stay there for a turn just trying to figure out how to use them. I enjoyed being allowed to hang out there." She says before leaning back again, a touch of awe on her face still at just the memories of it. As the girl talks of what to do after, Briana draws a thoughtful look upon her features, "Well I suppose I will go back to Ista and Kal." She says simply, "I have a place there.."

“I shouldn't have blurted out so suddenly, I saw that you were…” Kiley smiles sheepishly before shifting her papers into a neater pile so to bring her legs in closer as she considers the other girl. “You could've been a cook, too. But, I don't think you get that sense of accomplishment like you do in a craft. You don't get to walk the tables as just a cook. And, bakers and cooks are really important. Dragonriders seem to barely have time to even make a meal for themselves. And not to mention all the crafters, too. I can't imagine having to take the time to prepare meals for myself while trying to make a deadline.” A grin forms upon the woman's lips before she tips her head forward. “So thank you for making our meals.” A cheerful laugh comes forward and the girl's enthusiasm brings an even brighter smile to her lips, “everything up there was amazing. Maybe you could go back up sometime to learn from it? I intend to.. Someday. Maybe I can talk with some smiths and tech crafters to see if it would be possible to make some of those things in the kitchens. Karona said most of it would be impossible.. But, never hurts to check?” As for the plans, her head tilts just a bit and she nods finally. “Well, you'll still have a place here. But I can understand the want to go back..” The two candidates are in the craft complex, the two both have their own amount research that they have beside them. Briana's is in the form of a book while Kiley has a stack of papers. They're in separate spots but in talking distance of one another.

"Yeah, I suppose I could have been, but yeah…I wanted that sense of being able to judge myself. To know I have reached this level of accomplishment and that…if I do decide to move, my rank could help me find work easier elsewhere." Briana explains to the girl's comment. "May be sometime before I walk the tables I reckon…but well I reckon I know I will have worked hard for it when it comes." At the praise, Briana dips her head down a bit, "Well…You are welcome. I just do it cause I enjoy it." She says with a shrug, her fingers spreading out over the page of the book in her lap. "Oh gosh, I do hope I can go back up there. I promised I would learn as much as I could before I went back. I still don't know what half those gadgets did." At the suggestion that some could be made down planetside, her eyes widen, "Oh that would be amazing…I would be happy to help with that project if I could..at least tell ya what they need to do and stuff." At the suggestion of having a place here, Briana looks around for a moment, a thoughtful expression upon her features. "I suppose I do…but my boyfriend is at Ista and I sorta feel like I owe them for looking after me when I just showed up."

It had been the sick bay for Landers until recently, the young man seen out and about completing those arduous tasks handed down by the headwoman. As of now, the sailor is walking languidly into the crafter caverns with a slight sneer to the shelves of books that tower higher than he. The young man flexes his jaw, looking the fish out of water in the space of study. Yet with other students coming and going, he has to shuffle side-step to the nearest one, to avoid getting bumped into by careless crafters behind him who've already got their noses in their own books. The sailor squints toward a few titles, looking to form out the words quite painfully, leaving before it becomes too obvious the difficulty. Instead, he notes a few white-knots, careening his way toward them. He comes up behind Briana, so his eyes make it first to Kiley, "Ladies," spoken with that accent of his as he murmurs, "Might 'tie join yah?"

Kiley nods slowly as Briana explains, "crafting, I find.. Has a lot more to look forward to rather than other jobs. But, that's just me and from watching what other people do. It seems like a lot of the same thing." There's a slow nod before she smiles again, "well, hard work normally allows you to walk the tables faster, just do what you enjoy and you'll exceed." There's a shift of the papers and the journal on her lap and her smile brows a little wider for the girl's welcoming. As for the Yokohama, there's a more excited not that comes in agreement. "Yes, I really hope that we can go up again. We can see about getting everything made, or whatever we can. It'll be a fun project." The journal is opened and she flips to a blank page to write that down. "If you're involved, then it could be a project to get you to journeyman." Her brows lift in question, casting the other a look before she goes on to explain about Ista and her boyfriend. She nods thoughtfully, "that makes sense… Wanting to work for the place they gave you." Then Landers is making his way up to Briana and her gaze drifts towards the man with a tilt of her head in greeting, "you can join us. We're talking about.. Crafts, the ship, and plans for after the eggs Hatch."

"Yeah, I reckon so as well from what I have seen. There are people who can sing, but harpers are the ones remembered." Briana says as an example. "Well I intend to work hard. Sorta one benefit of search was the Baker Craft Master lives here, so been able to spend some time learning under her, which has been amazing." The discussion of the Yokohama brings a smile to her lips, "I suppose it could. I ain't that good with techie stuff, but figure there is some incentive to learn when it comes to this." As Landers comes up behind her Briana tilts her head up and smiles at him. Perhaps one of the few candidates she is noticebly relaxed with. The 'outsiders' in a group that seems muchly of people who have lived lives in weyrs. "Of course!" She exclaims and shifts a bit on the couch, to make room. "I hope you are feeling better." She comments as she looks over his face for signs of his illness.

"Jus a space bug," he winks at Briana when she comments on his health, nodding for her gracious shift over to allow him some couch surface to squat on for now, "Be fine once it t'was out of mah belly." The beefy sailor leans back into the couch, the fabric giving a little 'foof' of air as he reclines. Attention swivels toward Kiley, there again apologetic, "Ay…I owe ya forgiven thar. Tis narh nice ta have seen me like that. Be space crazy, tis whar they say." He seems to be making light of his 'freak out' up on the space craft, showing off that jovial quirk of a grin to make his point come across. "Whar be yer plans fer after? I be curious," a look toward Briana and then Kiley, as if inquiring for them to repeat their stories. All the while he keeps his eyes flickering between them, attentive more so to Kiley.

"Exactly, they're the ones that normally make the names for themselves. But the singers are picked when people don't have the money to really afford harpers to sing…" Kiley muses with a tilt of her head, "but, that's just how it is.. People are remembered better for their craft if they've got a Hall backing them up. Just like healers that work outside of the Hall aren't really picked over healers that are from the Hall." Her gaze returns to Briana, curious before she nods. "Learning as much as you can from her before you return to Ista? That's a good plan, then you can show how much you've improved when you return." The smile that plays on her lips turns rather thoughtful as she considers the girl. "Well, it'll be a project that'll take more than just you working on it. But if you have a tech crafter that can stand by you while you work on it and point out what needs to be fixed, you can claim you did practically the whole thing by yourself." Another note comes to the journal before she looks at Landers curiously, smiling when he settles beside Briana. "You look so much better. You don't need to apologize." She smiles for the light he makes of the situation, "at least you're better now and looking like yourself." As for the question of plans, the woman gestures to the papers beside her. "I've got quite a few things lined up, but first and foremost would be the voice activated computer. And it would talk back. After that.. I think I would aim for a more intelligent computer, one that talks freely… Like a person. I heard that AIVAS used to be like that. I want to make a trip to Landing and then all over Pern to speak with everyone with different accents to put into the computer. And I want to go back to the Yokohama and to help Briana with trying to duplicate the kitchen tools from there."

Briana wrinkles her nose as he explains, "Sounds horrible, glad you are better though." She says with sincerity in her voice. The look she gives him is much the look a girl would give a big brother. Though she heard about the incident, she didn't witness it, though she gives a sympathetic look all the same. "I suppose I got a little twitchy up there as well, said some things.." She says with a sigh and shake of her head before giving a glance to each to see if it seems they heard those 'things'. At the mention of 'after' plans, Briana smiles a bit, "That was what we were just discussing. Reckon will go back to Ista and continue with the craft…think about a journeyman project." She smiles over to Kiley before looking back to Landers, "Though we have talked about our dream project…recreate some of the kitchen stuff from the Yokohama down here. Amazing gadgets in there." She nods to Kiley then, "Yeah, hopefully I can make a big impression when I return. Maybe make a meal for the kitchen staff." She says with a grin before looking back to Kiley as she speak of all voice project, "Oh that would be a big project. It would certainly make a name for yourself."

Lan physically relaxes when Kiley seems to be okay with his presence, sinking into the couch to lounge a bit better with a faint smile on his lips. "Ya think so? Tis cause I be more meaty," a little show-gun pop of his arm, all in good humor due to the silly expression he puts on his face, during his reply to Kiley's compliment on his 'looking better.' He quickly drops his arm once the conversation about future dreams starts unraveling, listening intently and making a show of a tongue and scrunch of nose in disapproval at the 'return to Yokohama' commentary. For the summation of Kiley's plans, he does eventually nod in appreciation of the ideas, "Tis big dreams. Good ta have 'em too." A beat, "I be knowin folks in Landing, I be gettin ya housed thar iffin ya need time before ya find yer own place? Iffin ya go." His eyes do go a little wide for the 'accent' part, smirking, "Reckon I be ya voice fer the seafaring folk?" He's got a pretty good accent, not as thick as some seafaring folk, but pretty slurred at occassions to pass for one whose been on the sea his own life. A look then to Briana, nodding for her sympathic tone, returning her look with one of appreciation for 'caring' it would seem. Listening with complete attention, he interjects at the kitchen tools from Yokohama, "Dub 'em the utensils from space. Yoko's gizmos." A look between the girls, looking contented in their presence, completely laid back and loving it.

"Making some of those would get you known in the baker craft, Briana. Maybe you could cross craft as a tech crafter just so you can do most of the work on your own? It is a lot of extra work, but I think it'd be worth it. I didn't make it to the kitchens beyond just for getting food, but I imagine the stuff there was amazing. The whole place was amazing…" Kiley lets out a soft sigh, idly playing with the pages of her journal with her free hand before nodding thoughtfully to Briana. "A big impression is a great thing, especially in a craft where promotions are based in standing out and the work you do." As for Briana's talk about her personal project causes the woman color a bit with excitement. "It'll be /huge/, but imagine all the good it could do. People who struggle with computers would struggle less as they don't really have to touch it and they won't have to worry about entering a wrong command. It'll be so much work, but it would be so worth it.." She's trailing off when Landers begins to speak, attention drawn to him and the color on her cheeks flushes darker for the flexing of his arm and her gaze drops down to her journal. It is a fleeting look, however, as her gaze quickly flickers back towards the man for his offer and she brightens considerably. "That would be wonderful. I would need a place, but I don't plan on staying forever.. I'd have a lot of traveling to do to compile every accent from every area…" Cheeks color darker and she laughs softly, "if you want to volunteer, I'd really appreciate it. I could use as many as I can get." The talk of the name for the Yokohama good, the woman laughs. "That would be a good name for them."

"I ain't much heard of landing till I came to the weyrs..seems a right special place. Perhaps I should go for a visit." Briana says, inadvertently picking up a little of Lander's accent as she listens to him, perhaps without even realizing it. There is a giggle as he suggests a name for the space utensils, "Oh dear…I think I like that. Too funny." She says as she closes the book in her lap and holds it too her chest. The thoughts the pair put in her head has her biting her lip, "I suppose I could try, don't reckon I have a head for it. Never was allowed near the computers growing up." She says with a little shrug before glancing to Landers, "What about you? What plans you have if you don't Impress? Go back to the ships? You know there was that one egg out there made me think of you. Rough wood and sea air…" She says with a thoughtful look upon her face before she looks back to Kiley, "It would be amazing Kiley. So few people have access to them, anything to make them easier to use for when they do."

"Narh be a problem. Tis where I came from 'n all that," he confirms his previous offer with confidence, "Be lodging ya fer a short time, narh be a problem." Again, another reassurance, completely sincere. There's even a little crook of his chin, "I reckon I can even find ya a ship ta sail ya around the world." A business opportunity for both, as the thought causes Lan's brows to bounce up a few times with his enthusiasm to get back out there. As for the name of the tools from space, he gives a good natured shrug to it, smirking at their reactions nonetheless. Allowing the girls to carry the conversation between his own lull of silence for some time, until a question of his own future is poised to him. The man lifts his chin, a scratch of stubble underneath with a few fingers, jaw twitching from side to side as he contemplates. Then in an all too easy manner, he murmurs, "Suppose it be back ta the sea. Back up north. Fishing narh be my pleasure, but I be visitin here as much as I can be. I means ta challenge the seacraft test, ta see iffin I be ready fer the next step, journeyman as they be calling it." A little look between them, "Work my way up ta owning me own merchant ship. Cap'n Lan," he clacks his tongue with pride as he rolls out that title, smiling with the traces of that dream on his lips. As for the mention of the egg, he snaps his fingers, "Aye! T'was a great wee egg that one be. Can nar wait ta see it hatch. Be it a brown, me thinks. Like the hull of a ship."

Kiley blinks at Briana before nodding agreement towards the other crafter, "you should. They have so much information there about /everything/ It is utterly amazing." The woman smiles and closes the journal, resting her hands upon it with a thoughtful tilt of her head. "Never know until you try? You could ask a few tech crafters for some help? To give you some smaller lessons? And I can help you with computers, that's not a problem. I love teaching about computers so that everyone can use them." Her gaze drifts to Landers as Briana asks the question of the man, her own look reflecting curiosity before drifting back to Briana. "That's what I am aiming for, so many people here have claimed that the computers hate them. Which isn't true, mind you, but.. To give them something that allows them to use them better would be nice, I think." Landers' offers for the lodging has the woman brightening considerably, "that would be /wonderful/ some place to stay… Only if you're sure I'm not imposing." And the mention of a ship has her giving him another look, "I've never been on one before.. But, that would be.. Something else that would be interesting to try. And it would make the trip different, certainly. Thank you." Her fingers brush along the pages of her journal in a thoughtful manner, considering the man's thoughts about his plans. "That sounds interesting and a wonderful plan I really hope that you are able to get your own ship. Being a captain is certainly a great title." Her head tilts thoughtfully at the mention of the egg, but she remains in silence for this part of the conversation.

As the pair speak of Landing, Briana rises from her seat to place the book back in the cooking section of the library before heading back to her seat and settling down with a leg tucked beneath her. "Well I wish ya luck, no matter what happens. I reckon that one is meant for you though. Yeah, I can see it as a brown too. Like the wood planking on a ship. It was like being on the sea again." She says with a half smile before reaching for her journal book. "The touchings sure weren't what I was expecting…" A thoughtful tone is heard to her voice as she says then, "Really made ya look into yourself." The dreams of captaining his own ship draw a smile from the girl, "That would be great, reckon you would make a good captain." Her gaze finally turns back to Kiley, twisting her lips a bit, "I Suppose I won't know until I try, suppose just got that old habit stuck in my mind. I have already done more than most of my kin has done and less as well. Don't reckon a single one of them been in space." There is a note of personal pride in her voice as she says that.

"Primative ta whar yer talkin 'bouts," he replies with a sheepish tone when Kiley remarks upon his own ambitions, a different level of achievement, something that others before him have done. The man leans his head back a little on the couch, eyes travelling up toward the ceiling of the caverns, half closing as if lost in thought. The rest of his offering stands, dependent on the future. A doubtful look is that which greets Briana when she settles back down on the couch, announcing that the one inside the egg is likely meant for him, batting his hand in the air to express such uncertainties. "Reckon could be fer any one of us. Flan be a sailor to, fer a bit he was." Food for thought. A glance away at he topic of the eggs, his lips bunching together, making some agreeable noise to the topic of looking into one's self after the touching. However, a smile replaces any doubts or misgivings, as soon as Briana responds to his dream, a hopeful expression there. He doesn't say much more afterward, once again turning his eyes back and forth as the girls talk of things that were, are, and can be.

Kiley hmms softly at the talk of the egg and possible color for it, her fingers continue to play along the pages of the journals but not speaking any on the subject as she listens. As for the rest of the eggs, she nods her agreement to Briana's assessment. "Yes, they really made you think about yourself. What you were doing her in the Weyr and how you felt about yourself. Except for that one egg.. It was all love." Her journal is given a slight squeeze before she grins widely at Briana. "Yeah, you won't really know until you try. As long as you try, that's all you can do.." She grins at the other candidate before looking to Landers and shaking her head. "Doesn't matter. This is something you want to do, so.. It is important." She inclines her head to the man before setting her journal on the pile of her papers and leaning back into her seat, considering the rest of the room with a thoughtful tilt of her head. "I heard that the egg's thoughts are only a glimpse of the personality of the dragon inside.. But, that's what the riders were saying when I asked them." She smiles thoughtfully before looking towards the pair. "I really wonder what is going to happen on Hatching day. I've never seen one before.. It makes me nervous."

"Well yeah, I suppose he is as well. Seems like a nice enough kid too." Briana says of Flandynn, "He was keeping the tech's on their toes up on the Yokahama." There is a grin for that little memory. "The times we went out to see I enjoyed mostly. Especially after so much time in the caverns, being able to see sky was definatly a reward for it. So many trees round the caverns that barely got a glimpse of it." She looks to Kiley as she speaks of the eggs and nods, her eyes bright , "Yeah, I was nearly ready to run out of the caverns. It was like none of them wanted me there until I touched that egg and just…well I didn't want to leave it. Reckon I burned my feet a little for the time I spent with it." The comments about the personalities make her nod, "Yeah, we talked about it some. That maybe it wasn't that they didn't think I belonged, but were picking up on my own fears. Two of my kind have impressed before, so well…maybe I do belong." She says with a little shrug. "Yeah, never seen a hatching before either, well none I can remember at least. I keep hearing different tales about it. The riders go on about the moment of impression but some talk about how dangerous it can be."

"Reckon it be," Lan says quietly to Kiley, elaborations gone from the topic of dreams, at least for now. It was the topic of the eggs and the dragons inside that had him listening with a fixed ear, eyes darting between the pair again, hearing out each of the young woman's opinions on the matter. "I reckon I liked a bunch of 'em," an interjected comment when neither of the other two were talking, as not to trample on their words or opinions, "Be tough 'n gritty." Arms loosely cross over his torso as his head fully leans on the back of the couch cushion, eyes half closing, "I nar be knowin whar to expect either, come hatching day." A beat, "Do we know when that be?" That question is pitched with a sincere inquiry, as if there was an expiry date on the eggs. There's a soft look flashed over to Briana for her latter comments, empathy clear in his gaze, and an understanding nod to pair with it.

"Flandynn gave me a flower… I think he picked it on accident. I had it pressed though… Only because it was interesting." Kiley chuckles softly, "but he did seem to keep them on their toes, he seemed like he was constantly all over the place." Her gaze drifts back towards Briana, listening to her thoughts of the eggs and then smiling. "I'm glad that you didn't leave. I didn't like that egg, honestly… But, it is just a matter of preference, I think. Who knows what the dragon will be like, though. It is interesting and to see what comes from them.. That will be something." Her head inclines slightly, "you do belong, Briana I don't see why you wouldn't." The smile upon her lips grows a little warmer for the younger girl. "I have heard many stories so far, but the thing that I'm told the most is to pay attention and keep on your toes and you'll be fine. Just watch out for Hatchlings." Her gaze returns to Landers as he interjects his own opinion on the eggs and she nods, considering the man with a tilt of her head. However, she shakes her head once for the question. "They've got awhile yet, I think.. But I have heard a lot of things. I really don't know if there's a specific date yet.."

Briana listens to Landers speak on the eggs and nods slightly, "They be at that…regardless of their personalities, I am intrigued to meet them. To see what they look like and act like outside of the egg." She shakes her head at the question of the hatching time, "Don't know, from what I hear at least a few more sevendays yet. The waiting is getting harder with every day. The Yoko did provide a bit of distraction though." She says before giving a thankful smile to the look from Landers. She glances over to Kiley and grins as she mentions the flower, "How sweet…when I went up to the bridge he was taunting them with the pressing of buttons. Had this one tech watching like a hawk." Then there is that reasurance from the girl and she bites her lip a bit before nodding, "Yeah, I think I believe that now. If someone born a renegade can call a Weyr home, then they might have a chance at becoming a rider as well." The word said without the fear she used to hold to the admittance. "Well I am pretty quick on my toes, suppose I should be ok."

There is some sort of affection in Landers' gaze for Briana, a brotherly one no doubt as he seems to puff up a bit when Briana announces where she was born, his side canted look with a raised brow giving voice to his words, "Aye reckon I be fistin anyone who be not showin ya due respect. Ya be narh like whar them pirates be." Renegades, pirates? Same thing. The young man does clench his teeth together at the word he uses, lower eye lids squinting and twitching up for a second. Thankfully, the carried conversation of the hatching has him pushing out of the couch, stretching his arms up over his head, "Tis been a good time ta think tho! All this while," a few pops of muscles and bone, before eyes steady on the books. A glance down to Briana, "Since we be narh scared ta be who we be, ya reckon ya can help me with my readin a bit more?" Sailors learn knots, nagivation, the wind, how to read star-charts, weather patterns, waves, land maps … it shouldn't be a surprise. "Jus needin ta be a bit better, fer correspondences."

"I don't think it is really… Sweet, because it wasn't exactly meant for me. I think it was a pure accident that he picked it and I happened to be the first one to ask what he was doing." Kiley insists softly before she lifts her brows at the explanation of what the boy was doing to the tech craftesrs. "That's… Awful." Lips press together, brows drawing down into a frown and lingering that way for a moment until Briana is stating her origins for them to hear. Her eyes focus on the girl before she smiles again. "You were Searched, so of course you have a chance. And.. You were welcomed at Ista Weyr, so it is your home. You belong." She states firmly, giving her another look before she leans back into her seat. "I think as long as we pay attention, we'll all be fine." She looks to Landers as he pushes out of the couch, tilting her head just so. "Right. It has been fun. I've learned so much about myself and about my craft." His question to Briana has her looking between the pair and then back to her papers, idly shuffling through them.

There is a moment of uncertainty that comes after her admission. The moment of self doubt and doubt that others will accept her regardless. Landers words causes moisture to come up in her eyes and she extends a hand to him. "Thank ya, that means a lot to me, especially from a sailor." She says to him, perhaps wondering if she was on one of those ships that hassled a boat he was on and takes a slow breath as she glances over to Kiley, uncertain of what her reaction will be. Then as he asks her about helping with the reading she smiles and nods, "Yeah, I would love to Landers. Its one of those things I am good at. One of me uncles was mute, so learned early to read his writings." She says before glancing back to Kiley, as the other candidate gives her reassurance she finally fully relaxes. "Sorta let it slip up on the Yoko, no use in hiding it now. One of the candidates was making comments about Renegades.." She says with a sigh, an mixed note to her voice. "Yeah…I miss Ista and Kal, but …well I reckon I learned a lot being here as well."

There was no doubt about it, when he said the word 'pirate,' there was loathing in his eye, an ire so deep that it stood out against the blue of his gaze. Yet, that same look was not at all applied to Briana when he looked over at the hand upon him. What she would see is that kinship they shared when they first met. Still, now as he's standing, with his hip leaning on the back of the couch, arms folded, he was barely keeping from grinding his teeth together. "Tis a hard thin, ta let others know," a look over his shoulder toward the pair, "weaknesses. Yah. Tis hard. But people be likin ya fer who ya are or they nar be worth ya time." A roll of his shoulder as he saunters over towards those book shelves a moment afterward, his finger thumbing over a few hard bound books. It was a slow methodical progression through the shelves, yet it was likely due to the fact that he was having trouble reading the titles.

"Well… It would be very hypocritical of me to say that you shouldn't care about what others think of you.. But you're a nice person, Briana." Kiley promises with a smile, "that is what makes you who you are, not where you came from." Her things are gathered once she sets a new paper on top of the pile of her papers, tucking it in close and holding it to her chest. "I.. Will let you guys get to it." The woman decides after a moment of silence, pushing up from the seat and inclining her head. "It was nice talking to you two. And I'm glad you're doing better, Landers. I'll see you both back in the barracks." The woman smiles brightly and makes her way out.

There was definately no judgement from Briana at his lack of reading skills. Even most in her camp would not be far off. If it weren't for her uncle she might not have learned it as well as she does. They all shared a little of themselves today that is for certain. Those weaknesses and fears. "No time like the present?" She asks as she watches him go through the book shelves. She rises from her seat to follow him, going to a different one, biting her lower lip as she tries to find a particular one. "Here they are, sea tales and map books. Helps if you like the subject matter I reckon." She looks back to Kiley offering a smile to the girl in return, "Thank you, you are a nice person too. Don't understand half of what you say though, but maybe you can teach me some of those tech things so I can." She offers with good humour before looking back to the shelf and pulling out a book. "I suppose will start, how well do ya know ya letters?"

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