Arts and Crafts

Xanadu Weyr - Harpers' Workshop

Through the labeled double doors is this spacious cavern set aside for the Harper craft. It's been completely sound proofed inside and out, but even after hours sometimes you can just pick up muffled voices in song, or instruments being practiced of someone burning the midnight oil. Inside, the large area has been divided up into several smaller places, also behind doors and have been sound proofed. A library of books and records stand upon the many shelves to the left, containing such content as music and Pernese history, law, and even sheet music. There are several access points at the long tables here for laptops to connect to data bases all over Pern, as well as to plug them in for a recharge. Long rows of chairs are pushed up against them. Silence here, is required.

Along the back wall is yet another space, and behind the double doors is a classroom for the practice of Storytelling. The chairs here are comfortable and upholstered, pillows are available as well for sitting on the floor. A projector is available for visual aid, with a white screen that pulls down should anyone need it.

The final space to the right of the entrance is likely the largest. All along the longest wall instruments hang free or on shelves for anyone of the craft to use. Guitars (both acoustic and base), flutes (including recorder and reed), violins, and lap harps. There is a few drum sets, and some standing harps as well. There are stands for music, benches for sitting, and even a corner where repair and maintenance supplies can be found.

Harper classes for the younger-aged weyrfolk have wrapped up for the day just prior to lunch and now that the meal is over, the area is being prepped for an older set - with an optional class offered. In place of the long, low table for littles, there are several smaller tables for those who wish to work in solitude and one large round table for those who wish to be social. On a table at the side there are stacks of supplies, paper, pencils, brushes and water-based paints. Presently, miah is sweeping the floor while Jasella sets up a 'display' in the center of the round table, using what appears to be a short, white column, a crimson sheet and some fruit.

Mikal assumed he fits into the 'older' category since he is nearly of age to apprentice out if so desired. Nearly. He honestly has no idea what he would want to apprentice in but he likes to study! So he lingers in the doorway now to watch the area being prepped.

There was a time when M'trin would have had every right and even the duty to be present in this room. While that day may come again, at the moment the weyrling grounds are a better fit, and the fact that there's a weyrling knot, not a harper one, at his shoulder speaks to it. Still, it was his domain for nearly a turn so he strides through the door with easy confidence and quick blue eyes that flash around the room, taking it in. Mishkia is an easy first goal, and he heads that way with a smile on his mouth. "Afternoon," he greets with a formal tone but a wry tilt to the curve of his lips. Jasella and Mikal get nods too as he passes them.

What? There's a class? Jethaniel emerges from one of the interior hallways with a sheaf of papers and a small wooden case tucked under his arm. He glances around - oh, look, someone's brought some fruit, must have been hungry - before heading for one of the smaller tables, setting down his papers, and taking a seat.

Jessi has never really had reason or opportunity to spend time in this particular area, beastcrafters didn't usually hang out in the normal craft complex, especially Beastcrafters whose specialty was actual animals, and not other parts of the craft like vet med or such. Jessi is brought to this area, however, by the curiousity and the need to experience everything that her young green dragon has put into her. And so in she steps, and just inside the door she pauses, quietly contemplating why and what she should be doing here. She notes the setting up of some class and almost turns to leave, though her green stops her. "Why should I sit in, Aisu." She whispers. "I mean, I have no need for classes anymore aside from the weyrling ones." But, at her lifemate's persistance, she remains, and slinks over to allow her purple-clad body hold up the wall so to speak, looking quite uncomfortably out of place.

Apparently there is a class, yes. Fliers inviting people have been tacked up all over the place - in the caverns, the tavern, and yes, even the weyrling barracks. It's non-required of course. As the minutes tick by and so few enter, Jasella catches Mishkia's eye and shrugs. But there are people trickling in and so the journeywoman greets them while Miah, working her way towards the door. The assistant smiles at Mikal, lifting a coppery brow, "If sitting all morning wasn't enough, there's plenty of empty seats. The Journeywoman is teaching art. Do you like to draw?" She catches sight of M'trin entering, grey eyes light up but she returns his greeting with a dip that serves for a curtsey, a saucy grin sneaking in there in spite of her effort to match his formality. When Jethaniel enters and passes her, the young man is blinked at. But hey - she works with children who have quirker habits, so she just gives him his bubble of solitude, though she does toss a, "Hey there," and a smile his way too. Jessi now, is more like what she's used to, so the purple-clad weyrling gets a gentle smile. "You're welcome to sit, plenty of seats. You can paint or draw anything you want, if the still life there isn't to your liking."

Mikal is one of the few who doesn't race out as soon as the morning classes are done. He offers a shrug and smile to Mishkia as he moves to sit. "Never drew anything before but I don't mind learnin'." he comments.

M'trin chuckles at Mishkia's little curtsey and sidles up to give her hand a little squeeze. "Are you helping with the instruction today?" It's a murmur that holds a gently teasing hint when paired with one quirked brow. He pauses to allow her to greet the others and gives Jessi a casual flick of a wave before adding, "I bet Aisu would love a picture of herself. You should see what you can do." Jethaniel and Mikal aren't familiar so they get a longer, assessing glance before his eyes slide back to Mishkia. "I probably don't need this class, but if you guys need a hand I can linger. I was just coming to see how you're doing and completely forgot this class was today."

Neither screaming nor running in circles; already Jethaniel's doing better than some of the children. He nods absently to the greeting as he starts to spread out several of the papers. They've already been covered in pencil-marks, though hardly fine art. Diagrams! Symbols linked together by lines, with notes scattered across them in a small, neat hand. This, apparently, is what has his attention today, and from the frown he gives it, there's something, something not quite right. He lifts another page, this one made entirely of notes, and hmmms, glancing back and forth between it and the diagram.

Jessi chews at her lower lip a bit, pushing shoulder length locks from her face as she's given a smile. She continues to hold up the wall for a long moment, before she shrugs, and likely at the urging of her lifemate to try new things, she's shuffling forward on padded boots. M'trin's greeting is returned with a brief wiggle of fingers. "I bet she would, but I'm not…well, y'know..I ain't no artist." And, well, she's never drawn in the presence of others, it could be a bit frightening. But she does move slowly to a seat, pretty much away from most of the group though still within ear shot, and slips her purple-clad form down into the chair.

Mishkia is surprised by Mikal's response. "Never, ever? Well then, today is your lucky day! Jasella can teach you some basic strokes." She gives M'trin a sidelong look and a quick head-shake along with a lop-sided grin. "I’m still learning myself," she whispers, slipping her fingers through his to return the squeeze. "I'm doing alright, we've some new students for the winter, so it's been awfully busy lately. I've missed you though." A few more folks enter, Jasella setting them up and getting them started. Then the Journeywoman heads to Jessi's spot and asks her casually, "Would you like paints too, or just pencils?" It's not a formal class as much as one-on-one guidance, it seems. And since Miah's really here to help and observe, she gives M'trin an apologetic smile, but keeps him in tow while she wanders, unless he's got other ideas. She comes to a pause beside Jethaniel's table for a moment. They did say they could draw anything they wanted to and he looks like he's drawing. Her auburn head tips one way, then the other as she eyes his paper. "That's… an interesting design," she says kindly. Don't mind her - she's never seen a schematic in her entire life and couldn't tell you how one works to save her life.

After another moment of hesitation, Mikal decides he will give this a try. Gathering up some materials he lines them up before him on the table. He's let his gaze sweep the room already, having landed on M'trin a moment to look him over curiously. Naturally he spots the knot and the colors within before he looks away. Jessi he recognize if only from a brief introduction before so he gives her a small wave. The others though he doesn't see to know so they get a faint nod before he looks again before him and studies the set of of the fruit.

M'trin watches the people scatter to separate tables and shakes his head with a resurgence of that wry smirk. "I don't think any of you bite. Why doesn't everyone gather together at this main table?" He nods toward the one with the still life on it. "That way you can share drawing supplies if nothing else." He gives Jasella an apologetic smile for giving this mild instruction - he's not taking over her class, honest! In the meantime he's following along in Miah's wake, his fingers easy in hers, and that means he's at her heels as she peers down at Jethaniel's diagram. One dark brow goes up and he tips his head, like a new perspective might make the meaning more clear. He's no techie but at least he's seen something like this in the past. "I am guessing it's for his work," he murmurs to Miah, adding, "He's a TechCrafter."

Jethaniel opens his wooden case to reveal a drafting set; pencils of various weights, pens, some rulers and compasses and the like. He selects a pencil and adds a note - 'Drain here?' - before looking up as Mishkia speaks to him. Interesting design? Well, it most certainly is. M'trin seems to at least have some clue, or maybe saw the tech journeyman knot, and Jethaniel nods before explaining, "There's a fluctuation in the current near the observatory. I'm attempting to trace it down, but unfortunately, it involves a great deal of reconstruction of the system's design. The original schematics seem to have been neither faithfully followed nor updated." He scowls slightly, and shakes his head at shoddy workmanship… which may well be the most coherent thing he's said, so far as non techies are concerned.

Jessi looks up as the journeyman arrives near her. "Oh! Umm." A brief mental check with her lifemate before she makes her decision. "Aisuohkoth says I should try painting." The petite greenling shoots a quick glance towards the door, where she knows her green waits (im)patiently. "I've only ever drawn jungle stuff. Never tried, erm.." What was that alled? "..still life?" Was that it? She blushes a little she's so very socially chalenged sometimes. Mikal gets the slightest of waves, though she doesn't know him too well, but, well he gives her a wave so she'll return it with a brief smile. Then her fellow weyrling is suggesting she move? And she arches her brow, chewing at her lower lip a moment before pushing to her feet and, well, shifting to the larger table.

At M'trin's invitation for people to congregate, Miah's eyes flick to Mikal over there, lining up his supplies. A grin tugs at her lips and she asides to the harper-weyrling, "We can't get the boys and girls to sit on the same side of the table for classes. If you know how to work that, let me know." Jasella doesn't seem to mind M'trin's suggestion at all, waving Mikal over as well, her smile welcoming. At least with the two beginners closer, she can help them better. Jessi is given the paints, brush and water while Mikal is shown how to make a basic grid, using feather-light strokes for the main shapes. Miah, meanwhile, is more taken with the array of tools Jethaniel has than the actual name of the 'design'. "Oh," is said to M'trin rather blankly. Aaaand then Jethaniel loses her at 'fluctuation'. After an awkward space of silence following the rest of his explanation she says brightly, "Would you like some colored pencils?"

Mikal can't help but wrinkle his nose a bit. Biting? No, he most certainly doesn't bite nor does he want to be bitten. For now his normal restless energy is contained though his knee bounces a little since some part of his body seems to need to be in constant movement. Another glance is given to the fruit then the other table that M'trin suggests the all move too. A shrug lifts a shoulder as he stands and moves to join the others, once more laying out supplied before him. His head tilts in concentration while he's show the basic grid.

When M'trin's suggestion - offered lightly and without any of the authoritative command he used to employ when he was the teacher in here - he just nods in approval. Miah's the only one who is meant to see the satisfied smile that captures his mouth, but even though it is brief and turned her way it might be caught by others. "That way you can all benefit from the instruction the others are receiving too," he adds, equally casually. Then all that light and airy stuff is gone in favor of a frown as he tries to muddle through all that Jethaniel just said. "Right," he drawls finally, shaking his head. "I do hate it when people don't follow the plan." That much at least he caught, and Miah's suggestion drags that smile back. "Sure, color coding is always a good way to stay organized, right…?" And he trails off to offer a hand as the two haven't been introduced. "TechCrafter Journeyman. I'm M'trin, weyrling to bronze Volenth and Journeyman Harper before I swapped that knot for this one."

"Ah." Recalibrating. Jethaniel stares back at Mishkia for a moment. Right. "No, thank you," he answers. To M'trin, he adds, "Difficult to erase, however." Maybe when it comes time for final plans for storage… but, no, then the problem is that they don't last well enough. So picky, techies are! Something finally wrinkles its way into his head, and he actually takes a look around the room. Huh. There are other people here. In fact… they seem to be doing something. Colored pencils… and there's one with paint. And another… "Ah. Art!" Yes. That's right. Art is happening here in Harper-land. How nice of you to join the rest of the class, Jethaniel. He fumbles for a moment with putting pencil and pages alike down in order to take M'trin's offered hand. "I'm Jethaniel. A pleasure."

Jessi arranges the paints in some semblance of a rainbow order, red orange yellow green blue purple, eyeing the position of each, making sure her favourites are in slightly easier to reach positions before she's examining the brushes she's given, flicking a finger over the bristles curiously. Water is settled, then, out of the way so it hopefully won't be in a position to be knocked over. Finally, after all her supplies are in order, she smoothes her canvas briefly before looking at the bowl of fruit, tongue flicking out briefly as she examines the 'model' she's supposed to be trying to paint. Hmm. The Beastcrafting Weyrling regards the others at her table, but she's not the most talkative right now. Soooo, yeah, painting, hmm.

Darsce breezes in casually, her jacket having been removed and tossed on the back of one of the chairs back there in the common room. "Sorry I'm late," she announces to the room in general with a tone that sounds anything but apologetic. As usual, she's impeccably dressed from the top of her head to the tip of her toe, face and nails flawlessly, if subtly tinted. So why on Pern does she need painting lessons? But here she is anyway, and just in time to catch both M'trin's and Jethaniel's introductions to one another. "I'm Darsce." No title to follow that as she takes a seat near the guys, each given a disarming smile and a flutter of mascara'd lashes before she takes stock of who else is in here. "What were we drawing again?" Fliers? Who reads those?

Mishkia will leave Mikal and Jessi to get acquainted with each other and Jasella's instruction as each look like they're set for the time being. Her grey eyes are merry as she returns M'trin's look and the holder gives him a subtle nod of approval. Back to Jethaniel she falters just a bit. No colors. Check. His singular, 'Art!' Has her choking down a sudden laugh, corners of her eyes crinkling as she offers her hand as well, "Mishkia, presently harper's protege and helper." For lack of a better title. And then there's Darsce, who for some reason has Miah bristling however subtly, though only someone who knows her usual equanimity might note the sudden tension in her shoulders and jaw. Yes, art. Of Jethaniel she enquires (ignore the slightly clenched teeth - nothing to do with you), since he's got paper already, "Paint then?" And Darsce, 'Would you like some paper?" Since she's obviously already got the paint.

There's a blink and a brief faltering of M'trin's grin at that sudden outburst of 'Art!' but then the weyrling's humor comes quickly creeping back. "Indeed," he replies, nodding at Mishkia's offer of paint. "Though I am sure you're welcome to just stay here and do… schematics instead if you'd rather. It's not like the room is full." Though it does grow a bit fuller as Darsce enters, and the barely perceptible stiffening of the woman at his side makes the former's presence even larger. Bright blue eyes flit over suddenly cool grey, across Mishkia's jaw and shoulders, and the fingers laced lightly through hers tighten a bit. "Afternoon, Darsce," he greets the girl with casual ease. "Drawing, or painting whatever you like. Though Journeywoman Jasella is at that table helping people with the still life." A jut of his chin directs her eyes to the larger table where Mikal and Jessi sit, one with pencils and one with paints.

Jethaniel doesn't know about anyone else, but /he's/ drawing schematics and circuit-diagrams. And annotating said diagrams from, and with, copious notes. Darsce's swirl and introduction receives a nod from him, before his attention returns to the two who've caught him up in conversation. The hand of meeting and greeting moves on to Mishkia, treating her similarly as M'trin. "Likewise a pleasure," he says, because that is the thing you say during introductions. Being, well, himself, he utterly fails to notice any form of tension or unusual reaction. Well, except how she's pushing art supplies on him. Though that's hardly unusual in an /art class/, now is it? "Ah. No, thank you. I -" He cuts off suddenly as his gaze falls on Darsce's nails. Painting… nails… the smell of that paint when drying. Reactions when exposed to air. The correlation between temperature and the degree of power fluctuation. Expansion and shrinking of materials. Why, that could be it! "If you'll excuse me," he says, and doesn't even wait for a response before he turns back to his papers, shuffling through them and making notes frantically!

Jessi listens, well she half-listens anyway, to the journeyman as sh explains to the apparently two beginners, about brush strokes and lines and, well, the Harper journeyman mostly just gets blank looks from the greenling. "Isn't painting just….painting?" I mean, does it really have to sound so complicated? What with grids and lines and strokes and…wow a little too much for the beastcrafter weyrling's mind to take in, but she's trying, she really is trying. But, well, probably mirroring her lifemate outside, the petite young woman gets a little bit of a bored look on her face and just starts to doodle something on her paper, maybe she's actually doing what she's supposed to and fixing her outline, though it doesn't look like the fruit that she's supposed to be drawing.

Iceblue eyes drift lazily towards the table. Hrm. A little boy and another girl, or two men. Tough choice, that one. Darsce’s gaze lingers there but a beat before returning. She stays put, a slow smile spreading itself across her glossy, shimmered-pink lips, "What I'd like-" Oh then her 'spidey-senses' tingle just as her lashes lower to note the paired hands and Mishkia's tension. Aware, amused and astute enough not to push it, she focuses on Jethaniel. "Hello again," is almost purred. And oh if only she could see the nerdish thoughts written in a bubble over his head! She can read his face enough to know he's preoccupied. From her one past encounter with him and his condensation-rings, understands that it's something… scientific. He's busy writing and thus she's unabashedly giving his face a once-over while her mouth curves in a speculative and secretive smile. She answers Mishkia finally, obviously pleased with the view because she doesn't bother lifting her eyes to the woman, "I'm just here to watch."

Mishkia's handshake is not meant to be perfunctory and indeed her, "Well-met, Jethaniel," is genuine - if a touch strained (thanks Darsce). Her lips part as she takes a quick breath, sharp words, no doubt on the tip of her tongue for the newest arrival, but at that pressure from M’trin’s fingers, subtle and brief as it is, she shuts her mouth, lips forming a firm line. Miah's eyes flicker towards M'trin and though it's not directed at him, there's a dangerous light in them. Her chin lifts fractionally, but when she turns to see Darsce entranced with Jethaniel and Jethaniel entranced with his… notes, well. She can't help it. She laughs. "Have fun? Learn things." Probably meant for both of them, though not necessarily together. Not that it would bother her if they did, mind. Her mutter is for M'trin's ear only as she turns to note Jessi's boredom, "You'll have to tell me about weyrling classes sometime." Could they be as bizarre as this? And she'll be moving over to where the doodling greenling is. Someone needs rescuing.

M'trin's most common reaction to Jethaniel seems to be a mildly perplexed blink, and that's what the other journeyman gets as he is suddenly sunk into his work again. There doesn't seem to be any reason to try and drag him up out of the depths of his thoughts, so he just shifts his attention to the pair of women nearest him. One bristling still and one all languid and flirtatious, he takes the tiniest of reassuring steps toward the former. "Toss a bunch of barely controlled baby dragons in the mix and they're pretty similar," he quips in reply to Miah's mutter, though his is with a broad grin. His fingers slip out of hers, allowing her to continue her rounds as he takes a few steps backward, the better to survey the room. Not spotting anyone looking for help, he ambles over to confer with Jasella for a few minutes, doubtless checking up on his former protege.

Jessi has, indeed, let her mind wander, she's good at that, it's all Aisuohkoth's fault, really, Jessi was a good hard working beastcrafter before the green muddled her mind with curiousity and social interactions and so on. Of course, Mishkia's approach has the weyrling blinking out of her thoughts. Her doodle definitly doesn't have a fruit shape, it looks more like the shape of a stalking feline, just the basic outline really, she hasn't added any details while she was staring into space and doodling while the teacher of the class had been rattling on about brush strokes and technique and, well, whatever else the journeyman had been rambling about. "Huh?" She blinks silvery eyes. Wait, what was she supposed to be doing again?

It's not lost on Darsce that those few steps backwards bring M'trin's nicely-formed posterior within tickling distance, but other than her eyes sliding speculatively from it to Mishkia over there and back, she does nothing. Her well-cared for hands stay tamely put and she's back to her appraisal of Jethaniel. This time, his schematics, of which she seems to understand a little, don't ask her how. "Electricity is hot," she murmurs to him, injecting a sultry note in there to make the simple fact an innuendo. Her mouth quirks in a knowing way, and her expression is clearly readable: she's telling herself watch - he won't get it.

The doors are slowly opened and Idrissa peers into the room a moment, she caught word there was some art type class going on within so thought about coming to check it out, and without her friends tagging along for once. Though now that she is here the thought of going in has made her pause. She soon moves further on into the room with the door closing behind her. A smile and slight wave seen. "Hello." Is soon offered, tone a wee bit unsure.

At M'trin's answer, Miah's facial expression can only be deemed as a sympathetic. "I feel for your AWLMs then." She allows his fingers to slip from hers with a regretful sigh, continuing on towards Jessi to stand a little behind the weyrling. Jasella's commentary ends and the Journeywoman’s hands flutter, giving the class leave to try out the technique just explained - something to do with perspective, dimension, axis and plane. Words that might just break through Jethaniel's preoccupation quicker than Darsce's - and probably by far more exciting to the tech crafter to boot! "You could…" Mishkia says softly to Jessi, "just draw what inspires you if you'd like. I'll admit a column, fruit and a sheet don't really get my creativity going." The sound of the door opening has the auburn-haired assistant turning her head over her shoulder to note Idrissa's arrival and she's given an easy smile. "Hi there, feel free to come join us." She waves to an empty seat on the other side of Jessi where paper, pencils and water colors are set up.

-and therefore, if the wires are of a "-copper alloy of purity at least-" Jethaniel mutters as he takes more notes, not noticing Darsce's inspection of him in the slightest, nor Mishkia's and M'trin's departures, nor Idrissa's arrival. Those multi-dimensional words might have had a chance, only they're far away. Besides- "-have to see if the smiths have records-" as he makes a note on a different page to be his to-do list. Another page is lifted and stared at, this one with a wiring schematic in ink. Stared… and frowned at. He lifts his pencil for a moment, giving the inked page a nearly accusatory look, before reaching back to the pencil version. With long, sweeping lines, he points several of the wires indicated, and writes, 'Check composition!' with an underline. That done, he nods firmly. Success? Maybe, but… after a moment, he hmms, back to his thoughts. "-might be the conduit again, the weather around here-" Hmm? He's being talked to! And it even starts with a techie word, thus increasing the odds of him paying attention by at least an order of magnitude. "-strictly speaking, electricity is omnipresent and therefore occurs at all temperatures, although electron movement is made more efficient by increased temperature. If there is heat from an electrical current, it is merely because of some of the electrical energy being lost due to resistance of the conducting material." Blink. "Ah, hello Darsce. I do find it rather fascinating, yes."

Jessi looks down at her rough sketch before her, and she blinks briefly. "Guess fruit's just..not exciting enough for us." She continues to fill in some details, the body takes shape. It is inded turning out to be feline in size and shape. "I..don't think I'm cut out for still life painting." She shrugs, then, settling her pencil down and regarding her sketch. "I'm a beastcrafter, not an artist." She chuckles quietly, leaning back in her chair to look over at what Mikal is drawing, then she glances around to the others gathering. Pale silver eyes catch sight of idrissa and the weyrling gives the girl a wave. "Yeah, come join, bet you can do better than me." She grins a little.

Since Jasella is done for the moment, M'trin takes a bit more of her time, conversing in a low voice and occasionally glancing over at Mishkia. In the end he gives his fellow journeyman a firm nod and the serious expression he has donned slides into a pleased smile. There's a warm handshake, then he slips over to where Mishkia is standing. "Sounds like it's going well," he lets her know. "Other than my dragon who is apparently going to actually expire from utter starvation if I don't come fetch an assistant weyrlingmaster to observe his hunting right this very minute." He rolls his eyes, but it's an indulgent expression. "Come down when you get a chance." He leans in an inch or two but then shoots a sidelong glance at the gathered people and settles for giving her arm a gentle squeeze instead. Darsce, Jessi and Jethaniel get a trio of quick waves as he heads back out.

Mikal's always been one to do good while his attention is caught. And for a while his attention is so focused he's hardly paid any attention to the rest of the class though. He's gone through several of the basics and has a rough draft of the fruit set up. Blinking owlishly he looks up from the paper. "Oh! I should go do my chores in the kitchen. Bye all!"

Darsce has leaned back in her chair, sitting sideways so her back can lean against the wall while her arm is draped idly across her seat's backrest, her long legs stretched out so her ankles can cross and feet balanced on one high heel that rocks them both. Ahh! With her feet more comfortable, she can concentrate on the viewing of… living science… yeah. Oh she's listening to every word Jethaniel speaks whether, the ones intended to be heard or not. Meanwhile, her right hand has taken up one of her pencils and she's sketching deftly, though her attention isn't really centered on her artwork. The center table - especially the sheet seems to have inspired her, for an occasional glance is spared it. But mainly she's watching - or is it listening to - the tech crafter wax eloquent. Words which have the Iernian smirking. "Fascinating. So… the more resistance there is, the more things…heat up? And yet electrical current, being what it is despite the loss of energy, persists." Her eyes are overbright, but her tone is silky. "I think I'd like to see that." Impish, her mouth curls and whether by design or happenstance, she's oblivious to people passing by her on the way out.

Idrissa keeps her smile and nods to Mishkia. "Thank you." Is offered while she glances around at the others here while she moves on over towards where Jessi and Mikal are for the free spot, both are wave. She sits down next to Jessi and peers curiously at the basket of fruit and titls her head. "Why.. would someone draw a bowl of fruit?" Is questioned in a soft curious whisper to Jessi. Seems she hasn't taken to many art type classes before, her head perhaps too filled with things about runners. She glances after Mikal and waves before she peers over at what Jessi is sketching and smiles while she picks up a pencil. "I dono about that. I don't do much drawing when I'm at the stables."

Mishkia, so used to working with children by now, automatically drops a hand to Jessi's shoulder and gives the weyrling a reassuring pat. "You're doing fine! Art is about what excites you." And no, Darsce - she's not talking along the same lines you are. And there goes Mikal, dashing off, drawing a chuckle and a headshake from the harper's assistant. She steps back to give Idrissa some room to access the chair beside Jessi and that's when M'trin's fingers close 'round her arm. Oh! Grey eyes slip to Jasella over there and back to her mentor. Oh, a teacher-teacher conference went down and she passed? This seems to please her, but that of course, is dimmed by his having to leave. "I will," she promises before turning back to Idrissa. "It's merely an exercise to train the eye and hand," she says. "It makes the brain more able to direct you in drawing other things; but draw what you like."

"To a point, yes," agrees Jethaniel. "The greater the resistance, the more energy must be applied, and of course there must be a source for that energy. The potential between the two points must be sufficient." The tech-crafter looks earnestly to Darsce, smiling. So nice to have someone interested in these things! Definitely some potential here, yes. He glances away for long enough to wave a farewell to M'trin, then looks back to his perfectly innocent conversation about technology and his perfectly un-innocent conversational partner. "The energy is ultimately neither created nor destroyed, only transformed. As, say, one might use an instrument to turn the kinetic energy of blowing into sounds." Jethaniel glances down at his pages, and makes a few final notes, then gathers them up again. "Ah. As pleasant as this is, I really should go see if I can track down a few things before nightfall. We can continue another time, perhaps?" With that, and a smile, he rises and heads out.

Jessi grins at Idrissa, "You got me there. Look what my borl of fruit turned into? A feline." She giggles. "Speaking of felines…I think Aisuohkoth is getting antsy. I've been in one place too long for her liking." She gets to her feet, then, giving a brief smile to the journeyman and Mishkia. "Thanks, but I've really gotta get going, Aisu is demanding we do something else." And with that, the purple-clad weyrling slips away from her table and towards the exit, leaving her unfinished sketch and her supplies behind her.

"I thought as much," Darsce says smugly at Jethaniel's correction, making the last few strokes to her sketch. "It's all about friction, flow and capacity." Blue eyes lift from the lines on her paper to meet his smile with hers becoming a touch more secretive. Jessi passes her then, the purple weyrling uniform catching her eye, but failing to keep it. Especially not with 'continue another time' coming from Jethaniel. "It would be my pleasure," she purrs, as she slips her sketch into his pile of papers, hopefully without him noticing. She too rises, and strolls out while he's still gathering his things. Her leave-taking is without the waves of farewell others have given. They're in class, after all, so that would be distracting and far be it for her to be that! Later maybe, Jethaniel will find that sketch - and she's not bad with a pencil, if she doesn't mind saying so herself. The picture is of a young, willowy woman, not quite naked, for there's a sheet draped tastefully about all the right parts. If the woman bears resemblance to Darsce? Well, that's intentional.

Idrissa grins at she hears Jessi and nods, she then peers up to Mishkia, a soft oh escapes her and she nods. She didn't really expect her to hear that. ".. Sorry, I didn't mean nothing 'bout drawing the fruit.." This said with a rather sheepish tone while she peers back at her paper. A wave is offered after Jessi as the other leaves and she is left to herself it seems. She glances towards the basket of fruit and goes about starting to sketch, half listning to the conversation but having /no/ idea the meaning of any of it. At her age don't expect her to pick up much for either side of it! A faint glance is sent after the others that are leaving though she is soon back to what she is working on.

"Oh psh!" the holder-woman/harper’s assistant says with a bright smile for Idrissa, "I prefer drawing flowers or butterflies myself." They're dropping like vtols it seems, so for the most part formal class, as it were, is over. Mishkia is gathering used paintbrushes, stacking the unused paper and placing them in the appropriate cabinets and when she has readied the room as much as possible for this-coming evening's harper usage, she'll slip out. Jasella, of course, will allow whoever wishes to stay and paint or draw to do so and she'll be with them if they need any help. Otherwise, the harper Journeywoman will remain quietly in the background.

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