The Boy Who Sleeps

Yokohama - Cryosleep

There is an unsettling darkness here as nothing but the faint flicker of auxiliary power lights small consoles spread throughout what is left of the Cryosleep Chamber. In turn, small sections of cold and uncaring steel are cast in an eerie blue glow, and somewhere in the above exposed wiring something electrical can be heard buzzing occasionally. Many vessels are empty and left shut down to conserve energy and to provide further power to more heavily trafficked areas. Stairs descend from the doorway down onto a grated metal walkway that spans across the length of the room with more darkened vessels lining down the sides. The heating elements here have been disabled, leaving noses and fingertips numb with cold as they inspect this historic area as well as the final vessel at the far end.

Left closed and sealed due to malfunction, this ancient and solitary pod ultimately prevents those that wish to open it from doing so. Shadows conceal the contents, even while lights of green and a single red beside a read out screen displays vitals.

It's early morning after the night on the Yokohama, the vast majority of the candidates are of course still asleep, others are milling about in their morning routine or have already departed to explore the ship on their own before the rest of the class is awake. As for Pyriel? He was one of those already awake and not so unusually in a bad mood. Today's reason thus far? He'd woken up with someone's foot in his face, and another's elbow in his ribs. After shoving them away; likely booting one, or both in the rear end with his naked foot. He grumped about, combed his hair, brushed his teeth, and got dressed into the second set of clothing that everyone had been told to bring. Once this was all complete, hands shoved in pockets, the disgruntled harper candidate is headed to the lift. He waits until the doors whoosh open, and then he simply takes a step inside.

Briana is already in the lift when Pyriel steps in, a bit of flour dusting one cheek. She looks rather content this morning, even though she must have woken up early to have already made it to the kitchens. Her hand holds securely on the handrail though of the lift pod for its speed through the levels. Perched upon her shoulders, her tail loosely around Briana's neck is her green firelizard, Blade. Those dark circles from her score of sleepless nights seem well to be gone. As Pyriel steps into the lift, there is a nod of her head to the young man, stepping away from the door as he comes in.

Iess is also already in the lift. He's been standing with his back to the 'wall', the fingers of one hand curled around the railing, while the other absently tucks into a jacket pocket. Leaning back more against one shoulder, he has pondwater-blue eyes nearly closed, regarding the floor almost absently, thoughts obviously elsewhere. Other than a likely 'hi' to Briana when he got on, he hasn't said a word, though he's looking nowhere near as pale or queasy as he had been last night. Still, there's a definite slump to his shoulders and lack of color to his face, expression preoccupied. Once the doors open, the holder's gaze flicks to the panel, to see which floor the lift has stopped on, and then away, gaze sliding to Py only briefly before dropping back down to the contemplation of his boots.

Golden eyes lift as the doors open, and that one step is halted for a split-second upon finding first and foremost that Briana was already within. Pyriel hesitates for that moment, gaze appraising as he looks her up and down, and of course the same for her firelizard. Brooding on one of his shoulders, is Rhythm, a brown who's probably a bit on the chubby side. The firelizard also gives both females a once over, cracking open an eye to do so, and then makes a deep chittering sound in greeting before the eye closes again. Iessrien though, gets ignored after a glance that couldn't have lasted longer than it took for recognition to strike home. Setting his jaw, and frown deepening, he nods back in a bob to Briana. He then enters and goes as far back and away from both the dark-skinned girl and the holder boy; leaning back against the railing and crossing his arms over his chest. Eyes are rolled towards the ceiling of the lift, and says nothing to anyone.

Aqueepoli is still struggling to put clothes while hoping to the lift at the same time. "HEY! HEY!" He's waving an arm with a sock flapping around in his fist. "Wait for me, guys, wait for me. Just… gotta… finish… buttoning…" One hand is failing with buttoning up the shirt. It's all good. Sock hand comes in to join the fun, making what was a difficult task much easier. "Aaaah. Better." Ignore the mismatched buttons. All that other stuff? Brushing teeth and combing hair? Pfft. Forget that noise. The last sock is placed on his foot and he's running to the lift, sliding inside before any doors can close. Aqueepoli is pretty much convinced should his friends depart without him, he will NEVER. FIND THEM. AGAIN. "Hey! Morning! This is pretty sweet shit, right? Though gravity is a bummer. Total lame-fest. I want more floating around and crap." Pol bounces excitedly on the tips of his toes, like a hyperactive puppy on speed. "So where are we going? Somewhere awesome? I'm coming with!" Nothing like chattering non-stop in a quiet lift. Yep.

All we need now really is that really annoying elevator music to make this more awkward. Briana casts a glance to the lads, but looks quickly back to the door as she notices his appraisal. "Can you not look at me like that Pyriel…I want us to get along, really I do, but …" She starts before getting interrupted by the noisy arrival of Aqueepoli. She reaches out for the button to hold the Lift. "Oh…I was just gonna go down to their food storage to pick up some supplies for the kitchen." She glances to the others in the lift, "Not sure about them." She says as she steps back to the hand rail to hold on tight again before the Lift pod 'takes off' again. "The gravity was pretty fun yeah…" She finally says to fill in a bit of awkward silence.

Iessrien says nothing to either Briana or Pyriel, though his eyes might narrow slightly at the floor, expression going from preoccupied to guarded. His gaze snaps up immediately, however, at the sound of Pol's voice. The sock-wielding candidate is given one brief, blank look before Iess shoves forward away from the wall with the intention of pressing the door-open button, or whatever equivalent the lift apparently has, but Briana beats him to it. He needn't have bothered, really, but the holder boy shifts to take a place near the railing beside his friend once the lift starts again, observing appropriate manly distance, lips twitching up into a grin for the other's antics. "Hey man," he jerks his head in a nod, smirking slightly despite himself, "Yeah, it's pretty sweet. Was heading down or.." a pause, "..up? Whatever. Back to the infirmary. Think I left my bag there last night." Last night when he got inexplicably spacesick after seeing Pern out the bridge window, but he doesn't mention that part. And indeed, the holder boy is totally waring the same clothes as he was yesterday.

"Chill," Pyriel grumbles, arms folded are tightened in annoyance. "I ain't interested, like at all. Not even this much." Holding up a hand he pinches his thumb and pointer fingers together as much as he can to show this lack of any attraction to the girl. "If guys looking at ya makes ya uncomfortable yer gunna be spending a lot of time snappin' at people." He shifts his weight and position, right hand buried in his back pocket of his pants and the left comes to hold the railing. So he goes back to standing there and just looking completely irritated. That is, until Pol is hopping and struggling to also get onto the lift. The taller of the two holders gets a glance as he comes in and greet everyone, though Py says nothing back, even if his eyes close for a moment and he shakes his head. It lasts briefly and then he's back at the gazing of the ceiling. Really, it was lovely. Just look at that paneling.

"You feeling… y'know… better?" Aqueepoli asks, doing his best to stare everywhere but at Iessrien during the question. He's doing his best friend duty by inquiring about his friend's health, after all. Then it will all be forgotten as boobs take over the majority of his thought once more. "So uh," Blink. He completely forgets what he's going to say and drifts off into silence as he waits for the lift to go SOMEWHERE, really anywhere, just so long as it'll help him use up this antsy energy. Pyriel's words to Briana get an eyebrow lift, and the staring at the ceiling of the paneling has Pol lifting his own eyes to look above him. It doesn't last long, Aqueepoli's attention span being what it is. Shoving between some of the candidates to edge closer to Pyriel. Eyes are back up to the ceiling and he's leaning closer towards the other lad. "Do… do you see something up there that I don't?" It's a completely serious question, a frown etched on the holder's face as he also stares upwards.

Briana looks over to Pyriel at his response, "I…" She starts before setting her lips in a thin line as she looks back to the lighting denoting the floors. "Its not that guys look, but the way they look. I am a gal, not a piece of meat. I got the mark on my arm from a guy who looked at me like that." She says in a low voice, tight, perhaps something she has been holding in for a bit. Well she hardly meant to say them around a crowd. She steps towards the doors, seeming ready to get off at the next floor wherever it takes them. The green perched on her neck seems a little agitated and gives a baleful glare at the lads in the Lift. "Blade, don't you start." She murmurs to the overprotective little green.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Iessrien waves off Pol's question with manly nonchalance, absently leaning back against the wall with one hand on the railing, telling the other holder, "Shit, man, you must have insides made if steel or something." He shakes his head, glancing over to Pyriel briefly when Pol asks about the ceiling, pondwater blues possibly giving said panel a glance too, but he looks away quickly. Not interested. Lips pressing together, he gives the directory panel a cursory look. Brows furrow slightly at Briana's words, however, his own eyes flicking to the girl with a vague frown, though he doesn't bother commenting, merely going back to his contemplation of the floor, as he'd been doing before other people got on the lift.

"I wasn't lookin' attcha like meat woman," Pyriel says, a foot now tapping a steady beat upon the floor. "I was wondering why the shells ya had flour all over ya, and came to the conclusion shortly there after that I just dun give a shit." He does glance down at the scar on her arm, arching a brow at it in the reflection of her in the shiny panel. He makes no comment or gesture on it, nor does he ask any questions, he'd apparently said his piece. Just around the time that Aqueepoli asks Py what was so spectacular about the ceiling, the doors whoosh open with a vocal announcement for their arrival at the infirmary and cryosleep level. This is perfect opportunity to push past people with a nudge of his shoulder and be the first to step out. He does pause right before exiting and golden eyes level on Pol over said shoulder. "Nope, just better than lookin' at yer ugly mugs." he quips with a smirk directed at the taller of two holders and then he shrugs, continuing on his way, hands jammed in his pockets.

Aqueepoli nods his head, finally able to look at Iessrien once more. "Good," he states, arms lifting up over his head to have a good stretch. "Pah, I wouldn't say that, a few times I almost yorked all over one of them 'riders. But…" His eyes shift to Briana, than back to his fellow holder, now leaning towards him instead. "There were girls in there, right? Girls who haven't said 'no' yet. Them eggs'll be hatching sooner or later, an' from what they say, not all of us are wondering off with one of them dragons, so I gotta be available and equally /desirable/ to all the girls who also walk away, y'hear?" Long story short, his desire for future love-ins kept his cookies in his belly… or even in his mouth at some points. At any rate, the magical talking occurs as the lift stops and now Pol is looking around like a crazy person for the person who actually talked. "WHOA. Do ya… do ya think that they have some person trapped, being forced to just tell people what level they are on for the rest of their LIVES?! I bet it's some holdless guy… or a renegade. And this is their punishment for being holdless," Cause that's totally a crime. "Or, y'know, for being a renegade." Sagenod. It seems the half-dozen OTHER times Pol was on the lift, he never even noticed the vocal announcement. Totally clueless to the discussion going on between Pyriel and Briana, the holder latches onto just one thing Py says, "Hey. HEY. I'm /gorgeous/ I'll have you know!"

Briana quickly brings her hand up to her cheek at the retort from Pyriel to deal with the flour dusting her dark skin there. "Well…you looked at me like your brother did on the meadow. If you don't want to be like your family so much, don't be." She says to him, "We don't have to be like them." She says with a sigh in her voice and as the door opens she goes to step out only to have Pyriel rush past her and she steps back into the Lift again to lean against the wall and bang her head slightly. "That went well.." She mutters to herself and brings a hand up to brush through her hair in a nervous gesture. Then as Aqueepoli goes on about some holdless Renegade being punished to speek for the lift, she shoots a look to him. "They ain't all bad, just people who don't fit in everywhere…a person shouldn't be punished just for being labled like that." She says defensively, giving a glance to the doorway of the lift again, debating whether to escape just now or continue on to the storage areas.

Iessrien arches a brow, eyes lifting back to Pol when the other boy speaks again, smirking ever so slightly as he gives him a somewhat considering look. "I hear you, man," chuckled low at his friend's reasoning, though there's a bit of grin threatening, "I don't know about you, but /I/ plan to walk to walk away with a dragon." And then his expression darkens, just for a second, "My father sent me a letter." He doesn't go on to explain, or do much more than blink at the other holder's reaction to the automated voice, already moving out of the lift once it reaches the infirmary level. "Uuh, you got me," he shrugs, apparently not as surprised, and missing Briana's words entirely as he makes to leave almost the same instant Pyriel does, a flicker of irritation in his face when he nearly walks into the other boy in doing so. The comment on their ugly mugs gets a narrow look, and then Iess quite simply continues on into the infirmary, shoving past the harper with hastening steps. And not bothering to see if Pol's following either.

Pyriel does not respond again to Briana this time, not when he had Pol's defiant reply to look forward to. Pyriel turns, still walking but backwards, and he sticks his tongue out at him. He combines this with flicking him off while his chin lifts upwards; complete with that haughty expression he sometimes got. Nothing that the three of them hadn't seen a dozen times over in their months of being candidates. "I hadn't noticed." he smirks again, but the expression falls when Iessrien bumps into him and keeps going like he does, eyes narrowed at the back of the holder's head as he turns back and pauses before a set of metal grated stairs. He doesn't make a comment on it, merely focused on glaring for a spell, and then he descends the steps one at a time. Hands back to being shoved deep into the pockets at the front of his pants. "Heard the cryosleep chamber was down here. Ya wanna check it out, man?" he asks Pol, with a look over his shoulder at him again, brows raised.

Aqueepoli is totally following right behind Iessrien, chattering all the while and glancing over at Briana. "Pffft, they're renegades. Or holdless people. Whatever. That's punishment nuff, if'n you ask me. The way I see it, if'n they don't wanna be what they are, they change it. Look at me! Being a holder was shit, so now I'm here," His arms flail out in an encompassing manner. "Doing Weyr stuff and being all Weyr-like." Shoulders are shrugged, though he does wince for the briefest of second at Iessrien. "Shit, for real?" The need for an explanation isn't asked for, Pol has a pretty good idea as it is. His head is shaken and a grunt is let out, just to show his feelings on that matter. It gets shaken off fast, though not without a pointed look at his fellow holder for a later discussion. "Cryowha'chit?" Pyriel gets a long stare as Pol's mind lags a moment or two. Upon catch up, the lad is nodding his head and grinning once more. "Hey! Sessy! Ya wanna catch up after ya get yer bag or whatever back?" Strides are lengthened and Aqueepoli gets over to Pyriel's side. "Wha'cha think it looks like, eh? I bet people are sleeping in tubes and other crazy stuff." Tension eases out of the tall candidate quite easily as he shifts away from serious topics onto more light-hearted ones.

As all the lads move off the Lift, Briana decides to stay on it. Nope, not even some fancy word will get her off it now. The dark skinned teen looks up to Aqueepoli as he leaves the Lift, speaking those words. "I did." She says in reply even as she reaches forward to smash the button to close the lift doors.

Iessrien has no comment on renegades or holdless people, ignoring that part of the conversation as his mind is obviously elsewhere, eyes flicking to Pol to meet that pointed look, "A Breakwater messenger delivered it just before we left. It's with the rest of my crap - haven't read it yet." Dun dun duun. He leaves it at that; it's serious discussion for a later time. Iessrien keeps going, absently raising a hand to Pol with nod over his shoulder, "Yeah, I'll catcth up with you after I grab my shit," and then he's striding off into the infirmary without a backward glance.

When Briana replies to Aqueepoli, the harper candidate blink and suddenly swings around, staring at her before she mashes the button for another floor and the doors whoosh closed. "Dude, she was a renegade?" he asks, blinking several times and stands there rather slack jawed before he shakes it off with a shudder. It takes some time for him to collect his thoughts, but in the meantime as Pol comes over to stand beside him, he automatically side steps about a handspan. He does recover from his apparent shock though shortly, and shakes off whatever creepy feeling he might be having before he's turning the corner down the hallway labeled with a sign and arrow pointing down it. It says, Cryogenic Sleep Chambers. As he passes the sign, he points at it. "Ya can read right? Thought ya holders were smart and shit." he says, ribbing a bit at the long haired holder. He ignores Iessrien some more, hands returned to his pockets and he heads on down the hallway to the doors at the end. "I dunno, man. Ya think after over two thousand turns, they woulda cleared everyone out." That said, he pushes a panel and the doors slide out with a swoosh and disappear into the walls themselves. "Heh, I never get tired of that." he grins, and peeks just inside. "By the first egg, ya guys /HAVE/ to see this." He sounds both excited and in awe.

"I… I guess?" Is Aqueepoli's answer to Pyriel's question, his eyes looking at the spot where Briana used to be. "Guess that'd make sense, with wha' she said." His interest in that topic of conversation wanes, who is who and what is what of little interest when, at the moment, they were all candidates anyway. Once the hatching passes and all goes back to normal, Pol will go back to his old way of thinking. The time being, the holder is moving along the hallway, his attention flicking up to the pointed out sign, then giving a cocky grin. "Pah, that's jus' what we want you Weyr-types to think. So you'll be all scared of our superior intelligence and shit." A hand is waved in the air, "But yeah, yeah, I can /read/." More walking, Aqueepoli's eyes dashing here and there, trying to take in everything and file it away in his mind for later. Memories of a more exciting time? Perhaps. "What?" Head snaps up, zeroing in on the excited Pyriel. "Wha'cha find?" Throwing a look in the direction Iessrien went, the candidate calls out loudly to his fellow holder, whether the other lad hears him or not. "HURRY UP, SESSY! PY FOUND SOMETHING COOL!" That done, Pol trots on over to the other male candidate and also peeks into. "What? What is it?"

Iessrien isn't gone long, striding down the metal steps after a few minutes, fingers brushing back through his hair, shoving the dark strands away from his face. The holder boy is swearing rather.. vehemently under his breath, slight scowl which doesn't ease even at the promise of something cool over there. "..Some dumb shit must have taken it back to the weyr, or something," is muttered at Aqueepoli, as he joins the other boy, irritable expression flickering briefly. Eyes narrow at Py for a second, before he asks Pol somewhat flatly, "So, what did he find?" Wherever the other candidates are peeking is given a vague glance, but Iess himself doesn't move closer, shoving his hands in jacket pockets and hanging back. There's a lowering of eyelids and a muttered, "If it's a room full of things floating on the ceiling, I'm out, man." Still not quite a fan of zero-gravity, apparently.

Pyriel laughs softly in that melodic lit that he was prone to, and shoots a bemused grin off at Aqueepoli. "Uh huh." he chuckles, peering back at him before his attention is returned to the darkened room ahead. "It's the cryosleep chamber, man. Ya gutta check this shit out!" This is called back before he disappears inside. There's some resounding footfalls of the harpers heavy leather boots against the metal flooring and then a 'OH SHIT!" and the sound of something heavy falling down several times, before it ends in a thud and then groan. A moment later, "It's cool! I'm okay!" Py shouts, though soft cursing makes it down the hallway where Pol is waiting for Iessrien. Not too much longer after this, the room becomes brighter, as apparently the blond has discovered the power switch for the overhead light.

Aqueepoli tosses a glance back to Iessrien, "We'll find it when we get back, dude. S'all good." Back to staring into the dark room. Pol goes all squinty-eyes, trying to see into the dark room. As Pyriel goes into the room, the holder holds steady in the doorway of the Cryosleep Chamber. Hearing lots of thuds and rapid footsteps, Pol's eyes go large and he takes one unsure step inside. "Be careful, man!" He hisses out, turning around and making sure there are no others around to see the candidates doing whatever it is they are doing. Iessrien is come-hithered over with a jerky arm wave. Finally, the cursing is heard and then… let there be light! Aqueepoli closes his eyes a moment as the dark becomes bright. A moment or two later, he's adjusted and fully moving into the room. "Whooooooa…" It's a look of wonder and impossibility on the face of this candidate. His mouth is left hanging open, mayhap a small amount of drool is allowed to fall free. Rubbing at his own mouth, Pol scans each and every part of the large room. "This is… this is… creepy." Yep. Creepy. Though his attention is snagged by one pod that has a few lights blipping around it. "Wha'… wha' is THAT?!" A finger goes up, pointing at said pod with a twinge of hysterics.

Iessrien jerks a nod to Pol, about his lost satchel, and wanders closer when the other boy waves him over. "We even supposed to be down here?" is asked absently, noting Pol's glance back, though he probably is assuming not given his own wary glance. Not that it's preventing him from moving forward. Iess starts at that 'OH SHIT' from the darkened room, shoving past Pol without thinking, "What-" He doesn't hesitate, stepping right into the darkness, even with all the thudding noises, "Py!" Of course, that's when the lights come on, and he's left there blinking in surprise as he tries to spot the harper, "Shit man, what happened?" Though Pol's reaction to the place has him stopping and half-turning distractedly to blink. "..You said it man," is muttered after a few seconds' silence, eyes flicking around the room, "..Creepy." That pod is just stared at, "Huh."

As Aqueepoli follows in after Iessrien into the chamber, Py can be found not to far away, by the panel that probably controls the lights and such. He's eying the thing, a deep frown on his face, even with the blood that was trickling down in a few crimson drops from a scrape on his forehead. "Why'd they put this piece of shit so far inside the room?" he asks, giving the pole of the mounted display a light tap with the toe of his boot, perhaps to vent some frustration but not so hard as to in anyway damage the equipment. He looks up at the two at the doorway, "I tripped and fell down the shardin' stairs." he says to Iessrien, lowering his lashes, "Bumped my head I guess on the corner of this thing." He kicks the pole again. "I'm fine Iess." he says, strangely softer than he's ever spoken to Pol. It wouldn't be unlikely to assume that the harper hasn't a clue that he is or was bleeding. He's distracted quickly though, up and over to the place that Aqueepoli points over at. "Huh, I dunno. Just got the lights on, dude." he contemplates, looking the pod over appraisingly as if to check it out from a distance, and then he makes his way over there. Putting his hands flush against the surface of the pod, he gets up on his tip toes and tries to peek inside. He's not quite tall enough. "Pol, get yer ass over here and tell me what ya see." The older of the two holders was taller than himself and Iessrien by about two inches, so maybe he could get the view Pyriel couldn't.

"Guess our ancestors weren't really too smart." Aqueepoli says in regard to the fixture that controls lights and what not. "Or maybe someone was always in this room, always checking on people, so they needed the… the panel thingy to be closer or whatever to where they are and and and…" Pol is forced to stop his rambling, dragging a ragged breath INTO his lungs to ensure his continued survival. "Ya okay?" He throws out to Pyriel, but refusing to let his eyes wander from anything but the pod. As the other candidate gets closer to the obviously still working pod, Aqueepoli is rooted to his spot, still near the door. "Ya… ya sure you can't… jus' stand up on your toes or anything?" This is one of those rare moments where Pol curses his height. One step closer is taken, than another. He's inching his way in, "What if… what if someone is in there, guys? Still sleeping. What if it's like… Moreta or… that… dude who was the first Weyrleader or something." Someone totally has his timelines confused. "Or who ever is in there is dead and rotted and it's a skeleton… Iessrien, you're closer, see if you can see!" Not that he's scared. Nope. It's just taking an AWFULLY long time to get over to where the pod is, that's all. Walking is hard. Yep.

Iessrien runs a hand back through his hair, mumbling a semi-sheepish, "..Oh," at Py's explanation of what happened, giving the younger boy a briefly searching look before pondwater blues flick back to the pod. "You're bleeding, man," Iess points out the obvious, somewhat quietly, without looking at Pyriel, shoving hands in his pockets and wandering closer to that one cryogenic unit with the still-flashing lights. Admittedly, steps slow.. somewhat as Pol starts rambling on about dead people and skeletons, the holder boy's face twitching from concern to wariness. "Why would anyone want to keep a /skeleton/, man?" he mutters, though not looking at Pol either. There might be a slight breath taken before Iess is beside Pyriel, leaning up to PEER. He gives a shrug, though, "Don't see anything," but a distracted look at the blinking panel and screen earns about ten seconds of startled silence before he gets off his toes and takes a step back, face a little pale. "Well. Shit," hand absently rubbing the back of his neck, he just stares at the pod.

Pyriel gives Aqueepoli a dubious look for his reluctance to approach the pod, making a pffft sound and shakes his head. However when Iessrien mentions he's bleeding, the harper candidate blinks and his hands fly to his head. "No way, man. Where?" he asks, even as his fingers come in contact with the dried lines. "Well that's just great." he sighs, mumbling something about a scar before his attention is drawn back on the pod and it's panel. He steps aside as Iessrien comes over to investigate the pod itself, sighing heavily with a look between the two. "Oh come on, ya can't actually think that if there was just a skeleton they woulda kept it sealed right?" he asks, turning back to the display. "It says, colonist number seventy two. Name, Stefen Micheals. Gender, male. Age, fourteen. Health, green. Vitals, green. Status…." he reads, and then pales, stepping back and shaking his head. "Active? Serious? This dude is still alive!" he exclaims. He takes a deep breath though, and exhales it a bit later. It seems he can't resist reading the rest, leaning over and peering at the display again, even if his expression said that that was the last thing he wants to do. "Something went wrong with the door or something. Says do not attempt reanimation. Please contact a technician immediately….end transmission." A silence falls over the harper and then he gets the full body willies and moves away quickly. "Aaaaaaahhuuuuugggghhh…"

"People are /freaks/, that's why. Crazy, homicidal /freaks/ living inside pods of old ships that hover around Pern like some creepy STALKER!" Aqueepoli's voice is trending closer into the land of girlie and high-pitched. It's what horror and mild panic will do to the lad. Every move Iessrien makes is watched carefully and as the other holder leans up and stares into the pod… only to declare nothing can be seen, Aqueepoli is over by the other two candidates in an instant. "What? Really?" The taller male looks into the pod and truly… sees nothing. Taking a step back, Pol frowns. "Well that's full of suck. Maybe it's just empty, eh? Since we can't even see into it. An' some idiot jus' left it on to mess with any of us who came in here." Though Iessrien's reaction is being gauged, and then Pyriel speaks, and the Pol is backing up far more than just a mere step away from the pod. "SHUT UP!" Pol squeaks out. "No /WAY/! No /WAY/ is there someone in there, alive! And and and… close to our age! No fucking way!" Aqueepoli flails about, rambling as he goes back and forth in a little space. Coming to terms. "Why the sharding Faranth haven't they gotten him out yet?!" Hysterics once more, things of a different nature appear hard for Pol to grasp. His hands go up into his snarly hair, grabbing a fistful of locks in each hand and pulling slightly. "Shells, what if… what if he can HEAR us?! Or if he drinks blood or something!" Yeah. That's rational.

Iessrien is still standing there regarding the cryogenic pod in mild horror, while the other two freak out. "Maybe no one's been able to figure out how to open the door.." the holder boy mumbles, shoving his hands into jacket pockets and frowning vaguely. There's a flick of a glance back to Pyriel as the harper reads off the panel, Iess swallowing and then just shaking his head. He returns to his eying of the pod for a long while, not really hearing all of what the other boys are saying, before there's some nodded agreement, and a muttered, "Yeah.. guess there must be," accompanied buy a brief shudder, "Shells, wonder how long he's been in there?" Aqueepoli's reaction manages to draw his attention, however, and there's a long, blank stare for his friend, Iess' mouth opening, but the boy utterly fails to come up with a response to any of that.

Pyriel probably would of continued tweeking out if Aqueepoli hadn't out freaked him. The blond hastily steps back as Pol just loses his mind there for while, exchanging a glance with Iessrien before his gaze returns to the disturbed holder. "He always react to stuff like that?" he asks, tilting his head to the side as he watches Pol, but talks to Iessrien. Only once the guy stops squeaking, and starts talking again does the harper candidate attempt to answer him. "Dude, I know it's creepy as fuck, but I doubt the guy in there actually drinks blood. Kay? So chillax." Eying him, Py folds his arms over his stomach one over the other and leans again, over towards the panel, rereading the information there. "Just says, warning, door malfunction…advisory precaution protocol twelve…and then just goes on to the part about not attempting to open it." Straightening, he moves back so the other two can have a look if they want. To Iessrien, "Well we're in the turn, two thousand six eighty nine…so probably that and then some." He gets up on his tip toes and tries to look in again, but still can't. "Dude probably has freezer burn at this point. Almost kinda seems cruel keeping him in there. They should just try and if it fails, he dies and that's that. Though if he lived, imagine how shardin' cool that would be." he chirps, practically bouncing back onto his heels. "This guy probably remembers what Earth was like before the ancients came over to Pern. Though…" he pauses, now mostly speaking to himself, as he strokes his chin. "…everyone he ever knew is dead. Maybe waking him up would be just as bad as leaving him in there."

If there is one thing in this world, besides being a sex god, that Aqueepoli can do right, it's over-react. Which is exactly what he's doing right now. "How shardin' hard is it to take a club and BEAT on the door till the damned thing cracks or opens!" Where intelligence fails, brute force wins! His hysterics are put on hold for a moment, turning to look at Iessrien and Pyriel. An odd look overcoming his face. "Nooooooo." Head is shaking once more, back and forth and back and forth. "Noooo. Not cool. Leaving some guy in there, forever. Can… can they do that? Eventually, won't this thing jus' stop working? An' what if the lad's stuck up here? Forever. On the Yoko, licking the metal of the walls try to get food from it!" Ooooh, rational thought. Where have you gone? Aqueepoli walks back over to the pod, with some amount of hesitation. He looks at the screen that Pyriel has been reading off, stares back into-but-not-really-into-cause-you-can't-see-inside-of-it pod and just gets a whole body, full force SHUDDER. "UGH! NO! Okay. I'll fix this. I'm manly!" Pol bellows this out, so all of space knows of his manliness. "Ya guys wait here, I'm… I'm gonna go look for a big STICK. A big stick and we can start beating the crap out of the pod and free the guy and we can all be BEST FRIENDS and go trolling for LADIES!" Both hands go up in victory of this idea. YES. It will be brilliant. Minus the fact that there are no sticks on a floating space station ABOVE Pern. But whatever. Aqueepoli will figure that one out on his own. "I'LL BE BACK!" He screeches and FLEES out of the room, heading for the lift to try and find himself a club of some sort.

Iessrien glances at Py, then again at the pod, the frown threatening to overcome his general facade of nonchalance, though he's been doing a poor job of maintaining it thus far anyway. "Pretty much," is answered about Pol always being like that, shoulders rolling back a little stiffly, into a vagueish sort of shrug, as if his friend's behavior weren't all that surprising, telling Aquee, "Yeah, chill, man." Abruptly, the holder turns from the slightly disturbing screen readout and moves toward the exit, but doesn't make to leave just yet. "No it wouldn't," he mutters at Py, about it being cool. "I think I'd rather be dead than left behind by everyone I cared about," he mutters, shoving hands deeper into jacket pockets and slouching back against a wall, gaze flicking away as he frowns down the corridor, back the way they'd come, "I doubt he'd want to, after that long." He just stands there watching Pol freak out epically, and once the other holder has fled to find a club, Iessrien rolls his eyes, shoots Pyriel look, and grumbles, "I'd.. better go stop him before he does something stupid." And with that, he pushes away from the wall to jog after Pol, calling a, "Wait up man! Shells, calm /down/ already before you get us in trouble.."

If Pyriel notices that frown that Iessrien was restraining, he doesn't do or say anything that would point it out. Now wasn't the time anyway with Pol bouncing off the walls like that. Golden eyes and head are locked to the over-reacting holder, arms come to be crossed over his chest as he follows ever twitch and pacing foot step. "Huh." he replies to Iess' of pretty much. "Oh wow…" This is said with rounded eyes and a dropping of his jaw as Aqueepoli sudden announces his manliness and willingness to find something to club the pod open. "Oh shit, no. No, no, no." he says, shaking his head violently back and forth, a pleading look tossed to Iessrien seconds before the other holder is bounding off to follow the other holder. He nods for the response but makes no move to follow. No, instead he looks back over to the pod with the sleeping boy inside. Lashes lower, and then he walks over to control panel, flipping the switch and turning the lights back out. He carefully makes his way up the stairs, pausing at the doorway. "Sleep well." he murmurs, and then is gone as well. The doors swooshing closed behind him.

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