BWOWM! (A Commission Completed)

Follows on from Friends?.

Based on a personal event:

[Xanadu Weyr] Thea: Karona. You're asked to construct a metal sculpture of your own design for a Rider's garden titled, "Love". The payment offer is generous, but the stipulation: it needs to be 'sensuous'.


Xanadu Weyr - Smith Forge

Loud, dim, and hot is the large area set up for the Smith's forge area. It's been roughly divided into separate areas, the large common one holding the main forge lodged against the western wall, with bellows at the ready and a chimney rushing high to open in the ceiling outside. This is the area that the apprentices are taught in and are able to use, the nearby wall clasps a vast and unspecialized collection of tools, while the built-in shelves of another wall host jars of nails, crates of wood and metal scraps, spools of wire, sacks of sand, and heavy bins of Cromcoal, all decorated with a fine coating of grime and sawdust.

To the other side are the separate forges for the Journeyman's use, each one kept clean and neat, even when in the midst of a project. Behind and to the back lies the more private forges reserved for the few Masters that stay here.

There is a door to one side that leads into a hallway and to the dorms and rooms of the smiths that call Xanadu home.

Just inside the forge entrance is a large metal sculpture of some sort, two wavy sheets of metal, in different colours - different metals, one gold in colour and the other silver, though the exact alloys used are somewhat hardier - winding their way around one another, up towards the ceiling. Well, not all the way up, it's only a couple of meters tall, but it's… impressive. Certainly not an indoors kind of sculpture.

Karona is fluttering about the forge, this way and that, looking more nervous than an expecting father. Occasionally, she darts forward to remove some possibly imagined speck of dust from the sculpture, by waving a loosely held bit of cloth at it, practically. Mustn't rub too hard - might leave a smear. "Oh, I hope he likes it." she murmurs, glancing to the sculpture, anxiously. Lunch has barely ended, and the woman had dispatched a firelizard to the bluerider the second she finished her morning chores. There's a plate on the counter, seems she'd brought lunch here, rather than risk missing the rider.

There's a sound of the watchdragon outside that is then answered by another and soon the rush of wings can be heard just outside. After a few moments in enters in enters the bluerider. He walks like a man sure of himself and one with a keen eye too it seems as his gaze takes in the large sculpture that is just inside. He studies it, purses his lips a little and then walks around it once. Then he looks towards Karona. "This is it?" he asks simply, his voice, though melodic is just a trifle terse.

Karona starts at the entrance of the bluerider, nodding nervously. "Ah, sir, yes sir. Love and sensuous, just like you ordered, sir…" she says, darting forward again. "There's… uh… I got a little help with a bit… little surprise." she says, glancing to the sculpture. "Ah… shall I show you?" she asks, then shakes her head slightly. "That's… I don't know why I asked that… Nerves, ahaha…" her rambling is fast paced, and her laugh hollow. Get it together, it's just a commission. The woman takes a few breaths, calming herself, albeit slightly. "I should show you." she says, moving to crouch at the base of the sculpture. Okay then…

T'more arches a brow at woman and then smiles lighting up his gray eyes as he does. Giving a nod nod of his head he murmurs. "By all means, explain the sculpture and show me. Let me see through your eyes the beauty and form of its sensuous nature." He moves in close and crouches down with her his eyes glancing over the base of the sculpture.

Karona reaches down to the base of the sculpture, and flicks a switch. BWOWM! With an electric buzz, a beam of light erupts from the base of the sculpture, going straight up, ending in a circle of light on the ceiling. The twined sheets of metal seem to be set up to spiral around this beam, never touching it. "I-it's… a beacon. Of… of love. Or something." she says, getting to her feet, and rubbing her neck sheepishly. "…er. Explain it. Of course, sir." she agrees, face going a little red. "Well… The pieces of metal represent… people, I guess. Or… well, two beings." After all, she's heard that riders love their dragons, and vice versa. "That have love for one another. The light… is their love." Right. She hasn't explained the sensuous, though.

There is a moment of stunned silence as T'more rocks back on his heels and then glances upwards. He rises and walks around the sculpture again as he listens. "I can see that." he looks back over at Karona "And how do you see it being sensous?" he asks as he comes to a stop in front of her. "How does it make you feel?" He asks quietly.

Karona rubs the back of her neck sheepishly, avoiding meeting eye contact with T'more. "Ah, sensuous, right, sir… I, uh… it's hard to explain. Ever seen a lady in a slinky smooth formal dress? I, I… like the feel of those dresses, the fabric. That's what I think of… for… sensuous." she says, hesitating awkwardly almost constantly. It's apparently a difficult subject for her. "Me? Sir? It, it's not /for/ me." she attempts to dodge the question.

T'more nods a little and then chuckles "One should always know the artists interpretation as well." He murmurs. "I do want to hear your thoughts on it." He does turn his attention back to the sculpture. "How is it powered by the way? How does it get it's energy?"

Karona frowns at the sculpture, really properly looking at it, for possibly the first time. "…I… I guess… it makes me hopeful. Yes, hopeful. That… that love can be eternal. This thing, this is going to last longer than you or I, sir. Long after our grandchildren's grandchildren have turned to dust." She demonstrates with a solid pound on the frame with a fist. Followed by some frantic polishing right there. Ahem. "Ah, it, it hooks into the Weyr's power. The tech who installed the light is happy to hook up an outlet for it, wherever you want it displayed." she says, with a nod.

T'more hmms a little as he steps back. "Hope." There is a thoughful look on his face. "I can see that. I think O'mar will like it." he adds as he nods at the addition of a hookup. That'd be wonderful. It will hold up to weather? Or do I need to keep in under cover?"

Karona shakes her head slightly. "Ah, no, sir, it'll hold up. It's built to go outside. It hooks into power from underneath, so rain shouldn't get in there, and the light has a solid casing." She leans forward, and flicks the light off, then straightens again. "Might need to clear off the light surface, on windy days, dirt or leaves might be blown over it. But that's solid too, nothing will get inside."

T'more gives a nod "Simple. I like it." he pulls out his bag of marks from of his waist as he opens it. "How soon can she be delivered and installed?" he asks. "And your fee for her?"

Karona's eyes go wide at the marks, flashing with obvious greed, but she forces herself to tear away. "The, ah, the deposit was quite generous…" she says, hand going to a pocket, then coming away, sheepishly. "…er. I was hoping perhaps to have some assistance in the delivery. I can move it short distances, but a dragon would be… most helpful." she admits, with a frown. Metal is heavy. "Can be delivered straight away, and I'll send the tech round this afternoon to hook it up." she says, adding, "If that's good for you, sir?" Finally, she eyes the marks, and clears her throat. "Whatever payment you think is fair, sir." she says, though it clearly pains her to do so.

T'more snorts "Nonsense girl. You put time and effort into this exquisite piece. Well then, fair. Well typically a deposit is half the amount." he notes and starts counting out marks until he comes to the equal of the deposit. He then counts out about a quarter of that amount as well. "And a little extra as well as a tip. Will that be sufficient?"

"Yes!" squeaks Karona, eyes wide. She clears her throat, and nods, answering in a deeper voice, "Ah, yes… that will be most… sufficient." she says, face colouring. It's fair to say that the payment does, in fact, agree with her.

There's a smirk across his face as T'more notes the exhuberance. "Never sell yourself short darlin." he advices. "Make sure you've a set fee. Know what you're worth. But Yaminth will have no problems moving it once it's move out of here."

Karona tips her head at T'more, scooping up the marks, and pouring them into her pocket. "Right… of course, sir. This… was my first commission. I wasn't sure what to charge." And now, she knows. Hopefully T'more wasn't been /too/ generous with his payment, she may have trouble finding more work if she over-charges. "Right.. right. Well, it's quite sturdy." she says, kneeling down to unhook it from the power supply. This involves tilting the sculpture against a wall, to get at the plug. That done, she straightens, and glances up at T'more. "Right. You get one end, I'll get the other." she suggests. "Won't damage it, promise." And she'll help shift it out, to the meadow.

T'more carefully lifts up his side of the sculpture and helps carry it out of door to the waiting dragon. As it's set down so that he can get the straps the blue quietly investigates it. "Yes Yaminth." murmurs the rider as he spreads a net with pipes "Okay, lets just get her onto that and then Yaminth can carry it." he steps back once it's on there and then grins as the blue gathers the ends and is holding it. "Well my dear, I do apprecite your time. I believe O'mar will enjoy it immensely ."

Karona steps back as T'more secures the sculpture to the straps, tipping her head at the bluerider. "Ah, you're welcome, sir. Ever have anything else you want made, I'm, ah, commissionable." she notes, with a slight smile. It wasn't /so/ bad, if she's offering more work? "Right. I'll send a techcrafter around, be hooked up by dinner time." she states, with confidence.

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