Darts and Cards

Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge
The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.
Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dining room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.
Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

The bar is loud tonight; there are people from all walks of life about. Off in the corner shooting darts is the tall hunter with short hair and blue eyes. He is holding a beer in on hand while he tosses the darts, though he doesn't really seem to be aim at much just going around the board. Some people are talking with him and it looks as if they are poking fun at something that happened to the young man.

Etzlix slips into the bar, surprised she remembers her way around the weyr as well as she does, and figuring she deserves a bit of a reward in the shape of something alcoholic. And so the bar is where the tall thin gold rider is headed, sliding onto a stool and ordering her favorite rum. Only after the ordering is complete does she finally glance at the various games going on with a chuckle. It is at one dart game that she spots the familiar young man from the other day and when she gets her rum she heads that way. "H'lo thar.." She thinks, what was the hunter's name? "…Riohra wasn't it?"

Riohra was in mid drink and mid throw as someone calls his name, he diverts his eyes from the board but it still manages to hit off center of the bullseye. The others who were heckling him seem to have quieted down as the gold rider walks over to say hi. He nods saying with a merry smile after he finishes his drink "Aye, and you were Etzlix, rider to Gold Tzenxineth, the Dragon who likes her rum." He gives her wink saying “Well I didn't think you would be up so soon to visit but I am none the less glad ya came" he motions to the barkeep to put her drinks on his tab.

Etzlix would give those heckling guys a wink, gold rider skills. She turns attention to Riohra now. "Aye that be me. We got bored at Ierne an' decided to take a trip." She eyes the dart board. "Y'care fer a bit o'challenge?" She queries with a bit of an impish grin.

Riohra grins and nods saying "of course, though you may not find me as challenging as most." He walks over to retrieve the darts and hands them to Etzlix on his return saying "Lady's choice" he leans back against the wall, finishing his glass dry.

Etzlix takes a sip of her rum before giving a smile. "I used t'be quite good at throwin' knives when I was younger, I'm sure darts're nay much different than that." She takes the darts and hmms quietly. "A bit lighter that me knives, but I think I kin do this." She holds one dart delicately between long slender fingers, giving her wrist a flick and sending the dart towards the board. It buries itself nearby the bullseye, but just a bit off. "Hmm, well.. I am outta practice."

Riohra grins merrily saying "you are far better than I if you call that rusty" he walks over and gets another stout before returning with a stool to sit on. "Throwing knives huh? was that for fun or for sport?" he is still watching the board for her next throw but his eyes always seem to be glancing everywhere.

Etzlix considers the throw, "Well, usually I hit m'target, hmm.." At the question she chuckles. "Oh, a little of both, mostly protection though. I didna grow up in th'best environment an' learned blade skills at a young age." She takes a large swig from her rum, swishing it in her mouth before swallowing and turning attention back to the board. Another dart is tossed, this time landing closer to the bullseye. "Aha! That's a little better. Third time'll be a charm."

Riohra grins at the second shot gets closer to the mark. Taking another drink he says "it shows, in the way you hold yourself and how you move your arm. You are more fluid then most of the people I see tossing darts." He nods to the rum and asks "is that what you were looking for the other day?" there is a couple of drunken giggles from the group of hecklers, but Rio pays them no mind, he has a new friend to talk to.

"Well, I did live on m'own for a long while, a girl's gotta be able t'protect herself afterall." Etzlix says with a chuckle. "This isna th'exact one I was lookin' fer but it's a good second." Third dart is tossed, and this time it buries right into the bullseye. "Haha! I knew I'd get the hang of it again." And with that, she finishes the rum in celebration.

The bar and the room itself is alive with activity Riohra is sitting on a stool near the corner watching Etzlix throw darts and talking to the gold rider, "Grins well now that your warm up done, does the real game being?" he is grinning happily. He keeps looking around the room watching all the busy people off work and enjoying themselves, just enjoying the noise and the atmosphere.

Niki strides slowly into the bar and glances about. The young brown rider smiles slightly to herself as she moves towards the main bar and tries to flag down the bartender.

Etzlix chuckles softly, "Hmm, maybe.. but I think I need 'nother drink first." She lifts the glass to her lips to drain its contents. "Mmm, who wants t'play 'gainst me first?" She asks, including the hecklers in with the challenge to Riohra.

Riohra grins and nods saying "I will, and I will get ya another drink, not much of a host if I let you fend for yourself" he turns and looks over at the hecklers who seem to be busy finding new ways to fall over. Pretty soon they are pushed off by one of their friends to either sleep it off or at least not be here. He offers his hand out for the glass saying "what is your preference, I know it is rum but beyond that" he shrugs.

Niki finally gets the attention of the bartender and glances about slowly as she wait for her drink, she smile a bit as she spots the hunter she meet a few days ago shopping for his friend.

Etzlix chuckles. "Riohra, ye dunna hafta buy me a drink. But it's th'spiced one, just point me out an' th'tender'll know I'm sure." Hzel eyes travel towards the bar, spotting the brown rider and checking her memory banks to figure out if it's someone she remembers. Ah well, whether it is or not, the rider seems to recognize Rio and so Etzlix offers a wave of greeting before turning to go retrieve her darts.

Riohra grins and takes the glass saying over his shoulder "hey I told you the first round was on me, and I am a man of my word" and heads over to the bar, he spies Niki and smiles at her saying "well fancy seeing you up here? Thanks again for the help with that cloak she did appreciate it very much" he looks over at the bartender and says "refills for both, and cover what she is having" He grins over at the brown rider "I did say I would buy ya a drink, after all. If you aren't meeting someone come and join us?" he waits for the drinks to be poured before he heads on over back to his spot and hands Etzlix her rum.

Niki shakes her head and moves to join Etzlix and Riohra and says, "Na, just had a delivery up here today and though I would take a bit of a break." he smiles, "you all are having nice weather up here after all.

Etzlix takes the rum with a smile to Rio. "Hmm, thankee. Y'wanna start?" She asks, offering him the darts. Hazel eyes take in the room as she waits, noting the entrance of people that seem familiar, though she doesn't say anything immediately. Instead she takes a drink of the rum.

T'lon has been poking about and exploring the Weyr, taking his own sweet time in getting back to his own home. Voices have led him to Shenanigan's and he lets out a long low whistle as he checks out the place. The young man does certainly seem to be a bit in awe as he checks out all the offerings the place has to offer. Even his jaw is a little dropped. Then there's a soft murmur "Oh, sweet."

Riohra nods and grins at Etzlix turning to make introductions "Etzlix, this is Niki we met while I was clothing shopping for my friend." he looks up and sees newer faces enter the busy bar. He does give a happy wave to those he knows. He turns and takes aim and gives a good toss of his first dart, hitting nowhere near the center but still on the board.

Niki smiles and greets the gold rider, but even before she can speak or get the first real taste of her drink, her eyes glaze over then says “Yes Guitaith, I am coming. I haven’t forgotten that green you are watching.” She rolls her eyes and says to the two “well looks like I have to run. Hope to see you both around again.” She takes her drink with her determined to at least have some of it, he heads out the bar at an easy pace.

T'ana enters, Kor at her side. She looks around for a moment, then scruffs her dog's head. "Alright, find Rio, Kor," she says, then trails along behind the dog. She can't help but look around as she makes her way through, taking in the bar. A smile comes to her face as she sees Rio, her genuine reaction matching the wag of her dog's tail as he heads right up to the man.

R'az comes into Shenanigan's Lounge with a plate of heaping meatrolls and a pitcher of klah with one mug. He looks back over his shoulder to make sure that no nosey assistant headwoman is following him as he looks around to find a spot to eat. He is surprised as he sees others there that he knows and he looks around for a spot to set his possibly ill-gotten booty. He finds an overstuffed chair with a table next to it and sets down his prize. "Hello there, didn't think I'd see all of you here."

Etzlix chuckles as more familiar faces enter the bar. "Well then, looks like we be gettin a party started. Hey thar guys!" She offers in greeting to T'ana and R'az, maybe even the few folks she doesn't recognize will get a greeting. "Ye call that a throw Riohra." She teases the hunter, giving a wink before taking up one of her darts and giving it a flick of wrist. It appears she's going easy because instead of the bullseye, it lands off center.

T'lon gives himself a little bit of a shake as he the conversations of the people bring him back to what is around him. He meanders on over towards the dart game "Heya." he says with bright and beaming smile for both T'ana and Etzlix. There's a nod to Riohra and R'az, but no, this short scamps eyes are all for the women.

Riohra shrugs and reaches down to pat Kor, "I said I would play I didn’t say how good I was" he is teasing her right back, he turns and sees both T'ana, and R'az have enter he smiles at R'az "it is first day of nice weather, plenty of cause to have a good drink." He gives a merry grin to the new Bronze rider there, and grabs some stools so people can sit if they wish.

As she settles herself on an offered stool, T'ana reaches out with her left hand to tousle Riohra's hair, smiling wider. "Got'a watch him," she says to Etzlix with a good-natured teasing in her voice. "Demons're in the details, as they say." As she then slips off her gloves, she smiles at the others, nodding to each in turn. T'lon's more radiant smile is returned with a bit of amusement in her own, though she keeps her own counsel. Unlike Kor, who huffs up at Rio and sort of stutter-steps in place in reaction to the petting.

R'az retrieves his food and finds a place closer to sit to start eating it. "It looks like it at least here, but I've been to five different places today all with different weather, glad it's nice here though."

Etzlix returns T'lon's bright smile with one of her own, followed by an offered hand. "Heya M'name's Etzlix." Ahem, well, it is a guy that she doesn't already know, so… Kor's reaction to Rio's petting gets a chuckle and she even offers the dog a pat if he accepts. So many people, she's still not used to being in a crowd again just yet but she's getting better each day. She takes another swig of the rum, sneaking closer to R'az with an impish grin before she steals one of his meatrolls and moves back beside Rio, back to her game as she nibbles the snack slowly.

"Etzlix." T'lon tests the name out on his tongue and then lets out a dreamy bit of a sigh "It's beautiful." Silly boy. He finds a seat to settle himself as he watches Etzlix move about and then he gives a bit of a forlorn sigh as she moves in next to Rio. A glance again at T'ana as he checks to see if she's with the other guys as well.

Riohra grins at T'lon but just enjoys his drink, as he takes his turn throwing the darts, a little high but still well on his way to center of the board. He goes to pick up his drink and asks the rest of the group "anyone need a drink? I did say I would buy" He is already moving over towards the bar.

R'az smiles at Etzlix as she takes one of his meatrolls and he 'hehs' good naturedly, "If you want another one you are going to have to pay for it." He says as he takes a drink of his klah. "So you winning Etzlix?" He shake his head, "Thank you but I'm good for now. I'd like to get something warm in my belly before I start to drink."

"T'ana," says the darker woman, smiling at T'lon. The mention of drink gets her attention, and she grins at Riohra as she says, "Ale, if you please, since you're.." She cuts herself off as she notices Kor happily plant his butt at Etzlix's feet. He'd enjoyed her petting well enough, though he'd enjoy that meat roll a lot more. "Kor..no begging," she says sternly, making the dog start to scoot backward. His eyes still flick from meat roll to the gold rider and back again, even as he shimmies.

Etzlix doesn't share food, sorry Kor, the dog does get a soft smile though. "I'd prolly be in trouble iff'n I gave ye any anyway." The gold rider chuckles." I'll take 'nother one Rio. This one's almost gone already." She would poutyface but, well, it's still early so she saves that for later. "Not sure who's winnin yet. I'll try t'figger out how t'pay fer 'nother meatroll, R'az." Though she does have some ideas, ahem, but anyways, there's another bronzer to pay attention to as well, though he's watching T'ana at the moment, D'ye play?" She asks of T'lon curiously. The woman takes up her next dart and tosses it at the board, plop right into the bullseye.

Oh! Why didn't he think of getting the ladies a drink? He shoots Riohra a look of pure consternation. Oh, but wait! There's a smile on his face again. "T'ana, a name as lovely as you is. I'm T'lon, rider of Saumath out of Xanadu, it is my pleasure indeed." And oh look, Etzlix wants more meatrolls "I'll get you some!" he offers and then he looks at the board "Well, I've thrown darts a few times." he says and looks sheepish as he scratches the back of his head. "Was terrible, I ended up almost hitting someone behind. He gives a little cough "Let me go get you those meatrolls."

Riohra returns with a tray with each drinks on it saying as he passes them out to each person "Spiced rum for Etzlix, T'ana I got you the summer storm Ale from Tillek, let me how it is." He turns and hands T'lon a lighter brown drink saying "And a glass of Gold Riders Run, for you good sir" his is the last a dark stout as he sits and drinks from his glass looking at the board saying "oh my turn already?" wow time flies.

"Thank you," T'ana says as she takes her mug, arching her left eyebrow as she peers at the pale liquid. She grins as T'lon seems to race around, shaking her head as she takes a sip of her drink. As her left hand drifts down to rest on her dog's head and offer some firm scritching, she says, "Better than I; I was never good at darts. You'd think it wasn't too different from using a bow and arrow, but the last time..hey, Rio, is your father still angry at me for that?"

R'az chuckles, "I'm sure you'll find one way or another to pay me back." He takes a sip of his klah and he laughs a little bit, "Ouch, I hope the person you hit wasn't made." He chuckles, "No need T'lon. I'm willing to share with everyone. I think I might have cleaned them out too. This is what was left when I got in. I'm sure they could have put another pan out." R'az smiles, "Cards is my game."

Etzlix takes up the rum with a chuckle, giving Rio's hair a friendly tousling. "Thanks, but ye really dunna need t'pay fer all me drinks, I might drink ye broke." She gives a wink. "I was nay good at cards meself, too much thinkin'. Darts is jus' aim and throw, easy peasy." The woman leans against a table, waiting for Rio to take his shot. "I'm jus' kiddin, really, I ate b'fore I came inside, I jus' wanted t'mess with R'az there. Ye dunna hafta get any meatrolls jus' fer me T'lon."

T'lon has a glass in hand "Oh." he says simply and takes tentative sip and his face scrunches a little, but a looks at the other and smooth’s his face out. "Thanks, man." he says chipperly and then tosses it back. His eyes cross momentarily and he's gasping a little or is that coughing? No, of course not. Don't mind the runt none. Ignore the watering of the eyes. A glance at R'az "Oh, well, that's quite right nice of umm you?" Well, there goes that idea out the window. And shot down again by Etzlix herself. What's a guy to do? Then he blinks as he turns to look at T'ana "Wait, you shot someone with an arrow? You shot his dad?" he asks his eyes wide. "Was he threatening you or something?"

Riohra grins and all the sisterly attention he is getting and sets up for his shot. saying over his shoulder to T'lon "naw she threw darts with me as a kid, and took my dad square betwixt the legs." he throws his own dart and it lands below center this time, still not as good as gold riders but good. He walks over and pulls the darts from the board then sits down and drinking his drink nods to R'az "I don’t really know about cards, but always good to learn."

"I stayed away for a few weeks after that," T'ana notes, brows lifting in an expression between amusement and embarrassment. A small shake of her head, then she takes a sip of her ale, which makes her brows lift all the higher. Stronger than she'd expected, really.

R'az winces as he hears Riohra's story about what happened to his dad. He shakes his head, "Remind me to stand behind you if you are going to throw anything. I know a couple games, some for kids and some for adults." He picks up a meatroll and breaks it in half, "You know what I always thought meatrolls could use. Something to dip it in."

Etzlix laughs at the thought of a dart to someone's sensitive parts. "Oh, well, I dunna think I e'er did that, nay e'en with m'knives. Least nay that I r'member." She eyes all the drinks being passed around and grins." I think th'guest weyrs're gunna be busy t'night with all this alcohol goin' 'round. Might be amusin'." As the board is cleared, she hmms. "Well, what shall we do next m'friends?" Yes, all of them are included in this query, never let a gold rider get bored, it's the first rule of life.

T'lon stares at T'ana as he pales a little. Dangerous woman. Very dangerous. He wanders to the bar to get another drink as he contemplates the near miss he had there. Oh, yeah. His eyes are all for Etzlix now. After a few moments he comes back with a couple of rums, one in each hand "Just for you." he says with a vibrant smile for the gold rider. And one for him. He takes a drink and his eyes bug a bit, he coughs "Good stuff."

Riohra grins at R'az "well if you want to teach us a card game, then I am down" he gets up like the energetic fellow he is, grabs a table and moves it around where R'az is then starts to collect chairs for people to sit in. As the bartender waves he heads over and has a hushed but rather heated discussion with him before he pulls out something out of his pocket and hands it to the man behind the bar. With a clap on the shoulder he has another tall stout and walks back to the table.

T'ana shakes her head and grins at T'lon, saying, "In my defense, I never claimed to be good at darts. Put me on the trail of some game, I'll get my arrow through its neck. Give me a dart..and yeah, you're probably not even safe standing behind me." She shrugs her left shoulder, briefly pausing her scritching given to her dog, which makes him look up at her. "I still say it should be more similar than it actually is." Another sip of the strong ale taken, there, her eyes flicking around at the others.

R'az finishes his meatroll, "If the others are up for it sure I'd be happy to teach you all how to play a game like dragon poker. It's rather straight forward as long as we aren't using any of the variations." He finishes his klah as well. "Just let me get something to drink and find a deck of cards." He gets up to go over to the bartender. He gets a mug of ale and a shot of whiskey. He drops it in and drinks the whole thing down. "Ah that hit the spot."

Etzlix wanders over to one of the tables, sliding into a seat and curling her legs up under her delicately. "Hmm, now this could be int'resting." And, oh yeah she's got two glasses of rum, score! She finishes the first quickly so she can start on the second.. or were those the third and fourth? Umm, who's counting anyways right? "It's been ages since I played anythin' resemblin' poker so.. I'm in!"

T'lon finishes off his rum and saunters over to the table. Well, he thinks he's sauntering, but poor lad sort of wobbles a little. Such a lightweight. "Oh, I'm a mind to learn. Ain't really played any sort of cards really since Tea took off to swim with the fishies." He lets out soulful sigh as he watches Etzlix take a seat. "Such grace, such beauty." he thinks. At least he thought he thunk it. He actually more murmured that outloud. He pulls out a chair to sit down himself and finds himself on the floor. Now how did he miss?

Riohra grins and walks behind T'lon and picks the bronze rider up saying "you watch out for that chair boss, the foot is loose it slides all over the place" He places T'lon in a chair next to Etzlix and then moves to sit on the other side of T'ana giving her room to sit next to T'lon if she wants.

"I actually don't have much time," T'ana says, her smile becoming a bit more forced as she glances down into her ale. She almost forgets to lean a bit to let Rio sit next to her. "I..promised Korvath we wouldn't stay out too late. He's still..he still needs to rest. This has been his first flight in a while, and he should rest at Ierne." She rubs her right-hand thumb along the edge of her mug, glancing at the others once more, though it lingers on Rio a beat longer.

R'az asks the bartender for a deck of card and thanks him when he gets it. He also buys a bottle of the golden spiced rum. He gets glasses and heads over to the table. He has a seat next to Etzlix and he winces as T'lon misses the chair, "Shard are you all right?" He asks as he sets down the cards, the bottle and the glasses on the table to help T'lon up, only Riohra gets to him first. He sits down and he nods to T'ana, "Understandable. Nothing like a good rest after a flight to help them feel better."

Etzlix can't help but giggle at T'lon. "I saw it, it completely jumped 'way from yer cute lil tushy, 'tis one o'them wild chairs." She totally didn't hear the statement of her grace and beauty either, nope, it was totally just in his head. Rio gets a smile as he helps the bronzer up and then she's got another bronzer sitting next to her, she's a regular ol goldie-sammich she is. "Well R'az, are ye tryin' t'get me drunk? Cause it'll take more'n that." She's joking, isn't she? Hard to tell. But then, well, then she realizes T'ana means to leave. "Aww, stay a lil longer? Otherwise I'll be stuck 'ere with all these cuties.." Okay, so maybe the rum has her a little goofed up, but at least she didn't miss her chair.

T'lon is hauled up, and he doesn't seem to mind. She said he had a cute tushy!! Likely it's a good thing this isn't some cartoon as he might have little hearts tweeting around his head. "I'm good, totally meant to do that." Isn't that what all the cool kids are saying? Oh look! He's a cutie too! Not just a cute tushy!! He beams brightly at Etzlix "Wild, simply wild."

Riohra nods echoing others saying "come on T'ana, stay we got good dragon healers here, besides you aren't in any shape to go be jumping between. I will get the cook to make those omelets that you like" he gives sly grin to the blue rider before looking back at his other guests and hides a smile behind his glass or stout. Giving R'az a nod says "so what is the game then?"

"I can watch for a bit, maybe learn a bit about it," says T'ana, grinning at T'lon's antics. "So, yes, how does this poker work, then?" She shifts a bit on her stool, watching the others. As she hasn't had much but a few sips as yet she manages to continue the fight against gravity, herself.

R'az laughs, "I know, I brought it to share. I know how much it takes to get you drunk from the other night. We went through what three or four bottles that night. Would you do the honors and pour me a drink please?" He asks as he starts to shuffle the deck, "So basically how it works is that you want to get different combinations of cards out of five cards. We can play draw which is where you get to turn cards back in and I'll deal out you out new ones usually this happens three times. " He looks around to make sure everyone understands and to see if they have any questions.

Etzlix smiles at T'lon, patting his hand lightly. "Aye, ye totally meant t'do that, I know. But mayhap ye should take it easy there cutie." She wouldn't want to be responsible for a passed out drunk Xanaduan?..Xanadian? bronzer afterall, besides they aren't as much fun if they're not cognitive. "I bet Tzenx could talk yer lifemate inta stayin', she might e'en let 'im cuddle her iff'n she's inna good mood, T'ana." And then R'az is next to her and shuffling cards, causing her cheeks to flush just a little bit at the mention of the other night, but she blames it on the rum and starts to pour out glasses. "Rio, ye like 'nother drink? An' T'ana?" Hey, R'az never said if it was just for him and her or not, and Etz likes to share.

Looking his hand T'lon sighs dreamily, so never going to wash that hand again. Just kidding. Maybe. Still. He blinks a moment at Etzlix and then he nods "You're right." Wait, what was it that she was right about? Oh never mind that. "Okay, so we're looking for card combos and we draw on the back of the cards. It's a deal." Wait, what?

Riohra grins and shakes his head saying "Oh I am not allowed to drink the rum, my friend Catwin, the Vintner from the other night, she told me that rum is not my friend and stick to brandy" he does take a sip of his own drink then nods to R'az saying "how many cards can we give back?" He reaches over and actively scoots T'ana's stool over to sit nearer to the group, no loners here cuz.

And T'ana had been about to decline the offer of more, since she had plenty of ale left in her mug. Until her stool was suddenly pulled forward. A short exclamation and a flail later, her mug ends up about four tables over, as Kor dives beneath the table to get out of the way of the flailing. "…I'll pay for that!" she calls out to whoever her mug may have hit, then she lightly thwaps Riohra's right shoulder with her left hand and resettles herself on her stool. Attempting to compose herself as if she hadn't just acted like someone closer to Rio's age, she clears her throat and looks to Etzlix, saying, "Ah…yeah, I'll..I'll take another ale, please…"

R'az smiles, "Thanks." He takes a drink of his rum, "You can give back up to four, you have to keep at least one. Now the worse had you can get is that nothing matches." He says as he proceeds to explain all the combinations of hands you can get. "I Know it's complicated, but the main thing is to find matches and patterns."

Etzlix chuckles at T'lon's reaction to her touch. "Cute." is noted with a little smile. At Rio and T'ana's decline from the rum she grins, "Well, more fer me then." She does, however, get the tender's attention and motions to the bluerider's drink that just went flying. "M'friend needs a fresh glass o'ale." Yes, well, she's too comfy and cozy being a sammich to actually get up and get it herself, someone will bring it over, yup. She lifts her glass for a sip while she waits for instructions on… wait, what'd L'ton say about drawing on the backs of the cards?

T'lon stares at R'az as he goes through all the combos "Whoso whatsit now?" he shakes his head. "Match. Gotcha." He can do that. A frown or maybe not. "Not been too good at matching. No one's a fit." Never mind that now. "So, we gonna start then and hmm." he looks around at everyone with their drinks "Hmm, maybe I should get another drink too. They're getting rather tasty. I think."

Riohra grins and nods at R'az and says to T'lon "you were done so you could escort the ladies where they need to go remember, bud" yup, wingman to the rescue. He gives T'ana an innocent stare then goes back to waiting for the cards to be dealt.

T'ana stares back at Riohra, arching her left eyebrow. She gives him a smirk as he looks back, then she lightly smacks his shoulder once again. "Anyway, I don't think I've ever played anything like this," she says, making a knowingly-feeble attempt to keep the focus on the game.

R'az starts to deal out the cards to those that are going to play, "It takes time to learn how to play and if you are playing for money it can be an expensive lesson, but we'll just play for fun. If we were to best we'd take turns playing out a bid and then raising or calling, that's when you put in the amount that's been bid, but don't raise the stakes any." He explains as he puts down the deck, "Okay everyone look at your cards for a moment and don't show anyone else them. Just let me know how many you want."

Etzlix hmms, oh yeah, card game! Hazel eyes slide from T'lon back to R'az. "Hmm, what do we get iff'n we win?" She waggles her brows briefly before grinning. Rio's statement to T'lon gets a chuckle, "Aye, ye canna have us wanderin' round lost an drunk right?" Aaaand, then there are cards in front of her and she plucks them up to look at them, eyes narrowing as she looks for these..matches.

Humawah? "Escorting? I was taking the ladies somewhere?" T'lon looks startled and then his eyes widem "Wait, what? I am?!" Ooooh boy. He looks a little flummoxed about escorting anyone, anywhere. He doesn't even know the Weyr! Oh wait. "Oh no, can't let you get lost. I just found you." Le sigh. Oh. Cards. He grabs his cards and he looks at them. Oh. They all match. "I think I'll keep all mine." he says cheerfully as he holds his cards up. Sadly, he's looking at the backs of them, but he doesn't even seem to notice.

Riohra takes his cards in hands and starts arranging them, he reaches over and casually flips T'lon's cards around. In his own hand puts two down and keeps three, looking around for the dog he reaches down to pet the animal under the table.

Arching her eyebrow again, T'ana picks up her cards and looks at them. And looks some more. And some more. Two are chosen almost at random and set down on the table again. Kor emerges from his hiding spot, sitting between the humans to be within easy scritching range.

R'az hmms as he looks at his cards and he takes out one of them. "Does anyone else need any cards besides Riohra and myself? Usually you play for marks, but you can play for other stuff. Like clothes." He deals out the cards to the others.

Etzlix is still kinda staring at her cards, rum sipped thoughtfully before she's setting down three cards in front of her. "Which ones are worth more?" she asks curiously. Because, well, Lix likes to score high. It's in her nature, or something like that.

T'lon is looking at his cards and then suddenly they change. "Woah." he blinks and rubs his eyes a bit "Umm, I think there's something wrong with my cards." he mutters and then eyes Rio "What did ya do to them?" He shakes his head and then he looks at Etzlix "You have a real pretty lap, can I take a nap there?" he asks and then he's out like a light, head on the table.

The night drags on and the group plays a few hands before duties and, in some cases the booze, drives them from the tables to sleep. Those able to return to their own rooms do, while those more intoxicated are put up in guest weyrs.

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