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Yokohama - Research and Development
Tomes of digital information line the walls of the Research and Development Center, allowing any working in or visiting the station to delve into the history of Terra and all leading to the day of landing. A large screen on the far end of the room has been set before a long table provided for those that observe lectures or on assignment. To the left and right of this observation area are shatterproof windows alternating with bookshelves of files, texts and information. Apposing are a series of computers, lights flash from their screens, cast a faint glow to the walls or those before them as they continue the life changing research beneficial to Pern. On the right is a modestly sized testing facility whose windows are doubled panned not only for sound proofing but also to prevent impact into the Library.

Karona is up on the research and development deck, with a physical text set on the table in front of her. It's open, and she occasionally - very very cautiously - turns a page, furrowing her brow as she reads. Several techs are about, almost hovering in their concern, but the smith seems to have the utmost respect for the ancient texts. And, likely, she asked permission first. Suddenly, she sighs, and leans back in her chair, blinking up at the ceiling. Eye-strain? Possibly.

Ocelara sweeps in, and then brightens a bit, "Ah, Karona…there you are." She has a soft smile, though. She glances to the technicians, and then back to the Candidate. Nevermind, the Candidate is actually a bit her elder. "Just checking in with everyone as I can. I've a pair of youngesters I'm ready to ship back to Pern in a crate…" Thank goodness there's no trouble being caused HERE.

Karona twists around at her name, face colouring slightly. "Ah! I asked first!" she blurts, then blinks. That wasn't a 'you're in trouble' tone, not even close. "" she looks sheepish, and glances back to the text, then to Ocelara again. "Right. All good here." she says, though she seems not able to meet the woman's eyes. "Do you need a hand with anything?" is asked, perhaps to change the subject. "Those kids can be troublesome. Especially the boys."

Ocelara offers a serene expression, "No no…no trouble now. Though I think they may have reason to rethink their choices of actions once we get back home." She gestures a little, "Find something fascinating? Not that this sister isn't full of wonders."

Karona seems to have trouble believing that everything's fine, but she shrugs it off. "…right. Looking through some old texts, I found one I think is a smith text, but they reference ores and alloys I've never even heard off. It's… interesting." she says, glancing back at the text.

Ocelara nods a little, as she comes closer, "So I've been told…it's like trying to make out old breeding records when we find them…from lines and breeds of ovine and caprine that no longer exist…it can be frustrating." It's empathy, at least…even if she's not the most mechanically inclined creature on the planet.

Karona nods, frowning faintly. "Yeah… yeah, like that. I think, I think Pern is seriously lacking in minerals. Something like this ship, I don't think we even have the capacity to build." she says, shaking her head slowly. "The more I read, the more I want to find out. I… I don't know if I'll be able to go back to making runner shoes, after this." she admits, looking a bit lost.

Ocelara inquires, with a slight tilt of her head, "What would you make, if not the practical things we need?" But it's genuinely curious. What /would/ a smith make?

Karona gnaws on her bottom lip, thinking. "I… I'm not sure. I want to study new methods of ore purification, different alloy distributions, hopefully make a stronger metal. When I first became a smith, well, not /first/, but once I got to a point in my apprenticeship where I was allowed near the forges, that was the sort of thing I did. I smelted ores into alloys, left the making things to other smiths." she explains, brow furrowing. "But the marks are steady with practical work, there's a consideration." she does admit. If she studies theory, well, there's not much money in that, if she never comes up with anything viable.

Ocelara cocks her head a bit, and then inquires, "What about the University at Landing. They do a lot of…theoretical work, do they not?"

Karona frowns slightly, glancing back to the text idly. "…mmm. I've thought about that. But I do like having access to Xanadu's forge, it's one of the best outside the smithcraft hall." she admits. "Perhaps. Perhaps I may visit Landing, some time. After the hatching, obviously." she adds, almost as an afterthought, though her hand does go to the white knot. "Funny, that. Get searched, and all I want to think about is my craft. Never cared to ponder it before." she snorts.

Ocelara smiles a little, "Because perhaps it will mean the change of one part of your life…to something very different. Forgive me, but have you stood before?"

Karona tilts her head at Ocelara's question, then nods. "Yes. Once. Some turns ago." Obviously she didn't impress. "I asked riders all sorts of questions… not this time, though." she says, frowning slightly. Every time is different, though.

Ocelara nods to that, and smiles again, "I stood myself, four, five turns ago?" She laughs, "And discovered on the sands that the most frightening thing I could imagine would be the responsibility of Impressing. But it also showed me I was unhappy in my Craft…I was happy to spin…but not to the requirements of the craft. I'm much more content, now…and honored to be Thea's Headwoman. We knew each other as girls…Turns ago."

Karona tilts her head at Ocelara, apparently surprised. "You did? I… I walked off those sands, and wondered if there was something… lacking." she has to admit, furrowing her brow. "I don't even know how I feel about possibly becoming a rider, and yet I felt I missed out on something. It's… silly. It's very silly. Obviously my craft is fascinating." she states, waving a hand in the direction of that text. "And I doubt there'll be a different outcome /this/ time. But the turns are slipping away from me, I feel." she looks suddenly sheepish. "Not that I'm /old/, I just mean… well, there's age limits, to searching. I'm… about there. Almost." she shrugs.

Ocelara smiles a little, "Not to worry. If it's meant to happen, it will. I have no doubt that they…the dragons…seemed to think I had what it took…but just because I had that…spark didn't mean it was the right choice for me." She smiles, "I still go to Hatchings…but I find myself hoping that I don't find some fool dragonet trying to reach me from the sands all the same."

Karona glances down, frowning. "I don't know about dragons. One seemed to think I was ideal the first time, but, ah, the Weyrwoman handed me my knot. Never even got near her dragon until the first touching." And that was at a distance, as much as one can manage on the sands. "I hope the dragons don't… mind." she murmurs, doubt clearly evident. "But then, they do pick from the galleries sometimes, people who weren't even searched…" So a dragon's opinion doesn't always matter? Maybe not.

That draws a bit of a smile, "I'm told…that sometimes some of the notorious womanizers are known to pick pretty faces they like…and say their dragons approved. And sometimes, the dragons make their opinions known…much to the surprise of their riders. I've seen a few hatchings now, a few cycles of Candidates…and it's always proof that we humans can just never tell."

Karona snorts. "Some riders! Bah. If one of /those/ had tried to search me, I'd've said no. Price seems a bit high for me." she grimaces. "Does that even /work/ for them? 'Here, now we can't hook up, but how about after'?" she rolls her eyes. "Suppose they think, make a woman desperate enough…"

Ocelara is bemused, "And it never hurts to flirt, either, I suppose." She grins, despite herself. "Who knows how men think?" She doesn't even pretend to! "Well, keep an eye on the time; we'll be returning to Xanadu in a few hours. I'll come look for you if I don't see you there, in the Cargo bay."

Karona nods slightly at Ocelara. "Men… are mysteries." she concludes, with a frown. "Boys are worse, I'm not convinced they /do/ think." is added, in a mutter. Too much time in barracks with teenaged boys, it's not been good to the woman. "…ah. Of course. I should go check I've got all my things, then." she says, bouncing up out of her seat. They can go home? Soon? Oh, this calls for /joy/, this does. "I'll, uh… I'll be in the residential area." she says, grimacing. No, she's not stepping foot in the cargo bay until /absolutely/ necessary.

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