Lastfall Bonfire

Xanadu Weyr Region - Marshy Coastline

The Azov Sea gently laps at the western shore, waves washing up along a silt-beach, carrying with it an odd piece of weathered driftwood, the ground constantly shifting and resettling with each pass of the water. Beyond the water's reach, grass and reeds grow aplenty, creating a false sense of stable ground for a good distance from the shoreline itself. However, it does eventually stabilize - patches of trees grow here and there amongst the marsh, islands sticking up from the bog. A line of trees is staggered here and there, as the reeds turn to normal grass, they conceal even the most basic of things and the footing is finally solid. In the shadows of some trees there looks to be something wrong - is that a broken pot?

Despite the peacefulness, it seems that this area may have once been inhabited, as a fencepost still sits mostly upright, though the fence attached to it has long sinced seemed to disappear. Even odder is that the fencepost is partially submerged, even at low tide.

A large table has been set up and upon it are the fixings for a shish ka bobs -chunks of porcine, chicken and sausages, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes and fresh fruit. A stack of long-handled forked sticks to skewer the pieces of await those who wish to toast them over the coals. Another table contains the items needed to eat around a fire - plates, cups, napkins and mugs to fill with the chilled fruit juice from several skins.

A large stack of wood has been piled high and lit, burning brightly and casting a orange glow into the night sky and lighting the area with its flickering ambiance. The cheerful snap and cackle is quite loud in the clearing, the tang of wood smoke prevalent on the still night air as the flames leap towards the sky.

It is early evening in Xanadu's Wilderness. The Weyrfolk and Craftfolk from several areas are gathered to celebrate a momentous day in Pern's history - the last ever fall of Thread upon the planet. Dragons have been ferrying guests to the area and so many are already roasting their food aver the flames while others are visiting. Off to one side some Harpers play a merry tune upon stringed instruments.

Rogawani is just in the process of being off-loaded from a dragon along with a few other candidates. Is the group of white-knots missing a few members? It's hard to tell with the sheer number of people hanging out. A heavy bag hangs from Rogawani's shoulders, slung across his back as he hops down onto the ground, giving a wave up to the rider. "Thanks for the lift." He offers, and then glances around at the sea of familiar, and unfamiliar faces. "Shards, came out in droves didn't they?" He asks himself, letting his hand settle on the strap of his bag, and looking a little overwhelmed.

ontali slides down from the ferry-dragon, flashing a bright grin at the green's rider. "Thankee!" She apparently amuses the older woman, who pats her back and laughs, seeing that the others who rode too are safely down before she re-mounts and takes to the air once more. The girl watches them go with a smile, then turns to the party, blinking. "Whoa." The girl says quietly, quickly scooting out of the way of oncoming dragons. "Weyrs sure know how to make merry." She winks cheerfully to Ro' as she approaches, peering around brightly. "Shells. Silor said they were gonna bring /everybody/ out. Reckon he was lying?"

Thea is there over by the food tables, helping hand guests those long-handled fork for roasting their food. Candidates and little ones get a warning along with their forks, "Mind, no mock-sword fights, no poking one another with these." Subdued tonight, she really doesn't seem her normal self.

R'miel makes his way over to bonfire from the clearing. This is a face seldom seen around Xanadu these days! But he was sent to make an appearance. One of the downsides of having family wrapped up in weyr politics. Or maybe upsides? Free food, drink… the bronzer wasn't complaining! He makes his way over to food tables to accept a fork from Thea with a smile. "Ista's duties to you, Weyrwoman."

High above, a blue dragon appears out of *between* and glides down slowly, just one of many in the sky today. Avideth bugles a greeting to those around him as he backwings to land in a clear spot, crimson riding straps standing out starkly against his hide. He is amongst the dragons dropping off passengers, with his rider unbuckling and helping down a couple of folk from Healer Hall. When this is done, Avideth settles somewhere out of the way, while B'ky removes a package tied securely to his straps. Both dragon and rider are looking newly-washed and well-oiled, though in B'ky's case, his hair has been slicked back into a neat ponytail, and he's dressed for the occasion, in a somewhat clashing set of riding leathers, the colors predominantly deep indigo and crimson.

Rogawani's head turns slightly, his expression forming into a smile when he sees Tali approaching from the landing field. "Yeah, this is big even for what I'm used to." He admits, having lived in the weyr all his life, it's still… impressive. "Think they did bring eveyrone out, though. Didn't see Cenlia and Morl, but I'm sure they're around somewhere." He stands up on his tip-toes, but he's still not quite as tall as most of the adults, male or female in the weyr. "Come on, let's go get some food before the feeding frenzy starts." He chuckles, and starts to head towards the tables, trying to hold the path open behind him for Tali. "Thea!" He calls out, spotting her between bodies, raising a hand which easily gets lost. "Shoot." He mutters, and continues working his way closer.

Tali is not tall. But it's hard to miss somebody who's wearing crimson and indigo — the girl gapes for a moment at B'ky, then giggles faintly. "That's a pretty shade of red." The girl murmurs to Ro', smiling. "I'm startin' to get used to all this. Think if I don't think about how big the crowd is it's easier." She nods pleasantly, then squints off into the crowd. "Thea?" But even a little bounce-hop attempt to see over tall heads doesn't prove useful quite yet. "Defunitely. That's a good plan. Didn't eat all day so I could be good an' hungry." And from the way she eyes a Weyrbrat who gets in their way, like she might consider eating *him*, she's hungry! "Shells, lots of people here."

Thea hands a fork to another guest, this one talks to her and she looks up with a little blink of surprise, "Oh!" R'miel here does surprise her, but she isn't upset, although she does seem distracted. Her response is a grave, "Ista has -my- greetings, well-wishes and duties to her Weyrwoman." Her lashes sweep down as a fleeting look of pain flickers n her eyes. An emphasis on the word 'my' indicates it is hers to give. "Hello R'miel, enjoy the party." Someone else is hailing her and her head turns to look towards the voice, but the crowd is milling and she cannot spot the person.

R'miel pouts at Thea. "I'm not mad at Xanadu. That's just the weyrwoman. She's eight months along now, you know." He takes his fork. "So the candidates aren't allowed to poke people, but can I?" He laughs a bit then moves over to fill his skewer with bits of what's out on the table. Once that's done he grabs a drink and moves over to the fire to get roasting.

One of the newer candidates, one young Fortino seems to be directing a grumpier candidate, one Keziah, and a few other people as to the placement of a table and some desserts. "How did I get stuck helping you." Keziah mutters as she eyes the jiggling mass of purple she is carrying. "Is this stuff even edible?" Fortinos pushes a clump of hair out of his eyes "Of course it is!" the young lad of maybe twelve or thirteen states quite indignantly. "Mother taught me how to make it, and she's a good cook. Could have been a great Baker but she wanted to farm." Keziah shakes her head a little as she sets the dessert down on the table after it's been set up. She looks at the wiggling masses as they're set and just shudders a little. Fortinos almost pouts. "But you've got to try one. You promised!" Keziah snorts. She did no such thing "Well… I'll see." she murmurs as she looks around. Escape?

B'ky certainly does seem to be getting a number of looks, especially since his clothing more or less matches his dragon. But he seems to be used to it, smiling pleasantly at anyone who looks his way. The man takes the package and re-ties the straps so that no buckles are dangling, while Avideth relaxes. The bluerider then hauls the box over toward the table, inclining his head to Thea as he spots her. Lowering the box, he says with a polite smile, "Weyrwoman," and indicates the box, "S'tan suggested I bring these. Where should I put them?" He undoes the string around the top of the box and lifts the lid, revealing a number of southern fruits.

Rogawani's attention gets momentarily drawn towards B'ky and his unusually colored clothing, especially as it passes infront of him on his way towards the Weyrwoman. "Jeeze, lemme through already." He slips from his usual perfected way of talking as he tries to make his way through the throng of people. Finally, the boy's head emmerges, keeping a hand behind him so that the shorter Tali can get through, too. "Hey Thea." He greets, ending up right next to the colorful rider in the process. "Can we get skewers. If Tali doesn't eat, she's going to go cannibal." He shoots a look over his shoulder, a teasing grin. He spots the motion of a table, and then leans over to see Keziah near the table of colorful… wobbly things. "Kez, can you save me one?" He calls, and then looks back up towards Thea, oh-so-expectantly. Food. Food good.

Riyontali follows cheerfully, not seeming overly worried about the crowd yet, other than for the occasional death-glare shot towards somebody who really blocks their way. Finally, air, though! The girl lets out a sigh of relief, then smiles at those gathered around the table, quickly peering down it at Keziah and the funny-looking things set up in front of her. "What're those?" She shoots, then blinks back at Ro' and flashes what can only be described as a benign smirk. "Who, me?" Beam! But then a cajoling look and a smile. "Want me to go find somebody to man that so you can go…" A glance at the fire. Must not say 'burn things'. Must not, must — "Enjoy yourself?"

Thea nods at R'miel with a crooked smile, "I know you aren't, Ram." Her face is thoughtful, "So in another month… hmm." She laughs at his question, "Poke any Candidate who misbehaves, how's that?" There's a wriggling purple dessert arriving then and she eyes the mass uncertainly. It's not frothing or exploding so she doesn't give it much attention other than to note the arrival of the unusually active food. B'ky's claiming her input and she peeks at the box, "On that table. Beside the alive… purple thing, rhanks, B'ky." She points to the dessert table with a small grin. She truns towards Rogawani then, "Oh, sure thing Ro, here." And she hands him two skewers and a wink. "I approve." what that means, perhaps only the boy knows as her glance flashes to Riyontali and back. Her lips curve in the first real smile she has managed in days.

R'miel laughs and waves his skewer around to some of the white-knots he spots. "You heard the lady. No misbehaving or I'll be poking at you." There's a glance over the food table and at the odd purple things before the bronzer starts to cook. There was a science to cooking over an open flame, and Ram is careful not to let hid foodstuffs get burnt. "It'll be even more painful once the fork starts to really heat up…"

B'ky nods to Thea, and starts unpacking the fruit onto the desert table, chuckling softly at Rogawani's remark about possible cannibalism. He does peause, however, to regard the table of jiggling… food? "What is this stuff?" the man asks, eyeing the purple with a raised brow, and looking perhaps slightly wary.

Keziah eyes Rogawani "You can have mine if you want it." she states as Fortinos glares at her. She never said she was nice. Did she? "Hey, I only offered to help." She notes "I didn't offer to eat it." The boy sticks his tongue out at her. "You did too! You did, you did, you did, you did!" She glances at Tali and shrugs. "I dunno, the brat here made them." Fortinos glares at Keziah and looks almost ready to place a well-aimed kick at her ankle when he gets nudged by one of the other helpers, another candidate by the name of Gimeki, about the boys age. "Tinos, ye can't fight. 'member?" Gimeki gestures over towards R'miel and his skewer. Settling for another glare at Kezi, Fortinos then looks up at Tali with adoration. Aww… puppy love. "They're gelatins, Red ones, green ones, blue ones, yellow ones and purple ones. Mother taught me the recipe." he says proudly. Keziah takes the opportunity to slip away. THose purple ones are skeery. She can't understand why Fortinos tries to attach himself with her when he seems to hate her guts so much.

"Hey now. I know how to behave." Rogawani replies as a skewer gets mock-poked in his direction, although there is a smile there for the bronze-rider. "Nice to see you again, R'miel." Reaching out a hand, the boy takes both skewers and offers one over to Tali, the smile spreading a bit into a grin at Thea's words. "Here, Tali." He offers one of the two skewers out, and then scurries himself into the line to start loading up a plate, and the skewer, with food. Without a thought, he tosses a piece of fruit into his mouth, and then leans back to call to Keziah, "I'll just grab one when I come by. Think most people are too scared of em'." There is a low chuckle from the ex-messenger, and a lifted eyebrow towards Fortinos. He taps his skewer twice in the other candidate's direction.

Riyontali beams at Thea as she passes over skewers to Ro. "Thanks!" She says cheerily, lifting an eyebrow at the next with a little grin. "Really, Thea — if you wanna get out, I'm sure I can find Raleta. She's not one for crowds, but she's good at, um.." The girl fishes for the word. "Delegating? And stuff." Nod-nod. "So she would prolly be happy manning the tables for you." She nods stoutly, then turnes a mischievous grin on R'miel. "Of course not, sir." The girl says with perfect innocence, then giggling over at B'ky's wariness of the wiggly-stuff. Then Fortinos is given a blink for his apparent enthusiasm. Her mouth opens, then she seems to bite her tongue. "Oh…well." She works up a little smile, apparently trying to return the enthusiasm. "That's nice? I'll try one." But they're still scary; she accepts the skewer with a bright grin for Ro', following him to get food piled onto that plate.

Thea's lips smirk just a bit at the skewer-waving R'miel. "There's an ex-miner 13 turn around here somewhere that might need poking. Keep your eyes open for him." She watches Rogawani head off, winks at Riyontali as she passes by, then listens to Fortinos explains the living, breathing menace called 'gelatin'. "That's interesting," it's an optimistic mutter. Interesting is good, right? Finally the folks needing skewers dwindle to nothing and she can step away from the table with a fork of her own, which is loaded with pieces of porcine and fruit, then heads to roast the stuff over the fire. That jiggling…thing is eyed on her way by. "It's unique enough that I'll have to try it, but later."

R'miel peers at Rogawani. "You do? Well I won't believe it until I see it. Hm… we've met before, candidate? You'll have to forgive me, I can't recall really. Getting old, you know." He pokes his head. There's an eyebrow raised to Tali. "I'm watching you, miss." Then he waves over the weyrwoman. "An ex-miner, hm? How do you tell an ex-miner from any of the other people here? Come get something to eat. Let one of the others hand out forks." He pokes at his own skewer, already cooked. Now he's just checking to be sure it's cool enough to eat.

Keziah blinks over at Thea "Morl? Did he do something?" she asks as she descends upon the food. "Hey! Grab me a piece?" pipes up Fortinos from behind her. He's no longer glaring, just salivating over the food. "Umm, sure." she murmurs as she looks down at his empty plate and sighs a little as she drops some stuff on his plate. Again. Why her? She snags a skewer, and again hands it off to Tinos, and now she's shadowed by Gimeki as well "You boys can't feed yourselves? Shoo." she exclaims as she deposits a skewer with the other boy, "Go.. mingle or something or I know. Annoy a dragon so that they'll eat you." She eyed blandly by the boys. Threatening children with Pernese dragons just isn't any fun. "Okay. if you give me breathing room, I promise I'll try a gela whatchmacallit after I get some meat in me. Okay?" Fortinos hmms a little and nods and then the two boys are off towards the bonfire. Chatting and eating as they fill up on food that they snatched on their way away from Kez. "Honestly." Kezi murmurs.

B'ky finishes unpacking the fruits, and sets the box somewhere out of the way, where no one is likely to trip over it. He then goes over to the food table and takes a plate and pair of skewers, offering to Thea perhaps without even thinking about it, "If you need a hand with anything later, let me know." The jiggly stuff on the dessert table gets a long moment of consideration, the bluerider murmuring, "Gelatins, hm?" and eyeing the stuff before finally taking a bit of fruit instead, saying, "Perhaps later." He heads over to the bonfire, smiling gently as he watches the flames a moment.

"Not officially, just been around Xanadu all my life." Rogawani offers behind him towards R'miel, but is soon shoved down the line of food, grabbing what he can before plucking up a dessert from the tray. It's red and it wiggles. "You sure these are safe?" Blancing it atop the mound of food on his plate, the boy reaches for a mug of juice, and then quickly steps out of the moving line. "Hey Tali, have you ever seen a driftwood fire?" He asks, his eyes sparking with a look that seems to catch the red glow of the bonfire. "I snuck a few pieces with, I can show you?" Oh yes, he's trying to impress the girl with something other than his ability to eat massive amounts of food in short periods of time.

An obviously tired Liya wanders in, her steps heavy, though obviously drawn by the smell of bonfire and freshly simmering food. She looks a little haggard and worn. Rubbing her eyes, she makes her way towards the line surrounding the table where food is being handed out, not really looking much for where she's walking and nearly tripping over…a rock (maybe?)..kind of appears like nothing's there. With a few blinks, she glances back behind herself. Watch out for those invisible rocks! She seems to wake up a little bit, enough to pay attention to where she's walking now, but her attention seems set for the promise of food, an audible grumble rising from her stomach.

"Yes Sir!" Thea quips in response to R'miel as she obediently roasts her kabob over the fire. "As soon as it is cooked, I'll eat it." She shakes her head at Keziah, "Not yet, just needs a poke now and then to keep him in line." She blinks at the tripping Liya, "Don't fall into into the fire, now." The skewer gets a turn, then she's watching Rogawani dubiously. "It doesn't explode, does it?"

Riyontali smiles brightly back at Thea, giggling for her expression. R'miel is given another absolutely innocent smile. "You don't have to." Honest, she won't try and burn anything down — not like anything here'd burn anyways! "After meat. Smart. They look kinda…" One is tentatively plucked from the pile, this one bright green. It wiggles. She winces, then plucks one of the fruits B'ky brought up with a cheerful "Thanks!". Then, she eyes the plate and her skewer, both remarkably full, and starts out of the line, peering cheerfully at Ro. Fire? That has her attention. The girl squints faintly, then grins. "Can't say I have. They used to use it for fires, but I don't think I ever saw it…" Liya gets a wave and sympathetic smile for her grogginess, and Thea a bright look. Ooh, explode? What?

R'miel pulls each bit of food off the fork with his teeth. Which starts to get comical as he gets towards the end. He nods to Rogawani. "Ah, I getcha. Nice to meet you then, candidate." Then he turns to Thea. "Anyways, I've made my appearance. I should get back and all. Thank you for the food and the hospitality. Keep an eye on all those candidates. Don't let them get out of hand." He winks to the goldrider. "Or tell them I'll come back with them. I don't need a fork to dole out justice." He gives a waves and heads off.
Keziah looks up and blinks "Explode?" she squeaks and shifts away "I'll just move. Being close to an exploding kitchen was more than enough excitement for me." she states. Though her eyes are twinkling. She doesn't seem to think it really will. A nod to Thea "Well, glad to know he's not been gettin' into mischief. He's a good lad." she notes, emphais on He's, and a glance toward Fortinos who's whispering up something fierce with Gimeki. There's a glance towards Ram and she then waves "Tell Ysa I said hi and I miss her." She does miss her too.

Rogawani's turns with a smile on his face to answer Thea, but then when Keziah chimes in as well, his smile drops a little bit. "It's not going to explode. Shards." He manages to laugh, shaking his head back and forth. "Do you really think I'd try to blow up the bonfire?" He has to ask, looking around as if in absolute shock that people would think so little of him. Then again, he is a fifteen… well sixteen turn old boy. "It's safe, trust me." Taking his plate of food, the boy turns and makes his way through the crowd until he finds an open seat on a log near the bonfire. There, he quickly stacks a few pieces of meat on to the skewer and then holds that out in one hand near the flames. With the other hand, he plucks out one of his driftwood pieces, and looks down at it, as if almost sorry he'd brought it.

Liya glances up with the few words of encouragement and caution, "Oh, um…sorry.." is all she manages, not really sure what she's apologizing for, but apologizing none the less. She waits patiently in line, grabbing a plate at her turn, then gathering a few pieces of meat, but mostly just fruit. She reaches for a glass of juice before turning away from the table and making her way towards bonfire. By the time she sits down and makes herself comfortable, she realizes she forgot to even grab a skewer. With a heavy sigh, Liya stands again, but as she's turning….somehow manages to trip over the log where she had positioned herself. She soon finds herself on the ground, face down, with one hand to catch herself and keep from squishing the now griping and grumping firelizard in her pocket. Essentially…she finds herself in a one-woman circus. One green firelizard squawking above her head, other beneath her..and her face planted in raw meat and fresh fruit.

Riyontali waves after R'miel with a snicker, as she absently plucks a veggie of some sort up off of the plate and munches cheerfully. The others get a bright smile, before she's glancing back at Ro with a shrewd grin. "Aw, c'mon." The girl giggles, then follows him through the crowd and flops on the log. "Never tried burning it. I did have a whole pile of 'em that I thought were cool-shaped though." She seems to catch the odd look and smiles in what she seems to hope is an entreating fashion as she holds out the skewer of mostly meat — hey, she's a growin' girl! Liya's faceplant gets a wide-eyed stare in the next instant, and Ro a nudge. "D'yo reckon I should maybe go get her a skewer of meat? I don't want her to kabob herself…" And, louder, "Liya! Are you okay? Shells!"

Thea nods to R'miel, "Was good to see you. Give my regards to Ysa." Her skewer sizzles, so it must be ready. She steps away from the fire perhaps to avoid being a shrapnel-magnet as Keziah squeaks about explosions. Rogawani's denial just elicits a quick smile, his question receives a headshake, "Was teasing. Trust you completely, you ought to know that by now. Besides, explosions are fine as long as they're outside." She winks at him. She misses Liya's fall hile lookng at Rogawani, but Riyontali's call has her looking Liya's way. Hmm.

"Trust me, he says." Keziah snorts "Famous last words." She then stares at Liya. A Liya kabob would be a bad thing "You okay?" she asks as she gets up for some fruit "Don't forget the gelatin!" Fortinos calls out to her. How can she forget? He won't let her? And thus she gets a piece of the wiggling dessert. Since the purple one scares her, she goes for the red one. It looks kinda like juice and all. Shouldn't be too bad? Maybe?

B'ky has just finished roasting the stuff on his skewer when he sees Liya's one-woman circus over there. Putting down his plate on a nearby log, the bluerider heads to the table first to grab some napkins, then walks over to Liya with a slight smile, asking, "Are you alright?" He reaches out a hand if she needs assistance getting up while suggsting gently, "Perhaps you'd better sit this one out."

Luckily, Rogawani isn't one to sulk long, and his smile easily returns at Tali and Thea's encouragement. "Sure sure." Still, he takes the piece of driftwood and tosses it onto the fire. At first, nothing seems to happen. Then, there is a little *pop* as the wood catches, but no explosion. The flames that lick up from the piece of driftwood change in color, flashing up in brilliant blues and greens. "It's the salts in the wood that do it." He explains, glancing over towards Tali to see her reaction. Of course, that's when Liya ends up face-planting and his head snaps back that way. "Jeeze, you okay?" He asks, reaching out a hand in her direction. "Here, hand me your meats, I'll cook em' on mine." He offers, pulling his skewer away from the flames and depositing the already cooked meats on his plate. "It'll be chaos getting back to the table anyways." No, it couldn't be due to fear of her skewering herself, right?

Liya manages a yelp of surprise after she hits the ground, but strangely not before. She lies there for a moment, faceplanted in her food before raising her head and rolling over onto her back. Her hand reaches up for the first available hand, which happens to be B'ky. Hoisting herself up, she rises to her feet with a long sigh, smears of meat juice and fruit residue all over her face. "Thank you…" she mumbles, in the direction of everyone, it seems. Overall, she looks exhausted…and the red juices across her cheeks don't hide her obvious embarassment. Apparently, she looks edible, as well, to the green firelizard who decides to light back onto her shoulder and take a good lick of her forehead. She looks to B'ky, feigning a smile as she settles on her feet again, "Thank you…really. I'm ok." Looking to Rogawani she frowns, "I think I'll have to get more…" she says, judging by the squashed meat on the ground.

Riyontali grins back at Thea cheerily. "Oooh. That's neat." Tactfully, though, she doesn't approach the subject of things going boom; yet. "I dunno," Kez gets a bland grin, though her eyes dance mischievously. "I'd trust him. Seems pretty trustworthy to me.." She chuckles, and then turns back to the fire at the *pop*, eyes widening. They stay that way for a moment, and it's only reluctantly that she turns away. "Shells, that's cool," She murmurs in an undertone, before wincing towards poor Liya. "Aw, shells. I bet one've the dragons'd eat it, but…" Wince.

Thea is relieved to see B'ky helping Liya and so turns back to watch Rogawani's driftwood burn. "That's really pretty, Ro." Now she is stepping further away, but this time to head to that dessert table, since she's done eating. Those odd quivering desserts are eyed and she tries a yellow one, frowning slightly, "That's different." Different in this case being maybe not good? "Suddenly queasy." This is muttered to no one in particular and after a moment, she heads off into the darkness towards Seryth. A few moments later the flapping of large wings can be heard and the fire reflects off of a golden hide as Seryth glides overhead.

Keziah takes a bight of the gelatin and hmms a little "Kinda sweet." she murmurs as she watches the fire "Tis very pretty." she notes and then blinks as Thea suddenly leaves. "Wha?" she stats as she then looks up at sky as the gold flies off. "That's funny. Hope nothing is too terribly wrong."

The pop in the fire gets curious glance from B'ky, but since nothing is exploding or otherwise causing disaster, he turns back to eye Liya somewhat dubiously, but holds out the napkins, saying with a soft chuckle, "They must be working you overtime," and he indicates her spilled plate saying, "Better leave that for the firelizards." He pauses when Thea departs, eyebrow raised as he watches the gold fly off. Another wary look is sent over to the desert table. Hm.

"Glad someone trusts me." Rogawani's wry laugh follows as he gives a greatful look at Tali. "I swear, put a white knot on a guy and they think you're trying to blow up the entire weyr." He looks back towards the flickering blue and green within the red and orange of the fire, and then his more sympathetic gaze falls on Liya. "Here, take mine. It's more meat than what you had but it'll save you the trip." Chivarly isn't dead, it's name is meatrolls to be stolen from the kitchens after lights out. Ro' offers his plate, including the already cooked meats, out towards the other candidate, although he does seem to keep the little tray of wiggling red stuff for himself. His head lifts as Thea departs, looking at Seryth's retreating form curiously.

Liya takes the napkins from B'ky first, a real smile appearing as she wipes her face clean of meat and fruit. "Thank you, again…" she says to B'ky with a relieved exhale, "Just haven't really had time to sleep…" She squints slightly, as if trying to figure out when the last was she had slept, then shakes her head. "You know…I think I'm going to head there now…" She looks aside to Rogawani, shaking her head again, "Thank you…but I'm afraid I'll make a kabob of myself if I take that with me.." She does offer a grin now. Lifting a hand to the gathering she turns around, -slowly-, smiling again to B'ky. As she wanders off, she does stop by the dessert table, snatching a wobbly purple bowlful without much thought, though she leaves eating until she can plant herself down somewhere.

Riyontali watches Thea go with a worried frown. "Reckon she's okay?" Murmured with a wrinkle of her nose. "Remind me to go see later?" To the others, accompanied by a frown. If, you know, she doesn't go straight to the barracks and collapse into a heap! B'ky gets a wry smile in the next moment, though. "Seems like it." Liya is waved off with a woeful smile. "Be careful!" The girl calls, then turns to grin at Ro. "Maybe they're guilty," She says with a smirk and snicker. "They work us to death and then hope we don't burn down anything after we snap or something…" And, as she's taken a few bites of her porcine now, she eyes the gelatin warily. "Well, might as well," Snort, and a bite is slowly taken. The girl puts on a highly amusing expression, somewhere between amusement and disgust. "That's…strange. Woah."

Keziah still watches the sky "Is she pregnant?" she asks after a moment and then shakes her head. She eyes Liya a little "Work us to death?" she asks and then snorts indulgently. "This ain't nothin'" She notes as she takes another bite "This stuff is really weird." Fortinos is watching though "But it's good right?" he asks looking quite eager for an answer. Keziah hrms "I'll let you know later." she murmurs softly looking just a little unsure.

B'ky watches Liya go with only a slightly concerned look, before returning to his own food. Rogawani's comment about putting on the white knot earns a chuckle from the bluerider, the man saying thoughtfully, "Some of the candidate pranks at Fort were rather impressive. We're rightfully worried," though the smile on his face indicates he's joking. Mostly. He watches Riyontali and Keziah eat the gelatin, eyebrows rising, perhaps at their bravery. But a brief glance ack at the table, and gentle shake of his head, and he's settling down to eatthe stuff that isn't brighly-colored and jiggly.

Rogawani's eyebrows draw down a little bit, seeming a bit concerned by Thea's departure. Keziah's assumption though, causes his head to swivel back towards her. "No, I don't think that's the case, Kez." Well, wasn't he one of the few who got to see the depth of the relationship between the Weyrwoman and Enkavir? Still, wouldn't Kav had told him something if that were true? These thoughts fly by in a split second. There's still plenty of distractions though, and his head pops back up as Liya refuses the food. "Oh, okay." So he grabs up some of the cooked meat and pops it into his mouth, chewing contentedly. Maybe the meatrolls will be safe for another night. "Yeah well, worked to death or not, prank or not, I'm not going to blow up the weyr." Rogawani chuckles more wryly, and then seems to give a moment's pause. "Tali?" He glances over at her, one eyebrow lifting. "What's strange?"

The word 'pregnant' gets a nosewrinkle from Tali. "I sure hope not." She giggles, though reasoning she has not. Except 'babies are bad' and all. The older woman's next comment gets a snicker and grin. "Shhh, don't tell 'em that." The girl laughs, then eyes Fortinos, then her wobbly green goop and sighs, taking another bite. "Mmmm." She manages not to look too much like she's trying to swallow fire, but the expression is still amusing. B'ky is the next to get that raised eyebrow, with a smile. "Oh? Really?" At least she doesn't sound too mischievous! "Fine." The girl drawls in a mock-pout at Ro, flashing a little wink. "Maybe just more driftwood. I'll have to remember that one." After all, colored fire is almost as cool as things exploding! A shrug is offered after a moment, with a faint frown. "Yeah. Just…tastes funny. Dunno. Probably texture."

Keziah is making a few faces, but trying to hide it. "Yeah, it feels wierd in the mouth, like trying to eat." she shudders a little "It squishes through the teeth." Fortinos grins "Yeah! That's the best way to eat it. Just squish it against the roof of your mouth and through your teeth." Keziah shudders again. "I'm ill." she murmurs at the description. A glance at Rog "Well, maybe she just a touch of the…" she trails off and frowns a little.
"We've had a few explosions," is all B'ky says about the Fortian candidates. For the moment. He picks pieces of meat gingerly off the skewer, blowing them before popping on in his mouth. But his attention seems to be elsewhere, as he's glancing back toward Avideth with a raised brow. With a soft sigh and a mumbled curse, "Shards B'miel," he man is getting up and heading back to his dragon, Avideth rumbling impatiently. The two are in the air as soon as B'ky swings up, and disappear *between* only a moment after.

Still not having tried his own wiggly red dessert, Rogawani eyes it speculatively, especially with what the two girls happen to be saying about it. Trying to look innocent, he pretends to be distracted by something to his right, and allows the plate of gelatin to fall off of his leg and land face-down into the sand. "Oh, too bad. Guess I'll just have to satisfy myself with meat instead." He spears a few more pieces onto the end of his skewer and holds them out into the fire, evven as his other hand starts to pop fruit and cooked meat into his face at it's usual, nearly alarming rate. Swolling slightly, the boy leans over and whispers, "Maybe you shouldn't eat any more of that Tali." He shoots a worried glance at Fortinos, and a narrowing of the eyebrows, and then turns his eyes back towards the fire.

Riyontali nods with a comical wince for Keziah. "'zactly." She mumbles, then finally gives Fortinos a long, dark look. "That's icky." She declares stoutly. "Ew." And she's mid-twitch when B'ky takes off, getting a blink for his efforts. "Oh my." Another blink. "I wonder what was wrong with him?" Of course, she didn't get his name, so her worry is stuck for now. But then she seems to take Ro's scarfing down food as a cue, and starts the same; perhaps to get the taste of the gelatin out of her mouth, though she looks slightly uneasy. "Sick? Sick how?" The girl asks quietly towards Keziah, then nods slowly, with a glance to Ro. "Definitely not." Just as quiet, before she's munching on roasted fingerroots with apparent good cheer. "This's good. I wonder where we are?"

Keziah is silent and then she's watching Tali scarf her food and then she's looking a little green around the gills. "Dunno whats wrong with him, nor me, but eck. I don't wanna see any food." she murmurs and then herks a little and disappears towards the trees. Fortinos and Gimeki seem to be thick in each others ears as the boys whisper back and forth.

And there goes another one. Rogawani blinks in surprise, his mouth half-full of meat as he watches Keziah's form retreat towards the trees. "Okay, something is seriously not right." He glances down at his own food, but doesn't seem to feel bad at all. Even so, better safe than sorry. "Think I'll pass on the rest." Maybe an evening raid of the kitchens is back on the agenda. He sets the plate down and looks towards Tali now, concern showing in his eyes. "You're not feeling sick, are you?" He asks, scratching at the side of his head with a bit of a nervous look on his face. "Not sure, but we can't be too far from the weyr. Bet we can get a rider to take us back if you want?"

Riyontali continues to eat happily, the bounty of not having eaten all day long (which, in hindsight, was likely a bad idea!). Well, just up until Kez murmurs something about food and wanders off back behind the trees. Perhaps she's one of those excitable people who can't stand to even think about somebody throwing up, but she's looking worried when she nods agreeably for Ro. "Think you're right." A feeble attempt at a giggle follows. "No, m'fine," Her head shakes fervently. "Gotta show you something when we get back." Stubbornly, she grins, but with another glance towards the trees and Keziah, the stubbornness fades a little. "Kez? Keziah, you oka —" Well, she'll find out quickly enough, as she's off behind those trees herself within a few moments, hand flopped up in the general vicinity of her mouth. Then, "Maybe we /should/ go back. Ugh…"

Keziah doesn't answer. Nope, she's a little preoccupied with storing her earlier meal. Elsewhere. Hope Tali has a strong stomach, since Kezi lost hers. She then staggers back from it and slides down a tree trunk and just sits there. "I'll kill him." she mumbles softly as she works her mouth a bit. The taste being quite nasty after all. "I'll kill the little brat."

With not even a twinge in his stomach, Rogawani watches as both girls seem to grow ill. He pushes himself to his feet and tries to follow, keeping a safe enough distance. "You work on that, okay Kez." Apparently, he's all for the murder of whomever has gotten the two of them sick. "Listen, I'll go get one of the riders, ask him to bring us back, okay?" Just what he needs, stuck on a dragon with two nausiated girls. Ahh what we do for our friends. "You two stay here and… try to feel better. I'll be back quickly." He promises, and starts working his way through the crowd, working towards the riders at the far end, those who were ferrying people to and from the gathering.

Riyontali reemerges, looking a little worse for the wear, but more irritated. "I'm with you." The girl growls. Then she flashes Ro a thankful smile. "You're the best." Murmured with a wistful glance at the nice, big bonfire. "Will do. No more food. I'm just going to skewer that boy next time I see him. See where he went?" This is asked to Keziah as Ro wanders off, and she's even plucking up her skewer, glaring murderously into the crowd.

Well look at that Fortinos and Gimeki are nowhere to be seen. Both boys have high-tailed it out of there. Keziah on the other hand isn't quite high-tailing it, though she does move back in from the trees. "I don't care if I'm kicked out of the Weyr permanently. I'm going to kill him. I'll strangle him with his own tongue and then stuff it back down his throat." She turns a little green again and then hunches over her stomach a bit. "I'll tie his balls around his neck. Even better."

Riyontali is semi-hunched-over for sensibility's sake, though she's muttering darkly under her breath. "Hear they send people who kill folks to an island." Grumbled with all seriousness. "I wouldn't mind living on an island." That poor skewer is, however, dull now, as she's stabbing the ground repeatedly with it. The girl's eyes light up a bit as she glances back up, thoughtful. "Good. That's good. Or we could just shove him off'a the star…oooh." Pause. "Bet I can make him eat some numbweed or something." Growwl. Oh yes she would!

Keziah hmms a litle "Island sounds nice." she murmurs and then heads off for the rider and dragon as they come there way. "Something though. Something would be good." she murmurs as she clinches her stomach again.

Riyontali keeps her head down, still muttering darkly, until she spots Keziah getting up. With a sigh for the continued merriment, the girl stands, and follows sedately. She doesn't seem to have the will to vomit more, but does paus a few times and glance sharply for the closest cover. Thankfully, she makes it to the dragon — and presumably, home - without further incident. Faranth help Fortinos!

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